It feels like we’ve entirely talked this whole damn thing out by now, but there’s still so much Dickey reaction floating around out there in the ephemera that I’m thinking I might as well try and scoop up as much as possible. I mean, it’s not like there’s going to be anything so compelling to talk about for a while– y’know, until they sign Rafael Soriano…

At Getting Blanked, Parkes goes through an A to Z guide to RA Dickey, in which… holy shit, he actually full-on writes something for each letter. Alex Ballingall of the Toronto Star goes with 50 things you need to know. Trust me, this is like easily ten times more than is possibly interesting about 95% of ballplayers.

“Flags fly forever, and the Jays are facing an unusual opportunity — the two traditional AL East powers, the Yankees and Red Sox, are weaker than they’ve been in some time, and the most popular sports team in Toronto, the Maple Leafs, is busy watching its commissioner try to drive the sport into oblivion,” writes Keith Law in his analysis for “If the Jays start strong in April with no Leafs and the NBA’s Raptors in the tank, there’s a very good chance they’ll see their 2013 attendance catch up to their performance (something that often lags for teams having their first good season in a while, like Baltimore saw in 2012), leading to a revenue boost before the season is out, to say nothing of the substantial revenue boost all teams see when they reach the postseason. It’s an unusual confluence of factors that makes the Jays’ sudden shift to go for it in 2013 more logical than it would be for other sub-.500 teams.”

Once his post was filed, Law also took to Twitter to talk about the trade, making clear that while he agrees with the whole world that it’s a staggering amount of talent that the Jays have given up, he at least thinks they held the right one of the “Lansing 3.” Adding Aaron Sanchez he tweets, would have been a “deal breaker,” adding that “There’s no comparison. He’s among the best SP prospects in baseball.” Later, he scoffs at the fanciful Roy Halladay comps people have been occasionally putting on Syndergaard.

Of course, if that’s not reason enough why he was in the deal, maybe the Jays chose to keep Sanchez because of this story from the New York Daily News, which tells us about Noah Syndergaard and the gay slur he tweeted out less than a couple weeks ago.

Important stuff from Dave Cameron of FanGraphs: “Dickey’s RA9-wins (which is just WAR based on runs allowed instead of on FIP) over the last three years are significantly higher than his FIP-wins, which is what we call WAR for pitchers here on FanGraphs. By FIP, Dickey has been worth +10 WAR over the last three years. By runs allowed, he’s been worth +15 WAR,” he writes. “Because Dickey throws the knuckleball, and we already know that knuckleball pitchers outperform their FIP, you should lean more towards RA9-wins for Dickey than FIP-wins.” So my cherry picking rWAR was for a reason!

Elsewhere still at FanGraphs, Marc Hulet looks at Syndergaard, and gives us some reasons for those fearing this deal to take a deep breath: “His secondary pitches are still raw and currently project as average offerings, which tempers projections for his overall ceiling. I spoke with a talent evaluator for my recent Jays Top 15 prospect list and he said this of Syndergaard’s stuff: ‘The curveball has come a long, long way… it is, at times, average.’ He also stated that the young pitcher is toying with a slider and referred to the changeup as ‘OK.’ He’s likely more of a No. 3 starter than a No. 1 or 2, unless New York’s development staff can help him unlock the potential of his curveball and/or changeup.”

Hulet also looks at Travis d’Arnaud, and since it seems like I’m all about pointing out warts on these prospects that we didn’t want to see a week ago, I should not that he says that when he’s “seen d’Arnaud play he’s looked like a ‘low energy’ guy, or perhaps reserved is a better word.” Hulet adds that “The trade of d’Arnaud did not shock me. When I spoke to a club official about him earlier in the off-season, I got the feeling he was viewed as expendable… for the right price.”

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Eno Sarris looks at all kinds of comps for Travis d’Arnaud, trying to get a handle on how to prognosticate for large-ish catchers who put up crazy offensive numbers in insane offensive environments: “Prospects are iffy,” he explains. “Prospects whose best offensive seasons came in hitter-friendly parks might be more so. And (large?) catching prospects might even provide an additional layer of uncertainty. By all accounts, Travis D’Arnaud is an excellent all-around catcher and a great get for the rebuilding Mets. Given all those question marks, though, it’s still good news that there are other interesting names coming back to the Mets in the R.A. Dickey deal.”

And another FanGraphs piece, from Jeff Sullivan, looks at “the price of a window,” in which we’re assured “this should be a hell of a season for baseball in Toronto.” Damn right!

Ben Lindbergh and Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus walk us through the deal, with Parks ultimately– after much trying to find out what the Jays must see wrong with the guys they gave up (because “smart teams don’t trade premium up-the-middle talent on the cusp of the majors”)– deciding that it’s OK, because “they feel they have a chance to win, and they are willing to part with some of the currency they’ve been saving up to enhance their odds. It’s a risk, but you can’t always rest on the accomplishments of your farm system when the product at the highest level is paramount to your own survival. Eventually, you have to play your hand.”

At Bluebird Banter, jessief digs into the peripherals and declares R.A. Dickey the awesome– OK, perhaps minus the definite article.

Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) has the Jays ranked eighth in his first power rankings of 2013-ish. Vegas would disagree.

Olney also take a more full look at the Jays and how they sit for the coming season, quoting one “AL official” who says that Anthopoulos is “out of his mind.”

John Lott of the National Post talks about the deal, and how it’s all about the timing.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star writes that Dickey will be a fan favourite, and has another piece on how the deal developed, the Jays’ secrecy, and suggests that we’ll just have to “stay tuned” to see if even more may be on the horizon.

Tracy Ringolsby of talks to Charlie Hough about Dickey, suggesting that the climate-controlled dome he’ll now pitch home games in will help, as will the fact that the Jays have brought his catcher, Josh Thole, along.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun looks at Dickey’s lack of a ulnar collateral ligament, how it was discovered, and how it… I dunno.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet takes us through the deal, hoping it’s more Kent-Cone than Young-Loaiza.

Lastly, a bunch of audio for your listening pleasure: from Dave Cameron at FanGraphs, from Keith Law and Alex Anthopoulos on TSN Radio, JP Ricciardi on the Fan 590, and Alex Anthopoulos on the Fan 590 as well.

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  1. Now that the Red Sox have signed Stephen Drew, I question the Jays strategies. I mean, how ever will we compete with them?

    Nice round-up Stoeten.

    • I love all the garbage Boston has acquired this offseason (including Farrell, of course). It makes me happy that the organization can’t go into rebuilding mode even though they are so in need of it.


      • I don’t think the Sux are making these acquisitions in an effort to compete this year. Rather, I can see them flipping guys like Napoli and Drew at the deadline for some talented prospects. If either Drew or Napoli put up a good first half, there will be some desperate team on the verge of competing for a wild card spot that will pay up. Not a bad strategy from the way I see it.

  2. I live in Ottawa, and I was already looking at Flex packs today. This is gonna be a long wait for the season to start.

    I made a $10 in Noveber for the Jays to win in all, I do this every year pretty much, the odds then 100/1. The odds now 8/1.

  3. yesterday’s news.
    now about the DH spot…

    • We’ll have to find a way for someone to take on Linds salary to get anything more than a very cheap free agent or trade target if AA is really out of money. Who knows on that though.

      We’d probably have to package off yet more prospects for that to happen since Lind is less than worthless.

      Best we can probably hope for is a decent platoon partner in the 25th spot. But that’s fine if that’s our biggest problem I’d think.

      • I couldnt disagree more. AA and the people who run the Jays are not idiots. If you are going to invest 130 million on payroll, then you are not going to balk at going up even higher because its a protection of your investment. If , at this point, the jays are not willing to pay money , either now or at the trade deadline, to replace/platoon Lind or add another releiver or a bench bat with power or even an elite level second basemen, then they are just wasting what they’ve already spent. I believe I posted something similar last week and the Dickey trade kind of basically, you know, proves my point. So theres that. ( Haha)

        • Jays saved money on the Dickey trade you retard.

          • No they didnt. I love when people bust out the name calling when they are ridiculously wrong. Sure they may have saved money in that buck basically makes more than Dickey, but then they signed him to a contract extention. Fuck, this site is getting bad for stupidity and name calling.

    • No such thing anymore.

    • In light of the glorious bounty we have added this off season, I would be fine with Juan Samuel and Willie Greene platooning. Failing that, I am totally okay with Lind/Davis. They will be like Banjo Kazooie. Except funnier

  4. Also, as I am sure it has been pointed out, of the four Cy Young winners to be traded after winning, the Jays were on the receiving end of three of the deals. Pretty sweet.

    • The Jays were involved in three of them. One of them they traded away.

      • Yes. You are right.

        • Actually, I thought the Jays dealt two (Clemens and Cone maybe) and now are getting one. One other reigning winner to be traded was Pedro Martinez leaving the Expos. So there’s a Canadian connection to all four, but this is the first one coming back this way. (But someone can fact check this if they give a shit to.)

  5. No thanks to soriano unless cheap one year deal

  6. You missed that dickey did a hit on espn radio

  7. Who the kerfuck compared Syndergaard to Roy God Halladay?

  8. Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

  9. Dickey did a spot on Espn Radio since the deal, he pwn’ed the question about the character smear article in the NY Post:

  10. Here’s another funny one I didn’t see listed, from the perspective of a long-suffering Mets fan.

  11. Looking ahead to where R.A fits into the rotation. Here are the home/road break-downs for the first 50 games of the season (10 starts per guy). Injuries, and off-day realignments obviously can change this up.
    Opening Day Starter: 6 home, 4 road (1 of the road games in TB)
    Slot 2: 4 home, 6 road
    Slot 3: 5 home, 5 road including 2 road in NYY.
    Slot 4: 5 home, 5 road including 2 road in NYY
    Slot 5: 6 home, 4 road including 1 road in TB
    I don’t know enough about this shit to offer an opinion, but have at ‘er!

    • You dirty slot

      • Based just off that info if you’re looking for any incremental advantage and care about armside alternance you’d go…

        Dickey (heard that Knuckleballers work better in climate controlled parks)
        Buehrle (Default)
        Johnson (Better GB% for short wall at YS)
        Romero (Better GB % for short wall at YS)
        Morrow (Default)

        But then I imagine the advantage is probably so small as to make very little difference.

  12. ..sorry, slots 3 and 4 also have one road game in TB.

    • Based on the schedule you provided our rotation should look like
      Dickey, JJ , Romero , Morrow, Buehrle.

      Dome for dickey.
      No NYY for Buehrle.
      Ricky and Morrow are good against NYY.
      So we have Knucleballer, righty, Lefty, righty, lefty

      • We’re just assuming Romero is fine against the Yankees? I don’t know about that.

        Ideally I think it ought to be Dickey (soft), Jonson (hard), Buehrle (soft LHP), Morrow (hard), Romero (LHP).

        Then again, you could flip Morrow and Johnson if you want. Or maybe even better, you could move Buehrle up and put Johnson at the five, in order to give you the ability to more easily skip your least durable guy the odd time. So:

        Dickey, Buehrle, Morrow, Romero, Johnson.

        Obviously that’s not reflective of talent, but so what?

        • Ricky has a good GB rate (best on the team) can’t hit balls on the ground out of that homerun happy park.

        • I personally think it would be wise to have either Johnson or Morrow follow Dickey. Better to go knuckle, fast, slow, fast, lefty imo.

        • To be more precise. First 10 starts.

          Slot 1: Cleve, Bos, @KC, CWS, @Balt, @NYY, Sea, @TB, SF, TB
          Slot 2: Cleve, @Det, @KC, NYY, @Balt, Bos, Sea, @Bos, @NYY, TB
          Slot 3: Cleve, @Det, CWS, NYY, @NYY, Bos, @TB, @Bos, @NYY, Balt
          Slot 4: Bos, @Det, CWS, NYY, @NYY, Bos, @TB, @Bos, @NYY, Balt
          Slot 5: Bos, @KC, CWS, @Balt, @NYY, Sea, @TB, SF, TB, Balt

          So, sorry, Slot 2 is also 5-5.
          I dunno much, but I kinda want to Ricky away from slot 4.

        • Three guys pitch three innings each like at Lansing.

          Team 1

          Team 2

          Alternate the two teams for the entire season. 240 IP each is manageable. Keep only a couple of relievers. Package the rest for prospects.

          Team 1 and Team 2 both sign contracts requiring them to make each turn through the rotation regardless of the severity of any injury they might suffer.

          Result: 118-44.

        • He can’t be that bad this year. Can he? That would be depressing.

  13. Well, General George S. Patton was a little nuts. And Alex Anthopolous is completely out of his mind! We can’t fail!!

  14. Syndergaard, Hech, and especially Travis Snider. Mark my words, these are 3 future stars that’ll make the Jays regret they ever traded them. Mark my words.

    • Your words are officially marked. Now please step aside while the rest of us party our fucking balls off!!!

    • Travis Snider? lol Fatboy is a worthless bum. Your words are dumb.

    • How long do we have to mark your words? 5 years? 10? I, for one, am glad to go for it now. If you like waiting you should cheer for the Mets.

    • Yeah but who cares? I hope that they are stars. Fact is, even if they all exceed their potential, are any of them going to be as good as Reyes, Bautista and EE currently are? Probably not, so you go for it now and fuck the prospects.

      Better to think of prospects as currency rather than actual players. You save up for a few years and you put a down payment on the house. Sure 95% of houses are a bad investment, but you gotta live somewhere, right?

      Also, and this is just my opinion, but its pretty fucking immature to cheer for players to have shitty careers cause your team traded them. Every single team makes trades they regret and winning is about 90% luck, so you just gotta go for it every once in a while. Plus, not to put too fine a point on it, but the most obvious way to beat the luck factor is with risk taking that works out.

      Thats why I have no problem how good Tyler Seguin, or Noah Syndeergard turns out, because Phil Kessel and RA Dickey are fun as shit to watch and they are good now. Top of their leagues good.

      In my opinion, if you combine the four major sports, Burke and AA are pretty much #s 1 and 2 on best gms.

      • Phil Kessel, top of his league??? Stick with baseball related comments from now on

      • What AA has done in 3 years makes Burke look like a completely useless moron. Maybe hockey is a different beast and Burke is better than I give credit for… but he ain’t that close to AA to me.

        • Well, not true. Burke didnt inherit the best player in the league and he literally had no top end prospects. The fact that he has been able to aquire Lupul. Kessel, Phaneuf and Van Rymse Dyke is nothing short of a miracle. If alex gets 3 years to work his plan, surely Burke deserves a few more since his team was so horrendous when he took over.

      • Who are Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel? Their names don’t belong here.

        • If the Dickey trade ends up like the Kessel trade then it is a huge fucking loss. Luckily the deals aren’t similar at all.

      • Who the fuck is this Phil Kessel guy?

        • Just the fith leading scoring in the NHL and the best player to play for the Leafs since Sundin in his prime. I am not saying the trades are similar except that in pointing out that you have to take risks as a gm.

    • Troll.

    • Big deal. Is this to give yourself some satisfaction 5-10 years later? Telling people that “I said this first!”

      Is this really what you’re looking to while us true fans are more looking forward to 2013 you ignoramus?

      I really feel sorry for you.

  15. The Jays have done more than their part now.

    Go buy some mutherfuckin tickets and tell your friends to do so too. Then have them tell their friends to buy tickets. The Dome needs to be full all year.

  16. Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick Dick dick

  17. Lind needs to be replaced/platooned,
    Oliver needs to make up his mind should be AA’s tasks for the rest of the offseason or I am I wrong djfers?

    • Lind against righties and Rajai against lefties. Oliver is now simply a bonus and it’s up to him anyway.

      • So I’m not the only one who’s okay with a Lind-Davis platoon. Good to know.

        • Just went and looked at the splits. Not bad. Not earthshattering, but not bad. Weird thing was that Davis was 23/25 in SBA against lefties and 23/34 against righties last year.

    • hey guys i hit lhp the way lind hits rhp. we could be a tandem you know, plus im kind of sitting around waiting to be signed. did i mention i am one of the few not to choke last year playoffs?

      • And your career ISO of .141 plays at 1B/DH how?

        • who said anything about me playing 1b or hitting against righties? thus my ISO is around .190 thank you. but do you want power (u guys have enough) or do you want someone hitting around .300? btw i like to hit 300 risp as well. get em on i bring him home.

  18. Morrow deserves to be #1. He got here first and earned it last year. Morrow/Dickey/JJ/PitBull/Rickey. Thoughts?

    • Spring training will answer all.

    • Cy Young pitching anywhere but 1st in the rotation is just bad JuJu

      • and that is why RR is 5th. when other players say Morrow has one of the best arms in MLB, you should take notice.

    • Someone yesterday posted:


      I liked this. Separates the righties/lefties and the hard throwers. Would also work with JJ and Morrow swaped.

      • I think the really cool thing is that almost any combo is exciting. I like Ricky at 5. This gives him a chance for a comeback year. He may be the best #5 in the league and he could use the confidence boost of facing other 5′s. Rickey/Dickey back to back does have an irresistible auditory ring to it.

      • with dickey it is not really important to split up the starters. power RHP morrow – dickey – power RHP johnson – soft tossing lhp pitbull – hard tossing lhp RR – there is a significant speed difference from RR and Pitbull that both being LHP doesnt carry as much significance.

    • @OP ROTFLMFAO @ ‘got here first’
      let me guess your one of those ‘first guys’ that we see at the top of the page.

    • New manager = clean slate and no seniority for rotation spots, Gibby will make the rotation as he sees fit and if anyone gets butt hurt about it, they can ask for a trade and fuck off.

  19. Wow see that tweet coming from an English speaker who has grown up in America is way more insensitive than Yunel’s eyeblack.

    The difference is Yunel clearly had no idea he was being offensive – every Latin ballplayer interviewed essentially admitted they say that word all the time.

    This though is knowing.

  20. Not sure if this was mentioned among the 600+ comments yesterday, and the perspective is rampant so it’s definitely not any kind of mandatory reading, but Michael Powell who writes a baseball blog for the NY Times called Bats pissed all over the Wilpons yesterday. Dude has wit. Worth a read.

  21. Dan Szymborski runs some ZIPS projections in an article titled “How to catch the Blue Jays” at ESPN.

    Projected standings – As of Dec. 18, the Jays are the clear favorite in the AL East.

    Team W L PCT GB
    Toronto 93 69 .574 —
    Tampa Bay 88 74 .543 5
    New York 87 75 .537 6
    Boston 85 77 .525 8
    Baltimore 77 85 .475 16

    It’s interesting to see Boston so high. Also of note, DS says “the O’s were projected to win 80 games as of a month ago, but with the aggressive improvements of the Blue Jays and Red Sox, the 2013 returns of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and the Rays nicely solving their Shields conundrum, the O’s position has eroded.”

    So good luck trying to dominate in 1 run games again Baltimore.

    Also, hopefully people continually spewing the 85 win guesses for the Jays will actually look at some projections and simply compare the Jays’ roster to the rest of the division. On paper, it is the best and with some seperation.

    It isn’t just the additions. It’s also the fact that there is no way in hell the Jays will be ridiculously injury prone 2 years in a row.

  22. How about changing the team logo to …. Woody Wood PECKER? And, does anyone have Archies mothers recipe, for the Macaroni caserole?

  23. Has anyone seen the article that claims Syndagaard made a homophobic tweet last month? After the uproar of the Escobar incident, I wonder if the tweet made Syndagaard more expendable?

  24. What a joke it is to hear all of this self-reassurance-its-gonna-be-alright-self-stroking bullshit on D’Arnaud and Syndegaard. Hilarious how all these red flags are suddenly coming up now. How are these guys any different players now that they’re on another team? I hope they have fantastic careers, because anything from here on in is irrelevant to the trade. ANd if they do well, if anything, it will show that AA did well in acquiring some great young players, via trade and draft. Then he exchanged them for a shot at the big prize.

    This trade is all about timing, and I’d be more upset if they sat on their hands and didn’t make it, regardless if they had to overpay. The alternative would have been watching maybe 2/5ths of the starting rotation shit the bed on most nights, keeping the Jays from becoming a true contender. Oh but hey, we have some great young prospects on the farm! Give me a break.

    • Are you serious dude? The reason is that when you have something, you appreciate its upside and downplay its negatives. Once you no longer have it, you can look at in the opposite way to make yourself feel better. Its just human nature. its no more accurate than the idea that coaches have any effect on the play or what underwear you wear on gameday.

      • Its weak. Its social conformity. Its groupthink. Its homerism at its finest. Its setting yourself up for failure or being ignorant towards reality.

        All I’m asking for is astute, unbiased journalism/discussion. Enough of this my shit smells better than your shit just because its my shit. I get enough headaches watching sportsnet cover games and Mike Wilner’s constant douchebaggery nonsense on the radio.

        • Prospects are like ex-girlfriends… you think they’re the shit until the dump your ass or screw your best friend…then all the nice things you thought about them turn to negatives…

          Ok… so its not THAT bad… but still…

          I wish all our traded prospects success.

        • I think youre an idiot. Mike Wilner is fucking great because he tells guys like you right were to get off. Also, asking for unbiased journalism is hilarious since you are on a team centric website. There is such a thing as unbiased, but you gotta look to find it. But if you arent going to acknowlege human nature then whatever. Besides, who says you werent overrating TDA last week and that the current narrative is actually not more accurate? I mean, a normal person would just read as much as he can and make his own informed opnion instead of asking people to write exactly what he wants to read.

          • Its called being critical about something you care about… And there’s a lot of people on this site who don’t just sip the kool aid, a lot who actually know about the game and can respect it for what it is, and for who the players are, regardless of uniform.

            So, sincere apologies that my point of view rocks your boat of mindless conformity. Ignorance is bliss right?

    • You need more schadenfreude in your diet.

  25. Also it’s not like its a good sign for a catcher to have back ad knee surgeries in back to back seasons. Mix that with laid back I’m sure this wouldn’t fly in TO. Fans like high energy hard working guys.

    There is a tiny window where the jays are making a push and it was worth giving up propects to make it happen. Great work AA

  26. Without any whining and moaning — because I am fucking pumped about this season — I ask this: who, of all the guys we traded, do you all think will end up having the best career? For some reason my gut says Hechavarria.

  27. If Hechy develops into what most of the pundits predict – namely mostly glove and little bat…yeah, he could have a very decent career. What I fear for D’Arnaud is not his bad knees, but the two bulging discs in his back he had a while back. I find back injuries never seem to go away totally….and catching is hard on the body. Marisnick could have a very good career in the field if he bat comes around to MLB levels of proficiency.
    My two cents worth, anyways.

    • Hech hit better than I expected, which is why I was high on him. He hit .254 in his first stint, which is downright respectable for a stud defensive SS; one has to assume he’ll improve. Obviously, his OBP was terrible — but he had a better OPS than fucking Gose did! Anyway, this is all moot. I’ll enjoy keeping an eye on him and am glad he’s in the National League.

  28. The best part about getting Dickey is that it keeps the rotation together for a few years. If JJ walks it might not be the end of the world, and AA will be able to find a decent replacement.

  29. Am I the only one worried about the bullpen? I think it needs to be addressed, I’m not sold on it. Sure Casey J did great in the limited, non-pressure opportunities he had last season. The playing environment is much different for 2013. The Jays have a target on their backs now. Everyone will be giving it their all and then some to try and beat them. The home crowd will be much bigger, the road crowd will be much more boisterous. Can Jannsen handle himself in that environment? Maybe. But if not, will Santos’ shoulder be healthy enough to replace him full time? Who will set them up? Oliver, unless he has a very dramatic change of heart, is not coming back. I don’t think I’m reaching here. If we’re this fucking close, we should have a nasty bullpen to support the rotation in jams and late innings. Its paramount to being a legit team…. Just look at the Nats, Braves, Yanks, Dodgers, Giants, etc.

    • A combination of Janssen and a healthy Santos is a pretty decent 1-2 punch in the eighth and ninth innings. If we can get the starters to have a string of quality starts (and with the quality of starters in 2013) , that would be a great innings-saver for the bullpen.

      • …this. I think the Jays bullpen will improve towards the median within the league in large part due to simply not having to constantly make 3 & 4 inning appearances in games after yet another starter being unable to make it to/out of the 6th inning.

    • Jays pen will be fine imo. There’s enough power arms there to start the season with and more to come shortly after that in guys like Stroman. I mean it’s entirely possible a lights out lefty like Loup doesn’t make the team out of spring training for lack of space. Then there is always the trade deadline to consider.

  30. Why in the holy fucking shitballs is there a Tom Cruise movie trailer at the top of my page. Have I just been oblivious to all along or is this new?

    If you are taking suggestion/requests for hit sponsors, may I suggest the following;

    1) Liquor manufacturers and All kinds…not just the hipster swig you may consume en mass. How about you throw a paper in the company’s suggestion box with Roger’s and have JB in one of those Dos Equis ads. **on a separate note, does anyone have that link to the music video with Bautista’s doppelganger, I forgot to favorite that shit.

    2) Bare chested women and lots of them…who doesn’t enjoy a dancing girl at the top of their screen. Shit it could be a Victoria Secrets clip or Paulina Gretzky’s twitter feed ( ). Lie about your female demographic if you have to….just get it done!

    3) Friendly Stranger ads…get them in on this while it’s hot. We all know its only a matter a time before we get to burn the bud legally in Canada!

    4) I know it’s inevitable considering your primary hitters are male, just don’t go all GQ crap or the Bay’s Hipster plaid line (I just googled for shits and it actually fucking exists) but some new threads for the crowd in here is a must. Not to say that camo pants and Simon&Garfunkel T isn’t cutting edge but I may need to hop on a plane and take in a game or two this year and my whole redneck just doesn’t work everywhere.

    Now if you need a little extra help, I’m between jobs and can work under the table. I can hit the shit out of these sponsor ads.

    And if your still taking requests, what the fuck does it take to get a little DJF swag going on around here. Leading edge….get ahead of those twats at bluebirdbanter and start producing some T’s or hats.

    • Back to the swag suggestion…You have most of the help on staff as I see it. Whoever was doing your paint shop work on the .jpg on yesterdays Morning Snag hit gold with that flowing faceless ‘Dickey Time’ picture. Shit I have few boxes ordered and will be selling out of my pick-up this winter.

      You have that Archie guy there who can be slinging them at every corner downtown for the next 6 months until business picks up. I think he is very under-utilized, his posting on the wknd shows all the hidden talents.

      And the new DJF line is just not for me…I think we can all safely say that Radar and Tom could use some help picking up the younger ladies. A new Dickey T and some stretch skinny jeans and they might leave that poor Karen alone (no offense guys).

  31. agreed with buddy at top (well at least his last bit) get some swag going or we will be forced to produce our own shit for the same cost as buying from you…. represent represent!

  32. and why the hell have we not signed delmon young yet?

    • you kidding me hes an expensiver lind

      • meh i dont know about that. i honestly believe we can get him on a one year with option – if we pay him about 5m a year then him and lind at 10m comibined (obvious need repeat performances) and there splits rhp/lhp would mesh into one helluva DH

        • He’s terrible, though.

          • terribly good? lol – dont get me wrong i rue the day we start him in LF – i just think if we are stuck with Lind and have a 25 spot available. he would make the perfect platoon partner with dopey. better avg lower obs higher slugging vs lhp then lind vs rhp. there doesnt seem to be much floating around right now that can be had (assuming) on a team friendly deal. as well, he does have playoff experience and is one of the few tigers who didnt shit the bed… and if he really does have attitude problems, just sic gibby on him.

      • expensiver…. wow… just wow

        • who would you suggest then? although he has low ISO (who gives a crap) he hits 300 lhp gets obp about 350 or so and has career risp 311

  33. See you chumps in Dunedin.

    I’ll be the guy shirtless, potbelly, mullet, and a siiiiick tan trying to get autographs.


    watch it, if you can

    three comments:

    1. umpires have no clue about the knuckleball, so give it the benefit of the doubt for the strikezone

    2. dickey always goes hard and in to strikeout lefties (haha) so will need to be a little less predictable

    3. i’m looking forward to him striking out dozens of orioles again and again in a BJ uniform

  35. From the Star’s 50 Things article about RAD:

    7. On Twitter, he describes himself as a “father, husband, Christian, pitcher, author, adventurer, Star Wars nerd, reader, ninja in training & cyclist.”

    ninja in training…with AA as his GM, he has come to the right place.

  36. I don’t mind Adam Lind as our lefty DH. Sure he hasn’t come close to the year he had in ’09, but the fact that he hit close to .300 after he was recalled from his minor league adjustment stint has to be worth something no? Also, ’09 wasnt that long ago, and he’s still relatively young. If you’re willing to give RR a shot at the rotation, you gotta also give Lind the chance at playing everyday, at least for the first few weeks. I get that he has some ugly splits, but the right thing to do is exactly what the Jays are doing, which is giving him a shot at it. Sends the wrong message to the rest of the players if they don’t, considering he was pretty solid after his recall. Lets just hope his wonky back holds up. If he fucks shit up early vs lefties, platoon him.

    • Agreed completely on how the Jays should go about Lind in ’13.

    • you have 5 years of data, 4 years tells you statistically adam lind is one of the worst options in all of baseball to face a left handed pitcher, 1 year tells you adam lind is good vs lhp.

      why would you take that one year, which was now 3 seasons ago as the staple. he’s awful vs lhp, he shouldn’t get a chance to hit them period. there is no reason to lose games having him bat 4th or 5th early in the season to wait it out. wins actually mean something this year. he had his chance, actually he’s had his chance packaged with travis sniders chances too.

  37. Can I just say how much I love RA already ??? Every time I hear this guy speak its always about the team and always about doing it for Toronto. Earlier today i heard him talking about “playing his guts out for the Blue Jays.” This guy is committed to this team.

  38. If anyone out there hasnt seen the movie KNUCKLEBALL, i strongly urge you to do so. It tells both Tim Wakefield and RA dickey’s entire baseball stories and the story of the pitch in general. It was an absolutely incredible watch and it really makes me look at Dickey with a ton more respect.

    • I just watched it on Sunday. Really well made documentary, very interesting insight into Dickey and Wakefield.

      4 stars out of 5.

  39. Dickey’s opening day starter, thats for sure.

    I’d actually go


    I think that with Ricky’s stuff, he’d benefit the most from pitching days after Dickey. Of course Johnson is not the worst starter, but i like him 5th so that teams will have hard stuff then the knuckle. EIther way, I think as long as you keep buerhle and romero apart and morrow johnson apart, you’re good

  40. Lets talk about the rotation that really matters


    At least if one gets hurt the light at the end of a Knuckleball is Mike Nickeas.

    Please please recover well from your TJS AJ, cause if not it’s the worst collection of catchers possibly ever.

    • why would thole start 40% of the games?

      Jimenez has a long way too go before you can get excited about him, bat needs a lot of work.

      Jays should have kept Perez, that diamondback trade in retrospect looks stupid and pointless.

  41. “Trust me, this is like easily ten times more than is possibly interesting about 95% of ballplayers.” Wow, that was terrible. you sound like you write for Yahoo!

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