Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

The Jays aren’t mentioned specifically, but apparently every AL East team has checked in on R.A. Dickey, and at least one club (AL East or otherwise) has offered the Mets an elite prospect for him– though no one has yet met the asking price for a pitcher who the Mets supposedly “have some concerns about … both on and off of the field.” MLBTR is following it all.

Terrible isn’t quite the right word– he was worth 1.2 wins per FanGraphs (though just 0.3 by BR)– but Ryan Dempster wasn’t very good when he went to Texas last year, and while I have no reason to feel that confident that he’ll continue to be that bad, the idea of him potentially going to Boston– as Ken Rosenthal tweets is a possibility (then follows-up with a post at Fox Sports)– is kinda Shane Victorino hilarious, no?

Of course, the Red Sox may also be down a player this afternoon, as there are health concerns on Mike Napoli, whose deal is taking an oddly long time to become official. Drew breaks down the hysteria over at Getting Blanked, including the latest on Napoli’s medicals.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis points us to the awesomeness that is Baseball Card Vandals, while Parkes takes on some poorly formed thoughts about the Hall of Fame ballot from a Montreal hockey columnist, who is one of these people who has invented a separate “first ballot” tier in his own mind.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks to Pat Hentgen, the Jays’ returning bullpen coach, who took a year off in 2012 to spend more time with his family– though, it turns out, they liked it when he was coaching, and “his family’s blessing combined with the rehiring of Gibbons as manager settled things, as the two bonded during Hentgen’s final season on the mound in 2004, when Gibbons was the club’s first base coach.”

Fresh off last Thursday’s Google+ Hangout appearance with us, Jonah Keri hops onto a podcast with some guy named Bill Simmons. And at Grantland, he tries to figure out the logic that allowed Cleveland to turn one year of Shin-Soo Choo (and some spare parts) into Trevor Bauer and Drew Stubbs.

Brett Lawrie talks to the Toronto Sun (QMI, whatever), saying the Jays are on “a quest for the World Series,” and that he’s looking forward to playing for Canada at the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

Jays Prospects talks to Nose Snygen, as well as Lansing pitching coach Vince Horsman, about his 2012 and where he is moving forward.

At Bluebird Banter, Shermanator91 takes a look at some possibilities for the 25th spot on the Jays roster, while Damaso’s Burnt Shirt polls reaction to John Sickels’ top 20 Astros prospects, which only includes one player acquired in the JA Happ trade.

Lastly, Eno Sarris of FanGraphs breaks down the Yankees’ acquisition of another big ol’ slice of old: Kevin Youkilis.

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  1. I don’t know what I’m enjoying more, from an observer’s perspective; the Jays’ offseason thus far, or the Red Sox. Both fill me with merriment, but for opposing reasons.

  2. I tweeted this yesterday, Andy Martino of the NY Daily news was on MLB Network Radio and he said the Jays/Mets talks only went to a “simmer”, and that the Mets could have JPA right now for Dickey but they don’t think that’s enough. Martino said the Mets want d’Arnaud and probably that hasn’t been offered at all because if so he said a deal would likely be done

    • I am not surprised the Mets dont think JPA straight across is enough.

      Would love to see JPA packaged for Dickey.

      Dont know what the other piece would have to be to get it done however.


      • JPA is not enough. no way.

        maybe 2 years ago. before he played his first full season.

        but now he has less control and has done a good job of lowering his value

      • Not even close, from what everyone’s saying.

      • How many more years do we have control of JPA and what will ultimately pay him over that time?We have him for 5 more years right? And will probably pay what? ~14M total? AND we can drop him with no real penalty any time that it stops working out?

        If he were a free agent what would you have to pay to lock him up for 5 years? I’m thinking around 30M – and you’d be stuck with that deal – no releasing him without still having to pay that.

        If my made up numbers are correct, then he is worth 16M or so. Not even factoring in that the costs are back-loaded and that these are arbitration years – when you can let him walk.

        Would you pay 5M to Dickey plus give up an asset maybe worth 16M? Maybe we should – but I wouldn’t do any more than that. Beyond that you might as well just target a free agent.

      • I think arencibia and nolin miight be enough. Doubt it though.

  3. Cherington’s going to turn the Redsox into the Astro’s by the time he gets fired

  4. Wait, speaking of Kevin Eucalyptus , what’s the yankee policy for facial hair nowadays?

  5. We are both fine and well and will be making our way back the US to tell our harrowing story.

  6. What would be the prospect equivalent of JPA? As in, how good of a prospect could he land straight up?

    He was once a top 50 prospect in baseball, though people were not as concerned about his K/BB as maybe they should have been. But he’s a major league player now, while many prospects don’t amount to a whole lot

    I’m thinking JPA could be flipped for a top 50 prospect but not much higher than that.

    • why trade JPA for a prospect? He will be useful in 2013, and if he is to be used as a trade chip, it should be for a major leaguer.

      • I meant it more to determine the value he has in trade for someone like Dickey.

        Because based on all the rumors, JPA sound like the only major leaguer possibly in play.

        Everything else is prospects like Olt, though that sounds like a lot for Dickey, imo.

    • This is no science.. but based on recent trades I would say Paxton would probably be something fair 1 for 1.

  7. Seems like a pattern to the Red Sox moves if they sign Dempster.

    Things can change, but definitely looks like they’re going for middle rung free agents.

    Maybe they know they need to rebuild, but feel like they can’t just tear it all down and go with kids in that market, so they’re signing these older, short commitment guys to appease the fanbase.

    Either way, I’m good with it!

    • And yet they are signing them to multi year deals, not 6+ yr deals but definitely more then 1. So if next yr or the yr after they want to sign or trade for a premium CF or 1B they are either blocked by Napoli or Victorino or they have to go and trade them first in order to make the team better so why are they even signing them in the first place?

      • The funny thing to is their already at 100M this year and 94M payroll for 2014 if you include Lesters option. They still have to sign ellsbury too…. They are really building the most expensive 81 win team ever

      • A shitty but big-market team that signs vets slightly above market short-term can turn around and add cash to send a desperate contender a decent player for some prospects.

  8. “The Mets have some concerns about the knuckleballer both on and off of the field.”

    The Mets need to stop embarrassing themselves. Are the off field issues that Dickey likes to spend too much time at mueseums on the road?

  9. Who won the CHOO trade??

  10. Can we all take a moment to celebrate the fact we’re not Diamondbacks fans?

  11. With Napoli, Victorino, and Dempster, the Sox would have 3 recent All Stars at the bargain price of $110-115M for the next 3 years. I can’t believe the Jays were outbid for their services…

    Here’s betting none of these guys ever make it back to the ASG.

    AL East 2013

    1. Jays
    2. Yankees
    3. Rays
    4. Orioles
    5. Sox

    • victorino and dempster sure

      but hard to talk ish about napoli, dude is pretty legit.

      • As a catcher I totally agree. Not so high on him as a 1B, though…with leg issues, to boot.

        • Napoli seems like a terrible option at 1b to me. Maybe if he were to have success anyhwhere at 1b it would be at fenway.

        • Hip, and yeah, his 2011 really jumps out when you look at the numbers. Everything else seems to be in line with excellent C / good 1B/DH numbers.

          • Stoeten

            Any word on whether the hip issues may affect the contract? Is it conceivable that the Sox could get a better price due to the additional risks of these hip issues?

      • How legit can he be with the signing not yet finalized? WHy the hold-up? Oh and he can’t field any position well

  12. I just have this feeling Rasmus could break out any time now. The Jays outfield is a quite a bit weaker in 2013 without him. For this reason I would rather put Gose in as at the centre piece of the deal, although we all know giving up Gose vs. Rasmus has been a heavily debated topic.

    • I have to agree with you about Rasmus. I thought he was on his way to a 30 hr, 90 RBI season in July…I wonder if Motorola can squeeze some consistency out of him.

    • I’m with you on shipping out Gose and not Rasmus.

      One guy is only known for speed and defense, can’t hit, and strikes out a ton. The other guy, although streaky to begin his MLB career, was ranked as the #3 prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America just three years ago. Take your pick.

  13. If Dempster signs in Boston, that would most likely take them out of the Dickey equation as well.

    I could still see a mystery team pop up and make a play for him – Milwaukee or Baltimore or maybe even Seattle

    Lots of teams have taken the approach of loading up on extra pitchers it seems, then dangling one of the others in a packaged trade

    Nevertheless, I’m not liking the options for the Mets right now – unless Texas caves, they are running out of teams that are desperate for top-flight pitching

    • Stoeten believes that by far the most likely situation is that he ends up staying with the Mets. I am not so sure I agree, given that the Mets are making it an ugly situation. Dickey will refuse their shitty extension offer in which case I doubt the Mets hang on to him for a single year without getting a piece in return. Unless the Mets meet his 2 year 26 million request I think his days are probably done in New York. It doesn’t make sense for the Mets to keep him around and maybe ship him at the deadline for less.

      Texas could very well overpay out of desperation, but I hope AA has some kind of opportunity to put in a fairly aggressive but reasonable offer. I still think he has the pieces to get it done without hurting the team’s future or their 2013.

      • Yea I cant see him re-signing with the Mets at this point – Mets will hold onto him as long as possible to get the best deal – they can also pray that some team has a big setback, like an injury pre-spring training or even during spring training, prior to dealing him, to maximize the return but right now they won’t get much more than what teams are offering

        The waiting game is a double edged sword for them, with each offer they refuse, they could get a better one, but at the same time, Dickey will continue to grow disparaged

  14. Has anyone noticed that bettman looks like the count from sesame street?

    1 billion! ha ha ha
    2 billion! ha ha ha

  15. The more I think about it,the more I’d rather the jays keep JPA and Gose and not trade them, at least until July. Even for Dickey.

    • I wonder what would be available in trade in July? Possibly Dickey, and other top (and more expensive) pitchers. While I think we know what we’re going to get from JPA, I’d love to see what Gose can do in Buffalo for a few months before making any deals. With the thinning trade market for Dickey, his relatively cheap salary (and extension forecast), would you trade Gose and a top 10-15 prospect for Dickey today?

    • Don’t give up now RADAR, lets keep Gose thought and give a package of a different prospect for the next staring pitcher

      • Jpa plus Sierra for smmardjzia?

        • Can we get Rzepchzinzckkiii back and have him and Smmaaridjajajaja ptich back to back and then watch Buck Martinez drink himself to death while trying to pronounce their names?

        • I think that Samardzija will end up being a very good starter one day (better than Happ). Because he’s young, cheap, and is a flamethrower, I doubt Theo lets him go unless its an overpay. Maybe he could moonlight for the Argos?

          • as a ND fan, I can say he was legit. good to see baseball work out for him though.

            would love to see him in a jays uni, but yes, very unlikely.

    • i agree..

      we still have some questions marks, but some talent that could rebound/rise up.

      Holes will open up of the course of the year and others will open. I think starting the year with jpa gets TDA some reps in AAA, and allows you to use him in a trade mid season for something.

      Realistically, if Ricky had a 2010 season last year, would people be screaming for another starter? prob not, so hopefully he rebounds, happ I think will be decent and the rotation might be fine, then you can use JPA+ to go do something else.

      • I think even if Romero was coming off a season in good form another pitcher would be needed. There has to be at least one guy outside of the starting rotation that can be relied upon to start, and the only major leaguer the Jays have that could do that is probably Cecil. AA is probably waiting for everything to fall into place before he makes his move. If nothing comes up by the end of the off season he might just sign a AAAA guy or two.

  16. kinda new on all this …

    but why aren’t the Jays giving either/both Jair Jurrjens and Peter Moylan a look? Yeah, they were beat up over injuries last season, they’d need a good medical check-up and all, but they can’t be that expensive and it would give some options for a 5th starter and a guy in the bullpen.
    Both were decent before the injuries and Moylan looked okay last Spetember … though only over a few games.
    Any thoughts?

  17. Any chance Lincoln gets a shot at starting?

  18. Kevin Goldstein was on the Effectively Wild podcast today and it was so good to listen to him again. Up and In podcast was superb and I still miss it.

    Golstein spent most of the podcast describing the differences between being a very well connected internet guy and now working in the Astros front office. He said that the Astros and many other teams have completely different set of stats to grade players than Baseball Prospectus or Fangraghs would have.

    It was an eye opener for me. I would love to see AA sit down and do an interview in which he talks about the process of evaluating talent

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