The Jays keep adding to their herd at Buffalo (see what I just did there), as the club announced this afternoon via team release that they’ve added 39-year-old right-hander Ramon Ortiz and outfielder Ryan Langerhans, both on minor league deals with invites to Spring Training.

Ortiz, as we see above, pitched for the Gary Disarcina-era Angels, debuting back in 1999, peaking in 2001 and ’02, posting a career high 2.6 fWAR in the former, and a career topping 3.77 ERA in the latter. For the Reds and Nationals in 2005 and 2006 he logged 171 and 190 innings in back-to-back seasons… in which he was exactly replacement level for both. He’s pitched 63.1 innings in the Majors since 2007, being half a win below replacement over that span. Hey! But he pitched to a 3.45 ERA (4.10 FIP) for the Yankees’ Triple-A affilliate in Scranton-Wilkes Barre last year.

Langerhans was worth three wins in his rookie year, accounting for the bulk of the 4.5 wins he’s been worth over his nearly 600-game career. He’s posted a .311 wOBA during his time in the Majors, which is better than JP Arencibia can say, but for Langerhans its mostly because of a 13% walk rate, and a couple of good seasons before completely falling off the map.

Shi Davidi tweets that the Jays have also signed all-glove infielder Lance Zawadzki. Or at least, I’m pretty sure he’s an all-glove guy, because he sure as shit doesn’t have a bat: the 2007 Padres fourth-rounder has posted a .627 OPS in over 200 games at Triple-A. So… yeah.

Earlier in the week, it turns out, the Jays added a few more minor leaguers as well– with the press release appearing to come via the Buffalo Bisons. Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News tells us that righties Buddy Carlyle and Chorye Spoone (no, really) and lefty Greg Smith have also been added to the minor league roster.

Smith, a soft-tossing lefty, started 21 games in the PCL for the Angels’ affiliate at Salt Lake, posting a 3.97 ERA and 4.58 FIP, but you probably remember him from the 2008 A’s, for whom he made 32 starts. He somehow survived that year despite atrocious splits against right-handers and on the road– and not particularly good numbers otherwise, either.

Carlyle had a decent year in relief for the 2008 Braves, and somehow kept his job– posting a career high in innings, 107, despite being fucking terrible– the year previous. He has only pitched 7.2 innings in the Majors since 2009, but was decent as a reliever at Triple-A Gwinnett, back in the Braves’ system after turns with the Yankees and in Japan, posting a 3.43 ERA and 2.73 FIP in 33 appearances, most of them multi-inning. In addition to the Yankees (twice), Braves (twice), and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, he’s played for the Marlins, Dodgers, Royals, Hanshin Tigers, Padres, and Reds.

Spoone is a 27-year-old former Orioles 37th rounder who found some success last year with New Hampshire, pitching to a 3.18 ERA over 16 relief appearances (4.57 FIP).

Uh… yeah. Your 2013 Buffalo Bisons!

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  1. There’s a good reason the Angels didn’t bring those uniforms back for their 50th anniversary. Wow.

  2. I bought me some Bison’s tickets already.

    • Triple A baseball is good entertainment. I watched a bunch of it when Vancouver had a PCL team, albeit because I lived a couple blocks from the stadium. You learn a lot about baseball, maybe more than you would watching MLB. You’re up close to the action, it’s cheap, and a lot of the players have major league skills — just not enough of them to actually survive in MLB. In particular you see some major-league defensive play (from guys who can’t hit big league pitching), some great pitches from guys who don’t have quite enough control, good hitting from guys who lack plate discipline, et cetera. You also see the process of players adjusting to the strengths of a pitcher or especially a hitter, figuring out what he can and can’t do. (In MLB everybody’s scouted out already.) I’m a little surprised to learn that the Jays are signing players that old. Hardly anybody in the 1980s PCL was older than about 29.

      • I’ve watched minor league baseball in the Golden league and it was quite a bit different than the bigs. obviously it is also a league that is quite inferior to AAA. 15-9 games, awful pitching, error after error, but hey its cheap and drunken baseball is always fun

  3. Poor Bisons got caught in the cross-fire. Lost d’Arnaud for this year, and Noah/Justin for 2014/5.

    • This has also crossed my mind…

      That said, there’s a good chance that the Bisons will get to have Hutchison and Drabek pitch for them this year at some point. Plus, an outfield with both Gose and Sierra isn’t half bad at AAA.

      • Also, from a minor league perspective, whether a prospect is traded or promoted to the big leagues, either way you don’t get to see him play. If d’Arnaud was still in the organization, how long would he really have been at AAA?

        The good ones all move on. Such is the life of a minor league ball fan.

  4. Also, Chorye Spoone is just a fucking awesome name.

  5. is ortiz then plan instead of bringing back frasor/lyon then if Black Magic retires?

  6. question: what is the over/under on Jays playing in the all-star game.

    1993 had 7 I think

    • I have a friendly bet with my Red Sox fan friend and I have over 2.5…feeling pretty good about it

      • 2.5? Wow. Have to assume Jose is in and at least one of the starters, so all you need is one more. It’s a lock.

  7. I toldja, Jays are stackin the minors with pros because Roger’s wants to do well in the majors and minors because Rogers is selling the Jays. And I’m glad because Roger’s is a cheap terrible owner.

    • Is there a paradox to this Oxymoron my minion?

    • Why? So they can pay some other company a bagillion of dollars to broadcast their games? That makes sense….

    • It’s not so much that what you’re saying doesn’t make sense as much as what you’re saying is really, really, incredibly stupid.

      • Baseball is out of control. Look at the contract signings. Are they going up or down? Only a few teams are making money. The rest of em are farm teams for the other teams. Roger’s put a good team on the field, sell out the dome, they sell the Jays, they make half a billion dollars in 13 years of ownership, and they require the new owner to continue broadcasting Jays games on Roger’s station.

        Figure it out friends. Roger’s didn’t just decide to spend money because they care about the fans or Jays. The for sale sign is going up very shortly. And I’m makin an offer.

    • Don’t feed the trolls people

    • This guy should be banned for being such a low caliber of troll. If you aren’t intelligent enough to troll believably then you should just stop, its pathetic.

      • agreed…there must be a reversing trend or something like as your team gets better, lower quality trolls arrive. He has the right idea but defiantly lacking that secondary stuff.

        If you need some research material, I trolled the maple leaves boards long before there were internet graphics, everything was text…everthing! expect the porn of course. Check out the archived**.mapleleaves sites. Ok Blue Jays’ could be my own Archi Zuber! Get the coffee and bran muffins bitch!

      • The caliber of a troll isn’t defined by how believable they are it’s defined by the reactions they coax out of others. In other words, listen to Seattle Steve and Sharkey.

  8. Buffalo’s ownership, and local fans and media, have always really emphasized they want a winner, and arent that concerned with getting two months of the Next Big Prospect.
    The best way to do that at Triple A is typically to stock up on minor league vets/AAAA players, moreso than having highly regarded prospects. So moves like this make sense, and should keep the Jays/Bisons relationship harmonious.

    • with all due respect to the Bisons, the Jays priority of putting a winning big league team together is all that really matters. I think they’re just stocking up on vets and AAAA players because they simply don’t have that much prospect-wise in the upper levels.

      • Well I’d like the Jays/Bisons relationship, so it would be good to keep them happy. More and more MLB teams are treating their AAA affiliates like a taxi squad full of AAAA guys rather than a home for prospects, anyhow.

        • The upside to losing some of our minor leaguers this year is that in 2 or 3 years, the Jays might very well have a logjam of really highend, ready to go prospects sitting in Buffalo. Instead of spending 2 or 3 months in AAA before getting their shot at the big show, they’ll be spending a year or longer stuck behind a bunch a all-star calibre major leaguers.

  9. I guess with these signings we can all stop worrying about the Jays farm system slipping out of the top 10 in the majors. I’m just going to hit refresh constantly on the BA page until they update their standings.

    In all seriousness though, Buffalo season ticket holders should get priority purchasing for Jays playoff tickets. Might take some of the sting out of watching not great teams play everyday and boost revenue.

  10. Ryan Langerhans was signed to fill the space vacated by Noah Syndergaard as the “Dutch guy” in the organization.

    • Makes as much sense as any other explanation, but I think Syndergaard is actually a Danish name.

  11. “Buffalo season ticket holders should get priority purchasing for Jays playoff tickets”..

    This is a great idea for the new Jays owner to do.

  12. Yo what up with Oliver and Villanueva

    • Oli wants too be traded to Rangers. Carlos and AA had a falling out last year. AA disrespected Carlos after all Carlos did for the Jays. AA then called Carlos out in public. Carlos left the team for a few days but came back. But he missed a start. Then AA and Ferrell refused to give Carlos his last start. I don’t foresee Carlos comin back as a Jay. Anything is possible tho. Carlos should be signed by KC as a starter.

    • Oliver is leaning toward retirement (and from what I’ve read, his wife is pushing for him to retire and be at home as well). If he doesn’t retire, he’ll pitch for the Jays. He has not asked to be traded to the Rangers. Ever.

      Charlie V is waiting on other starting pitchers to sign and hopes to land a starting gig somewhere with a decent contract. It’s unlikely that he’d end up a Jay again as the starting rotation here is more than solid and the Jays have a hard throwing bullpen.

      • someone to replace jenkins as the 7th starter; jurrens, saunders would fit the bill

      • Carlos is a better pitcher than 3 of the 5 Jays starters. Had Carlos got run support last year he would’ve won more games. This is true for Rickey, too.

        Morrow will be hurt before July. JJ is too, Mark will be traded, God Willing. And Dickey will get hit hard because the ALE is already used to knuckleballers from facin Wakefield.

        Carlos doubled his strikeouts last year. What other starter in MLB did that?

        AA said Carlos wasn’t tough enough to be a starter, yet it was AA who signed that forever hurt Morrow. Morrow has been a Jay for 3 years and already missed a year (spread out over the 3 years) from injuries because he’s not tough enough.

        • how the fuck can you predict injuries

          • Do you expect Morrow to make everyone of his starts in ’13?

            Maybe you do but you can’t make that prediction based upon his track record.

            JJ is a Tommy Johnner. Now has inflamed shoulder issues. Are you expecting JJ to never be hurt again?

            All Fish players were made available to all other teams since July. Why do you think not one team wanted JJ?

            How is rubber arm Carlos not good enough to be a starter when two guys like Morrow and JJ are?

          • Stop feeding the trolls

        • Curse the website that sent you here..

  13. I should drive down to spring training with my glove, cleats and Sam Bat and see if Jays are interested in giving me a look. I’m still playoff worthy, too.

  14. Finally, some exciting Jays news.

  15. LOL kelly johnson on the orioles

    • LMAO Vernon Wells possibly going to the Phillies

      • Wellsie has still got game, Sparky.

        Vernon suffered from the same fate as Josh Hamilton will suffer from.

        Angel Stadium in LA.

        It’s a large pitchers park. It’s beside the ocean which makes the air density thicker at night. Both of these things mean fewer homeruns for hitters.

        Josh Hamilton’s number are headed south. Josh went for the cash over career stats.

        Now that you know this, which I knew all along, it’s more reason to be upset that the Jays didn’t offer Josh 30M a year for 3 years with a 4th year club option.

    • Heard he’s growing out his hair, changing his name to “Mark Reynolds” and hitting 20 fewer home runs, just for consistency’s sake.

  16. There. Arencibia and Zawadzki are the two biggest gossips in town. In an hour, everyone will know about the Dickey trade.

  17. I gotta think Oliver will be back. It would be hard to pass up this opportunity, he doesn’t have a ring yet. Family is obviously hugely important, but this is one last hurrah at the thing he chose to dedicate his life to. He slots perfectly into the team as well as a LHP reliever. For next year he might be the best (non-trade) option out there.

    • With all due respect, sir, I think what you’re saying is, “if I were Darren Oliver, which I’m not, I would pitch for the Blue Jays this year.” Breaking news, you guys, some fan thinks it would be awesome to pitch for the Jays.

      • I think Oli will be back because AA won’t trade em.

        Darren is a multi millionaire already but he can still make 3M in ’13.

        It’s only takes up 7 months of his life when Spring Training is includes, since the Jays are not making the play offs.

        • 1) “Oli” is not his nickname. You do not play rec-league hockey with him. His nickname is Black Magic.

          2) This isn’t about trading him. It’s retirement or fulfilling his contract.

          3) Please see everything I wrote in the previous response. Because it makes sense to you as a Jays fan does not mean it makes sense to him. Stop assuming things. He may play in the end, but your speculation is baseless. Also: Feb 15 to October 31 is 8.5 months. Because… WORLD SERIES!1!!1!

          • You’re feeding the troll.

          • But it’s kinda fun?

          • Oli just signed on with the Jays last year. He agreed to a team option for ’13.

            This all of a sudden my wife wants me to stay home with the kids is bunk. He wants to be traded to Texas because he already lives in Dallas and will be home more during Texas’ home games.

            If Feb rolls around and AA can’t work a trade, Oli will likely return to the Jays because he’s not an idiot, he’s making 3M for 7 months work, not 8.5, because the Jays are finishing 4th in the ALE and 5-8th in the wild card amazin race.

            By sayin he never said he wanted to be traded, he doesn’t face any Farrell type flack when he returns.

            If he retires, he’ll be tryin out for the Rangers in ’14 because he can still hum a ball.

        • You, sir, are truly ignorant about baseball and the Jays…ignorant meaning that you know nothing at all…take a hike to TSN

        • @ok blue jays

          You are a NOTCH. Straight up

          Dont you have something better to do then talk outta yer ass??

          • When I was a kid, we once had this mangy, ugly smelly dog hang around our neighborhood for a day or two. Felt sorry for him (and didn’t like my dinner), so I fed him some leftovers.

            Big mistake. Mutt hung around our back door for days.Dad told me I couldn’t feed him, or even react or look at him. Took a long time, but eventually totally ignoring him worked and he went away.

  18. Pat Hentgen was on Prime Time Sports a couple weeks back, and they asked him if he thinks Oliver will be back. Unfortunately, Hentgen was not very optimistic. Said that Oliver is missing being close to his kids, and he doesn’t want to spend another year missing them growing up. Can’t blame him, family first… Gotta respect him for that. So I hate to say it, but I’d be shocked if Black Magic was back in 2013.

    • Oli’s family considerations were taken into account when he signed on with the Jays in ’12 for 1 year and for a ’13 option year.

      Are you really truly honestly tryin to convince smarties everywhere that if Oli was traded to the Rangers where Oli could be home for 81 home games that Oli would still retire?

      • Oli Jokinen was on the Rangers in 2010, but got traded back to the Flames in 2011. Not sure what he would do if he was traded back to NY, but im pretty sure he wouldn’t retire.

        Lets at least let the lockout end before we start any speculation, ok?

  19. is ok blue jays gigner campbell i cant tell

  20. ok blue jay go back to being a go leafs go … and fuck off or go back to your last troll name oakville 69

    • You girls are all weak trolls. Look how many comments you girls post whaaaa whaaa whaaain about nothing. Friends, are there not any real men postin on here or am I the only one?

      • Talking complete horseshit non stop like a TOOL does not make you a real man.

        I appreciate reading peoples opinions on here even when I dont agree with them but you are simply a lost cause in terms of logic, reality and plain old genuity. I feel sorry for you

    • Prefer Oakville to this twerp.

  21. When will the great bearded one deliver us from the trolls???

    • If the mod banned the trolls it looks like I’d be the only one left on here. Stop asking the mod to ban the trolls, I don’t wanna be alone.

  22. Fuck now I really have to change my name.

  23. Oh for fuck sakes folks, seriously!
    When you read don’t feed the trolls… DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

    He’s starving for attention; if not a single person responded to anything he writes, he’ll eventually get bored and wander off.

    Just pretend he’s not there. Quit being a catalyst.

    Sometimes trolls a only a partial waste of my time, because they can on occasion say something funny. Bobo the clown here isn’t one of those. He’s simply clogging up my feed.

  24. The rumors were true!! Ramon Ortiz!! Fuck, AA did it again. I can’t believe he pulled this one off without anyone getting wind of it. What a score. I’m so ready for next season!!

  25. Ramon Ortiz has given up more homers in his career than most hitters will get with 228 – 40 coming in one season.

  26. blue jays now bring NICK SWISHER

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