Alex Anthopoulos gave the impression that he was doing backflips when he was able to get the Miami Marlins to include super-utility guy Emilio Bonifacio in The Trade, and just about anyone who I’ve heard speak about the player since then has raved about his play and his exuberance on and off the field.

So… he seems like a nice piece for the Jays hold on to, right? Especially since their bench last year primarily consisted of Omar Vizquel and a tumbleweed, right?

Not so fast, says Dave O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Now, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We learned earlier in the week, thanks to Bob Elliott’s excellent play-by-play of The Trade in the Toronto Sun, that Alex Anthopoulos makes pretty much everyone available– though not necessarily at a price that another club would be willing to pay. And we remember– all too effing well– that Mike Napoli was flipped, after being acquired in the Vernon Wells deal, before ever having played a game as a Jay.

So, of course Anthopoulos would have engaged in a conversation about Bonifacio without shutting the Braves down entirely, but that alone doesn’t tell us a whole lot.

I mean, that’s great, Atlanta, that you think he’d be a fit for your club, but where do trade talks go from there?

Well, a couple places, perhaps… but most of them probably involve trying to shoehorn in JP Arencibia (naturally), in order to flip him with Gerald Laird, add in Bonifacio and some extra piece, and pick off one of the Braves young starters.

In other words: not really. But maybe Alex can surprise us– he’s got to do something to pass the time over the next day and a half.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Given that the braves already traded a starter, and that the jays would be looking for someone to help them immediately, I just don’t see it.

    Bonafacio is also really good insurance for 2B,CF and LF in case Izturis, Rasmus or Melky struggle.

    also cap tip, crotch grab to stoets for not sleeping. kudos

  2. I say you make any deal that improves your club but having a deep bench especially guys who can burn up the base paths is what championship teams always have.

  3. Pray they’ve soured on Teheran

  4. Yeah, but remember Napoli was rumored to be on the decline when he got traded.Seems he wasn’t.Oops.
    I think AA is lookin for serious upgrades from here to ST ( or AAA roster fillers) .
    Be surprised if there was anything to this.

  5. Bonoficio for Tehran, sign me up for that one.

  6. No one can put up this many posts without ped’s…

  7. I could see Bonifacio playing a lot of innings on this team in CF and 2B, especially CF against lefties if rasmus continues to struggle. Heck I would have him face lefties as a DH for Lind. (.290 career BA vs. lefties). Any injury as well (in CF, RF, LF, 2B, SS and 3B) and he’s your guy to play everyday.
    Maybe a package deal with JPA for a top of the rotation starter that’s cheap, otherwise I would like to keep him.

  8. I have a bold prediction for this year: Colby Rasmus will slg over .500, and will be worth 4 wins. I know you guys will call me crazy, but I really believe that he has the tools to do this. I don’t think he wil ever hit for a great average, but his power will make up for it. Along with this is he an above average defender. I don’t see the jays trading him since his value is not high right now. We could probably get a solid reliever for him right now. Mind you that we trading an SP and 2 solid relievers to get him.

    • I am convinced Rasmus was dealing with an injury for the later half of the season. For the first half he was putting up a great spread and was a top center fielder in terms of production. He has it in him for sure, and I think he should be starting in the five hole. If you give the man some confidence, he will hit.

      • It was his hammy, right? and they take forever to heal; not to mention they screw up your swing. I’m not saying he’s going to tear up the league, but he was going great before it happened. Same thing with KJ.

      • I was surfing through his twitter feed last week and Rasmus had a tweet saying something along the lines of being healthy again, implying he was dealing with an injury.

        I’m on my phone and gotta go to work, so I don’t jhave time to look it up right now.

    • I don’t know if he will or not, but I certainly think he’s capable of it and should be given the chance to try before selling him low.

  9. Anthopoulos has expressed interest in Uggla before…and even tried to acquire him in 2010 from Florida. Considering the contract and the fact that he seems to be a declining player, that possibility seems unlikely.

  10. Stotes…I agree with your 3rd paragraph.

    Moneyball – Billy Beane won’t travel with the boys because he doesn’t want to get attached to any player and then turn down a trade because he likes his player involved.

    I think AA is the same, he wants to be able to trade any player at anytime if it makes the Jays better. I read this as:

    -Ring Ring-

    “Hello Alex, Frank Wren here.”

    “Hello Mr. Wren”

    “Alex, is Boneface available?”

    “Frank, anyone on my roster is available for the right price.”

    “Cool Aex, maybe I’ll put something together. Get some sleep because Lord knows that beat writer at DJF who covers your shit doesn’t get any.”

    “Good night Frank.”

      • So you’re a pickle kisser? What does your sexual orientation have to do with anything?

        Or if you’re implying it was a weak post, I can agree, but in my defence check the time stamp,it was late and I had a pile of rum on board.

  11. I’d be for this so that we don’t have to listen to Wilner call him Boneface for the foreseeable future. I mean, “Los Del V” was just about all I could handle. Boneface is embarrassing.

    • +1 couldn’t agree more…in fact, let’s trade Wilner!

    • Agreed.

      Not a fan of the Wilner nicknames… at all. Not really a fan of Wilner the past few seasons, either, for that matter.

      Can we trade Wilner?

      • Seconded. Wilner is a mediocre broadcaster/radio guy on a good day and is irritating to listen to. Get him out of there. I think the DJF community should troll him on the aftergame show and see how rattled we can get him!

  12. I can see why AA would be open to moving him. But I’d prefer to see Rajai moved instead as he’s kind of redundant now.

    No denying he has a lot of value as a utility guy but pitching is more important to the team right now. I’m sure he’s only on the move for a nice SP.

  13. Ahora lo viste, y ahora no

  14. Havent read all the posts yet but Andrew said it already: AA makes everyone available. And the other key point was, at what price. Judging from how much he values multi positional players, I’d say in AA’s mind it’s Bonifacio plus a prospect (or Lind?) for a SP.

    • Maybe to the phillies for Worley??
      They need outfield help

      • I thought this but I don’t think a straight swap does it for Philly.

        Plus they’re looking more for power than speed.

        Can’t Lind play LF?

  15. Doesn’t bonifacio look a lot like EE?

  16. I heard on Philadelphia radio (the crap I have to listen to here)….that the Phils internally were considering dealing Halladay if it netted them a CF.

    If that was the case – how about Rasmus for Halladay.?…saves Phila a bunch of money to go get a corner OF which they need bad… Gives us our #1 and Emilo can go into CF unitl Gose is ready

    • If I were Philly, trading Doc would actually be something to consider. Not to say Doc is going to decline significantly, but they need to get younger and free up some money to acquire some free agents, considering some of the less than stellar results from their prospects.

      Once they locked up Hamels, they’ve got their longterm ace there. So unless they flip Lee instead.

      I think Toronto is the only team Doc would accept being traded to in the first place. Not saying it’s even remotely a possibility but it is something that wouldn’t be crazy to consider.

      • To put it another way, if you’re going to trade 2 top prospect for an aging former Cy Young with 1 year left of control in Dickey, take one step further and see what Doc would cost, even out of curiosity’s sake.

  17. EVERYBODY’S fuckin’ available – at the right price. AA wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t listen to all offers…and then listening to the reasonable ones, or laughing out loud in the ear of some deluded GM who wants you to give up your gems for a bag of magic beans.

  18. Everyone on the Jays is “available”. I know 20 people have already commented that… but maybe lucky #21 will get through to you. Headline should just say “Braves want Emilio”.

  19. I’m starting to wonder if I have an unhealthy obsession…..does anyone else check for breaking baseball (Jays) news on several occasions throughout the night?

    • I thought it was just me.
      We need a support group.
      I’ll bring the Red Bull

    • Guitly, but i am currently working nights so i am up anyway. The comment section is always the real reason i search for updates though.

  20. Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    “The Arizona Diamondbacks have constructed a four-team deal that’s currently dormant. Would net them Asdrubal Cabrera, if it’s revitalized.”

    Could there be a four-team deal without AA at the heart of it? Bauer to Blue Jays? Aaron Cibia + to 4th team?


  21. I’m done. No more deals til mid-season. Don’t worry, I got this.

  22. who is the better trade commodity: Doc or Dickey?

    Dickey has been in better form as of late, although Halladay is not far removed from his best form and is more proven. Dickey is older but doc has more miles on him and relies more on velocity. I think both have a good 3 years of quality baseball left in them, possibly more in both cases. Salary differences are a huge downside for Doc’s value but, its fucking roy halladay.

    • That’s a real interesting question especially if you look at it from the perspective that both guys hit free agency next winter.

      Obviously Halladay has been better for longer, but I might be tempted to go with Dickey myself based on the aging curves. Also if I am Philly fan right now I am worried about Halladay’s shoulder injury from last season. If he were to bounce back completely in 2013 and not show and more signs of shoulder issues it really might make it an impossible decision.

      Doc has a slight edge but the numbers over the last 3 years are amazingly close until you get into the estimators which don’t really do a knuckleballer complete justice.

      • I don’t buy into the knucleballers age well. there have been only 26 knucleballers. also some of them played in eras when pitchers didnt throw so hard and hitters were not in the same physical condition. There have also been 10 who pitched in less than 200 mlb games. I am not saying knuckleballers do not age well but a sample of 26 players and 10 of them did not have lengthy careers, is a small sample size.

        It’s comparable to a rookie doing well and everyone says he is only going to get better. Not necessarily. time will tell. The same could be said for Mike Trout is the 2012 the true Mike Trout or will he regress? All I got to say is Bob Hamelin or Pat Listach. .

        • If Toronto cares more about prospects and less about money, I go Doc all the way. Take on more salary, save some prospects or a better prospect.

          Doc would bring in boatloads of merch money too. Tons of fans would buy the new jays jerseys with Doc’s name on it.

        • There was a recent article done somewhere but I can’t remember where from that broke down a lot of the recent knuckleball pitcher results from their latter years. Was a really interesting read. I’ll see if I can dig it up or maybe someone else has come across it.

          All I will say with regards to Dickey is that there is likely to be some regression but there’s no way he’s a one year flash. The last 3 years of results have proven that imo.

  23. to djf fans dickey. to blue jay marketing it would probably be Halladay. At one time I considered the jays should do something crazy like go up to NYM offer John Buck for Santana and the mets eat 10 million of Santana’s salary. Jays take a risk on Santana who has not been 100% since 2010.

  24. Minor update on Bonifacio from another Braves beat writer, Mark Bowman:

    “One of the players on their wish list is Toronto’s Emilio Bonifacio, who would bring speed, versatility and the ability to hit potentially fill the leadoff spot. But the Blue Jays were quite high on Bonifacio when they landed him via the 12-man trade with the Marlins three weeks ago. So he’s certainly not going to come cheap.”

  25. Interesting stuff this morning listening to Blair’s show. Blair said they booked Farrell, but the Red Sox gave extreme restrictions on what they could ask him (i.e. no Blue Jays stuff, nothing about the move, etc.) so they said no and got a Boston reporter instead, who’s on now. Then about an hour ago Griff pens a column taking the Jays to task for not handling the Farrell thing well and giving him and the Sox more convenient outs to explaining themselves. He basically calls tampering on Boston without actually saying the word. It’s fascinating stuff. I have a feeling there’s more stories to come.

    Alright, that’s the last Farrell crap for now.

  26. On the Farrett Front: Wilner makes a point I hadn’t previously known. After his first season as GM in TO, Ricciardi was offered the job of GM of the Sux. Had to be his dream job. He lives there. He grew up there. They had money to spend etc etc etc. And he turned it down out of loyalty to Toronto because they gave him the chance to be a GM. I’ve always hated JPR but he just went up in my estimation. Especially compared to FuckFace down there with his mighty (glass) jaw.

    • I seem to recall Ricciardi getting a massive extension to keep him away from Boston, but yes you are right. Of course the Sox then tried to poach Billy Beane away from the A’s and he verbally committed before backing out for the same reason.

  27. And PS Blair had an article this morning that was anti-Farrell. I get the impression that the TO media were pissed with Boston media who were being dismissive of their questions in the Farrell presser. And reading the Boston media I think that was probably true. All this should make for some interesting Sux/Jays games this season so Rogers will probably make a lot of money out of the upcoming feud.

    • I thought Griff put it better in his article. Blair did a good job of going after Farrell, but Griff also really hammered the Jays, not for letting Boston walk away with Farrell, but for letting the Sox and Farrell repeatedly escape any questions of how it went down, and he pointed to some circumstantial evidence as proof. That part deserves as much criticism as Farrell’s words.

      • The Jays let the Sux off too easily. I agree with that. However, although I hate Farrell and what he did with the fire of a thousand burning suns, I also think Boston did us a favour and I’ll bet AA thinks that as well. Farrell was not a good manager here. He might be a better manager there–although naturally I hope he crashes and burns–but he didn’t work out well for the Jays. If AA had put up a fight he probably would have had to extend Farrell which it clearly looks to me something he didn’t want to do. So this happens and Farrell leaves and AA can hire a better manager. There’s no point in posturing. Yeah, the Sux probably tampered with our guy. But from my point of view it’s like letting someone else hit on the boyfriend you really don’t want around but can find no good way of getting rid of without a lot of public hurt feelings.

        • Looking forward to the Jays laying some humiliating fetus position smack ‘em arounds on Farrell and company this season. Small problem though, it doesn’t look like the Sox are gonna just sit there and take it.

        • And… there was a now unsaid possibility that the Jays were going to Fire Farrell but when this shitstorm broke, this was a way to get rid of him w/o having to admit publicly that they made a hiring mistake.
          I think the fact they kep waffling on extending him, talking to him right away etc, is proof , that in the end they would have fired him and eaten the last year of his contract. The way it played out, we saved the$$$ and ended up with a relief pitcher with upside in Rodgers

  28. Tom Cheek wins Ford C. Frick award. Congrats to the Cheek family!

  29. Seriously! Great news! And about time…

  30. TOM CHEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. love him or hate, Wilner is a big reason why. He rallied the troops every year.

  32. What a great day. Tom and Jerry were my bedtime voices growing up, and I’m sure they were the same for almost everyone here. That gaping hole has finally been filled and it’s about damn time. What a great day.

    Touch ‘em all Tommy.

  33. Really, it’s about time Cheek got his dues. Amazing news.

  34. It’s about time. Congrats to the Cheek family. The offseason just keeps getting better and better.

  35. Three cheers for Tom!

  36. We can all smile and cry a bit today. Listen to this nugget I found.

  37. ummm….anyone else thinking the Red Sux are actually putting a pretty good team together?! They still have lots of cash, and I’m thinking if they land a couple more pieces, they are in the upper echelon again. I was hoping they would take a year or two off…crap!!

    • They won’t take a year or two off. they can’t. That fan-base and media wouldn’t let them. They will be a good club so there’s no point hoping they won’t. We will just have to try to be better.

    • Have to see what they do still, but so far all they’ve done is sign a couple platoon guys. Lots of money remaining though, so it should be interesting.

      • I don’t see Victorino as a platoon guy in any way…he could be a perennial allstar! Napoli is more then a platoon guy and Gomes is a perfect platoon guy suited for Fenway…along with guys like Pedroia and Ellsbury and Ortiz that’s solid! Yes, they need starting pitching and a few bounce back years…but who doesn’t? All I’m saying is that if they actually land a couple more pitchers (e.g Grienke) they’d be right up there with any team!

    • Not only that, but the Yankees are threatening to make moves.

      I think all of the giddy excitement should (rightly) be tempered. Let’s take baby steps – there are still legitimate questions about the ability of the starting rotation to fulfill its potential.

      Realistically, all I’m looking for this year is so-called meaningful September baseball. With the second WC spot they should have an excellent chance of making it at least into the one-game playoff, but at this point I think anything else is gravy.

      • Meaningful baseball in September is hardly a baby step. Mike Aviles was a baby step. If a guy can’t be giddy with excitement in early December after the biggest trade in team history, this old world sucks and blows.
        Loosen up, Chewie.

      • this is the blue jay inferiority complex at work!!! this year they are a big boy team and they have big boy goals

  38. Mets will apparently eat a huge portion of Santanas contrac tto move him for prospects. One year deal he pitches will with a smaller contract and we’re not in the hunt at the all star break might make a good trade peice to get at least the type of prospects you give up for him. Might be a good pick up aswell to go for it and hope his second half struggles were just fatigue from not throwing alot of pitches in the last few years due to injuries…. High Risk guy…. could be interesting to take look at what it would cost.

    • I would not offer a prospect offer to eat his salary. He is earning 25 mill next year. And I think the jays should go after him as well. however he did not pitch in 2011 and in 2012 he was less than stellar in a shortened season. Not saying don’t go after him but offer someone like John Buck, and AJ Jimenez that way Mets get a current catcher and catching prospect and jays get Santana. I like Santana and he is a high risk high upside, but I would not give up much of value for him.

  39. Congrats to Tom Cheek and his family and to all Blue Jays fans that listened to the man during the glory years. ‘Touch em all Joe” might be the most memorible thing I remember of a very young Blue Jay fan…. such as myself.

  40. Man that would be quite the coup for Texas if they can sign Greinke and trade for Upton. Two holes filled with authority.

    • giggity.

      • Yea, I think that’s definitely the case here – they’d rather spend the money on Greinke than Hamilton and hope to also obtain Upton

        I’m not sure I see it happens – someone will cave, like the 4th team or Dodgers will say fuck it and toss Greinke whatever he wants

        If they pull it off though, Rangers would be easy WS favourites

  41. Gotta figure Stoeten is furiously working on a Cheek piece, as if he didn’t have enough to do this week.

    Don’t wanna’ fuck up an historic post — no pressure!!!!!

  42. I wonder what it would take to get Kris Medlin out of Atlanta?

  43. Keppinger signs with the ChiSox, interesting

    This doesn’t take Youk out of the equation, but my gut is thinking he now leans to going to Cleveland or Philly.

    Funny that NYY lose out on yet another player.

  44. Dammit I want Youk for us. Wake up AA!

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