I’m assuming, like me, you all stayed up all night to wait for the exact second that the seemingly inevitable R.A. Dickey trade happens. Seems like it’ll be here any second, really. I’m going to keep this updated with anything worth knowing for as long as it takes. Don’t worry, everyone, I’m pretty addicted to caffeine.

That’s a pretty interesting way to start, isn’t it?

As fun as it was to picture a future where we get R.A. Dickey and JP Arencibia isn’t the one who has to try to catch the knuckleball, I think it goes without saying that the Mets are going to want to maximize on the return on the reigning Cy Young winner. Parting with Gose sucks too, but Martino also mentioned that there’s a chance there are other pieces in the deal coming, and the Mets are “Playing it incredibly close”. Which is hilarious, because apparently ‘playing it close’ in New York means leaking new details about the trade to every baseball reporter on the planet every 15 minutes. Is this more fun than the “last to know” Jays guys? I can’t tell.

Leave it to the Knobler to try to cool off our morning wood over Dickey. It’s still early folks. And it’s a Saturday.

  If you’re down on Dickey and want to go on some ‘character issue’ rant, that Ken Davidoff article is a good place to start. It’s usually a good sign for a trade when the media starts ripping someone apart for character issues. He’s unwieldy guys. He can be a handful. We’re fucked.

Something very odd (like a 36-year old journeyman reliever discovering how to throw a knuckleball and winning a Cy Young when he should have been long retired) has a history of happening with Dickey, so don’t shit your pants just yet, but it feels like it’s just a matter of specific names at this point.

Here’s a shit ton of info from Andy Martino at the New York Daily News in his segment with Ben Ennis (yeah row! yeah!) on the Fan. Audio here

“I need to stress that no deal is done.  Lots of moving parts, things can change… I have heard the Jays are willing to part with Gose and d’Arnaud for Dickey, but maybe not just Dickey.”

Apparently this goes back to the circle jerk at the Winter Meetings, when d’Arnaud was a  “must have”

“If Alderson was able to entice AA to get TDA, he must have sweetened the deal. The Mets have lots of minor league pitching, a few minor league OF, a few known position players. Too many names gets speculative.”

On the possible names coming back (Bennis tossed out Daniel Murphy, Johan, Zach Wheeler, and Matt Harvey as possible recognizable pieces):

“Murphy is a guy who isn’t untouchable. Good hitting 2b. Don’t see them eager to move him, no backup plan. Santana is owed too much money, and I think Harvey and Wheeler are pretty much the only untouchable guys in the system. I’d be shocked if they moved them” “I don’t represent the Mets, but you’re trading a Cy Young winner to a Toronto team that clearly is loading up and could use a guy like Dickey to compliment the pieces they already added to the rotation, I wouldn’t expect a name bigger than R.A. Dickey to be added to this.”

A quick Dickey scouting report:

“Jays fans should be thrilled to get Dickey. My opinion is that the Mets shouldn’t trade dickey. He has several years left, he’s at the top of his game. He’s been remarkably consistent since he got to New York in 2010. the only thing that fluctuated was his win totals. .. You can assume for the next couple years you have Dickey, he’s going to be good. He’s 38, he’s pitched through injuries. He had an abdominal tear and pitched threw it all year with no adverse performance.“The future is anybody’s guess but he appears to be on an upswing. He’s gotten better every year for the last 3 years. The evidence suggests he’s ascending instead of declining… I understand getting excited about prospects, they get hyped up throughout the years… It goes all the way back to being excited because the guy [TDA] was traded for Halladay, but if you can get someone who’s proven they can perform at a major league level, you do it 9 times out of 10.”

On an extension:

“As far as an extension. he wants one. Asking for 2yrs/ $26M. Significantly less than other Cy Young winners would ask. “

Well, fuck man. Sign me up let’s make it happen I’m too excited to sleep!


  Guys, this is seriously the same team you’ve been cheering for all along doing this. I don’t even know what to say to you.

Okay that one isn’t really news but come on, you’ll love him when he gets here.

WAIT WHAT? Alright so how does that change your opinion of everything if it’s true? I’ve already passed the point of emotion and excitement that I’m completely numb to anything. I could hear a rumour that most of my family is included in the deal and I’d be likely okay with it

Kudos to Duquette for making the most out of 140 characters but this doesn’t seem like a huge issue for me. It’s been pretty public (Thanks, NY media vultures!) the kind of money Dickey wants and all reports have said that AA wouldn’t include d’Arnaud unless he was sure there was a Dickey extension coming. LOL Dickey-extension-coming, amirite?

Shameless, right? Seriously though it’s fun, you should do it.

If you want a bit of a buzzkill, in Buster Onley’s latest blog (insider) he explains that Josh Johnson could very easily be next year’s Zach Grienke, as in the best free agent pitcher available who uses this to his advantage to make lots of money. One would hazard a guess that extending Dickey (it gets a little less funny every time you say it) means it’ll be tougher to extend Johnson (still funny!).

Still tho.


Okay so the picture is starting the clear itself up as to how this afternoon has been playing out. Man, if the Mets weren’t playing this so damn close to the vest we might now the exact minutes these phone calls back and forth have lasted and what kind of gum Alderson likes to chew.


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  1. I think the deal is this. TDA, Gose, Romero, Sanchez, Jimenez and Sierra for Dickey, Niese and Davis

    • Given that they might still be working out details at this moment, the trade will probably be another huge one. Could be The Trade 2.

    • I would cry….. sellign low on Romero who could be just as good as Niese and trading four very highly thought of prospects for Dickey and Davis… no thanks. I do hope we can get the Mets to sell low on Davis.

      • As much as I like Niese and his contract….anyone remember the start he had at the Rogers centre? It was one game, but dude was lit up like a christmas tree.

  2. The M’s are gonna see a huge surge in attendance this year after not doing a damn thing all winter just because of all the maple boners crossing the border to see the Jays play them haha

  3. Most fun. Off season. Ever.

  4. Awkward…

  5. Something doesn’t add up to me about this. Follow the timeline.

    Mets want D’arnaud. Jays say no.
    Trade is stalled.
    Dickey expresses publicly his frustration.
    Dickey goes to Mets holiday function and says things the Mets don’t like.
    Suddenly talks begin moving forward rapidly.

    Why do we think the Jays blinked? Seems more likely the Mets are the motivated party.

    Maybe D’Arnaud is in the deal but I’m pretty optimistic AAs got this covered.

    • Reading that supposed incident at the party, sounds more like a axe to grind by a Mets beat writer for the rag that is the NY Post then anything of significance.

      Likely a writer working to stay on the club’s good side, so softening the blow for when Dickey leaves. Has been no character issues the time he was there from what I have read, and in NY, that would come out pretty quickly so this story coming out of the woodwork is more than suspicious.

  6. If it concerns anyone I’ve just been traded to Buffalo……

  7. If they dump Gose and TDA, the only two worthwhile pieces from the Halladay trade, I will not be happy. I’d rather had Doc in his prime than any of these guys. Keep Gose, dump Rasmus.

    • except Doc wouldn’t re-sign here. A few sources have said Gose isn’t in the deal, but who knows how they might know that.

    • Wasn’t the Halladay trade too long ago to still be talking about it this way? You can word it that way, but trading Gose and TDA (although they are saying Gose is not part of the trade) for Dickey is not the same as trading Halladay for Dickey. Halladay didn’t want to be in Toronto anymore. Halladay had a no-trade clause which means he couldn’t just be traded anywhere that AA wanted to trade him and so we got what we got, but that does not mean Gose and TDA are now the equivalent of trading Halladay. I think it’s obvious that anyone would take Halladay in his prime over almost any other pitcher currently pitching, but that was never an option.

    • You’re retarded. Having Doc for a few useless years means nothing. We are now looking at playoffs.

  8. CBS reports D’A to the Mets. Dickey plus a prospect coming here. Dickey agreed to an extension.

    • That would be great.

      Especially if the prospect is worth a shit….. But likely they’re not.

      Jordany Valdespin anybody?

      • Yea I was thinking about JV as a wildcard prospect to toss in the trade. Dominican IF’er with a variety of tools, still pretty raw, but has IF/OF eligibility, a lefty second basemen, could be the future 2b for Tor

        I dont know how much the Mets like him though and I think he may be too MLB ready for him to be involved in this trade

      • Isn’t Valdespin the guy that has been cut/benched/suspended from 3 teams already for attitude issues?

  9. Is anyone worried the Mets are trading R.A. Dickey because he doesn’t like baseball?

  10. Over the next few years, it’s going to be crazy to follow the careers of Alvarez, Hech, Niccolino and D’arnaud and compare that to the results we got from the Marlins/Mets trades.

    • I still like those guys, and who knows, maybe one of them will end up in a Jays jersey again.

    • Before that have a look at Zach Stewart and Nestor Molina. To balance that Aaron Hill has been amzaing though. And of course Brandon League is a very rich, ok pitcher.

  11. Does Dickie own any pitbulls?

  12. The Jays should trade for Sidd Finch. Who’s with me?

  13. So if you had to put money on a bet. Who has the better season in 2013? d’Arnaud or Arencibia? Adjust the stats for a full year if d’Arnaud doesn’t get to start full time.

  14. Who cares aslong as Jays get to go to the ship!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jays still got that 7 mil from Miami to burn. Grab Brian Wilson. Dick and the Machine will be united!

    • Brian Wilson fits into the “funnest to watch team ever” model the Jays have going on here, but I just don’t know if he’ll ever return to form. Might be better relievers to try out there, unless he comes really cheap.

      • Yea, I am in no way advocating the Jays get him for a host of reasons other than the fact he would be hella fun to watch and fits into the crazy ragtag group the Jays got going right now and all the Dick and The Machine jokes that would emerge

  16. In my opinion its unlikely that Gose or D’aunald will ever be as good as Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnation and Jose Reyes currently are, if you look at the last twenty years, despite some solid individual seasons from guys like Clemons, Cruz, Green, Wells, Halliday and Delgado, the Jays have never put together such a good over all team as they currently have, so its really a no brainer to go all in. That means if you have to trade TDA, Gose, or ever the two highly touted Lansing pitchers whose names Ill mangle if I try to type them, you do it without even a second thought. Without completely depleting yourself of your farm system, its beyond obvious that windows like what the Jays are currently entering (divisional foes on a downswing, 2 of the 10 best hitters, a deep rotation, bullpen, young talent on the verge of exploding, a huge franchise invigorating trade etc.) are so rare that they have no choice but to go for it.. Get Dickey, add Laroche and then pay up for a star second baseman and youre the World Series favorite by about a mile.

    • it’s crazy how even with d’Arnaud gone, Molina traded last year, and The Trade, the Jays still have a relatively decent farm system considering how much they lost.

      • And you extend Dickey, then get 3 years to re-stock through the draft. Hell, if JJ walks you get two extra picks. You can keep doing this.

    • Every team goes through waves of talent in the prospect pool and most will be average players or busts. The key is to build around several promising prospects with major league talent in their prime.

      Looking at the initial post WS era we had

      92 – Shannon Stewart
      93 – Carpenter
      94 – Kevin Witt
      95 – Halladay
      96 – Koch
      97 – Vernon Wells

      Every year except 94 the Jays drafted at least one solid player – all were all-stars at one point in their career I believe – however, the Jays could never quite build enough of a solid team around those players and gradually each left. Only Carpenter was given up on as a prospect.

      94-5 was basically a write-off b/c of the strike. And once they shed all the old standbys and acquired Clemens, they had a really solid team they could have built around with Delgado, Green and all the above prospects. But they never quite went all in and the lack of depth hurt them.

      They basically repeated this to some extent in the next era of 98 to 2003 when they managed to still draft Rios, McGowan and Hill within 5 years where they could have built around those guys plus the old standbys in Wells and Halladay but they never quite went all in at the right time.

      OBviously some really bad contracts and a tough division also came into play, but if you look at the last decade to 15 years the Jays have had a lot of solid draft picks turn out to be decent players, so when you look at the most recent years we have:

      2005 – Romero
      06 – Snider
      07 – JPA and Cecil
      08 – Cooper
      09 – Jenkins
      10 – McGuire/Sanchez/Synder/Asher

      My point is, it would take years to build around each era of prospects, so you need to pick a couple, stick with them, and use the rest as bait for other mlb ready players and then spend some coin to get some other stars. That’s why they finally gave up on Snider, abeit probably too late, but his situation was very unique of course.

      I have no problem trading half the current crop since in all likelihood only half that crop will be half decent anyway. Only in some cases will it be like trading away a Texeira like package where the half you traded ended up being all of the best ones. Most cases one or 2 will blossom and the rest will be forgotten.

  17. Mets, Red Sox closer to R.A. Dickey deal according to ESPN New York. Deal with Jays broke off.

  18. wooihughdb

  19. Ken_Rosenthal Sources: Red Sox, Mets close to agreement on trade for Dickey

  20. How about keeping TDA, trading JP Arencibia, sign Perzynski and then sign Soriano as our closer. We still need help in the bullpen. What do you think?

  21. Boston Globe also reporting Sox/Mets AGREED to deal.

  22. Passan says that the medicals are done and the deal is imminent.

  23. Dickey signed two year extension at 15 mill per year.

  24. Deal with Jays fell apart when Jays would not include one of their Lansing pitchers

  25. trolls on this site need to banned stoeten fuck

  26. I like the move, not without risks, but it makes the Jays the true beasts of the AL East. Not only is this team good, it is going to be one hell of a fun team to watch, and the attendance should go off the charts in 2013.

    And holy shit, I’ve spent hours talking about Dickey on this site and with people in real life, and although I always advocated the move, I never really thought it was going to happen.

  27. Jays after Felix???

  28. Mariners intrigued by package that Jays offered Mets…………breaking

  29. wtf…this just up on SN twitter feed.

    TwitterAdam Rubin @AdamRubinESPN
    RT @NYPost_Mets: Dickey, Thole and another player to Jays for d’Arnaud, Buck, Syndergaard and another player was on table this morning.

  30. Burke vs AA, by RHGF: Bit of a stretch to compare Burkes job and AA’s job, but the aggressive trade approach is similar. The cupboards were bare when Burke arrived, and he didn’t necessarily take advantage of tanking to get Hall or Seguin. Very few teams had worse outlooks than the Leafs when he came in, and he didn’t have a Halladay to help restart the engine, or a Bautista to keep it warm. Just Kaberle really, which wasn’t really that much. So instead of tanking (which an egomaniac like him would likely be adverse to do anyways) he traded draft picks to get Kessel, but still had a long way to go. Risky move considering what I said earlier – they were a team still projected to finish close to the basement. Kessel was coming off of off season shoulder surgery and wasnt coming back until November sometime. In most drafts, theres typically a big difference between the first couple picks and the eight or ninth pick, and if the Leafs had the team to even finish closer to 20th overall, the trade would have been a steal. I think the Kessel deal created a domino effect in trying to continually get better by force rather than manage assets diligently. He got Gustavsson, made the Phaneuf deal. In a cap system, the deals you don’t make are as important as the deals you do make, and Phaneuf had his fair share of red flags. The best move he ever made was the Lupul-Gardiner move, but clearly when you still are deficient in other areas, especially centre ice, you’re still not a very good team. Burke is trying to fast forward a rebuild that should have truly started from the very bottom and sacrificed a few more years of futility ( like the Oilers are doing) for several years of success. He’ll end up with a mediocre team, at best. AA was the recipient of a respectable 500 team, with some assets there. Still, until the Marlins trade, his pitching was very questionable. Pretty sure coming into this offseason he was anticipating trying for second tier free agents and dealing some of his hyped up farm for more pitching. Then the marlins deal happened, which came out of nowhere. Everything changed from there on in. Melky signed on board. Now suddenly he’s feeling like wow, the 2013 roster looks a lot better, but there’s still some holes,so the timing is right to move the stockpiled assets, which came from the very start of his tenure. That’s the difference.

    • This is stupid because tanking to get top draft picks works maybe ten percent of the time. For every penguins you have nine Thrashers, and thats a generous assessment.

      • Its also stupid because this is a baseball blog and he just wasted more than entire page on Burke…

      • Not just tanking, but Supertanking. Where you get the first or maybe second pick. That’s different. Watch how good the Oilers will be once the NHL starts up again.

  31. Funny tidbit about all of this – the Las Vegas 51s are now the minor league affiliate of….. The New York Mets. Extended check out granted for D’Arnaud at the Luxor Hotel?

  32. Multiple sources are now saying that the Mets will be also acquiring Syndergaard and Sanchez with D’Arnaud (and Buck), in exchange for Dickey, Thole, and a Mets prospect. Assuming this is accurate and the Mets prospect isn’t Wheeler, the Mets made a great deal here.

  33. Multiple sources have it as Dickey/Thole/Single-A Mets Prospect for D’Arnaud, Syndergaard, Sanchez, and Buck.


  34. Jesus. I really want Dickey but do I want him that much?

  35. Christmas may have come early. After this is done, I’m ready to declare the Toronto Blue Jays the #1 contender for the AL East crown. There is no better team in the division.

    Also, I love how people get so upset about losing prospects. The point of depth for AA has been a moment like this (and these). Over and out.

  36. anyone want a good laugh check the head lines in the flash window on

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