The Rule Five draft is tomorrow, marking the end of the Winter Meetings for another year, and just as we did when previewing the event last week, we’re going to wrap it all up with another Google+ Hangout– i.e. a live video chat event from separate locales– this one via Getting Blanked, as we’ll be looking at all the moves that happened (or didn’t happen) around the Majors.

And we’ll be doing it tomorrow, Thursday, December 5th at 11 AM ET. 

Drew will once again moderate, and along with me, he’ll be joined by Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (@MLBTRBen), and Jonah Keri of Grantland (@JonahKeri).

You’ll be able to watch our chat live on a YouTube stream that will be embedded at Getting Blanked– no Google+ account needed– and if there’s anything in particular you want us to talk about, fire some comments to the Getting Blanked facebook page or at Drew on twitter.

The one we did last week went swimmingly, I think, so join us, won’t you?


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  1. please shave me before this one.

  2. who has more trade value, Gose or Bonifacio?

    Bonifacio is some damn good insurance. If Rasmus, Melky, Izturis, Reyes, or pretty much anyone on the team but catchers get injured he is a quality fill in. Seems like the ultimate bench guy. Gose is a coin toss. Has a ways to go with the bat, but we know he has everything else.

  3. Johan Keri, fuck yea. Sounds like this one will be great!

  4. ” went swimmingly”, “so join us, won’t you” …..Ok who the fuck is this and what have you done with Stoeten?

  5. What kinda state with stoeten be in at 11 in the am?

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