On the heels of the announcement will rightly be honoured with a place on the Level Of Excellence, the Jays have announced their full promotional schedule for the 2013 season, and… uh… yeah, the more I think about this post, the more I realize that I don’t really care about promotions, frankly.

You can see the full list in an official release from the club, and… OK, there are a couple ones worth commenting on:  The lack of any mention of the horrifically annoying “Tweeting Tuesdays” (ahhh, but apparently we’re not so lucky on that front, says the full-on schedule); the maple-riffic Brett Lawrie bobblehead giveaway; the fact that sad, confused people are going to think that, just because JP Arencibia gets a bobblehead, it means he’s definitely not going to be moved; how it’s kinda rich that Carlos Delgado Level Of Excellence event comes just three weeks after the Armed Forces-celebrating Canada Day event.

But that’s probably all the commentary needed on this subject, to be honest– well, except maybe for a little diatribe on how the expectation of reverence has been shoved down our throats so much that I feel uncomfortable even just openly wondering whether all the military stuff, especially when related to sporting events, at this point, despite my having all kinds of respect for those who serve (though not necessarily any more than for, I dunno, firefighters), might not be a little grotesque. But I’ll choose to exercise good judgement and decline to go anywhere near there.

So… um… yeah. Promos!

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  1. Is that some knock off lego type thing? WTF indeed.

  2. well duh! promos are for the non fans.

  3. “But I’ll choose to exercise good judgement and decline to go anywhere near there.”

    But then we can’t repeat the fucktacular shittining of last season. Worst single post comments section ever.

  4. I’d like to see them have a ‘Rename the Skydome the Skydome’ night.

  5. Is Rich Thompson (pitcher) a Blue Jay now?

  6. why no beer bottle and duct tape?

  7. Yeah, but maybe it’s the reason why Arencibia HIMSELF thinks he won’t be getting traded.

  8. pretty funny

    brett lawrie

    third baseman


  9. I can’t wait to see how many secretaries this summer start bringing in their lunch to work in their reusable blue jays grocery bags!!

  10. JPA has already taken his douchey, i have a secret, attitude to facebook to talk about his bobble head.

    • sorrry to twitter, same shit

    • Are you sure you’re not just filtering your dislike of JP Arencibia through some sort of “Douchebag” Instagram filter?

      He said he was getting his own bobblehead and that he’s finally made it, dude’s allowed to be proud, not everyone gets a bobblehead.
      Then he made a joke to Joba Chamberlain and a joke about the trade rumours idiots send him on Twitter. What, you’re begrudging the guy for having a sense of humour about the fact that complete strangers are constantly harassing him about how he’s going to lose his job and have to move cities? If I got 500 @-mentions a day from morons saying I was losing my job because I suck at it, I’d handle it a lot worse

      • aaaaand if it bothered me I’d stay the fuck off Twitter.

        • “Yeah, I personally harass strangers all day on Twitter with direct mentions, but it’s really HIS fault for trying to interact with friends and fans in the first place! Maybe he shouldn’t enjoy communicating with people online so much, and I wouldn’t have to @ mention him constantly to tell him I want him to lose his job and leave town”

      • I dont like arencibia.

        sounds like you maybe wanna touch his penis though given how badly you are defending him

        being ‘traded’ is not losing his job

        and however way you want to justify it, saying things on twitter like ‘i wish I could say what i know’ is douchey and completely unprofessional.

        not just according to me, but also his boss.

        • sorry first line should say i dont NOT like arencibia, he’s whatever not that good at baseball, but no other reason not to like him

        • you’re right. i want to touch arencibia’s penis. that’s it. you nailed it. it’s because i’m GAY. GAY FOR PENIS. PENIS, GUYS. GET IT. “PENIS”. “GAY”. hah. classic.

          being asked about your job position and then saying that you can’t talk about it is a TOTAL DOUCHE MOVE, you’re absolutely right, maybe he should’ve just replied with “do you wanna touch my PENIS, HOMO?” that would’ve been way fucking funnier

          • I’ve never ever seen another player, talk about the fact that he wont be traded with out a no trade clause.


            so not sure wtf you are talking about..
            if he cant control himself and lets people bother him on twitter, maybe he shouldn’t have fuckin twitter


      • +1.

        I think it’s great that JPA gets his own bobblehead. Of course, having a bobblehead does not prevent the team from trading a player.

        I remember Scott Rolen being traded in 2009 after his bobblehead day.

        He’s having fun with the fans.

  11. All I have learned from the “promo” days is stay the fuck away from Jr. Jays Saturdays. It’s much more pleasant to watch the game from home than be harassed by a bunch of kids behind you, while their parents are all off drinking somewhere.

  12. I have just found out that my flex pack includes tickets to Brett Lawrie bobblehead day, Mr.Sub cooler bag day, and get this, both Top 40 Music Night and Country Music Night!

    Someone give me an auto-tuned YEE-HAW!

  13. Blue Jays reusable grocery bag??? Sick!!!

  14. I’m guessing the Lawrie bobblehead will be in the red Canada Day jersey (the tatts are gonna be a pain in the ass to shrink down to 2 inches worth of arm space), a nice majestic Encarnacion in mid-swing, and the Arencibia will be in catching gear. Honestly, any one of them would look pretty good on my desk, since my paltry bobblehead collection is just limited to John McDonald and Yunel Escobar.

    If only the box office lineups for those 3 bobblehead games won’t stretch halfway to fucking Mississauga. Go Go Gadget Fan Pass! (Sidenote, I heard that if you buy two Fan Passes this year, they’ll both be on the same card and you’ll have to show up together? Fuuuuuuuck.)

    Shocked they didn’t go all nostalgia-boner and have a 20th anniversary tribute for ’93 at some point this season. I guess they’ve pretty much milked that cow for all it’s worth, and hey, maybe we’re actually ready to start being forward-looking again! No more infinite Joe Carter circle-jerks!

    • They missed an opportunity by not having a Joe Carter statue unveiled for the 20th anniversary season.

      • That’s gotta be erected eventually. Maybe they’ll do it for the 25th. Along with a statue of Dickey throwing the last pitch of his no-no to win the WS.

      • I love Joe Carter…but I doubt he ever gets a statue. Statues are for franchise lifers/HoFers…of which he is neither.

    • If the Encarnacion bobblehead isn’t doing a T-Rex home run trot I’m going to be very dissapointed.

  15. Re: “If they’ve got a bobblehead night they can’t trade him”:

    Bobblehead day scheduled for May 25 2008
    Released April 20 2008

    • Last year with Hunter Pence too. Phillies had a mid season bobble head day for him a few weeks after he was traded to the Giants. Pence, Phillies and State Farm (the sponsor) all decided to go ahead with it since they were already made might as well give them to the fans who still appreciated his two years there,

    • is he holding rebar, like WTF?

  16. Methinks you missed a few words in the opening sentence Stoeten…

  17. how bout cheaper jerseys, jesus

  18. I’ll go there if nobody else will:

    From the official announcement: “July 1, the Blue Jays will celebrate this great country and honour the service of the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces.”

    I would humbly suggest that’s as vanilla a piece of wallpaper-masquerading-as-English you will find anywhere. It’s canned emotion, canned patriotism and canned ‘honouring’ done as a genuflection towards cultural norms, and in a cheap effort to wrap the team in the flag.

    Question for a moment the lazy association of ‘this great country’ with the need for people to have died violently in war. Men and women dying is not only the prerogative of great countries. In fact, you could make a guess that a lot more people have died – unwillingly, horrifyingly, but probably bravely – in the ’cause’ of some tyrant than in defence of democracy.

    If you want to honour servicemen and women, go and learn about the wars they fought in. Try and understand for a moment the fear and terror, say, of lying in a hole in the ground as shells land all around you, or comrades are killed and wounded in the most horrific of ways. Try and comprehend the level of the sacrifice they made, and the life-long damage it did to them – if they survived. Watch every episode (about 24 hours worth) of ‘The World at War’ on the Military Channel and then wonder how they can show the most militaristic crap immediately after Sir Laurence Olivier has just described the Holocaust. Wonder why it is that ex-soldiers tend to be a lot more reluctant to buy into this jingoistic crap than those too young or too stupid to have played any part.

    So … there’s that.

    • oh give it a rest tool box

    • +1
      Well said.

    • That the Jays do this probably has more to do with “This is what American teams do for the 4th of July, so therefore we should too” than any show of Canadian patriotism. It’s all very Americanized in how it’s presented.

    • +1

    • The Delgado Legodoll’s legs are permanently glued in the sitting position; unsure of what else they could do here, man.

    • Well done. I can’t stand how sports uses the military, and flags, to make money. It amazes me that the Stars and Stripes cap scam still works: MLB says 100% of the proceeds go to the veterans, when in reality maybe $3 ends up there and MLB keeps the marked-up profits. All while desecrating two flags to make money. This is the world we live in.

      Boy, when the Jays get back to the playoffs MLB is going to have a big mess on their hands when it comes to God Bless America.

    • absolutely correct. Both my grandfather and father were in WW1 and WW2 respectively and one had a bullet wound that scarred him for life for sure. He had many horrific stories.
      Spending your most athletic and formative years fighting or being maimed for the whims, in many cases, of the ultra powerful is a disgrace really but often left with no choice if surrounded by despots.
      Knowing what I know, I would never let my son be sent to Irag or Iran to get killed for the corporatae kleptocarcy in search of a phony bogeyman,
      Canada threatened-then that is a diferent story and we would have to pull together.
      Anyway, back to searching for another starting pitcher

      • Don’t be so quick to judge, Irag is really nice this time of year. It’s surprisingly guaint.

      • +1. My dad is a WW2 veteran. The stuff he had to endure was unbelievable fighting the Nazis.

        I am curious though about the increased military themes at Jays games.

        Is this relatively new? I did not attend any games on a regular basis prior to 2009, so did they do frequent military tributes during games before 2009?

  19. What happened to Dog Day Afternoon? Did Reed Johnson take it with him?

    • I loved dog day. We have two pugs & we loved the march of dogs around the stadium.

      A low point was when they booed Vernon Wells dog due to Wells poor performance.

      They should definitely bring back Dog Day. Buerhle should bring his dogs except the banned ones.

      • I think they dropped it after the Toronto Humane Society/OSPCA scandals, even though the dogs and cats still need the money. I agree they should bring it back.

        • I had a great time with my dog last time they had one. I was hoping they’d bring it back but alas it doesn’t look like it was meant to be.

          FWIW the Marlies are having a dog day game in April at the Ricoh

  20. Lawrie should be a Steve Austin-like action figure with removable parts, like a bouncing batting helmet, adjustable crotch, and a head that pops off when poked.

  21. enough with the maple! anything Canadian…..maple this, maple that, maple boners. its annoying as sin.

  22. I’m fine with such ‘Days of Honouring”. However, I often wonder why the anthems are needed before any sporting event.

  23. All this military stuff is getting psycho. Fuck chest-thumping with things that actually kill people.

  24. “But I’ll choose to exercise good judgement and decline to go anywhere near there.”
    Wise move.
    In difference to your good judgement, I too shall decline further comment at this time.
    Have a nice day.

  25. I’m still thinkin a free beer givie away would be great

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