Well here’s a welcome distraction: while we were in the studio recording a podcast you’ll see posted shortly (perhaps below this post, if rumours continue to come as the afternoon moves into evening– or, actually, you can just check it at Getting Blanked) all sorts of Dickey stuff started heating up, with the Jays the main grist in the rumour mill.

To wit:

10:20 PM ET

OK, one more update before I hit the road, as Jon Heyman checks in with the latest from CBS Sports. Money quote(s):

Word is, the sides are hoping to finish the trade soon, but no announcement was expected Friday.

While several other teams had been interested in Dickey, the Mets have focused all their attention on the Blue Jays, cutting off their discussions with other teams, sources tell CBSSports.com.

There are suggestions the Blue Jays may have relented to include top prospect, catcher Travis d’Arnaud. The Blue Jays preferred to include J.P. Arencibia, but the Mets have held steady in their demand of d’Arnaud, 23.

He later adds that “the two teams have also discussed center fielder Anthony Gose, who played in 56 games for Toronto in 2012.”

I don’t think he’s making the suggestion it could be both d’Arnaud and Gose, but it’s certainly going to be a hefty cost. I could deal with either of the two main scenarios being rumoured, however, because it’s just so rarely that this franchise has the potential to add Cy Young-level talent to its rotation, and with the other “all-in” moves they’ve made for 2013, and the reported financial demands from Dickey– which seem eminently fair– the addition of a three to five win pitcher would really go a long way towards starting to potentially separate the Jays from the AL East pack… at least on paper.


9:45 PM ET

Yeah… so I think that’s about it for hovering over the computer for me for one day. Unless something actually happens. You can trust that I’ll be monitoring my phone ceaselessly, much to the annoyance of all those around me.

Let’s not forget that the John Farrell trade broke later than this on a Saturday night back in October, so… maybe it’s not over, though it’s been awfully quiet for nearly two hours now. I’m sure the madness will start back up again tomorrow.


8:35 PM ET

Martino adds this, which is obviously a positive sign:


8:09 PM ET

So it seems we’ve hit the “worse before it gets better” stage. One hopes.

I’d be surprised if Anthopoulos and the Jays went this far, but… maybe they would. And while lots of people seem to believe that including d’Arnaud would mean the deal has to be expanded, I just don’t know. Look at what it took to get James Shields.

The Jays, we’ve heard this winter, moved a lot of guys who’d been looking at the minors into their pro scouting ranks last summer, in anticipation that they’d be trading more for established players than prospects in the future, so if they’re truly paying this much of a price for Dickey, they’ve got to think he’s worth it… for whatever that’s worth.


8:03 PM ET

Aaaaand so maybe I won’t be.


7:52 PM ET

This doesn’t mean we won’t get a leaked answer, but…

So… I may be off to the bar soon, then.


7:22 PM ET

He follows this one by saying they’d give up Arencibia. 

And then this, in response to a question about why things seem to have changed:


7:14 PM ET

So… there’s this…

7:03 PM ET

Andy Martino strikes more fear into me as he lays this on us:

If the Jays were going to do that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been done already, so that’s at least comforting. But in other ways, it maybe makes more sense than JP Arencibia being a major trade chip.


6:40 PM ET

It’s delicious, by the way. Also, Heyman has this:

Oh yeah, and I’ve flipped the post around so the newest updates are now at the top. You’re welcome– and speaking of “you’re welcomes” I’d like to extend an offer to the Jays to offer me one in the form of getting this damn deal done and over with so I don’t have to stare Twitter for the next two days. Is that so much to ask?

Thanks in advance.


5:40 PM ET

More big time non-news news from Morosi:


5:55 PM ET

More from More-osi, who lays these two tweets on us:

Also… I’m going for a burrito.


5:22 PM ET

The Rangers are indeed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Angels or Orioles might not be involved. Or another team. We really know very little at the moment!

A few folks out there– Dave Cameron, for example, or Jonah Keri and Ben Badler– seem to be of the mind that JP Arencibia isn’t very valuable, just because, y’know, he can only hit for power and doesn’t play great defence– to which I say… pffft! (Also: quiet!!)


5:06 PM ET

And Morosi brings the high heat:


5:12 PM ET

Shi Davidi makes a good point– but a point that goes to my belief about the stealthiness thing being a myth: there are two sides from which the particulars of a deal can leak.

Hey, JP Ricciardi like talking, right? And he drafted a whole lot of the guys in the Jays’ system, too!


5:03 PM ET

Welp, Kenny Ken Ken quashes that one pretty quick…

But Kenny Ken Ken Davidoff of the New York Post seems

Martino adds in one of those weird extendo-tweet things that Buckel wasn’t offered– his mistake– but the Mets wanted him, and the larger point is the Rangers are out.


4:41 PM ET

So… here’s some idea of the package it might take. Olt and d’Arnaud are comparable as prospects on a lot of lists, which is a frightening thought. It’s going to take a lot, is the bottom line…


4:30 PM ET

Aaaand Jim Bowden lays this slice of intrigue on us. Could be a long night here, or could be that– as we’ve seen before– spitballing has snowballed into something a lot more concrete-seeming than the reality.

So… maybe it’s nothing. And if that turns out to be the case, please keep in mind that it does not mean that any time the Jays’ name is out there it’s a false rumour– that myth seriously needs to go away.


4:18 PM ET

I’ve been talking myself to believing in Gose lately– partly out of a fear of Rasmus, frankly– but with Bonifacio a capable cover for centre, and the Jays looking to win now, it makes sense… if there’s an extension. Heyman thinks it makes sense…

And in the New York Daily News, Andy Martino has filed a story saying basically the same things we’ve seen via Twitter– expanded slightly to include the fact that: “Although it may be too soon to say that Dickey is definitely headed out of town, sources say the pitcher and team have not negotiated since Wednesday and that GM Sandy Alderson has been involved in intense trade discussions on Thursday and Friday.”


4:07 PM ET

More from Heyman, which… if Sherman is right about Dickey not wanting to extend here, I just don’t see how a deal gets done. But it’s sound as if something could genuinely be close– like, the deal is agreed on with the Mets, and it’s pending the extension. Just reading between the lines, of course…


3:54 PM ET

And now this:

The Angels could still be a player, of course, and I have no idea how this concept of there being a “leader” or a “frontrunner” is supposed to work– are they throwing dice for the right to make the deal?– but that’s where we’re at.


3:40 PM ET

Here’s the latest:

Uh… but then there’s this:

So… fuck this, then? I’m thinking fuck this. I mean, how’s there value in that? It would be a serious gamble to give up the prospects it sounds like the Mets would require if you’re only getting a year out of Dickey– plus the hope that he changes his tune.

Still developing, of course.


Original information:

Uh… see what I mean?

Now, obviously there are other suitors involved here, and a hefty price to be paid, but there have been a lot of possible clues all along: the Mets’ needs, the Jays’ surpluses, the stuff about the Mets having an acceptable offer out there that they were trying to do better than. Could JP Arencibia (and obviously more) be on the table, just waiting for the Mets to accept? I hope so… as long as the more isn’t Anthony Gose.


Image via Lob Shots.

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  1. I cant wait for the Dicky to be in me.

  2. could the trade involve murphy to set up a bonifacio trade to atlanta for a few depth pieces?

  3. NY Daily News reporting the deal with the Jays s basically down to the fine print stage.

  4. WFAN reporting in NY deal is D’Arnaud and Gose for Dickey and Dickey is willing to sign extension with TOR. Hold up right now is getting extension done on Dickey’s contract – likely 2/25 which added to his 2013 contract would essentially be 3/30 through his age 41 season. Niese not part of any discussions, Mets not trading him.

  5. I want Dickey..but at that price? Ouch.

    • I have a strong “gut” feeling that this trade is not going to happen, not at the price that people are throwing out there. AA won’t trade one of his most valuable assets for a degrading one. It is a poor investment, AA is not dumb. If D’arnaud is included look for more than just Dickey coming back, perhaps someone like Ike davis. However, we not only would have to include d’arnaud, probably gose + pitching prospect.

  6. someone made a good point on twitter, why would alex move d’arnaud now when he didn’t give him up in the marlins deal especially for a 38 year old.

  7. I for one welcome a Dickey trade. The headlines have been gold lately.

  8. I heard Nolin and D’Arnaud for Dickey – much prefer that than Gose and TDA but still hoping TDA isn’t involved at all

  9. I sure hope Anthopoulos uses his Jedi mind tricks soon. I don’t want to see him bend over to get Dickey.

  10. to those suggesting that gose and TDA is fair for Dickey. Need I remind you for 1 year of Halladay who had years and year of top 5 pitching the Jays traded 1 year of Halladay who signed and extension and then had strong 2010, 2011 meh, 2012 and is under contract for two more years and the jays got Taylor (swapped for Wallace who was then swapped for Gose) thus Gose, Drabek, and TDA. Thus for 5 years of halladay (because he signed a 4 year extension the jays got close but never got it together Drabek, distant Gose and TDA. Trading Gose and TDA the two remaining quality prospects means the Jays traded 5 years of Halladay for 1 year of 38 year old Dickey ( a few months of Gose )and Drabek…

    • Halladay had a no-trade, im surprised we got what we did for him.

      • I am not arguing that, I am saying comparing what we got for Halladay is Drabek and Dickey for 1 year worth Halladay?

        • You don’t look at it that way unless you’re trying to justify an overpay.

          How does it help the team now is all that matters regardless of past moves you made to get those assets.

    • you lost me at ‘need I remind you’.

  11. I’m sure there are a number of GM’s who’d give up a good young controllable starter for Gose and D’arnaud. Shop the fuck elswhere if that’s the price.

  12. Yeah but Dickey has a rubber arm. He could pitch for years to come

  13. We still need a reliever? Hanrahan is available and I’d shout this everytime he got called from the pen.


  14. I don’t think it will be both TDA and Gose.

    • That very well could be viewed as a massive steal for the Mets down the road.

      Don’t like it at all.

    • Hope nor… Gotta keep one of Gose or TDA, please.

      Also… Holy Guinness head rush. Trying to toss ‘em back and keep up on this is tiring.

  15. d’arnaud rasmus boni buehrle cash dickey niese murphy? 2much/not enuf? Drop d’arnaud cleatus add gose sanchez?

    • whaaat? seriously? Not a chance I’d go for that…not even if you take out buehrle or boni.

  16. Personally I think I might be as excited to hear about Mike Adams getting signed as I would about the Dickey trade. I really think the pen needs another tested and proven arm.

    • Paul Newman says we should get Hanrahan

    • here’s the thing on that one though. I get that a great team needs a good pen, but Dickey and Buehrle can both go deep (no pun intended). Morrow is improving his pitch counts and Johnson and Romero have been 7+ inning sure bets most of their careers.

  17. Great job by Stoeten covering this today

    • My god man clean yourself up…you have something dripping from your chin.
      Dude is sitting at some hipster bar/burrito palace sending updates…wait is that you under the table?!

  18. One thing to keep in mind – this is Sandy Alderson that AA is dealing with, not Omar Minaya or Steve Phillips. Alderson is one of the most respected minds in the game and very well may be Selig’s heir as commissioner. He knows his shit and won’t be fleeced. Hence why he has held out for both TDA and Gose and let the market come to him.

    • What exactly has Alderson done in NYM to make anyone think he can’t get “fleeced”.

      Who cares what he did a bunch of years ago as a GM.

      It seems clear at this point that Alderson will take the best trade available and seemingly nobody is giving him anything particularly good.

      For all we know, the best offer he gets is JPA + middling assets.

  19. Why has noboby mentioned one of the A ballers like syndergaard? Really darnaud is more of a sure thing than synd and it’s always better to sell the more hyped prospect.

  20. Anyone else notice the latest Heyman article says Jeff Mathis is still on the Jays? Do your homework Heyman

    • He was too busy making up stories about mystery teams having interest in Scott Boras clients to remember that Mathis is now a Marlin.

  21. What confuses me about potentially giving up Gose and d’Arnaud is it sets the Jays up for “win now” mode, which would realistically only last 1 year (not including potential extensions to Johnson and Dickey). With Anthopoulos constantly talking about wanting to have a sustained success, it just seems counterproductive. Not that trading those two would KO the farm, but it definitely hurts it.

    • The Dickey extension seems to be a moot point, it’ll happen if we get him.

    • I don’t see that at all with the current group that is in place. You’ve got a lot of, if not the majority of pieces in place for 2 – 3 more years right when the bulk of your high ceiling pitching is set to help contribute.

      Don’t forget, if they don’t trade any pitching in this deal, by August of this year the Jays will be rolling in pitching depth with Hutchison, Nolin and Drabek set to contribute. Add some high leverage relievers like Stroman and you’ve got plenty to work with there to turn into other pieces.

      Don’t forget there’s nothing to stop AA from turning guys like Smoral, Tirado, Davis or Norris into additional pieces for the major league club. Imo this club is more than set for the next few years especially if they continue to spend. The draft picks like Gose and d’Arnaud were disproportionately valuable to this team when it was spending at the bottom of the pack compared to the level they are at now.

      • I’m not so worried about the pitching depth in the minors as I am the position players. After the big trade, the Jays are awfully thin in the upper minors in that regard. To thin it out even more to a nonexistence just seems detrimental.

        I have no issue whatsoever with trading one or the other, but both? I don’t like it. The Smasher made a good point earlier that for Gose and d’Arnaud you could get a pitcher that’s 10 years younger and more of a sure thing.

        • Which is probably why it won’t be the final price. People are probably giving themselves a lot of stress for nothing at the moment.

          As for the position player depth, I spoke about this before. With Bonifacio and Izturis they have players that fill multiple roles and grant the major league club extra depth at the level it’s needed at now in the majors. Again the quality of the pitching can fill holes in the position side of things quickly if needed.

      • right, but it leaves the farm with very little in the way of position/hitting prospects. Our next hitting prospect would be D.J. Davis…and he is way down the road

        • You make it seem so dire, there are always more trades (AA is a maniacal with trades) and more opportunity to gain offense back. Baseball is about advancing your overall talent pool forward and upward, sometimes one phase moves ahead but you’re always pulling the whole system up. What good are prospects if you don’t leverage their overinflated early value?

          • Exactly. Between future drafts, minor league free agents, major league free agents and trades of other pieces, AA isn’t going to let the supply dry up.

  22. We get Johnson, Buehrle, Reyes, Bonifacio AND RA Dickey. We give up Marisnik and TDA prospect-wise, I’m sure any Jays fan can be okay with that..

  23. I have been all for Dickey over the last month, but I’m worried about these d’Arnaud+ rumours. d’Arnaud straight up for Dickey is the most I would probably want to pay, and even then not sure I would want to do it.

  24. 6 years of potential all-star at C? Even for 3 years of Dickey, that’s tough to swallow

    • Woah woah back up the all star train, let’s let the kid take a major league at bat first.

      • This.

        From my last post, we are leveraging young talent’s overinflation of value, and that is exactly what you should do, because too many “can’t miss” prospects…miss.

  25. John Lott very nearly gave me a heart attack just now.

  26. Wow Gose, TDA and Lind for Dickey and Davis!

  27. This is turning into one of those JP Ricciardi-type circuses. You’d almost believe he was involved.

    Wait, what?


    JPA + Romero + (Gose or Rasmus)

    Done and Done.

  29. Does anyone else realize that if they trade for him they would have a pitcher named DICKey and a pitcher named Johnson lol.

  30. If we get a dickey
    and we have a johnson

    i think we should trade for wang if he’s still kicking to polish it off…
    any others?

  31. ben cox too?

  32. PETER bourjos is available

  33. And we have a deal! Dickey and Johnson to travel to Anaheim to play with Pujols.

    Screw this trade, I’m going to sleep. Hopefully.

  34. and WILLY taveras

  35. Rosenthal not usually wrong on this stuff:


    Sources: D’Arnaud very much in play in Dickey talks between #BlueJays and #Mets. Deal would be bigger, multiple pieces going both ways.

    • Rosen Rosen!

      If true, it means AA has finally relinquished his prized prospect, but wants a fair return – I think it could make sense – Mets get the one thing they really, really want – an elite catching prospect – AA gets Dickey but expands the trade to get other useful pieces so he’s not being ripped off

    • Starting to sound familiar.

      And Plausible.

      • Yeah. I mean remember when AA asked for Johnson, I believe he said the Marlins asked for Hech and Nicolino. AA said ‘well, if you want those guys then we’ll have to expand the deal’.

        Maybe the Mets wanted Darnaud for Dickey, and the same thing happened.


        • My buzz has budded yet again.

          Give ‘em hell, AA! Find the fuckin’ rabbit, pretty please.

        • Unfortunately, the Mets existing team is comically deficient of talent. The only player on their team that could show up and start on Opening Day is David Wright and that isn’t happening as long as Lawrie is here. Niese is the only starting pitcher that could make this rotation, and there’s no guarantees he’s an on-field upgrade at all over anybody our current rotation. If the Mets wouldn’t give Dickey a 2 year extension, I doubt they’d take 4 years of Romero or Buehrle back in an expanded deal.

          • Oh Brumfield, you’re busting both my balls and my buzz. Davis or Niese will just have to do then. (He said hopefully.)

          • That’s not fair to some of their players. We could use Murphy and Ike Davis.

          • Agreed Beurhle in particular makes no sense for the Mets unless they plan on flipping him.

            I really dont believe AA will part with Gose and Darnaud. No chance

            Why cant JPA and Rasmus get it done? That would be more glorious then Blue from Old School

    • This is not surprising, it sounds like the same way the Marlins deal came to be. They asked for a high end prospect AA said he wants more in return and things snowballed from there.

      • Yup, each team wants one player, but cant agree, so they keep adding pieces like a jenga game until they finally get the right combo and pray to god it doesn’t come crashing down

    • Ike Davis seems to be the only person that makes sense on his own unless we’re swapping starting position players at one position with the Mets. Unfortunately, every single one of their starting position players is worse or has less value than the corresponding starter on our end.

      Maybe as a compromise for adding D’Arnaud, we get to upgrade one of our Lansing two to Harvey or Wheeler?

      • totally – none of their players are terribly good or project to fit in the Jays playoff building mould other than Davis

        I can’t see AA trading for a pile of bullpen depth either

        only other player that makes sense is murphy but i think the mets may value him more due to his IF versatility

  36. Ike Davis?

  37. Somehow Justin Upton, just to keep screwing the rangers

  38. I can’t imagine it’s an OF’er, considering the lack of depth at that position for NYM. So it’s either more pitching, prospects or IF’ers

  39. Lucas Duda?

    • I think Mets prefer Duda over Ike – Duda also plays OF and 1b

      Not sure how much that holds water though. Apparently a lot of the Ike Davis is a bad egg was just a product of the dumb NY media

    • Duda’s recovering from shoulder surgery

    • I was thinking maybe Dan Murphy. But with AA, who the fuck knows.

      • I love expanded deals. My new favorite cliche.

        If multiple pieces are moving it could be any number of guys.

        Davis, Murphy, Duda, Valdespin, Parnell, Gee, Harvey, Wheeler, Familia, Nimmo.

        Any of these guys could be of interest to AA in one way or another.

        The more they talk and the more players get involved, the better chance Riciardi gets confused and trades Dickey, Wheeler, Wright and Nimmo for David Cooper.

  40. Alex has always said you’ll only hear about a deal when it’s completed. If you hear leaks then it’s not happening. So I’m hoping nothing is happening

  41. Ken Ronsethal tweets TDA very much in play but multiple players going both ways. Sounds similar to what Davdi said earlier trade could be bigger than just Dickey. Who do you want from the Mets? I’m thinking Parnell,Dickey, Ike Davis and the whoever the catcher was that caught Dickey. With Lind or Bucks contracts going back. Maybe the Jays are going to dust off the old Fransisco jersey……… Three years baby, come on!

  42. There is absolutely no way that Niese, Ike Davis or especially Harvey or Wheeler are involved from the Mets side. The whole point for the Mets is to flip Dickey to get younger core talent under team control. If the deal is expanded, it is more likely that they are including middling types like maybe a Daniel Murphy or Kirk Niewenhuis along with Dickey in exchange for D’Arnaud (who is definitely in the deal) and Gose.

    Alderson is a baseball genius and one of the best in the game. Remember he flipped 2 months of Carlos Beltran for Zach Wheeler. Also, Mets have all the leverage because they don’t HAVE to trade Dickey. They’d like to sell high on him, but if he doesn’t like the package he can just resign him. Now that Madoff deal is behind them, money not as much an issue (see David Wright’s deal).

    • Nieuwenheis would be the #5 OF (#6 if you count Bonifacio), Murphy has a $3 million arbitration estimate would be the #3 2B. I don’t see the point of having these types of players who add virtually nothing to your team and take up 25-man and 40-man roster spots. They have almost no value to the Jays, and the Mets could use the league-average bodies to help keep their head above water next season. In my eyes, it would be counter-productive for both teams to have either or both of these guys in the deal.

  43. This trade is going to be bigger then we
    Expect. Three or four players going there way dickey + a couple
    Coming our way.

  44. If we are prepared to trade TDNA+value for dickey we might as fucking well test the waters on King Felix, Price and Doc/Lee first.

    • Ever played musical chairs?

    • Felix is virtually untouchable. I am sure AA tried many times to get him.

      Phils in no mind to trade Doc.

      Lee would be good, but AA has somewhat of a budget still and Lee’s dollars are too much, thus we find ourselves at Dickey

      • Eveerything you just said was pure opinion/speculation, dude.

        • um no

          M’s GM has said TONS of times that Felix is not being traded – that’s not my opinion, that’s a GM on record many times

          Phillies have also said they don’t intend on trading Doc

          Sure, Lee is more speculation, but everyone knows AA likes going for cheaper dollars, that’s a fact

          • Any GM worth his salt is going to say King Felix and Doc aren’t available lmao. It’s called not losing leverage and not lowering your players value.Good job admitting Lee is pure speculation on your part though,

        • However, it is opinion/speculation shared by many, including myself.

          Forget musical chairs, ever heard of ‘a bird in the hand?’ ‘Within one’s grasp?’ (Oh dear, now we’re talking about a Dickie in the hand, in a firm grasp…look, I’ll get back to you later, OK?)

          • Haha spud…Im just saying I wouldn’t be comfortable paying that much to get my hand on a Dickey. If AA is serious about dealing TDA+ (and possibly gose) there has to be other avenues available.

        • If by ‘speculation’, you mean ‘things that have been openly stated by the respective GMs’, then you’re absolutely right. It’s totally speculation. Good job thinking this is a video-game though.

          • So a GM is supposed to be completely honest and openly state which players he wants to deal? If AA has taught us anything it’s everyone is available for the right price. Good job being a dipshit though.

          • AA has shown us he can make it a video game if he wants to. You can’t take much of what a GM says in the media at face value.

      • re: King Felix. I am pretty sure the Seatle’s have AA on their blocked caller list.

    • I thought the same sort of thing when rumours had both D’arnaud and Gose going. Maybe you can package those two somewhere else and get someone like Felix who came to my mind.

  45. Very interesting with regards to Rosenthal’s tweet. Would love it if they pulled off what I suggested a few days ago and got Dickey and Niese and flipped Buehrle on the way out. Would be a huge upgrade for the next couple of years not to mention moving the club out from the burden of Buehrle’s contract in 2014 and 2015. Having that payroll flexibility going forward would be a huge plus.

    I still think it’s possible the Jays trade some of the cheap pen arms to the Mets in the deal. Mets pen was 2nd worst in the majors last year..

    • Who would the jays want from the mets??????
      This is hurting my head
      Time for bed now hopefully something happens Tommorow or not

      • Honestly the only two that make any sense to me would Niese and Davis but getting either would involve making another trade.

        Parnell is a nice arm too but again the Mets pen was so shitty last year and he’s so cheap right now that I couldn’t see the Mets parting with him.

        • Just thought of it, not sure why I didn’t Niese, Or Burehle could be flipped. Burehle would be hard maybe to the Cubs for Soriano….. Don’t want this just saying…. Buerhle likes Chicago.

  46. Im just spitballing here however if I was AA here’s what I would do. Sure Dickey is a big piece and he would sure eat innings but let’s all be honest, while I agree that teams need to pay the price for high skill, I dont see the reason to give up TDA or more when the Jays already have 4 solid starters in their rotation.

    1. Why not trade for Aaron Harang, wouldnt take much, maybe a B grade prospect or something. The guy has always been dependable and efficient. He eats innings, he gets a lot of ground balls which would play well into the Jays great infield defense. Sure he’s not RA dickey but he wont cost the team shit all and he would provide some more experience in the clubhouse.

    2. Mike Adams is dependable and proven. Give this guy a contract, right now, give him more than they were going to give Grilli because he is a lot better than Grilli. He can pitch in any spot in the pen, maybe even close.

    3. If there’s a trade to be made, I would suggest having a look at Bourjous or Trumbo. Bourjous could be had for less than Trumbo and then perhaps move Bautista to 1B, Bourjous is real fast, has great defense and does have some pop in that bat however obviously Trumbo would be a lot better and would in my opinion be a much better pick up than Dickey. Trumbo at 1B would make for an absolutely EVIL looking line up, there wouldnt be a weak link to be seen.

    So… fuck all this Dickey business, let someone else overpay and go with the above plan.

    • Weve got a Bourjous in Gose. He makes no sense for the jays

    • When you settle for mediocrity that’s what you usually get. Harang is certainly that. We have no holes in the outfield so trading for Bourjous would do what? Trumbo is basically JPA in the outfield or anywhere for that matter.

      Dickey is a proven #2 bordering on a #1 who also comes at a rather large yearly discount. Again why don’t we wait and see who ends up being in traded, even if we get him, before we go around saying AA is going to overpay. He’s had a pretty good record of doing just the opposite so far.

    • Mike Adams signed in Philly

      • Why trade anything of value for Harang when you can just sign a Marcum or Carlos V?

      • shit, looks like he did, how come this wasnt on MLBTR?

        here’s the source I’m guessing you used:


        • I’m guessing MLBTR is getting hammered at the moment with fans of the Jays, Mets, Yankees, RedSox and Angels all hitting F5 every 10 seconds.

      • Fuck…. Mike Adams signed… thats one guy I wanted to have. Brian Wilson would be my next choice but not if he wants huge dollars. And he would have to dye his beard blue or put a blue streak in it,,, lol thatd be fantastic.

        Agreed on Harang, sure they could sign Carlos or Marcum but Harang is cheap and likely wouldnt cost the jays more than a B grade prospect. But I see your point.

        I agree, Dickey is a big deal, and I do want him but D’Arnaud,,,, I dunno, but something tells me that with how much AA loves TDA, there will be a lot more than dickey coming back to Toronto.

  47. People seem completely unaware that the 2 years before last Dickey put up solid numbers.
    Out of curiosity do you guys support D’arnaud for Dickey straight up? (with an extension)
    Cause it seems like a gose/colby and JPA package wont happen…unless we give up all 3
    Seems like we are getting better value than the royals

    • I’d rather aim a little higher than ‘getting better value than the Royals’

      But maybe thats just me..

  48. MLBTR just yanked all the Dickey talk off the site

    So, did a deal just happen?

    I’ve been F5′ing the site like a mofo and it suddenly dissapeared . . .

    • Too many Canadians on the site. They have tp have at least 30% of their visitors from the United States.

  49. Again, supposedly this is close to done:


    The report still makes the names sound like complete speculation, imo.

    So let’s stilll hope it’s JPA & Sierra!

  50. AA theory of dont spend for the sake of spending should hold fast in trade route as well. I love the idea of aquiring RAD however if its gonna take more than a Rasmus; JPA; prospect/ package

    Then Im not so sure ya just dont go with the horses ya got and keep the young studs in the herd.

  51. How about d’Arnaud, Gose, and Syndergaard for Dickey and Wheeler? Met’s lose a top-shelf pitching prospect, but get one back (albeit one who’s further away from the majors)

  52. Beauty quote from TSN:

    “A 38 year old, career year, knuckleballer in a dome – yeah that is a deal that should be made – heck send our 1st round pick for the next 10 years there.”

  53. It would be awesome if Lind was one of the other pieces getting moved.

  54. would you guys rather do just Travis?
    or gose, jpa, and colby?
    im leaning towards the 2nd one. Cause emilio bonifacio/rajai can fill in as can buck/travis

  55. Someone must be a serious gossip in the Mets front office, because this has been an insane amount of info leaked for an AA trade. Probably Riccardi!

    • I was just thinking that,,, AA must be losing his mind.

    • Not that I want to defend JP in anyway but how we he do that? Does he have his blackberry under his desk texting all his reporter friends at the same time he is talking to Sandy Alderson about players and contracts and no one in the room sees him doing this? If this is actually at all how these trades happen, I have no fucking clue.

  56. Theres no way Gose and Rasmus are in the same trade.

  57. Fuck it, let’s buy a god damn world series.

    Dickey, Niese, and Ike Davis for whatever god damn prospects the Mets want.


  58. Sign Kyle losche as sixth starter?

  59. Someone might soon need to update the goodwill hunting photoshop to include RA on it

  60. And although I like Bonifacio and Davis they are not regarded/projected as starting everyday center fielders.

    1 of Gose or Rasmus must stay put. Preferably Gose

  61. Sounding like the trade is imminent

    Great Dickey video… Love the music:


  62. Let’s just assume that IF the Jays acquire Dickey, they likely won’t significantly hurt any other part of their ML team for 2013 in the process.

    That is, it may very well be one of TDA/JPA & 1 of Rasmus/Gose, but the Jays should still have an averag-ish regular at C & CF.

    Dam Szymborski ran some numbers and projected the Jays to win 90 games after The Trade but before signing Melky. Adding Melky probably brought the Jays up to around a 92 win mean projection.

    Would 95 wins after adding Dickey and relegating Happ to the bullpen be reasonable?

    I mean, this HAS to be the division favourite if Dickey comes to fruition, doesn’t it?

    Losing TDA and/or Gose would hurt. But considering the Jays would be arguably the AL favourites certainly eases the pain.

  63. JPA is tweeting about being traded again but so far I don’t think he has said anything too stupid.

  64. If a trade isn’t finalized when I wake up tomorrow I’m gonna crap myself.

  65. MLBTR Comments about to fly past 1000. My favourite part of today was when we broke the internets, crashing their servers.

    • This thread could easily make it to a 1000 as well, I believe being the first DJF page to make it that far.

    • I think The Trade made it to 1,000 comments on MLBTR as well.

      When you combine Blue Jays fans with a rumour that’s been updated with like 30 tweets today it’s the perfect storm for comments and page views.

  66. the number of comments here speaks directly to the impact an active front office can have on it’s fanbase.

  67. its.

  68. I’ve got the Dickey monitoring night shift. Twitter on one screen and Ancient Aliens marathon on the other. #dicksanity

    • Ahoy matey.

      “Ashore it’s wine, women and song; aboard it’s rum, bum and concertina.”

      Churchill (and The Pogues) updated it to “rum, sodomy and the lash.”

    • Perhaps AA will flip Dickey for some Ancient Aliens. They’re throw a mean gyroball.

  69. According to Passan:

    “Source: Mets and Blue Jays on the verge of deal that would send R.A. Dickey to Toronto, Travis D’Arnaud to Mets. Teams looking at medicals.”

    • Dickey for Darnaud straight up?


      • No, another Passan tweet:

        There would be more players involved in the trade than Dickey and D’Arnaud. They are the principals.

      • yikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkes bold move by AA

        I never thought he would’ve gone that far. It gives the Jays a nice 3 year championship window though, if they win it all in that time its worth it 100%

    • Well, good bye d’Arnaud. bitter sweet trade.

      • IF it’s true..

        R.A Dickie, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, Melky Cabrera, Emilio Bonifacio.

        In ONE offseason. Holy Fuck.

        Travis Darnaud, Henderson Alvarez, Justin Niccolino, Adeiny Hecchevaria, Yunel Escobar leave town. Wow, wow wow.

  70. For those who questioning what the Jays would/could want back if the trade got huge given the lack of talent on the Mets:

    Other then Ike Davis, Niese and Murphy the Mets also have some prospects of their own that are very close to ML ready and could help in a September not unlike Profar and Machado.

    I mentioned one earlier – Wilmer Flores, great bat and can play 2b/3b/of. Hit .300, 18 Hr’s and had a .827 OPS. No glove though.

    Baseball America said that he’d probably be ready for the bigs sometime this year.
    So if the Mets demand/require our top prospect(s) and AA can’t find everything he wants in return at the ML level there are still some prospects who could help the Jays this year

    I’m rambling, it’s the rum.

  71. I’m not going to believe anything till it is more or less official. JPA is either getting shipped out or is going to be the main guy for a long time

  72. Snagged the 1000th comment. Waaachhowwww

  73. !


    There would be more players involved in the trade than Dickey and D’Arnaud. They are the principals. “

  74. Alex done fucked up.

  75. +1
    Holy shit. AA is going all in, folks. I wonder what this does to our catching depth

  76. If Darnaud is going, I’d really like to see the Jays keep Gose.

  77. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if all this build up was for nothing and the Mets traded him somewhere completely random.

  78. I don’t want this trade to go through if D’arnaud is involved but if it does the Jays are instantly contenders for the WS…. it’s crazy how last season was so horribly depressing with all the injuries and the horrible record and the manager ditching us and then one month later people are comparing the Jays to the Tigers, Angels and Yankees for the AL crown. Best thing to happen in Toronto sports for years… now we just need the team to actually play to their potential and make a playoff run

    • When the difference between what you’re getting vs what you’re losing approaches a delicious tension, it starts to get interesting.

  79. Some more gold from TSN

    “would not trade a top prospect for this guy, not for his age and remaining contract. Look for a mix of veterans and some potential, something like a mix of players like Buck, Happ, Cecil and Cooper. “

  80. Is Bob Elliot going to break this thing in the wee hours again?

  81. @JeffPassan

    For those unfamiliar with Travis D’Arnaud, he’s the best catching prospect in the minor leagues. Big bat/arm, superb makeup. Future star.


    In other words, if this deal gets done, the Blue Jays are getting back a lot more than just R.A. Dickey on a one-year deal.

  82. Could it be TDA, Lind & maybe an average pitching prospect for Dickey & Davis?

    It would balance out the money a little better and it’s a little more palatable to be trading a top 10 prospect if someone like Davis comes back as well.

  83. Trade tension breaker.


    Damn you Mr. Verlander.

  84. the thought of waking up tomorrow to some 8-player bombshell just ran through my head…
    …and is now impossible because i don’t think i can sleep.

  85. Hmmm. So this thing still has legs eh?

    Would rather keep D’Arnaud myself, but catcher is one of those positions you’d rather not have a rookie at on a contending team, Buster Posey aside. Catcher isn’t exactly a critical offensive position you have to get production from; but a good defensive catcher who frames well and knows his staff can do wonders. And besides, D’Arnaud hasn’t exactly shown the ability to stay on the field.

    Still would like to know what the trade actually is before I judge.

  86. Wait what’s the fascination with Ike Davis?

    .227/.308/.462/.771 last year? That’s basically a cheaper Adam Lind. Slightly worse batting average and on-base, slightly better slugging.

    I mean Park Factor, I guess, but I sure wouldn’t want to be the one betting on that.

  87. I was just on ESPN and they have a twitter feed on the side of the page, just saw this one:

    jparencibia9 jp arencibia

    Yup and Im not striking out once next year! RT @willy9a: @jparencibia9 keep seeing ur name in trade rumors, any truth to it, that u know

    Can’t say the guy doesn’t have a sense of humour.

  88. “Rich Dubroff of CSNBaltimore.com wonders if Orioles executive VP of baseball operations Dan Duquette will pursue free agent infielder Kelly Johnson.”

    Well enjoy our sloppy seconds Baltimore. Looks like they will look back to 2012 as their glory year and go back to being irrelevant.

    • I don’t suspect KJ’s running very fast. I had high hopes for him, and held out longer than most, but like Hill before him, enough was finally enough.

  89. It’d be hilarious if there actually was no trade brewing, and this was just Ricciardi trying to pressure the Jays, but I think there’s probably too much smoke at this point.

  90. Mets fans appear to be talking as if the trade is going to be D’Arnaud, Syndergaard, and Gose for Dickey on the high side, to D’Arnaud + Gose for Dickey and some random B player/prospect (not Davis) on the low side.

    It’s funny to see the contrasting expectations of the fanbases.

  91. I really don’t like selling out the farm for a short window. Yes, we need to make the most of Bautista, etc, but AA has constantly trumpeted the notion of sustainable success, and trading all your elite position prospects doesn’t really achieve that.

  92. I wonder how much Sanchez signing with the Tigers influenced AA to finally open up to the possibility of TDA.

    I just feel like the Mets were pestering the Jays like a school boy on prom night.

    Dickey was the back-up plan to Sanchez?

  93. I’m aware we still have plenty of pitching prospects, and any surplus can be used to restock on position players when necessary, but I’m still worried this is going to be an overpay that will not be in the long-term interests of the club.

    I can see the rationale, and a rotation of Dickey/Johnson/Buerhle/Morrow/Romero is ridiculous, but the problem is that there are plenty of other stacked clubs out there so going all-in for short-term success is dangerous in the long-term.

    • You’re either going for it or rebuilding… having one foot on either side of the fence is a recipe for mediocrity.

      If we don’t go for it now and try to put ourselves over-the-top then picking up the Buerhle & Reyes contracts was an idiotic move.

    • It’s not short term, most of the Jays are signed long term or are under control long term.

      Reyes, Lawrie, Bautista, Colby, JPA, EE, Buehrle, Romero, Morrow, Gose, all under contract or controlled long term. The window is not a short one, if Johnson leaves and Dickey retires in a few years then we have Sndergaard, Sanchez, Nolin …etc.
      I think AA has it set up beautifully for the Jays to contend for the better part of a decade.

      • I would not call 3-4 years long term and I am pretty sure without looking that is what JB, Colby, RR and Morrow are signed up for. But on your point, they are set up for 3-4 year run at this thing.

    • I disagree. Sustainable success means putting the team in the position to compete for the playoffs every year. The team as currently constituted is good enough for that. You can never guarantee success (especially when there are plenty of stacked teams), so sacrificing the future to try to do so is a recipe for disaster. A couple of key injuries, especially to pitchers, and your present is as fucked as your future.

      Fortunately our farm is so stacked with potentially elite pitching that we could get away with losing Gose and D’Arnaud, and should be able to fill any future positional holes by trading excess pitching. Would still hurt though.

    Do you expect me to read 766 comments?
    Damn computer takes 5 minutes to refresh and there’s smoke coming out of it.
    Guess I better start now.
    Should only take a couple of hours,I don’t want to miss anything.

    • Welcome aboard, RADAR.

      You’re going to have to forego those ‘afternoon’ naps, man.

      • Welcome (yet again) to the night shift.

        Once Tom W. (the scurvy knave) is done with his ‘Ancient Aliens’ marathon, (whatever that is) I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to keep you company. Whatever floats your boat.

  95. Pre-success but post knuckle ball conversion interview:

    Seems like a really nice guy. I love how the Mets bitched about “off the field” problems with a guy who has maybe the smallest ego in all baseball.

  96. I have mixed feelings.

    i mean getting any pitcher for 5 million coming off a cy young is pretty remarkable, so its hard to be upset, regardless of what they give up.

    I personally have never been a huge dickey fan, but the last 3 years he’s been a top 5 pitcher in the NL, top 15 in the league. hard to argue with that sustained success.

    I just hope that position player depth, or lack there of, doesn’t bite the team in the ass.

  97. i also have a feeling that Happ might go the other way too..

    d’arnaud, Lind, happ for dickey (+2 year extension,club option) & Davis

    • Doesn’t make sense to deal Happ. Part of the point of adding another SP is to improve our depth in case of injury.

  98. So I’m rosterbating this night away looking at depth charts of the Mets and suddenly I encounter this gem of a beauty. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=23372081&c_id=mlb&topic_id=vtp_star_of_the_game

    The name is Matt Fucking Harvey. If we give up d’Arnaud but land Dickey PLUS Harvey then I am sold. Harvey is going to be an ace. Plain FILTHY stuff.

    • thats a mean vid.

      looks like you found Adam Lind’s platoon partner

    • There’s no chance Harvey is coming. For one, he’s a Boras client, and AA stays far away from those. He’s also exactly the type of guy the Mets want to build around that enables them to trade Dickey.

  99. Lets get her done!

  100. Given that no trade was announced, I don’t see how alex let’s an offer just sit there and allow names to be leaked. Dickey’s agent has said there are no extension talks so it makes no sense to deal darnaud for 1 year of dickey.

    So the only holdup is that the mets are shopping the offer and leaking names. Alex has said he will pull an offer if he hears names being leaked. If alex’s offer was so good, then the mets would have accepted it by now. The fact that they are waiting and shopping it leads me to believe it’s just gose or sierra. If it was darnaud it would have been a done deal by now.

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