Well well well, so much for waiting for deadlines– and for Jeff Passan’s notion of Dickey’s crazy leverage– as Kenny Ken Ken tells us that the deal is done!

And thus, AA’s Quest For Pitchers is complete. Fantastic stuff.

Richard Griffin actually blogged as much an hour ago, over at the Toronto Star.

The details keep rolling in…

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York finds an “AL official” who says that Alex Anthopoulos is “out of his mind” for doing this deal– which… might even be right, but at least the Jays have improved so much already this off-season that they’re not putting all their eggs in Dickey’s basket. We’re through the looking glass here people: after years of being beaten over the head with the opposite, for the 2013 Jays, everything will have to break wrong for them to not contend.

How about them apples?

The cost in prospects, of course, is undeniably huge, and could come back to haunt Alex Anthopoulos, but nobody knows the guys they gave up better than the Jays do, and for all the talk about Dickey being at his peak value, it’s possible d’Arnaud and Syndergaard are at theirs too. And even if not, the timing aspect is huge.

Syndergaard was on path for, at the earliest, an Opening Day rotation spot in 2015– the last year of Dickey’s extension. Behind the plate, as I wrote this morning, while we tend to get hung up on prospects’ ceilings, if there are enough guys in the Jays organization who think d’Arnaud won’t quite hit his, the difference between him and Arencibia certainly gets a bit smaller– and maybe the club thinks there’s enough to bank on in the  notion that catchers’ bats generally develop slower, meaning we may still see more to come out of JPA’s, and we may be considerably farther from the best of d’Arnaud.

It’s taken a long while for me to come around to this point regarding this deal, and I think it’s understandable that some yet haven’t, but the more that it was out there and being talked about– and please, let’s let this be the end of the “if you hear it, it’s not true” horseshit that may often be valid, but provides too convenient a cover for both the club and for reporters unable to extract more than name, rank, and serial number from their local sources– the more it became clearer that this is a deal that truly makes sense for the Jays in a lot of way, despite the insanely puking high cost.

Shi Davidi hits on an important point:

Lots of people are left wondering today why the club wouldn’t have just saved the prospects and gone out and paid for one of the market’s big free agents– or, even, someone much more middle-of-the-road than Dickey has been for the last three seasons (and especially in 2012). But not only is that probably not tenable, even for the Jays’ newly-generous owners, it glosses over the fact that Dickey’s extension gives the Jays much more bang for their buck, meaning that for the next three seasons they’ll have more payroll flexibility with which to do the less that is necessary to fill their needs.

It also makes Dickey easier to potentially shop, if at some point down the road that becomes an option; it doesn’t lock him into a rotation spot four or five years out, the way the Tigers have done with Anibal Sanchez; and, in a way, it makes Mark Buehrle’s deal feel a little more palatable– the Jays will be paying Dickey and Buehrle, combined, about $30-million in 2014… which is a lot, but feels far more appropriate than when you look closer and see that Buehrle is getting two thirds of that.

And the fact of the matter is, as I’ve said before, this kind of pitching talent– Cy Young calibre talent– just doesn’t become available to the Blue Jays very often, nor does its availability coincide with downward trends taking place in Boston and New York, a Rays team in the ebb of their constant shuffling, with James Shields on the way out, the surprising Orioles even more surprisingly complacent, and following what had already been a franchise-transforming winter in which the club added Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Melky Cabrera, Emilio Bonifacio and Maicer Izturis without giving up any of their core of Jose Bautista, Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnacion, and Brandon Morrow.

They’re setup to win now, to make fantastic runs for the next several years, and– especially with a tonne of great pieces left on the farm, a high pick, and an aggressive approach to acquiring high-impact talent in both the draft and internationally– they have plenty of time to draft and develop the core of fantastic clubs on down the line. And in the near team, some of their guys with big question marks who two months looked like they’d be the keys to the Jays’ 2013 season– Ricky Romero, Colby Rasmus, JP Arencibia– are now way down the list of guys who need to contribute for this thing to work. Big production out of them is just gravy.

There’s also this from a Mets beat reporter:

A lot of fans, unable to shake the mindset– built largely by the Jays since Alex Anthopoulos succeeded JP Ricciardi– that in-a-vacuum value is paramount, have yet to fully appreciate what they have here, or what it means for the next three years of Blue Jays baseball. The as-yet-unnamed prospect that’s going to the Mets– “legit” according to Keith Law’s hit this afternoon on a Winnipeg radio station, not a “throw-in”– may even make it worse in this sense. And it really, really doesn’t matter. PLAYOFFS!!!!1!

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Good for him finally getting paid and it’s a sweet heart deal on par with Joey Bats.

  3. Toronto Blue Jays – Legitimate 2013 World Series Contenders

    Pinch me, because I HAVE to be dreaming, yes?

  4. Suck it, Farrell!

  5. But what of #Jeff?

  6. Wow neat. I thought he was looking for more than the Mets were offering?

    • Mets prolly never made a real offer as they really wanted the prospect haul, which in fact, was the right move for them

      • I guess Dickey also saw the roster and how beast it was.

        AA probably used some of his ninja dust to make him sign rather quickly.

        • Ultra Ninja!!

        • it’s not ninja dust – it’s ninja sparkle.

          • I would hardly call this a ninja move. He got fleeced. The Mets did better than Miami and gave up way less.

            And I am sure trading 5 of last year’s top 10 was because they all sucked and only the organization could see the issues. Dreaming.

            I don’t know but we may have gotten 3 years of being extremely competative followed by 20 years of boring baseball. Yes there are some guys still in the organization but the we must be in the bottom quarter in prospect talent. Looking forward to seeing the evaluations.

            • Seing that we just had 20 years of boring/crappy baseball, I’m good with trading 3 years for 20. ‘Cause, the 3 is real. The 20 is in your head.

          • ninja smoke, smoke bombs, c’mon people…

  7. “And this completes AA’s Quest For Pitchers. Fantastic stuff.”

    You sure about that?? I could still see a backend guy in the ‘pen and maybe even another longman ala Happ. You can never have enough pitching…

    • I was going to say the same thing.
      I was pretty certain AA was still beating the bullpen drum.

      • Absolutely. If the Jays have come this far they need to take it to its conclusion. A couple of more bullpen arms and a right hander to platoon with Lind, in lieu of an outright replacement for Lind

        • What about Rajai Davis for the RH part of that platoon? You keep Bonifacio on the bench that day, playing Isturis at 2B to keep your options open for late-inning pinch hitting, pinch running options.

        • Motherfuckers never be satisfied!!

      • Just by looking at his new attitude regarding veteran players, I have to think that he’d like to have a bit more “experience” in the pen, especially if black magic does indeed retire. Some of our pen pieces could be valuable in trade.

        • I did read an interview with AA the other day (sorry couldn’t remember where, so no link…), and AA was asked a question regarding the roster mix of veterans and younger players, and he replied “suck it farrell”…

        • Does D.O. have a ring?

      • Charlie V will join us in January.

        But what of Black Magic? Was this the deal AA was hoping to make to convince him to come back?

    • If Oliver comes around, we’re good enough.

      We should (knock on wood until your hand is numb) at least make it halfway through the year. By then we have more guys back from long term injury and hopefully one or two down in Buffalo earning a spot start as needed.

  8. wow, not even 14 mil a year, guess not all players are greedy bastards

    • +3 million.

      RAD seems like a class act all the way. If the numbers are true, it would suggest that he is a rare athlete that truly appreciates where he is at, and wants to maximize the experience (aka go to playoff/possible WS team) rather than dollars.

      • Which is nuts because it’s not as if he hasn’t been through enough/earned it. But maybe this is the realistic dollar value of any 38 year old, UCL-less pitcher, regardless of the numbers he’s posted?

        • Agreed on your first point…if anyone deserves to be overpaid, it’s RAD…I woulda been happy if they came in at 15-17 million/year.

          Hard to judge the ‘realistic dollar value’ based on those “rather unique” parameters. lol

  9. This is just ridiculously exciting. Like, holy fuck…what an off-season.

    Also: Suck it, Farrell.

  10. 41! Man let’s hope the knuckle ball saves the arm

    • His arm is made of paper mache and rubber band., Turns out, that combination is even more pliable then ulner colateral ligaments. I’m not worried about his arm.

      • He doesn’t even have a UCL in his throwing arm!

      • Yeah, actually intereting story…..when he was drafted by Texax in the first round, the physical showed that he didn’t have a UCL. His signing bonus was lowered, I guess they thought of that as a negative?

        It’s fantastic. No UCL, no TJ.

        • Bruce Wlaton would’ve been the first trainer to Tommy a guy who didn’t have a UCL. good riddance, to bruce and the useless UCL

  11. If Brandon League hits all his bonuses we will get 1.5M less than Dickey over the next 3 years.

  12. Release Jenkins

  13. Atta kid!

  14. And somewhere Farrel is crying…. and jays fans are using it for lube

  15. finally a wet dream that came true!

  16. Does this mean podcast?

  17. Bring the machine to toronto

  18. Well, this thing is really happening.

    Time to put on our big boy pants.

  19. So the lineup, rotation and bullpen is this now..

    1B 4 yrs EE
    2B 4 yrs Izturis
    SS 5 yrs Reyes
    3B 5 yrs Lawrie
    LF 2 yrs Melky
    CF 2 yrs Rasmus
    RF 4 yrs Bautista
    DH 1 yrs Lind
    C 4 yrs JPA
    BN 2 yrs Bonafacio
    BN 4 yrs Thole
    BN 1 yrs Rajai
    BN ?????

    SP 3 yrs Dickey
    SP 1 yrs JJ
    SP 3 yrs Buehrle
    SP 3 yrs Morrow
    SP 4 yrs Romero

    CL 2 yrs Janssen
    RP 1 yrs Oliver
    RP 2 yrs Happ
    RP 3 yrs Santos
    RP 5 yrs Lincoln
    RP 5 yrs Delabar
    RP 4 yrs Rogers
    RP 6 yrs Jeffress

    + 5 yrs Cecil
    + 6yrs Loup
    + 5 yrs Drabek
    + 5 yrs Hutchison

    + whack of prospects still

    A JJ extension and a platoon partner for Lind (or reolacement) and we’re done.

    • and after this season, JJ becomes Doc and we’re good for another few runs at the ship!

    • I can’t believe we STILL have decent prospects even though we essentially just gutted the system

      • We’ll, the Jays no have a bottom 15 farm now, if not bottom 10. Lots of the Jays’ top guys now are BELOW low-A and and many of them are major question marks.

        • In terms of farm system rankings, D’Arnaud was likely going to graduate next year anyway so next years hit is just the loss of Syndergaard. That said, after the Marlins traded, prospect evaluators were predicting that the Jays system would fall in the 10-15 range. So by that alone you gotta think it’s gotta drop further to 15-20. Then again, I have no idea what the average deviation between systems are around those rankings.

        • You wanna win “the best farm team” award? I want the Jays to win the WS!!!!!!!

          • agree 100%….the farm system has served its purpose. It now needs a bit of time to build itself back up, but there is no issue with it dropping to the bottom while the ML club looks like it does.

        • So fucking what. They don’t give out banners to the team with the best minor league system.

          Besides, if you get your head out of your ass, you will realize that there are plenty of high-ceiling arms in the lower minors.

      • No, we didn’t gut the system. Our minor leagues are stacked right now. You are crying over a couple of prospects who haven’t even played a major league game yet. Yes, it was our no.1 position player, and our top pitching prospect. Syndergarrd was still a couple of years away, and where was d’Arnaud going to play? JP is dug in as the everyday guy, so you are going to have your no. 1 prospect as backup? He might as well stay in the minors and get his at bats. While it’s great that AA has restocked the minors , hanging on to these guys forever “for the future” isn’t going to help the Jays contend or win in the next 2-3 years. You can hoard prospects till the cows come home, it’s a slim chance they are going to live up to their hype. Case in point, everyone’s pal, Travis Snyder. Dickey is an inning eater, he throws complete games, throws strikes, what’s not to like? Did the Jays overpay? Probably, but that’s the market’s fault. Did the Jays sell out the future? No. The Jays have a window to make their move. The Yankees are weak, who knows what the fuck is going on with the Massholes, so what do you suggest? Keep hoarding minor leaguers to MAYBE contend in 2016 or 2017? Fuck the future, now is the time to strike.

    • Thank you for this. It feels like I’m reading a fantasy novel here that’s too good to be true

  20. that signing bonus was probably a fat stack.
    well played, AA, well played

    • The Signing bonus should be paid this year to avoid any potential tax increase in the USA in 2013.

      Very good news for jays fans!!

  21. “Dickey wanted out of New York and in to a championship-level team.”

    Goddamn that sounds good!

  22. nice. not crazy $$, not a crazy term, better than expected (what with all the bleating south of the 49th about RA wanting more than he was asking from the Mets because of ‘higher taxes’ or having to play in ‘foreign’ country).

    getting the deal done so quickly, at what can only be seen as a bargain, will hopefully shut the mouthbreathers up about dickey not wanting to come to TO. also shows how important it is having a promising roster, as both the melky signing & this trade/extension were (or at least seem to be) influenced by the MIA deal. i was in high school when the jays last won the WS…and it’s been a long fucking time since they have been a legit ‘destination of choice’ – but that seems to be where they are now. just have to, y’know, go out & actually win.

  23. I’m completely torn by this trade..

    my positive side is rejoicing over adding dickey to the rotation and how willing AA was to part with high end prospects to make this team a legit contender.

    my negative voice is saying we paid too way too much for dickey, and that we should have kept some bullets for mid season moves. Another ace will become available, or maybe you wont need one but you’ll need an OF or SS (injuries) . And we don’t have many pieces left to move in case of an emergency.

    is there any chance the believed package wasn’t leaked properly?

    • Assuming only Andy Rubin is reporting it you can assume it may not be 100 percent accurate.

    • The Jays still have plenty of good pieces to make moves if AA really wants to.

      I agree that the team is probably overpaying in prospect porn to get Dickey, but we’ll just have to wait and see how true that is.

      We’ll just have to content ourselves with living in the now instead of dreaming of the future. Because, quite frankly, the future is now.

    • what the holy fuck are you fucking well talking about? have a look at the lineup/depth chart above…teams (well, good ones) are built to handle adversity (injuries, slumps, etc.), and considering that they’ve got guys who are going to be coming off the bench in ’13 who are clearly significant improvments over not only the bench guys from last year, but some starters…well, holy fuck, i really don’t know what you want.

      btw: ‘save some bullets’ – kind of in poor taste, all things considered.

      • i’m not going to acknowledge your last point, because its moronic.

        but if Reyes gets hurt, of JPA gets hurt, the team doesn’t have any AAA depth to handle those injuries.

        and sanchez is now our oldest top prospect, so we have no one mlb ready that you can cash in on at the deadline.

        • Most contending teams don’t have automatic filler should a ML team lose a player to injury. If anything I think the Jays are better off then most having Izturis and Thole. Thole has been a starter for the last 3 years and is now a back up. You can’t have absolute insurance, take a player or two out of any contenders lineup and they are hurting.

          As for pitching depth, Jays will have Hutch/Drabek/McGowan/ Happ and prospects Sean Nolin all if they lost an arm. Better depth then most teams.

          • Super-sub Boneface helps alleviate some of those filler concerns.

          • Agreed on Bonifacio.

          • pitching depth I’m okay with position player depth is iffy.

            but i’m not complaining.. well maybe i am.

            i wish AA paid less for Dickey, but I’m sure if he could have given Arencibia + Syndergaard or Gose he would have.

        • izturis can slide over to ss – boni can play second in his absence. people are highly undervaluing Thole – kid has shown he can hit at mlb level. give him a better line up and we may just see ba .280 obs .350+ which is pretty damn solid who cares about the power. jbau can slide over at 3rd or 1st – gose can step in o/f – davis can as well – there is this sierra kid that is almost ready. happ is a solid 6th – cecil if need be can stop gap and give us a chance to win – jays can try to stretch out rogers – mccoy can fill in temp anywhere – we have depth – we need Delmon Young to platoon with Lind

    • Are you retarded or just a Boston /yankees fan? TDA hasn’t played one game in the majors anytime you can package together a couple high ceiling prospects for last years NL cy young winner you have to do it

      • ‘Cause it has to be one or the other, right? Retarded or a Yankees/Sox fan. Nobody could possibly have a differing opinion, right?


      • the fact that you use a player hasn’t played one game in the majors as a reason that this trade is automatic, shows how moronic and shortsighted you are.

        if prospects have no value because they haven’t reached the majors yet to contribute, why not add in sanchez, nolin, osuna and davis too?

        fucking twat

    • Did AA overpay for Dickey? In isolation, sure, but if you couple the Dickey trade with all of the other moves made so far this offseason, and the moves made in the past 18 months, everything balances itself out.

      The Jays lineup and rotation is fucking jacked up dude. I mean, on paper, it is JACKED UP.

      Losing d’Arnaud hurts, but remember that the Jays have a shitload of data and scouting reports and medical reports that most momma boys living in their parents basement with a suscription to Baseball America will never have. There are math guys working in the front office who look at ball speed off the bat and spray charts and other shit that makes PITCH FX data and heat maps look like child’s play. Is d’Arnaud gonna be a stud? He might. The potential is there but he might also develop into the next Travis Snider.

      If the Dickey trade didn’t happen, I doubt d’Arnaud would have seen much action in 2013. Catching is a different animal. A catching prospect’s bat is slower to develop as there is much more to the job than just getting good wood on 4 at bats and fielding fly balls.

      As for Syndergaard, yeah he is a hard throwing Texan who might become a number 2 starter, if everything goes his way. But his ETA with the Jays was likely in 2015. Right now, he has a plus FB, a decent curve and a developing change. If his secondary offerings don’t progress, his future might be in the bullpen.

      A slight overpay perhaps, giving up two or your top three prospects, but holy shit, we are getting a guy who has posted numbers similar to most other ace pitchers. And not just in 2012. Dickey has been pretty fucking awesome for the past three years. And with those contract terms?

      Fuck yeah. AA didn’t get fleeced. He merely paid slightly above his usual Ninja rate.

  24. Every Record Label Sucks Dick-ey

  25. What are the odds for the Jays to win the WS now? 10/1?

  26. Trade for harang and were done

  27. 2 and 25?

    Did you say 2 and 25?

    Good lord I thought I read 2 and 25!!!!!!!!

    We are THAT team!! That team that people WANT to play for!!!!!

  28. So will Dickey throw a No hitter this year?

  29. Hey Darren Oliver:

    How much more convincing do you need?

  30. Are there any catching upgrades available?
    I don’t like jpa as the full time catcher

    • Ok give it up. Fuck. We get it. Stoeten has told us how bad JPA is for a decade or so it seems. Yes he sucks and he tweets too much and his facial hair is too cute. And his d sucks. And all he does is hit mistakes. And he probably likes Nickleback and doesn’t like bacon. What a loser. Sorry, make that looser.

      Guy costs $36 a year, is under control for longer than Dickey. Releasable at any time. Tradeable at any time. Already has the Jays record for HR by catcher. Manages to usually catch the ball. And probably would have been a little better if not for some injury last year.

      When you drool watching Reyes, just give a tiny % of that love over to JPA. Because without an ok starting catcher for 36 bucks a year, we can’t afford Reyes.

    • Oh for Christ’s sake!

    • let’s trade for d’Arnaud!

  31. im starting to feel bad for the tribe – they get to start their season vs morrow dickey and johnson… massholes luck out with beurhle romero morrow (if you can call that luck) this is fucking awesome – price was large but after a weekend evaluating what we know, fuck it i wanna win now! david cone cost us potential probable HoF Kent but put us over. heres hoping this has same impact.

    Now dring us delmon young AA!

    • don’t forget…there is always a chance Ricky comes back as Ricky. In which case…SEE YA.

      don’t you think Ricky is going to look at all these upgrades and hit the off season with %50000 dedication/optimism??

      yeah. I like the chances of Ricky coming back and being the version we love.

      gonna be a helluva season.

      • I believe there is no pressure on Ricky this year as there was last year . Maybe he will learn a thing or two from Buerle. I am hoping the old Ricky comes back and the one we had seen last year ( full of attitude and walk after walk ) no longer exists.

    • one thing to remember about the Jeff Kent-David Cone deal – Kent did not hit much over league average for his position (OPS+) until age 30, in his 2nd year with the San Francisco Giants, and that was AFTER being traded by the Mets AND Cleveland. 5 full seasons after the initial deal – not exactly the mythology everyone recites.


  32. Ye ,we got the knuckler, WS here we come. I’m living in a dream.

  33. One carrot AA may have had was offering upfront bonus money paid in 2012 (ahead of higher US tax rates due to likely Fiscal Cliff deal)

    Front-end load that baby as an incentive to get 2012 tax rates for millionaires that is sure to go up in coming years.

    CA Dickey (Chartered Accountant)

  34. Huzzah!

  35. Fuck yessssssssss

  36. I just called my mom to tell her that the Jays were 2013 World Series champs #PumpingIron

  37. i dont understand the inclusion of the ‘non-elite’ prospects…

  38. If the Jays can add a platoon buddy for Lind or just get a 1B, this will be the best Jays team in two decades, and a clear favourite for the WS. At least on paper.

    • Davis. Does better against lefties. Yeah you trade power for speed. Whatever. And then you still have Lind there to PH against a righty later in the game. (It would be a DH platoon – I’d rather see EE at first on those days).

      • if you play davis against lhp you take away the ability to pinch run him in later stages in games.

        • But you add a power pinch hitter (Lind as a PH against a righty is as good a pinch hitter as you’ll ever have).

          And can Bonifacio run?

          • no team in their right mind is going to not have a lefty face lind in late innings

          • I think Bonifacio is totally underrated. An infield/outfield utility guy with speed. Along with Davis and Reyes we should be winning a lot more close 1-2 run games.

      • I like the idea of platooning Davis and Lind. You would still have Bonaficio or Izturis to pinch run and Lind to pinch hit if Davis got the start.

    • EE is for sure 1B isn’t he? I keep seeing comments assuming Lind is playing there.

      • Nothing is for sure until Spring training, but I would wager that with the roster as it stands, EE is the starting first baseman.

  39. Smart move by AA to make a large signing bonus good for 2012.
    Pretty sure Dickey won’t get hit with the higher tax in Canada since he hasn’t played here yet.
    It also makes his contract very enticing as trade material should things not go as planned.

  40. They way he handled these negotiations is just one more feather in AA’s cap. With every pundit out there thinking Dickey would have AA over a barrel look at what he does. The beauty about this deal from a financial perspective, at least from the tweets that I’ve seen, is that the bonus money gets counted in 2012 leaving 2013′s payroll basically where it was prior to this trade and going into 2014 and 2015 the hit isn’t nearly as severe. I am almost ready to believe that signing Johnson to an extension might be possible.

    • Screw contract extension…could AA just ninja Johnson’s existing contract and front load the shit out of it in 2012 (a la the reported contract for Cousin Eddie’s Christmas apparel) to avoid the increased 2013 millionaire’s taxes likely to occur in the US?

    • You musta missed my response to your concerns in the other thread.
      Johnson will be doable,if AA wants to.

      • Agreed…if Johnson is having a average+ year, less injuries of course, I think he gets re-upped. And IMO I think Buerle and his close to 20$mil. gets moved in the off-season and especially so if at least 3 of the other 4 starters have above-avg. to stellar years.

  41. Wow what a deal… LESS than he wanted from the NYM? I mean, I don’t really care about Rogers’ money but if that means we still have $$ to add some more pitching depth or notAdamLind then grravvvvy.

    Also: Three whole years of jokes about knuckling balls and dickey!!!!! THE BEST!!!!

  42. I’m having sex with everyone’s mom to celebrate.

  43. Who’s gonna be at Springs training? I’m buying and will be in Dunedin!

  44. Now our only worry is the simple fact that the last time the arguable “best team in baseball” won the series was four years ago.

    Granted, that’s no reason not to build the best team in baseball.

    • Then the Jays shouldn’t have to worry, as good as they are, I’m not sure if they are as good as the Nats right now. Besides the lower the expectations the better.

      • Or the Angels, or the Rangers, or the Dodgers………..

        I’m content with a playoff team *

        For now,

        • Rangers have lost approximately 500,000 WAR from their 2012 team and added no one.

          i know it never happens as easy as it does on paper (especially last year, Baltimore, Oakland!) but right now if the Angels/Tigers/Jays aren’t division champs I’ll be stunned.

  45. Worst part about the offseason is the wait.

    Fuck, winter hasn’t even become official yet.

  46. Go treat yourself Alex, you deserve a land of hookers, blow and big league chew.

  47. I think the best part of this deal is that Dicky has no UCL – that means no Tommy John for him. Ever!

    • The UCL would have held out and demanded another $3 million on the contract.

      • Dr. Jasmes Andrews is probably required to get some of Dickey’s signing bonus stack because he won’t have the opportunity to trwat him.

        There’s a 2 TJ minimum for the Jays with Doc Andrews…

  48. Let’s not kid ourselves here, yes the move for Dickey/increase rotation depth somehow was needed but the real reason for the deal was to add pressure to Black Magic’s decision on returning in ’13.

    I am so getting me one of those shirts made up with the previous post’s gif and a similar one Black Majic style.

    • personally, i think all the moves AA’s made so far this offseason have been geared to getting DO to stick around…

  49. I like this but I’m still hoping that the reports are wrong and that the 3rd player we get back is either a top-end prospect or a guy like Bobby Parnell. I just don’t understand otherwise how the deal evolved to where it is. As I understand it:

    - The Jays said no to TDA being included at the winter meetings
    - The Jays ultimately decided to include TDA after the winter meetings, but wanted more than just RA back
    - Thole was included, perhaps w/ the salary-dumping of Buck in return to even it out
    - One of the Jays top prospects gets included, teams agree to exchanging lower level prospects to even things out

    There’s a piece missing here in the deal’s evolution. Possible that any of the above was overstated in the media, or misunderstood by yours truly, but I have to think that there might be a surprise in that final guy coming back. Not likely to be a Wheeler or Harvey, but something more promising than a B prospect. Maybe a Parnell or a Murphy, but I don’t know where they’d put Murphy. Just saying, there could very well be more to this.

    • It seems like adding Syndergaard was the price for the Jays to postpone the trade until they got the extension for Cousin Eddie’s Christmas apparel finalized.

      • That’s an expensive extension period.

        It also stands to reason that there could be more, as AA doesn’t typically operate with so much transparency to the media. I can’t help but think there could be a surprise, thanks to the cone of silence. I just don’t see the deal being completely “out there” yet, but what the hell do I know.

        • I agree with you 100%

          It just doesn’t make sense to me that Alderson wouldn’t have been so thrilled to get TDA that he would have agreed to swap Dickey & Thole for TDA & Buck.

          If it were Wheeler or Harvey I think we would know by now so I’ll let that pipedream go.

          But perhaps AA requested Familia to be included and was comfortable adding Syndegaard to get him since Familia is basically ML ready.

  50. any idea who the (supposedly) not-big-name other prospects are?

  51. Who’s the Greek in the red Santa outfit?
    “Now, Buerhle! Now Jackson and Dickey, On, Morrow! On, Rickey!”

    I’d do the rest of the poem, but I’m not shitfaced enough yet.

  52. Personally, I dont see this as a “sell high” on the prospects before everyone realizes they’re not as good as advertised. If that were the case, they would not have been off limits untill now, specifically in D’arnaud’s case. The Jays are paying big, and going all in. I’m praying it works.

  53. No option years for Toronto? Seems like a perfect scenario, Dickey cant be expecting a big payday at 41, and AA loves options.

  54. Aaahhhhhhh. I am so excited for baseball seasonnnnn

  55. Was it a bit of an overpay prospect-wise? Sure.

    But AA is the guy who acquired all of those prospects in the first place.

    3 years ago we would have been ecstatic to have our current group of high ceiling prospects in the low minors.

    And we would have assumed the major league club would have to be devoid of talent to be so rich in young pitching prospects.

    AA doesn’t have to restock the farm system. In a year or two the Jays stand a good chance to be a top 10 farm system again as their prospects start getting closer to the majors.

    In the meantime, let’s all enjoy contention.

  56. Now we must practice being a confident, respectful fandom of a contending MLB team…….Suck it Farrell!

    • Clear eyes, full hearts, SUCK IT FARRELL!!!

    • the respectful part may not be met but can guarantee confident, boisterous, ectatic… to the point of exasperation from rest of MLB.

      • 10 bucks says that Farrell and Cherington were all over Posey this weekend lamenting how stupid AA was for dealing TDA and Syndergaard for Dickey.

        Well, I hope you enjoy Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli, Stephen Drew, Shane Victorino and Ryan Dempster you fucking Massholes.

  57. My feeling is that this is one of the greatest trades in Toronto sporting history. Like I said about D’aunald, he’ll never be as good as Bautista is now, so why not go for it while you actualy have the best player in the game (or one of them). Our minor leagues still have: Gose, Drabek, Sanchez, Hutchison, McGuire, Niccolino, so its not like its bereft of talent, but even if it was, who cares? The point of playing is to win, not to drool over potential although I agree that is way easier.

    Also, could the Jays still add Adam Laroche?

    Does anyone know if Perez the bullpen lefty will be ready to start the season?

  58. BJ’s get Dickey for a Package.
    Joins Johnson in already Rock-Solid rotation.

  59. Now, with this rotation, thoughts turn to protecting the investment – padded hats for pitchers:


  60. A dickey in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Or something like that.

  61. Any word on the unnamed prospects moving each way in the deal?

  62. Also, We have to factor in the fact that pretty much all of Canada is fired up for the Jays right now!

    Attendance HAS to increase! Merchandise sales etc.

    Thats gotta help for years and years going forward!

    Go Jays!


  63. 9 of the first 39 games of the 2013 season are vs. RSux, the first 2 weeks are crazy: Cleveland, then Sux, then trip to soon-to-be-renewed rivalry Detroit (playoff preview), Stankees 6 times between April 19 and 28.

    SF Giants at RC May 14 and 15

    Come on, Father Time, speed it up.

  64. thole is underrated.
    has shown he can hit the ball – get on base – has no power (but who cares there is enough around him)
    he can catch dickey all day long
    put him in a better lineup and not in front of a pitcher – we all know what the top of our lineup looks like; there is no way an apposing team pitches around him.
    look him up and review his stats. yes it has been down hill since his mlb debut, but so have the Mets. He has shown an ability to put the ball in play and take a pitch.

    I for one am happy we are flipping buck for him – love buck and all – love the way he championed our city to the new guys – but for what he will bring to the table, we just upgraded large on that front in addition to dickey. If jpa goes down, thole should be able to step in and be servicable.

  65. cool new Grantland piece on Dickey:


    also, Dickey now front page story on ESPN (when has THAT ever happened to the Jays???):

  66. Breaking News: Scientists at MIT have just confirmed that flags do in fact fly the fuck forever

  67. To repeat a point Bruce Arthur already made:

    If Jays had Dickey last year, and he was the Cy Young winner, which of you would be happy to trade him this season for D’Arnaud and Syndergaard? Wouldn’t that be a step backwards (competing wise) and fraught with risk (hoping they fulfil their potential)?

  68. I am actually surprised that they managed to extend for 25/2. I thought he might have demanded more. but w/e as long as Dickey is happy and pitching in Toronto Blue, this will make for an interesting year.

  69. I hope all these trades and signings dont lets us forget how much we still hate farrell.

  70. Just watched the movie ‘the knuckleball’. not the greatest film , but some very good scenes featuring all the old KBer’s and of course RAD!! I recommend it
    …this trade just seems right,…No?

  71. Astros sign Carlos Pena – will platoon with Wallace at 1b/DH

    So Mr Berkman, you interested in playing some DH for Toronto?

    • 1 yr 3.5 mil – pushes Adam Lind’s ass to fight for DH spots?

      Or say forget it and lean on Cooper as a fallback for potential Lind shiitiness?

    • Berkman is retired. Too many knee problems. That’s why he missed most of 2012 and didn’t appear in the postseason for St. Louis. And BTW I wanted the Jays to pick him up last year but in retrospect it wouldn’t have worked out. We would have still been stuck with Lind.

  72. Thole isn’t just a throw in or a caddy for Dickey either. He can actually hit RHP whereas JP cannot. This is such a great trade.

    • what i like about Thole is his plate discipline – if he can manage to fight off pitches and tire a pitcher that’ll do wonders in this lineup – JPA has the ability to crank one out at the bottom of the lineup, but if he doesnt he’s likely striking out – Thole will bring balance to that equation with a better approach to the plate – Jays have lots of guys who can get on base and crank em out so having some guys who scrap at the plate is still nice to have

  73. If anyone is up for a good laugh, go take a look at pinstripealley.com and read some of the comments about the Dickey trade. It’s a Yankees forum (their version of Bluebird Banter). They still think our rotation is weak and we are at best a 85 win team. The egos are alive in full force.

    No I’m not a troll, just like to see other rival’s perspectives on moves we make and thought it was interesting

    • Jonah Keri has BJ’s as 85 win team for what it’s worth

    • Without the avalanche of injuries and underperformances last year, it was conservatively a .500 (81 win) team. Now it adds Dickey, Johnson, Buerhle, Reyes, Cabrera, and Bonifacio and turns into an 85 win team?

      This does not compute. Conservatively I’d say we’re looking at 90 wins at least. Anything less would be a major disappointment.

    • saw some Dickey highlights and he reminded me of Marcum a bit in terms of his quick off the mound fielding ability

      this is great news – teams wont be laying bunts and running on us knowing we have 3 solid pitchers who can keep teams from pulling off some tricks

  74. This deal is already paying off for Dickey, I just bought his book.

    Suck it Farrell! I’ll never buy any book you write, jerkwad.

  75. Dickey extended!

  76. This is a test message. Welcome me.

  77. I wonder how many people are looking over the Jays 2013 schedule and picking out games to go to right now.

    Seriously, take my fucking money please!

    Also, suck it Farrell!

  78. First the Jays give up Future Tom Glavine, now Future John Smoltz? I was really hoping to see the Lansing 3 all go into the hall in Jays caps. I suppose a playoff run or two is a decent trade-off.

  79. Prospects gone, Money all in: then there is no way Lind can face Lefties….. right?

  80. Job well done by AA and the Beast, also a big thanks to Nadir and to Rogers. Now where do I get my tickets?

  81. Astros are planning to use Pena at DH. Could be wrong but isn’t Pena a way better fileder than Wallace. Like way better….. this team makes me laugh.

  82. TSN mods try and control what people say by refusing to post the message. I’m done with them. It’s your lucky day, I’m posting here now.

    It appears to me this is how you set up your team for a sale. Rogers will be selling the Jays very soon.

    Baseball contracts are out of control. Very few teams are making money and the cost of trying to win is too great.

    Roger’s is stackin the Jays, they’re hiring pros to stack the farm team (hired 5 this fall plus have Gose and all the left over Jays pitchers who will end up on the farm), they’re trying to sell out the Dome each game, and all because they’re sellin the Jays.

    Most contracts are for 3 years, and many existing player contracts end in 3 years, too.
    This gives the new owner flexibilty when he takes over.

    Roger’s will make more than half a billion dollar profit from owning the Jays for 13 years.

    Remember, buy low sell high.

    What do you drunks think?

    • We are in a golden age of revenue for baseball teams right now. Maybe in ten – fifteen years when the bottom drops out of the digital tv market we will see a sale or five…

      • Yes and no. Jays make about 50M from TV contracts. Runin the Jays, the office staff, the dome, team travel costs, and minor leagues, Jays aren’t makin money unless they spend large on players, which eats the revenue.

        I doubt Rogers made money in the last few years and even if they did it wasn’t much.

        I’m not a puter techie. I use Windows 8. But this whole message board doesn’t appear properly on my screen. Part of the text is missing from the right hand side and I can’t read it. You can’t scroll right to see it.

        Why is that?

        Is this place really run by a drunk or what?

    • Baseless speculation.

      If TSN is trying to filter out this junk then it’s a boon for them and a plague for us as more of it makes its way here.

    • That you should be blocked?

    • What dio I think?
      You’re a fuckin idiot.
      Fuck off troll.
      The exit is that way >>>>

    • They’re not selling the team now that they also own part of the Raptors and the Leafs.

      They’re very clearly focusing on content that they can provide their subscribers and they have a virtual monopoly on sports in the city.

    • I would think you would do the opposite if you wanted to sell the team you know not have 120 million and counting on payroll.

    • We think we figured out why TSN mods were blocking you. #nobusinesssense

    • What the fuck is this garbage? MLB just dished out ~$52/season in tv revenue, Rogers just forked out ~$600 million for MLSE. They want content and they own a ton of it. There is no reason at all to think they are putting this money out there just to sell the team. The Jays are set to be the most exciting franchise in Canada, and will soon be grossing more than enough to cover the cost of the increased payroll.

      They also get 162 baseball games to show on SN and SN1 and pay well below market price for them.

    • I was going to torrent some old Monty Python but I’ve gotten my daily fill of slapstick British comedy from this post.

    • OMG you actually are from the tsn comment section and admit it AND GOT BANNED FROM THERE??? How moronic you must be. Please go away! Your post is lunacy and unworthy of a response.

    • please, go back to TSN commenting

    • Geez. Suck it Farrell!

    • I think you should go back to TSN. The land of morons. Moron.

    • Lovely, it IS you!!! Welcome! Go ahead, spout your usual brand of Dumb here. I’m curios as to how it goes over.

  83. pfft, Canadian taxes an issue??? just pray you are not traded to Paris or Lyons:



    • When the Beatles said “one for you, nineteen for me” it was not a joke. That’s what they were paying.

  84. I meant missing from left hand side, not right. Fix it please.

    So what Rogers own a TV station. They sell and part of the deal is the new owner must stay with Rogers and not switch to TSN or CBC.

    Jays will be a mess in 3 years when many player contracts expire.

    Jays should’ve signed Josh Hamilton. Roger’s is cheap and shortsighted. Josh sells out the dome by himself.

    What do you drunks drink…err… think?

    • I think you got your head up your fucking ass. Fuck Josh Hamilton.

      • I’m not into that homoism stuff, Pal. No soup for you.

        AA got Dicked on the Dickey deal. Mets have many young pitchers and AA should’ve got another arm along with Dickey. Dickey isn’t winnin 20 in the ALE. The ALE is used to facin Knucklers since Wakefield pitched there. I don’t care if Dickey pitches a bit faster than others. Dickey win no more than 15 games in ’13. Dickey only has two pitches. A fast knuck and a slow one. Big deal. I’m glad the Jays got em but entending him now is also a mistake. Mets don’t want em. Jays don’t need this trade, Mets do. Had AA got another pitcher with Dickey and had Dickey not signed qualifying offer at the end of the season, Jays get 1st round draft pick from team that signs him and keeps the extra pitcher. And all for a mere 5M.

        Jays don’t need the new weaker catcher, I’m certain JP would do just as well. AA should said no thanks to the catcher and insisted on another pitcher.

        If the Dickey deal fell through, AA should’ve went after two other pitchers from the Mets since we know the Mets wanted Jays prospects. Then the Mets could still trade Dickey to whoever for more needed pieces to their puzzle.

        What do you drunksters think?

        • “The ALE is used to facin Knucklers since Wakefield pitched there.”


      • This guy is such a troll he got banned from tsn – please don’t feed him.

    • I think you’re a motherfucking,cocksucking troll.
      They should take puss sucking assholes like you and butt fuck you with a dry dick.

      • Radar I’m off for 2 weeks, switching careers, so I got time to play in the aftermoons for a while. What the hell are you drinking today – I want some

        • It’s a bottle of sauvignon blanc called ” Pissed Off Old Man ” out the Niagara winery “Shove It Up the Trolls Ass”
          The LCBO was out of Baby Duck.

    • Should have known if TSN didn’t want you over there you’d be a complete fucking retard. Thanks for proving it in 2 posts. Now we can all ignore you. Assface.

    • What the fuck are you trolling on about?!?

      Strasmus himself couldn’t sell out nats games and he’s a pitcher. Who would go to a game just to see Hamiltonio strike out four times

    • If you can’t post on TSN perhaps you should try bleacher report…you are The Lord of the Trolls…

    • Holy fuck the summer of 2016 is going to fucken suck because we don’t have Syndergaard or d’Arnaud. Well fuck all this noise then!

    • Sources continue to tell me that flags are apt to fly forever.

  85. JPA knew all along.

    • The fact that his tweets did in fact turn out to be correct makes me want to puke in my soup. Oh well, him and Thole I don’t mind.

      • Agreed. Don’t puke in your soup though, a broken clock is right twice a day too.

      • Does anyone think that trading D’Arnaud was AA’s plan all along and he never ever considered trading or offered JPA? Think back to before the winter meetings and after the Marlin’s trade, when JPA was being badgered on Twitter and also by the press about whether he would be the staring catcher on opening day? JPA, in an unguarded moment said (and I’m paraphrasing) “If you knew what I knew, you would be comfortable too” This led to speculation on whether AA had given him a verbal assurance and later AA took plans to explain that there were no guarantees that anybody would not be traded etc. In hindsight, AA probably had assured JPA in confidence, not knowing that JPA would let the cat out of the bag. JPA reaching out to Josh Johnson after the Marlin’s trade, asking for video to study does not sound like a catcher who is anything BUT assured that he is the opening day catcher. JPA’s conspicuous presence at the winter meetings in Nashville, interviews on Sportsnet and the FAN lends further evidence to the fact that he was most definitely assured AA had chosen him over TDA. For all we know, JPA might actually be part of the Jays contingent that is wooing Dickey and selling the team to him, given that both of them are Nashville’s residents. AA just out-ninja’ed everyone when he made everyone think that he would never give up TDA driving up his value but for whatever reason, he feels comfortable giving up on him in favor of JPA.

        • JP was never being traded for several reasons.
          First, The Jays have not replaced the production Jays provides. Jays are 22 games behind and can’t afford to lose JP. TDA is a spect who only played 67 games in Triple A. You don’t hand over the Jays to a rookie. Jays only hand the GM job to rookie.

          Second, addin JP to the rumour mill lit a spark under JP’s bum. JP is going to have a great year now all because of trade rumours.

          If I were JP, I would’ve forced AA to go public stating that I’m the starting catcher, and if AA had refused to do so, I would’ve made the decsion for him and demanded a trade.

    • Please, he knows just as well that AA would have traded him ahead of TdA any day.

  86. Already starting my toonie-a-day piggy bank (actually a 2L coke bottle with the top chopped off) in case I have to make a flight to T.O. from Shittipeg come next October. Any of you know how much a WS ticket goes for off the top of your head? Good seats too, I don’t make the trip to Toronto to sit in the 500s (that’s a lie…).

    PS Fuck the Jets.

  87. I have to laugh at those people who don’t realize that the true meaning of this off-season is that Rogers has at long last started taking my advice. People here who criticized me before should now admit that everything I’ve said has been vindicated by Rogers admitting that I was right all along.

    The problem of course is that it’s too late in one regard. Travis has been traded, and the chances are slim that we’ll see his long mane and cut, muscular form dashing through our outfield like a stallion. If we don’t win the WS this year, there will be one root cause, the trading of Travis. Let’s all agree that Rogers should do the right thing and do whatever it takes to bring him back to Toronto where he can receive the adulation he so deserves.

    • that’s the best fake oakville i’ve seen in awhile

    • @ Ok Blue Jays

      You usually capitalize the O in oakville69 when you imitate him.
      Are you slipping?

    • AA took my advice. AA claimed Jays only needed a 5th starter. I laughed in his face. AA signed an Ace in Dickey because I was right.

      Jays still need another bat at least as they are still not winning anything with this line up.

      If you think there was pressure on the Jays before, there is more pressure now, because many think they are World Series champs.

      Jays need 95 wins to win ALE and at least 93 wins to win wild card.

      Jays don’t have the bats yet to do either.

      And Rickey is the opening day pitcher, not Dickey and not Josh.

      This is Ricky’s team until further notice.

      What do you drunks think about that, eh?

    • Ok that was pretty funny.

      It is refreshing to see this board getting excited over star MLB players coming to toronto.

      No more waiting for Keith law to say nice things about our Lansing trio. It is now the Lansing UNO.

      Expectations will be very high this year.

      Hopefully Rogers puts more spring training games on tv.

  88. Aaah the sarcasm, it withers me…

  89. Dammit! I can’t believe they traded Travis D’Arnaud. I feel physically ill about this. I have that same sick feeling you’d have in the pit of your stomach that you would get if your beautiful and talented 17 year old daughter came to you and said, “Daddy, this is my new boyfriend. He’s an unemployed aspiring musician and we’re getting married next week. He’ll be living with us until the quadruplets are born, or until his music career takes off. Oh, be sure to keep plenty of gas in your car because he’ll have to drive it until he gets his own. His name is Andrew, but you can call him Stoeten. Make sure you’re home on the weekends to watch the kids while I attend his gigs. ”

    Life is so unfair.

  90. Update the Good Will Hunting photoshop. Let’s start thinking of some chants for Farrell.

    Now, let’s not plan the parade yet. But…it’s been 20 years since we can safely say, at least on paper, the Toronto Blue Jays are the team to beat in the AL East. I love it! Just start the fucking season already!

    • You leave Farrell alone, he didn’t go from worst to first, he went backwards. Good for him. It’s AA who never screened Farrell properly when he interviewed him.

      Farrell is a weak manager. AA is a weal GM. They were a perfect fit for one another.

      This is why Ricky gets opening day. Because Jays play Sox in second series and Ricky will pitch the 3rd game against the Sox. Farrell showed no confidence in Ricky a few times last year. Ricky was playin with an injury. Ricky’s a stud.

      • AA is a weal what, Elmer Fudd?

        • Weak… or a weasel…take you pick.

          I don’t see AA as a ninja. He overpaid for every player. He managed to get the Fish players only because no other team wanted them. All of them were offered to all other teams since last July.

          The reason AA got em for a handful of low spects is because no other team wanted them. Their contracts are outrageous.

          AA could’ve forced the Fish to incluce Giancarlo Stanton, since he’s a stud and Jays needed a left fielder. AA never even asked for him. Had the Jays got em, they would’ve saved 8M a year on Melky’s overpaid contract and used that coin towards signing our friend Josh Hamilton.

          AA never even made an offer to Hamilton.

          AA overpaid for Dickey and many of his other trades were complete busts.

          Ninja…No, just a turtle.

          What do you drunks think of AA?

      • You’re really getting off on being a douche, aren’t you? Farrell’s dream job was the Jays job…until his Sox dream job came along.
        Listen, I love my job, but if my dream job of being Halle Berry’s body oil applier come a’knocking…I’m outta here. (I had actually used my marital status as an analogy, but my wife started reading over my shoulder, so I quickly changed analogies)

        • If it wasn’t for Farrell Jays wouldn’t have Gibby. If it wasn’t for Valentine we wouldn’t have Gibby. If it wasn’t for AA we wouldn’t have had Farrell. If it wasn’t for Farrell’s mom and dad, no Farrell. There’s lots of people to thank.

          Fact is, AA hired Gibby instead of La Russa because Gibby was hired to be fired when AA’s overpaid team finished in 4th in the ALE and 6th to 8th overall in the wild card race.

    • Suck-it Farr-ell *clap clap clapclapclap*

  91. Woo shoutout to Winnipeg radio stations

  92. So jays get back familia in trade?????

  93. Soteten I think you’re right. The deal seemed expensive to me. But we get a knucklballer which is something I’ve long coveted. And a knuckleballer with 3 different types of delivery. Close the roof and let the mayhem begin!

    • Let us pray for unseasonably bad weather all summer in Toronto

      • Those prayers might be answered, in retribution for the unseasonably good weather we have had this fall/likely early winter.

    • I’m glad we got the Dickster, but Jays paid too much. Again, Jays needed another arm with Dickey. But the Jays settle for another pro spect because they are stockin the farm with pro players. The Jays wanna do well in MLB and on the farm because as I said, Roger’s is settin up a sale of the Jays.

      And friends, I’m bidding and movin the Jays to my home town if I’m the winnin bidder.

  94. I’m not banned on TSN, I’m just tired of waiting for mods to read every message before they post it. They kill conversations that way.

    So, can any of you experts tell me if the Jays have to give the Mets the 4.5M that the Fish gave the Jays for Bucks 2013 salary?

    If so, then AA was taken to the cleaners even more.

    Let’s face it friends, even a drunk like you can manage to make a bunch of bad trades like AA has done.

  95. This is the drawback an increase in popularity will have. Oh well, least its entertaining

  96. These are the kind of moves I’ve been waiting for this organization to make for years. I think that goes for most of us. Enjoy it, people.

    • There has never been an off-season like this in Blue Jays history. Period. And it follows a season where everything went to ratshit. Ingoddamncredible.

  97. When are we getting berkman?

    • Since AA is inot overpayin, Jays need to take a close look at Swisher for right field and move Jose to first. Jose and EE can platoon between 1st and DH.

      Jays need another bat, friends. You know I’m right. And if you doubt me, you’re wrong.

    • Is there an ongoing Berkman joke around here that I’m not in on? From Berkman’s Wikipedia entry:

      “On April 22, 2012, Berkman was placed on the disabled list due to a calf injury. On May 21, 2012, Berkman was again placed on the disabled list due to right knee injury. An MRI revealed that there was significant cartilage damage to both sides of the knee and a torn meniscus, requiring arthroscopic surgery. Berkman returned on July 14, 2012. He was then placed on the 15-day disabled list on August 3, 2012 due to knee inflammation. It was the third time Berkman went on the DL in the 2012 season. On September 10, 2012, he was again put on the disabled list after having to go for a secondary meniscus surgery in the same knee. On October, 3rd, 2012, Berkman was given one last at-bat before he announced he would be retiring. He spent the 2012 postseason on the physically unable to perform list as the Cardinals won the 2012 NLDS against the Washington Nationals but lost the 2012 NLCS against the San Francisco Giants.”

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