Not for the first time this winter, it would seem as though Dave O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution senses something potentially brewing between the Jays and Braves:

During the Winter Meetings O’Brien had said that he was hearing that Bonifacio was available, and that the Braves– and especially manager Fredi Gonzalez, who had him when he managed in Miami– were interested, but he later clarified, explaining that the Jays didn’t want to deal him– at least not yet.

You certainly got the sense, hearing Alex Anthopoulos talk about Bonifacio’s inclusion in The Trade, and some of the glowing comments on him from guys like John Buck, that the Jays would be pretty interested in keeping him for themselves. But… that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be had for the right price.

That said, I tend to be of the mind that his latest tweet doesn’t indicate that anything’s necessarily changed. I mean, if the Braves want to offer a young arm that the Jays can have lead the rotation in Buffalo to start the season– say, the struggling-but-possibly-fixable high end talent that is Julio Teheran– then maybe we’re talking, but… for Bonifacio? Not seeing how Atlanta goes for anything like that, unless they’re way low on Teheran, which would be a pretty sizable red flag.

Shit, even the misplaced “H” of Cristhian Martinez could maybe be a thing, actually, but… it’s not like the Braves are swimming with arms quite the way they were a year ago, with Hanson and Vizcaino traded and Jurrjens non-tendered. So I don’t know if I see it happening– at least not in that way.

Who knows, though?*


* A ticket rep does! At least, according to… himself. That is: someone tweeted at me to say that a ticket rep told her big trade news is imminent.** I have yet to be able to reach Gavin Floyd’s cousin for comment.

** Please don’t take that as anything close to a suggestion that I believe it, or that you or anybody else should. I don’t. You shouldn’t. Think about how that would actually work.

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  1. Tehran is the ABSOLUTE ceiling for a guy in a trade like Bonifacio

  2. Yah, yah, make fun of me :) What gave you the idea that I actually believed it? Just thought it would be fun to pass on. You guys are so harsh sometimes. I’m a LOYAL listener of both podcasts (DJF and GB) and read pretty much every blog post. Go easy for a change, eh?? Not every person who tweets you stuff like that is an idiot.

    • Shhhhh….Stoeten’s passive aggression and anger issues are perceived to be charming, remember?

    • Didn’t seem very harsh?..

    • everyone is an idiot compared to the all-knowing stoeten.

    • What was harsh? He talks that way about everything. Actually he was nice for him.

    • If you didn’t believe it,why tweet it?Was he supposed to guess you were tweeting it as a joke?After being a loyal fan for so long what reaction did you expect?
      Even on this blog I’ve seen a ton of rumours from neighbours/friends/insiders etc.Everyone swearing it’s gospel. You get a bit cynical after a while. Hence the Gavin Floyd reference.
      BTW The comment by Stoeten was rather muted compared to others I have seen.
      In your defense, my brother in law, who cleans the washrooms at the dome,found a crumpled up memo, in the garbage, that backs your claim.

    • This is why no girls allowed clubs were invented.

      • Thanks for the casual sexism, Riggs. Classy.

        • Haha jokes Julie, jokes!!

          • Yes, jokes :) To be fair, I talk about baseball being a sausage fest all the time… I’m probably a bit sensitive to being treated as less than a ‘real’ fan just cause I’m a girl :)

          • Julie, you miss the point.You ARE being treated as a “real” fan.It’s not because you’re a girl or the type of fan you are,it’s the content.
            If I had tweeted Stoeten with the same message he woulda treated me the same or much worse.
            Don’t give up and don’t be sensitive about the reactions.
            Have a great day.

      • yeah by fuckin fruity toots!!! i want titties jiggling everywhere in the world!!!

  3. Unless they want to trade the promise to never use the chop again, NO SOUP FOR YOU

    • Can we make this trade the other way too? How about the Jays allow Braves fans to scream “Heil Hitler” in KKK uniforms and we get Jayson Heyward?

  4. Don’t really know what the Braves have to offer in a 1-1 trade here – I could see a deal with several players involved but I dont think the Braves have multiple guys and the Jays just dont seem that interested in dealing Boni

    And not a chance in hell the Braves deal Medlen, not sure why his name keeps popping up

  5. When did the Jays waive Eli Whiteside?

  6. Did the Jay’s brass fall off a turnip truck the last couple of days?
    Shop them Rasmus staight up for Teheran and Northcott. If they spit up their grits, suggest they get the banjos out, go visit the cousins.

  7. I didnt want eli whiteside catching me so he got released. I only throw to my boyfriend JP

  8. So a potential move is afoot due to this waiving or is it just nothing??

    • He was claimed by Texas.

      Jays were just trying to sneak him into Buffalo and he got taken.

      No conspiracy theory here.

  9. Dan Uggla is certainly available and the Jays have a relative opening at 2B. Too much salary to take on?

    • unless they trade boneface for him then no

    • who replaces Uggla at 2b? Prado?

    • For the money he isn’t all that shit hot.

    • Uggla has dropped off a cliff the last 3 seasons. He was a great player in his day.

    • Oh hell no, not Uggla.

    • 2 pretty marginal seasons in a row doesn’t scare you at all?

      • before the marlins trade sure, but now; no fucking way

        • 348 OBP last year… career average of 30HRs….. ya hes 32 but come on…..

          • Yea, Uggla isn’t garbage

            Uggla’s been pretty consistent through his career – he’s like an Adam Dunn – he basically split his one horrid year in two seasons – shitty averages in both, but his 2011 he had career high in homers w/ below avg. OBP and 2012 he had career high in walks and above avg. OBP but career low in HRs

            The big thing with Uggla is you’re basically getting into the all power, no defense, low avg. mould which the Jays seemed like they were trying to get away from. Only consolation with Uggla is he’s a 2b with above avg power/good obp and his contract isn’t horrible – valuable skillsets in this market

            I mean, if Napoli gets paid 3 yrs, 39 mil, Uggla’s leftover contract doesn’t look bad at all (also 39 mil over 3 years), they are basically the same guy and Uggla is still better AND (which i think is big caveat) Uggla basically never gets hurt, he’s been a healthy guy his whole career

            • Fuck Uggla, he gets mired in huge slumps and strikes out like crazy. Pretty useless player, not worth the risk.

        • just mentioning ugla scares me, AA had a man crush on him a few years ago….just like Rasmus, Happ, and Johnson (kelly and josh)

      • Of course, but his offensive numbers would likely go up with a move to a hitter’s park in Toronto instead of the HR-suppressing Turner Field.

        The issue would obviously be his salary, but AA has wanted him before.

    • Puke

      • Hmmmm, for 2nd base behind door #1, Boneface. Behind door #2, Maicer Isturis. Door number 3# a guy who has less range than Jeter, and can catch up to big leaugue fastballs, just like Travis Snider. That would be Uggla.

    • for fuksakes he makes 13m, hits .210 and makes 54 errors a year. Your better off with Kelly Johnson for fuksake

  10. Stoet Farts.

  11. So what’s the deal with Teheren? His minor league numbers, including AAA in 2011, look pretty awesome up until this past year. Delgado has better numbers this year, but pale in comparison to Teheren throughout the minors.

  12. Uggla is not coming to TO.

  13. I’m completely not against shopping Bonifacio for some pitching. Don’t give him away of course but if you can get a good #5 with upside and a few years of control why not?

    Would much prefer Davis being traded for a #5 with no upside and keeping Bonifacio…. Bonifacios speed, versatility and switch hitting make Davis redundant.

    Maybe Harang or Capuano for him?

    • I don’t think anybody would be willing to pay for what Emilio is worth. Tehran? Fine. Hanson before he got traded? Fine. Venters, fine. Mike minor? Go fuck yourself.
      Ps anybody collect bobble heads? I was in Atl last year and have the Sid Bream “the slide”
      You pay me now.

  14. Lets spit in Izturis’ face and trade him the way we spit in Mathis’ face. Who cares if we just signed him

    • To the post Dexter made above- If we get Harang I won’t be able to handle it. That dude is the ugliest som-bitch in the league. Looks like he blocked Brandon Macarthy’s head with his face. I’m heterosexual but some things I just can’t take. I’d rather see Adam Lind face LHP 500 times in 2013. I’d rather be given a tour of Greg Fuckhead Zaun’s wardrobe….. I’ll stop there

  15. id do uggla for bunaspliff if atl taking on vast majority of contract

  16. otherwise fuck off wren, delgado or stuff it

  17. Red Flag… hrmm you mean like a team willing to trade a stud closer signed long term and cheap for a SINGLE Jays pitching prospect. mmmhmmmm

    As for moving Bonifacio, its dumb,,, super dumb. The man can play 6 positions, run like the wind and hit pretty well. Trading him would be retarded unless the offer was real decent.

    • Lol
      Santos gonna be fine………

    • Amen brother,Boneface is gold, jeezuz, where are you gonna find a guy who can back up all those positions without a drop off, and more than often than not an IMPROVEMENT over the guy he is playing for.

      This guy is the best super sub out there, and the best I have seen, and I go back to ’77.
      Me, I play him everyday at 2nd, let Isturis backup the infield. When it comes to giving the outfield guys a day off, Boneface goes out there. The man is pure gold.

      AA will never be stupid enough to trade him, I don’t even know if there is another player like him in the Bigs. Most important, speed never slumps, speed kills.
      Obviously, I love the guy.

      • Holy fuck is this guy becoming overrated!

        He’s an IMPROVEMENT over our everyday players now?! Fucking hell….

        • LOL Gibby have you ever watched the fucking guy player before? Yeh he’s got speed but he’s a career 340 OBP and even thats misleading because his last few seasons havnt been great offensively. Oh and he barely slugs over .300, hes a GREAT utility player but animprovement oer our every day starters? You can’t be serious…also not to be too big a wet blanket but he isn’t highly rated defensively by metrics at pretty much every position he plays.

    • Lol Nestor Molina was a borderline top 100 prospect at the time with insane k/bb ratios in AA as a 22 year old, with a ceiling as a mid-rotation starter, your the worst for using hindsight bias constantly to make yourself look smart Buck. Almost every expert at the time of the trade called it an even trade with KLAW giving a slight edge to the Jays. Relievers break down all the time, I fail to see how Chicago trading Santos for Molina was a red flag

  18. I was just talking to a Braves fan (online) and they were offering things like “Teahen + cash + B prospect for Bonifacio?

    I think they either really loved Bonifacio or really hate Teahen?

    • No, Braves fans spend too much time at the Redneck games in East Dublin Ga., and they can’t think without breathing through their mouths. Ignore them and they will eventually go away. Retards.

    • You got it wrong..that is a serious underbid. The southern boys with the dip in their lower lip, they figure Bone Face for 80 steals, and they may be right if he stays healthy. so fuck them in the heart, tell me where the Jays will find another super sub who keeps the lineup strong as dirt every day. They want a left fielder, put goober Rasmus out there for Teheran and a lower system B plus high upside arm.
      If they don’t like that, stand pat and fuck the crackers in the heart.

    • Wow.

      How about Teheran for Rajai and Jenkins?

  19. Heyward.

  20. + kimbrell

  21. scott podsednicks wife!!!

  22. Jays won’t deal Emilio.

    • Let’s think it out here … Braves are a good organization, they’re in the NL East, they’ve seen a lot of Bonifacio, and they want him. Hmmm, that probably means he’s pretty valuable. So let’s keep him.

      — Master of the Obvious

  23. It seems the off season doldrums have arrived. Sails down, no land in sight.

  24. Heres an interesting trade proposal between the braves and jays via BP

  25. However, if Cruel Summer or “Lotus Flower Bomb” flopped, this dude wouldn’t indicating shit. Right?

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