Who says I can’t mail in two posts in a row? In the wake of Jose Reyes Pointing At A Mule, I got tweeted at by the great @James_In_TO, who suggested I use a Photoshop of his if there was any follow-up to yesterday’s post about rumours that the Jays are seriously looking into putting real grass into the Rogers Centre.

Uh… yeah. This deserves its own post. It looks like a real stadium!


Image via Flickr.

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  1. I never thought i’d ever be this turned on by grass again.

  2. it’s, it’s, it’s…beautiful *wipes away tears from face*

  3. Why is the mound a Pepsi logo?

  4. Looks good. Would like to see it, along with a revived Windows Restaurant. They could take out two sections of cheap seats on either side of the hotel, create a couple of terraces with some greenery, a bar from which you could see the field and so on. Then, re-name the place the Ted Rogers Memorial Skydome and we’re good to go. You’re welcome Mr. Beeston, you can donate my consulting fee to Jays Care.

  5. Does anyone think they’d lower the outfield fences with natural grass?

    IIRC, the reason the walls are so high in the first place was to prevent too many ground rule doubles from the higher than normal bounces off the turf.

  6. I’m saying right now.. if there was grass like that at the Dome… that upper ring wouldn’t be blue.

  7. True Beauty.

  8. I would move to Toronto, just to see every game, it looks fantastic If there’s grass on the field play ball!

  9. Nice work there…

    Now, if those 500 level outfield sits were filled, it would really get me dreaming.

    Opening day is going to be absolutely bonkers. I’m predicting it turns into BMO field from TFC’s opening season. Every time an opposing outfielder goes to catch a ball, fans will pelt him with streamers.

  10. To fully simulate what it’d look like, you’d have to put more people in the stands.

    This is so beautiful. Shit, even eliminating the faded gridiron from the turf and giving it a fresh coat of paint would go a long way…

  11. Mail that photoshop to Beeston. Not sure he knows how to open his email

  12. Argos…GET THE FUCK OUT!!

  13. James_in_TO should have snuck a 2013 world series championship banner in the rafters too.

  14. This is awesome. Would totally enhance the baseball-ness feel of the place.

    Related: I did this few years ago. What the place would look like with no hotel, no roof, and a great downtown view:


    • I love this.

    • … you’re on to something here, Eric. I wonder if somehow the roof could be retained while still knocking out the walls/portions of the stadium in the outfield…? I doubt it, based on load-bearing, etc.

      But, well, that is something…

    • Can you photoshoppe in some snow also??

      • You mean the same issue they face in Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, etc. (I could go on…) in regards to weather?

        The ‘outdoor weather in April and October’ argument against an open-air stadium in Toronto is beyond tired.

    • That would be awesome if they could take out the hotel/restaurant, and just replace them with huge windows to support the roof

  15. Very cool!

  16. That looks damn good

  17. Great photoshop.

    I think they should tear out the hotel and Windows restaurant completely, and then, even with the dome closed, you would still get some air in the place. Just leave a gaping hole past the outfield surrounding the Jumbotron.

    • I just mentioned above (before I saw this comment, Tony) that I wonder about the load-bearing issues that removing this section of the stadium would present.

      If there was some sort of elevated steel ring around the stadium, then maybe it could work, but I have a feeling that with gigantic pillars holding up the roof when it is ‘retracted’, then the view would be crummy… but still, open air in the outfield ‘walls’ is about as intriguing as it gets.

  18. This is all kinds of awesome

  19. If you look closely, it’s fuckin Ray Liotta walking in from the fence.


  20. James in TO, I salute you.

    I thoroughly enjoy your work.

  21. Stoeten, when are we having a goddamned pre opening day Drunk Jays Fans shaker?


  22. Watch out for the giant eagle that came and flew away with mike mccoy!

  23. Beautiful, beautiful , beautiful. 3 times sexy

  24. beyond awesome. hope this happens

  25. Purely out of curiosity, does anyone know why they ditched the post-homerun fireworks a few years ago?

  26. rogers is in bed with the argos so this wont happen

  27. Possible impact on the World’s Fastest Grounds Crew?

  28. Wow!

    If they could add grass, and then somehow reconstruct the outfield, taking out seats and creating more of a baseball feel, I’d happily give up my fantasy of a new stadium.

    • It’s only taken a few years to put a bullshit aquarium down there, no end in sight, either.

      Knocking out some of the thickest concrete outside of Flak towers in Berlin should be no trouble at all.

      The Dome, learn to love it. It will be Toronto’s most prominent ruin in 3000 years

  29. Its like upgradng from lino flooring to hardwood! What a difference!!

  30. Awesome. Just put the DJF logo on the scoreboard and you’re got a permanent site fixture like the Boggs Head.

    • It occurs to me, somewhere (probably on the wrong, Scientology related part of Florida) Wade Boggs is pounding Miller Lite after Miller Lite and thinking thoughts about a waitress worthy of a Borgia Pope.

      I find that oddly comforting.

  31. Pretty fuckin nice.

  32. Grass looks awesome and the dirt infield looks awesomer.

  33. I love the idea of potential real grass in the Dome but I’d love to see a new natural out door stadium built, maybe over looking the lake and give the Argos the SkyDome. I’ve been to many parks and the Dome just doesn’t have a true baseball feel. #GoBluejays

  34. Any ‘new’ stadium refurbishment has to keep the retractable roof, period. You can talk all you want about it being a better atmosphere during an open-air game, and how other northern cities cope with cold weather, and that’s all fine……but I love the simple fact that when you have tickets to a game in Toronto, THE GAME WILL BE PLAYED (unless there’s G20 nonsense once in a blue moon).

    Imagine all the fans who make an annual weekend trip to Toronto each year to see the Jays, spending god knows how many hours in a car or plane, and then imagine how disappointed these fans would be to have their baseball weekend ruined by rain.

    • Totally with you. I remember seeing games in Exhibition Stadium. I love the dome. No rainouts, no vicious wind off the lake, no frozen toes. Give me that any day.

    • Make The roof glass!! then its the best of both worlds! it can act like a green house for grass growth when needed. & open the roof when the weathers good. change the name back to Skydome! since even with the roof closed u would still see the Sky!

  35. I’ve been to the SkyDome many times with grass. That’s exactly what it looks like.

  36. Grass man, I can’t keep off the beautiful grass man

  37. That shit is beautiful! They need to put some glass in the roof too.

  38. The lack of grass is embarrassing. Currently, the Jays’ park looks like it is built in the basement of a real ballpark. It’s a humiliation for the country of Canada. If Minnesota Twins can have grass, the Jays can have grass, because Minnesota has a much worse climate than Toronto.

    When the Jay’s park opened in 1989, about half the MLB parks had fake grass. Then hundreds of players had their knees wrecked and millions of fans got less than what they deserved from a day at the ballpark. Now, it is down to 2 parks with fake grass, even though there are now about 10 retractable domes. Players don’t know how to play on fake grass anymore unless it is their home park.

    So it is time to put grass under the Jays. Have some pride for crying out loud. It will pay for itself in increased attendance and the improved image for Toronto, which is a world class city and deserves a world class ballpark.

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