The final hurdle appears to have been cleared– provided there isn’t so much money being exchanged that ol’ Bud’s office needs to get involved– as Andy Martino of the New York Daily news lays this one on us:

And he has an option year on his deal…

And to clarify:

Fantastic stuff.

Less fantastic: the “prospect” coming back to the Jays isn’t so much of one, according to a tweet from Jon Heyman. Canadian, though, for those of you who care. It’s catcher Mike Nickeas, born in Vancouver… in 1983. So he’s 29, and has a career wRC+ of 35 in 191 Major League plate appearances.

Far away Venezuelan outfielder Wulimer Becerra is the “non-elite” prospect headed New York’s way, Heyman adds.

At the time of writing, Bob McCown is saying he’s hopeful that Alex Anthopoulos will join him and Stephen Brunt on Prime Time Sports before the show ends at 7 PM (listen live here– though be warned, Gregg Zaun is due on for sure, and as I type this they’re talking about the damn CFL).

So, in the meantime, maybe you’d rather some alternate audio– and we’ve got it! (I’ve decided that– rather than trying to stuff it into its own post, I might as well include the DJF podcast we recorded this afternoon in this very post).

If you’re more inclined to download today’s podcast, hit up the mp3 link. The DJF iTunes page continues to be up and running, so get on over there and subscribe– or update the subscription you already have to find the latest episode (once it’s up). You can also find it via our podcast RSS feed. Uh… so yeah… maybe that’s all info we need for this post. Except for one last thing that’s just slightly kinda fucking awesome:

And Dickey tweets that he really is coming…

So there you go. Nails much?

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  1. Did they measure Dickey’s extension as part of the physical?

  2. Damn this sucks

  3. Still waiting on Jeff updates.

  4. 12M option for 2016 too… good job all around AA!

  5. I can’t believe how gullible people are. You are not getting dickey for 3 years, you are getting dickey and jj for 1 year because guess what jj is not going to sign a cream puff extension so unless rogers ponies up for him too this is a 1 year gamble at the playoffs. And if romero tanks again then all you’ve done is replace his wins with dickey’s equals a wash. People act like this is a guaranteed 95 win team. There are a whole lot of question marks on this team.

    • can we get rid of this guy already? or at least trade him back to TSN???

    • you are not welcome here.

    • Lets keep all the Jays prospects and wait…and wait…and wait…and IF and WHEN they’re ready for the majors, guess what? EE, Joey Bats, Morrow, and Melky are gone… And we get angry at AA as he rebuilds again

      • exactly.

        i thought they would do something like this last year based on that logic and it was a super bummer when it didn’t happen.

        now? i’m pleased as punch. hey it may not work out, it could go wrong. But I feel like the team has done everything they possibly could to take a good thing that they had and give it the best chance to succeed. Joey Bats will get his try and that makes me super excited for the season.

        the fact that there is still a little left in the prospect tank to give us a chance to run at it again in 2014 and 2015? splendid.

        CAN’T WAIT!!!

      • OK, if the whole thing turns to absolute shit – and there are no playoffs forthcoming in the next two or so years – maybe they trade a guy like Johnson or EE or whomever, and get the odd prospect in the deal.
        It happens.

        • At least AA is trying. Can’t fault him for the lineup he’s created.

        • Sure but cant we wait that for that to happen 1st? At this point there is a potentially dominating lineup that Jays fans have been waiting for, for 20 years. Let us enjoy the moment and then, if and when they dip to .500 at some unexpected point, I promise, we’ll talk about trades and restocking the farm.

      • Very well said.

    • I’m sorry, but didn’t fucking rogers cheapskate trolling go out of style in November?
      And are you Andy Sosnick or JJ? Because if you aren’t, how do you have any idea what it will cost to extend our Johnson (hehehe)?
      When you consider the impact of shared revenues, including national tv deals, it is estimated that teams will have approx 110 million in revenues before playing a game. Add in the impact of a busy Dome in a summer of contension and there will be plenty of room for a Johnson extension (hehehe) for 2014.

    • And oh yeah, five years ago the Jays top two prospects that were highly ranked were Cecil and Lind. They sure worked out as predicted????

    • TSN called and they want you to moderate their forums

    • Nonsense, Big Mouth. Most of the key guys are signed for 3-5 years. If JJ wants more than 3yr, AA makes him a qualifying offer, takes a pick in the top 50 and says “Been nice to know ya.” Then either Hutch comes into the rotation or AA goes out and gets another guy. This is the start of a competitive window of 3-4 yr and one that has a chance to be sustainable over a longer period of time.

  6. Seriously though, I think a mostly unmentioned aspect of having him on board will be huge – he’ll disrupt the timing of the opposing hitters every 5th day. With the unbalanced schedule, he could wreak havoc on the AL East.

    • It was mentioned a couple of boards ago. IIRC, the Mets were .600ish when thy played the same team after a Dickey start. Put Dickey between Johnson and Morrow and it’ll give hitters fits.

      • The ideal rotation
        Johnson Dickey Buerhle Morrow romero
        Hard right knuckler hard left hard right curving lefty
        = Knock out

  7. I think jays fans including myself got accustomed to trade-raping other teams. This is a fair trade

    • +1

      • +2 These trades are all dependant on what position the trading partners are in. Yes it can be called an over pay but when a team feels they are at the cusp of contention, that’s the moves that must be made. I can’t imagine a scenario where AA made the Miami (Mathis) trade and just hoped it worked out. The chips crossed the table that day.

  8. Love it. Now what are the unnamed prospects changing hands?

  9. Next question: how long will it take for the wikipedia article on knuckleballs to get edited?

    • Appears to have been done…though not well as the first mention is of the “Toronto Bluejays”.


    • An elite Triple-A catcher; it’s still up in the air how good of a major league catcher he will be.

  11. Option year! It had to happen. Where are the NY leaks now about the other players?

  12. i’m interested in what exactly would cause a knuckleballer born without a UCL to FAIL a physical? I mean have you actually seen the Niekro brothers in their late 40′s/early 50′s?

  13. Still no word on the other as-yet-unnamed prospects in the deal?

  14. I’d still like to know the identity of the two unnamed prospects changing teams….

  15. Are there any prospects in this deal? ;-)

  16. I know we all love D’arnaud, but the difference between trotting out RA Dickey every 5 days over JA Happ is so worth moving OUR PRECIOUS PROSPECT. As for Syndergaard, There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect.

  17. Heyman says it’s Dickey, Thole, Nickeas for d’Arnaud, Syndergaard, Buck, Becerra

  18. Lets trade Ok Blue Jays and Big Mouth Hungry to TSN in exchange for nothing.

  19. We squeezed the best players out of three shitty teams and put it into a bottle.

  20. It Becerra. Called it!

  21. nickeas and beccera are the prospects

  22. This is funny. If I had said just a week ago to trade darnaud and synd for dickey, you all would have called me an idiot. Now that it has happened you all think it’s a genius move.

  23. Anibal Sanchez gets $80 million. Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey gets $30 million, or $42 million if the option is picked up. What a steal of a contract.

  24. Jays gave Becerra $1.3 million a couple years ago. Interesting they’re trading him now (when there are many similar intl’l prospects in the system). Leads me to believe they doubt the hit tool, which is what some scouting reports said at the time he debuted.

  25. Becerra cost the Jays $1.3 million in July 2011, not exactly a Johermyn Chavez-type throw in. (from the Morrow trade)

  26. Nickeas. Wtf. It said PROSPECT!!!

  27. Suck.It.Farrell!!!

  28. Team or player option?

  29. Sign jurrens/Saunders and make it a day while finding Lind a platoon partner

    • or finding Lind a Swisher… and putting Lind on the bench! haha its not gonna happen, but one can dream!

  30. I’ve read every story on the interwebs I can find on this. Apparently what made Dickey so tough in 2012, compared to 2010-2011, was that he increased the gulf in highest/lowest velocity on his Knuckleball – including the ability to throw it faster than in years past.

    The piece here says he threw it as low as 54 mph and as high as 83 mph at points in 2012. That’s right, his knuckler velocity went UP from what it was said to be in 2010-11:

    I don’t think anyone has ever tossed a knuckleball that fast. Over the next three years, we could very well see a master of the craft perfecting an arsenal not quite like any in the history of the game.

  31. Suck it Farrell

    Someone needs to update the goodwill hunting photoshop btw

  32. The Jays have many question marks, and those who think this team is a guarantee to make the playoffs has a long season ahead of them. Toronto sports fans over hype everything until it’s August and their team is found no where close to playoff contention. Most of you will be calling for AA’s head if this were to happen. R.A Dickey will not enjoy the Rogers Centre, and realize that the fans in Toronto are as fair weather as they come.

    • Fuck off

      • Denial. Typical of Toronto fans. It is true, you’d have to be delusional if you cannot recognize that will happen if the team isn’t successful.

        • Shit-disturbing. Typical of trolls who’ve nothing better to do than piss on peoples’ parade. You have to be delusional to think that anyone cares.

          • I’m not being a troll. I’m offering Jays fans a chance to be rational. All I see is fans thinking their team is top notch, when all I ‘ve seen with this management is constant failure and disappointment at the expensive of fans such as yourself.

      • Why are all of the trolls also functionally illiterate?

    • Fuck you.

    • Every team has question marks and no team is guaranteed anything. That said, only a moron would think that the 2013 Jays are not “in with a shot.” And its been 20 years since we could say that.

      • Weren’t you guys in “contention” last year as well? I swear I’ve been hearing the same bullshit surrounding the Jays since 2010. I’ve never seen a group of fans who jump sail as soon as their team looks good on paper.

        • You gotta be a Leafs fan with a defeatist attitude like that

        • Last spring I got crapped all over for predicting that the Jays would win fewer games in 2012 than they did in 2011. Last year’s team was counting on rookies in the rotation. It had no bench, no depth and very little in the way of major league talent in AAA. This is a whole different beast. They have 6 proven MLB starters, their every day lineup is much stronger, the bench is the best I’ve seen in the last 20 years, and while the bullpen is not “light out,” it should be adequate. On paper, they have the horses. That said, they still have to do it on the field.
          I’ll be buying my 2nd flex pack this week.

    • Hey “chad”, hit the bricks. If the jays don’t make the playoffs, it won’t be AA’s fault, but the players themselves. AA’s doing his job and then some…..

      • How wouldn’t it be AA’s fault? The Jays don’t make the playoffs and Josh Johnson isn’t signing an extension. Than another year of “what if” will commence at the expensive of 4 quality prospects.

        • if you dont’ know the answer to your question, and it sounds like you don’t, then i’m guessing you’re not much a reader. I’m hardly an expert on such matters and even i could answer that particular dilemma.

          • I answered the question of how it would be AA’s fault. Holier than Tao: I’m guessing you’re “not much a reader.”

        • the only good thing about the chad’s & ok blue jays on this blog is that they loose steam quit posting after ‘the big news’ story passes. Either that or the beared man bans their asses! Either way…it goes away soon.

          • A great thing about Blue Jays fans is usually in late August and early September, they realize that they’re team is irrelevant, and immediately start hyping the Maple Leafs or Raptors.

            Vicious circle.

            Yankees in 2013 in beyond, faggots.

        • It’s not AA’s fault because this isn’t stratomatic. You don’t just line up 25 stat sheets and toss them up against the other 29 teams and say behold the glory of my perfectly constructed roster. We’re talking about human beings here who are inherently volatile in their performances, even discounting the possibility of injuries.

    • If Toronto fans are fair weather what do you call Phillies fans?

  33. R.A. is a really good pitcher, has a great contract and is now on my favourite team. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out that he looks like a serial killer.

  34. Becerra is toolsy. Speed, good arm, began life as a SS but will be an OF as a pro. Much much much more value than a Nickeas, and actually makes this deal even better from a Mets perspective, but not worth getting hung up on. Unless you were banking on the mystery Mets prospect to make this deal appeal to you, then feel free to get hung up.

  35. Dickey looks like jesus,our savoir has arrived.

  36. Mike Nickeas has been a catcher in Buffalo since 2009 – expect the same. Turns 30 in February.

  37. Good luck guys. Option year will still probably be a deal. Thole will have some value for you. Mets fans hated him, but he can give you a .270 AVG with below average defense(but he can catch RA pretty well). Nickeas was probably the most hated Met. He is useless. Cant hit, cant throw runners out, bad defense. And at 29, tough to expect there to be much improvement. But this deal is about Dickey, and you guys will be happy with what you got. Ill be rooting for you guys in the WS if you can get there!

  38. Team or player option ?????

    no buyout on that option?

  40. I’m actually not happy about this trade for one reason, Noah Syndegaard. He’s a future #1 all the way and we gave him up for someone 18 yrs his elder I don’t understand this. We already have a solid rotation w/o Dickey. But ok people say, yeah but he gives us a better chance this year and that’s valid, except only one team wins the world series. Let’s say we lose in the ALCS to the Angels/Tigers, not a tragic finish considering the last 15 years in the end. Ok now he’s 39 and J.Johnson is all likely gone on a top level deal. That leaves use with a depleted farm system and a much smaller window with which to compete for a championship. I have a bad, bad feeling. You should never trade a 20 year old stud for a 38 year old one.

    • There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect.

    • Buddy he’s never pitched above low-A. Settle down.

      • Yeah because he’s 20 years old, but yet he had 133 K’s in 103 innings or something at AA. So don’t tell me this isn’t Micheal Young happening all over again. D’Arnaud I’m ok with just because Catcher is such a toss-up.

        • He has not yet pitched in AA you idiot.

          • He’s not even pitched in real A-ball yet (i.e. weren’t the Lansing-3 really headed to Dunedin to start next year?)…

        • You are out of yor mind.

        • Low A, not double AA. A big difference. Hard to take you seriously…

          • Yes A-ball sure but still the point is they gave up too much. Dickey’s not going to live up to this hype. Not that we don’t have a vastly improved team and I’m not excited for Spring but this is a move AA will likely regret, very high risk, It’d be another story if we got another prospect arm coming back. Calling me an idiot is pretty ridiculous, tight knit group we jays fans. I think the one thing we can agree is we will all love watching Farrell ‘s face when we’re making him look like a fool.

    • If Johnson leaves (not a foregone conclusion) he’s almost certainly getting a qualifying offer first… meaning that the Jays will get an extra first round pick to help restock the “depleted farm system”. And we’ll have a healthy and dirtcheap Hutchison (who still has a lot of upside IMO) to work back into the rotation (to go along with still having a top 4 of Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle, and Romero… still a damn fine Rotation).

    • While Snydergard might be all that and a bag of chips in three years – is there any kind of guarantee that in three years that the Jays would have any kind of team to surround him? I hate the fact that they gave him up…but how often do you trade for a Cy Young winner…no matter how old.

    • STFU all you “this trade sucks because of Syndergaard” haters. The Jays are ready to contend in 2013…he wouldn’t likely make the MLB roster until at least 2015, and even then just as a bullpen guy.

    • Future #1 based on what? What you have heard on the grapevine? He may be a #1 but the chances are against him.

    • Jason Parks wrote a recent scouting piece on Syndergaard.

      The gist is that Syndergaard projects to be at BEST, a number 2 guy on a championship calibre team. That is in a perfect world scenario. ETA would be 2015.

      Risks are still high as he dominated low A ball with essentially a plus FB and a loopy crisp curveball. As he advancs to higher levels, he will need to develop his curveball and add more deception to his firm changeup. If that doesn’t pan out, expect Syndergaard to become a nice bullpen arm.

    • Don’t know about you, but I would hate to ponder missing the playoffs by 1 game because we held onto two unproven prospects instead of taking last year’s Cy Young winner to put us over the top.

      Call me crazy, but I was pretty luke warm about trotting Happ out there for 30 starts.

    • I know what you mean. In 3 years when he’s ready to join the rotation and EE, Jose, Reyes, Cabrera are all past their peak, Syndergaard might be the difference maker between winning an extra 2-3 games on an average team. Meanwhile we’ll all be happy the Jays didnt try to really go for it 3 years earlier when there was a glaring window for the first time in 15 years in the AL East.

    • This is purely speculative but listening to AA it sounds like he might have been near the top of his “payroll parameters”. I wonder if including Syndergaard was his way of sweetening the pot to get the Mets to take back Buck and his salary to essentially make the trade a financial wash. It makes sense so if an A ball pitcher was the cost to complete the trade of a backup catcher to #1 pitcher I have no objections whatsoever

  41. Man soon I am going to be in the bullpen

  42. Bad reporting from some, I wouldn’t call an 18 believed to be one of if not the best international signing from the Jays that year a non elite prospect. Although I’ll admit right now he’s not it just seems to broad of a statement because when he’s 20 like Syndergaard he could very well be. The Canadian catcher is not even a prospect at all.

    • If any of you have ever seen syndergaard pitch like I have you probably are sick to your stomach over this deal. This kid makes batters look absolutely foolish and is still growing. I don’t mind d’Arnaud but I hate syndergaard leaving

      • Mr. Dickey is also capable of making batters look foolish my good man.

        • That’s true but age really worries me. Knuckleballer or not he is 38. That’s old. Hopefully I’m wrong and he is the ace we need

          • I agree with you on losing Syndergaard but I don’t really know how well he’ll do against major league batting…and to stay consistent in doing it at that level. Same thing really can be applied to Dickey in terms of consistency which makes it a really good argument, but what he did in the majors last year that I think seals the deal you know. I did hate losing syndergaard tho..he’ll be a good pitcher.

  43. Team Option

  44. Apparently the mets chose Becerra instead of money?

  45. Has anyone follewed the NY blogs? What are they saying about the trade?

    • We are very excited for TDA and Syn. We wish Dickey the best, several acknowledging him as one our favorite Mets of all time (myself included), and hope he wins a championship up in Toronto.

  46. Now with an extended Dickey, all the BJs need is a long Johnson extension. What?

  47. It only makes sense to slot RA between Johnson and Morrow, no?

  48. as per Bill James
    Josh Johnson 3.21 3.08
    Ricky Romero 4.43 4.46
    Mark Buehrle 3.78 4.10
    RA DICKEY 3.58 3.76
    Brandon Morrow 3.47 3.48

  49. Wait- no money is changing hands?

  50. Jays fans, I hope RA gives you 60 wins and a WS title—you deserve it. He’s a pleasure to watch, to root for, and to learn from. Hopefully, d’Arnaud and Syndergaard can help us at some point relatively soon—we haven’t had much to cheer about lately.

    • It will turn around. Just get the Wilpons to sell that team. Really, how the hell do they still own it, they have no money left.

    • Love the Major League reference!

      I hope that TDA is your starting catcher for years to come and that Syndergaard is a staple of your MLB pitching core…as long as we win a WS in the next four years!

      TBJ fans appreciate Mets fans through our common bond of hating the Stankees.

  51. Anthopolous on Prime Time right now

  52. What are the odds makers putting the Jays’ chances at now? Anyone know?

  53. Trollin’ through Dickey’s twitter feed- check this picture and caption:!/RADickey43/media/slideshow?

  54. Mark my words, in addition to the departure of Travis Snider earlier in the year, the Jays have made another move that they’ll regret for a long long time. Mark my words.

  55. Lets assume for a second Cabrerra never got caught cheating and won the NL MVP as he would most likely have done. Let ignore the fact that if that happened, he wouldnt be a Jay right now, but………..Has a team ever added the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner to its roster in one year? I highly doubt it. Thats crazy, right?

    • Just once – baseball’s had a long history, so not much is rare. In 1981, Rollie Fingers came over to Milwuakee and won the Cy Young, and Thurman Munson was set to go there after he won the MVP but died first, thus mirroring Melky deserving but not exactly winning it.

  56. Dickey has to be the opening day starter. If you trade these prospects for Dickey then you have to build him up as a super ace to appease the prospect hungry fanbase.

    • ahhhh… You put him in the best spot in the rotation to maximize the mindfuck factor between two fastball pitchers and a knuckleballer.

      • “change of pace” pitching rotation is really dumb on accounta the fact that theres only a few series in a season where the first game of the series is your #1…. Oh and also that you’re facing major league fucking hitters and change of pace pitching is fucking voodoo nonsense that doesn’t actually matter.

        • Then I guess Jobu is responsible for the Mets .600 winning percentage in games following a Dickey start?

          • Thank you.

          • nah…RAD’s phantom UCL take’s Pedro Serrano’s bat and whacks the next days opposing starting pitcher in the back of the head…THAT’S what gave the Mets their .600 post-Dickey start winning percentage.

        • This time last year, I think you would have called ANY of the 3 new aquisitions our #1 starter

      • +1.

        It seems that AA said Dickey would be the Ace of the staff, thus the opening day starter.

        But maybe Gibbons may put the best 3 against the red sox.

        Has this been done before. ??

        The AL East will be a dogfight all year long so you need to maximize wins against AL East opponents.

    • Nah, You have to put Dickey between Johnson and Morrow. Should go Johnson/Dickey/Morrow/Buerhle/Romero.

      • That’s literally the worst way to set things up: 3 righties followed by 2 lefties.

        I think you’d find: Dickey, Morrow, Buerle, Johnson, Romero to work much better.

        That rotation would constantly change speeds, pitch types, and sides. Devastating.

        • Bingo.

        • … and you can slide Happ in for Romero if things don’t go well for RR physically of mentally this spring

        • Nailed it.

        • Bingo also. Love that rotation order.

          Of course, it matters for about a month, then with offdays and what not, things can change, but I love the idea of having Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle, Johnson and Romero.

          You maximize the fuck up factor for opposing lineups with that rotation order.

          • I’d go Dickey, Romero, Morrow, Buehrle, Johnson.

            Break up lefties and righties.
            Separates Dickey from Buehrle’s junk balling
            Farrell sees all the new guys in his first trip to the Dome with Dickey going for the sweep.

      • You’ve got to separate the lefties son!

        I say Dickey & Johnson (aka the Penis Twins), Buehrle, Morrow, Romero

    • Fuck the prospect hungry fan base . They garner no appeasing.

  57. Beccera was too tempting to pass up for mets, they took him instead of cash. Anderson thinks beccera is future all star OF

  58. What’s the song at the end? Catchy.

    GO JAYS, been waiting for a while; cool to see where DJF is now compared to a few years ago. I still miss the Disqus style commenting a bit though.

  59. jp arencibia ‏@jparencibia9

    Was never leaving! #InsideInfo RT @N7Pasc: The best part about today’s trade is that @jparencibia9 is staying with the Jays #BlueJays

    i enjoy our trolling catcher.

  60. First off y’all are some funny mutha fuckas…. RA is an absolute stud you all will love him. He may have been the best athlete on the pitching staff. Will pick off a shit ton of runners and I don’t think he allowed a stolen base last yr(feel free to look that up), will field his position mightily, and can swing the stick… STUD

    • This may be true, but Ricky not Dickey starts on opening day.

      • LOL What?

        Josh Johnson, maybe. Brandon Morrow, maybe. But Ricky? Are you out of your mind?

      • Smartest thing said all day

        • What do they say….imitation best form of flattery. Oh I love trolls…so green and fuckable!

          • Jays still have a bunch of high upside guys in the farm.

            Sanchez, Osuna, Smoral, Norris, Tirado. Gose even. I wonder how many of these guys could be A prospects with a good year.

            Someone ask Keith Law

    • We aim to please…we are Canadian after all! LOL

      Hopefully this is a win-win trade and TDA hits a grand slam off of Sabbathia during the Subway Series this year. #fucktheyankees

    • … does he bat L??? … on off days, can he platoon with Lind at DH???

  61. If he continues to pitch well this is a very tradeable contract.

    Now, could one of you experts please tell us if the Jays had to give the Mets the 4.5M the Fish gave the Jays when the Jays obtained Buck?

    • The fish gave the Jays 8.5 million…and the answer is no.

      • Yes, but 4.5M was towards Bucks 2013 salary and 4M was for Mark, as Mark was still owed a 4M deferred signing bonus by the Fish for his 2012 contract.

        • I’ve never heard of that cash breakdown before, but I don’t think it matters. Just because cash was exchanged in one trade doesn’t mean that cash constantly follows that player from that point on. Somebody has already confirmed that cash was not exchanged in this deal.

          • I get it and hopefully this is true.

            Dickey moneywise is free because Mets pay Buck’s salary. But the Jays pay with 2 top spects. And in a few years the Jays will find out they paid too much.

            So if it’s true the Mets are nuts for paying 6M for Buck and not paying 5M for Dickey in 2013.

            This shows you how bad the Mets wanted the Jays spects. This shows us how the Jays were in the drivers seat but let the Mets drive.

            The Jays should’ve and could’ve gotten another pitchers from the Mets along with Dickey. But Roger’s foolishly let AA do their dealin.

            It’s just like the Fish deal. The Jays could’ve and should’ve gotten Stranton in the deal because the Jays were in the drivers seat offering to take 160M off the Fish books when no other team wanted these players due to their outrageous contracts.

  62. I take offense to saying Left Field has been a problem spot for the Blue Jays for 18 years. Shannon Stewart was pretty good through the late 90s and early 00s. I’ll give you 10 years.

  63. So Mets are taking Buck’s salary – that offsets cost of Dickey according to AA.

    • Yes, the Mets are taking Buck’s contract, but, when the Jays obtained Buck the Fish gave the Jays 4.5M cash to pay for Buck’s 6M 2013 salary. Now the Jays have traded Buck so we need to know if the Jays have given the Mets that 4.5M?

      • No that just goes the Jays treasury. Considering they weren’t originally supposed to have anywhere near this much in payroll the $8.5 million will just go to offset the overage.

      • These are just ledger items. I don’t know why people think the money is somehow “attached” to the player. Jays got Dickey essentially for free this year, got a fair deal for the next 2 or 3 years and it cost them two top prospects that could be stars or could be the next Lind/Cecil. All at a good time to go in hard and at a time when you might pay Dickeys next two years with playoff rev from this year.

  64. I grew up watching the Jays since the mid-eighties, where at first, year after year they were winning pennants or in pennant races, but never had enough to beat the mighty Royals, Athletics, or whoever won the west, to make the World Series. It took further acquisitions and some young talent to finally push them over the hump. They were living in the present, not waiting on the future, even though they knew, without a doubt, that some of those kids were going to be stars. Who exactly? Nobody knew for sure. When exactly? Nobody knew either. What they did know was that they were getting closer to the big prize. They knew that chance only comes around every so often, perhaps far too seldom for a team that although is a big market, plays in a foreign land. So they seized the moment, and made future for now deals. No guarantees, there never were. But the expectations were in place, and they made the final moves to do whatever it took to get there.

    2013 became time for the same mindset as the early 90s as soon as the Miami move as well as the Melky move were done.

    How anyone who was around in the Gillick era can’t like this deal is beyond me. If you were around then, or if you look at how contending teams operate at the trade deadline, this deal makes total sense. Should they have walked away, kept DArnaud and Syndergaard and tried for Marcum or EJax? What do those guys bring to the table compared to the reigning Cy Young winner? Do the Yankees or another AL team grab Dickey instead? Perhaps. We’ll never know. What we do know is Dickey has much more value than Marcum or EJax, and costs about the same (contract wise). So there’s the additional rotation return by making this move, and if you’re building a winner, you better take your starting pitching seriously.

    I love it.

    • Some good points. The main thing about the Jays back then was that ownership was willing to do whatever was needed. We’re finally getting that again this winter. That kind of commitment is going to be vital going forward if it’s going to continue past this current window.

      • I’m skeptical whether ownership tightened down the budget over the past years, or whether the money was in fact there, but the big name players just didn’t want to come to Toronto. If I had to bet on it, I’d say the latter was the case. Toronto just doesn’t attract stars like LA or NY or even Boston can. But for ownership and management to say that publicly makes them look like losers. theyre better off spinning it the other way, where they dont believe in contracts over 5 years, or they dont believe in spending all that money, when the truth is, thats how most of the contending teams act, so it would be a big risk to act aversely.

        This offseasons payroll increase came mainly via trade, not free agents. Its not as if arogers said to AA, ok you may spend now, and he went shopping. I don’t think the Jays had much of a shot at Greinke, Hamilton, Ortiz or Upton at all. Just like they were likely out of the race for Pujols Fielder or CJ Wilson last year, on the players accord, not theirs.

        The trade came, it got expanded, and we turned into a 100m team overnight (well more like a week thanks to Bud Selig and his bullshit). Then more luck came our way because Melky was likely being shot down by other teams because he got caught. Probably an overpayment compared to the rest of the market, but a smart one considering the circumstances. And now the RA Dickey trade, where we were the best match.

        The cash was always there, the opportunities to spend to build a winner were not, until now, seemingly all at once.

        • Definitely don’t see it that way. The money wasn’t there because it wasn’t there. Rogers gave him a budget and sure he could have asked for more in the right situation but probably not for free agents. The fact is that Rogers only allowed below average budgets since they took over until now. That’s a corporate decision. They tried to moneyball things, that’s a fact. There never was any doubt the money was there in my mind, just the will to spend it. Again I’m talking about Rogers entire tenure not just AA’s tenure. AA at least had a reason to underspend because of the rebuild.

        • woof woof … probably closer to reality than a lot of the speculative poverty fantasy swirling around last 12 months

          • Good to see you up and about, Smelly–I was afraid your people had taken you to the vet…

      • +1.

        It seems that the change in the economics of baseball , with additional TV & internet revenue makes fielding a competing team much more lucrative than 10 years ago.

        Just look at the Dodgers. I think they have close t 250 million of tv revenue, so in theory they could play in front of an empty stadium & still come out break even.

        AA deserves extra credit for building a competitive team with no crippling contracts except Reyes.

    • Oh yeah. I was 5 and 6 in 1992/1993, but I have vivid memories of Jays games and how loud and crazy they were. And the city in general. And of course my babysitter not letting me stay up to watch the end of game 6 in 1993. They are going for it, it’s fantastic.

    • Spot on

    • +19851989199119921993…I heard Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in my mind while reading your post RHgf.

      • Lol pudge

        Vomit on his sweater

        Moms spaghetti

        • He’s nervous
          but on the surface he looks calm and ready
          to drop bombs

          - this song does work for baseball!

        • A line from “Sing For the Moment” also works nicely:

          That’s why we seize the moment
          try to freeze it and own it
          squeeze it and hold it
          Cause we consider these minutes golden

  65. Here’s the updated roster and costs as I see them.

    Figures in parentheses are for 2013 salaries in millions of dollars.
    * Denotes the arbitration estimate via MLB Trade Rumors.

    Position Players – Starters (9 out of 9): JPA (0.5), EE (8), Izturis (3), Reyes (10), Lawrie (0.5), Melky (8), Rasmus (4.5*), Jose (14), Lind (5.15),

    Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Thole (1.2*), Davis (2.5), Bonifacio (2.5*)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 12 position players: $59.85 million
    Holes to Fill: 4th Bench Player

    Starting Pitchers (5 of 5): Romero (7.75), Morrow (8), Johnson (13.75), Buehrle (11), Dickey (5)

    Relief Pitchers (7 of 7): Janssen (3.9), Santos (2.75), Delabar (0.5), Lincoln (0.5), Cecil (0.5), Rogers (0.5), Happ (3.8*)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 12 pitchers: $57.95 million
    Holes to Fill: None

    Total Cost for 2013 for 24 players: $117.8 million

    Removed Oliver from the list for now.

    Again for the pre-arb guys Lawrie, Delabar, Lincoln, Cecil and Rogers I gave them $500k. I changed Rasmus’ arbitration number to reflect the estimate they had in MLB Trade Rumors of $4.5 million. In addition to Rasmus, I put Happ down for $3.8 million, Bonifacio for $2.5 million and Thole for $1.2 million as per MLB Trade Rumors.

    From what AA said on PTS doesn’t look like there will be that much more added even in the pen dollar wise. While it would be nice to have someone like Lyon down there, I think it’s a pretty good group to start the season with as long as everyone is healthy. You’ve got power arms, good shut downs options vs LHP, and Happ to fill CV’s role as long man.

    • Lind is a sore thumb on that list.

    • Here’s really, really hoping that Oliver comes back to solidify that bullpen. If not, throw his 3 mil at Lyon or Fraser. With Happ back in the bullpen, it’s not so critical for the last move to be a lefty.

      As for 4th bench player, I think you can count on that being Sierra or someone of his ilk. It’s of almost no consequence with Rajai and Bonefacio getting the majority of the bench work and Thule catching every 5th game.

      • I think they might get another middle infielder personally. If Izturiz has to shift over to cover Reyes or Lawrie for any reason, that means Bonifacio is at 2nd and then there’s no back up middle infielder for those guys.

        • EE or Joey Bats could cover for Lawrie at 3B for the short term.

        • If things got to that point I think they would just send Sierra back to Buffalo and bring up or look to waivers for a middle infielder for a couple weeks.

          They’ll be hard-pressed not to keep Sierra’s right handed power bat around to balance with Lind if Rajai’s not hitting.

        • Pretty tough to have tow backups for every position…

    • Would Sierra be plugged in as the 4th bench person as the designated ‘player-in-development’ on the MLB roster?

    • Heard AA on PTS said he’s been talking to Alderson on and off again since november the first winter meetings. AA Said TDA was on the table for ten days. To me this means AA has been given the go ahead to add payroll for the bullpen, I say this because if the reports were true the Blue Jays offered Jason Girlli the most omney of anybody while they still knew this trade could be a possibility……. If you believe the reports and rumors before Girilli signed.

      • Of course Black Magic might have told AA this past week that he will retire and that’s why the went after Girilli or he didn’t know i fthis Dickey trade would happen. However what if Girilli had accepted the rumor blue jay contract they must have known it was a possibilty Aldernson could take the trade that was on the table after the second winter meetings.
        This is just me trying to figure out if more money is out there….. I believe it is for a bullpen piece backend most likely or a platoon /25 man roster player; hopefully all of the above.

  66. What does the R.A. stand for?

  67. Stoets! Big question, if Dickey is our Ace and Thole will be his personal catcher, does that mean Thole is our opening day starter!!!

    • Some people still seem to think that Ricky is gonna be our opening day starter.
      ha! fat chance! Ricky has been bumped all the way down to 5!
      I suggest he date another Miss America to get his game back…

    • Garunteed he catches Dickey whatever day it is. So ya but I have a feeling Morrow starts opening day.

    • New manager, new number one. Its that simple. If gibby chooses to honor things and leave Ricky Ro and the ace, so be it. But something tells me that Dickey is now the staff ace and the opening day starter, they wont acquire him and then make him the number 2-3 guy. New manager = changes, seniority means nothing right now, its a clean slate.


      I say this because theyll want to put a power pitcher behind Dickey to fuck with the hitters and they wont put the two lefties together so this is what I imagine.

      • Romero

        This is Ricky’s team and Johnson is the weakest of the bunch. This is why Johnson will not be resigned next year or even be given a qualifying offer. In fact, I bet he’s traded before the deadline.

  68. Figures this happens when the world ends this Friday

  69. Interesting, there was no Dickey conversation with Anderson until the Winter Meetings. He didn’t even know if he was available. Obviously GM AA is hot and heavy for Dickey though because he asked Anderson after D’Arnaud was on the table what it was going to take to finish the deal.

    I bet Anderson was shocked that GM AA didn’t blink. All I have to say is that AA has balls of steel, not afraid to trade anyone when it makes sense to do so.

    The amount of turnover of the roster since he took over is just a work of beauty. Then he goes and has everyone locked in for 2-3 years now except Johnson.

  70. guy looks a bit like The Dude…

  71. So, I’m sure everyone shitting on me last week for my inside info is going to be quick to apologize :) Maybe I DID know what I was talking about, eh??

  72. AA flew to Nashville to make the deal with Dickey. The winter meetings were held in Nashville. AA could’ve saved the Jays some coin if AA had just made the deal while he was already in Nashville for the winter meetings. AA is wasting money friends. And now he’s wasting it on himself traveling.

  73. Who starts opening day?

    • We knew the Dickey was done long ago because when the Fish boys did their cover shot Buck was not included in it. We knew, or at least I knew, right there and then that Buck was being flipped. It was obvious to me at that time that Buck was being flipped for Dickey and his very own personal catcher.

      • Amazing, because I can predict with equal certainty, your banishment from this board…holding out for banishment from Earth.

        • Hopefully sooner than later…

          • And before we know it will just happen…here on day gone the next. Let me take this time, as it’s not on your side, to say that I have appreciated your thoughtful and whitty posts. Buh-Bye

    • That’s a beauty!!

  74. AA’s accomplishments during his brief tenure with the Jays is nothing short of remarkable. The cupboard was bare when he got here, and now he is trading the hot prospects he chose 3 years ago for star players. He has assembled a great starting rotation at a decent price, a solid batting order, and a mix of vetreans and up and coming stars that will compete for years to come. Both Rogers and fans are lucky to have AA on our side

    • ya no kidding.. dude is as smart as it comes…which is why I can’t see that even if the Jays don’t win a WS in the next 3 years, that Rogers sends him packing.. like seriously.. AA has got some serious talent right now, and his payroll is quite below what the Dodgers and Angels are rocking.. and seriously if the Jays don’t see some increase in revenue and a decent profit over the next few years, I would be surprised.

    • This is true.

      AA has not been flawless. Many draft picks have been wasted (e.g. look at who was bundled in the Happ trade, and what it took to get those picks), which reflects badly on the scouting. The hiring of Farrell was a disaster. The handling of Snider, and so on.

      But…a three year turnaround truly is remarkable. A rocky ride, but he’s got us there.

      • being a GM is not playing scrabble or a cross-word puzzle … ninja juggler on a tightrope is a better analogy …. even during last season, this team was more interesting to follow than in years past … this year should be much better still … what has yet to happen is the kind of rabid fandom that was built in the 80′s to support the WS teams …. this can happen a lot faster with social networking … look at the increase in comments here, without any games played yet … too soon to evaluate the Happ trade as a fail … if Farrell hadn’t flown, it might have been a disaster. at this point, hardly – we’ve got a better manager … let’s live now …

    • Although I love AA, the cupboards weren’t exactly bare when he got here. Bautista, EE, Halladay were not his acquisitions. He had the best pitcher in baseball to start his wheeling and dealing.

      I give him credit for his aggressive nature, his relentlessness. I fell in love right when the Morrow deal was made. He stole him from Seattle, and I thought that at the time of the trade. The Halladay deal could’ve netted more, and I think Gose will never amount to anything, because he can’t hit. The Wells deal was magical, the Bautista signing was astute. So was EE, and fuck, so was Lind, before his back gave out. This offseason has been nothing short of spectacular.

      • I largely agree with you Mr. Mathers, but I will give AA a little more credit on the Halladay trade as his hands were tied as teams knew that Halladay wanted to be traded, and would only consider a very limited number of teams.

        • Slim Shady to you sir.

          Fair enough, his hands were tied, I guess I’m just a Gose hater (and yes I know he wasn’t in the original deal but ultimately he was return for Halladay), and Roy Halladay was the best pitcher in baseball at the time. Overall, you’re right, not bad considering the circumstances.

          • …but are you the Real Slim Shady?

            The trade could essentially be argued that we moved Halladay for the 2012 NL Cy Young winner, + 3 yr wait + Gose, who could still work out…not bad.

      • Those players weren’t under contract for much longer either though. Halladay was in his last year, Bautista hadn’t even busted out yet and EE hadn’t even been released yet the next offseason.

        With that Wells contract, things were looking pretty grim for Jays fans.

    • +1, but the catalyst this offseason was Rogers opening the payroll vault.

      AA was smart to accumulate the elite prospects & wait for Rogers to open the chequebook.

      I would love t know what made rogers finally agree after 3 years to do some wheeling & dealing?

      Was Rogers embarrassed by the loss of Farell, the horrible season ??

      What if the 2012 team won 84 games with a somewhat healthier roster? Would Rogers have been under as much pressure to increase payroll by $50 million for 2013?

      • Or, you know, Rogers could simply be following through on what AA & Beeston have been saying from the beginning. That the Jays would spend when the time was right.

        Why you continually spew your ridiculous bullshit about Farrell and Rogers being embarassed is beyond me.

  75. Very well done AA. Very well done sir indeed. No matter what anyone says this has been a good off season. I believe is safe to say that the buzz is getting ready to roar.

  76. alright, I offered earlier that Dickey’s doppelganger is Al Borland from Tim Allen’s Home Improvement, but perhaps this is really the more accurate match:

    Mike Wilner’s pal, Timothy Busfield (who was excellent on Jays Talk in 2011)

  77. Mike ‘Scoop’ Wilner on Dec 14th:

    ‘This is NOTHING like the leaks of the #Bluejays #Marlins trade. This is #Jays are interested, could be front-runners, not “it’s done”.’

    1. Turns out the leaks were exactly right
    2. Turns out the deal WAS done two days prior to his tweet, according to AA.

    • Fuck Wilner, he seems to get a kick out of being a prick. I bet nobody in the industry likes him, and that’s why he never gets any inside scoops, and that’s what makes him a bitter man, so he says stupid shit like that.

      Such a tool.

      • And the great thing those listening to the radio this summer will get to hear even more of his commentary.

    • Nice work on the fact checking. Makes Wilner look ridiculous.

    • Agreed. Wilner is afraid to get caught making a mistake on a trade rumor.

      It took him days to confirm that Buterfield had joined the red sox.

  78. What’s up with AA’s weird obsession with quad-A catchers tho?

    • Such as Thole? For starters his defense isnt AAAA and his offense while not super, isnt too bad. He is coming because he can catch the knuckler, plain and simple. He’s also signed cheap.

  79. Suck It Farrel


    If you want a good laugh check out the headlines in the flash window on

  81. Friends the Jays haven’t won anything yet. Not even one game. So kindly hold on tight to your AA praise please.

    Last year at this very same critical time the Fish Fans were going on about how great their ownership and team were, too. It didn’t work out so swell now did it?

    There has been a massive addtion of players to the Jays and they need to gel. This version of the Jays starting rotation only won 60 games last year. That isn’t winning the Jays anything. The Jays need more. Dickey is not winning 20 games in the ALE, it’s just not happenin. Dickey might win 15, so the 60 games the rotation won last year is reduced, lets say by 5 games to 55. This means the other 4 starters need to win more than last year. Much more. And there is no guarantee or warranty that this will happen.

    Jays need 95 wins to win the ALE and 93 to win the wild card.

    Jays have a lot of work too do.

    But all AA has to do is win more than 73 and he can finally say he improved the club because every year since he’s been at the helm the Jays have lost more games.

    • Your posts lack any objective authentecity, the Jays pitching got obliterated last year. We were a .500 team in 2011 and that mark is closer to what this team was last year. I truly believe that you would benefit from some psychological concilling though. You strike me as someone who had a tramatic event befall you when you were young. I hope you get the help you need

      • I realize this place and others have sheep on them board but all this praise of AA when he has a losiing record year after year is funny.

        AA signed a bunch of players no other team wanted. Gee, how hard was that too do?

        The Fish had a stacked team, play in the NL where pitchers hit and where parks are pitcher friendly parks and they lost more games than the Jays, and the Jays played 2 months with their farm team roster.

        It’s way too early to be planning a parade or praising AA.

        Let’s at least try and keep it real. Ok?

        • That’s right OK Blue Jays, that why the Commissioner had to investigate the Marlins deal because no other team wanted Burhle, Johnson or Reyes.
          There is something in your phsche that is amiss. It isa as thought you shun happiness, feel a need to take the opposite position…you are oppositionally disordered

          • Its also interesting that you start your posts with “friends”? Is this because it is what you lack in life, and yet want the most? I suspect you a friendship are strangers

          • Friends, The Commish reviews all trades when cash is involved. Fish sent Jays 8.5M, remember.

            No cash in Dickey deal changin hands so the Commish isn’t approving or involved in trade.

            Next someone will say GM’s tried to block Fish deal I bet.

            The Fish guys were made available to ALL other teams since July.

            Three Fish players were picked up by other teams, Dodgers, Tigers and D-backs.

            Like it or not, Friends, no one wanted the Fish guys the Jays got.

          • So, according to you OK, AA gets 8.5 Million to take Buck, then keeps the money when he trades Buck to New York, yeah any GM could do that

        • If all you can do is look backwards then you must have no practical analytical baseball knowledge. Vegas knows where it’s at.

          Honestly please leave you are so dumb. Stoeten make this site cost a dollar a month so this troll can’t afford it.

    • ya…you need to give your head a check. WTF would you have to do to make you happy and put a winner on the field..

    • Whew…it’s a good thing there’s no such thing as pitcher ‘wins’ then…

    • U need to change ur name. Did u want darvish and prince on the jays roster? How about just go along with the ride and enjoy it and be fine wih what is. We are goin all in! Just chill!

  82. JPA on twitter stilla cting like he knew he wasn’t going to be traded….. please stop, I mean he might have known it was TDA in the deal but don’t act like your untradable.

  83. So if you are a Mets fan, with a Blue Jay fan mentality, then you gotta thing DArnault ripped up his knee last year and only played half a season, had 2 bulging discs in his back operated on, and hasn’t played 1 game in the majors….and you gave up a Cy Young winner for that?

  84. That is really good news! We are done now, right? Except maybe sign CV to give us 2 long guys in the ‘pen. What? Yes. I’m greedy.

    Oh and because I have dutifully stayed away from Mr Farrell for days, I think I can celebrate just this once.

    Suck it Farrell.

    • Sounds like AA said they were right up against the ceiling payroll wise. I wouldn’t bet on another acquisition at this point. Still you never know.

  85. as near as I can tell, RA Dickey has had a 11,000 Follower bump since this morning, when I remember noting about 91 thousand something – now just shy of 103K

    Jays fans on Twitter!!!!!!!!

  86. Trade Happ for morales straight up it would help both teams immensly

    • The Angels have plenty of 4-5 types already and Morales is worth more than Happ, not a lot more but more.

      What the Jays really need is another arm in the pen, a proven arm.

    • No, happ as a LHP who is controllable is of way more value than a broken down older guy who can’t run and is a FA at the end of the year. I don’t give a fuck if he can switchhit, he’s on the downside and fading IMO.
      If we were to trade him to LAA I would try and wrangle a deal for Trumbo to play 1b. No doubt we would need another part but no way 1-1 for a peglegged bench type guy.
      The Cleveland boards hot toay with some of their fans thinking they can pry Happ from us now that we have excess pitching. Some of these bobes throwing names like LOu Marson ( a catcher with no power who hits .220) Perez a washed up closer and so on. I think Happ is a very tradeable commodity now and a lot of teams would like him and he would be a No 4 on many teams including LAA, so if he goes we better get something promising. He would be a 3 on Houston or Chicago Cubs but those 2 teams have fuk all that we want

      • Perez isn’t washed up. Perez is gettin a huge raise, that’s why the Indians are dealing him. And the Jays should be buyers since Oliver might be gone and Santos will not be ready for the opener. Pure Rage has got game friends.

        Jays should also be after Masterson because he’s comin into his prime and because he throws sidearm. The Jays would have a great look, sidearm, knuckler, and power pitchers.

        The Jays weakness in the past was that ever pitcher looked the same.

        • @ok you may be the dumbest fucking person I’ve ever seen comment on anything

          • True, there are some really dumb people out there but I’m not one of em.

            Remember, Pal, it wasn’t me who said all the Jays needed was a 5th starter. That was your hero AA.

          • Also plus too, Dickey and Masterson are Christians and would not only get along great, but also keep the Dominicans in line.

        • “keep the Dominicans in line”? Fuck the right off.

  87. Resembles Eddie Vedder…

  88. Who are the prospects involved god dammit. Arsehole JPR butt buddy says low end prospects then I hear higher end prospects. My thoughts are a middle of the road pitcher to the mets for a higher end infield prospect from the Mets..

    Jays or Mets fans,,, what is the word!!!

    • Read the post!

      • Yeah I saw that after the excitement of going to the comments…

        All I can say is that the extension is great and the prospect is absolute fucking garbage. AA and the Jays sure as FUCK better not be giving the Mets a single solitary penny for Bucks contract, not one. LOL @ the guys that thought the Jays were getting Wheeler,,, morons. I didnt expect Wheeler but I sure as shit didnt expect a 29 old pile of garbage either. Gee thanks…

        No Parnell… I wonder how bad AA tried to get him but he was likely right off limits given his long term cheap contract and the ability to throw laser beams. Oh well, that was a dream.


  89. So just curious, but whose body is Dickey’s head photoshopped onto?

  90. Per AA, Jays at financial limit. Forget 2014/2015 with Buehrle’s massive raise. No JJ extension.

      • limit is this year. If they win and pack the place, there should be more money next year.

        • @dvh

          Very true.

          Obviusly, a pennant run with 40K plus fans every night & tv ratings through the roof will generate enough money to put payroll past 150 million USD>

          Jays don’t have to pay a huge free agent premium anymore now that they are competitive,

          Remember the days when JPRiccardi begged David Delluci to come back to the Jays & we had Kevin Millar as theb ig acquisition for 2009.

    • He’s lying. This trade was revenue neutral and he had an offer in for Grilli. They have money to spend on the bullpen if they want.

      • They still have Oliver’s 3M to spend if Oli doesn’t return.

        But it’s possible he comes back and is the closer since Santos won’t be ready.

    • AA wants to take a week off, so back to no more money for now … nobody knows how much money can become available, not even AA because Rogers is a pretty big pot and they are in the buzz biz …just sayin’ (woofn)

      • Roger’s is the richest single baseball owner anywhere.

        Multi billionaires. Bottomless pit.

        And too cheap to sign Hamilton.

        You know, put a ring on every Jays finger.

    • How could you possibly predict ‘no JJ extension’ with certainty after what we’ve seen this offseason?

      AA said on PTS tonight that he’s hoping that JJ is here as part of the core going forward.

      Whether t happens or not, he’s been pretty forward about hoping to extend JJ.

      • AA says the Fish deal began with AA just wanting JJ. AA now has JJ and now AA is in no rush to extend his contract. Why not?

        AA wanted Dickey and increased and extended his contract right away. Why?

        JJ is a Tommy John victim and has inflamed shoulder issues. He won 8 games in 2012 in the women’s league. JJ makes 13.75M in 2013.

        Despite this, JJ’s agent’s said JJ will be the highest paid player in 2014. Apparently JJ not only wants a raise in 2014, he expects to make more than Zack, Felix, Doc, etc.

        It’s not illegal too dream, right?

        Once JJ became a Jay he said he was willing to extend his contract with the Jays. Then AA said he had no interest in extending JJ now. Then JJ said extedning now wasn’t important.

        They both changed tunes and the reason AA changed tunes is because JJ was never being extended, he wasn’t even the real target of the Fish deal.

        Reyes was.

        AA tried to trade Escobar in July, even before the eye black incident. When the eye black thingy occurred AA almost wet his panties, because AA used it to embarrass Escobar and used it as an excuse to trade him. The eye black thingy meant “sissy” or “wuss”; it has nothing to do with homo’s. That was hardly a reason to make a big deal over it. Even the league got it wrong.

        Boni was also the real target of the Fish trade.

        JJ is being flipped as soon as possible.

        AA has has been trying to flip Mark, JJ and Buck since the day he got em.

        I think Mark will go first and before opening day. Probably to the Cubs.

  91. why the fuck do they even exchange “non-elite” prospects? Just buy each other a lottery ticket and move on

  92. Dickey is taking this Canadian thing seriously

  93. I think AA and Paul started peering at each other knowing that if it gets worse, we HAVE to do something. I think Paul says, “AA, nothing went fucking right this year. I have the keys to the vault. Let’s build a powerhouse team and kick the living fuck out of Boston if nothing else”. AA replies, “Paul, I see the value in that.” And then there was Miami, and it was good. Then there was NY and it was good. And I don’t think it’s over quite yet, it’s going to be even better.

  94. Way too much pessimism here over Syndergaard leaving. Yeah, he may be good someday, best of luck of luck to him. Don’t fret over it; the prospective jays rotation for 2013 has the potential to be one of the best seen in the majors for years. There are always big if’s as far as pitching is concerned, but lets just relax a bit and get psyched over the upcoming season which will undoubtedly be the most interesting one we’ve seen in a long time.

    • chad says: 12.17.12 @ 6:08 PM EST A great thing about Blue Jays fans is usually in late August and early September, they realize that they’re team is irrelevant, and immediately start hyping the Maple Leafs or Raptors.

      Vicious circle.

      Yankees in 2013 in beyond, faggots.

      Why are you still here? Anyone who uses the term “faggot” is likely a closet-dweller themselves. We will accept you for being homosexual, but we will not accept you acting like a douche.

    • @ Chad – Agreed.

    • Phillies 2011: Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels, Worley

      Pretty sure that’s going to be the best rotation seen in the majors for a long, long time. Three starters under 3.00 ERA, plus Worley at 3.01. Oswalt with a “down year” at 3.69. Halladay, Lee, and Hamels were all 1.04 WHIP or lower.

      I’ll be happy with a top 3 rotation in baseball to go with our offense. Just the thought that every starter could be sub 4.00 ERA this season is amazing.

  95. I wouldn’t take AAs proclamation that they’re “done” and at their “financial limit” too seriously. That’s probably what he told Alderson in order to get them to agree to take Buck. I’m sure they have a few extra bucks, no pun intended, should the right opportunity arise.

  96. This is a baseball team where you could make a not-entirely-crazy (maybe a little crazy) argument that the fifth-best starter (Romero) could be capable of winning a Cy Young in the next three years and a maybe-even-less crazy argument that the fifth-best hitter (Lawrie) could be an MVP-caliber player at some point in the next five.

    And a not at all crazy one that both could just repeat last year and it would still be a playoff team.

    Good days ahead.

    • Indeed imo you’re looking at 3 #2′s at worst in Dickey, Johnson and Morrow with each one potentially being #1′s. Romero pitched like a #1/2 just as recently as 2011. Buehrle has been no worse than a strong #3 the last couple of years.

      Imo at least on paper this has to be the best rotation in Jays history. That’s 5 guys likely no worse than #3 starters if they all do what they are capable of.

      • 1992 Blue Jays Rotation.

        Dave Steib, David Cone, Jack Morris, Juan Guzman, Todd Stottlemeyer, Jimmy Key, Al Leiter, Pat Hentgen and David Wells all started games that year.

        Best (Jays) rotation ever.

        • EXACTLY.

          And best there ever will be!

        • Steib was barely there, but the rest I don’t think were as good as what we have now

          • Sure, the World Series winning pitchers are not as good as the current rotation that has won nothing. Sure.

            The current rotation won a grand total of 60 games in 2012. Pretty impressive, eh?

        • You’re just looking at names if you’re going to claim that. Stieb was total shit that year, so was Stottlemyre, Morris was league average. Key and Guzman were the keys to the rotation that year. The main strength of the 92 team was their lineup (2nd in runs scored). Try again.

          • Actually the main strength of that team was the bullpen, complimented by a group of starters that would take it to seven innings. That is the best rotation in Jays history. Maybe this one can be better, but I doubt it based on track record, injury history, depth after the starting 5. But I do like this years rotation a lot. But 1992 was in another league.

        • It’s a soIid rotation, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.

          Jury is still out on Romero, big time. Last season was beyond brutal. Buehrle is pretty average. JJ was brutal first half last season.

          Just playing devils advocate…. I think maybe one out of the above mentioned three will disappoint, but Happ is not terrible insurance.

          • But that’s the thing: Romero has just become so much less relevant if he stinks, he’s the guy providing the marginal wins if he rebounds now.

            • Yeah I’m not complaining, just tempering expectations. I’m sure most teams would still take RR as their fifth guy.

        • The ’92 team had a good lineup plus Ward and Henke on the back end. This team does not have that kind of bullpen. The ’93 team had WAMCO. Four of them were voted starters for the all star game and Devo made the team as a sub. This team does not have that kind of lineup. What it does have is a very good lineup, a potentially excellent rotation, a solid bullpen and a chance to forge its own identity. They have to perform on the field, but AA has given his team a chance to embark on what could be a long and successful run. Should be fun to watch.

          • Really? You don’t see a scenario with Bautista/EE/Reyes and Lawrie or Melky on an All-Star team?

          • Reyes maybe and an outfielder maybe. Lawrie would have to knock off two of Cabrerra, Longoria and Beltre just to make the team, all of them to be a starter. EE would have to finish ahead of Pujols and/or Fielder. Doubtful Toronto lands two outfield spots with Trout, Hamilton, Granderson, Cespedes, Reddick, and others all in the mix. Best we could hope for would be two position players and a pitcher or two.

  97. Agree about pitching, homosexuals we accept, haters we don’t.

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