Well here’s a welcome distraction: while we were in the studio recording a podcast you’ll see posted shortly (perhaps below this post, if rumours continue to come as the afternoon moves into evening– or, actually, you can just check it at Getting Blanked) all sorts of Dickey stuff started heating up, with the Jays the main grist in the rumour mill.

To wit:

10:20 PM ET

OK, one more update before I hit the road, as Jon Heyman checks in with the latest from CBS Sports. Money quote(s):

Word is, the sides are hoping to finish the trade soon, but no announcement was expected Friday.

While several other teams had been interested in Dickey, the Mets have focused all their attention on the Blue Jays, cutting off their discussions with other teams, sources tell CBSSports.com.

There are suggestions the Blue Jays may have relented to include top prospect, catcher Travis d’Arnaud. The Blue Jays preferred to include J.P. Arencibia, but the Mets have held steady in their demand of d’Arnaud, 23.

He later adds that “the two teams have also discussed center fielder Anthony Gose, who played in 56 games for Toronto in 2012.”

I don’t think he’s making the suggestion it could be both d’Arnaud and Gose, but it’s certainly going to be a hefty cost. I could deal with either of the two main scenarios being rumoured, however, because it’s just so rarely that this franchise has the potential to add Cy Young-level talent to its rotation, and with the other “all-in” moves they’ve made for 2013, and the reported financial demands from Dickey– which seem eminently fair– the addition of a three to five win pitcher would really go a long way towards starting to potentially separate the Jays from the AL East pack… at least on paper.


9:45 PM ET

Yeah… so I think that’s about it for hovering over the computer for me for one day. Unless something actually happens. You can trust that I’ll be monitoring my phone ceaselessly, much to the annoyance of all those around me.

Let’s not forget that the John Farrell trade broke later than this on a Saturday night back in October, so… maybe it’s not over, though it’s been awfully quiet for nearly two hours now. I’m sure the madness will start back up again tomorrow.


8:35 PM ET

Martino adds this, which is obviously a positive sign:


8:09 PM ET

So it seems we’ve hit the “worse before it gets better” stage. One hopes.

I’d be surprised if Anthopoulos and the Jays went this far, but… maybe they would. And while lots of people seem to believe that including d’Arnaud would mean the deal has to be expanded, I just don’t know. Look at what it took to get James Shields.

The Jays, we’ve heard this winter, moved a lot of guys who’d been looking at the minors into their pro scouting ranks last summer, in anticipation that they’d be trading more for established players than prospects in the future, so if they’re truly paying this much of a price for Dickey, they’ve got to think he’s worth it… for whatever that’s worth.


8:03 PM ET

Aaaaand so maybe I won’t be.


7:52 PM ET

This doesn’t mean we won’t get a leaked answer, but…

So… I may be off to the bar soon, then.


7:22 PM ET

He follows this one by saying they’d give up Arencibia. 

And then this, in response to a question about why things seem to have changed:


7:14 PM ET

So… there’s this…

7:03 PM ET

Andy Martino strikes more fear into me as he lays this on us:

If the Jays were going to do that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been done already, so that’s at least comforting. But in other ways, it maybe makes more sense than JP Arencibia being a major trade chip.


6:40 PM ET

It’s delicious, by the way. Also, Heyman has this:

Oh yeah, and I’ve flipped the post around so the newest updates are now at the top. You’re welcome– and speaking of “you’re welcomes” I’d like to extend an offer to the Jays to offer me one in the form of getting this damn deal done and over with so I don’t have to stare Twitter for the next two days. Is that so much to ask?

Thanks in advance.


5:40 PM ET

More big time non-news news from Morosi:


5:55 PM ET

More from More-osi, who lays these two tweets on us:

Also… I’m going for a burrito.


5:22 PM ET

The Rangers are indeed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Angels or Orioles might not be involved. Or another team. We really know very little at the moment!

A few folks out there– Dave Cameron, for example, or Jonah Keri and Ben Badler– seem to be of the mind that JP Arencibia isn’t very valuable, just because, y’know, he can only hit for power and doesn’t play great defence– to which I say… pffft! (Also: quiet!!)


5:06 PM ET

And Morosi brings the high heat:


5:12 PM ET

Shi Davidi makes a good point– but a point that goes to my belief about the stealthiness thing being a myth: there are two sides from which the particulars of a deal can leak.

Hey, JP Ricciardi like talking, right? And he drafted a whole lot of the guys in the Jays’ system, too!


5:03 PM ET

Welp, Kenny Ken Ken quashes that one pretty quick…

But Kenny Ken Ken Davidoff of the New York Post seems

Martino adds in one of those weird extendo-tweet things that Buckel wasn’t offered– his mistake– but the Mets wanted him, and the larger point is the Rangers are out.


4:41 PM ET

So… here’s some idea of the package it might take. Olt and d’Arnaud are comparable as prospects on a lot of lists, which is a frightening thought. It’s going to take a lot, is the bottom line…


4:30 PM ET

Aaaand Jim Bowden lays this slice of intrigue on us. Could be a long night here, or could be that– as we’ve seen before– spitballing has snowballed into something a lot more concrete-seeming than the reality.

So… maybe it’s nothing. And if that turns out to be the case, please keep in mind that it does not mean that any time the Jays’ name is out there it’s a false rumour– that myth seriously needs to go away.


4:18 PM ET

I’ve been talking myself to believing in Gose lately– partly out of a fear of Rasmus, frankly– but with Bonifacio a capable cover for centre, and the Jays looking to win now, it makes sense… if there’s an extension. Heyman thinks it makes sense…

And in the New York Daily News, Andy Martino has filed a story saying basically the same things we’ve seen via Twitter– expanded slightly to include the fact that: “Although it may be too soon to say that Dickey is definitely headed out of town, sources say the pitcher and team have not negotiated since Wednesday and that GM Sandy Alderson has been involved in intense trade discussions on Thursday and Friday.”


4:07 PM ET

More from Heyman, which… if Sherman is right about Dickey not wanting to extend here, I just don’t see how a deal gets done. But it’s sound as if something could genuinely be close– like, the deal is agreed on with the Mets, and it’s pending the extension. Just reading between the lines, of course…


3:54 PM ET

And now this:

The Angels could still be a player, of course, and I have no idea how this concept of there being a “leader” or a “frontrunner” is supposed to work– are they throwing dice for the right to make the deal?– but that’s where we’re at.


3:40 PM ET

Here’s the latest:

Uh… but then there’s this:

So… fuck this, then? I’m thinking fuck this. I mean, how’s there value in that? It would be a serious gamble to give up the prospects it sounds like the Mets would require if you’re only getting a year out of Dickey– plus the hope that he changes his tune.

Still developing, of course.


Original information:

Uh… see what I mean?

Now, obviously there are other suitors involved here, and a hefty price to be paid, but there have been a lot of possible clues all along: the Mets’ needs, the Jays’ surpluses, the stuff about the Mets having an acceptable offer out there that they were trying to do better than. Could JP Arencibia (and obviously more) be on the table, just waiting for the Mets to accept? I hope so… as long as the more isn’t Anthony Gose.


Image via Lob Shots.

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  1. this is yu darvish all over again

  2. I remember getting this excited over Yu Darvish last year. This could end up being a heart breaker especially with the Angels out there with some pretty solid pieces that they can move. We’ll see soon though I guess.

  3. God! A knuckleballer! I’ve wanted one for years. I so hope this happens!

  4. Sports blog New York says ‘a very good chance Dickey is traded tonight’.

  5. Morosi twitter at 5:34: jays and mets making progress on deal……

  6. Just lost respect for MLBTradeRumors. They are somehow quoting Wilner’s twitter on the Jay’s being hopeful. Fuck….Wilner is just picking at those wilnots.

  7. Dickey traded to the Nippon Ham Fighters.

    Source: Kevin Gray

  8. So who’s this RA Dickey guy? Is he any good?

  9. Fingers crossed it’s not Gose. Could swallow JPA/Sierra/any pitcher other than S&S.

  10. The Angels are going to somehow punk the Jays in this. It’s what they do.

  11. I’ll blow my stones if they get Dickey.

  12. Come to think of it, you guys are right. If you substitute ‘Darvish’ for ‘Dickey’ that’s exactly what the tweets sounded like last year. High ranking execs saying the Jays got him. If Dickey ends up with the Angels at least he’s not in this division.

  13. Dickey is a pitcher in the NL who is currently the only knuckleballer and also possibly the inventor of the 80 mph version of it

  14. Mark Hulser reporting a Dickey trade to Jays involving D’Arnaud.

  15. I dont mind D’arnaud being involved, as long as they get a good haul in return above and beyond Dicker

  16. The Jays cant rely on him learning the majors with the team they have assembled now….especially a knuckleballer

  17. Knuckles deep baby.

    Bring that 80s porn star mofo ON!

  18. If Jays get Dickey, Rogers Centre should start selling candied Moose Knuckles! Guaranteed to be the must eat treat to beat!

    I can picture Zaun stuffing his face with those during the tv break

  19. I hope your burrito is from Burrito Boyz. Only logical place to go that’s worth tearing youself away from this.

  20. How is Romero going to handle pitching from the bullpen when we make the playoffs and as we move forward into the World Series?

  21. Mets rubbed Dickey the wrong way.
    AA snatched up Dickey and plans on extending Dickey.
    Opinions are mixed on what you can extract from Dickey.
    Can Dickey continue to pump the mitt?
    Or will age cause Dickey to shrivel?

    Last time, I promise.

    …Until I’m at a Dickey start at Skydome holding a 9 dollar beer and a bad pun on a poster.

  22. Dickey’s opening day song is MJ’s Beat It . . . haha, that would be priceless

  23. Apparently ESPN is requesting its staff refrain from Tweeting about sports until Sunday do to the tragic shooting.

  24. this just in: Dickey to blue jays, but to play second base….bye bye izy

  25. Hey Jays marketing staff, here is your next viral marketing campaign:


  26. The real question we should be asking is will Stoeten shit his pants because of Dickey signing in TO or because he ate that burrito?

  27. I could tolerate losing TDA if Wheeler or Harvey come back with The Big Dick. Dreaming, yes, I know.

  28. Just woke up from a nap to hear all of this. If the Jays land Dickey, it will never be more appropriate to yell out PLAOYFFSFS@!

  29. Trout for Dickeyé

  30. Anthony DiComo ‏@AnthonyDiComo

    Two people involved told me not to expect any resolution with Dickey tonight. He will be a Met for at least one more night. #Mets

    I cant fucking take this anymore. Whats the holdup? extension?

    • the wait will be awful as hell. I love how the Tor-Miami trade went down out of nowhere, and even though wasn’t official until a week later, everyone knew it was 95% a done deal pretty much right when it was first reveaeld

  31. So if our top 2 pitchers for 2013 are Johnson and Dickey, wonder if we can petition for new naming rights, the DurexDome?

  32. Did the MLBTR internet tubes just get clogged?

  33. #Dicksanity just crashed MLB Trade Rumors servers. This is getting EPIC

  34. Premature ejacu… dickey made a mess

  35. Nice! 503 is an overloaded server…. we did it!

  36. The Eli Whiteside and Bobby Wilson duel is going to get ugly – Wilson now with Stanks and Whiteside with Jays – flip flopping flyball/catcher carousel

  37. Getting the dickey ain’t happening for AA and his boys

  38. In other news, Sportsnet is reporting the Anthony Alford is transferring to Ole Miss. Apparently, LaCava has said in an email that his transfer and arrest/pending charges don’t charge their deal with him. So basically, it looks like he’s willing to red-shirt for one year and then continue pursuing football.


  39. Dicckie for xstence!!!!!!!!

  40. Wait wait wait, aren’t we going to need Doug Mirabelli now? How is it possible for a knuckleballer to be successful and not have Mirabelli? HAS EVERYTHING BEEN A LIE?!?

  41. Carne Asada or Carnitas?

  42. Thinking about this whole Johnson and Dickey pairing atop our rotation, i couldnt help but think back to when half our team had Francisco on their drivers licenses. Lol. Oh AA, you make it so much fun to be a Jays fan.

  43. who’s gpoing to tell him about Whiteside?

  44. Fuck I’m loving this blog….this offseason is a dream come true!!

  45. How about this for a headline…New Jays pitcher is RAD.

    Uh, yeah. Sorry.

  46. Put Ricky, R.A. and Brandon together and form the almighty Dicky RoMorrow!

  47. are we there yet

  48. What would Dickey’s hockey hoser nickname be? Like…reverse, so, just Dick? Probably Dicker

    • yea i’d say Dicker, can see the guys on hockey hotstove call him that

      personally i would go with something completely unrelated to his name, call him something like Chubb

    • Dicksy obviously. A clever bunch those hockey players are…

  49. If AA gets Dickey, then this off season is pretty much some kind of fantasy league wetdream that actually happened

    • +11

      I keep coming back to this post as what my most macro feeling is.

    • Like AA hacked into the ESPN Fantasy Baseball servers, poured himself a White Russian, and said “alright boys, The Greek is here to play”

  50. Andy Martino ‏@MartinoNYDN

    Per sources, D’arnaud was a “must have” during winter mtgs for deal w TOR to happen. Unclear whether its Mets or jays who will blink on that

    Uh, Oh. Now im fucking scared. Mets want arencibia? Sure. Gose? Fine. Sean Nolin? Fuck yeah. But Travis? Hope not.

    • I said a few days ago they should consider dealing TDA.

      JPA isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world and they have good C depth in the system.

      Not saying I’m all for a straight up swap for Dickey but I definitely get the reasoning if he does get moved.

  51. Fuck if it’s more than d’Arnaud for just Dickey : (

    Could bew d’Arnaud + Happ + cooper for Dickey + Niese

  52. @danconnollysun

    Acdg 2 an industry source, #Orioles talked w #Mets some about Dickey but no fit there. Os wont give up Bundy & dont have top OF/C prospects

  53. Hey Andrew where did you get the delicious burrito?

  54. Really starting to think that DiComo is right & that we won’t see a resolution tonight…which is …argh! Yeah, yeah…patience & all that…but goddamnit it’s impossible to look away while there’s the possibility it *could* go down at any moment!

  55. Im even okay with JPA and Rasmus going to Mets if it means we get Dickey and meanwhile Gose ; Darnaud ; Lansing 2 stay put.

  56. I don’t like this D’Arnaud speculation. I hope the Jays bail if it comes down to trading him.

  57. Dont forget everyone, AA specifically made the point in his interiview on The Fan to say those big 1 for 1 deals will be rare at best, if not totally unlikely. If this thing has the Julia Roberts sized teeth it appears, i would start thinking about Niese and other pieces to return :D

    • I strongly doubt the mets will give up dickey and niese unless its some absurd package the jays are offering. Plus, the jays dont need 2 starters. At least not the quality of dickey AND niese. If jays land dickey, romero would be #5 starter which is incredible.

      • Thats just what i mean, AA’s propensity to “go big or go home”. So they over-aqcuire starters? What a great problem to have. Maybe you shop one over the winter? Or build up all their values for that ‘over the top’ deadline deal.

        • If it does morph into something tha involves multiple players and prospects both ways, I’d love if AA got Wilmer Flores. Could be the long term answer at 2-bag. He’s all bat and a bit of a butcher with the mitt but it’s a great bat.

  58. I need more rumours to feed me.

  59. ‏@jperrotto

    Am told #BlueJays will not give up Travis d’Arnaud in any trade with #Mets for R.A. Dickey.

    • given that Texas wasn’t giving up Olt it seems that the Jays could probably get it done with Gose as the biggest piece.

    • Phew!! Now I can go back to rosterbation.

      • I can’t recall John Perotto ever being an ‘insider’ of any note…so he could certainly be 100% wrong here. Let’s hope TDA is spared.

  60. We couldn’t offer Will Myers but would rather Sheilds, and Davis than Dickey if it will cost TDA.

    • I doubt Friedman would have traded them within his division.

      • I would much prefer 3 years of Dickey over 2 years of Shields

        • Five years of Davis with Sheilds. Sheilds has known success in the Al East that’s worth something to me. But if it was just Sheilds or Dickey, yeah I’d Rather have Dickey.

  61. If no d’Arnaud, are we looking at JPA + Rasmus + ?

    • My gut says jpa + gose+ nolin but what the fuck do I know.

    • The only thing that gives JPA value (his cheapness) is gone after 2013 season once he hits arbitration. Rasmus is a FA in 2 seasons and has not established himself as anything special. That would not be anything close to a good return for the Mets. I would hope for something like JPA, Gose, and Nolin or Norris, but wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to JPA, Gose and one of the Lansing guys with a Dickey extension tacked on.

      • Rasmus has shown signs of being something very special, more so than Gose.

        • If I was a GM and dealing the defending Cy Young winner, if one of the principals in the proposed return only has 2 years of control left I need more than “signs” of being special.

  62. Are you nuts for Dickey?

  63. Meanwhile JPA is shitting himself hoping he doesn’t have to eat his own words and get traded once his team is a contender.

  64. All the Mets fans tweeting at Martino thinking TDA is the minimum and JPA & Gose is not enough.

    Boy are they going to be disappointed. It just doesn’t fit AAs MO.

    • TDA straight up might be something AA would at least consider.

    • It is like when all the Miami fans were thinking “this better be fucking d’Arnaud or at least JPA back” and it turned out to be Mathis

  65. If the reason for the delay is that the Jays don’t want to give up D’Arnaud and are waiting for the Mets to blink, I’d be perfectly okay for this deal to stretch into next week.

    • The delay has been widely reported (though not at all making the truth) as his current contract. Whether they can extend him, etc. my gut says AA will take the risk @ 5Mil if Dickey kaboshes extension talks pre-trade.

  66. Hopefully the Jays have a D’Arnaud “head” ready to just replace on the planned JPA bobbleheads.

  67. If this trade does go down in the next little, it’s pretty impressive that there has been bigtime speculation the last few hours without a single confirmation of who the Blue Jays are including.

    Media just speculating over the same names we speculate over.

    • It’s in the Mets best interest to telegraph to the 29 other teams through the media that the Jays are hot and heavy on Dickey, but may not be in their best interest to float out specific names (i.e. D’Arnaud), lest you build up hope for a D’Arnaud and bring your fans an Arencibia instead.

  68. Oh man! I haven’t been this excited since right before the Jays won the Yu Darvish bidding!

  69. I love the Dickey move because it would mean the Jays still have a compettive rotation if JJ walks.

  70. Without an extension – Arencibia and anyone not named Gose or D’Arnaud or the Lansing 2. With an extension – we’ll talk. Throw in Niese and you have a deal.

  71. Well, there is baseball economics and then there is Yankee baseball economics; fuck they generate a shit-tonne of money:


  72. Well the Yankees have two world series in the 21st century. They have spent some $2.5 Billion on payroll to get those two titles.

  73. There is way too much noise for this to be true. AA has never done deals like this..Where there is smoke the Ninja disappers

    • Hi Mike. I really hope you don’t get that new broadcast booth position. Maybe the Houstons will take you instead.

  74. Pure speculation but maybe there’s an agreement already but out of respect for the victims they’re waiting a day.

  75. Anthony Dicosmo reporting on MLb.com that Mets management has indicated tryst would need a premium difference maker in any deal for Dickey, which presumably would mean D’Arnaud in any deal with TOR. Mets management also spooked by Arencibia’s .275 OBP. He speculates the offer may be D’Arnaud and Gose for Dickey.

    • If it is d’Arnaud and Gose and we only get Dickey back… then : (

      that is an insane price, essentially the two biggest pieces of the Halladay deal but closer to the bigs and Halladay was 6 years younger than Dickey at the time

      • To be fair Drabek was the biggest piece in the deal at the time.

      • that’s revisionist history. Drabek was the gem in that trade.

        • Exactly. And so Drabek + Dickey for Halladay? Yah why not, so long as we can extend Dickey i think is been a fair trade to both sides. Considering how limited our options really were at the time (ie: snowball’s chance in hell at keeping him) we did a’ight

          • by biggest pieces in the trade I meant as of 2012 and not when it happened. Once prospects are knocking on the door of the bigs they are worth quite a bit more than when they are 18 or 19 years old.

  76. dickey would be amazing and a perfect fit into our rotation, however it better not be at the expense of D’Arnaud! JPA absolutely and I would be OK with the loss of Gose as long as that came with an extension :) JP will regret shooting off his mouth about his apparent arrogant guarantee. Please don’t trade Boni AA… I’m so looking forward to his speed and versatility in this lineup !

  77. Buck, Rasmus, Nolin and Jiminez. Hey Heyman I can spitball ideas too.

  78. Listen to you people… people piss moan and whine for years about the jays not wanting to be contenders and then when AA makes some moves, you all piss whine and moan.

    RA Dickey is a legit pitcher who has put up legit numbers for the past 3 years. He’s also a durable knuckleballer that will eat innings and miss bats. And you people are whining about giving away Gose?

    Back in the day the Jays gave away a lot to get their hands on David Cone to help lock down a world series. Now they want make a move for another arm.

    NEWSFLASH, not every trade is going to be like the Rasmus trade or the Marlins trade where the Jays give up spare parts for talent, sometimes in baseball you have to give to get. So either you want them to win a world series or not. Choose a side and stick on it.

    • I agree but if it is something like d’Arnaud and Gose for Dickey, then that is a very huge price to pay.

      • Gose and Tabler won’t do it?

      • This is the world of baseball. Remember what the Rangers paid the Mariners for a few months of Lee? Remember how everyone thought the Rangers were crazy and how Justin Smoak was a cant miss franchise player? hrmmm how did that all work out? And that was for MONTHS of Lee, right now were talking at least one full year of Dickey but if TDA or Gose is going itll be a guaranteed extension for well below what he would get on the open market. Anibal fucking Sanchez just got 80 MILLION dollars and he has what, one winning season in his career?

        It just pisses me off how everyone was bitching about how AA was building for the future and now that he;s making moves people are whining about the future. Fuck…

  79. TDA and Gose for Dickey is way too much – two thirds of the Doc deal for 1 year with a guy who has one fraction of Doc’s pedigree

    • Even factoring in inflation, those 2 alone probably almost netted us Latos a year ago, but I imagine AA was hesitant to let both go then and now, not sure things have changed that drastically

      • if those two guys are going it will not be for 1 year

        I agree though, it was basically the two pieces of the Halladay that panned out (Drabek is a maybe still I guess) and they are now about major league ready. If those two are gone I think more than Dickey comes back.

        • who could the Mets part with though? Murphy or Ike Davis are only 2 i see AA interested in

      • Don’t be a idiot. You can’t have inflation for player trades, that’s a construct of a fiat currency. How much a player’s worth depends on a lot of things that are in flux.

  80. Agh! What about the guy who said TDA would not be included in any deal?

    If he is, then probably bigger than Dickey.

  81. Vernon Wells has some nice lefty splits – virtually no power, but hits lefties for contact much better than righties. Frig, the things one will think of while waiting for this dickey deal to go down

  82. Oh I got another great idea. How about Arencibia and D’Arnaud for Dickey, and just sign some random to backup Buck?

  83. Would | be too crazy to suggest that maybe JPA doesn’t get moved because of the marketing the Jays have tied to his name for the upcoming season?

    • Yes. The only marketing tied to JPA that I’ve seen is the bobblehead day. You’d have to be insane to hold back on making a move that makes the team better because of 20,000 bobbleheads.

    • Yes you would be crazy.

  84. So if the deal happens, still a big maybe, who will be the opening day starter? What will the rotation look like? If were Gibbers I think I would have:


    JJ, Morrow, and Dickey could all get it though, even Buehrle has an outside shot (I think AA once brought up the idea of having him start opening day)

  85. I think AA has spoiled us, such that we now expect to steal players for beans.

  86. Gotta give it to Dickey because of Cy Young, even if I dont agree, but b/c otherwise media would make a shitshow of them not doing it I think

  87. A few hours ago Heyman had a tweet about JPA & Gose.

    A few hours from now, Heyman will have a tweet about Sanchez, Syndegaard, Nolin, Norris & Osuna so all his bases are covered.

    This is all just bullshit until there is a confirmation from the clubs.

  88. I hear it’s Niese and Dickey for TDA, Gose and more prospects

    • that would be nucking futs

      Romero for closer?

    • It’s almost worth having to sign-up, and then login to comment to avoid the 10 oakville69 posters and guys like this.

      • agreed.

      • ????.
        This is the real oakville69.

        I am shocked that AA would be willing to give up TDA & Gose for 1 year of Dickey.

        That is opposite to how the Jays have operated in the past.

        I could see TDA or Gose being offered for 1 year of Dickey but that’s a pretty steep price.

        TDA + Gose for 3 years of Dickey is more fair.

        Could AA have had a change of philsophy on the value of prospects after what happened with Snider & Drabek??

        • Do you still have your flex pack or can I buy it off you

        • Don’t really see D’Arnaud + gose for an old-ass nl knuckleball pitcher as a smart use of resources.

          Why not go after EJax and keep your youngsters?

    • While what you posit makes some sense, exactly what are the Jays going to do with six solid starting pitchers, plus a swingman, plus returning starters from the DL midseason?

    • Hearing from whom?

    • waste of young resources. You don’t need 6# very legit starting pitchers, not when it means burning through organizational depth elsewhere.

  89. Nobody has mentioned this so I will now.

    The jays have offered romero for dickey. YES you heard it here first!

    Remember romero is locked up for cheap and is coming off a bad season but is potentially very good. This is a risk that the mets might be intrigued by.

  90. maybe a D’Arnaud-based deal gets expanded by the Mets tossing in a reliever? there’s no such thing as a bullpen that’s too good on a contender, a bullpen piece would be worth more for the Jays to gain than for the Mets to lose…

    • Or maybe since the Mets pen was so shit last year (29th out of 30 teams) the Jays send one back the other way and save a prospect. Since the Mets biggest problem is money right now, and their competitive time frame is probably 2 years away, a young controllable reliever that makes next to nothing would be gold to the Mets as well.

  91. You have to give up talent to get talent…we are underrating having a CY winner be our ace for the next 3 or so years. Dickey, Johnson, Beurhle, Morrow, Romero. The future is now my friends.

  92. Remember when the Jays used to swap their top prospects for half-season (or less) rentals? Worked out pretty well twice. I can only imagine the outrage here in the comments and on Twitter if this were 1992 and Jeff Kent was swapped for 1 month of David Cone or if it was 1993 and Derek Bell (one year removed from being Minor League Player of the Year) was being turned into half a season of Tony Fernandez.

    Sometimes you’ve got to roll the dice on your prospect porn because Flags Fly Forever and what not. Sometimes you win a World Championship, sometimes you trade Michael Young (who remember was in AA at the time, not barely in the Majors or on the cusp ala Kent, Bell, Gose and D’Arnaud) for Esteban Loaiza. It happens. A necessary risk, especially in the ultra-competitive AL East. I’d do D’Arnaud for Dickey straight up.

    • ^^THIS^^

      We all begged, pleaded and protested for moves to be made and now AA is making moves. This is our bed, we must lay in it and hope for the best.

      • The Michael Young trade was arguably the worst in Jays history.

        You’re doing a fucking terrible job of proving your point.

        • Not exactly…

          I think that too many Jays fans have grown too used to giving up nothing in trades. Lawrie, Rasmus, the Marlins deal etc… what was given up in those trades that we are missing out on? Nothing.

          YES… absolutely sometimes trades fail but at this point none of us even know what if anything will be given up here its a lot of people in a panic because Ken “the imagination station” Rosenthal and John Heyman from Dr parnasus’ wonder emporium are busy reporting what could very well be a whole bunch of long winded bullshit.

          My point is that I sincerely believe that TDA is going nowhere and IF in fact he does itll be for a good pitcher at a great price with an extension. If there’s anymore than TDA going that will make for a useful addition to the trade on the mets end of things.

          If we all go back in time and see what some teams have given up in trades over the years for highly skilled players, I think we will find that TDA for a cheaply extended Dickey really isnt THAT bad.

          But again… right now nothing is happening.

    • Yeah… but in 1992 we had been AL East contenders/behemoths for seven years running.

      • Which means now there is a lot more urgency to compete and succeed because the Jays have been horribly mismanaged for the last 15+ years.

        • No, that’s backwards. A sense of urgency should be more strongly felt when you’re a proven contender, your time is clearly now and you need those final pieces to put you over the top. But when teams mired in futility start talking about a sense of urgency that’s when you get prone to desperation and win-now mistakes.

          Speaking generally here, as not sure where the Jays fit in exactly – we’ve been not quite contenders, but not quite losers either, just a long stretch of mediocrity wrapped in a veneer of tantalising hope. We definitely aren’t the 92-93 Jays, but then there’s more than one way to make the transition from chumps to champs.

          • Note this is in reply to Buck’s urgency post above – system seems to have bumped my reply down.

      • Exactly. We are not the front-runner 91 or 92 or 93 Jays reloading on the fly, we’re a sub-500 team coming off 20 years of playoff-free futility.

        Doesn’t mean we can’t make a great leap forward and this won’t all work out, but we need to keep our historical comparisons in perspective.

  93. let me expand on my trade

    romero + happ + gose for niese, dickey

    this makes too much sense.

    remember I predicted john gibbons hiring.

  94. Dickey to the O’s

  95. IF TDA is really involved, this trade is bigger than RA. Yeah, I just couldn’t bring myself to say Dickey. So, what do the Mets have the Jays need? Pitching, both starters and relievers plus two position players. And guys ya jumped on a guy above posting that Romero could be moved and I think that’s possible IF Niese is coming too. I also think that Rasmus could be moved instead of Gose.

    • Makes no sense to try and move Romero right now. His value couldn’t be any lower (unless he comes out and shits the bed again)….

  96. It’s always kind of amazing in this that the local beat guys have no in for information from AA. He’s a fucking black box.

    If I hear any information from anyone other than Rosenthal, Heyman, Morosi, Martino (in this case), Perotto, Knobler, Bowden, AA or God herself, I’m calling bullshit.

    This could still blow up into a Darvish-scale mind fuck, except for the fact this offseason has been sent from heaven, while last years was a heaping pile of shit.

    I’m going to go pay homage to this blogs name, and when I get home, I hope, no, expect, news of Dickey coming.

  97. By swearing in a published article you really lose the whole credibility thing mr author!

  98. Or we could just screw the whole Dickey thing and send the Tigers a reliever for Porcello.

    I’m sure Porcello’s numbers would rise once he no longer has to worry about Miguel Cabrera’s third base defense.

  99. Felt this needed it’s own post

    jimmynmu says: 12.14.12 @ 6:57 PM EST
    If AA gets Dickey, then this off season is pretty much some kind of fantasy league wetdream that actually happened

    Fantuz Flakes says: 12.14.12 @ 9:00 PM EST
    I keep coming back to this post as what my most macro feeling is.

    Fantuz Flakes says: 12.14.12 @ 9:01 PM EST
    Like AA hacked into the ESPN Fantasy Baseball servers, poured himself a White Russian, and said “alright boys, The Greek is here to play”

    • This has been an incredible off-season, that is for sure. Yes, it really is like fantasy league baseball come to life. A lot of Jay fans haven’t gotten their heads around the implications of Marlins’n'Melky. This a contending team NOW. It’s no longer about building for the future a la the Tampa organization (for the forgetful and the very young, an organization that put a Triple A team on major league fields for a couple of years there when they were the D-Rays). It’s about making the playoffs now. We don’t need to pump up the offense because we’ve already got the offensive personnel of a contender. The team’s greatest weakness now, the thing that could still sink us, is not enough pitching.

      Ergo (for the classicists out there) we don’t care as much about dealing prospects. Yes, Dickey is worth D’Arnaud. Of course I’d rather deal Arencibia, but Arencibia’s offensive shortcomings are mitigated by the improvements elsewhere in the offense. The only thing I don’t like about the sound of this deal is that I believe the Mets are desperate to reduce payroll, but without looking like they’re doing a Loria. The NYC media would chew them up if it looked like an obviously unbalanced deal. That’s why AA might be able to trade them several cheap young players for Dickey. (Sadly, that’s exactly why he can’t get rid of Lind — old, expensive, and essentially useless.) This no time for prospect rosterbation. The future is now.

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