So… here’s something. Near the end of the four o’clock hour of Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 this afternoon, a caller phoned up to make the case to Bob McCown that Rogers, having spent all kinds of money this off-season, needs to get real grass into the Rogers Centre, if for no other reason but to do whatever possible to keep their expensive, ageing core of players healthy.

It’s not an easy process, the host said, reiterating the same thing we’ve always heard.

However, he went on, “Here’s what I will tell you:”

“This is being discussed. I don’t know what level it’s at. I have been told– I have heard that it may have already been decided that two years from now they are going to put grass in the Rogers Centre. No one has confirmed that to me, but that’s what’s out there.

“That the Toronto Argonauts have been informed to look for an alternative place to play, because the plan is to put natural grass in there, and the Blue Jays have no intention to let the Argonauts muck up their grass. So, whether it’s 100% or 50%– I think it’s one of those two– it’s at least being seriously discussed, and the target is probably the 2015 season. But it could be 2014.”

Now, “discussed” certainly doesn’t mean “is going to happen,” and this seems like a hell of a piece of information for McCown to have just been sitting on until someone happened to call and ask about it, but he’s a guy you’d think is in with the high-ups in Rogers, the Jays and perhaps the Argos, so… maybe he’d really know as much about a thing like this as he lets on. And there’s no doubt in my mind that, for the sake of their baseball product, it would be in the interest of Rogers to get this done.

Frankly, it’s probably best for the Argos, too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I think it’s happening, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that the Jays were saying last winter, too, and the kinds of things they were saying back then– what were once viewed as empty words– all of a sudden got a little weightier in the last month or so. Hmmm…


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  1. Grass would be nice. Is it really that tough to grow grass there these days?

    • Don’t worry I know a guy.

      He’ll make grass grow in your chimney if you want.

    • Check out how well the grass grew in Miami this year.. or rather how well it didn’t grow… and that is a brand new facility that is designed specifically to support it.

      • Different climate playing a factor? I remember watching a Marlins game last year and they said something about the humidity being something of an obstacle to grass growth.

        They have real grass at the University of Phoenix Stadium for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, but there they can roll the entire field out of the stadium so it can grow outdoors.

    • Put freaking Chia seeds on the turf!

    • What about that travesty, er.. uh.. game the Buffalo Bills play there every year?

    • its what we do Canada is well known for the grass growing !

  2. Psssh, if they were really worried about player health, they’d invest in some bubble wrap for Bautista and Reyes. And maybe Lawrie, too.

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          • Well Sons, you, me and all the masses of TRUE DJF and TRUE Jays fans know who the real fans are but we also know full well that this revamped blue jays team is going to bring out SHIT LOADS and absolute masses of fair weather fucking douchebags that dont know fuck all about anything.

            We will have to tolerate and humour these fair weather douchies but the best we can do is be glad that the support is there and teach them the DJF way of doing things.

          • It may be a 2003 thing, but caring about it is so 2007. In fact I don’t see this on TSN probably because there’s no reaction. Well done Skydome.

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  5. This would make me just as happy as getting Dickey and all the other talent we got this offseason. Real…fucking…grass…

  6. McCowan was the first one to break news the Jays would be getting new jerseys last year. He said that pretty early in the season in 2011, so he’s got an ear to what is going on at the top.

    • Yep, plus this wasn’t the first time he’s made comments like this. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but he’s made comments about grass being discussed before.

  7. I wonder where the Argos could play instead? BMO Field?

    Actually I don’t give a shit.

    • have to demolish one of the endzones to expand wont happen until ford is gone out of office

      • It’s not just that, to get football teams into BMO field the entire place needs to be retro fitted. The lockerrooms aren’t made to accommodate the number of players football teams have, the stands are too close together to allow for sideline activity.

        By the time that is done, it’s pointless, they might as well find their own site.

    • The dimensions at BMO arent big enough so that is out of the question, maybe Lamport stafium.

    • U of T – they have a nice field. Add some stands and you’re done.

  8. I took the tour down at RC when I was visiting a few years ago….and I remeber touching the turf and thinking “Wow, this shit would fucking hurt to slide bare skin against”…..Getting grass would be fucking brilliant.

    • I just danced Gangnam Style this weekend at the Bills game, tested out a few dives during rehearsal, slight raspberry still present and these 80% full layouts. The cushion isn’t bad at all, just the surface is slightly abrasive.

  9. Anything to make that above ground concrete pool shell a real diamond, I’m in.

  10. My points:
    1. Who the fuck cares about the argos, let them go to BMO, Varsity, Build new stadium etc.
    2. This maybe will attract free agents down the line
    3. This is very good for Jose Reyes which potentially means that his knees wont go to shit

    • There’s no way Toronto FC wants the shit ripped out of their nice grass by hosting football games. BMO’s also not big enough for CFL dimensions. Varsity’s the way to go.

    • You lost all credibility when you said “who the fuck cares about the Argos”. Now I’m no football fan but there are plenty of people who are.

      Ever had anyone tell you baseball is boring and sucks? Bet you thought they stupid. That is how you sound insulting a sport and team other people actually do enjoy. Also they are a business that makes money.

      Don’t be a tool.

    • Too late for Jose Reyes I’m afraid. It’s a scientific fact that your knees explode if you spend more then sixth months on carpet.

    • +1. The Jays could be worth 1 billion once they get their next world series pennant in 2013.

      The technology should be available to provide proper drainage. Not easy but doable.

      Rogers did bring in grass for soccer games at rogers centre

    • Reyes didn’t have knee problems, he had hamstring problems which aren’t really affected by turf.

    • You realize Reyes doesn’t have knee problems right? He’s had hamstring issues but he’s never torn his acl, mcl or anything I don’t know where the protect Jose Reyes knees comes from

    • I can tell you who cares about the Argos. The Argos average over 750,000 TV rating, the second highest of all the Toronto Team, beating the Jays by 300,000, the better question may be who gives a Rat ass about the Jays

      • Yeah…. those are all national TV broadcasts on TSN against teams in markets who give a shit.

        Not exactly apples to apples.

        • Why, break out the GTA numbers and ONT numbers and there still over 350,000 which still beats all the others GTA TV numbers

  11. Wrench in the machine: when Ralph Wilson dies, Rogers is going to strongly consider buying the Bills and relocating them to Toronto, namely the eponymous Rogers Centre.

    Then again, if the Jays win a World Series in 2013-14, then Rogers will probably push all their chips into the middle of the table and finally go all-in on making the Dome a baseball-only stadium.

    The Argos need to do the same thing the Alouettes did – move into a small football-specific stadium (hello, adding a 10,000 seat grandstand on top of Varsity Stadium!) and then only use the Dome for playoff games where they have any hope of selling close to 50,000 seats.

    • Good points, however the bills will be in LA, and the argos point is reasonable and realistic

    • Totally forgot about the Bills consideration, and that is a *big* consideration.

    • Moving the Argos back to Varsity would be amazing. What a fantastic atmosphere that would be.

    • The Bills aren’t coming to Toronto. The NFL has a minimum seating requirement of 65,000 for all stadiums, and Rogers Centre only holds 50,000 and change. It would be suitable for a temporary stadium, but someone would have to build a 65-75,000 seat stadium for the NFL. And unless it’s 100% privately funded, a new stadium isn’t being built in Toronto for any sport any time soon.

        • There’s no stadiums being built in Toronto after the Pan-Am Games. If SkyDome, the Expos saga, and the Marlins trade taught us anything, it’s not to spend public money on stadiums any more.

          Plus the city and province are broke.

      • McCain interviewed a Rogers higher up a couple years ago, who said if Toronto ever got an NFL team, he believed they could lower the playing surface farther down and expand seating to meet NFL requirements.

        That would likely be quite awesome for us, as it would probably mean a new MLB park here. The NFL to Toronto buzz doesn’t seem nearly as loud as it was a few years go though.

    • For the Argos, the points made above about BMO field are valid and Varsity has been kicked around and discarded before. Last I heard this discussed, there was talk of the Argos building a 20 000 ish stadium at York University. As for the Bills, they could still play one late season game in Toronto. Not sure, but for a permanent franchise, think NFL is now demanding bigger stadiums than the Dome. There has been too much talk about this from Beeston for there to be nothing to it. 2015 seems about right, give or take a year.

    • +1.

      Argos would be fun at varsity stadium

    • Rogers should buy the Bills, and keep them in Buffalo.

    • The NFL doesn’t allow corporate ownership.

      • Really? I figured if they allow that scam that is the green bay owenership, they would allow anything.

    • So bills and Argos in some and a new stadium for baseball!

  12. i would be in favor of folding the argos entirely if it means real grass in skydome

    • Friend of mine won a package last year for a VIP Argos experience… announced crowd was about 8k, he swore there couldn’t have been more than 1500 people there. I don’t think anyone would notice if the Argos disappeared forever other than people west of the border with Manitoba.

      • I worked for the Argos this year, and I was at every home game this year. Yes, the attendance was inflated, but it was never lower than about 15-17,000 per game. They averaged about 20,000.

      • The reported attendance was never less than 18k last year. Try again? No, don’t.

      • yeah,how about Jays game, that get 4,000 people to them. How about the fact the Jays lose 30 million a year

  13. Lets start an on-line petition to get grass at Rogers. Focus on the players safety and proformance longevity.

    • The the daily BP podcast yesterday had a guy on there saying that team are doing ‘crazy backroom research/projection of injuries’ stuff that is cutting edge. But who knows what ‘crazy cutting edge’ means to a baseball nerd.

      My point is, AA seems to be on the higher end of the GM curve ie. drafting / getting players early in this off-season before shit gets stupid. And while getting rid of the turf to avoid injuries seems like a no brainer, it seems something like AA and the Beast would be pushing hard for based on the protecting player safety/longevity.

  14. Argos want their own stadium anyway. BMO won’t work for them without massive renovations but whatever, they draw around 200,000 fans a year while the Jays push 2 million.

  15. As an Argos and Jays fan, it would be best for both clubs. Putting the Argos in a smaller stadium will allow for a better football atmosphere, and will hopefully end up revitalizing the franchise the way Molson Stadium has done for the Alouettes. So the Argos will end up going into the York Pan-Am stadium, hopefully just temporarily until that soccer team folds and they can finally get BMO Field. But it would really help the Argos to get out of Rogers Centre…I love the Argos, but it’s just awful as a football stadium.

    For the Jays, obviously we know why it would help. And, if Rogers so desires, you can retro-fit the stadium to get rid of the cookie-cutter garbage and make it a real ballpark. They did that in Anaheim after the Rams moved to St. Louis, and Angel Stadium is a very nice park.

    And hey, if there’s grass in there and you want to put a Grey Cup back at Rogers Centre in November, you can still do the one football game and have plenty of time to re-do the grass for April. Or you lay out the field turf on top of the grass.

    • how the hell would you retrofit the dome? Paint the 51,000 square feet of cement?

    • Yes but you have to remember that Anaheim Stadium was a baseball stadium before the Rams moved in. It was then changed to accommodate both teams and then after the Rams left converted back to baseball only.

    • TFC isn’t going anywhere man. The team costs almost nothing to run, and the potential profits are large.

    • TFC won’t be folding anytime soon. They fill that stadium every game despite being about the worst team in pro sports. There are so many soccer fans in the GTA that TFC will be safe for years

      • What are you talking about. TFC has not sold out a game at BMO for over 3years. Did you go to any TFC game this year, they had less then 9,000 at some games, please don’t beleve everything that MLSE prints, MLSE has killed TFC

  16. Bills in Toronto is why I don’t think this will happen.

    • Bills are signed on to keep playing the odd home game in Toronto until 2017. It could still work as the Bills-Toronto game happens later in the NFL season so it doesn’t really overlap with baseball.

      Frankly, I’m not a fan of the Bills Toronto series, it’s expensive and it just doesn’t compare to going to an actual NFL game, with the larger, more raucous crowd and the drunken tailgate parties.

      • as in same time as this year, however kick out the fucking argos

      • The same reporter (Bobcat) is also the same guy who reported that on average the Bills games are selling just under 18,000 tickets per game. The rest of the Dome is being papered by Rogers.

    • Perhaps, although the Bills’ pathetic perfomance against the Seahawks didn’t exactly help that cause.

      • That doesn’t matter one bit. What does matter is that there is no place for tailgating at Skydome. That’s what will keep ticket sales down

  17. I wanna know what (Handsome Tony Viner) thinks about all of this. Will he make it so?

  18. Funny, I was just thinking earlier today that if the possible 140 million dollar payroll was true, then maybe Beeston talking of grass wasn’t the BS we took it for a few days later.

    Glad to hear this, fingers crossed this one comes true too!

  19. “…he’s a guy you’d think is in with the high-ups in Rogers, the Jays and the Argos…”

    There’s only one high-up of the Argos, and that’s David Braley. He’s their first, their last, their everything … oops, channeling Barry White. The Argos need their own stadium. You may find it hard to believe, but when B.C. Place stadium was under renovation, the B.C. Lions leased a temporary 27,500 seat stadium that was constructed on the site of the former Empire Stadium, and then dismantled and removed after B.C. Place was ready, all for a cost of $15 million. Yes, $15 million. Check it here if that seems improbable. I caught a game there and it was a perfectly decent CFL stadium with great sight lines.

  20. So, whether it’s 100% or 50%– I think it’s one of those two–

    The sheer mechanics of the math involved in this sentence boggles my mind.

  21. They should, at the very least, put in a full dirt infield.

    • not happening its been discussed already on dees boards

      • Just to jog our collective memories, why is it they can’t slot in a few different tiles of dirt for the infield?

        • How about snow? Would give it a nice Canadian feel.

        • My cousin is part of the field conversion crew, and I’ve asked him about that. He’s told me an all-dirt infield can very easily be done, but Rogers would then have to hire extra grounds crew members full-time, costing more money. So that’s pretty much the only reason why it’s just sliding pits.

          • I was told that in Seattle the grounds crew people were mostly volunteers, and that this was common around MLB.

  22. is there a real chance that the soccer team folds?

    • I think so. Their fan base has become apathetic, and that’s far worse than anger. I still say 4-5 years before TFC goes. And good riddance too, MLS is garbage.

      • Not sure how you can say MLS is garbage while also claiming to be a fan of a CFL team.

        • That’s why I corrected myself. The team itself is garbage. I’m not an MLS fan but I’m sure the top teams in the league are decent enough.

        • because the CFL and NFL are 2 different games, that require a different type of player in a lot of positions. There is a reason why CFL LB are only 215 to 220 and not 235 to 250 as in the NFL. What is different about the soccer players

      • I shouldn’t say MLS is garbage. TFC is garbage. When expansion teams win titles before you make the playoffs you have a serious problem.

        • I will say this though: MLS is nowhere close to the best soccer league on the planet. The CFL is the best league of its kind on the planet because no other league plays 3-down football.

        • @sharkey.

          I used to be a season ticket holder of TFC. I like soccer but the team was badly mismanaged. They had great crowds & good ambience but I couldn’t take the revolving door of players & coaches. The trade of De Rosario was the last straw.

    • Nope.

      An MLS team is FAR more valuable than a CFL team right now, and the disparity will only grow as the soccer league continues to get bigger.

      Not sure where this notion of the soccer team folding is coming from. The last valuation I saw put Toronto FC in the $40 million range, while the average CFL team can be bought for, what, $8 million?

      Even if MLSE decides to give up on soccer (despite the massive growth potential they’ve seen over the past few years), someone else will take a shot at it.

      • Have you seen the Tv ratings for TFC, you can’t see them, because they have none. MLS itself as very bad TV ratings. They expected the league to make great gains in the TV market and its not happening. 3 teams in all of MLS made money last year. in the CFL 6 out of 8 made money, soon to to 7 out of 8 when hamilton gets their new place. The next TV deal for the CFL will be huge. The CFL has the highest TV ratings next to the NHL

  23. Grass would be truly awesome…

    Remember two years ago when Beaston floated the idea that the Blue Jays payroll could go up to $120M (and most people thought he was full of shit)? It turns out he wasn’t full of shit.

    And remember when Beaston proclaimed that the Blue Jays would make the playoffs two or three times in the next five years. Well, they still haven’t won anything, but they certainly now look like a team on the verge of an extended string of playoff seasons.

    And remember last year when Beaston floated the notion of grass at Rogers Centre… Makes you go hmmm, doesn’t it.

    • I can picture the beest taking it to his cheap rogers overlords, and getting them to cough up the dough to make a good baseball team.

    • @rdillion.

      Very true. Despite the absurdity of Beeston’s comments at the time about playoffs & payroll, he was right that “when the time was right”.

      The Jays got big discounts on the marlins players , since they could not sign them individually at those prices this year.

      Melky’s suspension provided another discount signing.

      The dickey signing is icing on the cake. The Toronto Star ad 50 things about Dickey’s life story. Very inspirational.

  24. McCown talks so much shit, but he’s so often right when it comes to the Blue Jays’ big business decisions. I say they have asked a bunch of people to get creative and show Rogers what they can come up with.

    • @Buzz.

      very true. Mccowan has been beating the drum for 3 years now about the Jays needing 120 million to compete in the AL East. Every time Beeston or AA came on he kept demanding the 120 million payroll. Once he offered to take AA to Nadir Mohammed’s office directly instead of AA saying he had to talk to Paul who would talk to Nadir etc”.

      Mccown’s hate of Colby Rasmus is irrational but he gets the big picture of business right.

  25. Just a quick thought: it was McCowan who first mentioned, in a similarly off-hand way, that the Jays would be getting new uniforms and that they would resemble the “classic” Jays look. This was long before that news was official.

  26. Time to get some grass down boys. What’s more of an investment longterm, having the Argos rents space or having the highly invested Jays players stay healthy?

  27. I am working on a wonderful plan to have a dual tenant football-only facility in the parkland adjacent to my house in Etobicoke. The Don Bosco Eagle’s Nest would allow the AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS
    a state of the art playing/practice field.

    Help me get the OMB on my side to transfer this public land to my title and I will take care of the rest. Together we can do it Toronto.

    (the screaming eagle sound I randomly emit)

  28. Don’t worry, Jeffress tweeted he’d bring grass to Rogers Centre on opening day


  29. Friends, you know the Jays wanna grow grass, but only because they want too use the profits from the pot too fund the team. And neither Toronto Hydro or the Cops will question Roger’s about the higher energy use and grow lamps if the Jays use a grass field.

    But growing grass on the field, I don’t see that working out so well. They just need grass between homeplate and the bases with a dirt infield, and a turf outfield, but a turf that is only for baseball and not for football.

    If Roger’s goes all grass, they can’t use the field for other events during the season because he will be destroyed. Having grass just between the bases can be where the stage sits for concerts while the outfield can still be used if a turf outfield is used.

    But in reality, friends, the Dome was obsolete the day it opened. It was massively in debt and as soon as it opened other teams went retro using city skylines as a backdrop. The Dome is a concrete shell sitting beside a concrete tower dreamed up by a cement head.

  30. I love this topic:

    Here are some places that are trying

    if the Kiwis can do it, surely Rogers can – with grow lights and this hybrid grass after a little engineering to take care of installing some drains

  31. Speaking of twitter, it didn’t take long for the NY media machine to find something to try to create a controversy for one of it’s new players. Get used to it Noah.

    He told a buddy his shoes were gay.

  32. It’d be interesting to know if this was part of some larger renovation. It’s been discussed already that the Skydome is getting damn old for what it is. Toronto isn’t going to get a new stadium so maybe there are plans to renovate and extend it’s life both structurally and aesthetically.
    With so much invested, Rogers must be anticipating a spike in attendance. Keeping the buzz going in a couple years time with a renovated stadium could be a savvy decision.

    God, my wishlist would be long but thinking about what they could do is always fun.

    • yup the interior of the dome could be improved. new outfield walls, actual dirt on the field (I hate how the warning track is just different coloured carpet), doing something about the look of the hotel, and so on.

  33. Just a thought on the whole grass/turf topic. How bad is the turf really when it comes to injuries. I mean, modern technology should be far enough along to offer a surface with enough padding to combat against injuries.

    With that said, the Jays are a team with a lot of speed. historically turf is better for stealing bases and must increase the number of extra base hits with more balls gettin to the wall.

    • The new turf is a lot better. I have some at home that I got from my cousin, it’s as close to grass as you’re going to get without putting real grass in. The old astroturf, or tartan turf, or whatever, that was literally just green carpet laid on top of concrete. That’s why all those great Expos players had their careers ruined at Olympic Stadium, because they were literally playing baseball on concrete.

  34. then again, I can’t get the grass to grow in my backyard so who am I to talk?!

  35. Exactly. You can’t fake out the grass. Grass knows real sunlight when it feels it. Forget the silly grass idea. Jays need a new park and Roger’s can afford it. Read this then close your eyeballs and envision it. A 65,000 seat stadium when an outfield view of downtown Toronto. Lots of seats to lower ticket, beer and hot digity dog prices. No bus / train / subway transportation to the stadium. Every one must drive. This way Rogers makes parking fee revenue which is used to fund the team. Sell naming rights to fund the team. Sell the Unpleasure Dome to whoever. There are many better ideas and these are only a few of em.

    • 65,000? Not for baseball. If you’re building a ballpark make it 35-39,000.

      But there’s no new ballpark coming. Rogers isn’t financing it and the province and city are broke.

      • Going smaller is what destroyed many teams. Player salaries are rising and now those teams have fewer seats to sell. It was beyond dumb.

        Teams need properly designed stadiums. The foul area is too large. Make is smaller and bring the fans closer to the game. The upper deck is higher it overhangs over the lower decks, but the lower decks views are still not obstructed when a fly ball is hit high up because the lower decks are already high.

        What destroyed the Expos was an enclosed stadium. What’s destroying the Jays is an ugly dome.

        I would also allow the stairs from the field level seating to be open right onto the field. This way players can run right up into the stands and catch a foul ball and the batter is out.

        Ring Rogers, I’m ready to start designing it.

      • 37,012 in honor Dave Stieb and Roberto Alomar it is!

        Seriously though, you can’t support 60k…yet 50k has been done in the past so to me high 40′s is the best option. Nice, snug more open park for the months bt late May to September.

        • Anything higher than 50K is a cookie-cutter multi-purpose stadium, which is what exists now. And those stadiums are bad for both baseball and football.

          Sadly, as I said before, there’s no new stadium coming.

          • Roger’s should tear down the hotel in the outfield and put in a sliding glass wall. This would add a city view for fans, but I’m not sure what the city view is beyond the outfield.

            Or tear down the hotel and add more seats. If Jays continue to field winning teams the more seats the better as it funds the team or lowers the cost per ticket.

      • yup I don’t see a new park happening any time soon. and as a jays fan, I hope Rogers invests most of their money on the team rather than a new stadium. A renovation to the dome, including new grass, could go a long ways.

      • A city view in SkyDome’s outfield would be looking down John Street. The corner of John & Front is an electrical transformer station (i.e. the ugliest possible backdrop).

    • Outdoor baseball in Toronto would seem a whole lot less quaint in early April or October.

      • Yea, but you don’t have to worry about the Jays playing ball in October, or at least this year anyway.

        3rd or 4th in the ALE doesn’t get you a playoff spot.

        5-8th in the wild card doesn’t either.

  36. Football games aren’t the same unless you can tailgate, so they’d need to find a way of relocating/retrofitting a place to accommodate that

    I agree it’s best if Argos/Jays were in different places

    I don’t see Bills coming to TO – it would probably destroy the interest in Argos pretty well

    Grass would be great and I think it will happen sooner than later

  37. And, someone want to tell me why Rogers couldn’t put in grass for a couple of special events (ie. a series or two) like they have done for European soccer events (other than it is the money). Once laid, the turf can last up to 10 days apparently.

    How about Canada Day homestand vs Tigers (followed by the Twins, 7 games)?

    Or even the short home stand like the 2 gamer vs. Giants in mid-May (lots of time for set up beforehand and after to return to carpet) or 3 gamer weekend series vs. Rangers in June.

    The novelty of the grass would surely justifiy the expense (which I think is around $600K). If the average fan drops $40 to $50 at the game (tickets and concessions), you need an extra 15K in attendance over the course of the time grass is down to justify expense. Seems reasonably achievable as a little teaser to fans, to me at least.

    • Ummm… How will 15k seats be empty when they’re the best team in the majors? They don’t need a grass gimmick in 2013. Regardless, it’s downright absurd…. people don’t show up just to see real grass. Give your head a shake.

      • 15K over the course of the time the grass is down, ie 7 games = an extra 2.5K per game, 3 games = extra 5K per game,

        you don’t see people going because of a grass field that has not been seen by baseball fans in this city in 35 years, but a tiny bobblehead doll works as a promotion???? (yeah, I am shaking my head)

      • Rogers centre just doesn’t provide a baseball experience like the majority of American major league parks. Looking at real green grass, and real dirt, does actually make the experience better for fans and even more so for players. the grass isn’t some game changer, and it will be noticed more by the hardcore fans than the casual ones, but it would go a ways to bettering the organization overall.

        “Give your head a shake” (I hate that expression) for not realizing that grass is 1000000x better than turf for everyone involved.

        • I completely agree about the added atmosphere that grass provides, and the authentic stadium with grass is a billion times better than the concrete turf dome. I was in Arlington and Detroit earlier this season for some baseball games, and felt the atmosphere of a real stadium first hand. So much better tha the dome in every way imaginable. But throwing down grass in the dome as a temporary gimmick is silly. It’s still the concrete dome, not the turf, that gives the shitty atmosphere. And doing it in 2013, when the seats should be filled to the top anyways (especially on Canada Day) makes it an even more silly idea IMO.

          • I really don’t get your point. Grass isn’t a gimmick, it is an upgrade. And it wouldn’t be temporary. Since we all assume the Dome is staying around for at least a decade, you have a choice. Turf or grass. I take grass.

          • ohhhhhhhh haha missed the article above, my mistake.

    • Make it like tennis, have them play on clay

  38. Dodgers games have great tailgate party’s. But even the Dodgers effed up. The cityscape is behind home plate and the outfield faces nothing, really. There is a police shooting range beyond the outfield. Had they reversed Dodger stadium when it was built in the 50s or 60s to have the downtown view beyond the outfield, it would’ve 40 years ahead of its time.

    • Fuck Brooklyn and their vagabond dodgers!

      Go JAYS!

    • Stadiums point north-northwest as part of MLB standards. The only ones that haven’t are ones that are domed, and it didn’t matter. It’s for the fan experience.

      So yes, the Dodgers stadium sight lines could be better, but there was a reason, and not just a random decision.

  39. Difficult to see how they keep the grass alive without a whole load of high-powered lighting. Even allowing for much longer open roof periods, grass would have a hard time in the dome. Would be interesting to see a big implementation of fiber-optics to get sunlight inside a closed dome though …

    Like this:

  40. “You can’t fake out the grass”

    Yes you can. Lighting exists which tricks grass into thinking its the sun. UV lights.

    Also, Beeston was on PTS (I think) and mentioned how they would do it: Put in the grass in March, leave it in all summer/fall then take it out after the season to allow for other events (concerts, Bills in Toronto, etc).

    McCown has mentioned a couple of times that he’s heard a facility being built at York University for the Pan Am games will eventually become home of the Argos.

    • Put the Argo’s with the Ti Cats – they both play at the University of Guelph campus. Give Ottawa the Roughrider nick name and hope like hell both Rough rider teams make it to the Grey Cup held in Guelph….awesome eh?

  41. Here’s my best Dodgers story ever.

    Right after the Earthquake in San Fran in 1989 I few there to check er out. The city was a mess. I drove down to LA and went to Dodgers stadium for a tour. I ask the guard how you get down to the field and he said go down that way and the other guard will help you. I went down that way and there was no guard. But there was a HUGE elevator and it was open. So I got in it and pushed the button. The elevator took me down and when the door opened I walked out and was right on the field. I was like wow, as I didn’t expect this to happen. There were players in the dugout and about 30 media in the stands above the dugout. I walked right up to the dugout and said hello. Some players said hi but I don’t know who he was. The boys in the dugout were talking about being at a bar the night before where Guns and Roses was, and where Duff got nito a fight with someone and Axl jumped in. GnR got kicked out of the bar. You can google this fight as Duff broke his wrist.

    Anyways, the players then got up and walked out of the dugout onto the outfiled to warm up. I saw the name on the back of one guys sweater, and it said Gynn. I knew Tony Gynn played for the Padres and not Dodgers but I thought he might’;ve gotten traded to the Dodgers. I yelled, Hey Tony, and he turned around and said, No, I’m Chris, Tony’s brother. We chatted for a minute then he went to warm up. All of the media were looking at me like who’s this guy anyway.

    As I went to leave the stadium I walked up to homeplate. I reacted Gibsons famous homerun in the 1988 playoffs, I air swung the bat, hit the homer, pretended to drop the bat, waved my hands for the ball to leave the ball like Gibson did, then i ran around the bases pumping my fists. All the ball players were laughing their asses off at me.

    I then left the stadium. I did all of this and not once did security appear. I went to Angel Stadium for a tour but they didn’t offer them or let me in.

    And that my firnds, is my best Dodgers story ever.

    • That is pretty awesome indeed. I have mostly only cool band stories but sports wise, I have a couple. I went to Minni to watch the Leafs play the wild a couple years back, we had all been drinking since like 1pm so by the 2nd period we all had a pretty good glow on. All of the sudden this sharp dressed dude comes over with a server and gives us a bunch of beer and food and were like wtf? He started asking about how we were enjoying ourselves at the arena and so on. Then I said “so are you like some sort of hospitality surveyor or something? He said no and then said he had to run and wished us a good evening etc. So I asked the usher closest to us who he was and it was the owner of the Minnesota Wild haha … who knew?

      • Cool things happen when you least expect em, eh.

        I went to only one NFL game as I’m not big fan, but it was in Minni too. The Dome. We were in the nose bleeds and I don’t understand the excitement of sitting so far away from the field of play.

        Anyway, it was Minni and Chicago. Chicago was winning the entire game. The crowd was dead because of this. It was the 4th quarter with 4 or 5 minutes to play and I had enough, so we diecide to leave.

        Minni was down 3 touchdowns or something like that. As we got onto the concourse Minni intercepts a pass and scores a TD. Down by 2 touchdowns or whatever. I didn’t see this play as we were already on the way out.

        We’re just reacing the car in the parking lot and the crowd inside erupts. Minni recovers the ball on the kickoff and scores, or soething like that.

        We leave.

        That night in the hotel I watch the sports news. Minni came back and won the effin game. Bears coach Mike Dika blew up on Jim McMacon and was fired after the game. I only missed 4 or 5 minutes of the game while there but it turned out to be the best 4 or 5 minutes.

        But not for Mike Dika.

        The Dome roof is held up by air pressure. In the Dome they have doors to leave and enter that you get in and push round in a circle to walk around to get out. Not sure what the proper name for these doors are but they have em in many buildings including in toronto. In the Dome they have normal doors too that you just push to get out. But these are emergency doors only. I didn’t know this and when we left we went through the normal door. When we opened it we either got blown out or sucked in, I can’t recall, and this happened because of the air pressure inside that holds the roof up. Security came running over and explained it. I was like, Oops, Sorry. apparently if too many doors are open the roof would collaspe.

    • The Bay Area quake happened during the World Series (Oakland vs. San Fran), so you drove down to LA and the Dodgers were warming up prior to some kind of November exhibition game?

      • No, I went down in January. Spring training doesn’t begin until Feb. but the Dodgers start early at Dodger stadium before going to spring training, or at least they did that year. I have pics but no way to post them.

    • Here is my best Dodgers story ever:
      Suck it Farrell.

  42. Have the three Xmas ghosts visited Rogers?

  43. I have a suggestion for the Argos… how about packing it in and closing shop, in fact, the whole CFL should do the same thing, pack up shop and stop pretending that anyone outside of the city of Regina and handful of others really give a fuck about the CFL.

    • Buck some of us do enjoy the CFL, as well as MLB. Lose the Bills and I’m good with that!

    • CFL is twice as exciting as the NFL. The NFL is a massive bore, especially the Super Bore. Touch backs, fair catches,,,as if. Why don’t they move the kick off line back 10 yards so the players doesn’t get a touchback on the first play of the game. What a buzz killer that is.

      The Argos and Jays both need a new home. Toronto needs a sports section, like in Phily, but only better. They would share a parking lots to save money but each have their own stadium. Building that dumb soccer field and not building it to also host CFL shows you how dumb planners in Toronto are.

      • I never said the NFL wasnt boring. Perhaps a CFL style game played by NFL talent could turn my crank a tiny bit.

      • Well its probably that Rogers unwilling to build new stadiums for these teams, even though it wouldn’t cost them anything right OKBJ boy? I mean even if they did it would just be to hood-wink the poor paying public right. Its the down-troddin fans that are the oppressed ones right comrade?

        • Don’t feed the fucker, ‘dawg.

          Let’s watch him shrink to nothingness, yes?

          • Sorry Spud went off my meds and lost my composure. Next time I’ll just swear at you

          • I’d appreciate that. It’d build me up at the same time as taking that terrible troll down. Win win. Bring it on!

          • Are you seriously calling me a troll? You know full well that I am here for the discussion. I didnt post that to be a troll I posted an opinion, I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks really. I dont just come here for arguments. I think Ive posted enough in here for you to know that.

          • @Buck Martinez’ hair swoosh–

            I was referring to Ok Blue Jays, man, although I must say if you’re that disinterested in the CFL I sincerely wish you’d absent yourself from the discussion. You seem much more invested (albeit negatively) than most.

            Let’s talk baseball.

        • Poor planning. If Rogers was smart they’d give the Dome to the city and not have to pay property taxes and operating costs. Just rent it for 81 home games and maybe someday wayyy in the future playoffs.

          Toronto is the most dysfunctional city in North America.

        • By the way, how dumb is Roger’s not to sell naming rights to the Dome?

          They’d still own it.

          I refuse to call the Dome Roger’s Centre, it’s the SkyDome.

          Roger’s could get more than 2 mil a year in naming rights. Since they bought in 2005, they’d lost 14 mil. That money could’ve been used to fund the Jays, but instead you pay 12 bucks a beer.

      • The kick off line was back 10 yards, but players kept getting killed. This is great – we could all tell you were a stupid fucking moron after your first terrible post, but really, you’re showing a keen ability to vomit terrible opinions on anything. You should do gun control and the moon landings next.

        A sport like the NFL where they are reluctantly changing the rules to stop the rampant concussions, paralysis and death is TOO BORING for bigtime CFL fan “OK Blue Jays” here.

    • As someone said earlier, think of how you feel when people tell you baseball is stupid and isn’t a sport and the Jays should go back to the US where they belong. There are many people who give a fuck about the Argos and the CFL.

    • Bottom line: grass is needed for the Jays, and a smaller more intimate stadium is needed to make the Argos successful long-term. It would benefit both teams to make this happen.

    • sure, why not, kill another Canadian institution like the CFL. I mean this country has so many other Canadian institutions and traditions, we got, hockey and Tim Hortons and the RCMP and, well thats about it. lets just end this waste of space called Canada and get on with a join the USA.

  44. My how times have changed…. Remember when:

    • @Ron.

      Very nice You Tube find.

      I think 2013 will bring a similar ambience to rogers Centre as the World Series years did.

      I can picture all sorts of antics from the fans. “Man in white days”. Dickey days. Dog Dau for Buerhle…

      it will be a summer to remember & a hopefully a fall that we will never forget.


      • I sure hope so. Been waiting 20 years for it… Still remember the atmosphere like it was yesterday…. went to the home opener last few seasons, and it felt like i jumped into a time machine, looking up to the top decks and seeing fans all the way up. will certainly be going to a lot more games this season for sure… Can’t wait.

      • And lol @ man in white days

        Other potential promotions:

        Free juice days for melky
        Free dime sac days for Jeffress

      • DicKKKKKKKey signs. A K is added with each strikeout.

        This works for RicKKKKKKy too.

    • What a fun summer it’s going to be.

      And of course this is the summer/fall I’m likely going to be travelling through Asia and teaching English in Korea. Thank goodness for MLB.TV

  45. One hundred and fiftieth!!!!!!!


    Suck it Farrell

    • Toronto Blue Jays 2013 motto:

      “Suck it Farrel!”

      • Also, I guarantee that’s a chant that will reverberate around the Rogers Centre during any home game against Boston, sorta like “Let’s Go Blue Jays, Yankees Suck!”

      • Ill have my buddy screen print SUCK IT FARRELL on them in white for my trip down to Toronto this summer. Question is, will I get past the ushers with said shirt on. Ill get my girlfriend and her Dad and brother to also wear them.

        • @Buck.

          Put it on so other fans can buy it.

          Suck it Farrell will be must wear apparel next summer

          • lol DEAL hahaha unless someone beats me to it.

          • Wtf why so much Will Ferrell hate?

            The Campaign wasn’t his best work, but he’s still pretty funny

          • I hate Will Farrrell much more than John Farrell.

            Will Farrell is most unfunny piece of shit I have ever seen. Anyone who enjoys his movies has previously enjoyed trepanation.

            I will be the guy with the Farrell effigy on April 5. I can’t light it, because I would get arrested, but I will have it.

          • Not enough cowbell.

        • You definitely won’t get past them. Best to put it in a bag, purse, etc and throw it on once you’re in there.

        • Really, really, really want 50K full stadium shouting
          “Suck it Farrell…Go Jays Go” as he waddles to the mound to pull another Masshole pitcher.

          Guess I should say something about this turf/grass debate.
          Philies closer Tug McGraw was once asked which he prefered, grass or turf. He replied something like “I honestly don’t know. I never smoked turf”.

  46. Renovate Varsity Stadium, expand it to 20,000, and then move the Argos in.

    Convert the foul lines to weed to pay for it.

    • lol 20,000? For Argos games? Why not just find a field somewhere and put out like 50-60 lawn chairs for the seating. Might not always sell out though.

      • Because the Argos get 15-20 K a game. That crowd is intimidating in a small CFL stadium, but in Rogers Centre it looks as bad as 15-20 K does for a Jays game.

        • The Dome is so large that even when 20,000 fans are there making noise it doesn’t sound that noisy.

          Even at Jays games of 30,000+ its not that nosiy some times.

      • your kidding right, i have been to Jays game with less than 4,000 people there. The Argos at least get huge TV numbers, beating even the jays by 300,000 per game

  47. Even if you could make grass grow in the dome without dying the problem is drainage.

    The dome’s field is flat and has training/clubhouse space and utilities/engineering underneath it. There is literally nowhere for the water that the grass needs to go. They would have to tear out multiple floors of currently used space plus the insane amount of piping and wire that the facility needs before they even begin to tackle the problem.

    It’s also below grade.

    McCown says a lot of shit. Grass would cost a few hundred million and take a long time. It would also cost concert revenue etc, that the dome gets when the Jays aren’t there.

    It isn’t happening. The impracticality and price means they would be better off building a new park.

    • Its an Engineering mystry why they would,nt have drainage on such a large surface as that as the Rogers Dome. So if the roof can’t close due to mechanical failure during a rain storm, the place fills up like a fish bowl?

      • It’s not a mystery. They didn’t bother with it because it’s a dome with artificial turf.

        It was unbelievably fucking stupid to build it like that.

        • Fer fuck sakes we have drains in our basements, cuase water flows downhill right. This stuff has gotta be in the building code. Just put down plastic sheeting and add exact amounts of water so that theres no excess. This hybrid grass must be able to go week without water, grow without aid of sunlite, have a deep hue of green, be soft and be durable so as to be uprooted for concerts. There no engineering required!

    • @Oscar

      Beeston said its doable last year. A few reporters lately (Perkins, Simmons and now McCown) have been going w the story that Rogers is looking at making it happen.

    • This is total horseshit. There certainly is drainage there or this wouldnt even be a conversation and besides that I don’t even know if they even really grow grass as much as lay sod.

  48. suck it Farrell

  49. It’s a start. The whole stadium should be reno’d in that case, starting with installing a less cold exterior. Modernize, it’ll pay for itself in a few years.

    • Fuck the exterior.

      Real turf is first (if at all possible,) then work on the interior vistas, please.

      The experience unfolds inside, Dan. (or it doesn’t.)

    • Or tear down the hotel and design a slide grass field like in Phoenix. The Dome would have Football on the floor underneath, baseball slide out grass field on top. I still don’t know how you get the grass to grow in March and October tho, without expensive lighting that never really works right anyway.

      • Are you really this fucking stupid?

        Where are they going to slide it, Front street?

        Did you miss the part where the field is 100 feet below grade?

        Fucking retard, ask mom for some more zoloft.

    • What, like old timey faux styrofoam brick?

      I have a great idea. Give the hot dog vendors mustache wax and they can sing “sweet Adeline” when they hand you your four dollar rat dog.

      Of course the building has a drain. It does NOT have drainage for 150K sq feet of grass.

  50. all they need to do is replace all the roof tiles that keep falling off anyway..put in glass roof, ripp out the cement pad under the playing surface & fill with dirt & soil, use hybrid grass, install drainage & sprinklers..& bobs your uncle

  51. Ive heard a lot of people say that watching baseball at Rogers center is like watching baseball in a hospital or something, its very sterile and not very eye catching etc. Apart from that god awful juice box in Tampa there’s some really nice ball parks with roofs like in Houston, Milwaukee, Arizona etc where theyre actually eye appealing inside and out. Having real grass would be a start but Im sure they could find ways to jazz it up a bit.

    • The stadium has history. They should embrace it. Here’s one idea: mark all the 5th deck home runs (and there haven’t been a lot) by painting the seats where they landed, and maybe add in the initials, team and date of the player who hit it. What about a Blue Jays Hall of Fame, where you can honour the Jays players who were very good but not great enough for the Level of Excellence — think Jimmy Key, Jim Clancy, Moseby and Barfield, or later players like Shannon Stewart and even Vernon when the time comes. Embracing history gives it a far better atmosphere in the present.

      • +500. The BJHoF should be built into the now vacant Windows restaurant space.

      • These are fantastic ideas. You need to send them to the brass.

      • Totally agree about the 5th deck homeruns. Don’t agree with honouring Stuart or Wells. Although I think Roger Clemons should be up on that wall of excellence. HE had 2 0f the best seasons of all time as a Blue Jay. He is, in my opinion, a glaring ommision.

        To make it a better experiance they could also have a family section and then ease up on everyone else, b/c the ushers are way too over the top and beer should be cheaper.

        • Clemens is too tainted from PED scandal. He will never be on the wall

          • And thats horseshit. Clemons was found innocent, for one. Second, he was a fucking pitcher in an era where everyone too PEDs. High hose sanctamonious motherfuckers need to shut the fuck up – Clemons is the best pitcher of all time and he had the two best seasons of all time as a Jay. He is more deserving of the wall of excellence than any other player, except for Alomar.

      • I don’t know how Barfield doesn’t make the Level of Excellence. He had the best arm in the laegue for years. He brought a lot of fans out and at a time when the Jays were just becoming a hot ticket.

        The Jays should have autographed balls ready, and any one who catches a homerun can cash it in for a autograpghed ball by the player who hit it. The usher can give the fan the ball right away. This way people who only catch a foul ball don’t show up for a free autographed ball claiming it was a homerun . They could do this for free or cash it in an autographed ball for $10. Or allow the fan who catches a homerun to meet the player after the game so the player can autograph the ball. There would have to be some control measure in place because anyone could just bring a ball to the balll and claim they caught it.

        • I am going to attempt to remember all the 5th deck shots.

          -Jose Canseco off of Mike Flanigan

          -Mo Vaughn

          -Vernon Wells

          -Phelps or Philips? Can’t remember… His name

          -Kent Hrbek?

          Anyone else?

  52. NEVER listen to anything that Bob McClown has to say. The guy is an utter embarrassment to sports radio and Canada in general.

    He knows nothing, bashes all Toronto teams, doesn’t put in any effort watching a game or reading up on a team.

    Things he’s said in the FEW times I had to listen to him (AA on, etc):

    1. He called Jays closer “Sanchez.” “When the Jays closer Sanchez returns…”


    3. He said the Jays don’t have a good farm team; “They’re nothing great. Middle of the pack at best.” With an all knowing arrogant tone.

    On and on. Don’t listen to these goofs show. He says all his listeners are idiots. Don’t support this Toronto sports team bashing idiot. Thank you.

    • I don’t really like him, but you do know that’s all part of his schtick right? He probably called him Sanchez on purpose just to get guys like you riled up. LOL, for the win!

    • They should have traded Kelly Johnson for Hill and Johnny Mac. You can tell McGowan does watch and follow the blue jays but doesn’t seem to follow the league as a whole. For example: he thinks Rasmus is terrible, I’ll admit he can do better but when you look around the league he’s certainly not the worst in CF and has huge upside. However seeing how production across the board in CF is not very spectacular as a whole if we can trade Rasmus for something AA feels we need then do it Gose won’t be much of a downgrade over Rasmus for 2013 and has huge upside as well.

      • McCown

      • Why would an organization that saw Bautista and Encarnation, reach their potential in their late twenties trade a talent as tantalizing as Rasmus when he’s only 25? Especially when, if he doesnt improve at all with the bat, his defense is still well above average?

        Also, consider you would be selling low on Rasmus it makes 10 x more sense to sell high on Gose while theres still a reasonable chance he can learn to hit.

        • If AA feels he can move Rasmus for what he tinks he needs do it, is all I was saying nowhere in there did I say trade him for the sake of trading him.

          Gose has six years of control over Rasmus and is way cheaper with the amoun tof money Rogers is now spending I can make a better argument of how Gose is worth way more to the blue Jays then Rasmus that bein gsiad there’s no need to trade either of them for the sake of trading them unless you can use them for somehting you need.
          AA I think is done, maybe a bullpen arm and a guy to platoon with Lind, both can be accomplished in free agency on the cheap.

          • Makes sense, except that, you know, Rasmus can hit, Gose can’t. Rasmus could very easily put it all together and be among the best centre fielders in the league. Anyone saying trade him is a moron because why sell low on a guy who has such high end potential? Not to mention that Gose provides injury insurance where as if you trade one of them you lose that. The Jays are set at every position, they don’t need to make any trades.

          • They’re not set at every postion 1B or DH wherever Lind fits is not ideal after his last three seasons.
            Wow he’s had a good month like your boy Rasmus.
            Gose is worth way more than Rasmus at least right now. I like Rasmus and he has great potenial but again if AA thinks he can get a 1B or Dh that will help this team more then Lind and it requires Rasmus and others then do it. Gose gets you more so if he’s ever to be traded it’s part of a big time player trade involving Gose and others at the deadline not Rasmus. Until Rasmus lives up to his potenial he’s not worth much because he’s in CF he’s worht at least something. Still have high hopes for Rasmus and think he’ll have a big year but we are not set at every postion unless you platoon Lind but right now it looks like Lind is hitting agaisnt lefties and that is far from being set.

    • McCown is bad at analyzing baseball, but he regularly has inside info from Rogers, it seems like. Him and Brunt had that Beest and Pelley were fighting, and he had the uniform change a good year before it happened. I believe him on this.

      • He’s also the one that insisted he had the inside scoop that Mats Sundin was going to be traded to the NY Rangers.

  53. an expensive but worthwhile investment would be to build a new Outdoor Baseball Stadium.. build us a stadium in the mould of some of the greats like Yankee Stadium or Fenway…that would be awsome!!!!

  54. In other news….

    LO fucking L

    The Red sox gave Drew 9.5 MILLION DOLLARS hahahahahahahahhah oh oh oh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • What the hell are the Red Sox doing? I mean, do they have a plan? At all?

      • Cherington said that the Red Sox wouldn’t pocket the money and would spend it, so they vastly overpay for borderline scrubs. All the power to them.

        • its just marvelous watching Cherington manage that team, simply marvelous.

          To have the money he has to work with and do what hes doing is just completely insane.

          • Not entirely…watch out in three years when their farm/younger players have had more time to develop and all of this year’s FA signings will be off the books (if so desired by Cherington). The signings are just meant as place holders to show fans (rightly or wrongly) that the Sux are doing SOMEthing.

          • @Pudge

            Or they could allocate that money into scouting/development to help the rebuild process. Paying Stephen Drew $9.5M to play replacement-level baseball, then probably miss half the season with injuries isn’t exactly how to inspire confidence in a fanbase.

          • @Indestructible

            Agreed, but for now shhhhh!…don’t tell the Massholes.

            It is odd though, it seems like Cherington is associating term of contract to the quality of player, rather than with dollar value AND term of contract.

            ‘Tis bizarre in the Fens.

  55. I think if the Argos leave it’s definitely possible because all those concerts and events that happened in the Rogers centre can now be a revenue stream for Rogers in the air Canada centre which they now co-own.
    Of course there would still be the Bills and UFC, but these are once a year problems and I’m sure Rogers could find ways to still do them if they chose to.

    • UFC is not coming back to the Dome…they don’t even sell out the ACC anymore. The concerts aren’t a problem because they don’t require altering the baseball field. The problem is football because it requires you to pull out stands onto the baseball field and compromises the grass in certain places. Nobody wants to see disaster of a field that’s in Oakland every September replicated at the Dome. It’s an even bigger problem with the Argos because the CFL season overlaps with half of the regular season, whereas the A’s (that’s the last MLB/NFL shared facility, right?) only share their field for one month of the regular season.

      I think the person who said earlier that this might depend on Ralph Wilson is right. Once the old man croaks and we find out what the future of the Bills is, Rogers can move forward one way or another on the grass situation.

      • You are a dope, a real paste eater.

      • Actually they do move seats in for concerts and UFC. The other thing is they have car shows there, you cna accomplish these on grass but why would you go to all the trouble and money to grow grass and then pay money to cover it for events. It has to strictly be a baseball stadium but if they must have a Bills game or UFC event they will find soultions as these are rare occurences not like the car shows, events and concerts and the Argos.
        The UFC had one bad year in terms of attendence in Toronto that does not mean Dana White will shy away from it he knows Toronto is a big market and has already stated since the ACC didn’t do as well as they hoped that if they do a GSP vs Silva fight it will be in either Brasil, the Cowboys football stadium or the Rogers centre.

  56. If the Argos leave for 2013 or 14 maybe we can at least have a dirt infield until they decide or accomplish grass.

  57. I am a useless troll that has no brains and am unable to express my opinions in a meaningful manner. And I love to finger my own ass. Oh that feels good.

    • I know you’re being sarcastic, but since hockey hasnt been on, I do that all the time and its a great way to pass the time.

  58. Washing John Farrell’s balls in baked beans, clam chowder, Sam Adams and dirty “Bahston Hahbah” water:


    • After watching that clip and seeing how respected he was and is, perhaps as fans, we’re we missing something that might have been happening behind the lines?

      I think he kinda got desperate with the lineup, thus sent the lineup into wild running styles. Then got burned………….

      • yeah, we missed the likely “gentleman’s agreement” with Farrel and the Sux to bring him back to replace Francona in the future. By getting hired by the Jays, the Sux basically had their managerial training course for Farrell paid for by Rogers. He gets his mistakes largely out of the way, and the Sux pick up a more polished manager who likely will be better in Boston in his second kick at the managerial can.

  59. I just watched the Bo Jackson 30 for 30 series. Man! Bringing back sweet memories of 80s 90s baseball era.

    Fuckin I miss that era….. But probably not as much now the Jays are looking money.

    But guys, if you are big ball fans and admired guys like George Brett, you gotta see it. And Bo Jackson, what a beauty.

    • Bo Jackson was Willy Mo Pena, swing for the moon and strike out all the time.

      The 80′s were a different story. It was about George Bell, Stieb, Key and especially it was about Rickey.

      • sigh…

      • Rickey Henderson, Don Mattingly, George Brett, Wade Boggs, George Bell, Tony Fernandez, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammel, Kirby Puckett, Mickey Tettleton, Jim Rice, etc….

        Amazing era.

        • Back in the day, when I had an onion strapped to my belt…

          The Dominion supermarkets used to sell any time Grandstand seats for TWO bucks. So I’d always have a few.

          I remember one night watching Rickey Henderson play a turf war with the fucking seagulls. At first they checked each other out, then the turf war started happening. Rickey was winning, then the shithawks redoubled their efforts. NOT ONE ONE STEP BACK!!

          Rickey finally started chasing their asses off by the eighth inning between pitches. Dwayne Murphy laughing his ass off the whole time.


  60. I know a lot more about grass.

  61. Am I the only one who thinks they have plans to tear it down and build condos on the site?

    We’re getting grass… in a new open-air stadium on the old site of Ontario Place.

  62. I’m late to this, but is anyone else skeptical? Not that they’re thinking about grass, but that it makes that much of a difference to players’ knees or whatever? I mean, you’re talking about putting a layer of sod down on concrete. I can’t see how that makes such a huge amount of difference. Grass is softer than turf, sure, but it’s still just a thin covering-up of concrete.

    • i think the general idea would be to have a more permanent solution than laying sod over concrete (which wouldn’t have a long lifespan, and would have to be cycled out continuously, which wouldn’t be cost effective at all). in order for sod to actually grow/sustain, it needs a foundation of actual soil, no?

      perhaps people are thinking that they’d go with a PHX (football) situation, in which the grass is rolled in & out of the stadium as needed? that’s just not possible at the RC.

  63. If not grass, I hope they continue to evaluate the condition of the turf and improve it every chance they have. And perhaps even get every single player examined by an orthotist or something to reduce the strain as much as possible.

  64. After they put grass in the dome change the name from Rogers Centre to Rogers Field.

    The name “Centre” is so sterile and clinical.

    • Skydome Field

    • Should have been Rogers SkyDome right from the start.

      • Yes, but every one would still just say SkyDome. Rogers wants its name said, so they had to drop SkyDome form the title all together. No one just calls it Centre. Every one says Rogers Centre, or RC.

        Roger’s need to change it back to SkyDome than sell naming rights but the SkyDome must stay part of the name. For example, TD Bank SkyDome. Rogers can get more than 2 mil a year and invest that in the Jays. That’s 40 mil over 20 years. 2 mil in naming rights a year could pay for Brett, JP and a pen pitchers salary right now.

        Every seat in the stadium should be sold for naming rights. A name tag on every seat for $100 for 3 year or whatever. If 50,000 seat naming tags were sold Rogers generates 5 mil over 3 years.

        The top of the roof of the Dome is a perfect landscape for advertising. Again sell it for 1 mil a year or whatever. It would only be seen from tall buildings, CN Tower.

        Roger’s could also create an honour ownership plan, where fans become honourary owners. $100 for a lifetime. Anyone could buy and there are 34 mil people in Canada. If 1 million people bought a $100 honourary ownership share Jays raise 100 million dollars. The ownership doesn’t mean you own the Jays, its just a pride thing and you get discounts on something, or a owership card and a cap, or a free game day ticket, or whatever. It’s just a way to raise cash to fund the team. Even if its only $50 Roger’s still raised 50 mil if 1 million Canadians bought in.

        • Roger’s could also create an honour ownership plan, where fans become honourary owners. $100 for a lifetime. Anyone could buy and there are 34 mil people in Canada. If 1 million people bought a $100 honourary ownership share Jays raise 100 million dollars.

          Everyone write this down, we won’t want to forget the date. It’s December 19th, 2012 and OK Blue Jays just spontaneously invented the stock market. Why are you people being so mean to this loquacious genius?? What next, the invention of powered flight?

          • No, how about a 33/33/33 draw at every game.

            Sell tickets to up to 50,000 fans. $2 a ticket. Draw is for up to $100,000 dollars.

            33% goes to the winner of the draw, 33% goes to a charity, and 33% goes to the Jays for player salaries.

            At 81 home games a fan wins up to $30,000 dollars. Maybe more.

            And so does a charity.

            And the Jays raise up to 2.6 mil a year or more toward salaries.

            Gov make need to change the law to allow this to happen because its gambling and the Jays get something out of it, not just a charity.

            These ideas I put forth could raise 120 mil or more for the Jays. Raises 2 mil or more for charity every year. And 2 mil or more in prizes for fans.

            What’s your great idea asshole, pay $15 bucks for a beer?


          • What’s your great idea asshole, pay $15 bucks for a beer?

            You know those glittery rocks by the lake bed? Thrag have great idea. We trade rocks all day long but sometimes Thrag’s arm tired. What if Thrag could carry paper instead. A sort of representation of actual glittery rock Thrag have at home. We could exchange this paper, this “money” if you will, for all debts public and private.

            Motherfucker, I don’t even know what “problem” you are awkwardly trying to solve. Rogers has a country-wide telecommunications monopoly. Why are you trying to draw up alternate revenue streams for a giant, faceless corporation that employs hundreds of people and decision-makers doing just that? When they are breaking all manner of quarterly earnings?

            Christ, you’re dumb.

          • Roger’s is a giant and they’re as dumb as you.

            25,000 empty seats at every game. Jays could easily raise millions to fund the team, then sign top players, and fill the empty seats for more profit.

            But they’d rather just charge $12 a beer because they know dumb people like you will pay it.

        • Actually, everyone says Skydome. And your ideas are terrible.

        • You can donate that fitty dollah.

          Rogers will charge you 500 if you or your ancestors cancel.

  65. Will Farrell be booed every game at the dome then??

  66. Completely unrelated topic, but has anyone heard anything about the Fan Passes this year? Are they going to be sold?

    I love all these moves to make this team relevant, but at the same time fear that they will stop catering to the cheap, diehard fans who buy the fan passes, for instance.
    Anyone on the inside have any idea?

    • They go on sale some time in January, and returning customers have priority.

      I wonder what they’ll do for fan pass holders if there is some playoff baseball. Maybe the fine print says you don’t get playoff tickets, I don’t know.

      • I remember from last year there was the disclaimer that Fan Pass holders would not get advanced access to playoff tickets. Don’t quote me on that, but I remember it being a conversation with a staff member at the Rogers Centre.

        I was hearing January myself, just getting a bit anxious lol. At any rate, thanks for the update.

      • Correct, Fan Pass holders don’t get any special access to the post season tickets. That’s only for Season and Flex Pack customers.

        Late January is when they become available to current holders. There is also going to be just a limit of two per account this year.

        If ticket sales are really good this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last year they do the Fan Pass.

  67. Do they still call it the Jumbotron?

  68. Do any of you fat assholes do anything but twitter for a living?

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone that ever got dirty that there will be no grass at Skydome.

    Ontario place boi, has a point, then loses it.

    There is not enough transit down there, corky! I laugh my ass off at every Trixie and Biff living down in “Liberty Village”

    Fact is, We are stuck with the Dome for at least 20 years. I don’t care what Beeston’s Gin Blossoms said through McCown’s Benzo shades.

    • Transit is the least of their concerns, in fact, it’s not Rogers’ concern at all.

      There’s nowhere else in the core that can handle a stadium if transit is being considered. Then, you’d have to look at Downsview Park or something, but even then, the transit connections aren’t great. I’m thinking a waterfront stadium will be ideal, with the skyline in the background… Ontario Place is the only locale that fits.

      • You’re a dull boy, Billy

      • Fact remains that the land the Dome currently sits on is far too valuable to be a half-assed baseball stadium and concrete monstrosity.

      • @Todd

        ‘Ontario Place is the only place that fits’

        The entire Portlands are going to be redeveloped over the next twenty years. Absolutely tons of room down there, and an eventual streetcar connection.

  69. Hey Stoeten, it’s unrelated to the Jays but wondering if you could dig up something on Matt Lachappa. I was looking through the minor league transactions and I saw that the Padres signed him again. I remember reading an article years ago about him, he had a heart attack in the bullpen and ended up confined to a wheelchair but The Pads keep signing him so he gets medical insurance and a pension. Pretty nice story when you consider all the greed in baseball. Anyway, wondering if you could find a link or a story about him.

  70. Rogers actually really screwed over the Argos…. They gave them the $1 lease, which made them sit out on BMO field decision making during construction, which resulted in the savvy soccer team ensuring that the dimensions were small enough that CFL would never be played there.

    I believe that the dome can be retrofitted to add some quaintness and aesthetics to make it more baseball friendly. Most stadiums now have a sweet spot of 47,000 which helps to create more demand for tickets, rather than walking up on any given day.

    I know that it’s been floated about taking out some of the 500 seats to bring in natural light similar to Miller Park.

    I’m sure the technology for drainage and and growing lights is a big issue, that I’m sure will cost in the neighbourhood of $5 million + to get done….

    • “I know that it’s been floated about taking out some of the 500 seats to bring in natural light similar to Miller Park.”

      Question for the engineers in da house…even if seats were removed, could windows (or whatever form of retrofit…open air?) even be possible? My first thought is that the concrete walls actually serve a pretty important role in supporting the roof structure, and altering the concrete could cause some major issues.

  71. Also….. WAAAAAAY back….. circa 1992, I remember reading an article on how the Jays screwed over any future attempts at bringing in NFL by basically creating a “baseball only” facility that was too big for CFL and too small for NFL.

    The NFL experiment in Toronto has failed, and Rogers will just let it whimper out… a new stadium in the NFL need 80K to really make a go of it. The only possibility would be if Toronto ever hosted an Olympics in the far future. The Pan Am games were basically sought out to be a trial run at this.

    • I’ve always felt like SkyDome was a multi-purpose stadium designed primarily for baseball. Even when it’s full for football, Argos or NFL, it just has a very different feel to it.

      If Toronto could have held out maybe one year longer we may well have gotten our own Camden Yards…sigh.

      • Yes, it would have been a better scenario… However, given our situation, and the fact that there is NO way they will build a new stadium within the next 10 years at least. I do think they can work with it. Look what they did for new Comisky which was the last one built before the retro craze…… wrought iron accents, green seats, and a few other features, which drastically changed the atmosphere.

        I would contend that green seats and natural grass alone would make a huge difference in there.

      • “If Toronto could have held out maybe one year longer we may well have gotten our own Camden Yards…sigh.”

        Likely not, as the impetus for building the SkyDome was the very strong desire by lots of people to have a facility with climate controlled capability (i.e. a dome) so that Opening Day 1977 and rainouts were not repeated. Shit on it all you want (it’s not my favourite venue either) but what they came up with was, at the time, very much a world class technological marvel that was part of the reason for the sustained period of 3.5 million plus fans.

        • It IS too bad that they had to be among the first. Every successive convertable dome, got to improve on their model. I love the idea though of natural light .

  72. Got a major natural turf boner right now! GREEN GRASS GROWS!!!

  73. You know what would be worse than being booooed for Farrell is if during his first pitching change 40 thousand fans stood up and turned their backs on him

    I cant wait for Farrells return

    • That would be really, really gay.
      (and i say that even knowing what syndergaard said)

    • Or even better would be if they put a close up of Cito Gaston’s face on the Jumbotron (as big as possible) and he just stared Farrell down with a stone cold, unimpressed look on his face as he walked out onto the field and back.

  74. I smoke grass

  75. I listened to Wilner and Samut on 590 on demand -= and at the end of the hour some caller opined that he would love Laroche over Lind for the DH spot.

    Wilner goes “I hate to tell you that Lind has been a lot better than Laroche over the past 4 years”.

    Laroche WAR 2008-2012: 7.2
    Lind WAR 2008-2012: 3.6 – on the back of a 3.7 win 2008.

    WTF Wilner… The guy just makes up fantasies..

    • lol… typical WIlner…. i’d love to invite him into my fantasy baseball keeper league… he’d be so far in the basement he’d make the Raptors record look respectable

    • Wilner is not wrong. Screw your WAR, Lind’s best year was better than Laroches 33/100 2012 and for the rest, they both sucked. Lind is younger. I would have no problem with LaRoche, except that because he hit 33/100 last year he’s going to be expensive and is not going to provide any value on his contract, where as Lind could still very well put it together. I like Lind, I hope we keep him since I have enjoyed watching him develop since he was a rookie.

      • You’ve enjoyed watching Lind develop? He had a /117/.159/.182 line against lefties one year. What part of that did you enjoy? The 117, the 159 or the 182?

        • Even if you discard WAR to say Lind has been “a lot better” is still a pure troll on Wilner’s part. Just a dumb thing to say

          • Also agree with Jonesy – other than 1 year wtf has there been to enjoy about Lind since rookie year? He’s a terrible interview, goes on DL for dumb reasons – he’s basically the Andrea Bargnani of the Blue Jays in so many ways it’s not even funny

          • +1

          • No its not, Laroche would also require a draft pick if you signed him.

        • jimmy must enjoy finding out which injury/excuse ‘develops’ in order to explain Lind’s ever evolving crappiness.

    • +1 was in reply to trolling on Wilner’s part…. its what he does best.

      I loved Lind leading up to and obviously culminating in ’09. Hard to believe the past couple of seasons its the same guy, so I tend to give him a bit of the benefit of the doubt in regards to his back issues. He also seems to be a bit of a complacent personality, satisfied with having one great year and still in the show, but that could just be in hindsight.

      Overall, still a Lind believer, partly because he did hit .296 after his recall from the minors. I like that the Jays are giving him a crack at being a regular to start the season, because if the back is ok (big if), the skills from ’09 should still be there.

  76. Hey, so, did everybody catch Zaunie last night? Good lord.

    • He musta been Twasted. Tweeting while being wasted.

      He should just smarten up and Drost with us. Drunken Post with the DJFs.

    • The link doesn’t work or more likely was taken down…what was he saying?

  77. remove 500 level adjacent to hotel and open up for natural light, remove old windows restaurant area and make an open fan councourse, and keep roof open most of the time for grass – only close when absolutely necessary.

    • structural integrity be damned!

      • structural steel can replace poured concrete. done on retrofits all the time

        • concrete = good compression strength
          Steel = good tensile strength

          also, all the areas you suggested removing face north.

          • no just make openings. Anyway, I’m sure they can do something. Been surprised how they’ve let that Windows/Hard Rock area just be dormant for the most part

          • You’ve been watching to many episodes of restaurant makeover. the magical conversion fairies can’t just piss on the skydome and make it suitable for grass

          • actually I work in commercial real estate and construction industry. Had this conversation with engineers

          • i hope it went better when you were having it with them

          • Just wondering how much you would get punched in real life if you were this much of a dickhead? I hate the internet.

          • hmmm, helping people refine their arguments is punchworthy?

    • Who knows what the cost of a beer is in that restaurant? Must be fucking scary! (bottled and draft)

  78. All that and they forgot ’bout Coop

  79. Angels looking for an innings eater in trade for Morales. Send Buehrle ASAP.

    • Buehrle still has value in a baseball sense. Unless the money saved on Buehrle is going to be used on another contibutor for [i] this [/i] year, it makes no sense to trade him.

    • Lind career vs. RHP (.282/ .335/.502) vs. LHP (.220/.264/.343)
      Morales career vs. RHP (.290/.345/.514) vs. LHP (.250/.286/.416)

      Getting a 1B/DH who is marginally less shitty against LHP and roughly equal aginst RHP is not worth the downgrade from Buehrle to Happ.

      • Happ for Morales would be ok, but Angels wont take Buerhle’s contract on for 1 year of Morales – doesn’t make sense for either team (Jays want control, Angels dont want to spend more $)

        1 yr of Morales for 2 years of Happ seems reasonable but even then the more I think about it, I dont think AA makes that deal – he wants Happ around for depth in case of injury

      • Are you serious?

        A difference of .859 and .702 vs .837 and .607 is not an improvement?

        Lind’s best year was only .3 WAR better than Morales’ same season. But Kendry put up 1.2 WAR in a quarter or 2010 (lind had -.08) and 1.8 WAR coming off a major injury in 2012 (lind had .02)

  80. Mickey Storey is a blue Jay, we must have a post on this.

  81. what about the argument that skydome is used for monster truck shows and all this other shit? anybody mention that in this thread yet? so all of a sudden they got a half-decent looking team on paper, and rogers royalty says “fuck the monster trucks and conventions, let’s get some bluegrass up in this bitch?”

    look, i mean, awesome, but…really? i don’t buy it.

  82. The Argos need to strike when the iron is hot. They need to help expand the York Unviersity stadium now. Its being built for 12,500 on;y and will be reduced.

  83. I’ve said this before but I want to see the stands connected to the outfield fences, if not all the way around just where the bullpens aren’t. There’s no comparison between the excitement of fans clamouring over a home run ball vs. a homer silently careening into the concrete bowels of the dome.

  84. i dont see why it cant happen… they grow grass indoors all over the city…should be a no brainer

    • Agreed. Former Molson’s Brewery in Barrie as one example.

      Just switch over the field lights to grow lights and get a little hydroponic action happening?

      • very good..keep the roof open when weather permits & if theres no sun to grow grass use Hydroponic lamps..tear out the concrete slab under the play surface & but dirt…install sprinkler systems…or just tear that crap down & build new!

  85. So the roots of mown grass can be less extensive and robust than unmown grass, and mown grass tends to store fewer carbohydrates which it needs to help combat stress.

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