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Jayson Stark of sizes up the off-season at the midway point, and finds the Jays unanimously selected as the most-improved club in his survey of baseball executives. “This isn’t just a one-year fix,” said an NL exec. “Outside of Josh Johnson [a year from free agency], they have most of these guys under control for two or three years. In two or three years, if Reyes is still playing like hell and Buehrle is the same guy, and Dickey still looks like he’ll keep doing this till he’s 50, they might still be the team to beat.”

Stark’s piece also has win projections from Dan Syzmborski and Vegas odds, and the Jays have improved the most since October in both of those categories as well, moving from 78 to 93 projected wins, and 35/1 to 15/2 odds.

Sticking with ESPN, Keith Law joined Eric Karabell on today’s Baseball Today Podcast, in which they too sized up the off-season, talking a lot about what the Jays have done.

At Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis fills us in on the Cubs’ acquisition of Carlos Villanueva– who will now be competeing with the likes of Scott Feldman, Scott Baker, Travis Wood and eventually Arodys Vizcaino for the final two spots in that rotation (now that Edwin Jackson has signed there too, making for a decent front three with Matt Garza and Jeff Samardzija). I can only hope for the best for Villanueva– while being glad that the Jays have improved so much that he didn’t have to be an option to return.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi talks to a still-confident JP Arencibia, who insists that he’ll get better, and thinks that people forget his track record. I agree on the first point, actually– catchers do seem to develop more slowly at the plate, and I don’t doubt that there’s more we could still see from him– but on the second? Yeah, we know the track record. And it’s shows a career on-base of .275.

Kiley McDaniel continues his excellent series reporting on the Jays’ players at instructs for FanGraphs, looking at middle infield bonus babies Franklin Barreto and Dawel Lugo, both of whom have big tools, big questions, and are extremely young. “Barreto’s bat has less uncertainty than his eventual position, as a long-time performer in international tournaments with good offensive tools and game-changing speed,” he writes. “Even from the right-handed box, I got Barreto at 3.75 to first base on a bunt. He’s still growing into his body and he has occasional awkwardness to his swing in games, such as a narrow base, but there’s some raw power present that could be average at maturity. Like fellow Blue Jay prospect D.J. Davis, that’s an athlete with a potentially above average bat at a premium position and Barreto isn’t even 17 yet.”

The Toronto Sun has a post up about Gregg Zaun’s tweet. How dare they try to make this into a story!

Elsewhere in the Sun, Melissa Couto takes a closer look at the prospects headed to the Mets, while Bob Elliott looks at the Jays’ history of making youth-for-veterans trades, and whoever captioned the photo in his piece puts Jeff Kent into Cooperstown.

I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you’re looking to relive the worst season in recent memory, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star takes us through the highlights in a year-end piece.

At Baseball Prospectus, Jason Churchill writes about one of his favourite prospects in the minors: Roberto Osuna, who he compares to Jurickson Profar for the fact that both have “polish beyond their years.” He says Osuna has number two upside. “I saw Profar in the same league at the same exact age in 2010, at a time when most outside the industry hadn’t a clue who he was and one thing was clear: he wasn’t going to remain under the radar much longer,” he writes. “Osuna possesses some of those same types of attributes but also offers fluid mechanics, above-average velocity into the mid-90s, and a body that is ready to take on a heavier-than-typical workload, which could get him to the big leagues quicker than otherwise would be expected.”

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  1. So what’s the 411 on Erin Serbia. Are there rumblings of taking away his playing time?

    • minimum 30 starts and add in another dozen or so for night/day games.

      • Really, that’s your prediction, wow.

        I saw some defensive mistakes at times, but maybe I’m missing something, was he that horrible? I don’t have Tholes numbers handy, but are we already calling him better than JPA? Low on base yes, but pop and production were respectable. I still believe if he changes his hitting approach and stops being so selfish for the long ball, he can use the who field and be a better hitter.

        • If JPA remembers to try an catch fastballs with the hand that has the mitt on it I’m sure he;s good for 110-120 starts. Thole will catch every fifth day but eventually I’m sure they’ll try to see if JPA can chase butterflies. ( I personally don’t think it’s a good idea though)

        • I’m talking him missing the 30 Dickey starts and the 12 night/day games. I don’t think there is a chance that he catches more than a few Dickey games if even that.

          I think he made pretty good headway defense wise compared to ’11. And as much as I hate some of his interviews, I am thinking specifically of his line that, ‘he has hit at every level coming up’. I think it is just a professional athlete conveying his confidence even if it does come across a bit cocky or whatever you want to call it.

          Fuck…its his second full season and as much hate as there is for him out there, I think we have yet to see what he can really do.

          • Gotcha wrong sorry.

            Yeah, his first amazing game in Toronto showed how he could spank the ball to all fields. I still think he can do that. But like a lot of catchers that know that jacks will increase their worth, he got really offensively narcissistic with his bat and thought he was Joe Carter. Maybe he’ll smarten the hell up this year with Gibby blowing fireballs around the dugout.

    • I’m assuming the 30 starts Blueballz is talking about are the ones where Thole will catch Dickey?

    • am i the only one that thinks that trading for vernon would be a good idea we could get him for 2 years at around 4-5 mill for free basically (rumored) he would be a great platoon with rasmus and lind… i know we have rajai but even if rajai starts every lefty that still leaves rasmus or lind starting against a left every game…. verno is basically andruw jones from last year but better theoretically people would be pumped if we signed jones for a lefty platoon every lefty we could start rajai in center and vernon at dh have a lineup of reyes,melky, bautista, ee, lawrie, vernon, jpa, rajai, and either emilio or iszturis …. vernon can even play center in a pinch if need be or melky can and vernon can play left…. i hear radio personalities rip on vernon but if we are only paying him 2-3 mill a year and he knows his roll as a bench player i think that would be a huge addition for the jays…. fyi way to lazy to quote stats for vernon against lefties but it is something like a 500 slug and 340 obp that is huge if you compare it to lind or rasmus against lefties

  2. I could care less that TDA is gone.

    The Jays should trade JPA and sign Kelly Shoppach to platoon with Thole.

    Starting Thole 110 times and Shoppach 50 times would be more valuable than the current setup that will likely mean JPA starting 110 games and Thole starting 50.

    • How does nobody understand how shitty Josh Thole is?

      He had a fucking .589 ops and -.1 WAR last season. In 104 games!

      He has 7 CAREER homeruns in parts of 4 seasons and 419 ABs.

      His 2010 and 2011 numbers are good… for a middle infielder.

      • If as most have agreed, the Jays offense is their biggest strength then the runs that Thole can save defensively will matter as much or more then the homeruns JPA will hit. Plus Thole gets on base much more, JPA .275 to Thole .330.
        If you keep this line moving even if it’s a soft single or a walk it will produce more runs.

        Remember the 90′s, you’d pray that any of the 7,8,9, guys would get beaned, walked or hit a flare just so you could get WAMCO back up. I think this year will be similar. If you can get on base the guys at the top will do damage. Keep the line moving.

        JPA has a gift, he can hit a ball 400-plus feet 20-25 times a year, for me that does not undo the .275 OBP, the poor defense, or the pop-ups.
        I don’t dislike the guy. This is a new year and he OWNS the catcher spot. I’m really hoping he can put a few more balls in play, take the odd walk and diligently try to become a better defender. If not, I don’t see him as that much better then Thole.

      • Some people see obp and if its decent think the player is good. Obp is usually the by product of being a good hitter, not the reasoning

        • If you’re using win totals from last year to make your point, you really don’t know. The Jays would be much better just by being healthy, and then they made big roster improvements by bringing in Dickey, Johnson, Reyes, Cabrera, Beuhrle and Bonifacio

      • You know that middle infielders hit better than catvchers right?

        • I had run the catcher ERA numbers for JPA and showed he ranked as the 80th best catcher in MLB. This was sumerily dismissed as unreliable data by the intellectual elite here. JPA is worse than you think, and I am certain AA would like to fix this problem before the start of 2013.

          • catcher ERA? Seriously?
            Here’s the only 2 numbers you need to know to assess JPA…25 and 7. That’s his floor for HRs this year and his average position in the batting order.
            JPA is going to shock most of the posters here this year, I expect to see you all post your mea culpas when he does.
            In the meantime, STFU. If you really think JPA is the 80th best catcher in the MLB, you have no clue about baseball (the game not the spreadsheet).

            • So right and yet so wrong.

              People who talk about people not knowing the game but only the spreadsheet are, unequivocally, idiots resorting to an appeal to authority that doesn’t even have any authority. Lots of people who’ve played the game know absolutely nothing– if you have a specific reason to shut down someone’s argument, go ahead and use it. The mouth-breathing dickhead presumption that someone hasn’t played, but you have, so you know, is laughable.

              And the shitty thing is, you were bang on to shit on catcher ERA. Then you tossed out those ridiculous “two numbers you need to know.” Uh… no. Those aren’t anything close to all that’s needed. Especially since that’s a pretty generous floor for someone who has never hit that many.

              Arencibia is an average-ish, or slightly above, offensive catcher, with room for improvement, who was a horrific defensive catcher as a rookie, improved closer towards just “below average” in his second year, and has a chance to improve there too. He’s not the 80th best in baseball, he’d be top 20, I’d guess.

          • There’s perfectly good reason to believe that JPA is a poor defensive catcher, comparing a misleading stat like Catcher ERA at a leaguewide level is not one of them.

            If I said that the CN Tower is tall because it’s made out of concrete, my conclusion is not wrong but it doesn’t mean the information I used to draw my conclusion isn’t stupid and not reflective of reality.

          • where did he rank for April last year, with a healthy staff? I betcha it’s top 10! Not gonna do the search cause I don’t care, plus you’ll give the sample size argument…but I bet I’m right.

            • Everybody, please stop using catcher ERA. It’s as useless as RBIs. Maybe even moreso– and that’s saying something.

              • So if I knock in 80 runs, that doesn’t help win games?

                Colossal fail bearded one.

                • Pffft. Colossal fail? Like it just slipped my mind? The fuck?

                  No, it’s that RBIs don’t tell you anything about whether a player is any good or not.

                  Of course you want runs to cross the plate, but the fact that someone racked up a bunch of RBIs is dependent on so many other factors as to be entirely meaningless as any kind of measure of individual worth.

                  • Just checking to see if you had a pulse.

                    When are we goddamed partying?

                    I’m sending you a personal email this week.

          • JPA ranked 18th out of all catchers in 2012 in DRS on FanGraphs. That’s ahead of guys like Buster Posey, Brian McCann, Jose Molina, David Ross, Miguel Montero, AJ Ellis, Carlos Santana, Russell Martin, AJ Pierzynski and Mike Napoli.

            JPA ranked 12th overall in 2012 according to Baseball Reference’s Total Zone Runs Above Average.

            Both rankings are huge improvements over 2011.

          • The comment was he ranked 80th in Catcher’s ERA – thats a fact. No I would not say he is the 80th worst catcher, but we need better than JPA

      • Royals have 2 top prospects too

        And it was a stupid trade because the royals are further away

      • Josh Thole doesn’t have any power, but he walks more frequently and hits for higher BA. Two years ago Thole registered one more point of WAR than JPA. There is some question among Mets fans of how well Thole has recovered after the concussion he suffered last May.

        Pre-concussion: .726 OPS (in 92 AB’s)
        Post-concussion: .536 OPS (in 262 AB’s)


      • @Jaysfan

        JPA struck out 6 times more than he walked last year.

        He’s far more likely to turn into Olivo than to suddenly become an above average or even average regular.

        • based on???? I mean, you can just as easily look at his minors history and say there is still a lot of room for improvement, and that b/c catchers hitting usually comes later, his best may still be to come. I’m not sure it will…but saying ‘he’s far more likely to turn into Olivo’ is a baseless statement. It’s an opinion and should be stated as such, no?

          • @Rollie

            Look around the catchers in baseball with brutal K/BB totals like JPA.

            Most of them are backups or, at best, low end starters that are always on the verge of losing their job.

          • @Stoeten

            I agree.

            JPA’s gigantic power is the one reason to still hope he can actually improve and miraculously become an above average regular.

            But I’m quite sure you agree with me that the odds are more likely he remains a low end starter/future backup.

            And I stick by my original statement.

            110 games of Thole & 50 games of Shoppach (or technically even JPA) would be more valuable than 110 games of JPA and 50 games of Thole which is the more likely outcome as long as JPA is on the roster.

          • People act like being Miguel Olivo is an insult. The guy is not a franchise cornerstone catcher, but Olivo/Barajas/John Buck are perfectly acceptable catchers who have carved out long and productive major league careers and have made a shit ton of money doing so. Anytime a stalled prospect like JPA was pre-Vegas breakout turns out to have a career like he has, it’s a huge win.

          • @Jays2010: I agree with you about the horrible K/Walk rate, and even more so that JPA doesn’t seem to think this means anything. But he has also shown that he can go on some serious runs…and who knows how much that hand actually bothered him. I’m giving him one more year before I will make any judgments on what his career will look like…that’s all.

        • He’s already an above average regular if you are using metrics that actually mean something. Low average, mediocre OBP guys with no power are bats that rely on failure to ‘succeed’. They don’t win games except by circum and happenstance.
          Incidentally, Thole has almost twice as many passed balls as JPA. JPA has almost twice as many runs produced (Runs+RBI) as Thole.

          • Your metrics are ridiculous, Stieb. Runs+RBI? No. Fail.

            And why do you think Thole has so many passed balls. Who do you think he might have been catching that might have spiked that figure?

          • Keith Law’s take from today’s chat:

            “I thought the biggest issue in trading d’Arnaud was not necessarily losing him, but being locked into Arencibia behind the plate. Does he still hold value because of his power? Should there be a time share with him and Thole?

            Klaw (3:41 PM)

            Arencibia shouldn’t start for anyone, and I think the Jays are well aware of that.”

            Catcher is probably the easiest position to platoon. There are necessarily 2 catchers on the roster and the majority of catchers in MLB can’t hit well enough to ever play 1B/DH.

            Thus, 2 guys (if healthy) are going to share all 162 games which really doesn’t happen at any other position as backup OF & IF typically cover multiple positions.

            If the Jays can get a decent return and sign a platoon partner for Thole like Shoppach, I can’t see a single reason to keep JPA.

            People keep suggesting his familiarity with the pitching staff. He has no experience catching 3/5ths of the rotation and will only be used as a last resort to catch Dickey.

            And does his familiarity matter when there is zero evidence that he is good defensively, calls a good game or is in any way beneficial to the pitchers?

          • @Brumfield

            “Anytime a stalled prospect like JPA was pre-Vegas breakout turns out to have a career like he has, it’s a huge win.”

            A huge win for who? JPA? His agent?

            I don’t doubt JPA can have a major league career. Does that mean he serves the Jays best by being their catcher for the next few years?

            The only argument I can see for keeping JPA is that his trade value is so low that nothing of value would come back in return.

            I doubt that, but let’s say that’s true. It still doesn’t change the fact that the Jays would receive the greatest amount of catcher production by using JPA as the light part of a platoon.

            • Jays2010, evidently you have no idea how bad most of the other catchers are.

              That being the case, how can you continue prattling on as though you do?

          • The argument for keeping him is that he’s an acceptable, likely league average major league catcher. You’re not going to field an all-star at every position. There’s catchers out there that are better than him, but few of them if any are going to be acquired easily. If you want a slam dunk starting catcher you have to develop him yourself or trade your Cy Young winner and hope for a bit of development luck. If AA thought it was the worth the asset cost to pry a superior catcher, I’m sure he would have done it/will do it already. Why not ride with the league average catcher that you already have in-house for the minimum salary in 2013. Saying that the Jays can do better at Catcher isn’t saying much. Everybody aside from the Giants can say the same thing. You can field a winning team with holes in your lineup, and in fact, almost every WS champion has at least one glaring hole in their everyday lineup.

          • Runs+RBI? Really? So basically your attributing the 2 things you can’t control to the players skill?

            A) If you go up to bat with 2 outs, bases empty, you won’t receive an RBI on anything short of a HR.

            B) If you go up to bat with 2 outs, bases loaded, and get a fluky bloop single you get twice the RBI’s as the guy who just hammered the ball out of the yard.

            So according to you, player B is the better player?

            Also, same thing for the guys behind you. If you get a triple, what are you supposed to do? Steal home? Obviously teams like the Yankees who always have a guy on base are going to generate more RBI chances than other teams.

            Like please, at least use rate statistics.

      • Thole had a concussion that may have skewed his stats last year. He is not a HR guy but he is still young (only 26 now) so may mature into some power but his relative strength is OBP (.350 in MLB, .375 in minors). And, he has platoon strength as a LHB, which may work well with JPA as a RHB.

        • @Stoeten

          My argument is that if there are not enough starting catchers in baseball and that the Jays would get more value by using a platoon.

          Now the simplest platoon would be Thole playing the majority and JPA playing the minority. But the platoon could be done just as well by trading JPA & signing Shoppach.

          However some people, such as you, may feel it is better to simply use JPA as a starter. I’m sure there are GMs out there who feel that way because, as you say, JPA is around a top 20 catcher.

          The goal should be to maximize production out of the catcher spot. Starting JPA more than 60 or so games likely doesn’t do that.

          If you feel the Jays are better served by not using a platoon at C, please explain why.

          And if you agree a platoon should be used, are you opposed to signing someone like Shoppach and getting as much as you can for JPA?

          • Shoppach and JPA are both RHB, so I don’t see how you intend to “platoon” them, especially since Shoppach isn’t any better than Arencibia is.

            Thole is here because he has experience with Dickey. That’s going to be his role. There’s only room for one more catcher on the roster, unless it’s a guy who can play another position on top of that– and no, with their bats, neither Arencibia or Shoppach can.

            Arencibia is going to give the Jays about as much production as they’re going to be able to get, at this point. Nobody is as good on the free agent market, and nobody is very likely going to trade you someone better.

          • @Stoeten

            I’m not sure if you’re trying to create a strawman or simply misunderstood me.

            I am not saying to have BOTH Shoppach & JPA on the roster.

            I am suggesting to have one platoon with Thole as it would create more value than having JPA start the majority of games.

            And if you agree to a platoon, it follows that JPA is basically expendable because Shoppach, for example, could do the same job or better and free up JPA to be a trade asset.

      • The one positive you can say about him is that at least prior to this year, he’s had a good OBP.

        This team can afford to carry a light bat or two, and if he can at least get on base at a .350 clip, he’ll help this team.

        If nothing else, the more often your 8 and 9 hitters can get not-out, the more often the big boys get back up.

    • Josh Thole slugged less than .400 last year. Barf.

    • JPA will have one season in which he hits 30 hrs and has an obp of 310ish…this is his ceiling and it is not sustainable…he will continue to improve in terms of throwing out runners but will never be a solid glove man…if that is the projection of the jays weakest link going into 2013 we should all rejoice with mulled cider a fucking sap…

  3. The Rangers officially signed that plug Pierzynski. Nice to see the mighty Rangers come up with so little this off season.

    And 52 million for Jackson.

  4. I don’t remember seeing this link up in the post Dickey frenzy, my apologies if it was but a pretty good read on ‘the making of Dickey’ from RA’s and Orel Hershiser. Spoiler…they both end up crying in the end.

  5. It’s a bit disingenuous to continually cite OBP as a measure of JPA’s worth. It is not reflective of his offensive contribution. His career wOBA is .305 which is 30 points higher than his OBP. wOBA is designed to the same scale as OBP for ease of reference. And from this reference it is easy to see what a poor job OBP does in JPA’s case.

    A .305 career wOBA is marginally less than average (.309-.312) for the catcher position over the past 3 years.

    It is quite reasonable to assume that JPA might provide average or even slightly above average offense from the position through his prime, which as stated, is often slightly later for a catcher.

    • Hmmm. That sounds like a bit of a love-in with JPA. Not intended. Just want the hyperbole to end.

    • For further reference, MLB-average wOBA for all not pitchers in 2012 was .320.

    • I think it’s entirely likely with better hitters around JPA that he’ll pick up his game. Also, he’s a smart enough guy (even though he voted for Romney) and can learn quickly. He’ll be better this year.

    • And his wRC+, which accounts for the fact that Arencibia plays half his games in a hitters park, is 89. As a comparison, since Arencibia has been a starter his wRC+ of 91 ranks 21 out of 28 catchers.

      So Arencibia has actually been a below average hitting catcher when you account for the park factors. And that’s when you use wRC+, which is based off of wOBA.

      • and average wRC+ was 95 for catchers. So again, not to hard to fathom JPA providing average or above average offence from the catcher position through his prime.

  6. Fellow Drunks:
    Regarding moves because Santos basically missed all of 2012, and if we get the real Santos by April 2 it really is if AA did the trade this winter of swapping Molina ( who has regressed) for Santos. So on top of the Mathis Trade et al. we would also have this to discuss and IMO it’s pretty fukin awesome. Sergio can heave it 97-98 with a wicked slider ( was too wicked last year and caused him some WPs before he was DL’d). Imagine him coming into the 8th or so after Dickey fucks up the oppostion on 72 mph knuckles for a couple of hours!
    Do you think, given the market for pitchers this year and everyone looking for quality arms that we would be able to get this guy controllable as he is for 4 years, for Nestor Fuckin Molina??
    C’mon some of you guys/gals-last year some of you were all into the prospect porn and saying AA was nuts to let such potential in Molina go

    “Out here in the fields….

    • Fukstik looking forward dance.

      I don’t have a rebuttle…………. other than…… Oh shit I just saw Billy Crystal on Sports Center taking hacks in spring training for the Yankees highlight.

      No there’s a major Fukstik. Just because he got to do it, and I didn’t. I will make the bold sexual prediction that Billy tossed Jeter choada that year, and rusty trombones him.

    • You got the music in you fukstik.

      Testify, brother.

  7. Thanks for the Osuna link. Try not to pay too much attention to pitching prospects, but I’m really excited about this one, floor seems really high to me..hope he doesn’t break.

  8. Its very easy to run over to Fangraphs, look up the WAR stats and say, “Oh, JPA sucks. Get rig of him.” Those who think like that would have missed out on late bloomers like Johnny Bower and Tim Thomas in hockey, EE and Joey Bats in baseball.

    In 2012 JPA posted a .233 batting average,
    a .4352 slugging percentage
    and a .2749 on base percentage in 347 at bats.
    Upon returning from the fractured knuckle,
    he went 2/37 (both singles) before finishing up 11/29 with 2HR.

    If we take out the injury affected 2/31, the batting average rises to .246
    (about the same as Matt Weiters) and the slugging % rises to .4700.

    The guy is now about to go into his third full year. Lets say he improves a bit (players have been known to improve over time) an give him a whopping ONE extra hit and ONE extra walk every TWO weeks for the first 16 weeks of the season. That would be 8 extra hits. For him, that would likely be 4 singles, 2 doubles and 2HR.

    In that scenario he’s hitting .274 with a slugging percentage of .5079.
    He was hit by a pitch 3 times during the season and walked 18 times in 372 plate appearances.

    Again, taking out the 2/37 and adding in eight hits and eight walks, the on base percentage (assuming no walks in the 2/37 stretch) would be 372-1sac bunt-37= 334PA’s with 89 hits and 26 BB for an on base percentage of .3443.

    As little as two extra hits and two extra walks a month
    would make a heck of a difference to his stats.

    A JPA achieving these results could have an OPS of .8552.
    So, at the end of all of this, we have a catcher who could (or could not)
    be hitting BA .274, OB% .3443
    with a slugging % of .5079 and an OPS of .8552.
    You want to run that guy out of town?

    He also gets crapped on for his inability to frame pitches.
    Interesting that they traded for Mike Nickeas,
    a guy who has a reputation for being an excellent framer…and not much good at anything else. Can we see a spring training tutor here?

    I’m not math wizard, you might find a flaw, but the point remains,
    JPA may never be any better than he is today,
    but I’d be giving him a couple of years to try.

    If you guys want to calculate a revised WAR stat, taking out the 2/37
    and adding two hits and two walks per month, that might be interesting to see.
    I, however, do not need the shiny new toy to know keeping JPA is the right move.

    • Oops, last line should be 2/31. Sorry for the typo

      • Admittedly I didn’t read your whole post, very little of it actually outside of the first and last paragraphs. You needn’t worry though, the Jays won’t trade the only catcher they have with any familiarity with the team. That and catching is extremely scarce, once AA traded D;arnaud you knew JPA was the horse he decided to run with. People are just tired of the punchouts/infield pops and balls thrown into the outfield. It probably doesn’t help his cause when anytime he says something it comes across as he’s the next Johnny Bench.

    • Its not JPA offense that’s the concern – its his ability to handle the pitching staff. Sabermetrics aside, it is clear that Dickey will toss to Thole, Morrow has problems with JPA. JPA is weak on blocking pitches (passed balls), he moves around to much, sets up late, and his singnal calling is not what veterans like (shaking off pitches but where can I get that data?) We have an all-star rotation and some guy who again promises to improve on his defense. JPA is a major concern

      • Thole has almost twice as many passed balls as JPA. Just sayin.

        • Thole was chasing the knuckleball to the screen. Nothing unusual about that. Interestingly Dickey likes tossing to Thole so low ERA and a Cy Young and high passed ball count, sounds ok to me

        • I wonder why?

          If JPA caught Dickey he might have more passed balls than innings.

          • /\/\/\/\/\ BOOOOOOOOOOM……..funniest remark i’ve read in a long time. Granted, i did work a 12 hr nightshift last night and i might be lovin my green. So theres that.

    • I get what you’re saying, but I doubt his upside is much more than .240/.300/.475.

      Which, still, means he’d be very valuable, especially considering the real defensive gains he’s made.

    • Stats tell me that we should get rid of JPA. Watching him confirms my fears.

  9. The Toronto Sun isn’t exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity, but whatevs–at least they’re not shitting down Zaun’s throat.
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  10. Hey Stoeten, you’re closer to the guys “in the know” then any of us. Can you handicap the odds of us retaining the services of Mr. Oliver?

    Also, you had a big lead in the quiz, what’s with the choke job?

    • Hey Ricky your back! Good to see you got your internet privileges back. Now just quit molesting the family pets and you can have more DJF time.

  11. You need to go eat a foreskin lollipop.

  12. I give Carlos an over/under of 15 games started before the eventual “arm soreness”

  13. So jays don’t need a right hand set up man in the pen?

  14. Are there more trolls and/or morons here than there used to be?

    • That’s not meant to be a comment on all of the, um, comments for this post, it just seems like there are more trollish comments as well.

      • You can offer differing opinions without being brutally negative about everything the Jays do and everything anyone else here says. Best the Jays finish is 3rd? How can you have that outlook and still be a “fan” of this team?

    • Ok Blue Jays is commenting wayyy too much and bringing down everyone.

    • yes, there most certainly is. Me and potatoes used to have a relevant discusiion on here about all kinds of old fuckin shit with pointed inserts from KGBS and RADAR etc but now I get 66 comments from OK alone between sips of my merlot and some other arsehole name o bee p or something. Don’t know how many of these fuks are basically twitters or just twit but I wish they would just go away and leave us savants
      alone to discuss the BJS . I do not want those kind of fukstiks anywhere near opera Bob’s while I’m having a merlot. Someone please explain it those pathetic members of the tormentose.
      Thanks for asking Maggie.

      “out here in the fields”…

      • +1.

        Stoeten got rid of OK Blue Jays & some other fake posters.

        Today, I had to meet a client near Rogers Centre & had a chance to walk by the stadium.

        I got chills looking at the sign that said Home of the Blue Jays.

        I can’t wait till April 2nd & I am looking forward to attending the home opener.

        Next year will be the most exciting time to be a Blue Jay fan since 1993.

        I saw a couple of people wearing Blue Jays caps near the stadium & gave them the thumbs up.

        It will be a magical summer no matter what happens, ( injuries, underperformance ) but I have such a warm feeling about this team.

        The Vegas odds have the Jays winning about 93 games in 2013 which should be enough to win the division or wild card at the worst.

        Richard Griffin had a best worst article on the Jays in 2012 & said that he thinks that the Jays fans will be turning up at more road games next year.

        I can’t wait to see the havoc that Jays fans will cause in opponents stadiums next summer.

        • Yeah man, I’m so happy, it’s like a high school reunion bringing back all the good memories!

      • Fukstik, please don’t tell me you’re drinking Merlot.

        Okay, if you do, it’s better than the Red Bull that punk Ok Blue Jays was drinking, but Damn, I can’t picture you drinking nothing but boatgas.!!

    • I laughed at all of your jokes
      My love you didn’t need to coax
      Oh Maggie, I couldn’t have tried anymore.

  15. An interesting Tidbit from Churchill in the comments of the BP article.

    “Jason Parks and I did not talk about Osuna for either report. Just a difference in the collaborative work of both is all. Not a huge difference, though. It’s more likely Osuna ends up a 3, but I believe he has a chance to be a 2, hence the “upside” term being included.

    I just couldn’t believe he was 17. Not that he has this kind of upside, but I haven’t seen a 17 or 18 year old with above average to plus future stuff that knew how to pitch and showed flashes of good command since Felix Hernandez in the same league in 2003.”

    • yep, my favourite part of the article

    • Wonder why he’s not projected to be a number 1 then?

      • No one ever wants to project someone as a One. Too much risk of ending up looking like a dick.
        Sort of like saying per BRE X that ” we expect there to be a grading of 1oz per tonne of AU. In english , one oz of gold per ton of rock essentially. A lot of people believed that horseshit and a lot of people and pension plans like OMERS got fucked royally when the tru result was .00000002/oz.
        NOw no ONE wants to go on a limb-kapiche??

  16. Props to Carlos on his new contract and besta luck.

    I always liked that guy for doing whatever the team asked of him.

  17. I truly believe that you don’t actually believe a word you are writing. I think you are taking pleasure out of being a dick, trying to put a negative spin on everything and rewarding yourself for what a ‘manipulator’ you are. True or not….you are a jackass either way!

  18. Pretty sure the Sun recognized that it would get some attention and since that’s all they’re really doing these days – I can’t blame them. If you consider two paragraphs at best a “story”, well to each his own. That said, it did generate a lot of chatter here, and since you were targeting the female demographic I can understand your decision to post it. The Dickey trade, the Villanueva signing – those are stories. It’s still not a story to me.

  19. Sorry to fuck up the comments and leave a bunch of replies floating in space, but OK Blue Jays isn’t allowed in the sandbox anymore, so don’t bother replying to him.

  20. you really are a member of the tormentose aren’t you?-But then I suspect you don’t have a clue what that really means do you, Mr Jones?

  21. @ok blue jays

    lmfao! Just read yet bullpen piece. Fuck me! You hack people for long spaced put posts then go ahead yerself and post a long and stupid/negative post yourself. Hutch and Drabek arent even counted on to pitch next yr let alone contribute to the bullpen in any capacity.

    PS Bullpens are more often rated on talent then experience. And that bullpen has plenty of strikeout stuff and upside. Take yer innings arguement and shuv it along with the resta the moronic and negative shit you post on here.

    Happy Holidays everyone Im out*

    • Lol. He’s a professional troll. Some of his shit was pretty funny, but it was getting out of hand.

      Glad he’s gone.

      • Yeah, he knew how to dig just enough to make your tamper flair like a pack of nasty hemorrhoids.

        That fuck.

        • I think you guys are giving him way too much credit. His shit was way to predictable and way off base you couldn’t take it serious, ie. Ricky Ro being the #1 starter. But whatever, he is gone for now.

  22. Ok back to bases and balls…. Just heard the quiz, nice work Stoeten, you should’ve had it. Way to rep us southpaws.

    Speaking of quizzes/trivia, I’ll throw a random Jays of Blue trivia question out to the DJF masses, see who gets it first (fully trusting that nobody wanders over to the googletron and tries to ask it for the answer)….. Ok here goes… Who was on deck when Joseph Christopher Carter hit that kinda sorta big HR vs. Philly reliever Mitchell Williams in the final game of the 1993 post season?

  23. I believe that AA doesn’t want JPA as the long term fix at catcher unless he’s platooned.

  24. Arencibia is going to be just fine. Everyone is going to be praising him by mid season.

  25. Wait a minute, how dare the Sun make this a story? Seriously? The Sun.

    Not that it’s not a story. But fuck, using The Sun to help the cause seems lame. It is The Sun after all. I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with it.

    • Kinda missing the point.

      • No I get the point. You aren’t the only one getting clicks from it and that is fair. And it is a quasi-story.

        It’s just that it is still the Sun that you’re comparing yourself to.

        And to be honest, I don’t really care that much.

        Lets move on.

        Baseball what?

        • Fair enough, but I’m not comparing myself to the Sun, I’m just pointing out that people were aghast that I thought this was worthy of a post. Sun or not, evidently I’m not the only one.

          • I was going to take a break from commenting but I thought the exact same thing. Comparing the worthiness of a post because the Sun did it?
            Holy fucking forehead slap.

            And gotta say the sun’s post was actually cooler about it. Having that poll about which comment suits Zaun most. Tubby came second to stuck up.
            That was hardly a pulpet post.

            BTW: Stoeten, in that post you asked me to clarify the AA chip which I did. Not sure if you saw it.
            If you actually want to discuss it, we should probably take it off this blog since it’s no longer baseball related and I’m sure others are sick of the debate. You can email me at my sign in address. Otherwise, my response is there and I’m good to move on.
            Cheers bud.

          • Hey Stoeten
            Did you see the front page of the paper you used to justify your news worthy post?
            Good lord.

  26. But JP can drive in runs!!!!!!

  27. If Arencibia can increase his HR output by 50% and start blasting 40 HRs annually, but doesn’t improve in any other area, does he have a chance to go down as the greatest catcher of all time?

  28. Mr. Stoeten please give me the catcher statistics that we use to properly evaluate JPA’s defensive prowess, I’ll look it up and post.
    Isn’t it safe to say at least 2 of the BJ starters would rather pitch to a better defensive catcher than our current #1? Are you happy with our catching? In your opinion Andrew can we win with JPA?
    IMO catching is the biggest question left to solve before ST and I would like to prove it.

    • I don’t think there are great statistics by which to evaluate catchers, frankly. The basic defensive metrics do an OK job, but I personally suspect they’re light on JPA in 2012, because they show a drastic improvement over 2011 and while I think there was one, I don’t think it was as pronounced. There are also the pitch framing studies that have value, and as with the other metrics, Arencibia is somewhere below average, but not in the realm of awful– if I remember correctly.

      I think every pitcher would like to pitch to as good a defensive catcher as possible, but they’re not ridiculous enough to think that’s always going to be an option. I’m not happy with the catching situation, but of course they can win with Arencibia. No question.

      And the idea that this is a problem to be solved is pretty fanciful. Who is available that would provide more value than Arencibia? I’m not high on him AT ALL, but he’s fine, and you’d be hard pressed to do better, because catchers who can hit even a little bit have crazy value. I mean, people are talking about the best case on d’Arnaud, a guy who doesn’t walk much, as being a .275 hitter with 17-25 homers– and they’re talking like that’s a potential all-star profile, just because of the scarcity of offensive value at the position. Arencibia will almost certainly never be that guy, and you’d hope for your team to have someone better, but there just aren’t many of those guys out there. Good luck finding a team willing to give one up.

      • @Andrew. What exactly are the best defensive metrics to evaluate JPA?

        I remember one Friday night game last year with Coco Codero on the mound & JPA tried to pickoff a runner at 1B & threw the ball into RF.

        I seem to vaguely recollect that JPA has a tendency to come throught in “clutch situations”

        He came through with a 3 run HR last year in the extra inning extra inning game.

        • The clutch stuff is definitely meaningless. As for metrics, there just really isn’t a catch-all easy way to do it, I don’t think.

      • Kelly Shoppach is available and would provide more value to the 2013 Jays by platooning with Thole and freeing JPA to be used as a trade chip.

        If Thole is better vs RHP, is there any good reason to allow JPA to hit against them regularly?

        If JPA were better defensively, at least there would be a rationale argument.

        As it stands, there is the “he’s the incumbent” argument and not a whole lot else with substance.

        We both know that every win is huge in 2013.

        Adam Lind obviously has to be platooned. Jeff Baker seems like a reasonable choice but even Moises Sierra would be better against LHP.

        Colby Rasmus probably should be platooned as well, so it’s good that Rajai Davis is on the roster.

        I’m not saying JPA has to be traded. But Thole should be getting more of the starts because obviously most of the starters in the league are RHP.

        And if the Jays are going to do this, they probably stand to gain more by trading JPA and finding a free agent platoon partner for Thole.

      • I agree with there being no good stats on pitchers. Apparently pitchFX data is getting more and more advanced so I bet soon we will see some.

  29. Say what you want about the Sun, but their poll at the end is perfect.

    Gregg Zaun is …
    Unfortunately manish
    Super stuck up

  30. Have we lost Allan Ashby?

  31. Pat Borders…not an all-star(but a world series MVP).

  32. Wow guys

    Just heard that Adam Lind was the guy that killed all those kids in Connecticuit


  33. If there’s anyone who likes to wheel and deal catchers, it’s AA.

    Fuck I wish we landed Ryan Doumit a few years back when he was in rumours involving the Jays. Always liked his bat on the Pirates…. He did relatively well last season in a terrible park for offence… Signed to a pretty cheap deal too…. I wonder if Jonathan Suitcase Lucroy would be a trade chip for Milwaukee with Martin Maldonado knocking on the door?

    The next star catcher has to be the Royals’ Salvador Perez, that guy can flat out hit. If he can get their pitching issues sorted out, that team will make a huge jump in the standings.

    • Lucroy is really good(for a catcher), you’d have to send a lot the other way.
      Agreed on Sally, he’ll probably be the AL starter at the AS game.(forgive me Joe Mauer)

    • Grandal-minus the PED’s.

  34. Zaun’s tweet, yawn. I’ve read more offensive box scores.

  35. Stop sucking dicks!

  36. OK Blue Jays will not be banned. He’ll just keep creating new accounts.
    The guy is worse than a troll. He’s sick. Really, really sick, getting his rocks off annoying a community of Jays fans and potentially destroying this blog making it total nonsense.

    When one of his sing-in accounts gets banned, I can’t’ follow what the hell anyone is talking about and it’s very annoying to the point some readers may stop reading/contributing to comments.

    Most of us are regular contributers. The only way to stop him is to ignore him. If he doesn’t get the attention he craves, he will go to TSN where they will feed the troll.

    So for the love of this blog, don’t feed the troll.

    • what the hell? I posted this comment around 1 am and it jumped to the middle of the comment section before those who posted much earlier.
      It was a new comment, not a reply.
      FYI techies…

      • @ LL

        When Stoeten deletes comments it puts new comments at the point of the last deletion ( I think). If you notice, new comments will be posted just before KGBS’s 7:15 conmment.
        That’s why Stoeten apologized above for messing up the comments section. It happens everytime he deletes a comment.
        Ya can thank OBJ’s OCD for all this.

        • Little late for a sponge bath, what are you doing up Radar?

          • Bedspins.

          • On MLB Trade rumours they claim Atlanta keeps kicking the tires on Bonifacio.

            I’m just wondering what AA would be interested in to keep this rumour out there. They have Teheran, Delgado and a great bullpen but do we want more pitching? I guess the old adage is better too much then too little but I like the flexibility that Bonifacio affords.

          • From everything I’ve read, he’s got the versatility the Jays want. Not just off the bench,but incase of injury.

        • Ah, thanks RADAR

          Unless AA gets super value from Atlanta, who really seem keen on boneface, I say we keep him.
          I have a feeling he’s going to wind up being a key part with his versatility and speed.

          Another aspect of what AA has done is make our bench actually good now. What an upgrade over the” hall of famer” O. Viz

          • Probably better not to delete his insane comments and just ignore them than making this board a maze of nonsense that’s difficult to follow. Tough call though

  37. I guess you can’t have it both ways but anyone else hate that Vegas dropped the “favorite” title on the Jays?

    • @ FOS
      I’m not a fan of the “favorite” title.
      The last favorite to win it all was the 2009 Yankees.
      When they start pointing to “can’t miss” teams I think of the 2011 BoSox amd the 2011 Phillies.
      Jays still gotta play the games.

      • Agreed, they won’t be sneaking up on anyone but I love the lineup and I love the direction.

        • There’s hope with the new lineup. At least a good chance at a playoff spot. After that the playoffs are crapshoot.
          The last two ingredients are health and luck,something of which AA has no control over.

          • I know the comparisons aren’t fair but look at the balance of speed and power in this lineup. With Joey/Edwin and Reyes/Bonifacio it compares well to the days of Carter/Olerud and Alomar and White.
            All I want for Christmas is the season to start 3 months earlier.

          • I hear ya.
            4 switch hitters.
            True lead off hitter.2011 NL batting champ
            If he never got caught,2012 NL batting champ batting second
            Batting third,nobody has hit more HR’s since Sept. 2009 even with taking off the last half of 2012
            Fourth hitter, 44 dingers and perhaps the best twosome in baseball for HR’s( yeh I said it,Bautista and EE will hit more dingers than Caberra and Fielder)
            Five, Lind either hits this year or he’s out of baseball,maybe by the allstar break. If that doesn’t motivate him nothing will.

          • Sixth your former lead off hitter,who now can just hit away an should get better as he gets older and learns the game.
            Seven, Rasmus is comimg up on his second last arb year before he’s a FA
            Eight who elses 8 hitter is gonna give you 20-25 Hr’s,and that’s a bonus he’s there to catch
            Nine still gives you speed and a decent enough OBP especially for a nine spot.
            Bench gives you lots of options and no embarassment in putting them into the lineup.

          • And after thinking about it, reading more about him,I like the Gibby signing but If he does the Vulcan mind meld with him,I really really like the Demarlo Hale hire.From everything I’ve read from people I trust to be objective,he’s the right guy in the right spot.
            For the record,I wasn’t a Wakamatsu fan,but I like Hale.

          • RADAR, what have you got against caligraphy?
            I can’t comment on his coaching because what do I know what the hell a bench coach does, but Waka Waka’s lineup cards are pure art!
            What more do you want from a guy?
            Mark my words, that is going to be hard to replace.
            Now our lineup cards are going to look like chicken scratch. I for one will pay much less attention to them now.

          • Everybody I talk to mentions the caligraphy.While I really can appreciate the art, if thats the most memorable contribution of my bench coach I gotta wonder why he had so much time to spend on it.
            Content over style. I don’t care if Hale fills out the line up card in crayon,as long as it leads to wins.
            It’s like Gibby vs Farrell.I’d rather get the job done instead of looking good.
            Like the line from the movie.
            ” they’re pretty General but can they fight?”

  38. Coming on here after y’all have had a night of troll-baiting is not as satisfying a read as usual!

    Cannot believe no one has mentioned the fact that, not only are the Jays #1 with a bullet as most improved team, Marlin AND Mets make bottom 5!

    Notwithstanding possible issues down the road, 2013-15 is going to be a great time to be a Jays fan. We get to watch the best parts of 3 teams stomp on the AL East!

    • Like the sentiment, still a bit soon for bullet comments.
      Jays took the best parts of two teams without giving up anything of significance from our major league roster.
      That’s hot.

      Ok, have to say something about JPA.
      I like him.
      1. He is a catcher. I once spoke with a former Jays GM who didn’t want Cecil Fielder to hit singles and have a high OBP because he didn’t want him clogging up the bases for our speed guys. That might sound counter intuitive but he really wanted smash or go home. In a bad lineup his low OBP may be a concern. In a good lineup that should be able to score lots of runs from our top 5, he’s fine. So in the context of a great lineup, I’m more than ok with JPA’s low OBP as long as he mashes.
      He might not be a HOFamer, but the guy is going to break records for power numbers by a Jays catcher. We’ve been around for 30+ years, and I believe he’ll wind up as the best catcher we’ve had.
      2. Catchers are slow to develop. I’m hoping he keeps improving.
      3. Keep him away from Dickey. He needs to focus on other areas of his game instead of worrying about the knuckle. Big if but if the Jays have a comfortable playoff spot in September, then MAYBE give him a go with the knuckler to see if he can handle him in the playoffs. Otherwise, no.
      5. I don’t know for sure, but he seems well liked in the clubhouse.
      6. Despite all the damn negative comments and attacks on him, I haven’t seen a guy embrace Toronto as much as he has. While that doesn’t justify a spot on the team, it really is awesome to see. You know he’s advertizing to players around the league how cool Toronto is. The more players embrace the city, the more it can become an attactive destination, or at least not thought of as Siberia.
      7. For those who take his confidence as arrogance, elite athletes (those who make it to the show) need swagger. They need to believe they are awesome. You don’t want a player like JPA to simply say he is what he and be satisfied with collecting a paycheck. You want him to believe he’s the best and strive to be the best.
      8. I want him to stay the fuk away from my girlfriend.

      That is all.

      • My biggest worry about JP is that I just don’t trust him behind the plate. He’s really an awful catcher, everything looks so forced and rigid for someone at this level. I’m completely pulling this out of my ass but he also seems prone to bad mistakes at bad times. Maybe more accurately he’s a ticking time bomb.

        • Yeah, I didn’t get into his defensive abilities because that didn’t help my argument.
          I think they’d be wise to hire an elite catching coach to work full time with him.
          I know that besides his caligraphy, Waka Waka was the catching instructor. Not sure if there’s a guy now, but there should be.

      • Seriously, folks around here need to understand the hype isn’t always a bad thing. Unanimously chosen by the execs as #1 AND #1 from the computer is ‘with a bullet!’

        When you’re reduced to arguing over the #8 hitter or 25th man, it’s a good thing.

      • Some good points on JPA. I think overall, most fans realize he is the #8 hitter, and its almost impossible to field an all-star caliber lineup 1 through 9. Also, no position is more scarce when it comes to offense than catcher, so lets put it into perspective. Compared to major league hitters as a whole (regardless of position), JPA is not that good. But compared to catchers, how many out there can hit 25-30 homeruns in a single season? That helps balance out the negatives to a certain degree.

        And I like how you mention the intangibles – how he’s very well liked (easy to tell by his tweets and interviews) and how he’s embraced the city. That does count for clubhouse chemistry and added motivation. Never hurts when you need a team to mesh and come together so quickly. Love how he lives in Nashville and is already preparing to work with Dickey. Of course, if trying to catch the knuckleball becomes a challenge for him, then we have Thole anyways.

        All things considered, and being realistic about it, JPA is not the worst situation behind the backstop… he’s far from it. I’d take a Lucroy or Doumit over him, just from a sheer numbers perspective, but who knows what those guys might cost to acquire, assuming they are available in the first place.

        Biggest concern for me is the pen. If Santos is ready to go and his shoulder holds up, fantastic. Otherwise, some back end depth would be very valuable.

  39. Those Mayans were full of shit, man.

    • be careful….winter IS coming.

      • Loving the Game of Thrones reference. When does that shit start up again?

        • I think its something like March 31rst.

          But to keep it baseball related, this winter can’t end fast enough. Fuck, I could hardly sleep last night thinking of Morrow’s one hitter or whatever it was against the Angels…nasty. I sure hope he is on his game as he was most of last year.

    • The Mayans were brilliant. It’s the idiots interpreting the calendar that need to shake their heads.Or should I say, one of the seven Mayan calendars.The one that decendants of the Mayans are saying is a rollover calendar.
      Oops the calendar ends,must mean the end of the world.Oh no,just means it starts over again.Sorry about that.
      My bad.

  40. The pirates sign Liriano for way too much cash

  41. I’ve always wondered if the predicted wins for all of the teams, such as those by Dan Syzmborski in the first link, add up to even wins and losses across the league and across all the matchups for the schedules. I guess I should read the boring methodology sections of the pieces.

  42. This wasn’t working before for me. Just trying to see if works now. Sorry if this goes through.

  43. Interesting, Jim Bowden is claiming the Jays might be after Rafael Soriano.

    • Great track record in the AL East, our first rounder is protected, I don’t hate it. Maybe they’ll use the money they save on Oliver if he hangs em up.

  44. where is “it’s all over”

    I miss that guy.

  45. It’s entirely possible JPA becomes solid at catching the power knuckleball. He isn’t locked into one set of skills like a robot, unable to learn new things. He’s going to figure out pretty quickly that if he can catch our best pitcher, he’ll get more PT. Plus, it’s his JOB. It is literally his job to figure this out so they can best work as a team.

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