It is indeed the most traffic-whoringest time of year! Here’s what’s out there that I wasn’t about to make full posts out of, as Day Three of the Winter Meetings turns into the final night down in Nashville…

Shi Davidi has a big post at Sportsnet, reflecting on the legacy of Cooperstown-bound Tom Cheek, and on the subject of business, also tweets some comments from Alex Anthopoulos, who explains that “If anything was to be done it would be well after the meetings, but we’re really not getting anywhere.”

Naturally, Mike Wilner– who beat the drum for Cheek’s induction harder than anyone– has a series of great remembrances as well, over at whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days. While the National Post re-publishes John Lott’s excellent, heart-wrenching piece following Cheek’s death.

Looking back at John Farrell’s talk with the media yesterday, Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail finds it striking that the former Jays manager referred to his job here as an “opportunity,” and later suggests that “Anthopoulos essentially said Tuesday that Farrell was not approached about an extension as a means of smoking out his true intentions because, well, because he had other things on his plate.” He adds that the GM “would never say it was because he realized Farrell wasn’t the right guy for this team, but if he truly believes Mike Aviles was good value in return, it’s all anybody needs to know.”

And let’s go back to the great John Lott of the National Post, who, in addition to a piece on Farrell’s comments, provides a transcript of all the Toronto-related questions he was asked during his scrum.

On the same topic, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star veers more towards outrage, lamenting that “Farrell has been let off the hook too easily,” adding that “it seems while the Red Sox were playing old-fashioned hardball in their efforts to spirit Farrell out of Toronto, the Blue Jays were content to play softball.” Referring to the apparent disciplinary problems at the end of the Jays’ season, Farrell wonders, “would you care as much about making sure [a mistake] doesn’t happen again when you know it won’t be your problem next year.”

Elsewhere, Griffin digests comments made by Alex Anthopoulos today, highlighting the lack of activity, the GM’s distaste for all things innuendo, and his insistence that Brett Lawrie is gonna be just fine.

Jonah Keri– who, don’t forget, will be joining Drew, Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR, and I, tomorrow morning at 11 PM ET for a Google+ Hangout– writes at Grantland about the Rays’ tremendously astute pickup up Yunel Escobar– y’know, at least from an on-field perspective.

Elsewhere at Grantland, Jonah tries to wrap his head around a world in which the Yankees are fiscally responsible.

Back to the Escobar deal, Drew breaks it all down for Getting Blanked. As does Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs.

Elsewhere, Sullivan takes a look at Jeff Keppinger, noting that the newest member of the Chicago White Sox got $12-million over three years at age 32, after having produced 2.2 wins per 600 plate appearances over the last three seasons. Maicer Izturis, also 32, came in just ahead, with 2.3 WAR/600, and he’ll make $2-million less over the course of his contract. And Marco Scutaro? He was slightly better than that, at 2.5 WAR/600, but, of course, he makes double what Izturis does, signing a 3-year, $20-million deal with the Giants. He’s 37.

Via MLBTR: Dave O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and hilariously botching Nike’s decathlon-based ad campaign in the run-up to the 1992 Olympics, tweets that the Jays don’t want to move Emilio Bonifacio. “At least not yet.” Meanwhile, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports puts on his Captain Obvious hat in order to inform us that Darren Oliver is unsure whether he’ll play next year– but adds, perhaps newly, that Black Magic hasn’t requested a trade.

Not that we really care, but apparently Joe Blanton is off the market. MLBTR also has the details on this one.

Nice stuff: Jonah Birenbaum of the appropriately-titled-for-today Touch ‘Em All writes a guest post about the new world the Blue Jays live in over at Jeff Pearlman’s blog.

Over at Extra Base Hit, I think Darren is starting to get a sense of how little the Clevelands intended to be doing while down in Nashville. Look at that white board!

At Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis notes that Joey Votto will be putting on the red and white this spring– not just for Cincinnati, but for Canada in the World Baseball Classic.

Lastly, and in keeping with the topic above, behind the paywall at Baseball Prospectus, which makes it reason in its own right– among many, many others– to subscribe, is a piece from Hudson Belinsky on the evolution of baseball– and, particularly, scouting for big leaguers– in Canada. Dripping with pure maple gold.

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  1. rich harden anyone?

  2. So what do we have here, 10 weeks or so until spring training? WTF are we gonna do? We can’t even whine about spinning Darvishes and bottom feeder payrolls. I’ve already built my John Farrell hangin’ noose dolls. Its gonna be a long Winter.

  3. how can it be 11PM in the morning?

  4. I think the best response to Farrell coming back to Toronto would be silence. No boos, just a so what when he’s introduced and when he comes out to the mound. He knows he’ll get booed so he’s ready for it.
    That and sarcastic applause by just one person (Pat Hentgen) in the whole building would be tremendous.

    • +Billions and beyond

    • I’d be all for that. Except it’s a weekend game with the Sux so there will be a lot of Massholes at the RC and they’ll make sure they cheer their guy. So he would only hear cheers which kind of defeats the object of the exercise.

      • Have some faith that the Jays supporters will come out and not allow this to happen.

        • It would be great to have all Jays fans turn their back on him being introduced, make no noise and just move on after that. He did it to us once, lets get him back without being Massholeque.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the game is sold out before the Massholes can get their grubby mitts on tickets. Anyone with a flex pack likely chose this as one of their games. I know I did.

    • + Billions and Billions


      If everyone waved a bottle of Grecian Formula
      it’d be kinda cool.

    • I like it. And then have zero media show up to hear his post game comments.

  5. It was a Reebok campaign.

  6. using war/600 is ridiculously stupid. izturis is a p/t player, assuming he would put up the same war for a full season is wrong. over the last 3 years these are the actual war’s

    scutaro 7.7
    keppinger 5.2
    izturis 4.0

    and kep was 14 pts higher in obp and 42pt higher in slug so kep was clearly the best value

  7. Blanton – 2 yrs, 15 mil w/ the Dodgers

    That Scott Baker signing looks like a steal

    By that token Happ could be looking at a similar deal down the line by the time 2015 rolls around since they are similar players

    Makes me wonder if it’s almost better not pursuing a 5th starter just yet, see what he can do and watch AA flip him at the deadline or sometime next year

  8. Blanton signed with Angels

  9. Well for what ever it may be worth.. AA did the right thing in picking up Aveles and then flipping him for some bullpen help.. even if it doesn’t work out, we won’t have to witness any more garbage managing again this year.

  10. John Who?

  11. Hey all. Anyone know when single game tickets go on sale? Flex packs only right now. Thanks.

  12. Alright lets see AA pull off this trade. Who wins?

    Rangers get Justin Upton, JP Arencibia and 2m cash from Jays
    Indians get Mike Olt
    Diamondbacks get Asdrubal Cabrera, prospects Daniel Norris (from Jays) and Martin Perez (from Rangers) and 2m cash from Indians
    Blue Jays get Trevor Bauer

  13. It appears that Pat Hentgen will be coming back as bullpen coach, per Shi Davidi:

    “Regardless, everyone is still playing catch-up to the Blue Jays, who did their work early and can now sit back and wait for additional opportunities to present themselves. They have the leisure of debating what to do with the 25th roster spot (good clubhouse presence versus leaving spot open for spring) and taking their time in naming a bullpen coach (which will be Pat Hentgen, barring an unforeseen obstacle).”

  14. There are also various tweets indicating that a Rays/Royals swap of Wil Myers-James Shields may be close.

    • Ugh. That would be another fantastic move for the Rays. Can Friedman just fuck off to another team, please?

  15. Well this is ridiculous. They’ve replaced the adorable Gregor on the podcast, haven’t offered me a spot, and yet decided to leave the eyesore on. And I wonder if anyone has addressed the matter of apparel with that Ben, whose shirt the last time drove me positively batty and who couldn’t even wear proper undergarments! Step it up boys. Step it up!

    By the bye, I see our delicious Travis is back on twitter and you can bet I follow him religiously . Though I must say, the boy is certainly fascinated with meat! That’s befitting if you ask me, and if you can’t read my innuendo sister, you don’t know your innuendo.

  16. Royals will regret that trade if they do it.

  17. Can we get a Ghost World reference next time?

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