Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

For those of you who haven’t already heard enough about it, RA Dickey himself will be on Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 this afternoon at 5:20 PM ET. So… there’s that.

Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) looks at how the new CBA is still causing problems for free agents, as the spending constraints in the draft have made holding high draft picks crucial in maximizing bonus pool money, which has made clubs extremely reluctant to part with them for low-end Type-A’s like Adam LaRoche, Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano. After what the Jays have just done, both in terms of spending and in terms of depleting the farm system, I wouldn’t expect them to go there.

Kiley McDaniel of FanGraphs checks in with part four of his series from instructs covering the Jays, looking this time at one that got away– Wulimer Becerra– as well as 2012 first-rounder DJ Davis. “Davis shows the ability to handle the bat head and make adjustments,” he writes, “which leads me to believe that unless his pitch recognition is terrible (I’m chalking many of his strikeouts to approach/mechanics) that a Kenny Lofton-type offensive approach is doable and likely his best choice. The ceiling with this approach (.280, 15 homers, 20+ steals, above average defense) is still an above average regular and would remove some of the risk associated with Davis’ future.”

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports taps into Toronto’s inferiority complex, polling 20 non-AL East scouts and executives, 13 of whom call the Jays the division favourites.

The Star has some stories on RA Dickey’s conference call and whatnot that I can’t possibly be arsed to find words to differentiate. The Sun has even more of them.

Speaking of the Star, though, Richard Griffin had a chat with readers about the Dickey deal the other day. Here’s the recap.

John Lott of the National Post writes about RA Dickey’s comments on a conference call yesterday about releasing his book earlier this year, which revealed abuse he had suffered as a child– and has earned him a cover spot on this week’s Sports Illustrated, an issue dedicated to 2012′s “inspiring performers.”

Hayley Mick and Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail also look at this aspect of Dickey’s storey, praising him for using his platform to fight sexual abuse.

MacLeod also looks at Dickey’s comments on pitching indoors, which he likes– though his stats at Rogers Centre aren’t particularly impressive (they were accumulated, however, when he was a more traditional, fastball-slider-changeup pitcher).

Gregor Chisholm of talks to Tom Candiotti about Dickey. The former knuckleballing Jays pitcher thinks the new one is in a great place for his bread-and-butter pitch.

Gregor’s colleague Anthony Castrovince likes the deal for both clubs.

And elsewhere, Gregor takes a look at the pitch that the Jays’ brass made to Dickey in Nashville, once the trade had been signed off on between both sides, late last week.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks about the Jays’ new faith in Dickey’s pitch of last resort.

Overlooked in the whirlwind of Dickey nonsense, John Lott of the National Post writes about Jerry Howarth, a well-deserved 2013 entrant to the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame. Congratulations to Jerry!

Also overlooked this week: Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) writes about Josh Johnson, and how big he could cash in with a healthy, Josh Johnson-like season in 2013.

Bluebird Banter wishes good luck to Scott Richmond, who is off to Korea to pitch for the Lotte Giants.

Mop Up Duty looks at the sad history of Blue Jays catchers, by WAR.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs reflects on the year in home runs off of slow pitches, including one from Brett Lawrie.

Baseball Prospectus flashes back to a couple of pre-draft videos of recently-drafted Jays prospects: Marcus Stroman and Matt Smoral.

Today’s edition of Craig Robinson’s fortnightly infographic at Getting Blanked features a fantastic, anatomical diagram of Kevin Youkilis.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, it’s Wade Boggs dancing– presumably starting to close in on the magical number 70.

Lastly, at, Peter Gammons writes about the returning relevance of the Toronto Blue Jays. So… obviously…

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  1. Dickey’s on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated with a powerful piece about sexual abuse. First current Jay on the cover since Verducci’s spring with the team?

  2. I had forgotten all about the Peter Gammons theme song. Amazing.

    • He’s like Bob Elliot with ten times the drunken cronyism.

      I’d love to see Gammons and Shaughnessy in a whore off!

  3. i wouldnt mind joe saunders on a one year deal

  4. Enjoy this one Jays fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “R.A. Dickey Welcome to the TORONTO BLUE JAYS”

  5. In Hockey you always hear about teams tradin draft picks.

    How come in baseball teams rarely if ever trade draft picks?

  6. Morales to the mariners? Why? I want All The Players in Toronto.

    • would you give up happ for him i wouldnt with all the injury shit going on

      • In any other year I probably would do that trade, but now with the Jays so close to being the real deal I wouldn’t – pitching depth is more important and as others pointed out Morales doesn’t have opposite enough stats to platoon properly with Lind

  7. Morales for Vargas damn – Angels grabbed a really nice arm there for a 1 yr rental – love all the one-upsmanship this year

  8. Another “Mickey” Mouse signing by the ninja.

    Mickey must be the new closer.

    Las Vegas says Jays are 8 to 1 faves to win it all.

    As I toldja before, Jays have a very weak pen.

    Chad Jenkins – 13 games 32 MLB career innings experiece.
    Mickey – 26 games and 30 MLB career innings experiece.
    Aaron Loup – 33 games and 30 MLB career innings experience.
    Aaron Laffey – 58 games 142 MLB career innings experiece
    Steve Delabar – 67 games and 73 MLB career innings experience.
    Brad Lincoln – 71 games and 187 MLB career innings experience.
    Brett Cecil – 87 games and 560 MLB career innings experiece.

    I wonder if Las Vegas odd makers know this?

    I also toldja Roger’s is stacking the farm with pro players.

    Gettin ready to plant the for sale sign in the turf.

    • Is that the Bisons opening day bullpen? Looks pretty damned good for AAA.

      • No, it’s the World Series bound Blue Jays.

        I left out Happ and Casey so 3 of the above goes to Buffalo because I also forgot to mention Rogers. Santos won’t be ready for opening day. Oliver isn’t coming back…so far.

        Esmil Rogers – 111 games and 272 MLB career innings experiece.

        Add that, um, deep pen to the, um, 60 wins Jays starters got last year and you can clearly see why Jays are World Series Champs in ’13.

        Josh won 8. Rickey 9. Morrow 10. Mark 13. Dickey 20.

        • There’s no guarantee Santos won’t be ready, everything I read says he’s ahead of schedule, why leave out Janssen and Happ? Doesn’t fit your agenda? McGowan(LOL) might not implode and be ready, Perez, Hutchison, Litsch and Drabek are all expected back sometime before the ASG. And Oliver may come back, it’s not nearly as bleak as your painting, and valuing pitchers by wins is beyond retarded.

          • Yes, you’re right, valuing NL pitchers wins in pitcher friendly parks pitching to pitchers who hit, when they’ll now face DHs’ in hitters parks, only makes the NL pitchers on Jays look even better.

            Santos had season ending surgery. He’s not going to be throwing 90 mph pitches every night or other night by Feb. Maybe it will, but he’ll be on the DL again if he does.

            These players make so much coin that teams can’t allow them proper rest.

            As soon as Morrow gets hurt again, probably by July, Happ becomes a starter and one of those weak Buffalo guys moves up into the pen. These pitchers are probably ok, but the Jays have no real experiece.

            The Jays have 5 arms with Tommy John, 4 pitchers and a catcher.

            McGowan should be bought out and Litsch is already fistory.

          • “Perez, Hutchison, Litsch and Drabek are all expected back sometime before the ASG…”

            Ummm, no they’re not.

        • Yes, aside from you forgetting three quarters of the pen, it was a pretty solid post.

      • Please, please just ignore this fellow

        • Oh fine.

        • You can ignore me but you can’t ignore the facts.

          Jays aren’t even making the playoffs and some of you already planned the parade.

          • Who hurt you?

            The pen will be more than adequate.

            It will work out, stop being a jerk.

          • OK so fuck off then. You’re the one who ignored the facts. Half those guys will be in Buffalo. You conveniently left off Jansen, Happ, and Santos so you could take this opportunity to piss on our enthusiasm. If the Jays are not making the playoffs then you can go back to the hockey blogs to follow the exciting lockout. Thanks for coming out asshole.

    • I’m going to let your assertion that bullpen pitchers get demonstrably better as they age go.

      I wonder if Las Vegas odd makers know this?

      No, and are both blocked in Nevada.

      I also toldja Roger’s is stacking the farm with pro players.

      It’s “Rogers” you illiterate fucking dickshit.

      Gettin ready to plant the for sale sign in the turf.

      Not that it would be a bad thing, but what is giving you the impression that Rogers is going to sell? It would be incredibly fucking dumb to take on the salaries they’ve taken, almost all of which balloon after 2013, in an attempt to sell.

      Everything you say is either stupid or wrong. Stop fucking posting.

      • I don’t even understand his point, half those guys are going to be in AAA until an injury happens and I every time has guys with little to no experience as AAA depth.

        • Gee another genius Jays fan. If half these guys are on the farm then name the other half that are in the Jays pen, genius?

      • Do you fix up a house a bit before you sell it, ya stupid fuck?

        If the Jays are winning and selling out the SkyDome, and winning on the farm too, are the Blues worth more than just having a shitty club with 15,000 fans, ya stupid fuck?

        • In your example, the equivalent would be renovating a house, selling it, and then sticking the buyer with years of reoccurring payments that increase each year, in addition to the actual house.

          So no, people do not do that.

          Maybe in whatever goddamn Lewis Carroll adventure world you exist in, where time and dignity have no meaning, people do those things. I don’t want to judge.

          There’s been some dumb motherfuckers on this website over the last three or four years, but you are shattering records right from the starting gun like the 88 Orioles here.

          • If the Jays were in it to win it they would’ve signed Hamilton. But Hamilton wouldn’t sign for less than 5 years. Jays aren’t committing to anyone for more than 3 years because Rogers are doin a fixer upper to dump the Jays.

            The Dogers get 250M a year just in TV contract cash. They have the largest stadium at 56,000. They make another 120+ million a year from ticket sales, apparel sales, concession sales. The Dodgers have a 370 million dollar annual budget to buy player EVERY year. How can anyone compete with that?

            There is no money to be made owning the Jays, Rogers can dump it, make over half a billion in profit from owning the Jays for 13 years and force the new owner to continue airing Jays games on Rogers TV stations as part of the sale agreement.

            Roger will continue to profit off the Jays without owning them or assuming any risk.

            Running the Jays entire operation must cost 160M a year at least. Travel costs, farm cost, spring trianing costs, player costs, office staff costs, coaches costs, Dome property taxes and operation costs, etc.

            And player contract costs are continuing to just going up.

            Even if Rogers put a good product on the field there is no guarantee fans show up. If a 20M dollar a year player gets hurt, Rogers still has to pay that player and pay another player to replace them.

            Baseball is out of control. Rogers knows it. I says they are selling. Time will tell.

            But you’re still a dumb asshole even if they dont sell.

          • Hahaha, there is no money to be made owning the Jays, fellas! Nadir is asking the fans to come by after Christmas to shake the Dome to see if any pennies come loose!

        • I think this is the only appropriate response to Ok Blue Jays posts:

  9. Will Bryan Wilson cost a pick? If not, why not sign him to an incentive-laden contract much like Madson? After spending taking in so much money this offseason a 1 year 5 mill contract should be nothing considerable. If Cordero can get that last offseason, I don’t see a point in Wilson not being considered. Even if he is coming off a shoulder injury it should provide Jays with outstanding depth at the back end. You can have 3 legit closers at the back end potentially. Dr. Andrews already cleared him for Spring Training so health wise he is ready to go. SIGN EM UP!

  10. R.A Dickey = K.K. Rokossovsky

    He sees the ultimate path to victory is not through greed. Not any victory either, victory of the humble and the just. He knows that if he goes on an adventure, it should be a good one.

    This guy may not be a commie, but he smells of a Canadian.

    Passionate lyrical guy is he, should get along nicely with Epic Beard Man, our other poetic guy.

  11. Then there is Lawrie GETTING TOTALLY FUCKING DIMED!


  12. I am a dumb fucking troll please ignore everything i say above. I list people above lile Lafey who is a free agent. i am leafs 4 life kind of guy……

    • You sound like Parkes’ mother.

    • Didn’t know it was a free agent. I guess AA didn’t resign Aaron Laffey’s 58 games and 142 MLB career innings experiece because AA was really after Mickey’s 26 games and 30 MLB career innings experiece.

      Mickey couldn’t even make the Astro’s team. Ha!

      Remeber friends, this off season was all about getting pitchers.

  13. Carlos V to the Cubs

    • Amazing how things have turned. Maybe 3 weeks ago and people might still be upset losing Villanueva. Now, it’s good luck to him. Fantastic.

      • Already toldja, Carlos and AA had a fallen out. Carlos isn’t coming back because apparently being a good poitcher doesn’t fit AA plan.

      • Agreed.

        I hope he does well and I think he can be a decent back end starter in the NL Central.

        Hopefully for the Blue Jays’ sake Happ is relegated to swingman for the next 2 years, does a good job and then can hit free agency looking for a shot as a starter.

        Such is the life of #5/6 pitchers.

    • I hope CV does well with the Cubs. I would have liked to have had him as 5/swingman this year.

  14. Did OK Blue Jays start posting the minute Big Mouth Hungry stopped?

    • Bingo

    • that and hasseys side burns. ok jay is a real dumb ass. either josh johnson has a an ace season like he has in the past get 200 innings out of em than leaves or he gets injured and his stock plumits. when you can get 210 from dickey, 200 from buerle and romero, 190 from jj and morrow 190 thats nearly 1000 innings from the rotation how many innings did last seasons 1-5 get?

      • and i forgot oakville. my favorite thing ok said was when he tried to say jays rotation is one of there weaknesses in 2013 and that he thinks a davis and shields less rays still have the best rotation in the ale….. really you dont see a bunch of alvarez rookie season on last years rays. watch a bunch of em fall back to earth.

        • Rays do have the best rotation as of right now. If the weaker hitting Rays didn’t agree, do you think they’d trade Shields?

          Rays are tradin Price next year. Sure would be nice if the Jays had 2 top spects still around to try and get em.

      • Could you repeat that in English so we can try and figure out wtf you said?

        Smart guy, JJ is a Tommy Johnner. JJ won 8 games. JJ wants more than 14 mil a year. Do you really think there is a chance in hell the Jays are going to resign him?

        • guess Strasburg to quote Parkes is a shitballer because he had TJ…..

        • Dear god, Ok Blue Jays is using games won by pitchers as a stat…. You’re making me sad ! Stop doing this to yourself! Please! Have some dignity! … but go to my link above first, it may be enlightening for you.

  15. hi

  16. Hey what happened to good old big mouth hungry. He’s been quiet lately.

  17. I did a quick check. In the 12 starts after a dickey win against same team, they scored more than 3 runs only 3 times.

  18. OK blue jays – how could rogers force whoever buys the team to broadcast the games on Sportsnet? That’s retarded

    • Do you think all baseball teams are owned by a company that also owns a TV station?

      If I’m Rogers and you’re buying the Jays from me the deal is that I still have exclusive TV rights to Jays games for 20 years, or for as long as you own the Jays, or better yet forever,

      And since I own the Jays I’ll be the one to decide what terms I’m going to sell it for.

      Rogers has to spend more and more every year to field a team. The players are paid in US dollars. What’s going to happen when running the Jays cost 200M a year and the Canadian dollar falls way below the US dollar again?

      Running the 200M dollar team will cost the Jays even more.

      There is no purpose for Rogers to own the Jays, really. Putting grass in the Dome is costing even more cash that produces no ROI. Selling the Jays and cashing in the half billion dollar profit and still making ongoing cash from the Jays from TV contracts without assuming any risk at all makes more sense.

      Rogers is a terrible club owner. They are great at running a TV station. Does it make sense to continue doing something you’re terrible at or does it make much more sense to do something you’re great at?

      Clearly, friend, what’s really retarded is… YOU.

      • lol so silly.

      • There’s no purpose for them to own them, except the fact that they get cheap content, that they can put on their major cable network that is in damn near every single home in Canada?

        Why would they care about the half-billion from selling the team when they could just as easily keep using the team to make even more money than that?

        JP Riccardi wasn’t very good at what he did, and put the team in a hole. AA has dug them out, it just took them time to do so because why trust the new guy with 100+ million when he hadn’t proven anything yet? Clearly AA had a plan, implemented it, and now we’ll see how it plays out.

        Selling now would be the worst time for them. If they sustain their status as a contender for 5-10 years or something (which, I’m not saying is or isn’t going to happen, but hypothetically) would be a much better way to sell the team, seeing as they would have brought new life into a potentially huge market.

        Also, if you’re one of a couple rich-ass individuals or whomever decided to buy the team, I’d laugh at Rogers trying to tell me that I had to agree to allow them to broadcast the games, unless they were going to cut me one hell of a deal in the sale. If not, you better believe that said rich guy is knocking on TSN’s door, asking them if they want Blue Jays content.

        • I think when the LA Dodgers got 250M in TV cash on top of 120M in ticket etc sales a year Rogers realized its game over. No one can compete with them so why bother spending hundreds of millions to even try. This doesn’t mean the Dodgers win all the time, tho.

          Second point is that I do believe so help me God that another Hockey team is coming to Greater Taranna and Rogers is going to be the won to own it.

          Get me now!

      • Ok Blue Jays might be on to something here.
        Rogers sells the Jays and use that money for an expansion MLB team in Hamilton.
        Once that works, the NHL will noticed that two teams can survive in the same market and grant Rogers an expansion team for Markham.
        Then they can sell their half of MLSE to a Russian billionaire and make more money.
        Very shrewd and sneaky of those Rogers bastards. They’re so cheap.But shrewd too, in a sneaky sorta way.

        • Look at the off season. AA said pitching was the target. They sign a cheap second baseman and a cheap pitcher in Rogers. Same ole same ole.

          Then the Dodgers announce the big TV contract haul and immediately Rogers clearly changes course.

          They do the Fish deal even though the players are overpaid. The players are name brands and look at the interest sparked in the Jays.

          They sell the farm for another name brand pitcher in Dickey who’s not even worth it. They stack the farm with pros so they can win it all there.

          Everyone will brag the Jays have the best farm team.

          The Jays will draw another million fans this year. Winning it all would be nice but Rogers knows they don’t need to win it all, just do well and Taranatians will be there spending cash and making the Jays books look pretty good to the new buyer.

          The Jays become a hot ticket again.

          Rogers sells the Jays and uses the 500M dollar profit made in 13 tiny years to build and buy a salary capped controllable NHL team.

          All paid for by silly Blue Jay Fans.

          Now Rogers has exclusive TV rights to the Jays and the new NHL team.

          Look how secretive AA operates. What else is he hiding?

          How about the TRUTH.

  19. Should the jays get a backup to Happ now in the rotation?

    • That’s likely Jenkins, McGuire and Nolin at this point, though it wouldn’t surprise me to see AA sign a couple more Laffey types before spring training. Those guys tend to get signed in January.

      • I wouldn’t mind if they signed Laffey again for AAA filler. Better to have the horror you know than the horror you don’t.

        • Actually Laffey did a decent job considering he was emergency filler material. He pitched better than Happ even though he doesn’t have Happ’s upside going forward.

  20. I just blew my wadski after hearing we got Lance Zawadski. Lance Fucking Zawadski. A pants jizzing move if there ever was one.

  21. Dickey needs to start teaching McGowan,drabek,cecil how to throw the junk.They sound like perfect fits.

  22. Can someone ban this okbluejays

  23. AA’s next move for a RH bat off the bench, take Wells off the Angels hands for C prospect, while they pay 95 % of his contrat for the next two years. Love to see it just for the irony.

  24. I am not sure banning him is order. Does not take wrong for the air of stupidity to steam from his comments. You can tell he is a dumbass troll, when he gets powned by someone and moves on to arguing something else later. I am still waiting for a response to my comment, that if JJ is crap because of TJ, than do the jays and most other teams no longer want Strasburg? TJ is a very common procedure for pitcher in the 21st century. I would actually be lest concerned with a TJ issue over a shoulder issue.

    If Rogers wanted to sell the Jays they wouldnt have bought into maple leafs sports entertainment. IE they are using the jays as a place to advertise there content, easy ad revenue all over the jays stadium. easy content, rogers cable, mobile and internet.

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