Mule? Burro? Donkey? Whatever it is, there’s just too much about this to love for me not to post it.


Image via Reyes’ always-fascinating Instagram account.

Crotch grab to @craigrwc for the tip.

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  1. at least he’s got the correct attire on

  2. It’s not a mule, it’s an ass. Reyes has it confused with Jefferey Loria.

  3. Can his twin hit LHP?

  4. Is he pointing at his water bottle? As if to say, “I’m gonna rehydrate near this equine”?

  5. I hear Alex will be playing baby Jesus in Jose’s Nativity Play this year.

  6. Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It” playing in the background.

  7. Donkey meat is good this time of year.

  8. We now have 2 players on the roster with a spiderweb tattoo on their elbow
    I wonder if that means they spent time at the same prison

  9. Gotta love the energy and enthusiasm this guys gunna bring to the Jays

  10. Something tells me I’m gonna love having this guy on the team.

  11. I’m offended by this blatant animal abuse.

  12. He is going to fill that bottle with Donkey semen for studding. Common practice. Don’t know why he’s so excited about it though

  13. Looks like Pedro the Christmas Burro. Never mind me, I learn my fables from movies. (Miami Vice, specifically )

  14. A picture of a confused-looking ass having his chain yanked around, and it’s not Gregg Zaun?

  15. Every time we have a new picture of Reyes he has blue Jays clothes on. The guy really seems to like the team or there’s some good photoshop going on

  16. It’s like the Little Sebastian episode of Parks and Rec.

  17. Somewhere in the Coffee Regions of Peru, a lonely Wan Valdez looks for his mule.

  18. it’s off topic but this NMA video is hilarious.

  19. Who’s the Jose Reyes look-a-like? Twin brother? Body double for those dangerous South American trips? Does his hat say Pussy in spanish?

  20. this is going to be a fun year methinks

  21. 2 guys, 1 bottle

  22. He’s starting his own Donkey cheese factory too.

    Chacin is going to jealous of his savy entrepreneurship.

  23. C’mon, no Farrell /jackass jokes yet?!

    You guys been hitting the holiday sauce early or something?

  24. I love me those shorts.

  25. I think he’s pointing at his doppleganger’s knees, thinking “those are going to replace my own knees after a few years playing in the Rogers Centre.”

  26. I heard the donkey is named Alex. No wait…far too skinny for that

  27. Why are there 3 guys holding the ass down?

  28. I noticed the Blue Jays shorts first…I love this guy’s apparent enthusiasm!!!

  29. Is Reyes going to sober up before spring training?

    At least before Lind does, I hope.

  30. It is in fact an ass, not a mule. If the comment above is right about why he’s holding that bottle, then it is indeed a jack-ass. A female ass is called a jenny.

    More to the point – assuming he’s on a visit to the Dominican Republic, is it not a bit weird that everybody in the Dominican looks identical to Jose Reyes, right down to the weird beard.

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