We’re lacking specifics on this one, but a tweet from Danny Knobler of CBS Sports caught my eyeblack late last night:

So… right about the time the Jays were looking to move everyone with a pulse for a reliever? Or were they perhaps looking for starters still at that point?

It’s impossible to say, with such a small nugget of information, but there were always a few ways that the Jays could have lined up with Oakland. I certainly can’t complain, given what’s transpired since, that it didn’t come to fruition– especially after the Rays shrewdly picked up Escobar from the Marlins yesterday for a Double-A middle-infielder who was blocked in their organization by, like, three different guys. Any offence the Rays can pick up is a very good thing for them, and it’s not a terrible bet to think a rebound could be in the cards for Yunel.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Danny Knobler need his own song. Comme toi, Peter Gammons ;)

  2. Knowing AA it was probably for a young controllable reliever at that time that could possibly start

  3. Cook to Toronto for Yunel and then maybe changed thier minds or did and made a trade with the Diamondbacks for Drew instead.

    It sound slike AA talks to Billy Beane alot, I know he talks to all the GM’s, I think AA has spoken candidly about Beane being thier early on for AA to talk to about GM things and appears they have a great relationship. AA has maybe talked to him alot over the years through trade talks with Gio, Yunel and I remeber Blair saying the A’s continue to call and talk to the Blue Jays about Syndergard.

  4. You gotta stop with the, “So… there’s that”


  5. Knobler has gone Knoblin’!

  6. looks like according to MLBTR, Diamondbacks after signing Chavez, ares hopping Johnny Mac not saying I want Mac. You know the blue Jyas will call on him and he’d fit for that last spot. Wouldn’t give up anything for him, cash considerations.

  7. No, keep the “So… there’s that” and fuck the haters

  8. Escobar is a player who thinks he is much better than he is. He is a headache. And a cancer. (and I don’t normally care much about off the field crap). It is obvious he went down to Miami and refused to move to 3B like he was Derek Jeter or something.

    The Jays got some good play out of him while they had him, and a lot of crappy play. It was a trade worth making, but it didn’t really work out. I don’t expect him to have much success anywhere he goes anymore, he is a head-case.

    • you have about as much insight and right to say this stuff about escobar as I have to say it about you… I find you to be headache, and a cancer to this message board.

      • he actually has every right, it’s his opinion, dick-wad. And he is solely basing his opinions on what he has seen from Yunel (Such a final fantasy androgenous 14-year-old boy dressed as a girl name BTW), which is only what he sees on the field and in the headlines. I agree with Ryan. Bring your devil’s advocate shit somewhere that baseball isnt being talked about please. Thank you.

        • Nope you guys don’t know him at all. All you know is your English, western ways and that Yunel doesn’t fit your pretty little molds.

          • Didnt claim to know him at all wouldn’t want to with all the noise I’m hearing. Simply judging him based on what I see, which is what a baseball fan is supposed to do, amiright? He was a flashy player with a lot of downside with the bat, seen him bobble too many balls and make boneheaded moves in the field for me to want to see him in a Jays uniform again.
            Calling someone a fag is the same in english and spanish, just so your anti-westerness understands where I’m coming from.
            He does fit a kind of mould though, the Delmon Young mould, being a friggin jackass off the field, playing really well for a short period of time, then fizzing out for the rest of his career.Speaking of mold, he was kind of making everyone sick. (see what I did there?)

        • Sweet, is this the part where we make fun of non-anglo-saxon names?

          I mean, what kind of name is José, anyway? And now we have two of them? Ew. I miss wholesome names like Johnny and Buster.

          • Funny. Both of you are turning this into a race issue, which it entirely wasnt until sons mentioned something about a mold problem or something like that. Misdirection still doesnt cover up the fact that Escobar was a shit player and a shit teammate (See on field and off field antics) You should buy an Escobar Rays jersey.
            Buster reminds me of a rabbit, and Johnny reminds me of someone NOT anglo-saxon.
            so… there’s that

          • those fiery latinos are so hot headed and arrogant….
            we need some good old fashioned grit and hustle

  9. Knoblers face really goes with his name.

    Olney’s article today mentions that Kelvim Escobar is healthy and pitching again in some winter league. Says he is drawing attention fom ML execs. Can anyone find some numbers on this, he didn’t provide a link.

  10. @jonmorosi

    Darren Oliver has not decided whether he will play in 2013. He has not asked to be traded either. Lives in Dallas area. Has contract w TOR.

    So…there’s that

  11. Escobar won’t move from shortstop, Maddon called Zobrist a better player and he moved positons for the fourth straight year…. character guy.

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