Getting Blanked was the place you wanted to be this morning at 11 AM ET, as we went live with our post-Winter Meetings Getting Blanked Hangout on Google+, Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (@MLBTRBen) and Jonah Keri of Grantland (@JonahKeri), who, along with Drew Fairservice and yours truly, recapped all the big happenings from the Winter Meetings.

Here’s the replay:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. FIRST!

  2. Jinelle signed with the Rays.

  3. kill me! KILLLL meEEEE!!!!

  4. never call anyone a troll again, Stoeten. Look in the fucking mirror! You are a real life motha fuckin TROLL! LOLOLOLOL

  5. Jays picked up three players in the AAA portion of the Rule 5 draft:

    They also lost Mark Sobolewski.

    I don’t expect any of these guys will never do anything beyond filling out minor league rosters, but hey, at least it’s something to look over in a slow Winter Meetings.

  6. It wouldn’t fit with what Anthopoulos said about nothing happening at this time, but I wonder if the Jays would try to get involved in this trade scenario involving the D’Backs, Rays and Rangers.

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