According to a team release, the Jays have maybe done a nifty piece of business this afternoon, filling out their 40-man roster by picking up right-handed reliever Mickey Storey– who was hit in the face with a line drive in September, but came back to pitch later in the month– on waivers from Houston.

Storey, who turns 27 in March, made his big league debut in 2012, pitching 30 innings while posting a 3.86 ERA, 2.80 FIP, 2.99 SIERA and 3.88 xFIP. He isn’t one of these huge-armed guys Alex has been stockpiling– his fastball averaged just a shade below 90 during those 30 innings– but he’s got some swing-and-miss stuff, generating swinging strikes on 12.8% of his pitches (per FanGraphs), including over 22% of the time on his slider (per Brooks Baseball), which was his most-used pitch (he also has a decent curve, too).

He struck out 26.8% of batters in his 30 big league innings, which was good for more than ten K/9, while keeping walks down pretty decently– as he’s done throughout his minor league career as well.

Eno Sarris wrote about Storey, among others, back in November at FanGraphs, looking at relievers who throw a low percentage of fastballs, as Storey does, which he seems to think is possibly an undervalued group, as “these guys have pitches. They just don’t have fastballs. Since they are relievers, you usually don’t have to give them many years, so the injury risk isn’t as big a deal. And as you can tell by the names, they aren’t an expensive group, despite their collective four-ish FIP.”

Thing about Storey is, his splits are a bit weird, as he was much more effective against lefties in 2012, holding them to a .158/.231/.222 line– translating to a .208 wOBA and a 2.80 FIP, though a 4.79 xFIP. He get almost all of his strikeouts against right-handed hitters, though, and had a better FIP and xFIP in that split, despite giving up a .342 wOBA (driven by a .396 BABIP).

So… was he just getting BABIP’d to death? I’m not convinced it’s quite that simple, or that the Astros would be so cavalier in ditching a potentially nice piece in order to clear room for Carlos Pena on the 40-man, but… maybe? They clearly see some value there: the Astros lost Storey on waivers to the Yankees earlier in the winter– perhaps through a botched attempt to slide him down to the minors– and picked him back up when the Yankees eventually dropped him as well. Timothy De Block of Crawfish Boxes called the loss of Storey a “head scratcher” and praised the Astros for finding a way to get him back.

So much for that, eh Houston? Though I wouldn’t be convinced that the Jays won’t, eventually, try to sneak him through waivers themselves. If they keep him, he’s certainly an intriguing arm.

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  1. That’s it?

  2. Thanks for the back-storey on Mickey. UGH NEVERMIND, “Storey” puns aren’t as much fun as Dickey puns. Good to know.

  3. Meh.
    Based on AA’s recent moves our 4oth guy has a shelf life of about 1 week just like raspberries. He will be claimed late next week by Oakland or somebody when we try to send him to the minors or when we claim some other fukin back-up catcher-I hear Barajas is still on the loose-for fuck. He’ll have as much impact on the 25 man as Sam Dyson ( remember-”best stuff in the orgi”) did i.e zero. Next!

    • You’re going to have to tone down that starry-eyed optimism, fukstik. Talk about a romantic dreamer!

    • I’m not so sure this one won’t stick. This guy has good numbers and could be a useful change of pace from the other options in the bullpen, plus he’s tough on lefties. Could be Oliver/Cecil insurance for the bullpen.

  4. Any chance Saunders is a jay?

  5. Dickey, Ricky, Melky and Mickey – we’ve found AA’s new OCD fetish

  6. The Astros tried to send him to the minors? It seems like he would be the best guy on their team!

    • yeah-that’s another issue. Houston can’t even field a realistic 25 man team and we are essentially grabbing guy No 41. No diamonds here i’m afraid-let’s make a deal or sign a FA -I gotta have somethin to raise the spirits ( not raise the spirits like a good merlot).
      Maybe OK blu jays will have a brilliant comment today and lift me up………ummmm NO

  7. can never have enough depth. Next up Soriano or Wilson to shore up the back end of bp.

    • Hmmmm….

      There are those saying that D’Arnaud for Dickey should have been enough. It looks like the Jays sent the Mets Syndergaard so they would eat Buck’s 6 million dollar salary. The question that begs to be asked is: did the Jays really need to save 6 million dollars in 2013 only at the cost of a top prospect? Or was that done to free up money for 2013 with a second move in mind?


      • Just for the 6 million I have a hard time believing. But maybe, some extra value to equal the Dickey/D’Arnaud transactions, some of his value to take Bucks salary and the rest to acquire Dickey’s personal catcher (and decent OBP guy) in Thole. Doesn’t seem so crazy when broken down like that.

      • There are also those saying we should blow our load to reacquire Halladay, please don’t fall into the trap of selective reading. The Mets and AA both verified that TDA was on the table over a week and it was not going to be enough to convince Sandy to pry his Dickey from his icy grip. When AA asked what needed to be added, they offered one option; Syndergaard.

        Don’t cherry pick articles to back up your point and ignore valid ones that disprove it, you look as bad as fukstik.

        • who the fuck are you, dickhead?

        • Sorry…my mistake. I’m so dumb. You’re right. The trade was obviously going no where when it was just D’Arnaud for Dickey. The Mets insisted on Syndergaard too, all just for Dickey. Then when the Jays wanted to swap catchers (which would cost the Mets as much as keeping Dickey for 2013), the Mets were appeased just by receiving Wuilimer Beccera. He’s so worth 6 mil.

          Yeah, that’s TOTALLY how it went down. What was I thinking.

  8. Now, Dickey! Now, Rickey! Now, Melky and Mickey!

    To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
    Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!

  9. That’s it? I was expecting another blockbuster.

  10. I absolutely adore those jerseys in the picture above. Classic.

    • I absolutely agree. Wish the Astros would go back to these ‘rainbow guts’ jerseys permanently.

  11. If things don’t change (Nelson Muntz says “ha! ha!” here) might AA be taking a flier on this guy as a potential replacement, or depth guy in general, for Oliver’s seemingly vacated LOOGY role?

    • Not a bad way to think about it. At some point, AA is going to have to force Oliver to decide. It might come when another player becomes available that AA wants to bring on the 40 man. This way, we have a bit more lefty depth on the 40 man in case Oliver decides to retire.

  12. R.A. Mickey

  13. So the Jays got back from Astros on waivers about the same quality of 5 of the guys they gave up. to the Astros last year

  14. Can he hit a lefty?

  15. Potential CV 2.0

  16. yet another post completely destroyed by retarded metrics stats. Is SIERA seriously a stat….

    this shit is just getting out of hand…

  17. Im making up a new stat called IPOOD (innings pitched on overcast days) it’s going to be a make or break stat. Or perhaps a stat where you multiply the pitchers innings pitched by pitches thrown, add in his height then multiply that by the size of his girlfriends tits, divide it by the swinging strikes he gets during night games then add his shoe size and divide again by the amount of times he scratches his balls in a year.

    • i’m with you. whatever happened to just fuckin watching some of these guys play for awhile ( you know, like the scouts have to do ) and then evaluating the cunts.. the old sc hoolers still do a lot by gut feel, backed upby some stats

  18. Mickey, Ricky and Dickey.

    Ohhh Mickey you’re so fine you blow our mind Hey Mickey…

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