Drew beat me to it yesterday over at Getting Blanked, so I declined to give it a full post then, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the awesome piece of work from our theScore.com co-worker, Scott Johnson, who absolutely crushed this sports activity book out of the effing park.

Hit the jump for the Yunel Escobar customizable greeting card or the link above for the full book. Great fun for those willing to allow themselves a little fun.

Be warned, the Allen Iverson crossword puzzle is a toughie.

Comments (24)

  1. FIRST!!!

    Fuck yeah! Suck it Farrell

  2. fuck off looper

  3. Tu Ere MariaVirgen?

  4. That’s fuckin money baby.

  5. Read it yesterday – laughed my a$$ off. Loved the Iverson puzzle

  6. You forgot draw the world map on stoeten’s belly!

  7. You missed it. You should have had a Mike Wilner Mr. Potato Head doll

  8. We need a Stoeten beard maze just think of all the hidden treasures

  9. Have a connect the dots on AA’s 2012 trades, it would resemble the tangled strings of Christmas lights that could never be untangled

  10. Count the hairs on parkes legs. Answer zero!

  11. Connect the dots on the jays bandwagon!

  12. Looks like Cubs will move Garza or cash in on Smards.
    Carlos V

  13. Haahhaahah that activity book is priceless.

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