Hentgen always had a keen eye for young talent. And recycled jokes.

According to an official release from the club, the Jays have named former Cy Young winner Pat Hentgen as their bullpen coach for 2013. Hentgen returns to the role that he held in 2011, which he left after one season, citing “family reasons,” as I explained in a post 13 months ago, calling it “yet another blow to Jays fans who, for some reason, give a shit.”

“I mean, obviously nothing against Hentgen,” I said at the time, “but I can’t imagine how anyone could feel the slightest bit wistful about not seeing him stride out to the bullpen after batting practice to go have a nice four hour sit on a folding chair in the bullpen. We haven’t the first fucking clue what Hentgen brought to the role– which isn’t to imply he was bad at it or anything, it’s just, I don’t know how you could react to his departure with anything but a shrug of the shoulders.”

I kinda feel the same way about the move today. Like, it’s cool that Hentgen will be there, I guess– I’m sure he has some kind of experience to offer, but fuck if I know what it is.

Though, to continue ripping myself off, I added this last year about Pete Walker– who has now, indeed, moved up to pitching coach– much of which applies to Hentgen now, I think:

And Walker’s arrival? Actually, I think it’s a pretty good thing. He was the pitching coach for New Hampshire this summer, and was the Jays’ pitching coach for rehabilitating players the two years prior to that.

The fact that Bruce Walton moved from bullpen coach to pitching coach when Brad Arnsberg left tells us that the position is hardly an afterthought, and Walker’s rise through the organization’s coaching ranks and the fact that he was entrusted with some of their most important young arms augers well.

Obviously the fact that Hentgen has remained in the organization suggests that they view him highly– he even filled in as bullpen coach back in May, when Pete Walker had to leave the club due to a family medical situation, and following Hentgen’s visit to Lansing, where he came back raving about the trio of fantastic pitchers the Jays have there.

I can’t find the source, but I recall reading– or perhaps hearing on the radio– someone who said Hentgen was reluctant to take the job, because he would much prefer to work with starters, and felt it was more his area of expertise [Update: Reader @EthanDR has the link, from North of the Border]. I get that, so… sure, maybe it’s a coup for the Jays to have managed to get him out on the road with them once again. *shrugs*

Shi Davidi, it should be noted, reported this at Sportsnet last week, suggesting that it was a done deal, “barring an unforeseen obstacle.”

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  1. Yeah, who knows what he really does.

    But, I liked him as a player, I think he’s awesome in interviews, and it sounds like the org thinks he’s a great guy – so … good, I guess.

    • Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

      • he reminds these pampered pussycats that if he could win the Cy Young with his stuff, they have no excuses and need to man the fuck up. It’s called legitimacy demands accountability.

  2. Hentgen’s comments about not being sure if he were on Blair’s show…

  3. Things are coming together nicely. I wonder how many GM’s are trying to get calls answered from Dayton Moore right now.

  4. Mistake in sentence one – bullpen coach, not pitching coach..

  5. Not that it matters, but i remember Mccowan on prime time literally beg Hentgen to come back as coach not too long ago and he refused, i think it was after they hired Gibbons

    • I heard that interview too and he FAR from refused, in fact, he couldn’t stop saying how much he loooooved John Gibbons. To me, it sounded like he was campaigning for the job in the media, which seemed a bit déclassé.

      • Yep, Bob asked, ‘What would you do if Gibby called you up?’
        Pat kind of hesitated and laughed, making it seem like it would be a tough decision at the very least

      • Huh, i probably remember it wrong then. But i do remember he was very supportive of Gibbons.

      • Yeah, I took away from that interview that he probably wouldn’t say no to Gibbons under any reasonable circumstances.

  6. It looks like he’s about to beat the crap out of flea-flicker boy.

    • by flea-flicker boy would you happen to mean Jon Olerud, one of the greater Blue Jays of all time?

  7. dude has a bluejays tatoo on his ass – whats there not to love?

  8. As has been pointed out, Hentgen will be bullpen coach not pitching coach. Unless Gibbons is taking a leaf out of Farrett’s book and going with 2 coaches in one position.

    (By the way, wouldn’t you love to be Farrett’s pitching coach with the Sux? With The Big Chin right behind you checking out your every move and probably countermanding a ton of stuff. After all, he knows what’s wrong with Lester and Bard. And he knows how to fix it.)

    • The dimple on his chin, is the devil within.

    • That nickname is real tired, you have Farrell issues that need sorting.

      • You’re right. I do. And having dinged Stoeten for ‘so there’s that’ I will refrain from calling FuckFace ‘Farrett’ again.

    • The only thing worse than “Farrett” is “the Sux”

      • No.. I’m keeping the Sux. It’s so easy to write and I can’t keep calling them Massholes, it’s boring.

      • Yeah, the ‘Sux’ goes without saying. It can safely be retired.

      • Frankly all of the stupid “insult” nicknames annoy the bejeesus out of me. Calling Farrell “Farrett” or the Sox the Sux doesn’t do anything except make you sound like a 10 year old.

        • But how about that trade between the KC Boils and the Tampa Bay Deviled Eggs, amirite?

        • I’ll accept I’ve overused it and move on. But, frankly, I don’t need a scolding from mommy on this or any other issue.

          • Think of it more as an intervention.

          • It seems like you have numerous mommies scolding you here though. So, apparently isabellareyes has Farrell issues, Stoeten issues, AND mommy issues. Jesus.

          • Red Pox.

          • @ Maggie25

            You seem to to have judgement issues.
            Did you need to learn how to be a condescending,bullying cunt with control problems or does it just come naturally?
            So you find referring to Farrell as Farrett as childish?
            You’re the one who needs to grow up, if thats the thing that bothers you.Nit pick much?Get over it and pick a better battle.
            He signs a 3 year contract.Asks to traded to Boston after 1 year.Then does it again after year two.Claims the Boston job is his dream job and thanks the Jays for the learning experience with a lot of firsts obtained while managing Toronto.
            That doesn’t sound like a weasel-like farrett?
            You’re right, lets be more mature and refer to Farrell for what he was. a lying, two faced,hidden agenda,self serving,mother fucking cocksucking weasel.
            That does sound better.

        • +!

          • wtf
            “Frankly all of the stupid “insult” nicknames annoy the bejeesus out of me. Calling Farrell “Farrett” or the Sox the Sux doesn’t do anything except make you sound like a 10 year old.”

        • + all the plusses

  9. The first sentence and the title of the post are misleading. Is he pitching coach or bullpen coach?

  10. Just my personal opinion but I don’t like Hentgen as the bullpen coach. In his last go round the pen was atrocious. I didn’t think the approach of most pitchers coming out of the pen was very good at all, especially Dotel who only threw fastballs, and as we all remember was terrible. Since leaving Toronto, he has been really solid for both St. Louis and Detroit. I recall at the time, Walton saying in an interview that it is the bullpen coach who predominantly deals with, and instructs, pitchers in the pen because the main pitching coach only has time to deal with starters. So I think, the bullpen coach very much plays a large role in terms of instruction and approach. Hopefully it’s a better result this time around with Hentgen in that role.

    • The bullpen coach wasn’t the problem. Farrell’s approach to using his bullpen was the problem. This was true of Dotel in particular by bringing him in to face the wrong batters.

      • That was one part of it, but I also think the approach of some of the pitchers coming out of the pen could have been better. However, I believe it has been noted that Farrell always had his nose in everything which may very well have led to some mixed messages and confusion on the pitchers part.

  11. To me, the best part of the Hentgen hiring is that there’s some legitimate evidence that he’s as “intense”/”insane” as Gibbons/Lawrie, and therefore increases the odds of additional entertainment over the course of the season.

  12. The purpose of the bullpen coach is to have someone stationed in the outfield to provide refreshments to the guy in the white shirt.

  13. Pat Hentgen has become a Blue Jays institution, so nice to see him back on the field, though I’m a bit puzzled here.

    I’m always a bit skeptical of rehiring people for jobs that they previously bailed on. But maybe Hentgen’s leaving after the 2011 season was really all about family and not the job.

    It does seem to me that this new coaching staff has the pitching roles a bit backwards. Based on their experience as players, I’d have thought it made more sense for Hentgen to work with the starters and Pete Walker with the relievers. But if they’re both game, it need not be so.

    One question I have is who is the new catching coach? Seems like Gibby is the only guy on staff with experience. If so, does it make sense for the manager to have to devote his precious time to this?

    I kind of thought the Jays would hire an old catcher as Bullpen coach who could take on the catcher training role. That seemed to work well for the Jays for many years when former catcher John Sullivan was the Bullpen coach. As an extension of their pitcher-hand-holding role in games, former catchers are well positioned for getting relievers ready mentally to get into a game.

  14. someone had mentioned about “the guy in white shirt” im wondering if Farrell also brought him to Boston

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