Remember Jason Grilli? Remember there was a time late last week when we gave a shit where this 36-year-old right-handed reliever (albeit, one coming off a pair of fantastic seasons) actually ended up?

Yeah, about that…

It’s nothing to lose sleep over, though I maintain that the Jays could certainly still use some more depth in the bullpen to make up for the losses of Jason Frasor, Brandon Lyon, and potentially Darren Oliver– the idea that there’s no room because guys like Jeffress, Rogers, Lincoln, Loup or Delabar couldn’t possibly be optioned, or exposed to waivers if they’re out of options, is pretty damn fanciful one.

More importantly, what the Grilli rumours portend is that there may actually be a little bit more cash in the Jays’ reserves for them to go out and make an acquisition that helps them. I’ve seen various media types insisting that’s not the case, but they make about as compelling a case as JP Arencibia does when he obstinately insists he knows he’s not going anywhere.

And then we have this nugget:

We were being told late last week that Grilli was down to the Pirates, Jays and Cubs, and if we believe that, and we believe that there were bigger offers– plural– turned down, we might reasonably conclude that the Jays do still have some money to push other clubs around with.

That probably requires as big a leap as believing the other stuff, but no less. Not in my view, at least.

So… there’s that.

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  1. *crickets*

  2. Boo-urns!

  3. Well, time for Alex to take this thing down to the rivets and rebuild.

  4. Oh well. Grilli was terrible before 2011 and relievers are very volatile. Who knows how good he will be in 2013. Id rather see the jays putting that little bit of money left towards resigning villanueva.

    • why would you pay the guy to start when he cant break your top 5? and can”t last an entire season?

    • I think the Reds got through the whole season with only 6 starting pitchers all season. The Blue Jays needed 12 different SPs to finish the season

  5. I’ll remember this betrayal when Canada plays Italy in the first game of the WBC.

    Grilli’s the only confirmed guy on the Italian roster so far, alongside Alex “Seattle Stills Lets Me Play Semi-Regularly Despite My .631 OPS” Liddi

  6. Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over.

  7. Meh… Nice bullpen piece but not like he’s a rare player. Lots of choices out there

  8. No surprise there, the Grillmaster wanted to stay in Pit all along, unless a deal blew him away. He can marinate himself in the Pirates’ pen all he wants – his game is all sizzle and no steak.

  9. why dont they just resign lyon?

  10. Why not resign Frasor?

  11. The rumours suggest that the Jays think they need another reliever still, even if Darren Oliver comes back.

    Should be easy enough just to bring Frasor or Lyon back.

  12. So much mediocre news today!

  13. I think the headline could read: “Jays still have a little money to spend.” That is the most significant info here. So, good news!

    He likely picked the Pirates so he could be a closer, which was less likely in TO.

    But how much more money do the Jays have? What should AA do if he only has, say $7 m more to spend this year?

    I still vote CV if he can convince him.

  14. All I have to say is Suck it Farrell

  15. You’s guys just need two calm douwn. Their are lawts of releavers availible still. I no that AA should of singed sumwon at the wintor meatings but it reely is know reesun two panick. Lots of guys with 20-21WAR and xfip and Rflip oat their.

    • I grant you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    • Dude come on…. Spelling for the love of god your on a computer. The red squiggly line means you fucked up…. I… I I just…. I mean jesus lol

  16. There are a lot of Grilli-like guys out there, and some of them will be available much more cheaply after January 1st. One of them might be CV, whom I’d much rather have.

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