Well here’s a welcome distraction: while we were in the studio recording a podcast you’ll see posted shortly (perhaps below this post, if rumours continue to come as the afternoon moves into evening– or, actually, you can just check it at Getting Blanked) all sorts of Dickey stuff started heating up, with the Jays the main grist in the rumour mill.

To wit:

10:20 PM ET

OK, one more update before I hit the road, as Jon Heyman checks in with the latest from CBS Sports. Money quote(s):

Word is, the sides are hoping to finish the trade soon, but no announcement was expected Friday.

While several other teams had been interested in Dickey, the Mets have focused all their attention on the Blue Jays, cutting off their discussions with other teams, sources tell CBSSports.com.

There are suggestions the Blue Jays may have relented to include top prospect, catcher Travis d’Arnaud. The Blue Jays preferred to include J.P. Arencibia, but the Mets have held steady in their demand of d’Arnaud, 23.

He later adds that “the two teams have also discussed center fielder Anthony Gose, who played in 56 games for Toronto in 2012.”

I don’t think he’s making the suggestion it could be both d’Arnaud and Gose, but it’s certainly going to be a hefty cost. I could deal with either of the two main scenarios being rumoured, however, because it’s just so rarely that this franchise has the potential to add Cy Young-level talent to its rotation, and with the other “all-in” moves they’ve made for 2013, and the reported financial demands from Dickey– which seem eminently fair– the addition of a three to five win pitcher would really go a long way towards starting to potentially separate the Jays from the AL East pack… at least on paper.


9:45 PM ET

Yeah… so I think that’s about it for hovering over the computer for me for one day. Unless something actually happens. You can trust that I’ll be monitoring my phone ceaselessly, much to the annoyance of all those around me.

Let’s not forget that the John Farrell trade broke later than this on a Saturday night back in October, so… maybe it’s not over, though it’s been awfully quiet for nearly two hours now. I’m sure the madness will start back up again tomorrow.


8:35 PM ET

Martino adds this, which is obviously a positive sign:


8:09 PM ET

So it seems we’ve hit the “worse before it gets better” stage. One hopes.

I’d be surprised if Anthopoulos and the Jays went this far, but… maybe they would. And while lots of people seem to believe that including d’Arnaud would mean the deal has to be expanded, I just don’t know. Look at what it took to get James Shields.

The Jays, we’ve heard this winter, moved a lot of guys who’d been looking at the minors into their pro scouting ranks last summer, in anticipation that they’d be trading more for established players than prospects in the future, so if they’re truly paying this much of a price for Dickey, they’ve got to think he’s worth it… for whatever that’s worth.


8:03 PM ET

Aaaaand so maybe I won’t be.


7:52 PM ET

This doesn’t mean we won’t get a leaked answer, but…

So… I may be off to the bar soon, then.


7:22 PM ET

He follows this one by saying they’d give up Arencibia. 

And then this, in response to a question about why things seem to have changed:


7:14 PM ET

So… there’s this…

7:03 PM ET

Andy Martino strikes more fear into me as he lays this on us:

If the Jays were going to do that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been done already, so that’s at least comforting. But in other ways, it maybe makes more sense than JP Arencibia being a major trade chip.


6:40 PM ET

It’s delicious, by the way. Also, Heyman has this:

Oh yeah, and I’ve flipped the post around so the newest updates are now at the top. You’re welcome– and speaking of “you’re welcomes” I’d like to extend an offer to the Jays to offer me one in the form of getting this damn deal done and over with so I don’t have to stare Twitter for the next two days. Is that so much to ask?

Thanks in advance.


5:40 PM ET

More big time non-news news from Morosi:


5:55 PM ET

More from More-osi, who lays these two tweets on us:

Also… I’m going for a burrito.


5:22 PM ET

The Rangers are indeed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Angels or Orioles might not be involved. Or another team. We really know very little at the moment!

A few folks out there– Dave Cameron, for example, or Jonah Keri and Ben Badler– seem to be of the mind that JP Arencibia isn’t very valuable, just because, y’know, he can only hit for power and doesn’t play great defence– to which I say… pffft! (Also: quiet!!)


5:06 PM ET

And Morosi brings the high heat:


5:12 PM ET

Shi Davidi makes a good point– but a point that goes to my belief about the stealthiness thing being a myth: there are two sides from which the particulars of a deal can leak.

Hey, JP Ricciardi like talking, right? And he drafted a whole lot of the guys in the Jays’ system, too!


5:03 PM ET

Welp, Kenny Ken Ken quashes that one pretty quick…

But Kenny Ken Ken Davidoff of the New York Post seems

Martino adds in one of those weird extendo-tweet things that Buckel wasn’t offered– his mistake– but the Mets wanted him, and the larger point is the Rangers are out.


4:41 PM ET

So… here’s some idea of the package it might take. Olt and d’Arnaud are comparable as prospects on a lot of lists, which is a frightening thought. It’s going to take a lot, is the bottom line…


4:30 PM ET

Aaaand Jim Bowden lays this slice of intrigue on us. Could be a long night here, or could be that– as we’ve seen before– spitballing has snowballed into something a lot more concrete-seeming than the reality.

So… maybe it’s nothing. And if that turns out to be the case, please keep in mind that it does not mean that any time the Jays’ name is out there it’s a false rumour– that myth seriously needs to go away.


4:18 PM ET

I’ve been talking myself to believing in Gose lately– partly out of a fear of Rasmus, frankly– but with Bonifacio a capable cover for centre, and the Jays looking to win now, it makes sense… if there’s an extension. Heyman thinks it makes sense…

And in the New York Daily News, Andy Martino has filed a story saying basically the same things we’ve seen via Twitter– expanded slightly to include the fact that: “Although it may be too soon to say that Dickey is definitely headed out of town, sources say the pitcher and team have not negotiated since Wednesday and that GM Sandy Alderson has been involved in intense trade discussions on Thursday and Friday.”


4:07 PM ET

More from Heyman, which… if Sherman is right about Dickey not wanting to extend here, I just don’t see how a deal gets done. But it’s sound as if something could genuinely be close– like, the deal is agreed on with the Mets, and it’s pending the extension. Just reading between the lines, of course…


3:54 PM ET

And now this:

The Angels could still be a player, of course, and I have no idea how this concept of there being a “leader” or a “frontrunner” is supposed to work– are they throwing dice for the right to make the deal?– but that’s where we’re at.


3:40 PM ET

Here’s the latest:

Uh… but then there’s this:

So… fuck this, then? I’m thinking fuck this. I mean, how’s there value in that? It would be a serious gamble to give up the prospects it sounds like the Mets would require if you’re only getting a year out of Dickey– plus the hope that he changes his tune.

Still developing, of course.


Original information:

Uh… see what I mean?

Now, obviously there are other suitors involved here, and a hefty price to be paid, but there have been a lot of possible clues all along: the Mets’ needs, the Jays’ surpluses, the stuff about the Mets having an acceptable offer out there that they were trying to do better than. Could JP Arencibia (and obviously more) be on the table, just waiting for the Mets to accept? I hope so… as long as the more isn’t Anthony Gose.


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  1. This is all bunk. I think Alex is smarter than than giving up Gose And D’arnaud for Dickey; unless they inckude Niese in the deal. Who knows…something is Rotten in Denmark.

  2. I strongly suspect all this noise is the Mets trying to flush out a last-minute offer from the Rangers or Angels, and telling them they’d have to beat a very high bar.

    Or at least that’s what I’m hoping. Dickey would be great to have, but to give up D”Arnaud and Gose would be painful.

    • Trade Prediction:



      • People make top prospects unavailable for even top of the line assets. I really doubt the guy considered the best catching prospect in the game is dealt for a guy on a one year contract. Just wouldn’t make sense compared to other recent deals we’ve seen. I think something like Arencibia, Nolin and Sierra would be better than anything they’d be offered by another team.

        • The one year on his contract thing doesn’t apply because that trade would only be on the conditions of an extension.

          • Also top prospects aren’t untouchable. Myers just got traded for Shields. I would rather have Dickey than Shields for 2013.

          • Also I am not even sure if I would want that deal to go down, but it’s my best guess at the kind of deal AA is triyng to work out.

  3. I just can’t see how TDA + gose/rasmus + prospect goes for Dickey, even if they get other prospects back. Dickey a great arm but don’t you think with the package that is presumably offered you can get a younger arm with more control?

    The trade IMO would only make sense if TDA was not included

    • No way its TDA+Gose+Prospect for Dickey

      If that kind of package is put together they will get more in return, maybe Davis, Niese, or something else.

  4. What I can’t understand, is that if you include TDA, you are giving up the centrepiece of the Halladay trade. I know Drabek was in there too, but with the Tommy John already he was a risk. TDA was the big one. And now you’re flipping him for Dickey. Sorry, but Roy Halladay from 2 years ago>>>>RA Dickey.

    • drabek was definitely the centerpiece of the Halladay trade, with TDA taken for his ‘potential’

  5. I miss Travis.

  6. http://betaplayer.radio.com/player/sports-radio-66-wfan-ny

    Andy Martino talking live about the “trade”

  7. Morning all. Not sure if this has been posted (coz about 400 more posts came in since I gave up last night) but at 2:40 am the NY Post claimed the deal was being structured as Dickey for TDA plus perhaps one more player. No mention of Gose.


  8. Martino says it’s a five player trade and then likely means more Mets than Dickey on the move to TO. It also suggests that TDA is involved in an expanded deal.

  9. Why do you guys keep mentioning Niese and Ike Davis? They are not part of any trade.

  10. Will be awesome when we finish in 4th next year and have to do another complete rebuild.

  11. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/12/blue-jays-nearing-deal-for-ra-dickey.html

    Passan saying it’s TDA for Dickey, with others potentially involved.

  12. Highlights of the WFAN interview with NY Daily News (guy who broke the “story” in New York) writer Andy Martino this morning. He didn’t say a whole lot.

    -Said there is no chance that this a complete rumor. The Mets are in serious talks with the Blue Jays, guys need to take physicals etc, deal could be done by the end of the day Saturday.

    -Believes the situation is in a semantics phase right now “on the verge of a deal, close to a deal, deal agreed to in principal” mean the same thing….barring a 12th hour change of heart, the deal is done.

    -Speculated that it’s D’Arnaud and Gose for Dickey, but mentioned also that Dickey contract situation could have tied the Mets hands and they might have to settle for less.

    -Didn’t make strong arguments for the deal from the Mets perspective other than it gives the Mets the catcher they need. Wasn’t high on Gose, mentioned his propencity to strike out and get thrown out on the basepaths.

  13. I stand corrected, he did say it would be a 5 player trade.

    • That’s weird that he could only speculate on players but knows it’s a five-player trade. You’d think if you knew how many were involved you’d know more than Dickey and maybe TDA and/or Gose.

      • I caught it midway through, but the guy on the FAN sounded quite unsure about Gose. Didn’t sound like there was solid info on that at all.

  14. If TDA and Gose go, the Jays have to be getting a prospect back, right? Zach Wheeler perhaps?

  15. eight hundred and twentieth!!!

  16. DJF comments rolling 24 hours a day. This trade better happen.

  17. I think the Jays are getting quality back beyond Dickey if TDA is involved. IF TDA is in the deal and the reports are strongly suggesting he is part of the deal for Dickey, I thought for a bit about the construction of the WS Blue Jay teams. Pat Borders was the catcher. The rest of the team was stacked with All Stars. Perhaps AA is thinking along those lines because with Dickey and a Davis, Wheeler, or a Harvey coming back, it makes the trading of TDA a lot less painful and the construction of AA’s team starts to resemble the WS teams.

  18. What’s the record for posts on DJF? Especially on a “rumour” story?

  19. Look for Adam Lind to leave TO.

  20. Has anyone noticed that the comment sections of MLBTR has gone the way of TSN?

    “32 hrs, 90 RBI, and gold glove defense is not very good?”

    “Ike davis is not in this trade, and you guys are undervaluing Ike. He lays great defense at first, will hit 30+ homers regularlry, and will hit somewhere between .250-.265, while driving in 100+. ”

    “Those are not enough. MCguire or Syndeergard too” – referring to the rumor of d’Arnaud and Gose for Dickey alone.

    • Yeah, I used to go on there to read some good discussion from non-Jays points of view, but its gotten pretty bad.

      • I tried yesterday to actually engage in some discussion using sabermetrics, and got stones cast at me because counting stats are more telling to a player’s value lol. My god has it gone downhill.

        • I wonder what happened. Have people just given up on these new-fangled stats or has there just been a huge influx of fans that haven’t been introduced to sabermetrics?

          • I believe it’s the former. Every year during the off-season and trade deadline there seems to be an increase of pseudo stat-savvy baseball fans. I’ve just never experienced it where they essentially take over like Trojans.

  21. Apparently Dickey hasn’t even been asked to do a physical. Could be another long day.

  22. All this talk about Dickey makes me think about Travis.

  23. For the love of fuck dont package Darnaud and Gose.

    Be sad to see both go

  24. the mets are not giving up harvey, wheeler or flores. it now appears d’arnaud is defintely going along with gose unfortunately. two of the three halladay guys (indirectly). i believe jays were once interested in daniel murphy who is a legitimate .300 hitter with not much else. ike davis highly regarded before he bombed at the beginning of last year. myself, i think that they are getting niese as well as dickey and are then doing something with buherle.

  25. Too many angles in this Dickey rumour. Is it a multi player deal? Why the Media leaks ?- this so un-AA like? If its a straight up Dickey deal, why would we think to give up a talent like ,D’arnaud for what is likely a 1 year pitcher? Who are the additional Met? Somebody answer. I can’t wait.

    • the media leaks are definitely coming from the Mets to drive his price up for the ‘mystery teams’. Why else do we keep hearing names of Jays’ players and not Mets players? Because of AA’s cone of silence, he won’t ever leak.

  26. According to ESPN another ‘mystery’ team has come into the mix late last night.

  27. If this ends up being TDA and Gose for Dickey + extension and Ike Davis…… I don’t really know how I’d feel about that.

    Likely an overpay by the Jays, but what a ridiculously stacked team.

    Plus they would get a pick back next year if they don’t extend Johnson.

    Very torn here

  28. Seems weird, but some people here don’t seem to understand that to get someone of value – like Dickey for Christ’s sake – you have to give someone of value up…

    Trading prospects for proven players like Dickey (with likely more left in the tank) is exactly the kind of deal to make – there are no sure things with prospects (look at Hosmer going into last season, he was going to be a beast & he still may become one, but you just don’t know how players will adapt to the Bigs)…if it takes moving TDA, make it happen – how many people have actually seen TDA play?

    • All the scouts that feed info to the guys at ESPN, FOXSports, and Baseball Prospectus/America have seen him play, all of which say he’s likely to be a very good player.

      Becoming a very good player at the age of 38 doesn’t inspire much confidence. Also, please, don’t quote that he’s been great for 3 years now. Even in terms of rWAR (Baseball Reference – ERA based), he was only a 3 WAR pitcher, or above replacement level. Now he’s all of a sudden 5 rWAR.

      2012 was an outlier as it currently stands.

      • How is 3 rWAR “above replacement level”? 7 rWAR is technically “above replacement level” too in the strictest sense.

        Dickey was 31st among ML starting pitchers in rWAR in 2010 (27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th were Mark Buerhle, Gio Gonzalez, Carl Pavano, Chad Billingsley) and 32nd in 2011 (29th, 30th, and 31st were Felix Hernandez, Matt Cain and Alexi Ogando). That’s very good. He became an elite pitcher in 2012.

    • but i think that the reservation that people have is that TDA is more the type of prospect that you would give up to get someone who is signed to more than one year and who has less uncertainty attached to them than dickey, as good as he has recently been. who else could they have received had teams known they were shopping around the best catching propsect in baseball?

      • All you guys fretting over the TDA thing need to chill out a bit… TDA is a good (not elite) prospect. Prospect – less than a season of AAA under his belt. This is not Buster Posey, Justin Morneau or even Matt Wieters. Sure it hurts a bit to give him up, but having lived through 20+ years of not watching meaningful September or October Jays baseball I am all for trading a prospect to get a top shelf starting pitcher – you can’t usually get these guys, at any price because they just are not available. Do that trade everytime.

  29. Passan says TDA is included, but the deal would be more than Dickey.

  30. I really hope its JPA and not DArnaud that gets traded, but I guess AA isn’t asking me

  31. I don’t want to see DA go either. But AA knows more about his development and potential than any of the sports journalists and that would include PA. I have faith in Alex here.

    • It’s possible for TDA to not be a lemon and this to still be a trade that works out. You have to give up a valuable piece when you’re getting a valuable piece like the fucking Cy Young winner back.

  32. some guy on twitter is praising Wilner for all his insight on the potential trade, lolol

  33. Andy Martino will be on FAN 590 in roughly 10 minutes to talk about the potential trade.

  34. Phils sign John Lannan

  35. Heh, ironically, 3 years to this day is when AA traded Doc for TDA and co.

  36. Hey Mr. Stoeten…how about another blank piece of paper to scribble on?!!?

    I wonder how many times AA was laughed at when he has tried to add Lind to the deal?

  37. The only thing I can say with confidence is that Ike Davis, Jon Niese and especially Zach Wheeler or Matt Harvey will not be part of any deal back to Toronto. The whole plan for the Mets is to get younger with high upside guys locked up team friendly deals. If someone goes with Dickey for D’Arnaud and Gose, it is more likely to be either a lower ceiling MLB level player like Duda, Murphy or maybe Dillon Gee. Or perhaps a lower level prospect from the Mets, like Luis Mateo.

    • You keep saying this, but why would the Jays take any of these guys back when none of them can slide into a starting spot, the backup spots at their respective positions are spoken for already, and Gee would be the #7 starter. Why would the Mets trade their starting LF, 2B or #3 starter? It doesn’t help either team for any of those major leaguers to be moved. None of these guys add much value to the deal for the Jays, so I doubt the Mets could upgrade the prospects they’re getting by throwing in one of those guys.

      • And why would the Mets trade Ike Davis when he and Wright are the only sources of power in the whole Mets lineup? Mets are not trading him or Wheeler, Harvey and Niese. Dickey just won the Cy Young Award and if he signs an extension and the jays have him at $30 mil for the next 3 years – that is a HUGE value.

        • so they can get their catcher of the future and later replace power when they are nearer contention.

  38. DIckey agreeing to sign an extension with TOR is the main price that AA wants for TDA. And those who say that Dickey only just got good at age 38 should look at his stats. He has an ERA under 3 covering his last 3 years and roughly 600 IP.

  39. I agree, Dickey is reported as having said he wouldn’t sign an extension with Toronto. Without that the deal doesn’t make sense at the level of players we are apparently sending to the Mets. However the Mets are apparently really pissed off at Dickey’s remarks earlier this week about management and I expect they will ship him somewhere and soon.

    However if Dickey signs an extension I think he’s worth a lot to us. So I absolutely hope this happens.

  40. Dickie for PRIME MINISTER!!!

  41. So Gose is not in this deal – CJCL

  42. I think matheis would be a good aquacition

  43. I wonder why Boston isn’t going for him. Apparently the Mets want catching and outfield. They’re shopping Ellsbury and also Saltimalacchia.

  44. It during these times that you see how weak our sports press is in Toronto. We will learn about the trade from ESPN and then the Canadian agencies will report it. Is there not 1 press guy that has access to AA and at least get a no comment quote? At least look like you belong on the same field as your American media cohorts. Some one phone AA and at leasr try to get a scoop.

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