From the unsurprising-yet-still-damn-unfortunate file comes a tweet this morning from Bob Elliott:

Given what’s going on in the news this afternoon, I think it would seem pretty seriously hollow to use some of the words we’re used to cavalierly tossing around about petty things like a well-liked broadcaster moving to a different city. So I’ll simply say that with three vacancies to fill, Ashby’s pedigree, his history with the city he still calls home and– if speculation is to be believed– didn’t want to leave in the first place, and the quality of his work, I’d be surprised if he didn’t wind up back in Texas, and if so, it will be an absolute coup for the Astros.

As I wrote on Tuesday, there are a number of excellent internal candidates, none of whom will create a consensus among fans– many of whom already balked at my suggestion that Mike Wilner ought to be next in line, balked at the relatively green Dirk Hayhurst, certainly balked at Gregg Zaun, and suggested that someone from outside the current roster of possibilities should be brought in.

I dunno… what’s Rance Mulliniks doing these days?

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  1. Very sad day in newton.

    Didn’t Sam cosentino do play by play for the expos?

  2. I’ve heard a lot of negativity towards Rance, but I personally thought he did a decent job with Jamie Campbell before Buck.

    Why not give him or Dirk a shot?

    • Rance on the radio might be interesting.

    • If he can stop trying to guess every pitch before it’s thrown, Rance could be ok on the radio.

      • +100000000
        Rance needs to cut it out with all the psychology crap

      • maybe he overdid it, but his commentary during AB’s was one of his best attributes for me. and at least he’s not a complete fanboy dipshit like tabler or a pot-stirring megalomaniac like zaun.

  3. Jesse Barfield, so he can continue promoting like when he was on the CBC broadcasts with Rance.

  4. I think going outside is the thing to do. With all due respect to Dirk and Mike, there is too much inexperience in the first case, and a delivery that leaves much to be desired in the latter. Mike and Zaun should stay where they’re at. Too bad Ashby is leaving because I really liked him on the TV broadcasts as much as I did on the radio. His leaving almost opens up two holes. Whatever happens, for the love of anything that is good with the world, get rid of Tabler. At least Buck is tolerable alongside a good partner. Actually, Buck is still better as the colour guy as he showed during the playoffs this year. Maybe they should demote Buck and hire a better play-by-play person for TV.

  5. Rance comes with the added benefit of kinda looking like Ashby, so that should make the transition a bit easier… if not for all of us, than at least for Jerry and the production crew.

  6. I dont mind Dirk, but am not sure if he has earned his stripes, so to say.

    Wilner’s gig to lose, in my opinion.

  7. I hope they go out and find someone if he does indeed leave. Wilner, Zaun and Hayhurst I think work best where they are now.

  8. OH, No! Not Alan Ashby! … Okay, I’ve mourned enough. I think I’ll put my name in for the job.

  9. I like wilner. He’s not the quality of Ashby, but I think he’s good enough.

  10. I don’t understand all the Ashby mourning.. I don’t think he’s any better than Buck to be honest. The crew in general (other than Jerry) is pretty embarrassing and underwhelming to listen to. I say we have a media crew fire sale! Trade them all for prospects!

  11. Whatever. I though Ashby AT TIMES was very good. However, during other times he was filled with excuses for poor performance like a broadcaster employed by rogers would be expected to act.

  12. 3 Vacancies, here’s hoping Tabler goes with him. I don’t want to lose Ashby but if it means Tabler joins him….done deal.

  13. Never been a huge Ashby fan – Rance Mulliniks may be the only one worse though.

    I’d be all for giving Hayhurst a chance. With Jerry there to guide him, he’ll be fully wonderful soon enough.

  14. And it continues:

    Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1
    Talked to at least half-dozen execs today, all think #Mets will trade Dickey. All cautioned no inside info, but many said watch #Bluejays

  15. There was a time before Toronto when Arash Madani delivered stellar play by play. Dude has serious chops. If his baseball knowledge is half of what he knows about football he deserves an audition.

  16. Get Stairsy in the booth. He’ll straighten that hair swoosh out but good.

  17. Rogers will probably hire Ermie Whitt because for a media company they are often stupid about what they do on tv and the radio.

  18. Andy Martino ‏@MartinoNYDN

    Sources: Intense trade talks yesterday regarding Dickey, with Texas, Toronto and, hey now, Baltimore being serious players.

    Fuck Ashby, lets talk dick-ey.

  19. Some furious TV and Radio broadcaster rosterbation going on here.

  20. they’d need an ex-player to replace Ashby for that perspective. Jerry aka Liberace has probably never worn cleats, at least without heels

  21. Man, this one just sucks, it really sucks. Ashby is a straight shooter, he seems like a very gracious and candid if not sometimes surly guy who really enjoys Toronto, and he’s a damn fine talent as far as I’m concerned.

    If I were the Jays, I’d give Ashby whatever he wants to get him to stay although I’ve always got the idea that he enjoys being around home and that it’s one of the most important things to him, so I think it’s very possible that no offer the Jays could make (such as a big raise and give him whatever job he wants, TV or Radio) would be enough to keep him here.

    Sad, sad day… I suppose I’m biased but I believe Ashby is the best baseball play by play man I’ve heard so far and it’s going to be really disappointing to see him leave

  22. Altuve as compensation?

  23. And in news of similar importance….I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning!!

  24. Dickey rumours really seem to be heating up on twitter, with Jays being mentioned a lot.

    Could be bullshit, on the otherhand… could be a leak from the Mets side?

  25. Seriously, how much of an interview is going to take place? Houston knows how kick ass Ashby is, so isn’t it pretty much a formality?

  26. @MartinoNYDN 5m Some people I talk to are indicating Toronto more likely than Texas or Baltimore for Dickey. I do not think any deal is done.

  27. As has been discussed here numerous times, AA and his front office seem to be airtight in terms of controlling leaks on their own end.

    However, he has no control over leaks from the other side or from pure media speculation.

    Looks like something could be going down today for Dickey.

  28. I think Mike Wilner and his stubborn, condescending personality is an absolute embarrassment to the Blue Jays and to journalism as a whole. I truly hope he does something stupid again and gets his ass canned. I remember last year, as just one example, he continually defended Francisco Cordero when he struggled mightily after he became the closer after Santos went down. Even if you didn’t look at the horrific stats (opponents’ batting average sticks out like a sore thumb), all you had to do was watch him pitch with an unbiased eye and you could see how flat his pitches were, and that basically he had nothing left in the tank. If he recorded outs, they were mostly line drives right at fielders. It was even blatantly obvious to me watching him pitch for the Reds in the season prior that Cordero was at the end of his career, but as people called into Wilner’s 590 show and sent him tweets and bashed Cordero, for good reason, Mike continued to defend him. He praised Cordero for the outs he got over some small streak of games after moving out of the closer gig, instead of actually making note of how many of those outs over a small sample size were scorching line drives. And that’s just one example. Aside from the infamous Cito Gaston incident, it seems as though all he tries to do is kiss Blue Jay ass and then report and tweet with a know-it-all attitude rather than provide valuable insight and report on the game from an experienced, neutral approach. What a joke.

    • I too think Wilner goes too far defending a player shitting the bed, but I think that is just to counter some of the boneheads that say stupid shit. I wouldn’t be very kind, and from your rant you don’t seem like to type to suffer fools gladly either.

      Wilner’s fine in his current role. Play by play has to bean ex-player

    • HERE, HERE to canning Wilner – he could not be a bigger jerk if he tried

    • Looks like you:
      1. don’t know how to use a paragraph.
      2. feel as though you’ve been personally wronged by Mike Wilner.

    • I agree with most of what you say. I just don’t see him as a play by play broadcaster.

      He’s decent in the post game show, but can be too arrogant.

      His defence of Coco was way overboard.

    • All of this is spot on. Wilner is an odd bird. By all accounts he has a happy home life, a cushy job that he loves, and was sitting next in line behind Jerry & Alan. All he ever had to do was be a decent chap and bide his time. But Wilner, like all Comic Book Guys, couldn’t resist the snark, condescension of his base, and air of superiority (you don’t need to have been slighted on Jays Talk to sense the switch in tone from bantering with players and media to dealing with the unwashed masses). I switch off Jays Talk rather than listen to him bully – or take sycophantic compliments. Anyone would think to inform and educate and be polite was a tough thing to do for a professional.

      This is something a former Drunk, Bergkamp, picked up on. Not sure if it’s still available as an archive anywhere. You just can’t breed contempt with half the fanbase (or more) and then expect to be take the role of a lead broadcaster. If he doesn’t get the job, it’s his own fault. Any defence of Wilner involving him having to deal with ‘stupid casual fans’ is just doing an injustice to the noble career of professional broadcasting; his *job* is to deal with it.

      • Maybe Wilner is encouraged to defend his positions passionately, even if that means a little snark? A little confrontation certainly makes for exciting radio at times, and may help sell ads a little easier in the late post-game hours more so than civil gentlemanly debates?

        Mind you, I’m a fan of civil gentlemanly debates, but the thought has occurred to me that maybe the higher ups encourage that edge.

  29. Carlos Delgado, would be interesting not sure he’d even want to do it though.

  30. Dammit, I love listening to Jerry and Alan. I am one of the lucky jays fans that lives in the US, so I can watch the games on with the audio overlapped (and in sync).

  31. Ashby’s dumb sarcasm does not agree with Jerry’s irony-free game-calling AT ALL imho.

    But if Mike “Don’t Ask Me How I’m Doing How Dare You Waste My Time” Wilner goes full-time my radio’s going right out the window

    • It is quite perverse. I agree that Ashby and Jerry do not make a smooth fit; much of the time I get the impression that Alan gets irritated by Jerry’s idealistic view of baseball. And yet, somehow, they perfectly complement one another without the chemistry.

      • It sometimes seems Jerry doesn’t quite get his sarcasm or just doesn’t want to go down that road. Ashby plays his jokes straightfaced and I don’t think that plays well on the radio.
        Also, he talks about Houston all the time, he’s probably better there.

  32. Damn, if he leaves, then who is going to remind me that he caught for Nolan Ryan?

  33. bring us the Garfoose!

  34. for real why not give dirk a shot in the booth if he wants to give it a whirl. as long as he stays away from comparing himself to others im all for it. dude does have a fairly zany personality could be gold. knows the game and not afraid to speak up….

  35. “Given what’s going on in the news this afternoon, I think it would seem pretty seriously hollow to use some of the words we’re used to cavalierly tossing around about petty things like a well-liked broadcaster moving to a different city.”

    i appreciated this, especially since i feel like this and some other sites have helped me avoid completely losing it today. thanks for being a welcome but not completely oblivious distraction. this site rules. i’m not being sarcastic.

  36. ashby will be a huge loss!!!!! :(… i listen to all the games but will never listen to another radio broadcast again if Wilner gets the job. He should have been fired years ago and I can’t believe he’s still in the position he is with that attitude and ego. It’s a total embarrassment and I will resort to buck and tabby if I really have to!

  37. Ashby looksdecent only because tabler is so bad. Ashby had an awkward chemistry with little Jerry, but was a crab ass most of the time. Just a total fun vacuum. And Jerry is the lieutenant of the fun police anyway.

    Wilner has a schtick and it has its place. If he agreed with everyone that Cordero was crap, it wouldn’t make for good radio. If you’re old enough to remember Scotty ferguson’s post game show, you probably aren’t looking to shitcan Wilber.

    I used to work nights and the guys had leafs talk on a lot. One guy calls in and said “good effort by cujo tonight” and the host just says “ya he sure gave it his all, thanks for the call next we have Larry from etobicoke”

    • I like your argument…I mean I can listen to Jays Talk and the callers are all idiots anyway so it’s just Mike playing T-ball with their pea-brains; I can always turn it off when I get to irritated. Mike doing games is unacceptable and I will not listen to that

      Get Dirk in there, I like the cut of his jib

  38. Keep Buck cause his hair is fuckin great, but besides that bring in a whole new team Zaun just tries to be Don Cherry without the horrible suits, Tabler is just awful to listen to night to night and fuck I just can’t stand Jaime Campbell, so that’s all I got for ya. Time for a beer and a smoke or maybe a spliff

  39. Not diggin’ any idea of Wilner taking over. He’s a coNdescending, apologist prick.

    Look, you can’t replace smarts and insight. And Dirk has that in spades. It might be a bit rough while he figures it out, but the payoff will be worth it.

  40. Just don’t bring back that guy who played for Canada and did play by play with Jerry. Does anyone remember his name. He made me want to eat bees. Worst. Ever.

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