Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks to John Buck about Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio, who the returning catcher– and Elliott, for that matter– believes will be fan favourites here once we all get a taste of what they bring to the ballpark. (Delicious hamburgers?)

Well, that’s odd: the Jays tweeted out a picture of Brett Lawrie visiting the Langley, BC, Boys and Girls, and… uh… the kids all seem to be really big Colby Rasmus fans.

Mop Up Duty dips into the ESPN Stats and Info gold in order to scout Maicer Izturis, ultimately arguing that they’d “like to see the Jays go into a match-up type platoon at 2B with Izturis and Bonifacio–Giving Maicer the start when the Jays send a GB pitcher to the mound, and Emilio the nod when playing against a favourable SB catcher or pitcher match-up.” Interesting stuff.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels looks at the top 20 Houston Astros prospects, which includes exactly one of many sent their way in the J.A. Happ deal– Asher “Don’t call me Adrian Wojnarowski” Wojciechowski, all the way down in 13th (though he wonders if his fine end to the season in Double-A may presage a breakout). Joe Musgrove and Carlos Perez don’t make the cut, but show up as C+ prospects outside the top 20, while Kevin Comer is a tier below that, even.

Jon Heyman writes for CBS Sports that the Mets and RA Dickey are only $6-million apart, though there’s supposedly still the chance the club finds a desperate taker (my words) who pays through the face-hole to get him. I’d wager he stays.

More rumouring, as MLBTR is keeping on top of the big trade between the Reds and the Clevelands that seems imminent– and may setup more dealing to follow.

Sticking with MLBTR, apparently Jim Thome is open to playing again in 2013. I’m not sure he’s better than Adam Lind, but… he’s so better than Adam Lind.

Jeff Sullivan wrote about new Jays signing Luis Jimenez back in September at Lookout Landing, as the 30-year-old made his big league debut.

Daniel George of Jays Journal writes a bunch of sentences about Jason Grilli that I don’t really agree with, and one that I do: “the most logical reason [for spurning the Jays' bigger offer] would be loyalty, as the Pirates gave Grilli a chance by signing him in the middle of the 2011 season.”

At FanGraphs, Bradley Woodrum argues that the Rays’ offence hasn’t been nearly as bad as believed, while Dave Cameron tackles the myth of R.A. Dickey having only had one great year.

Jonah Keri talks about this weeks big deal as well, in his latest for Grantland.

At Getting Blanked, Scott mourns the defection of Andruw Jones to Japan with a couple of memorable GIFs.

Ross Carey of Replacement Level Podcast has a nifty Q&A with Tom Tango, for those of you who are sabermetrically inclined.

Lastly, Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus nails it on the subject of the Rays-Royals deal.

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  1. I’m kinda starving here in the too good to be true rumour department. Fix a guy up would ya.

  2. Somebody needs to explain OBP to those kids.

  3. That tweeted picture is iron-clad proof that Rasmus is getting traded.

  4. So apparently the Mets weren’t offering 2/20 to Dickey at the Winter Meetings and only NOW, when such an amount is laughably low, they offer it and are the $6 million short we always thought they were.

    The Mets would likely be best served by accepting Dickey’s offer of a below market extension.

    And yet the fact that it still hasn’t happened is quite telling.

    • telling? of what?

      What the Mets think of Dickey’s chances of continuing his success?

      Or is it telling of the Mets cheapness? Or is it just a sign that the Mets are playing the market with one of their biggest assets. I think the last option is most likely, although they are probably also quite cheap.

  5. Mets are 2000 -2012 rogers cheap then christ

    • The Mets are even cheaper than that. Their owners invested with Bernie Madoff and are now facing lawsuits. They need to sell Dickey for cash and then unload some more salary. Various forms of political correctness and self-interest discourage extensive media comment on the situation.

  6. Thoughts on Rick Porcello if he’s available?

  7. $6 million apart is kind of a lot when the total deal will be in the $25-$30 million range.

  8. Yankees sign youkilis. Hes better than the other bench players they were going after. He is a perfect fit on that team with his plate approach and douchebag style.

    • I guess the stache is gone…. it going to be a fun season

      • The Yankees are so fucking old. How many players do they have under 30? Let’s hope this gives them the injury bug. Although I guess Youk would be on the younger side of their old guys, but he will still be 34 for the entire 2013 season.

      • Stache is allowed, just have to have their hair trimmed in the back and no facial hair under their lips.

  9. “the myth of R.A. Dickey having only had one great year.”

    How in the hell this myth ever got started is beyond me, yet I hear it over and over again.

    • And I know 2012 was sort of his year in the spotlight, although he got a lot of publicity before hand. Regardless, bothering to look at his stats for two seconds should destroy the one year wonder perception. And some will say “well he is a three year wonder” but Jose Bautista would be as well.

  10. Lind isn’t going anywhere unfortunately so we need to speculate more about a RH platoon partner for Lind and less about replacing him with the likes of Thome.

    • I agree. Sadly. But I’m not unhappy to pass on Thome. He is a great hitter but too Frank Thomas-ish for my liking.

    • I know he strikes out a lot but I wonder if Delmon Young would be a possible dh platoon.

    • Some combination of Moises Sierra, Rajai Davis and Emilio Bonifacio would work just fine.

      • Extreme small sample size – but Sierra raked against lefties last year. Rajai definitely fared better against lefties, and boneface wasn’t great against lefties – but still had a high enough on-base that he would be able to use his speed effectively.

        The bench options that this team will have are so much better suited than last season its incredible.

  11. And the Indians collect the Stubb-anator!!! For a guy that has had so much hype, he sure has done fuck all.

  12. Wait.. Is it just me or did Arizona get nothing? I don’t understand.

  13. Not sure if this is of interest but that Mexican singer who died in a plane crash yesterday was Esteban Loaiza’s wife. They were seperated according to CNN.

  14. Oh Wait!, was I just traded for a bag of useless failed prospects??

  15. It’s nice to see some NL teams actually going for it. Most of the time, the NL West and Central just put together these .500 type teams and hope it works out and get something to beef up at the deadline.

    It’s nice to that there is some talent flow back to the NL instead of usually to the AL.

  16. Just looking through the CNN sports pages, and came across this article by Cliff Corcoran – who says Edwin Jackson is still the best fit for the Jays…along with Marcum saying he’d like to come back to TO. Nothing new, really – just sayin’..

    • Jackson or Marcum aren’t coming here unless it’s an absolute bargain. AA would probably rather put that money towards extending Johnson, plus Buehrle is going to get quite a bit more expensive for the rest of his contract. I would be quite suprised if they added yet another rather large contract to the team.

      • Why couldn’t AA simply save allocate the supposed money he’d spend on a Dickey extension towards Jackson?

        People have no idea what the payroll paramaters are. No point speculating on what the ceiling may be.

        • Theirs atleast another 3M which Grilli turned down… could be the Olivers money though… But everything payroll related is all guess work

        • what do you think the odds are the Jays expand their payroll significantly? I think it is fair to speculate that they still have to manage their spending carefully. Also Dickey wants to extend for 2 years 26 million, and has been an elite pitcher. Jackson would probably sign for 40-50 million over 4/5 years and is an average pitcher.

          • I don’t expect the Jays to sign another starting pitcher until late Jan or February. Jackson signed for the nationals on a 1yr, ~$10 mill deal on Feb 2nd last year, because he couldn’t find a long-term deal. That would be perfect for the Jays, even if you add on a couple of mill, even if it may be stretching the budget a little.

            Admittedly there are better places to build value than in the AL East and a homer-happy stadium, but on the other hand we do offer the prospect of winning.

            Alternatively, AA may trade for a 5th starter to compete with Happ (as opposed to a FA, who would likely want a guarantee) and otherwise head to the pen or Buffalo. That’s more likely to happen nearer the start of ST, once other teams have filled out their rotations and are more confident that they have surplus.

    • I stopped reading Cliffy Cliff Cliff after he took the Jays win total from last year, added/subtracted the WAR’s of the players in the deal, and concluded that the deal wouldn’t amount to much for the Jays. That being said, EJ would look great as a #4, pushing Romero to #5 and JAH to long man duties.

  17. So what’s the deal with that fucken 3 way deal? Who won, who lost and I guess all I fucken care about is, does it affect my Jays? By the way, what’s going on with Napoli and those fuckers from Boston? Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the deal may have fallen through. Anyone have a scoop on this?

  18. Texas seems to be getting fucked this offseason. They lost out on Greinke, they are not going to get Upton, it looks like Napoli is gone and they’ve ignored Hamilton all offseason that he may say enough of this shit and sign with Seattle. This is all good. Meanwhile, every team in the AL East has gotten worse while the Jays are vastly improved. If the season started today, is there a team better than the Jays? I would like some input

    • According to BoDog as of today only Detroit has better odds in the AL to win the world series

      • i still think Detroit doesnt have enough playoff veteran presence to pull it off…they seemed lost and confused what series they were playing in the Ship

        • I think Prince Fielder was a gazillion dollar mistake.

          • @Carl

            We’ll have to see. He did put up a wOBA of .398 in his first year in the AL, and was worth $22.1M- a shade under his AAV value. Jury is still out on that contract.

          • @Indestructible
            Hey he’s bombed out – and not in a good way – in enough playoff series to make me a non believer…AA was right not to pursue him

  19. Perhaps a failed physical or something the Red Sox don’t like and will try to renegotiate over would be my guess.

  20. Alright you dolts watch this shit and lets talk shop.

  21. STOETEN WINS IMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hey buddy lets say we all go out for some chink food.

  23. Jays should have offered McCoy for Bauer. Probably would have worked seeing the pile of shit Towers liked in the return.

    • Interesting times, strategy wise.Some teams dumping salary, some adding to over 200 mil,7,9,12 player trades,3 way trades,top prospects thrown around.
      Still over 3 months till opening day.
      Speculation that the Jays may break the team record for stolen bases next year and yet will have decent power in the line up.

      • it really depends on playing time..
        If bonafacio, davis, gose all get 300+ PA, then maybe. otherwise no way they get close to the 76′ A’s.

        • Sry I meant the Jays team record of 193.
          My bad.

          • oh gotcha..

            I think the jays will have a good blend of speed and power.

            Bonafacio, Davis and Reyes should all have 40 SB, Lawrie, Izturis, should have 20ish .

            EE and Jbau should have 35 HRs, Lind, Lawrie,Cabrera, JPA, Rasmus, should have 20.

          • Nope. It was clear. dc has shown himself to be no smarter than that monkey that couldn’t even get out of Ikea.

          • Radar,
            I was thinking about that last night.
            it wouldn’t be completely impossible. If everyone stayed healthy and had a great season, for the jays to hit 200 bombs and steal 200 bases.

          • tonyrage.

            ‘the jays can break THE team record, indicating all team records. not THEIR team record.

            get over yourself you hack, grow an opinion or stfu

  24. Must be the 12/12/12 thing that brings them out.

  25. So Napoli isn’t a sox?

  26. For what it’s worth, Cliff Corcoran at SI says Blue Jays are the best fit for E Jax.

    • It makes a huge amount of sense for the Jays, at least on a short-term deal.

    • Although that article makes it sound like the Angels are the most likely. Who’d you choose to play for on a one year deal? Angels or Jays? I’d pick the Angels, with a team built to win (call it evens), likely a higher spot in the rotation, cavernous ballpark with great outfield defence, (maybe) lower taxes, nice location (TO’s great, but Cali is likely to be more appealing to most players), and more media attention to boost profile. Better spot to build value by far, sadly.

      • I think he’s looking for a payday. He’s bounced around, took a 1 year deal last year. Presumably he goes to the highest bidder. Probably won’t be the Jays, but I’d be very happy if it was.

      • I agree for the most part.

        likely a higher spot in the rotation

        This one left me a little confused. Where you are in the rotation generally has no bearing on anything except for talent level. Jackson is a solid #4 pitcher on most teams, and would be on the Jays until/unless Romero shows he’s better than what we saw last season.

        • Yeah, perhaps that is a stretch. Although I think there’s an element of ego to it. I’d rather be seen as the #3 guy on the staff to the #4-5 guy.

          • Re: Ego- it could be. I personally believe that the numbers you put up far outweigh the spot in the rotation you have, but pitchers probably think differently.

            Now I actually think he’d be a better fit on the Angels than the Jays, seeing as the Angels have turned their rotation over drastically for the worse, while the Jays have vastly improved theirs.

            It’s funny to think that if they didn’t take on Vernon Wells’ contract, they probably would have resigned Greinke.

          • outside of the first week, the spot in the rotation is pretty meaningless.

          • Maybe not meaningless to someone’s market value though — maybe being branded a # 5 starter vs. a #3 matters to a pitcher thinking about future contracts??? Anyway, I’d be stunned if AA shells out for Jackson. He’s a Boras client, no? He won’t come cheap.

          • Indestructible..

            I agree.. at this point, the Angels are far more desperate than the jays to land jackson.

            I think this will lead to an overpay.

          • @Mondesi

            Nah, Jackson dropped Boras a while ago.

  27. Apparently Napoli might have some major leg issues. The Sox are ‘still in contact’ with Nick Swisher’s agent among others.

  28. Red Sox in serious talks with Ryan Dempster apparently they didnt watch him in Texas for the 2nd half of last year or all of 2011.

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