I’m kind of amazed to have just written the words in the title of this post, but it really is true: the voice of the Jays from their inception in 1977 until 2004, Tom Cheek, who called 4,306 consecutive games and uttered those famous words, “Touch ‘em all, Joe” after Joe Carter’s blast to win the 1993 World Series, will finally take his place as a member of the Hall of Fame.

I’ll leave it to Mike Wilner, who campaigned so hard on Cheek’s behalf for so many years, for his reaction to the results of this year’s Ford C. Frick Award vote…

Fantastic news, and so well deserved for the memory of Tom, for his surviving family members, for colleagues like long-time radio partner Jerry Howarth, Wilner, those who knew him from within the club, or from covering it, and, of course, the fans. He’s still missed, and still, very obviously from the reaction today, beloved in this city.

And thanks to @james_in_to, here’s something rather special and appropriate for the occasion: the full audio of the bottom of the ninth of Game Six in 1993…

So… there’s that.

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  1. Headline correction: “It’s about Frick’en time!”

  2. Absolutely AWESOME
    Well deserved and long overdue!

  3. Two balls, two strikes…
    A swing and a belt…
    Anyways, that’s how my S&M party went down.

    But oh yeah, congrats to Tom Cheek too.

  4. Yaaay! Congrats to the Cheek family!

    Annnd…. screw you Mike Mussina!

  5. Another fantastic video I found, with his entire speech from 2004 and then some of his memorable calls through the years. Fair warning, it might make you cry. I don’t tear up easily but I sure did listening to this.

    Thanks for the memories Tom, and for being part of my inspiration and influence to get into baseball broadcasting and/or baseball media.

  6. Frick yea, about time Tom Cheek made the hall.

  7. Really really glad for this.

  8. two thumbs up

  9. finally! my man! touch em all forever!

  10. For those who want to hear just the iconic call:


  11. Great news and well-deserved. A nice posthumous homage to someone that meant a lot to the Jays franchise.

    Though I must admit, Wilner’s incessant campaigning led to me finally unfollowing him on Twitter. Enough was enough with the #votefortom. It just got to me, but I guess it worked.

    • You’ve missed a lot of troll-baiting and name-that-tune trivia.

      • Yea, I’m sure. Didn’t figure I was missing too much, but I might re-follow when the season starts. He’s good for updates on the game when I can’t be watching it.

  12. They finally got it right.

  13. I grew up listening to Tom and Jerry. That was back in the old days. The radio team is still great but those hacks on sportsnet just kill it for me.

    Congrats Mr. Cheek

    • Howarth and Ashby are great.
      Wilner is the worst thing to happen to radio since television.

  14. About damn time!
    Fucking Americans are the only reason it took so long…have no idea what he meant to Toronto and us fans. Kinda makes you wonder if the only reason he finally got in this year is because of all the sudden focus on the Jays and the noise they’re making this offseason. However it happened, I’m just glad it happend.

    • Dave Van Horne had to get in first, and when he did Van Horne stumped for Cheek on the committee.

      And wouldn’t it be something if Jacques Doucet finally got it next year? You’d have 3 of the 4 voices of baseball in Canada entering the Hall of Fame in 3 consecutive years.

      • (Not 3 consecutive years technically, McCarver got it last year. But since McCarver is an embarrassment to the profession we can ignore him)

  15. Wicked! Finally got his kudos.

    Really loving how the last few years have been a big love-in for the old glory days of the Jays. Ever since Bautista/AA/Cito 2.0 era the Jays have been slowly building this nostalgic fervour – then some of the recent trades, the HOF of Alomar, the new uni’s, now this – remembering THE voice of the Jays for eternity. . . it almost feels like a slow and torturous build toward a return to the playoffs and returning this team to its iconic status among sports.

    Really hard to not be sappy and wax poetic about it, but with the 20th anniversary of that iconic call coming up in less than a year’s time, it’s funny how the stars have almost aligned perfectly for a fateful return to postseason glory.

    Fuck, I mean the Argo’s won the friggin Grey cup and they’ve been all sorts of mediocre the past near decade – this city really is trying to write the script to a tee

  16. Speaking as a Blue Jays fan since 1982, Tom Cheek is and always will be the voice of summer for me. It’s about time he takes his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Cheers to everyone out there who helped make it happen!

  17. Jacques Doucet for 2013!

  18. I wonder if all the moves the Jays made this offseason, raising the profile of the club, helped in getting Cheek the votes needed

  19. Wilner gets +10 for this. Respect!
    Cheek gets +infinity. Congrats to his family. I know he is in the LoE, but we should “retire” the number 4306 in his honour.

  20. Congratulations to the Cheek family and a big pat on the back to Mike Wilner who worked so hard to promote Tom’s induction and for keeping Tom’s name out there. The public has a short memory and people forget in a hurry. Now Tom will never be forgotten.

  21. That call never gets old does it.

  22. that settles it. It is the year of the Blue Jays – they will return to the playoffs in the year Tom is officially honored.

  23. My favouite Blue Jay of all time, by far. YAY!!!

  24. Finally! Tom’s family must be elated. Rest with the Best, Tom!

  25. Can you believe we had Rickey Henderson? What a superstar. Can’t wait to watch the Jays with a proper leadoff hitter again!

    • His two months in Toronto were unmemorable at best. He held a press conference demanding that Turner Ward hand over his number 24, and got frostbite in August.

      But if Rickey doesn’t take that walk to lead off the 9th inning in game 6, Joe Carter doesn’t come to the plate. So for that one walk, it was totally worth it.

  26. Nice move. Class and sophistication doing a separate post for this. Tip of the hat.

    Well deserved to Tom and his loved ones

  27. https://soundcloud.com/bluejays-voices/blue-jays-tom-cheek-1993-game

    Clip of complete jays 9th inning 1993 world series

  28. I had the privilege of meeting Tom a couple of times many years ago. Class guy all the way. This is long overdue. 4,300+ games in a row! Do the math – that’s ridiculous. Bravo, finally!

  29. Love Tom Cheek… Grew up listening to him and Jerry. No other Toronto broadcaster, except maybe Dan Shulman, comes close. The voice, the knowledge, quite simply second to none. Mike Wilner is by far the worst in terms of personality and well pretty much everything else. Campaining for Tom Cheek is about the onlygood thing he’s done in his entirebroadcasting career. Jamie Campbell is a disgrace to the profession, as is Zaun.

    Well deserved.

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