With so much of the off-season heavy lifting done, and transactions slowing to a crawl for the holidays, we’re officially heading full-on into the most mailing-it-in-est time of the year!

So… let’s mail in another post, shall we? Because Mark Willis, a Boston-based, Harvard-employed designer has put together some images of what the uniforms of the teams in the American League East would look like if they were reimagined as soccer jerseys.

And… um… hit the jump to see precisely how nails the Jays one is.


He explains:

Some keys to this out-of-context identity: first, the diagonal double-sash directly plays off of the Jays’ famous font, and does so in a soccer context. The crest used here is the team’s official seal, not just the bird and maple leaf that you’ll find on their caps, as I feel the many components in that logo call for some enclosing form in a jersey context. The Jays’ kits are made by famous Canadian hipster sports brand Roots, because they have some kind of indefinable cool quotient that I wanted the Jays to take advantage of. That’s the Roots “beaver” icon where a swoosh or striped logo would be. Also, I gave the Jays a heavyweight corporate sponsor (Canadian mobile company Rogers, who sponsors their stadium) that I thought made sense for them.

Design-wise, I gave this jersey a two-toned pattern, because (as the leaf in their logo attests) the Jays have always been a team playing to two audiences – a civic one, and a national one. The Jays carry the torch for Canada in their sport, and so the white sleeves, leaf arm patch and and red piping reflect that. On the back, the MLB logo, the glorious double-bendy font face, and (finally) a player name are showcased.


Click here to see his full post– and all of the other teams of the AL East. They’re pretty seriously fantastic.


Hat tip to @thejaylang and @robwoudwyk.

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  1. I want spring

  2. Are you a Redditor Andrew? I saw these on Reddit.

  3. Way cool. Definitely recommend checking out the whole post if you haven’t already.

  4. These should be the ST workout sweats!
    Beest – get on it.

  5. haha rogers would make a lot more sense to him if he knew they owned the team too!

  6. This is pretty nails. Kind of funny too that he doesn’t seem to know that Rogers does, in fact, own the team and the stadium rather than just being a sponsor.

  7. Is Roots hipster, i just figured it was just a brand that’s been around as long as I’ve been a live that slaps maple leafs on everything.

  8. making the actual bluejay players play in the mls would probably be more of a success than tfc has been

  9. Those are awesome. They should sell that soccer jersey in the Jays shop.

  10. Roots as a hipster brand is funny too. And the fact he ends the bit with “Eh?” says all we need to know about his understanding of Canadian culture.

    Anyway, his designs are rad.

  11. I’ve always hated most if not all soccer jerseys and European club hockey jerseys. The advertising on them is ridiculous. Team logo, team name, player/person name and/or number optional. Or no dice.

    • I always thought the same thing, but am starting to think who really cares?

      Advertising is everywhere, get over it.

      • Having a little sponsor logo is one thing, but for a major sport to allow the sponsor logos to dwarf the team logos is disgraceful. It’s bush league.

        I don’t get how self-respecting soccer fans walk around in these shirts. Are you cheering for Man U or AIG? Pretty hard to tell.

        But then I don’t wear clothes with logos on them. I figure if a company wants me to advertise for them, they gotta pay me.

        A team logo is a different story as I’m a fan. Rogers may be a decent owner, but I’m not about to let them use my body to advertise their corporate logo.

        Just because it’s a corporate world doesn’t mean we can’t opt for the red pill. No Logo.

        • You just called every single soccer team and the entirety of their fans bush league, good job. It shocks me that a self-respecting person would take it upon himself to insult billions of people. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what the sponsorship says on the shirt, you see the team kit, you think about a team.

          • @DC

            Wrong. You also think about the advertisement. If you didn’t, they wouldn’t put it on. Ask any normal “football” fan to describe every league jersey, and the major sponsor will be on par with the team name in every case.

            I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would be OK with the goddamn advertisers having bigger billing on the the uniforms.

            The minute advertisers paint their logos onto MLB uniforms, on a regular basis, is the day that I’m out.

            Yeah, I loathe in your face commercialism (it’s the root cause of today’s cycnsim in my opinion), and I’m willing to take a stand for it by walking away from following top tier baseball.

  12. Fantastic. My choice is definitely the O’s. Badass. Vinnie Jones could’ve worn that in his Wimbeldon days.

  13. Designer / author here. First, thanks for dropping by. The Jays were a great design challenge to tackle, and I’m glad it seemed to go over well with actual Toronto fans. Please forgive my brutish State-side gaps in knowledge – I really didn’t ever connect the dots about Rogers (and I call myself an AL East fan). Roots seems hipster to US folks, I think, due to their Olympics work which had an unexpected cool factor when we were first exposed to it a few olympiads ago. Maybe hipster is the wrong word there. And sorry about the Eh joke, yeah, that was a cop out line!

    Basically, I need to make it up to Toronto, take in some Jays and TFC, and soak up the culture for a week if your fair country will have me. That’ll help with the nuances.

    • Great blog and great designs.
      Good job.

    • I like that the author responded here. And made Canuckistani’s comments seem unnecessarily jerk-like. Those are some fun designs.

    • Do yourself a favour and don’t watch TFC; its bad enough that we have to.

      Awesome Jersey designs, BTW. The Jays and O’s jerseys are both jerseys I’d buy in a heartbeat if they were real.

  14. …also, I added championship to the Jays jersey (check the piece for the update). You certainly deserve them for dominating the league (no one more than the Sox) for a few years there.

    • Great designs on all the jerseys. Especially the Jays (of course) and to O’s. I really liked to Roots touch as the manufacturer. It’s those smaller details that make a project like this really cool to see and to read through.

    • Was about to comment on the two stars, nice touch.

      Gorgeous kits all around. Well done.

  15. The White Sox played in shorts back in the 70′s, add the soccer jersey and then all the team can fall down, clutching there knee, and fane writhing in pain after a fictious collision with an opposing team member. Games will take 5 hours to complete.

    • Why have i never seen those jerseys before now?!?

    • Soccer matches take no longer than any other sport. They’re 90 minutes straight time. Better than basketball or football when the last two minutes take 20, or baseball when a yanks/sox game lasts upwards of 4 hours

  16. Where can I buy one!

  17. Great stuff, and I say that as somebody who scorns soccer. Those are highly saleable designs that some clubs might be smart enough to start making and selling. BTW, Mark Willis, it’s true that most North American sports don’t use corporate logo advertising, but there is at least one that does, the Canadian Football League. See here for helmet-clad behemoths sporting ads for hardware stores, banks, and beer. Your designs might even serve as an advertising medium for the logo owner — that is, Rogers could give away the Blue Jay soccer-style jersey, Covidien could do likewise for your Red Sox design, et cetera.

    • Nice CFL comparison. The fact that (gridiron) football teams need huge numbers on the front and back kind of limits the sponsorship space… but somehow they found a way!

  18. Reyes is a good choice of a name for the back.
    Wonder who’s going to be more popular:
    Reyes or our ace: Dickey

    • Damn I just realized … the Jays have Esmil Rogers now. If they wore this jersey he would have the Rogers logo on the front and his own Rogers surname on the back.

  19. Most enjoyable article, great designs!
    Thanks for showing us something very creative. Come to Toronto, you’ll love the city.

  20. Love that jersey! Only other one I’ve seen better is a local team down in Mexico. The Mexican equivalent of Wonderbread (even same design) is BIMBO. They sponser a team. Saw one backpacking down there a dozen years ago. Way too expensive for my budget at the time, but always regret not buying one.

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