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  1. Staff listen in reverse order of American-ness.

  2. Rangers feel confident on Landing Upton according to Ken Rosenthal, four team trade scenario includes the Indians so the Rangers don’t have to include Profar or andrus and the Rays are said to be involved. If I’m Zach Greinke and I wnat to play with the Rangers, I hurry up and sign if their is an offer becasue if this Upton trade goes down and the Indians and rays are involved, I think Shields would be going to Texas with Upton.

    • Assdribble would go to AZ, Bauer to Cleveland, Upton to Texas, and Kubel to Tampa? Obviously with some other pieces involved such as Shields or Hellickson

      Tampa needs power, Cle wants pitching, AZ wants a SS, and Texas just wants Upton period.

      Or possibly it’s the Royals and Butler or Myers get moved?

      Crazy ass trade if it gets pulled off

      • AA facilitating the potential 30 team deal that some anon exec said he wouldn’t be surprised if he did that??

      • If it goes down I think it will be Crazy for sure. I see Olt and Perez of Texas and Maybe even CHOO in the deal somwhere as well.

        Maybe the Rays getting Skaggs, Perez,Olt Diamond Backs getting Olt, Indians SS., CHOO and Buckell or GRimm(Subtract Olt and Ranger SP prospect for Ogando to diamondbacks) Rangers Shileds, Upton
        Indians getting Bauer, Olt maybe. No idea really how would all go down or where all the pieces would go…. it would be Epic.

        That’s the thing too, Myers could be going to Tampa Sheilds to Kansas City.,
        Hell maybe Rangers completely gut system besides Profar and Land, David Price and Upton with Shields to kansas and guys like Perez, Myers, Montgomery, Olt, Buckell, Duffy going to the Rays setting them up for a long time 50 years of control combined.
        Who knows fun to speculate…. bored as hell… slow day.

  3. A few notes from Bob Elliott’s chat:


    Says Jays aren’t interested in moving Bonifacio, despite ATL interest.
    Gives three names he hears the Jays are interested in: Dickey, Niese, Davis (I’d assume that’s Wade)
    Asked if the Jays would be interested in Marcum, he says they’re looking for someone better than that.

    • Elliott also says he’s not sure how much money the Jays have available, but that they could take on Dickey’s $5M.

      • I believe it could be Karan, but the Blago cnmmeot was hilarious! I did like the flowing Betts-like licks and A-B like sound as well. I looked closely at the video so that I could possibly incorporate some of the transitions. Dual leads with him and Betts or Bishop would be something to listen to.

    • Marcum dis!

    • Elliott says that the Jays are looking for a true #1 starter. If that’s a realistic thing, besides “well of course we’d love an ace!”, hard to imagine who fits the bill besides RA Dickey – and even that might be a bit of a stretch.

    • hmm

      presumably they mean someone healthier/cheaper/longer term than Marcum? Because he’s better than Wade Davis (not by a ton, mind you). It’s just that Davis is much younger and under team control for quite a while.

      It looks like AA’s not looking at a one year filler regardless. Which means Haren was never an option. Marcum would be a 1-2 year probably. Niese and Davis would be long term, Dickey would come with the stipulation of a 2-3 year extension beyond his 1 yr remaining.

      • so it seems to be that:

        a) No one year deals – no Haren, Kuroda, etc

        b) They believe Johnson is an ace, but dont know if he can regain that form so they’d rather take that risk (befoe extending) OR acquire an ace A to complement JJ’s B only if the price isn’t too absurd

        c) only looking to acquire said ace through trade – Greinke, Sanchez, out of the picture

        d) alternatively they are willing to settle for a younger, long term depth guy – someone with potential to fit in the middle of the rotation = Niese or Davis – good fallback in case Morrow becomes an ace, Romero shits the bed and falls to back of rotation, Buerhle becomes JJ’s ace B, etc

    • And another interesting point, asked about Lind’s role:

      Elliott says he was discussed in the Farrell talks and could be platooned. I’m assuming that’s Elliott speak for “don’t imagine they’re as high on him as they sound.”

      • I saw Gibbons talking to Jamie Campbell (who looks more and more like a curly haired Opie) last night – and Gibber said something to the effect that they’d “give Lind a chance early in the year” facing LHP’s.
        That means a spring training trial period, if I hear between the lines.

    • Elliott is really hammering the Jays being interested/trying on Dickey. His answer to seemingly every other question is “Dickey.”

      • Elliot loves him some big ol’ Dickey! It is just spilling out of his mouth!

      • Dickey was on the Daily Show last night, and mentioned Toronto in a roundabout way as a potential destination.

        • Saw that and was surprised. Though he was talking about the “dysfunction” of the baseball season, in context.

    • What is with Elliotts or whoever he’s talking to crush with Wade Davis to the Jays. Not sure Davis would be tha tmcuh of an upgrade if at all over Happ. Good swingman I guess but the Jays aren’t giving top prospects for Davis and The Rays aren’t dealing in their own divison.

      • Tabby loves Davis too -beeg and schtrong

        Likewise, I’m not sure why. He’s solid, but you’re right, he’s very comparable to Happ – the fact that he wasn’t good enough to stay in the rotation, mind you Tampa is stacked, shows that he shouldn’t be viewed anymore highly than Villy or Happ

      • I actually don’t hate the Wade Davis idea. He could fit into the swingman/Carlos Villanueva role pretty decently. He was a big-time prospect a few years ago, though obviously he hasn’t (yet?) succeeded as a starter in the Majors.

        • I dont hate it either – 3 swingmen with rotation skill is better than 2, it just depends what Tampa wants for him and really, I hate Tampa, I dont want them getting anything they could potentially turn into gold haha

        • I don’t mind Davis either in the 5 or swingman he was a top prospect not long ago and is locked to a team freindly deal, extremly so if he starts for the bulk of his contract.
          I just don’t see the Jays and Rays making a deal maybe with a third team. The Rays have to make it look like for their few fans that they don’t make trades in dvison similar to the blue Jays Napoli trade with the Rangers, then GM of the Angels at the time Reagins said he knew it was a strong possibilty blue Jays would flip him to the Rangers.

    • And here’s one that could lead to some fun/silly speculation: The Phillies have looked at Colby Rasmus (among others).

      • I was thinking about that possibility when I heard BJ Upton signed with Atlanta. The move would free up payroll to be used for the pitching staff. Gose should provide enough value with his speed and defence to allow him to flail about at the plate. If he improves at all with the bat (he looked capable of making adjustments from callup to call up last year), then he could be a very valuable contributor indeed.

        I don’t think it’s as silly as you think it is..

      • I could see Colby in a Phillies uniform – more power potential than Victorino was and he’d be an upgrade over Mayberry but the poor OBP has to make me think they aim higher unless they think Bourn will be too expensive

      • cue more Rasmus trade talk Mets talking about a trade with an OF that would not involve around Dickey. Come on down, Jon Niese your the next player on the price is right.

    • Here’s a very interesting one (that is, if you believe Elliott, which this all depends on)

      Asked if Gose + Arencibia gets the deal done for Dickey, Elliott responds: “Am told yes it gets it done, but Mets still looking for better offers.”

    • Another small Elliott note:

      Red Sox had interest in Adam Lind before signing Mike Napoli.

  4. And Eric Chavez signed with Arizona, another option for the Yankees off the market.

    • haha Yanks striking out all over

      Chavez and Hinske – interesting – possibly stocking up on bench bats with power in case they trade Kubel/Upton?

  5. Who cares if a deal falls apart because the Jays can’t secure an extension with Dickey? We’ve lost nothing but time spent gathering information about the Mets’ needs/wants/modus operandi a.k.a. what AA likes to do in his spare time.

    I still think you’re undervaluing a guy with success in the last 3 seasons and good reason to believe he’ll be successful enough going forward even with expected regression. The market for a rental ace has always been high. We traded Halladay for Drabek, Taylor, and d’Arnaud. He was obviously more valuable because an extension with him had significantly less risk attached but why should we think that he would cost so little with the market price being this high for a while now.

    • I know Dickey is better and his Hard Knuckleball is unheard of but I just have shades of Wakefield in the Al East popping in my head when Dickey is mentioned. Have to like the strikeouts but if a hitter does conect in the smaller ball aprks in the AL could be a lot of home runs served up.

      • I’d still take him but at what cost for an extension. If no extension not sure I’d give up much more than a JP. Not even sure I would trade JP he’s not terrible at one of the hardest postions to find even a remotely talented offensive palyer and D’arnaud coming off pretty bad injurie can we wait and see.
        If D’arnaud is healthy, even if he’s not having a great year in Buffalo but his defensive side has improved and he still has that bat speed and athleticism, then Trade Jp at the deadline for a SP if we’re in the hunt.

        I like Gose and othe prospects and would move them for Dickey but I’d like to wait and See D’arnaud healthy and continued success from AJ Jimenez before I deal the Known commodity in JP.

        • JP Arencibia is a known commodity. A power-only catcher who has been at the bottom of the catchers’ defensive rankings and who cannot get on base or hit for average. He is ‘improving’ on defence but cannot be projected to improve to be anything more than average (and that’s pretty generous).

          ‘But he has a great rapport with the pitching staff’. So should John Buck, he’s caught 4 of 5 starters. Eli Whiteside could be carried as a backup if there were a significant upgrade to the rotation and by extension, the bullpen.

          • Lets just see D’arnaud again for a little bit. Alot of teams want Jp we’re pleased to be with D’anruad but he’s coming of a major injurie.

  6. Brewers considering trading Hart – trade Rasmus, move Melky to CF and let Hart rotate between 1b, DH and LF? Or keep Rasmus and just play Hart at 1b/DH with EE

    • Hart would be a good pickup in my mind depending what they want for prospects. Dude can play all over the OF and 1B, DH once in a while and Hit lefties.
      I think he’d be a really good pickup actually. He’s still good enough to be in the lineup every night, not sure where he’d fit in agaisnt RHP. Unless you get rid of Lind. Brewers would take Lind if we overpay in prospects, they have an opening at 1B if they move Hart unless Gamel is their guy coming off an injury and might actually not return until mid season.

    • Depends on the cost he sucks though

      • Corey Hart? Definitely doesn’t suck. Actually awesome.

        • Only one year left if control tho

          • Yea how can you say Hart sucks, dude’s a machine. I’d take him over Morse actually. Plays better D, more consistent player, healthier, can actually steal some bases too.

            Thing is he is 30 and not great defensively so I dont know if the Brew Crew re-sign him, especially with Gamel in the background.

            If they can get a trade going, I’d do it. Lind would actually be a perfect fit, considering he could play 1b until Gamel gets back mid-season

            They have a solid OF so I dont know if they would want Sierra. They probably would take some pitching depth.

            I could see something with Lind plus a prospect – gives them a cheaper part-time 1b to clear payroll to sign a Dempster-type

  7. I wonder if they’d do Adam Lind and Sean Nolin for Corey Hart. That’d be the icing on the cake for me. Who cares if we find the depth we need, with that offence we’ll make a 20-game winner of Chad Jenkins yet.

    Really though, it gives us another weapon that could play 1B, DH, or play the OF in a pinch. That would be deadly.

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