A year ago I wrote, while pining for more Gregg Zaun content on Jays broadcasts, that in 2011 he had “provided us with a season of something all too rare for Rogers: refreshingly unvarnished, interesting commentary.” Since then, however, it seems he’s pretty steadily dropped much of the cerebral-yet-relatable nuts and bolts analysis from his act, assuming– from the comfort of bite-sized radio and TV hits– the posture of a no-nonsense, prospect-hating, fiery, respect-demanding clubhouse warden, as likely to rail against the slow dying of some old school aspect of baseball culture as he is to detail gameplanning for a particular matchup.

Zaun Cherry is now in full effect, and as a consequence, I stopped following him on Twitter a while ago. As a consequence of that I occasionally miss out on the odd jaw-dropping tweet– like the one he laid down last night, which was definitely not the kind of “refreshingly unvarnished” commentary I was quite talking about…

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  1. Just read all the comments…

    What the fuck

  2. “Tubby, manish, stuck up”. Sounds like he’s describing Stoeten.

    How many times have you written “cunt hair”. Every time you wrote it I wanted to punch you in the nose because I know you’ve never actually seen one.
    And now you bitch about other people saying things that are no where near as offensive as your old stuff.
    What a bitch move.

  3. I would never tweet it to the public, particularly if I was a figure on TV, but I happened to be at Remy’s last night and… well, he’s not TOTALLY wrong on the sentiment. If it makes everyone feel any better the place was also full of entitled douchebags… ya, it probably makes no one feel better.

    I would direct the more hysterical among you to the 1734 ‘Zenger Trial.’ The abridged version – ‘the truth’ is an effective defense against accusations of slander and defamation.

  4. Sweet, an overflow part.It doesn’t take 5 minutes to refresh.

    • yeah, but cue the idiots trying to write “first” on the overflow part now

      • 405th post!!!

        Suck it Farrell

        • Looper: Re the AA chip: again, you fail to explain how I was mocking anything.

          I’m not defending myself with insults, because I’m not defending myself at all. I don’t have to. There’s no need to explain that I wasn’t mocking something if you can’t explain to me why you believe I was. The answer that we sometimes use pictures to mock around here is beyond unsatisfactory– we use pictures to show admiration, completely benignly, or for various other reasons too. You’ve selected the reason you’re sure it is, and can’t even be arsed to work backwards from that to explain why.

          Sorry to keep bringing it up, but I can’t let you have this one.

          • Buddy, I really can’t explain it any more than this.
            Let’s look at the recent pictures you’ve used for the past 5 posts. I use these 5 because they’re the ones visible to me at the moment:
            The 2012 sports activity book: Mocking.
            Zaun creepily washing hands at a bar bathroom. Mocking
            The afternoon snack guy cooking with beer and heart AA: Awesomely funny.
            Skydome with grass: Just cool
            Jose Reyes pointing at a goat: Funny

            So you’ve established the pictures here are usually used to further the entertainment in a good humour way. You’ve set expectations and precedents for entertaining and funny photos.
            Without any caption or write up explaining your intent for using the photo of an Alcoholics anon chip, how do you think this would be interpreted by your loyal followers?

            If you think we can all agree that what Zaun did was foolish, then perhaps you can see how using a sacred (to AA’s) chip on a site called Drunk Jays Fans can be perceived as mocking and/or insensitive about a disease.

            So there’s that…

          • No reply
            Does that mean you’re letting me have this one?

  5. *facepalm* So….how about those Toronto Blue Jays?

  6. The Ikea Monkey Lady wants her Darwin back and will move to Kawartha Lakes Region (which includes Peterborough) because it is only close area not to ban exotic animals as pets. Hmmmm, Parkes and Stoeten from Peterborough, no …………..

    (insert monkey jokes here)

    Let me start:

    “So that explains why Stoeten’s parents moved to Peterborough unexpectedly and suddenly shortly after his birth.”

    like that, except more

  7. Ok we need a new topic. How about we start with an open protocol where we have all posts with our actual email address and personal home information. This way we could get really close to each other… an equalizer so to speak

  8. Did I make things confusing by deleting OK Blue Jays’ nonsense? Sorry.

  9. Long time reader….first time poster.

    I am really sorry to see the comments taking the time to defend Zaun based on Stoeten’s previous comments, or to excuse Zaun because it’s “real talk”. This means absolutely nothing to the matter at hand. Zaun is wrong. His statements were of poor taste and, forgetting the business aspect, completely disrespectful on their own. Who gives a shit who said it, the comment in and of itself was piss poor judgement. Keep it to yourself, snicker to a buddy, but for the love of Buck Martinez don’t post it on twitter. Idiot.

    Any who, I look forward to making more baseball related comments in the future. Love the blog, keep it up!

  10. Ok, thought it was me, anyway glad the fucker’s gone

  11. Wow, what a ridiculous post. You sir, take yourself much too seriously. It’s people like you that make people in modern society have to carefully analyze their every word.

  12. Don Cherry is my hero. Those broads in Tranna, boy let me tell you, I thought I was visiting Old McDonald’s farm. If you want a nice gal, ya gotta go to Kingston. There is a building full of them ‘dere. Tell ‘em Grapes, Blue, and Zaunbie sent ya.

  13. I make a motion to start referring to Zauner as a “brocaster”…in fact, he’s every beauty’s favorite brocaster!! (plus the term perfectly sums him up now)

  14. good on you, stoeten

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  16. [...] Everyone struggles to some extent against players who hit/pitch from the same side. This is not really up for debate. There is variance, however, in just how badly one will struggle when he doesn’t have the platoon advantage. Pujols, for instance, has a platoon split of just .013 OPS over his career. Iannetta, on the other hand, has an OPS gap of .128—against southpaws (.860 OPS), he’s freaking Mike Napoli; against righties (.732), he’s merely Gregg Zaun. And I think we can all agree that the less Gregg Zaun, the better. [...]

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