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Clearly, with the way these Winter Meetings have been going, he didn’t have a whole hell of a lot better to do (though he did say he’d just been meeting with an agent), so Alex Anthopoulos jumped onto Wednesday’s edition of Prime Time Sports on the Fan590, offering nothing more than he has so far about the behind-the-scenes in Nashville, but a couple interesting items nonetheless.

On the progress of closer Sergio Santos, here’s what he told Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt:

“He feels great. He actually wants to throw right now and we’re not allowing him to throw. We don’t need¬†to have him throwing right now, but he feels unbelievable. I know everyone says these things when someone’s coming back off rehab– ‘it’s the best I’ve felt in years,’ and so on– but he’s told us that, and our doctors and trainers feel very confident that he should be fine.”

Anthopoulos added that he’s on schedule to start throwing with the relievers, with “no restrictions.”

“Obviously that could change, as we go through Spring Training, if he does have any complications,” he explained.

Dustin McGowan, in a similar situation, doesn’t have quite the same rosy outlook. Mostly, there’s “more uncertainty with him than there is Santos,” Anthopoulos explained, “just because of the years of injury problems he has had.”

“Santos is not necessarily in the same boat,” we were assured. “He’s a reliever, and the injury was not nearly as severe, and obviously the past hasn’t been as severe as McGowan.”

In one other, brief, injury update, Anthlpoulos also told us that Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison won’t be available to the club until after the All-Star break at the earliest. So… there’s that.

But there’s more!

The JP Arencibia business came up again, as Stephen Brunt asked GM why his player seemed so certain that he wasn’t going anywhere, and whether a conversation had taken place assuring Arencibia that he’d still be in Toronto come April.

“No, I never have a conversation to that extent, where I promise a player you can never be traded,” the GM explained. “I’ve told all of our players at various times, ‘we don’t have no-trade clauses on the roster, we don’t do them as an organizational policy– that being said, we don’t look to trade our core players and we certainly don’t look to trade players that are signed to multi-year deals.’; So, from that respect, I expect JP to say he expects to be starter. I told him that when we made The Trade, that John Buck was coming here to be the backup, and JP was going to be the starter. I didn’t give any guarantees beyond that. From that standpoint, I don’t expect JP to come out in the media and say ‘I expect to be traded,’ or ‘I’m worried about it.’ He knows he can’t concern himself with that, and his focus should be on the team and preparing to start the season with us.”

Not quite¬†satisfied, Brunt suggested that, rather than Arencibia being worried, he’d been making it sound like– wink, wink, nudge, nudge– someone’s given him some assurances, Anthopoulos continued:

“If that’s the way it came across, I certainly didn’t. I’ve never have told JP, ‘You will never be traded.’ I’d never tell any player that, so– the way it came across, I can’t speak for him, but JP is our starter. I expect him to be our starter Opening Day. Like anybody, and this isn’t to be cryptic or to foreshadow: anything can happen– and I say that about anybody on the roster. But I do expect JP to be the starter.”

So… there’s that. Finally.

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  1. First!

  2. Pretty much exactly the comment we all expected from him when finally asked about JPs tweets.

    • I hope that shuts JP the fuck up.

      • why? what does it matter to you or to anyone? Give the guy a break for not allowing all this crap to get the better of him.

      • Dumpy your fucking retarded? WHat do you expect JP to say “Yes I expect to be traded because my obp sucks and D’arnaud has a higher ceiling than me?” I knew what he said was bullshit but I don’t hold it against him at all.

  3. Fuck yeah. Can’t wait to see a healthy Santos

    • im really excited about santos…with all these new guys on the squad you can basically add him to the list seeing as tho we never really got to see him work last year. he was done pretty early on.

      expecting big things from the guy with “the best slider in baseball”.

      also…i know the allstar break timetable may be a best case scenario but it probably tempers alex’s need to find depth for the starting rotation…if hutch and or drabek is back by mid year those are awesome depth guys. i still think hutch will pan out as a quality mid to back of the rotation guy.

      • Hutch wont be back til 2014 at the earliest. His surgery was put back til sep of last summer. Drabek maybe sometime after the break but I bet they rehab him fo a long time.

        • i think it’s a real stretch to call Drabek an “awesome depth guy”. He’s not shown that he’s able to pitch at a major league level with any consistency. Which is fine for a depth guy if that inconsistency is a stinker every four games, but his stinkers far outweighed his quality outings. Add to that the uncertainty of him (and Hutch for that matter) coming back from TJ (a second one for Kyle!!), and that makes him a far from awesome depth guy. He’s a gigantic question mark.

  4. I love how u capitalized “The Trade.” Lol. Trademark that shit.
    Giant big balled kudos to all y’all for throwing up articles every 5 minutes on the site this week. Incredibly awesome work. Cap tip!

    • Hey Dirty Poon,
      Your mom.
      Captain bubbles

      • speaking of dirty poon reminds me of when i was fucking your mom and doing ATM with her… fuck she can take a good load… miss her

        • Jon,
          It must be so sad living in your negative, pathetic, depressing brain. They have medicine you can take for that you know.

          • Also, I noticed that it took you ten minutes between your first post and your second post to me. Did you have to look up the word remind in your pocket Webster?

          • sorry dirty cat, I was busy putting a huge load in ur moms ass during that 10 minutes you speak of

  5. Yeah, keep the 10 posts a day coming. My productivity at work has gone off a cliff, and I’m pretty sure my gf is going to leave, but who gives a shit?! More Jays content! Can it be April yet?!

    • Well, I mean… I dunno if you wanna really put yourself in that situation.. okay but yeah I can get on board with what you are saying here.

  6. I gots the poo on me

  7. Totally unrelated, maybe this is more GB stuff, but whats up with the Angels now?

    They were going all in on grienke, declined harrens option and now everyones saying hes either going to the rangers or the dodgers.

    are they just gonna sign hamilton cause fuck it?

    • Maybe they’ll feel left out after not signing all the huge contracts they wanted and make a trade for a declining, overpaid player with a ludicrous amount of money left on a mulit-year contract…they seem to be good at that.

  8. Its unbelievable how unbelievably unbelievable santos feels.


    this wet M-60 of a Winter Meetings is obviously not wowwing the crowd, so give me a good old-fashioned draft to energize me. Let us place hopes in crapshoot of discarded, misfit toys. Ole!!

    • The 40 man roster is full

      • sure, and Ryan Goins is untouchable??? or fans will riot in the street if Jeremy Jeffress is cut loose for a different hope-vehicle??

        just saying, many calling this the best crop of Rule 5 availables in years (though that may be the definition of damned with faint praise)

        • the Jays will not even be present at the draft. Their 40 man is full and they will NOT be selecting anyone today. AA’s already confirmed this!

          • Andrew Tinnish will be there for the Jays. They will be picking in the minor league portion, like they do every year.

          • It’s not like they havent been busy with Wilson Whiteside Rogers Jeffress and those other guys they picked up and jettisoned (Coery Wade etc)

  10. Nice to hear Alexanderson Anthropolopolous say the biggest difference is more agents and players are attracted to coming to Toronto since The Trade.

  11. Good news regarding Santos, at least for now. I need to claim one of the guys from the pen to go along with Colby and EE. So as of today Santos is now my boy.

    • I don’t know NM.
      Something stinks in Denmark.
      I thought Santos was to be up and throwing in Sept. but everything was very quiet about his rehab.It’s Dec. and they’re not allowing him to throw at all?I hear what AA is saying but I got a feeling there’s more to the story that we’re not being told.
      And Mcgowan was all healthy when his PF was diagnosed. It’s extremely painful and can take a long time to recover. But it’s been 8 months and no reports on any progress? I’m not expecting him to break ST but the lack of information is curious.
      I could be totally off base and chasing windmills but I wonder if there is some misdirection going on and for what purpose?

      • Could be throwing program vs. Throwing off a mound. I seem to remember us going through this ambiguity with McGowan’s rehab sched 2 years ago

    • Someone posting here was all over the Santos thing last ST. Cant remember who it was but they uncovered some neat stuff and said that there was a coverup there. Turned out there was too. Remember when they wouldnt pitch him in ST games and said he was pitching in private?
      Anyway I remember reading recently that his operation went well, the labrum was just frayed not torn, and he was rehabbing this fall and projected to start throwng in Dec. (my guess would be nothing too strenuous)
      As for the McGowan stuff. I do believe that his plantar faciitis and subsequent shoulder problems were real because otherwise he could have been a candidate to pitch last summer when all their pitchers went down. We can only wait til ST and see how that works out .

  12. So basically JPA is the starter on opening day unless he’s traded; which is completely independent of JPAs confidence level.

    It was pretty obvious, but glad AA confirmed it so rosterbation can continue.

  13. Good on Brunt. Incredible what direct questions and follow up questions can bring out. Not usually at Toronto columnist strength.

  14. AA is the silent assasin because we know that if something is going on, even if something is very close to being completed, he will never talk about it. for all we know right before this interview he was trying to orchestrate a trade.

  15. makes sense though.. after the trade, AA tells JP, don’t worry Buck is the back up. and JP takes that as Oh I’m the big man now, I’m the starter.

    • He was the starter last season. He was the starter the season before. He’s still the starter.

      • Still, the Jays are bringing back the guy that used to block him on the depth chart to be his backup. I could see JP getting cocky over bullshit like that.

        • JP was called up in Aug/Sep 2010 and people were upset because Cito played Buck more. It turned out that AA promised Buck starting assignments when he signed with the Jays so he could boost his stats for free agency. It worked too. But the statement that Buck “blocked” JPA those 2 months needs explanation.

  16. the rumour is Dexter Fowler for homer bailey, Why can’t the Ninja fire Rasmus in there for Bailey rotation in the AL. Gose can bat Nintcarry Gose in center with the offense.

  17. He met with joe Saunders agent so…..

  18. I like JPA, I hope they don’t trade him.. Yet anyway. I lot of teams need a catcher and the same will be for next year so lets give our young catchers time to develop including JPA and when the time is right, maybe JPA trade value will go up by then.

    • People always say we want people that want to be a part of a Toronto team, people that REALLY WANT to be here. Then you have a guy like JPA who has truly embraced being a Bluejay and we are all trying to trade his ass out of town. Don’t get me wrong, I would trade him and Rasmus for RA Dickey tomorrow, but you have to admit, he REALLY wants to be here…Although, maybe if he is traded to the Mets, he will REALLY WANT to be on the Mets…maybe he is just happy to be a Major Leaguer

  19. Trade Gose asap

  20. MLBTR says that the Blue Jays are amongst a bunch of teams who have offered Jason Grilli a two year contract.

  21. Shoulder problems are always scary with a pitcher, and they bring a ton of uncertainty, especially when they come early in a career. Some guys come back and are fine, but a lot don’t (exhibit A: Dustin McGowan).

    Still, I think the Jays are in as good a position as they can expect to be: if he’s healthy, it’s fantastic: he could end up being for Toronto what Daniel Bard was for years in Boston when they kept him in the 8th inning where he belonged. If he’s not healthy, an 8-th inning guy isn’t that hard to find – even Rogers or Jeffress might fit the bill if Oliver doesn’t return.

    As for Drabek and Hutchison, again, it would be great if both come back healthy and basically pick up where they left off, but with the rotation (and the contracts) currently in place, those guys are basically potential replacements for injury, insurance if JJ doesn’t extend his contract, and potentially an upgrade for Happ’s spot. I don’t expect to see Hutch back until 2014, so that Spring Training should provide some great competition for the #4 and #5 spots.

  22. How about JPA, Buehrle, and one of Gose/Rasmus to TEX for Kinsler and Ogando

    Does this work?

    Then sign Villanueva or Dempster to try to replace Buerhle’s innings (Ogando would be doing that too).

    • It makes perfect sense! Now, let’s talk about your new idea for a snack. I think nuts and gum would be a hit in the marketplace!

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