A year ago I wrote, while pining for more Gregg Zaun content on Jays broadcasts, that in 2011 he had “provided us with a season of something all too rare for Rogers: refreshingly unvarnished, interesting commentary.” Since then, however, it seems he’s pretty steadily dropped much of the cerebral-yet-relatable nuts and bolts analysis from his act, assuming– from the comfort of bite-sized radio and TV hits– the posture of a no-nonsense, prospect-hating, fiery, respect-demanding clubhouse warden, as likely to rail against the slow dying of some old school aspect of baseball culture as he is to detail gameplanning for a particular matchup.

Zaun Cherry is now in full effect, and as a consequence, I stopped following him on Twitter a while ago. As a consequence of that I occasionally miss out on the odd jaw-dropping tweet– like the one he laid down last night, which was definitely not the kind of “refreshingly unvarnished” commentary I was quite talking about…

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  1. Hahaha that picture

  2. Who cares? Please don’t start some kind of sexist thing happening like you did with homophobia in the summer. Let it go, Stoeton.

    • Exactly the kind of idiot who needs to have this stuff questioned for him. Thanks for validating the post, friend.

      • Why don’t you just talk baseball, instead of delving into tweets that idiots like Zaun make?

        Guess things have slowed down for you?

        • Don’t like it, go somewhere else. Problem solved.

          • I love the insightful baseball posts. I just don’t think this is a big issue. Zaun is a creepy pervert, we all know that.

          • Agreed. This posts are not the most interesting to read. I wanna hear about baseball. Love the baseball stuff though!

          • If it gets shitbags like the two of you away from the comments section, I welcome more of these posts.

            Even if it doesn’t, posts maligning homophobia and sexism are great. Especially in a meat-head filled community like professional sports.

          • How do you figure that insulting a groups intelligence by calling them meat-heads is any different than insulting folk for any other reason? You should think your comment out before you post.

        • I think it was a well written article. Good job Stoets, and great job on the recent coverage!

          Keep up the good work. I’m glad The Score was smart enough to give you a job.

        • He’s fighting misogynism you prat.

      • And really, what is the difference in saying that he is looking at girls he deems unattractive and say, making fun of David Cooper for having no chin? nothing. And they are both ok.

      • Nah, good post. Anytime you can find something ridiculously zaun-like to post about zaun, it’s a good one. This guy is a fucking douche-bag. I mean, what the fuck is he doing at Hemingway’s on a Tuesday night? He’s the epitome of the 45 year old pathetic creepy old dude that any girl would be freaked out from. Thanks for the hilarity Stoeten!

      • Get a life instead of talking about other peoples you bearded wonder

    • Oh, Christ. Really?

    • Really?

      • Yes, Really. This is the type of nauseating shit we all have to deal with for now on. Inspecting tweets, looking for offensive language is a new hobby for many. Some stuff truly is offensive but really, would insulting sweeping generalizations of muscle heads in Ed Hardy shirts cause such an uproar? Of course not, and people will say it isn’t the same thing because they are not female, gay or a visible minority. If we are going to get upset every time someone insults a group of people than they should at least stay consistent. All in or not?

      • I want to make the most noise to show that I care the most. LOOK AT ME CARE! I AM SPECIAL! Calm down and Chive on

    • “Start some of kind of sexist thing happening”? What the fuck does that even mean? Best to stick your head in the sand when people say offensive bullshit I guess?

      Just don’t acknowledge it happened, or you’ll start a “thing”.

    • I care, for one. And so should you. Treating groups with respect is something we should call everyone on – our friends, colleagues, family. Doesn’t mean we can’t be witty, but it does mean we’ll be less stupid and demeaning.

      • It just means Greg Zaun is an idiot. Not worth a story.

        • Then don’t read this story? What the fuck does it matter to you?

        • It is worth a story because Zaun’s a publicly figure. He has influence – on Twitter alone he has almost 30,000 followers.

          And when public figures do something despicable, it’s up to the media, bloggers, and basically any decent human being to call them out on it.

          To ignore it’s to condone it. Seriously, it’s almost 2013, do we still need to be having a conversation about why it’s not a bad thing to call someone out when they engage in public sexist douchebaggery?

        • Unfortunately for you, MTGJays, no one gives a fuck what you think is worth a story– especially the guy who writes the stories.

    • I think you can make the argument that this is indeed a Blue Jays issue, or at the very least, a Rogers/Sportsnet issue. He’s not just an on-air personality, he’s a former Blue Jay. The Jays have all kinds of female fans, surely Zaun realizes they’re on Twitter too — just wanting to read about baseball.

    • stick to baseball reporting please. if I wanted CNN type liberal reporting, I’d go to CNN!!

  3. So what should Zaun get? Sit for a few games, or should he be told to go home for the rest of the season? Clearly this is a leadership issue at Sportsnet.

  4. Translation: I tried to get some strange at a college bar last night, and got shot down.

  5. Picturing the kind of rejection that must of gone down to predicate this tweet is so, so hilarious. Imbittered sexism is the best (worst) sexism.

    • “stuck up” definitely came from the looks the middle-aged man received as he tried to hit on female undergrads.

      Perhaps he should take a page from the Book of Millar and frost his tips?

  6. Where did you get that picture from

  7. dudes a perv… he’s like 40 years old and hitting on college chics lmao what a loser

    • Reminds me of Dan Akroyd when he’d visit the undergrad bars at Kingston and get his “buddies” to go tell girls he wanted to drink with them.

      • Ha, I heard of that but never saw it first hand. I always wonder if it’s truth or fiction.

      • @puddhead wilson.

        There is a real movie about Ackroyd & a young women , Jessica Pare ( now on Mad men), called Stardom.

        It’s a hilarious movie , and there is a segment where an aging restauranteur , Dan Ackroyd leaves his wife for the hot young star , Jessica Pare. She drives him nuts & he gets exhausted trying to keep up with her demands.

    • perv yes,,, but I would also kind of like to see him doing that, itd be funny as shit.

  8. Who cares? It’s free speech right? Maybe the females at that bar were tubby, rich and stuck up? But again who cares? Does the act of calling him sexist somehow make you a progressive or something? Do you ever hear women talking about men? Obviously not. I will agree with one thing, it was bad judgements on his part but big deal. Who cares.

    • Agreed.

    • Is it free speech? Sure. But then so is Stoeten pointing out how utterly hideous of a thing it was for Zaun to Tweet.

      • People often fall into the fallacy that ‘freedom of ____’ somehow means ‘freedom to do ______ without consequence

        • Agreed, but actually what it means is that it is freedome from the government infringing your right to free speech if you want to get all technical about it. Heres the thing though, what if what he said was true? Perhaps all or most of the ladies at that particular establishment on that particular night were on the tubby side? lol Gregg Zaun leans to being a douche at times. Is that any different in saying that those particular ladies were on the chibby side? I don’t think so. Its an observation.

      • Yes and my free speech for pointing it out by how pathetic it is. It reeks of desperation. Hipsters should hang around chicks more. Not all of them are uptight feminists looking for a reason to be offended.

    • Zaun is a representative of the Rogers brand, as a result, representative of the face the organization puts on the Franchise. Guys like Buck, Jerry, Zaun.. These guys are an important part of the total package that is the Toronto Blue Jays entertainment. When Zaun says stupid shit like this, it (rightly or wrongly), reflects on Rogers and as a result the Jays.

      So who cares? Rogers does, or at least should.

      • @RO true.

        Doesn’t everyone remember when Zaun made a mistake last year with his twitter account.

        Some women saw him at the game& wanted to see him after th game & he tweeted directly insted of private message telling them where to met him after the game.

        The women were somewhat older , 40 + and not in the best of shape based on their picture profiles.

        I remember one guy at sportsnet from oakville , getting fired from Rogers for tweeting in against same sex marriage. He is suing Rogers for wrongful dismissal.

        Zaun’s troubles with alcohol have been well documented.

        Last year or the year before he went on a tirade on twitter against his former wife who wanted him to show up in court in Cincinnatti.

      • exactly, which is why I said it was poor judgement. Still no reason for Stoets to care about it and be all judgemental about it.

        • Nothing wrong with calling out people’s shit. Particularly people with followers who wield influence.

  9. Career girls are mannish and generally career women come from rich families.

    Unfortunately girls aren’t the feminine flowers they were in our grandparents generation.

    Fatter, louder and more aggressive

    • Fuck off

    • Not only is your comment ignorant but it’s wrong.

      • But it is true.

        Feminine traits don’t do so well in the workplace. It’s been typically masculine traits that are required to do well in the business world. How do you think we made all these advancements throughout history? It was due strong aggressive male nature.

        Furthermore when women are financially independent they have less need for men. Women who have less need for men have less desire to impress men. Hence why career women are fatter and generally lack femininity.

        Go compare the career woman to the average woman to the average female club bartender. You’ll notice a stark difference in attractiveness and overall femininity

        • You are afucking moron who obviously doesn’t have the good sense to keep offensive generalizations to himself.

        • You have no clue, dude. Your knowledge of history is based on your perception, not on socio-economic-political-religious facts. Your one of those people that doesn’t understand the bigger picture and is prone to statements like ‘indians are drunks and lazy’ or ‘white people are….then….’ It is all spawned from the same Ignorance!

        • World seen through the eyes of a baby.

        • Haha. This has got to be a joke. Trolling. Ignore it.

        • Fucking idiot. My sister came from fuck all and rakes in a quarter million downtown T dot at TD bank. So why not keep your career women come from rich family stereotype bullshit to yourself fuckface.

          • It’s generally true .

            It’s not a perfect rule.

          • Aaas,
            The worldview where human behaviours are dichotomized as ‘male-like’ or ‘female-like’ is a dangerous practice, because often it is the behaviours deemed to be ‘feminine’ that are devalued, and implied to be inferior, as seems to be the case here. The ‘women need to do x and y and z’ argument is short-sighted and (imo) obviously does more harm than good. Could it be possible for both sexes to succeed in the workplace and be career-people without a majority behaving “more like men”?

        • @Aaas
          first off go fuck yourself.
          second, what the hell happened to you in your childhood?
          third, i need to pray for your mother
          fourth, god bless the woman that ends up with your ass.
          fifth, try reading a book and maybe learn something before spewing such utter and ignorant bull shit.
          sixth, i think you may need a calendar as it is almost 2013 not 1923.
          seventh, fuck off again

        • Thank you for putting women’s rights and issues back 100 years. I really appreciate you setting the record straight. The World According to Aaas(hole)

    • http://kateadach.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/privilege-meme.jpg

      My Grandma could take you down with one hand tied around her back, in heels, without mussing her hair. You just don’t fuck with a woman from Northern Ontario. I love the capacity to re imagine history you have. Women who lived through a couple of World Wars with no men around, lack of medical care, fought for women’s rights, heated their houses with wood, and raised your parents usually with 6 – 10 siblings in tow are somehow weak? I think not.

      • Nice pic.

      • Lol @ privilege


        Sure there were some tough women, but none of these women were half as tough as the men during that era. And even during war as well as during the industrial revolution women were given light duties because they couldn’t perform physically laborious tasks as men. So cut the bullshit.

        And shit what about women who grew up in the 50s and 60s who didn’t live through a war? Go look at women during that era, all feminine and none fat

        Even today in places where traditional gender roles are respected you’re seeing a stark difference in femininity. Ho to Eastern Europe, you’ll comeback and find western to basically be boys in comparison.

        • Seriously? It is pretty simple: women can earn their own bread or they can persuade somebody else to share with them.

          When women (e.g. your Eastern Europe example) are putting all their investment into persuading others to share, something is wrong with their own opportunities.

        • Actually go to Montreal. Ever wonder why Montreal is known for having the hottest girls in Canada?

          Because French girls are girly as fuck

          • I live in Montreal… your view is a simplistic expansion on a kernel of truth. Judging gender roles by apparel is a stretch: ask French girls about staying home with the kids… Those same girls (for the record, I am “French”) you claim are more in line with “traditional gender roles” outright reject a big chunk of what Anglo-Saxons call “masculinity”.

            Persuading others to share is the economic strategy of courtisans (amongst others). A very established and often successful strategy, but one who’s payoffs greatly depend on… individual economic opportunity.

          • Dude, just quit while you are behind.

        • I appreciate your acknowledge that gender roles vary across time and place (though something to be “respected”?), but you definition of ‘tough’ is quite narrow and dismissive.

        • @Aaas
          the only reason the allies won any of the wars was because of the hardworking women making bombs and taking care of everything. seriously, what cousin-loving city are you from?

      • I would whoop her ass.

  10. Gross blog. Almost grosser than Zaun himself. Sober up before you squander the goodwill you have here.

    • Shut the fuck up, Dave. Go back to the Sun website with the rest of your idiot misogynist friends. Maybe you can all grunt about how great it was in the fifties or what it would be like to have a high school diploma. There’s no loss in “goodwill” if it means fucking tools like you will stop commenting.

  11. I mean, what girl doesn’t want a piece of a 41-year-old tubbied married guy in a mauve pinstriped suit trying to mack on college girls at Hemingway’s on a Tuesday night?

    You’d think after his playing days, he’d be used to striking out by now.

    • He’s as good at picking up women as he was at throwing out baserunners.

    • Google sexual market value.

      • @Aaas… why are you being coy? State: he is relatively wealthy.

        • Even still – guys in their early 40s can pull women in their 20s dude it’s all about presentation and access.

          She’ll think your the nice older guy who thinks she’s all grown up and mature

          • I was serious.

            Sure charm is a factor, how could it not be? Has been since the dawn of time. But the data says that where you see large age differences, you see large wealth differences.

            • Charm is 90% nowadays. Women no longer need your money (they make their own) or your protection ( society is safe now). Those use to be bigger factors but that has faded.

              Why do you think PUA culture had blossomed? Having charm is now a necessity when it wasn’t before

            • Charm is 90% nowadays. Women no longer need your money (they make their own) or your protection ( society is safe now). Those use to be bigger factors but that has faded.

              Why do you think PUA culture had blossomed? Having charm is now a necessity when it wasn’t before

              Meant to post this here

          • Dead wrong. Studies have consistently shown that when women’s personal earning power rises, their material requirements for mates also rise. In other words, the risher the woman, the richer the man need be. Men might wish like hell that it was generally otherwise, but the data clearly indicates that when women earn more, they raise the bar on mates and if the candidates don’t follow, they go it alone.

            However, contraception and social change have decreased the cost of casual sex drastically for women in the recent past, so they spend more time exposing themselves to charm (i.e. they go out more, at a given age). That makes men think that these women are all just generally available and that everything is down to charm. But women, unlike men, appreciate opportunity even when they have no intention to act upon it; it feels good to attract attention. This is human nature and is absolutely nothing new: 2000 years ago, Ovid wrote that “Whether they accept or refuse, women are always glad you asked.”

    • @Matt,

      He is divorced . Very nasty court battle based on his tweets a few years ago.

  12. If anyone feels offended by his comments then you can always unfollow him. I won’t defend the comments but he’s entitled to them. I’m a fan of the guy for his baseball analysis and insight on the game. He’s a broadcaster and entertainer now.

    • Or, if you’re offended by the comments you can call them out for the offensive bullshit it is. People are entitled to that too. He’s free to say stupid shit and people are free to comment on how stupid it was.

      • He’s free as an individual to make those comments, but not as someone representing an organization, or as someone in the public eye. You give up that right, or at the very least are held responsible for what you say/do…as he should be!

        • And… he’s not free from the consequences of such comments, especially public criticism about public comments, which is something the “freedom of speech” crowd never seems to get.

  13. To Zaun:

    *handjob hand expression*

  14. Posts like this are almost the definition of pandering

  15. How is it sexist to note that the women he sees are tubby and stuck up? It’s more so just a redneck being a redneck. Ill agree it was in poor taste for a public figure but really, who cares.

  16. *yawn*

  17. Isn’t Zaun a recovering alcoholic? I remember a big story about how he beat alcoholism back when he first signed with the Jays.

  18. Ever seen Zaun at a bar, or one of his “Zauntourage” events? All over every female under the age of 30. Although his judgment in tweeting his thoughts on women is questionable at best, the content of the tweet itself is not particularly surprising to those of us who’ve seen him at said venues.

    • Well he is “Millionaire, Playboy” as his Twitter Bio tells us. He’s not shy about it, i’ll give him that. I’d hoped at the time this was going to lead to more comedy but it didn’t. From late October he Tweeted just before 2 AM:

      “So loved our exchange. Follow me and will FOLLOW you. Xoxo”

      3 minutes later:

      “Where are you lover?”

  19. Adults should simply not tweet. It seems that Mr.Zaun is easily embittered, bad on him. But the difference between A) thinking that crap, drunkenly, on a bar stool and then eventually sobering up and (maybe) thinking “I am an ass when I am drunk”, with a little chuckle… and B) Being on record as a silly, bitter dude and subjected to floggings like this one.

    Don’t drink and tweet. Seriously. Actually, play it safe and just don’t tweet at all.

  20. Yeah I really don’t see the sexism. Poor decision for a pjblic figure? Creepy tweet that makes him look like a bitter old man? Sure.

    But saying something negative about a female is not in and of itself sexist. Some women are fat. And manish.

    • “As a white man I can’t really see why women would get pissy about this.”

      That’s you, you’re that guy.

      • Of course I see why a woman would not like being called fat. Who likes to be insulted? I just don’t see why calling a woman fat is sexist. Is it in poor taste? Of course, and I personally wouldn’t do it, and if I heard someone do it I’d call him out on it. But not cause it’s sexist. Just cause the guy would be being a dick.

        What’s the deal with the collective guilt some of you have, that you need to fall all over yourselves over who can be the most offended at the most recent politically incorrect statement?

        As mentioned, what is the difference between calling a woman fat and making fun of Cooper because he has no chin? Nothing.

        Zauns tweet made him look sad and pathetic. But the weeping and gnashing of teeth over this really isn’t necessary.

      • race?

      • You forgot buzz words like cis and and privileged. Time to brush up on that tumblr feminism.

  21. Zaunie is upsetting Toronto’s estrogen-governed, feminista-ruled politically correct ladyboys. Better be politically correct Zaunie or the boy bitches will be after you.

    [Note: Changed the name to reflect the fact this idiot isn't the regular one.-- Stoeten.]

    • I, for one, think Boy Bitches would make a wonderful name for the proposed AA club in Ottawa.

    • ??? Are you the usual fakeoakville69?

      How many different names do you go by?

      Rogers employees like Zaun have to be very careful about their tweets.

      Can you imagine what would happen if they let Tabby tweet?

  22. Seriously I’ve had enough of this guy.

    Anyone remember one game last year, when he basically said it was ok to cheat on your girlfriend if you’re in Las Vegas?

    • Its ok to do ANYTHING in Vegas lol thus the unofficial slogan.

      I wouldnt hold that one against him.

    • He’s just very susceptible to marketing… have you been to LV recently? All those cheesy slogans.

  23. Haha the rich girl ain’t got no love for Zaun, what a pussy he’s becoming.

  24. The guy is human. The website is called drunk jays fans and your getting pissed for what obviously a result of him getting drunk and making a dumb tweet. Cut him some slack I really like him on the broadcast and I don’t want this to be a big strike on him

    • He’s awful on the broadcasts and I sincerely hope this is a big strike on him.

    • Well said.

      Although I don’t like him on the broadcast and I’m indifferent to it being a big strike on him.

      Seriously, he tweeted out some dumb stuff. THAT was his big mistake – tweeting it out.

      Every single person on this forum (myself included) is imperfect and can be insulting and mean at times. We have no right to judge Zaun.

      It’s just a dumb thing to (publically) say. By I myself have said much dumber shit in my life. AS HAVE WE ALL.

  25. Does somebody want to tell me why this is sexist? He didn’t make a generalization about women at all, he just clearly didn’t like the ones at this bar. There may be a history of some poor judgement and uncalled for comments with Zaun, but unless you are one of the girls he called out, I can’t see why you would be offended by this tweet in particular.

    • Stoeten is probably not so much offended as he is revelling in Zaun Cherry’s squirming. Schadenfreude.

  26. lol stoeten you need to get a life

  27. Hemmingways is an old building, Zaun is just worried for people’s safety as some of the heavier women in T.O. were in attendance. It’s probably the most intelligent thing he’s ever said.

  28. Holy shit, a lot of whinging shitbags crawling out of the woodwork to cry about Stoeten pointing out Zaun’s egregious commentary.

    When you see a public figure making comments that could come straight out of a Mad Men episode and you *don’t* see them as problematic, or even potentially problematic, the correct response is not to bitch at the person who pointed it out. Instead, try asking, actually fucking honestly asking, why someone would find that offensive.

    Maybe you have a girlfriend who grew up in a culture where she was expected to conform to shitty, unreasonable beauty standards and you can ask them. And maybe his tweet is just more of the same bullshit that causes women to evaluate their worth based on how they look.

    If you can’t quite wrap your mind around that just yet, the just consider if maybe she’s a potential Jays fan, who might be expected to listen to Zaun’s yammering when tuning into games. Can you imagine how it’s possible that a team looking to grow it’s fanbase could see it as a problem when a public representative of the team disrespects half of potential fans?

  29. slow news day

  30. Remember this shit:


    The only good he ever did for the Jays…. Just a rambling idiot now who always tries to add a twist to every story for no reason other than to try and stand out, instead of actually providing good insight…. Who cares what he tweets, he’s a joke.

  31. C’mon. Who really cares if he writes an insensitive tweet. He’s just a dude with a job, I prefer people uncensored, it’s more interesting

  32. Tweet from Stoeten about a month ago:

    @AndrewStoeten: A “verbal no trade pledge” means about as much as the pledge the homeless guy you gave change to makes that he’s going to spend it on food.

    Did someone write an article condemning the lack of sensitivity shown to the homeless here? ‘Cause this is pretty insensitive shit.

    Insert something about glass houses here.

    For the record, I am not defending Zaun. I think he’s a total idiot. He reminds me of a perverted old man w/ dentures who struck gold digging ditches and wears the loudest suits he can to let everyone know he’s a guy w/ money. I just think Stoeten’s selective judgment should be, well, a little more selective.

    Anyway, RA Dickey, right?

    • Lol @ perverted old man with dentures….. Great comparison.

    • I certainly can’t disagree with this.

    • You’ve got a point. I think your comment is basically the blog post you’re talking about not being written. Maybe in ten years there will be a blogger writing about Jays bloggers, but until then, the comments (or Twitter) are the only place to really offer that feedback

      • He has a point?

        • Sorry … I don’t? Try to spin how your insensitivity is different than Zaun’s.

          • Oh, you’re a smart guy, I’m sure you can figure it out.

            • Haha, okay. Provide a vague, obtuse response as a substitute for a proper one. Fair enough. It’s certainly not that I’m entitled to one, but to question the validity of my point and then not defend the questioning is a little questionable. That’s a lot of “questions”.

              Well, in summary, Zaun’s a misogynist and Stoeten remains king of the castle.

              Spring can’t come soon enough …

            • Haha, okay. Provide a vague, obtuse response as a substitute for a proper one. Fair enough. It’s certainly not that I’m entitled to one, but to question the validity of my point and then not defend the questioning is a little questionable. That’s a lot of “questions”.

              Well, in summary, Zaun’s a misogynist and Stoeten remains king of the castle.

              Spring can’t come soon enough …

          • Because stoetens line is at least somewhat witty and sadly true oftentimes (in observable literal terms) and at least implies the compassion to give money in the first place.

            Zaun is being creepy to all women based on that they won’t sleep with him and don’t look like the women he masturbates to on the Internet.

            Plus Zaun loves to judge others and go over the top condemning people like Yunel and Lawrie. Serves him right.

        • even though I agree with your blog post, maybe you haven’t always been the most sensitive guy either. I haven’t read anything near as dumb as what Zaun said though

        • To clarify, spin how your insensitivity is different than Zaun’s without arbitrarily marginalizing some groups over others.

          • @jonkor.

            Zaun is an employee of Rogers which is the official broadcaster of Jays games. He can’t use his twitter account to make fun of overweight women at bars who turn down his romantic advances.

            Stoeten is an employee of the Score , so he has more leeway to make editorial comments about players, posters etc..

            If Stoeten worked for Rogers and this was an official Jays blog, he couldn’t get away with attacking posters & making half the comments he makes about players etc…

            Part of the attraction of thisb log vs bluejays.com or TSN.ca is that posters are more knowledgeable about baseball & like to make fun of each other when they say dumb things.

            • @oakville – you missed the point entirely, I said nothing about how Stoeten treats his commenters in my post. Did you even read it? Also, you misspelled my handle.

        • Stoeten… To be clearer: I wasn’t trying to say that the tweet JonCor mentioned is equivalent to Zaun’s, in ANY WAY. It’s not. Zaun’s just spewing meanspirited mysogynist bullshit.

          You made a joke that plays on a potentially problematic portrayal of homeless folks. The thing is, I read that tweet when you made it, and I think it’s funny. Comedy is weird like that. I’m in love with Louis C.K., and sometimes he says things that I don’t like, or sometimes it just depends on my mood.

          So the point I said I saw, as clearly as I can say it at this moment, is this: Someone could take offense at your comment, if, say, they work with the homeless population, and see people struggling with poverty, stigma and mental illness, and don’t a joke that plays off what they see as an inaccurate stereotype. If they’re offended, they’re entitled to that and while I don’t agree with them, I can still see it.

          With that said, I’m glad you’re giving exposure to Zaun’s bullshit, and I don’t think there’s any “glass house” here. Hopefully some of the above makes some kind of sense.

          • Oh, I get all that.

            It’s just that’s not what I did at all. The comments being compared are completely different, so JonCor’s little “gotcha” game needs more fine tuning if he’s going to come away not looking like an ass.

            • Not sure how they’re different because you won’t explain it.

              But my posts are not even showing up now where they’re being replied to so I guess you saying they’re different is going to have to be the end of it. My previous attempted rebuttals are downstream under a post made by a chap named Todd. Who knows where this one will end up??

              • The fact that I’m not explaining it for you doesn’t mean they’re the same. Why don’t you go ahead and explain to me why they’re the same. Take a shot at explaining how mine’s insensitive too, while you’re at it.

                • Should be obvious. You’re suggesting that all homeless people that beg for money and say they’re using it for food are in fact using it for other, likely less wholesome reasons. This is insensitive to homeless people w/ mental illness and/or those who legitimately are looking for a way to get sustenance, perhaps in an effort to better their lives. You have generalized an entire group wrongly, based on nothing more than assumption, for the purposes of a laugh. Zaun’s done the same by generalizing to rich women into his silly categories.

                  You: All homeless people that ask for money for food will instead use it for drinking or drugs.

                  Zaun: All rich Toronto women are tubby, mannish, and stuck-up.

                  Both incorrect and offensive generalizations.

                  Does that help? I sure hope so because I thought it was pretty obvious myself.

                  • Once again my comments are being completely misplaced so that they don’t line up w/ what I’m replying to. Quite a convenient little bug given the subject matter.

          • Louis C.K. is a comedian… people expect him to be offensive, whereas Zaun is a Rogers/Blue Jays employee so he should be held to a stricter standard (when using a public thing like Twitter) because what he says reflects badly on them.

          • Looks like the bug has been fixed and all comments are sorting appropriately now. I wonder if it was just on my iPhone that it showed up strangely.

            Whatever the case, good to see my comments in context. Well done, Score IT staff.

        • Suck it Stoeton

    • THANK YOU JonCor,

      This isn’t to say that Stoeten is a bad person or Zaun is. BOTH can be idiotic at times. As can I. We all can, we are fucking humans.

      If it bothers Rogers, they should take Zaun’s twitter away. But to me, this is a throwaway post.

  33. Just watched Mickey Storey on mlb.com archive games….. He has a nice tight slider he can throw down and in to lefties, kind of like AJ Burnett had…. Solid 12-6 curve in the low to mid 70s, and low 90s fastball…. From the few at bats i saw, he keeps his pitches down…..Tall slender frame, goofy look, like a slightly shorter Brian Matusz….. Very nice relief pickup, can’t believe the Astros put him on waivers for a second time. AA never sleeps, what a GM.

  34. I think rather than selectively picking what is offensive or not the real issue is yet another public figure not realizing that twitter does not operate in a vacuum…there is a big difference between calling a friend a fag for wearing crocs or complaining about snobbish plump women among a couple friends (ie a locker room environment) and tweeting it…not saying it’s ok to do but odds are no one will be negatively effected if this were to happen privately…just another example that Zaun is a fucking moron…

  35. Why do the jays have the dumbest and most boring and annoying broadcasters in the MLB. It starts with buck and ends with zaun. More people should make a big deal out of the crap he says so maybe rogers fires him one day and we don’t have to hear his roid rants….Oh did he ever acknowledge the fact that he looked stupid after his comment that dickey would not want to come to Toronto? HE TOOK LESS THAN WHAT HE WAS ASKING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more… Only TV guy I don’t mind is Buck Martinez, probably because he’s been around so long. But I prefer him as the colour guy, not play-by-play. His homerun calls sound so fake. Jamie Campbell is an embarrassment to journalism, as is Zaun.

      Glad Howarth is still doing radio, but he’s more fitted for reading stories to small children. Mike Dickface Wilner is a total douchebag who has no knowledge of the game, all he knows is stat cherrypicking to put people down and kiss Blue Jay management ass. Totally understand that a lot of callers are out to lunch, but Wilner does it to everyone, even those with valid points.

      Tom Cheek was the best, by far….really took him for granted.

      • There are better play-by-play men than Jamie Campbell, but I’ve met him and he’s exactly what you get on TV: a very down to earth guy, very friendly. He’s better at his work than many give him credit for, possibly because Zaun drags him down. But Campbell has done some great stuff, especially at the Olympics.

  36. Let’s just all forget that this boring post ever happened and just be happy that the sox had to pay more to sign dempster than we did for dickey.

    Hahahahahha oh I love that shit

  37. On another note, and on the opposite end of the spectrum of expressing yourself, I was thoroughly impressed with RA Dickey’s interview today with McCown on PTS. The guy extremely sharp and articulate. Provides great insight with his answers and doesn’t use cliches. What a refreshing change from the norm.

    • I enjoyed it as well. His interview on TSN Radio was also very good. They were laughing about a mutual love of Star Wars, and then he explained how Star Wars is a metaphor for his life, that he felt like Vader hiding behind the mask about his sexual abuse. We’re so used to cliches from athletes, so it’s very refreshing to listen to him.

    • I concur. Dude is grounded. So real.

    • @Ron.

      Well said. I heard it on the way home from work. he is very articulate & said all the right things about the Jays, JPA, AA Toronto etc…

      AA deserves extra credit for being in Nashville after the trade was done to talk to Dickey directly with Gibby & some other guy. Apparently, AA kept getting kicked out of restaurants because they kept talking for several hours.

      The personal touch that AA does is paying off big time.

      Dickey could have asked for more money to come to Toronto but he kept his demands steady even with the difference in taxes.

      • That also says a lot about RA Dickey. It’s quite similar to what happened when Doc left Toronto. Remember, Halladay had taken two below-market discounts, was lied to by Ricciardi, and then wanted to win. He chose Philadelphia and took an extension WAY below his market value because he wanted to be comfortable and win. It’s very rare to find athletes like that in this age of professional sports.

  38. zaunie is an easy target and he is obviously playing a cherry-like character for sportsnet. from what i remember, interviews with him as a player, I was pretty impressed with his insight into the game. also, i really like the zaun 101 series. seriously, check out those archives, they are very well done and informational.

    that said, he clearly fucked up here. but hey, who really cares.

    • I have a feeling female blue jay fans might care.

    • Maybe the women who went out for a drink and got publicly insulted by a Rogers media personality for their supposed weight issues?

      Maybe they care?

      It’s also the fact that if this is what he posts publicly and thinks is fine to say, what is really going on in his head?

  39. you guys are missing the point…
    don’t you want to know why all the tubby, manish college girls go to Hemingways?

  40. I’m not a Zaun fan, by any means. I don’t like listening to his rants, I think he is full of himself and an overbearing piece of shit. I change the station almost every time I hear or see him.

    I also am a family man, was raised to love and respect women, have a living wife and a beautiful baby girl. Yet, I can’t bring myself to give a flying fuck about this. Like. At. All.

    Does it surprise anyone? The guy has exercised poor judgment in the past and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So why get so worked up over it?

    It just isn’t worth it. I feel like I have already wasted too much of my energy on it, so…..with that, I will let someone think they can tell me why I’m wrong.

    • The reason I think it’s important to draw attention to it – to get worked up about it – is that’s how it *can* be changed. I don’t think he’ll change, but someone else could do his job just as well and not be a sexist dirtbag. I may be in the minority, but knowing how he is makes me less likely to pay attention when he’s on the air, and that’s ultimately a detriment to the team.

      • and it probably isn’t best just to gloss over stuff like this. also it’s just damn insensitive. millions of people watch this guy on tv, and yes there are actually female baseball fans, and some of them are probably “tubby,” and some of said ladies probably feel like shit after reading a tweet like that. good on you Zaun, thanks for making the world a better place

      • So basically Rogers should can him? Fine with me I suppose. I’d be pleased. Will he change? Unlikely. Guys like that don’t ever change.

        • Read up on Madiba. Somehow he changed from a fiery rebel to a statesman. Change is possible.

  41. I love how Zaun moralizes about playing the game the right way (cough mitchell report cough) but shows little decency in real world situations.

  42. Who else on tv will use the analogy of folding like a wet poo in the rain if zauns gone?

  43. I met my tubby, mannish and stuck up ex girlfriend at Hemmingway’s, so he does have a point.

    • Sorry Todd, my comments are meant for my discussion upstream. For whatever reason, when I reply to Stoeten’s most recent comment to me, it erroneously posts here.

  44. These comments actually make me sad. Stoeten, I hope you get paid mad money to constantly read them. Boys, I hope someday you get why he wrote this post.

    • It’s not necessary to slog through all of the comments most times, but it turns out I’ve created a lot of work for myself tonight. I’ve had to go through all of these, just to be sure the most reprehensible idiots (Aaas, come on down!) get the ol’ ban hammer.

  45. Mr. Stoeten, didn’t you publish a guide to “Punching Kitty” at the ballgame? I thought it was great btw..

    The tweet was hilarious. Not because of the message really, more about the fucking moron that said it.

    • That one wasn’t me, but I see where you’re going, and yes, there have been plenty of words on this blog that I wouldn’t write or condone now. I’m not allowed to evolve?

      • Of course you are, and you have, but is this really any different? They were both after some laughs, and both succeeded.

        Now, one piece was smarter than the other, for sure, but that’s a different debate I think.

        • Big difference. DJF then and Sportsnet now, huge difference. Not that that excuses them, but it is a different situation, and anyway, good on both Stoeten and Parkes (Parkes was the worst) for cleaning up their act. I’m glad this blog evolved. Obviously the commenters haven’t quite caught up.

      • You have evolved Stoeten.
        It’s been an interesting thing to watch.
        When you get to my age you’re gonna be worse than I ever was.

      • Of course you’re allowed to evolve. Just understand that you may evolve a lot more. For instance, I had some opinions about male-female relationships similar to yours in the 1970s and 80s, but I no longer do.

      • Weren’t you tempted to bring that up in your original article? I was hoping for it. I remember when I first found DJF and saw that, I was a bit doubtful – seems I had evolved further than you guys at that point. Thank god you’re insightful and mentioned Gang of Four in one of the first posts I read. And that you evolved.

        Now if you could just evolve beyond your horribly annoying sign off…

  46. This is all a little Big Brother-ish for my taste – but of course everyone disagreeing will tell me to fuck-off and not read (whatever).

    I know Mr. Zaun is a public personality and given his specific media role, I agree it’s probably in poor taste that he tell 30,000 people this little tidbit of info. However, if another public personality were to say the exact same thing, for example Daniel Tosh, or Lewis Black, our response might be quite different. Hell, I’m willing to bet that some of you naysayers have said worse to your own friends when checking out the ladies.

    Excusable behaviour? We’d like to think it isn’t. Does this sort of thing get said all over the place (by both men and women)? More than likely. My point is – holy fuck give it a rest unless of course you truly have not sinned in your life.

    Gregg Zaun showing poor judgment? Yes. Make a judgment on his morality? I’m not going to. Make a judgment on how funny his tweet was? Yes. I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5.

    • I am going to judge him for being kind of a jerk.

    • The point is not that we’re all perfect and Zaun is not–the point is that this kind of behaviour should be called out wherever it happens, so that it can change. Because let me tell you, as a female sports fan, I’d really love for this to end.

    • The only thing notable here is that he said it publicly and seemingly lacks a brain/mouth/hands filter. As many have said, it’s no time to throw stones about the content.

  47. This is why I don’t tweet about the ladies here at the home.
    Zaun would be trying to hit on them, tweeting about them and eating my ice cream.

    • Thanks RADAR for the rational view. Awesome stuff as usual.

      • When you get to my age, it’s the women who use me for gratuitus things of a carnal nature.
        They ply you with ice cream,then wham, you’re a piece of man meat being passed around like an old magazine.
        Then they tweet about you,grading your performance.( thanks Cialis)
        I have a brain not just a body,dammit

  48. where has big mouth hungry gone to?

  49. On another topic, do the Jays sign Rafael Soriano? I think that is the final piece since the bullpen looks a little shaky and is the only place that needs improvement. How much would it cost and what draft pick would we have to give up. Do you think AA would be reluctant to make the move because of losing a draft pick. I think even if they don’t make this move, they are a 100 win World Series team. I would enjoy listening to some input

    • I mentioned Soriano the other day, but yeah… thinking more about it, the pick is just too high a cost. Not even the pick itself (which is protected), but the loss of bonus pool money. Not sure AA limits his ability to get talent back into the system after the off-season he’s had shedding it.

      • So we don’t lose a pick? It seems like teams don’t want him because of losing a pick so maybe we get him as a bargain. I think we need him. The bullpen looks a little weak. Do we get fucked with the loss of bonus pool money. How much and is it worth it to pass up on a great arm which we need in the bullpen

    • I agree 100% that they need to bolster the pen. I really like the Storey pickup today. Under the radar move for a kid with some pretty solid stuff. I doubt they go for Soriano, seems like the conventional wisdom is that closers are overvalued, and you can blame then for feeling that wat…. The stat created the position, rather than vice versa, of that makes sense. I guess you could say it takes a certain type of hombre to go out there at the end of the game with the win on the line, but I think that shit is overrated. Just build a great pen, and whoever is the best of the bunch gets the most trust to handle the 9th ( gotta be a strikeout guy to get out of jams if need be). So, lots of good relievers out there who can be had for much less because they don’t happen to be “closers”.

      Good article on it here:


    • Rafael Soriano wants over 14M a mil and a multi year deal. Yanks offered him 14M and he said NO, so he wants more than 14. Because the Yanks made him a qualifying offer, the team that signs him also much give the Yank a 1st round draft pick.

      Clearly no one will sign him, other than the Yanks. But even they might refuse to sign him now.

      There are clearly some real dumb ball players and Raf is one of them. There are only 30 teams. Only a few could afford to sign em. Those few already have closers, so I’m not sure who Raf thought would be dumb enough to give him MORE than 14M when he turned down the Yanks offer of 14M.

      Someone might tho.

      • I think for 2013, he’s worth it. A dominant closer is essential for a World Series team. Look at 1992 and 1993 with Ward and Henke

        • Oliver was offered a raise and the closer job but it appears he still said no. He might come back yet tho.

          If not, I like Chris Perez and Indians are tradin em if they can because he’s gettin a raise. Made 4M last year and will probably make 6 to7 in ’13.. Less than half of Raf and Perez saved 39 games in ’12 compared to Raf’s 42.

          Perez is the most hated guy in baseball. Goes by the nick name Pure Rage.

          Casey did a good job closing but not sure how he’d do over the course of a full year, plus he had a shoulder shave so it may affect him.

        • I agree that the last guy has to be lights out, but we don’t necessarily need to go the free agent route to get one. Sometimes the best closers are found in house. Look at TB last season with Farnsworth going down, and settling on (out of necessity) on Rodney. He was garbage as a closer in prior seasons, and he had an unbelievable season last year. Same can be said about SF with Casilla and then Romo. Oakland with Cook, then back to Balfour. The extra dough teams have to pony up for a guy with saves vs a guy just as effective without saves is probably not worth it. And Scott Boras is Soriano’s agent, so they’re probably looking for a billion dollars over fifty years.

          • If Dickey’s knunckler is unhittable as everyone says, then Dickey would make the best closer.

            As a starter he only gets in 34 games. As a closer he could appear in 75 games.

            As a starter he throws roughly 3400 pitches a season. 100 pitches a game.

            As a closer he would throw roughly 1125 a season. 15 ptices a game.

            Therefore, he could also spot start despite being a closer and Casey could close the games Dickey doesn’t.

            • I’d prefer Dickey at 2B so he can play all 162 games. Make Macier the closer, he looks like he throws gas, and have his bro Caesar set him up. History books will be rewritten.

  50. ATTENTION Andrew Stoeten.

    Dear Sir.

    Great little web board you have here. However, for whatever reason the web page does not appear properly on the monitor. The text on the web page is too far to the left. The beginning of each message cannot be read. I’m not a techie so I don’t know why this is. I use windows 8. Not sure if you were aware of this problem, but now you are, so can you please fix it for people like me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I’ll forward it to our IT folks.

    • Is your browser maximized to full screen (or close to it)? When mine is not full screen it often cuts off the left side of the posts.

      • I’m not sure. I’m not a techie but every other single webpage online appears properly so there is something about this site and not my puter. I use Windows 7 not 8 as incorrectly stated.

        I can read all replies no problem, but the orginal articles and when anyone starts a message that is not a reply, the text is off the screen to the left and you cannot scroll left to read it.

        • Can you see anything else on your computer screen aside from this webpage (such as another window you have open or your computer’s desktop)? If this webpage is not taking up your entire computer screen, it can be difficult to read the left side of the posts (I use windows 7 and get the same thing). Click on the square in the top right corner of this window to get it full screen.

          If you do that and continue having problems, pray theScore’s IT staff fix this annoying flaw that’s been present on this site ever since they switched to this website.

          • You’re allowed to tell us about bugs in the site, you know. They tend to get fixed faster that way.

          • Stoeten,
            I would not have included that last line had I not been asking about this/seconding others’ questions about this since this site went live.
            No disrespect intended against tS’s staff.

          • Now that I think about it, it’s not fair for you to be expected to read all these comments, so reports of these sorts of issues can be easily lost in the shuffle. So if you’re going to take the time to smarm me, please also include an email address or something your readers can use to reliably report such issues.

            • Top of the right sidebar, next to the DJF banner, above what’s probably a Drafted ad: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, my email.

              Not smarming– it’s not easy to find, I know.

              Click on my name in the post byline and you’ll also get a link to mail me.

          • Thank you. If I continue to experience this issue in the coming weeks I will contact you directly.

            This is getting too close to a civil interaction for my comfort… you are a bearded blogging somethingorother!

  51. This should have been the picture for this story, lol.


    Haven’t lived in Toronto or Canada for 10 years, but here are my observations:

    1. Had great times as a single guy in Toronto, but have to agree that women were often cold there. It’s night and day compared to women in say Montreal or other countries.

    2. Hemingway’s in Yorkville was fine for a little lounging, but it’s no surprise to me that the women there might be on the tubbier side of the scale.

    3. I have no problem if a 40-ish guy wants to try his luck with college chicks – if he can pull it off more power to him. Married guys though are another story.

    4. Give Zaun a break, he may have just been doing what every other guy does in a bar – checking out the chicks – and commenting on the vibe in the place.

    5. Doesn’t mean he was actually hitting on them, or maybe he was, who knows. Regardless, Tweeting about it is a bad move, as the distinction is bound to be lost on the wife. LOL.

  52. See Zaun at hemingways all the time. Dude thinks he’s God’s gift due to the bro love he gets I guess.

  53. For Zaun it’s roids and no fatties…unless we mean THAT type of fatty!

    what are zaunbie nation’s frat letters for fucks sake?

  54. Where the fuck did Jackie Redmond from the Score TV come from?

    • She won Drafted.

      Jackie and I were classmates at Guelph-Humber’s journalism program. Having worked with her many times in school I can tell you first-hand she’s a fantastic journalist who’s worked incredibly hard to shake the “token female” image after catching a huge break on Drafted.

  55. I love this site. Everyone posts under a fake name and nobody knows who you are but everyone acts like they are important.

    anyways jim miller dfa’d sounds like a good pickup

  56. i’m not important in the grand scheme of things, much less the baseball world

    so as big stoets says, there’s that

  57. it’s tough enough dealing with all the asshole NYY “fans” around here (NY Metro area) as a diehard Jay’s fan

    this site is my therapy

  58. This is fucking stupid.

    1. Zaun fucked up tweeting when he was drunk at a bar. Move on. it’s not like he went Koo Koo Banana’s and dumped his drink on her.
    The guy makes his living talking about a children’s game. He’s not a person of influence determining national policies for Christ sakes. Oops, sorry religious types. Must watch what I say at all times for fear of condemnation.

    Should his boss be concerned? Sure, for potentially alienating a group of customers. Should we be concerned? Fuck no. Well unless you’re one of the manly Hemmy chicks with attitude.
    If you’ve ever been exposed to the Hemmy’s attitude this tweet was funny. And as if you’ve never said or thought anything like this.

    2. Stoeten has a right to point it out if he chooses. This is his blog and if he feels this tabloid shit is is newsworthy then so be it. I’d rather talk about baseball but whatever.

    3. Stoeten has said numerous offensive things. Last summer he made light of Alcoholics. A disease. When I questioned him making fun of the Alcoholics coin and those with the disease he said something along the lines of being an over sensitive tight ass. Glass houses. His offensive comments are funny. Other people’s offensive comments are newsworthy. Some day he’ll see the hypocracy but not likely today.
    BTW: Still love ya man, just pointing it out.

    4. Point is that for every comment a person makes, somebody else can read into it with their own biases and perception and call that comment offensive. Some people think wishing others a “Merry Christmas” is insensitive.

    Personally, I love it when people exercise their right to free speech and articulate what’s on their mind instead of having to worry about the political correctness of what they’re about to say. Individual expression without fear is so much more interesting than turning people into robots terrified of saying the wrong thing.
    Fuck, a 20 year old kid just experienced a life altering event getting traded to the Mets and he had to spend most of his press conference talking about his “fag” tweet.
    Can’t stand these political correctness witch hunts.

    Just chill the fuck out.

    and finally, yet most importantly,


    • Bravo

    • Um… yeah, by “making fun of alcoholics” you mean that I used a picture of an alcoholics anonymous coin in a podcast post, with no comment whatsoever attached to it.

      You apparently considered this mocking, though you were never able to explain why or how anything was supposedly being mocked.

      If I had posted a picture of Jesus, that would have been mocking Christianity?

      You then, I see now, got a further stick up the ass (no offence to those with actual sticks up their ass) in the comments, which I’d long left behind, not having ever gotten a satisfactory answer to whatever the hell it was you were pissed off about.

      Please don’t mischaracterize what happened. And for the love of fuck, get that damn stick out of your ass.

      • I honestly can’t remember our exchange to get into it properly since it was months ago,
        If you claim I’m misrepresenting it, please provide a link to that post. From what I remembe,r my explanation was convincing and got the backing of RADAR, Stond Jays fan and just about everyone not named Oakville69.
        Now that you mention it though, I do remember your Zaunian “stick in the ass” line. Excellent point.
        I found something you did offensive and for that you said I’ve got a stick up my ass.
        Zaun did a drunk tweet that nobody should take seriously and you get your panites tied up in knots enough to blog about it?
        How’s that stick of yours man?


        • Besides, you fail to see the main point to my comment which is, and always shall be,

        • 1) No, you didn’t “find something offensive,” you were offended by what you insisted was mockery on my part, yet you couldn’t explain how or what this mockery was supposed to be, you were just damn certain you knew that I was mocking something. I would have been happy to engage with you if you had anything coherent to say.

          Here’s the comment string you’re referring to: http://blogs.thescore.com/djf/2012/06/22/alright-its-the-getting-blanked-podcast-episode-58/comment-page-1/#comment-136914

          Notice that in your comment at the end of it you “recap” our “debate” by saying: “4. You avoid the question with a request to explain the perceived mockery. 5. I provide the request.”

          Of course, you did no such thing. You wrote: “3. ‘Why is it necessarily mocking.’ Because most of your fucking photos on this site are mocking and you don’t have an explaination in a caption but hidden in an hour-long podcast which some people don’t have the ability to access from work. Plus, many of us come to this site to read, not to listen.”

          Sorry, where’s the explanation of what this supposed mockery is?

          The fact that I used an image does not mean I was mocking it, you jumped to that conclusion, started getting pissy with me, and I responded with all respect you deserved.

          2) The post we’re commenting on hasn’t disappeared, has it? Because if it’s still there, you can go read what I wrote, then come back and show me where I’ve “got my panties tied up in knots” (your charming words, given the topic).

          • haters gon hate

          • Kudos to you for providing the link.
            I’m surprised you bothered.
            Whether or not you so intended, people considered it to be mocking a disease. Lots of pics on this site are used for subtle mockery. The perception of the use of the AA chip on a site called drunk jays fan where we joke about drinkng was seen by some as mocking.
            You claim it wasn’t mocking without any explanation so RADAR and others asked what was your intent.
            You didn’t answer, but resorted to sulky insults.
            Point is you got called out for something you posted and defended yourself with the insightful “stick in the ass” comeback like we needed to relax.
            Now you’re calling out Zaun for something he posted and shake your head that some don’t see it as a big deal. Where’s that stick?

            I’m bored with this. I’d much rather talk about the Stubby Clapp hire.
            And to be clear, I don’t have much interest in discussing the Stubby Clapp hire.

            suck it Farrell

          • @ Stoeten

            Because intentionally or unintentionally, you sometimes cross the line.
            It’s one thing to talk about getting drunk or stoned as a recreational pasttime.It’s another to mock a symbol of those with a serious disease.Two different senarios.
            If I call you an idiot or moron,the meaning is different than if you really were mentally difficient and were seeking treatment.That crosses the line.
            To say , for an example, that someone is a cancer in the locker room is one thing. To mock somebody who is fighting cancer and let’s say, is bald because of chemo, is disgusting.
            Ironically, I have no problem in telling somebody they are crazy or an idiot.Yet, at a Jays game last year,I nearly got thrown out for yelling at 2 young clowns who were pissing themselves laughing at a group of mentally challenged kids who were at the game with their chaperones.
            You may have been unaware and thus be shown of the different perspective. It’s part of you evolving.
            Enough of the serious,non baseball stuff from me.
            Got no problem poking fun at Zaun.
            What’s this about Stubby Clapp?

            • RADAR…they let you out of the home to go to live games? You lucky bastard! Is the food soft enough for you to digest or does the mascot have to act like mother bird and chew it for you and feed you mouth to mouth?

              (All in good fun of course!)

          • Great Points RADAR as usual I read this site and the comments everyday but rarely join in. I have noticed that the baseball talk is excellent but there is a lot of Andrew using his pedastal to voice his political and social opinions on subjects such as homophobia, sexism, liberalism, etc. It appears that jokes and vulgar language are ok in some context but not if it is directed at one of the preferred and off limits groups. I enjoy the website immensly but truthfully I get offended when stoeten talks politics because he is very dismissive of those with different views which seems to be pretty hypocritical.

    • exactly. well said.

  59. ok blue jays = big mouth hungry

  60. Maybe I missed it but Syniguard mis-spoke the day he was traded to the Mets…guess that one isn’t as much fun as slamming Zaun. Both comments are repugnant but I guess we select who gets thrown under the bus. Good work here

    • yes, Nose was taken to task for that at his Mets press conference.

    • I did mention it. It didn’t get a full post because… um…. he’s a Met and this is a Jays site. You think people got pissy about this being a non-story, image that.

      I did just ban OK Blue Jays, so that should at least make you happy.

      • +1

        Thank You!

        OK Blue Jays actually made me gain respect for Oakville69.

      • i was kinda starting to look forward to his posts. You just never knew what he was going to say and what his, uuumm “proof” was going to be.

      • Friend, thank you for that.

        • Fuck, you’re getting pathetic.
          Can you not think up a better comeback than that?
          You were so witty before.
          Now you’re just sad shell of what you used to be.
          Pick up your game for fuck sakes.

          • Seems I got under somebody’s skin.
            Still can’t think of anything to say?
            I’m honored that you’ve repeated my comments,in absence of something you can’t think up yourself.
            You’re losin it kid.

              • My response to Fake RADAR ( Ok Blue Jays) above.
                He’s not happy anymore, so he’s reposting my comments made to him earlier.Figuring It’s gonna get me upset.
                He doesn’t realize I’ve seen much better.
                On the troll scale, a 6 out of 10.
                So much promise and then he fell flat.Wasted talent.

          • @Radar.

            Welcome to my world RADAR. It’s really annoying.

  61. I haven’t read any comments, but who gives a shit? He was most likely a few drinks in and tweeted something he shouldn’t have. Everyone has said or done stupid things, especially drunk. Just because he sits behind a desk and talks baseball, doesn’t mean hes not allowef to make mistakes. Take’er easy. He probably got shut down by some chick.

  62. Zaun Cherry infuriates me as much as anyone, but with a little outside perspective this post looks an awful lot like the kind of mock outrage that usually gets railed against around here.

    It may have been stupid for him to tweet it, but cracking a dumb joke when noticing that an unusually high number of patrons surrounding you fit a particular profile is far from being a terrible misogynist.

    The douche-smug look that never leaves his face is a far greater indicator.

  63. AS:
    Aren’t you the same guy who said Dustin Parkes positioned himself to shit down Amy Nelson’s throat?
    Expressing the thought of shitting down someone’s throat is far more disturbing than reading some guy’s tweet about his inability to pick up.

    • I don’t think you quite caught the turn of phrase there, but yes, I’ve said shitty things, sometimes on this blog. I’m not allowed to grow up?

      • Not at the expense of others

      • We’ve all said shitty things. Stoeten you’re not allowed to grow up, that’s why we love you.

        Seriously though thanks for writing this. Even if nothing comes of it from Sportsnet Zaun’s still a public figure and it’s important that someone at the very least calls him out.

      • Stoet, your comment is the absolutely the most profound thing I’ve read on this blog…Merry Christmas. And now for the 2013 Jays to go get their first title in 20 years

        • Fuck, I just read the response to my 11:57 comment now. Please don’t think my 9:56 a.m. comment is a suck up – it isn’t . I always have time for those who want to be better than who they are today (myself included) and little for those who don’t.

  64. For the people that are just complaining that this post isn’t 100% about baseball, it’s not like Stoeten has a quota of posts over which he’s not allowed to post anything more, so just don’t read the ones that interest you.

    I’m not surprised at how many people are angry about Stoeten calling someone out on being sexist though. Last week I was called a scolding mommy, uptight, and a cunt because I disagreed with someone in the comments here. I know the comments here thrive on being a little irreverent (and I like that), but just try and tell me my gender had nothing to do with those reactions.

    • Jesus. What is wrong with people? I’ve had similar shit thrown at me on other sports blogs, again for daring to be female and into sports. Ugh.

  65. Who gives a fuck about Gregg Fucken Zaun. How about a serious discussion about the only fucken weakness on this team which is the bullpen. I tried to get a discussion about Rafael Soriano but you fuckers rather talk about a shitty broadcaster who isn’t worth the sweat off my balls

  66. You haven’t lost the credibility to call bullshit on it. You’re never disrespectful to women on here that I’ve seen.

  67. no brains, a craptonne of testosterone, and absolutely no discretion. at the end of the day, a ripple in an ocean of poorly conceived tweets, but if it means we’re one step closer to having zaun’s piss-poor baseball analysis removed from jays broadcasts, by all means take him to task every time.

  68. He was drunk

  69. Haha…what else do you expect at Hemingways?

  70. Perhaps my blinders are on, but I’m not really seeing the misogyny. Can it be spelled out more clearly for me? I feel as if he had said the same thing in a way that was less rude or less pointed people would not have reacted as strongly. I’m sure all of us at one time or another has commented on the prospects in a bar. Last I checked, pretty sure that’s a big part of what bars are about.

    Perhaps the girls on that day were unattractive and stuck up. It wouldn’t be surprising at all. Hemingways is in Yorkville, one of the more affluent neighborhoods in TO. It’s quite possible the women there were also affluent, or were pretending to be. Does commenting on an observation make one misognystic? Maybe the girls were stuck up because they observed Zaun’s pompousness as a broadcasting personality. Maybe they were just not interested, and have every right not to be. Maybe Zaun doesn’t do well with that. Who knows?

    The media has determined what we consider beautiful, and while it has veered to extreme proportions in hollywood, generally speaking, fitness and curves are both virtues. I don’t take issue with the word “tubby”. Using the word “manish” didn’t help him out but I’ll say this, there is something to be said for a woman who exhibits some of the traditionally feminine traits and who holds herself well. To be clear, I’m not saying women are expected to demonstrate only “feminine” traits. And yeah, women don’t need to be protected or taken care of but is it wrong as a man to want to do both of those things and as a women to allow or appreciate them? I don’t think so.

    What about more “feminine” features? More oval faces, softer chins, bigger foreheads, slender necks etc. These largely female-specific traits are seen as markers of a high estrogen-to-testosterone ratio, and indicate a women likely to be healthy (and fertile – can’t forget about the babymaking). Backing off the science for a sec, I feel as though most straight men, if presented only with their faces, would find Tilda Swinton less attractive than say Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried. There is something to be said for genetic predisposition.

    Anyway, long story short, Stoeten, you’re fully allowed to evolve, but there’s no need to hold someone to a different set of rules than your own. Continuing, women have far more pressures than I as a man do, and I appreciate what they do and who they are. I’m just not seeing the douchebaggery or the story here that some of you are.

  71. For all we know they could have been tubby and stuck up

    • doesn’t mean he needs to tweet about it

      honestly, no celebrity, even low level ones like zaun, should have twitter if they work for a professional organization. .

      if i ran a baseball club, i’d ban twitter for all players and employees. if you want to say something, you can use the team twitter feed once its approved by the pr department.

    • If I’m a betting man, they are tubby and stuck up because they refused Zaun’s disgusting, perverted overtures.

    • Not my post.

  72. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think a big reason a lot of us love baseball is because it’s a cerebral sport that ‘thinkers’ can appreciate. And I think a big part about being an intelligent baseball fan is rising above the misogynist, sexist, racist, homophobic and generally ignorant drivel that is pervasive among professional sports in general. DJF is a blog and a community of people that are way ahead of the curve – it’s very much a progressive and inclusive forum for people to have intelligent discussions about baseball. Idiots like Zaun who spout ignorant bullshit have no place here and deserve to be mocked. Good on you, Stoeten.

  73. Hey he’s also the guy who said he wouldn’t trade leyland for trout and that cabrera got over paid by the #bluejays

  74. I’m done lookingat this blog. Ridiculous. You sound like a wimpy hipster that hasn’t gotten laid in a couple months. You’re a chubby whiney girl and I am taking my talents to bluejay banter. You condescending hypocritical wimp. Only entertaining thing I have seen on here in the last year is the other guy live blogging his family get together

  75. Ok, so this wasn’t the most offensive thing I’ve ever read, however it seems a lot of you are confused about what makes this sexist, so let me explain.

    What Zaun and those of you defending him are implying is that a man can look at a girl, decide that she’s unattractive and tell people about it. You think that a woman does things for YOU. You think that women should look a certain way, and if she happens to be fat or not feminine enough or just isn’t interested in you, you get to call her out on it because you’re a MAN and what you have say is important.

    Guys, I’m going to let you in on a secret – WOMEN DON’T LOOK A CERTAIN WAY FOR YOU. We really don’t. If a woman wants to dress up and look pretty it’s because she wants to. Same as if a woman doesn’t want to do that, it’s STILL no concern of yours and you STILL don’t have the right to call her out on it. Sure, you’re entitled to your preferences but to come out and tell a woman how she looks is bad and against what you think because you think she’s just trying to impress you IS sexist. Does that make it a bit clearer? Good post, Stoeten.

    • Let me clear the air.. I dont disagree with Stoeten’s opinion, I disagree with his arrogance in expressing it.

      With that said, you’re trying to tell me when a girl gets all dolled up and goes to the bar thinikng “I wanna look good, just because i wanna look good”

      C’mon… I haven’t been 14 for too long to believe that

      • If anyone, guy or girl, wants to look good to pick up someone, it’s still their prerogative and calling them out for the way they look is still bad. Why can’t we just leave people alone to look how they want and do what they want, so long as it isn’t hurting anyone else?

    • and it goes both ways. Some dude doesn’t fucking check his hair 1000 times just for his own self esteem.

    • then again, i’m sauced.

      and anyhing here could just be the consequence-free ramblings of a low IQ physics major

    • there’s irony in what i said to you

      • I’m a bit confused now, but alright, haha! I’m just trying to explain why it might be seen as sexist and offensive, that’s all.

  76. So i got home from trhe bar and these shitty converdaions got me fiddlin aroun fangraphs..

    its really easy to kill time on fangraps

  77. Its always the lips that get people in trouble….and now in this day in age its the fingers…rage all you want, but everyone is guilty of stupidity in one form or another.

  78. Do people realize that Rogers as a brand should be distancing themselves from Zaun and his comments? He represents the company, a company looking to make money and sell their products to as many different people as possible, and he made disparaging remarks about one of those groups, that’s the problem here

  79. considering how Zaun was “rips Jays” for how they handled the Yunel Escobar. Its something one does in “highschool” not major league sports.


  80. Couldn’t care less. Who has he offended here? The rich community? The tubby community? The bitches that be looking like men community? Who gives a rats ass? (Sorry rat community)

  81. What the fuck is Zaun doing at Hemingways in the first place? He’s a good 20+ years older than most of the patrons.

    News flash Zaun Cherry, you’re not in college anymore.

  82. I don’t really care but really, his comments about Escobar’s eye black when his tweets are not much better is pretty tasteless. I think his tweet was an example of why drunks and twitter, bring out the inner person inside. IE Zaun is sexist and chauvinist. People forget the womans rights movement, and how less than a 100 years ago woman did not have a right to vote in Canada. and that before that they were viewed as not human/less lesser humans. Zaun Cherry ever assume college students avoid him because he is a creepy 41 year old to be hitting on 18-22 year olds?

    I think Andrew has as much right to post about this as the North American Media had a right to talk about Yunel Escobar’s eye black for over a week. Not defending Escobar eye black but considering it came from a sports community, where there is a huge stigma, where players have issues being openly gay.

    Just saying Zaun’s comments are really in as much poor taste. Don’t forget he represents the image of Rogers media, where as jays players represent the image of the the Toronto Blue Jays and MLB.

  83. I never even thought much of his baseball commentary. And he has a mushy voice. And he is way too pompous about other players for a guy who was average at best and could play from his knees. Let him play CF for a day before he judges whether Rasmus is trying. One pop fly would give the guy a heart attack.

  84. In other news edwin jackson is going to get a four year 52 mil contract from the cubs which is insane compared to what the jays are going pay dickey over the next three years

  85. I hope Stoeten never reads my text message conversations.

  86. I am late to this party here but I have to comment. What Zaun said was pretty dumb. But was it dumber than Bob McCown prattling dismissively about women’s sports a while back and saying there should be an award for best mascara? Was it dumber than the kind of language you guys use on this board all the time when you search for an insult and end up with some word that equals ‘female’? When I first came on this board and was being given the sexist gears by the various incarnations of Frankie D’Angelo did Stoeten or any of the others spring to my aid and tut-tut about how this was oppressive and primitive? No you did not. Which was good because I was perfectly capable of handling old Frankie D there by myself. Hell, as recently as a couple of days ago a poster said I was probably a guy. Because why? Because I love baseball and therefore I can’t be a woman?

    Greg Zaun is a sexist twat. But no worse than countless others. If you are going to excoriate him on the board, then every time a poster calls another poster a ‘pussy’ that poster should probably be banned. Are you going to do that? I didn’t think so. Please, guys, stop clutching your pearls about this. Feminism means taking care of business ourselves. If we can’t deal with a twerp like Zaunie without male help, then what hope is there for our gender?

  87. So this is what they are thinking about what they say “stop reading the comments section” I guess…

  88. Don’t care….all of us have either said something similar or had a friend say something similar ( girls too!!! ) in our lives, so unless you retracted your statement, or had the balls to call your friend out on it…stop bitchin!! It’s funny how people can grow balls when staring at a screen.

  89. Quick Zaun story: ran into him at the Spirit of Edmonton party during Grey Cup week. The place is an orgy of drunken CFL fans wearing gear and half-listening to shitty live music. Anyway, Zaun almost walks into me, I try to say hello, and he mutters something completely unintelligible and stumbles to the bathroom. Didn’t see him the rest of the night.

    He’s become an awful analyst, he’s very stupid on Twitter, and he’s a creepy perv macking on college girls at Hemingway’s, but I really do hope the guy can get help and kick his alcohol habit once and for all. It was a great story about how he overcame it to finally get a starting job in Toronto, and it would be great to see him beat it again.

  90. New Dividi post has JP being arrogant again. Im on his blocked list know. Man he can block on twitter but not in the game, where its his job

  91. 330 comments for this bullshit? really?

  92. 333rd!!!!

    I’m more interested about David Price lol at Jays talk tweet than Zaun.

  93. Stoeten, you guys might not have been angels back in the day, but the point is that people mature and evolve. 5 or 6 years ago, you might have written some things you won’t write now; that’s part of maturing. Zaun is middle-aged; he should know better.

  94. The Cubs have signed Carlos Villanueva. Commence a new discussion thread…NOW!

    • Dammit. I really wanted CV back as insurance for the insurance.

    • You aren’t actually this dumb are you? This is a joke comment right? They couldn’t trade Carlos, he was a free agent. You think the Cubs are gonna trade a great young player like Castro for a bunch of 30 year old nobodies? Are you insane?

  95. Congrats Stoeten,

    This is politically incorrect of Zaun and it’s not fair for people in ‘powerful’ media positions or athletes to have to uphold an image or responsibility while Zaun doesn’t. More importantly I’m just glad to see a site like this call bullshit on a retired baseball player still parading around town while he projects this false image of self bravado. Look at the way he sticks his chest out during the broadcasts…please. Maybe if he was a gun slinging Texan with a lack of the English language I could discuss it as believable but coming from Zaun it’s just phony.

  96. Stoeten, do you know who coined the term Zaun Cherry?

    I came up with that on my own last year, but I’m almost 100% there must have been a gazillion other people who also did. I’m just curious if there’s any way to search it? (for my own ego of course!)

    And…. I’ve used lots of aliases….. so it probably won’t say Meh Machine…. maybe BCJaysFan or something else.

  97. You know who else is tubby and full of himself…. Gregg Zaun.

    The extra G is for human Growth hormone.

  98. Not sure how a troll like Bog Mouth Hungry gets banned and this Ok Blue Jays guy gets to keep typing away here…

    This will be the last time I feed him. Trolls must be starved. Starve the trolls! Starve the trolls!

    • I gotta say, I would rather read the rantings of some stupid asshole who makes no sense and whose rage inducing idiotic posts are laughed at , but ultimatley harmless than some high and mighty keyboard warrior being all snobish about “trolls” nobody should use that term unless theyre talking about fat-chicks at a bar. . Its just sounds so fucking stupid. I think OK Blue Jays is an idiot, but the people who constantly get all clicky about an internet comments section are 100X worse.

      • Ah thanks Jimmy.

        It just gets tiresome.

        I come here to engage in intelligent conversation abut the Jays and baseball in general. And when idiots like this specifically say things to stir the pot, take the conversation off topic to meaningless places, it gets old real fast.

        So forgive me for giving a fuck.

        • You are forgiven. You gotta admit that ok jays guys is fucking tears though. Like, just the other day when he had a 2k word post about how the jays could raise money for salarys by having 50/50 draws? Classic! I for one can’t get enough of this guy. Although I do understand your point and agree with; I was just being flippant. Peace.

  99. I know I am a big sexist asshole, but I actually found Zaun’s tweet kind of hilarious. Better to be kind of gross than boring and pollitically correct. I am getting pretty sick of there being 7 stories every morning about some celebrity or another making inappropriate tweets. Who the fuck cares? Just this morning, besides the Zaun thing, there was some outrage because Tony Hawk went skateboarding with his daughter and I just gotta ask: don’t people have anything better to do? I am sick of living in a tattle-tale society where dick heads lurk around with their fucking camera phones to “catch people in the act” and where every second news story is about someones offensive tweets. Look, its not like Zaun dropped a tweet defending Nazis. Hes a jock who objectifies woman? Call me shocked.

    • ‘I know I am a big sexist asshole’…’tony hawk’ …’i'm tired of living in a tattle tale society’…’nazis’

      what an adventure it is trying to navigate your thought process

      • Yeah just pick out some random words and act like you didnt read the whole post. What an adventure trying to be the voice of reason in a world of assholes and morons.

        • the adventure was in the way you connected them, like reverse mad libs/brain vomit. if you consider yourself a voice of reason, please reconsider.

          ‘Who the fuck cares?’
          obviously zaun, or someone above zaun cared enough to have the tweet removed. get comfortable with the fact that there are people ‘who care’ and just because it isn’t related to the nazis it won’t be dismissed

  100. Stop

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