Well here’s a welcome distraction: while we were in the studio recording a podcast you’ll see posted shortly (perhaps below this post, if rumours continue to come as the afternoon moves into evening– or, actually, you can just check it at Getting Blanked) all sorts of Dickey stuff started heating up, with the Jays the main grist in the rumour mill.

To wit:

10:20 PM ET

OK, one more update before I hit the road, as Jon Heyman checks in with the latest from CBS Sports. Money quote(s):

Word is, the sides are hoping to finish the trade soon, but no announcement was expected Friday.

While several other teams had been interested in Dickey, the Mets have focused all their attention on the Blue Jays, cutting off their discussions with other teams, sources tell CBSSports.com.

There are suggestions the Blue Jays may have relented to include top prospect, catcher Travis d’Arnaud. The Blue Jays preferred to include J.P. Arencibia, but the Mets have held steady in their demand of d’Arnaud, 23.

He later adds that “the two teams have also discussed center fielder Anthony Gose, who played in 56 games for Toronto in 2012.”

I don’t think he’s making the suggestion it could be both d’Arnaud and Gose, but it’s certainly going to be a hefty cost. I could deal with either of the two main scenarios being rumoured, however, because it’s just so rarely that this franchise has the potential to add Cy Young-level talent to its rotation, and with the other “all-in” moves they’ve made for 2013, and the reported financial demands from Dickey– which seem eminently fair– the addition of a three to five win pitcher would really go a long way towards starting to potentially separate the Jays from the AL East pack… at least on paper.


9:45 PM ET

Yeah… so I think that’s about it for hovering over the computer for me for one day. Unless something actually happens. You can trust that I’ll be monitoring my phone ceaselessly, much to the annoyance of all those around me.

Let’s not forget that the John Farrell trade broke later than this on a Saturday night back in October, so… maybe it’s not over, though it’s been awfully quiet for nearly two hours now. I’m sure the madness will start back up again tomorrow.


8:35 PM ET

Martino adds this, which is obviously a positive sign:


8:09 PM ET

So it seems we’ve hit the “worse before it gets better” stage. One hopes.

I’d be surprised if Anthopoulos and the Jays went this far, but… maybe they would. And while lots of people seem to believe that including d’Arnaud would mean the deal has to be expanded, I just don’t know. Look at what it took to get James Shields.

The Jays, we’ve heard this winter, moved a lot of guys who’d been looking at the minors into their pro scouting ranks last summer, in anticipation that they’d be trading more for established players than prospects in the future, so if they’re truly paying this much of a price for Dickey, they’ve got to think he’s worth it… for whatever that’s worth.


8:03 PM ET

Aaaaand so maybe I won’t be.


7:52 PM ET

This doesn’t mean we won’t get a leaked answer, but…

So… I may be off to the bar soon, then.


7:22 PM ET

He follows this one by saying they’d give up Arencibia. 

And then this, in response to a question about why things seem to have changed:


7:14 PM ET

So… there’s this…

7:03 PM ET

Andy Martino strikes more fear into me as he lays this on us:

If the Jays were going to do that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been done already, so that’s at least comforting. But in other ways, it maybe makes more sense than JP Arencibia being a major trade chip.


6:40 PM ET

It’s delicious, by the way. Also, Heyman has this:

Oh yeah, and I’ve flipped the post around so the newest updates are now at the top. You’re welcome– and speaking of “you’re welcomes” I’d like to extend an offer to the Jays to offer me one in the form of getting this damn deal done and over with so I don’t have to stare Twitter for the next two days. Is that so much to ask?

Thanks in advance.


5:40 PM ET

More big time non-news news from Morosi:


5:55 PM ET

More from More-osi, who lays these two tweets on us:

Also… I’m going for a burrito.


5:22 PM ET

The Rangers are indeed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Angels or Orioles might not be involved. Or another team. We really know very little at the moment!

A few folks out there– Dave Cameron, for example, or Jonah Keri and Ben Badler– seem to be of the mind that JP Arencibia isn’t very valuable, just because, y’know, he can only hit for power and doesn’t play great defence– to which I say… pffft! (Also: quiet!!)


5:06 PM ET

And Morosi brings the high heat:


5:12 PM ET

Shi Davidi makes a good point– but a point that goes to my belief about the stealthiness thing being a myth: there are two sides from which the particulars of a deal can leak.

Hey, JP Ricciardi like talking, right? And he drafted a whole lot of the guys in the Jays’ system, too!


5:03 PM ET

Welp, Kenny Ken Ken quashes that one pretty quick…

But Kenny Ken Ken Davidoff of the New York Post seems

Martino adds in one of those weird extendo-tweet things that Buckel wasn’t offered– his mistake– but the Mets wanted him, and the larger point is the Rangers are out.


4:41 PM ET

So… here’s some idea of the package it might take. Olt and d’Arnaud are comparable as prospects on a lot of lists, which is a frightening thought. It’s going to take a lot, is the bottom line…


4:30 PM ET

Aaaand Jim Bowden lays this slice of intrigue on us. Could be a long night here, or could be that– as we’ve seen before– spitballing has snowballed into something a lot more concrete-seeming than the reality.

So… maybe it’s nothing. And if that turns out to be the case, please keep in mind that it does not mean that any time the Jays’ name is out there it’s a false rumour– that myth seriously needs to go away.


4:18 PM ET

I’ve been talking myself to believing in Gose lately– partly out of a fear of Rasmus, frankly– but with Bonifacio a capable cover for centre, and the Jays looking to win now, it makes sense… if there’s an extension. Heyman thinks it makes sense…

And in the New York Daily News, Andy Martino has filed a story saying basically the same things we’ve seen via Twitter– expanded slightly to include the fact that: “Although it may be too soon to say that Dickey is definitely headed out of town, sources say the pitcher and team have not negotiated since Wednesday and that GM Sandy Alderson has been involved in intense trade discussions on Thursday and Friday.”


4:07 PM ET

More from Heyman, which… if Sherman is right about Dickey not wanting to extend here, I just don’t see how a deal gets done. But it’s sound as if something could genuinely be close– like, the deal is agreed on with the Mets, and it’s pending the extension. Just reading between the lines, of course…


3:54 PM ET

And now this:

The Angels could still be a player, of course, and I have no idea how this concept of there being a “leader” or a “frontrunner” is supposed to work– are they throwing dice for the right to make the deal?– but that’s where we’re at.


3:40 PM ET

Here’s the latest:

Uh… but then there’s this:

So… fuck this, then? I’m thinking fuck this. I mean, how’s there value in that? It would be a serious gamble to give up the prospects it sounds like the Mets would require if you’re only getting a year out of Dickey– plus the hope that he changes his tune.

Still developing, of course.


Original information:

Uh… see what I mean?

Now, obviously there are other suitors involved here, and a hefty price to be paid, but there have been a lot of possible clues all along: the Mets’ needs, the Jays’ surpluses, the stuff about the Mets having an acceptable offer out there that they were trying to do better than. Could JP Arencibia (and obviously more) be on the table, just waiting for the Mets to accept? I hope so… as long as the more isn’t Anthony Gose.


Image via Lob Shots.

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  1. interesting…yet I can’t help but thinking it is just 100 people passing on the speculation of one person; you know, cause that’s how twitter seems to work.

    • Stoeten, you have been on top of this all day. Fantastic job. Don’t leave now. Drink and write, drink and write.

  2. No! No! No!

  3. Do these guys actually know anything or is this still just speculation because it makes logical sense that this COULD happen?


    • You’re kidding right?

      • i bet he cant

        • The AL East is tough, but to suggest his results wouldn’t translate across at all is crazy, even a decent regression from last year and we are still looking at an incredible pitching staff

    • Says who? the guy was lights out all year, Wakefield had a pretty good career in the AL East didn’t he?

      BUT without giving up d’Arnaud and/or Gose, syndergaard or sanchez….I say get it done

      • WAKEFIELD WAS A CAREER 5ERA ALMOST… that is not someone who will put a team over the top to win a World Series, Picking up Sanchez with a 5 year deal is way smarter WAY smarter…. I wouldn’t even put Dickey in the top 2 on Toronto, no point in giving up valuable assets for a 38 year old

        • Tim Wakefield and Dickey are two, very different pitchers. I don’t remember Wakefield ever winning a Cy Young Award.

      • Tim Wakefield played in the AL East for like 16+ years and still only had 2 great seasons. The rest were 4+ ERA years which really isn’t very good. Dickey is already 38…. unless you’re getting him cheap I don’t see how it’s a good trade, especially since they’re reporting that Dickey doesn’t want to sign an extension. I would do Arencibia + Gose + maybe a little more (the trade that has been rumoured so far) because at the end of the day he has been very good the last 3 seasons and just on the Cy Young but only if he’d sign an extension.

        • you sounded like you knew what you were talking about until you said you would do arencibia plus GOSE and a little more……. GOSE straight up is way too much!! WAYYY TO MUCH, Gose is a potential Superstar………….. for the record Wakefields career ERA was 4.41 and he was 200-180 in a almost 20 year career!! dickey is 38 and a whopping 61-56…. this is bad news… go after Sanchez

          • I don’t see how Gose is a potential superstar. His bat is not good enough. He hasn’t even done much in the PCL which we all know is extremely hitter friendly. He will be a major league player because of his speed and defense but is that really that hard to find? I might be a pessimist but I just really don’t see his bat improving.

          • Using Wakefield’s numbers to say Dickey isn’t worth it makes no sense, they aren’t the same pitcher just because they both throw knuckleballs…

          • Brian that’s like saying Josh Johnson won’t have success in the al east because plenty of other fastball-slider guys have failed. R.A. dickey and Wakefield are not the same pitcher, it’s tempting to compare them because theres so few knuckle ballers in the modern game but its apples and oranges.

        • jon your a fucking fool to say you wouldnt give away that much for him THEN say you’d do JPA + Gose +++.

          stop typing and start reading.

    • R.A. vs AL East opponents 2010-2012:

      BAL 7IP 1ER 8Ks
      NYY 6IP 1ER 6Ks
      NYY 5IP 1ER 3Ks
      TBR 9IP 0ER 12Ks (1H)
      BAL 9IP 0ER 13Ks (1H)
      NYY 6IP 5ER 3Ks

      TOTAL 42IP 8ER 45Ks

      • Huge sample sizes there

        • 42 innings isn’t nothing. Though I have to contest that those would have been the first time any of the clubs would have seen him, that’s MUCH different than actually pitching in the division. Regardless, Dickey is a damned solid pitcher to say the least.

    • Because the NL east was a cake walk last season? You crazy.

    • Tim Wakefield might have something to add on that

  5. AA is not dumb enough to deal d’Arnaud or Gose….right?

    • Darnaud is untouchable. Im sure gose can be had which many people including myself dont have a problem with.

      • No one should ever be untouchable. The price should be really really really high, but untouchable doesn’t make sense for any player.

        • Stanton may be untouchable right now because it is likely that no team has the prospect power to get the deal done, or for it to make sense for the marlins. A year from now however, the story is different.

      • i have a problem with parting with gose. just my 2 cents but gose will have the more fruitful career over darnaud.

        guess will see…

    • no its going to be for arencibia plus very little else…. still not worth it

    • Props on your name.

      Love that show.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised, if something actually happens, that it’s not just Dickey that comes back our way. The outbound assets being tossed around (especially Gose) are too highly valued for a straight-up swap, Cy Young status notwithstanding.

    I see more of a JPA + Nolin + DJ Davis for Dickey + Ike Davis type of deal.

    Get rid of Nestor Moli…errrr…..I mean Nolin, while the prospect buzz is high.

    • Pretty sure that deal is way too lopsided for the Jays. You need to add more if you want Davis in addition.

      • Not saying that’s a realistic deal – I just think there are ways to skin the cat that don’t involve TDA, Gose, or the Big3. Just spitballin’.

      • Guys, for the 12th time they cannot trade DJ davis as hes has not been a BJ for 12 mos yet. Same goes for any guy they drafted LY incl Stroman Smoraql etc so stop that shit and learn the rules if you want to prospectgate.
        Besides.. it is way too much for Dickey

        • He can be a Player to be Named Later (ptbnl). You have 6 months to execute a ptbnl order, which means as of december 5thish (draft is 6 months from now in June), BJ Davis could hypothetically be the PTBNL in this trade.

    • Can’t trade DJ Davis yet (other than as PTBNL)

  7. The knobler!

  8. Hard to think Gose wouldn’t be involved in a trade..

    • LOL you have no clue of Value…. nobody in their right mind would give a future superstar up for a 38 year old pitcher

      • No Brian, your the one who has no clue of value. If gose lit up the league when he was called up I would understand your enthusiasm. He has a high ceiling, eeryone fuckings knows that, but the odds of him reaching it are not high, contact is his weakness and it’s a skill that’s usually developed early on in a prospects development. Considering the Jays sit on the cusp of contention and the marginal value of 4 additional wins when they Jays are currently projected as a high 80′s win team, is pretty fucking huge, Gose + would be well worth Dickey who is pretty much a guarantee for 4 war per season. Also age becomes less relevant when you consider the special factors surrounding dickey such as: no UCL (no tommy john risk), low innings total thrown in his career, and the general peak age for knuckleballers is much higher.

      • LOL you have no clue either… it happens all the times in baseball. Elite Prospects for Elite players now, people just don’t give you this players for fun. Plus you can’t call Dickey a 38 year old pitcher in the traditional sense, I have to agree that it is very possible Gose is involved.

  9. we need dis nigga on da team foreal

  10. Thing is, the jays and mets match up great for a trade. Mets need a catcher and outfield help. Jays have depth in those areas. So it could be these ” execs” and writers speculating on the fact that these two teams in theory match up great for a trade.

  11. This better not be a case of “Yu Balls” again

  12. If JPA + Gose is too much & JPA + Sierra is not enough, is JPA, Sierra & Nolin just right for both sides?

  13. This all feels similar to the Darvish stuff last year for me, and after a deal somewhere else is done, AA will say something along the lines of not being anywhere close, and just another example of blah blah blah.
    This is of course because I don’t want to get to excited, I love the idea of Dickey in Toronto, knuckleballers are just fun, and it would make for a nice looking rotation this year.
    Anyway, as long as it involves more posts, I’m into all the rumours haha

    • Last year, any leaks came from Japan or the Rangers FO. This year there’s a lot more cause you have the notoriously catty Mets FO involved. Remember, it takes two to tango.

    • That was my thought. I’ll believe when it happens… until then, I’ll just feverishly follow updates hoping to believe it.

  14. Buster Olney just gave this legitimate legs, if it didn’t have them already. He doesn’t even mention any other suitors in his last tweet..

  15. Andy Rubin “were at the sensitive part of the Dickey”

  16. I dunno.. why would we be so in on Dickey when it seems like the Jays weren’t even in talks with Anibal Sanchez? If we now have the cash we might as well not expend prospects.

    I don’t mean to say Sanchez and Dickey are similar I’m just using him to try to gauge AA’s interest in picking up another SP.

    • Sanchez???
      Uhhhhh…..how about the ridiculous dollars and cents for a #3 starter?

      • much has already been made about sanchez’s value. his peripherals point to something way better than a “#3 starter” (really? numbers?).

        anyways Petetown, I think that’s a valid line of thought. prospect capital is important too.

        • The logic is flawed.
          Just because AA isn’t chasing one overpriced FA SP doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for one, or interest in others. That’s my point – it’s non-linear.

        • DICKEY IS A #3 on the JAYS…. how do you people not get this…. dickey played in one of the weakest hitting divisions in baseball… Johnson and Morrow and even Rickey are more valuable if he has a comeback season….. Sanchez as a 3 is WAYYYY better option

          • Who’s to say dickey isn’t a number 1 on the jays?? He just pitched 233 1/3 innings last year with a fantastic era and K%. We could certainly use that at the top of our rotation especially with injury concerns with both Johnson and morrow.

    • Why do the Jays need another mid to bottom starte for the rotationr? Let Detroit pay that bs for Sanchez. AA wants the goods.

    • Dirty Sanchez just signed or about to for 16aav, where the Dickman by all accounts can be re-upped for 3/31 including current contract. I’m not math whiz or anything but…

      The Jay’s are all in this season, no more sitting on the rail (brass that is) throwing in ones time to pony up and take her to the champagne room. They are finished with the ALL prospect porn!

  17. Have a strange feeling the target is actually Niese and not Dickey.

  18. Given that the Mets can wait til trade deadline to deal him, I’m thinking AA must’ve upped his original bid.

    • With no pick coming with the mid season trade his value is significantly lower if the mets wait

    • Trade value on a 2-month rental is significantly lower than a full-year.
      Their max trade return happens now, not in July.

    • Hey excellent point…hadnt thought of that. He has to be with the club for – what is it, a year or a season? – in order to bring a pick back in the next draft.

      Well then if you want to contend then the new CBA rules say you have to decide that in the off season.

  19. Too bad Jenkins and mcquire flopped so hard. They would have been nice trade chips to the mets with jpa

  20. As Jonah Keri said the other day the Jays currently project (in his view) for 85 wins. With Dickey they look more like a 90-win team. Those 5 wins mean the difference between being in or out of the playoffs.

    • Not at all…a team that won 90 games last year in the AL east would have had to squeak into the wildcard. Which is no guarantee of being in the real playoffs. Also projecting Dickey for a 5 win season is pretty optimistic.

      • I don’t know about those specific numbers, but the way in which an individual player contributes to a team win total isn’t just in virtue of being a “X win player.” If you add Dickey, not only do you improve your starting 5, but you also make you #6 starter better by pushing Happ into a depth role. You also improve your bullpen, etc.

      • Not just 5, but 5 more then who he replaces. That seems real optimistic, even when you consider the somewhat intangible bullpen effect a innings eat like Dickey would have.

      • They weren’t my numbers. Probably better to have written that 90 wins would make the last few weeks of the season a bit more relevant and exciting.

        If a few things bounced the right way the Jays could win 90+ with the existing team but Keri’s point was that that closer you get to an 85- 90 win team the more valuable deals like this become.

        Still chuckling over the idea that the Mets want a bigger package for their Dickey.

  21. *sigh* can’t wait for a trade or extension to get done, so sick of hearing the same rumours over and over and the same trade proposals over and over. If it happens great, providing we don’t give up d’arnaud If not, we’re still in a position to add another pitcher mid-season if playoffs are a realistic possibility.

  22. Tailor made new headline for you in this one Stoeten:


    Dickey talks are apparently “at that sensitive spot”

  23. I’d have to think one of TDA or Gose is involved, I hope not. There is a possibility neither are in, in my mind because you keep hearing Mets have had an acceptable offer for weeks but want a better package(Ken Rosenthal). Have to believe Mets would take Gose or TDA so if the acceptable offer is real and it’s the Jays maybe neither are involved.
    JP drafted JP, maybe he’s sold Alderson on him and JP and others are enough to get it done assuming the Rangers don’t offer a better package.

    Who would Baltimore give up certainly not BUndy, Machado, or Gausman, Maybe Matsuz or Arrieta, but you have to think Mets want C and OF more than SP.

  24. For all we know the assets part of the deal is done and it’s negotiating window time.

    Fingers crossed we won!

  25. Hate to be a negative nelly (tas melas), but I feel AA is sitting reading these rumors and laughing. Could it happen? Sure! But remember when Toronto makes a trade we usually don’t hear about it until its done.

  26. Even if we lose out on Dickey, rumors are that Mets would listen to Niese, Gee and Santana. If they pay ofr all of Santana might be worth a look.

  27. I need a t-shirt that says BLUFE JAYS.

  28. I know the whole ‘If it’s talked about beforehand, it won’t happen” aura around Anthopolous is often overstated… but uh, all this talk about it is making me skeptical about it happening anyway. =(

  29. Joel Sherman just tweeted he’s hearing Dickey won’t sign an extension with the Jays, and that could be holding up a deal.

    • Ohhh boy, that’s silly. R.A. — do you like **LOTS OF GUARANTEED MONEY**? Because I do. And you should, too, Mr. 38-Year-Old-Knuckleballer-Coming-Off-A-Career-Year.

    • Dickey may just not like the idea of signing an extension in a 24 hour window. I guess we’ll see what kind of gamble AA is willing to take (or not take).

    • Can Darren Oliver (former teammate in Texas) or Brandon Morrow (former teammate in Seattle) just call the guy and be like, it’s cool in Toronto, come win some games with us for the next three years?

    • I’d think Dickey would take the money in an extension. Dickey could get his balls lit up in the AL East. Take the money.
      Let’s stop talking about the New York Mets Dickey’s and start talkig about our AS………………………………………………………………HBY.

  30. Fill that (rotation) hole with Dickey!

  31. Fuck Dickey

  32. The Knobler goes a Knoblin about the Blufe Jays!

  33. Don’t get your hopes up nothing will happen

  34. Anyone want to take some guesses at what this deal might be if it happens?

    Would they give up Darnaud or Gose?

  35. I’d still give up JPA (though nothing else of significance) for Dickey without an extension.

    He could add $15 – $20 million in surplus value in ONE season, plus be eligible for a compensation pick.

  36. Dickey not willing to extend (sorry) is huge (… again), especially considering his modest demands. He could still get a qualifying offer and net a draft pick but that is less ideal, at the time of the trade.

  37. Remember, even if he doesn’t sign the Jays would probably tender him and would get a draft pick when he signs elsewhere. That would replace one of the two (or three) prospects going the other way.

  38. No way do I ever, in any world give up Travis d’Arnaud if Dickey isn’t signing an extension.

  39. Such a tease. I wish they’d just tell you when a trade happens and leave the hype out of it

  40. The Mets want outfield and catcher help and they also apparently want a really good prospect and another good one. That sure sounds like an offer of Gose and A.J. Jimenez gets in done, doesn’t it?

    This allows us to keep J.P. which seems like the likely scenario at this point and it gives the Mets their outfield and catcher help and gives them their really good prospect in Gose and their just plain good one in A.J.

    I only trade Gose if we can get the extension though. Offer Dickey 2 years and $25M with a team option for a 3rd year for $13M with a $1M buyout. That gives him his $31M guaranteed over the next 3 years while giving us 4 years of control to lessen the blow of losing young cheap talent. A Michael Scott win win win.

  41. There is zero point in giving up top prospects in exchange for 1 yr of Dickey and a compensatory draft pick. No extension, no deal.

    This rumor will probably die as a consequence. Which begs the question: Wth is wrong with Dickey? Why would you not want to re-sign with a legit contender but want to re-sign with a perpetually mediocrity in the NY Mets?

    I just don’t get it.

    • “not interested in extension” is agentspeak for squeezing out another couple million out of the deal, i think.

    • a) he likes where he is and if teams cannot get an extension, then the mets might be forced to give him one; b) he is using his leverage to secure some extra money; or c) he doesn’t want to move his family to Canada.

  42. Also as a knuckleballer with no UCL, there’s um, negative-zero risk of an elbow injury and a smaller (relative) risk of any other kind of injury arm/shoulder injury. Sign the guy to a three year extension (four total)! Does that sweeten the pot? An extra season at $15 million? Total of 4/46 instead of 3/31?

  43. Wilner is bringing out the If you’re hearing about it it isn’t true thing again. Which is totally true except within eight hours of the finalized deal and the other side of the talks are big sloppy blabbermouths.

    • Yeah all the blabber about the Marlins deal in the hours leading up to it was… accurate. Very accurate. Which isn’t to say this is going to happen, but don’t rule it out “because you’re hearing about it.” Nonsense. Mets people (Alderson, Ricciardi) are well-known in the media as willing to talk, and the NY media seems especially plugged in with Alderson, given his background at the league offices

  44. Look at the picture they have at getting blanked for their Dicky story, prob NSFW

  45. Do it. Do it. Don’t fucking cock tease me like this!

  46. ALERT: Heyman says deal believed to be in place, extension talks with trade team what may be holding things up..

    Well who the fuck knows..

  47. Not saying one year of Dickey is worth significant prospect capital, but … don’t forget a qualifying offer could (and should/would) be made with even a 2010 or 2011 output from Dickey this year. That recoups *some* of it, albeit down the road.

  48. Holy fuck Wilner is a twit!

  49. My guess is that the Texans made the deal. Too many lost-out-ons this week.

  50. That picture is making me 100% rofl. Omg hahahahahahaha

  51. Ken Rosenthal says “the Mets are telling clubs that they have an acceptable trade offer for Dickey, but they are trying to get an even better package, one source says.”

    Which we heard earlier.

    We have no way of knowing for sure, but if it’s Toronto I would not be surprised if it’s the same deal supposedly on the table at the winter meetings but Alderson finally accepts.

  52. Maybe Dickey is amenable to a 2 year $26 million extension from Toronto, but he simply won’t agree to the perpetual $13 million options AA wants to attach to the deal.

  53. Great Photo BTW

  54. R A Dickey makes so much more sense than signing one of the available free agents who seem to be getting fibe year contracts. First Dickey can be had for three years meaning as his contract ends the top end starters from the farm will be arriving. His three year contract will not block the young arms. Secondly, he is the best available arm out there and his AAV is not any higher than the free agents. Why wouldn’t he be the best target.

    However AA has said that he doesn’t figure to do anything major, only add depth pieces and he doesn’t usually blantantly lie.

  55. “On December 14, 2012, Dickey was traded to the Boston Red Sox for Jacoby Ellsbury, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and prospect Matt Barnes. Immediately after, Dickey agreed to a 3 year $41 million dollar extension with Boston.”

    So says Wikipedia. Must be true.

  56. Heyman speculating on JPA & Gose.

    Nothing new. Remember, he suggested Emmanuel Burris would be enough when people thought the Jays should trade Bautista half way through his breakout year.

  57. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Mets pulling all sorts of shit to punk AA. Telling random reporters things like Dickey won’t do an extension, Dickey’s this, that, etc. All of the Dickey stuff we have heard in the last couple weeks is probably the Mets way of trying to either really screw Dickey out of his wanted dollars or try and pry a better deal from a team.

    I’m certain AA has a firm deal in place for Dickey and won’t budge, just like he had a legitimate price for Darvish and wouldn’t budge and wouldnt tell others how much it was or any details the minute Texas won the bidding. Mets realize with all the big name pitchers slowly dissipating they should probably take a trade soon before other teams jump in and make better offers. Mets are probably doing all sorts of silly stuff out of desperation, so I don’t fully trust all the stuff on twitter. They will do anything to squeeze a better package out of a team

  58. JPA and any plus prospect of ours is too much for 1 year of Dickey. The extension is key here. Would he help our 2013 team? Yes. But a TDA or a JPA/Gose scenario for 1 year seems more of a panic move to improve the rotation as opposed to a smart baseball decision

    A sign and trade or a legitimate chance of an extension is a different story. If you can get him for an extra 2 years at $20M on top of his current $5M 2013 obligation, much different story.

    • Agreed. I know the Jays have built so much prospect depth but to blow nearly half of their good prospects and throw all their eggs in one basket (in terms of winning now) wouldn’t be a good move.

  59. Don’t mind getting Dickey, if D’Arnaud isn’t involved. The fact that Dickey doesn’t want to sign an extension with the Jays is a shitty piece of news, but not a deal breaker. I mean, since the Jays are so close to being legit contenders, but clearly have a few holes to fill, namely pitching depth, isn’t that all the more reason to go for it, and get aggressive and get a guy like this, even if its only for a year? Why sit on our hands now, when glory is within grasp? They should be aggressive as fuck right now. I’d be perfectly fine with Gose (he sucks so bad at the plate) and JPA (nothing special, replaceable) going the other way. I don’t like D’Arnaud included because its such a rare position to find a solid hitter in.

  60. This speculation is cumming so hot and furious that I think some got in my eye.

  61. Don’t get why ppl think gose is a too good to trade for dickey! Right now he just seems like a younger rajai Davis:great speed good defense but a not so good hitter. No disrespect though!

  62. I’d much rather gamble on JPA & fringe pieces for 1 year of Dickey than JPA & Gose for 3 years of Dickey.

    Because I don’t see ANY way AA gives up JPA & Gose for 1 year of Dickey.

  63. It’s funny how every non Jays fan on twitter is saying ‘That’s IT??’ about a package of Gose+ JP for Dickey, and most Jays fans seem to think the Jays are giving up way too much.

    • Seeing what speedy, good defensive and cheap CF’s have gone for I think it’s more than fair on the Jays side.

  64. If we get Dickey, are we going to get a new dick pun every single time he starts a game on this site?

    Because if so, I’m willing to give up Gose

  65. Keep in mind one year of Dickey is only going to cost you $5M. Assuming he puts up 2.5 WAR we’re talking about a $10M+ in surplus “value” here. And if he won’t extend we’ll get a compensation pick back when he obviously turns down our offer (or maybe he signs on for one year of $12.5M?)

    Anyway, I’d trade away JPA+Gose for cheap Dickey+ a comp pick. We’ll probably draft a young, high-ceiling, center fielder with that pick anyway.

  66. Yea no chance in hell AA does 1 yr of Dickey unless it’s coming from above his head and probably above Beeston too.

    Unless Dickey is coming with some other Mets in tow, just totally anti-AA move

    With all the new names popping up however, maybe this is a multi-team deal? Mets get a few random prospects/young players from several teams with some teams getting pitching (Dickey, Niese) and others getting a CF’er (Gose, Rasmus?)

  67. If no extension then no. However I do believe his asking price was a hometown discount of sorts. Blue Jays should trade for him if he doesn’t sign, then you take Gose or whoever off the table.

  68. This just isn’t AA style every other big deal he has done has come out of no where. I hope we can land dickey but hope it’s only a 1 for 1 deal with no extension and maybe we add a lesser pitching prospect if he signs.

  69. Is the ‘Jays are close’ stuff all bullshit, I wonder?


    Bo McKinnis agent for R.A. Dickey at 4:22 pm est: “No one has asked us to consider an extension with any club”

    • just beat me to it James

      could be bullshit after all

      maybe the offer is something like Mike Olt plus whatever for Dickey and Mets are trying to get JPA and Gose from the Jays and AA is saying eff off unless we get an extension?

  70. Dickey’s agent said he hasnt been asked to sign an extension with any team

    um . . . yea, not cool

    • AA might have brought him into the cone of deniability. it is right next to the cone of silence

  71. “please keep in mind that it does not mean that any time the Jays’ name is out there it’s a false rumour– that myth seriously needs to go away.”

    Thank you. Can you please explain that over at MLBTR too?

  72. Wilner is acting very Wilnerish today, getting into an argument with Daniel Norris about religion in schools. So very Wilnerish.

    • if Wilner fills Ashby’s vacancy I’d almost consider this offseason a disaster – hate to say that because it’s childish and dumb, but Wilner is a total fool and would just ruin the radio experience completely, which is the best medium for enjoying that sport

      • The Rangers have indicated they would trade Mike Olt and Cody Buckel for Dickey, Andy Martino reports (on Twitter). That said, the Blue Jays still appear to be in the lead for the NL Cy Young winner.
        Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#UVlUeUPppMOuP7oH.99

        Looks like I may be on to something

        • replied to wrong spot – ignore the above

        • I still Believe a C and CF are more valuable to teh Mets. Olt is very good but where would Mets put him it would have to be in a corner OF spot and I think they want CF more than anything.

    • Wilner’s a fucking scab that needs to be peeled off badly. One min. claims trade is not happening if we heard about it…blah blah blah and now has a trust source that says it may have legs. Trusted source = DJF

  73. The time is now, which is a different mindset than we might have had before the big Florida transaction. Fuck guys like Gose and JPA, they’re not core guys, and in Gose’s case, far from it IMO. And even if Gose was a half decent prospect, the opportunity cost of keeping him is potentially losing the chance at acquiring a big piece to help win the 2013 World Series. Although I do agree it was a career year, he did win the Cy fucking Young last season. How many other opportunities like this will come around? Bird in hand folks…. can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • when you say bird in hand… are you referring to Dickey?

      • If we acquire him, I might just have to knuckle my balls?

        Not even sure what that means.

        Fuck his name and how it throws off every discussion.

    • AA tried acquiring Gose multiple times when he was with the Phillies organization. Once traded to Houston AA traded for him. He was moved aggresively through the system and sent to play winter ball last year, then played with the big club for a couple months. Pretty sure AA and the organization are treating him like a core guy.

      JPA was the true definition of a core piece until the Florida trade.

      Cy Young award is great but please put things in context before start alarming the cliche police. He’s 38 and has one year left on his contract.

      • Totally aware that AA pursued Gose several times, and its just as reasonable to conclude he went after him because of his perceived market value, not necessarily because he envisioned him having a successful career. If the rest of the league is high on him, for rational or irrational reasons, then he could bring back good value in a deal down the road no? Just dont believe everything GMs say in the media. It’s their job to try and increase their assets’ values so they’ll say as many positive things about them that they’re asked. It doesn’t mean they actually believe in their heart of hearts that its true. I’m not arguing that’s definitely the case here, but its not a stretch. And just because he pursued him a few times doesn’t automatically mean they think of him as a core guy. I find it hard to believe they’d feel that way about a guy who is so terrible at the plate.

      • And JPA a true definition of a core piece? He’s 27 and has a career OBP of .275. They have D’Arnaud waiting in the wings. Petty much a no brainer that JPA is the furthest thing from being a core piece to any team.

        The time to win is now, who gives a shit if Dickey is 38 or could be gone in one year. Go for gold, never know when this type of opportunity might arise again. Fuck, its only been 20 years since the last time they were in any kind of race.

        • You’ve got your blinders on. Selling the farm on older players like this for a 1 year competitive window is the reason it’s been 20 years since we were in any kind of race.

          • I think we differ on our opinions of what we consider as valuable “farm” assets. Unless we’re talking about horse manure.

          • Another way to look at it is to turn the tables keeping everything else equal – if we had Dickey, and they were offering Gose and JPA for him, would we make the deal to acquire them? I’d say he’ll no, we already have D’Arnaud and Rasmus, why are we trading our Cy Young starter for two guys who haven’t proven a thing yet anyways, when we have a team built to win today?And even though he’s 38, he’s also a knuckler. I’ll take my chances on him as being a valuable asset in 2013. This is a no brainer IMO. I’m guessing the Mets are trying to get more from the Jays, and the Jays are sticking to their guns, knowing that the Mets are running out of trade options.

  74. Olt and Buckel for Dickey is what Texas offers

    Anyone got any deets on this Buckel guy?

  75. The Blue Jays began the day with the belief that they could obtain Dickey within 24-48 hours, Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports

    Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#i94AMUzAjG4L859g.99

    Haha, AA’s like that guy who claims he can pick up a chick within any given night at the bar

  76. Maybe this turns into a 3 way trade with AA getting Olt for JPA.

    I’d be down with that.

  77. I honestly thought all this Gose and JPA for RA was a joke. Cant believe this might just happen. #fingazcrossed

  78. Feels a lot like that darvish situation no excitement till something is done

  79. christ this is yu darvish 2.1 isnt it

  80. Have to think we would be getting more if AA were to trade Gose and JPA but what do I know?

  81. Dickey not extending is false apparently according to Martino. I wonder if that rumour negatively impacted Viagra sales!

  82. @Wilnerness590

    Finding out from trusted source that #Bluejays closing in on Dickey story certainly does have legs. Will keep a close eye. #Jays

  83. ken rosenthal, rangers no longer involved in dickey talks, and did not offer lot and buckle to mets

  84. Geez the latest tweets make it sound like the Jays really are in “the lead”.

    This would be more disappointing tha Darvish, I think.

  85. Hopefully the Jays patt with Rasmus and keep Gose. I like Rasmus’ potential, but Gose could put up 2 fWAR a season on defense alone.

    • Totally disagree. I’m sick of people all over Gose and hating on Rasmus. Gose was a huge disappointment in his debut last year. Rasmus is still improving, but has demonstrated to be a major league player (hitting and defense). I’d rather give up Gose than Rasmus.
      Bring on the hate!

      • Gose was good during his second call up. I just think that Gose still has a long ways to go before he can start in MLB. He could end up being a more toolsy Rajai Davis, meaning he is more supplemental than core.

  86. That Olt rumour seems like it could come from the Mets to squeeze offers. I’m going out now, but I’m going to take with me a vision of AA holding all the cards, and JP desperately trying to up his take before settling on Dickey for JPA, Sierra and … some non-Lansing or Nolin arm.

  87. It’s a tough choice between Rasmus and Gose and I don’t know who I would part with? I do think that JPA is due for a breakout but you never know

    • contract situation is enough that I’d prefer to keep Gose, even if it’s a little riskier for the 2013 Blue Jays (though I think Boni will do if necessary.) we need some cheap talent on the team even with Rogers opening the wallet up

  88. I am surprised no one has tweeted that a Dickey extension is required to consumate the deal.

  89. Not at all jumping the gun here but how wells does Buck catch a knuckeball anyway???

  90. First you cut a hole in the box, then you put your Dickey in the box, then make her open the box.

  91. Anytime someone tweets that the Blue Jays are front runners, Yu Darvish’s face pops into my head…. and then I get pissed.

  92. JP Ricciardi is leaking like a sieve right now.

  93. Still think more than Dickey will be involved. Wouldn’t surprise me to see AA try and shore up an additional hole somewhere else in the organization as well. Do they pick up their 25th man as well? Do they pick up a 2nd pitcher and flip one on in the current rotation?

    Anyway good to see that Happ is unlikely to be the 5th starter if this trade goes through.

    • JPA + Sanchez for Dickey + Ike davis then?

      • No I can’t see the Jays giving up one of Sanchez or Syndergaard unless it was what I talked about a few days ago and that was a Dickey and Niese combo coming back to the Jays. And then obviously one of the current guys, likely Buehrle, ends up getting flipped for something else even if it’s for not that much. Now of course none of that has really been talked about before among the media wonks so it’s probably not going to happen.

  94. I’m really excited at the thought of Dickey but also terrified of the thought of giving up Gose or D’Arnaud for a 38-year-old. I wonder if there’s a secondary move here a la Ruben Amaro’s Cliff Lee trade. Could the Jays be moving out big prospects but getting some lesser ones back? As much as I want a run, I don’t know about selling out for it.

    • IMO..D’Arnaud is going nowhere unless another big piece coming back. The ‘run’ is already taking place and ‘selling’ out on the prospects is part of it. There is no way they can sit back and wait/hope for all the prospects come up as most will bust anyways.

      • Agreed and agreed. I can see them moving D’Arnaud + if the Mets are also adding youth…I just think that there’s a difference between “buying” and “selling the farm.” The way this trade goes down or doesn’t will be a big indication of which side of that line we’re on…

  95. Look there’s no way they trade D’Arnaud if Dickey wont extend… IMHO, anyway.

  96. any other players from the mets the jays get back then if this unlikely deal occurs

  97. I’m trying not to let my hopes get up but they keep pushing to the surface. To put it in a way we can all understand, it’s like trying to drown a kid in a life jacket.

  98. A high-ranking executive of a team that pursued Dickey believes the knuckleballer is being traded to Toronto, Morosi reports (on Twitter).
    Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#udH76J44fMRspX1A.99

  99. Ha Ha! Just saw this hashtag on Twitter…..#Dicksanity

    • and #biebersballs was trending yesterday – the world must think Canadians have an obsession with genitalia!

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