Alex Anthopoulos may not quite be ready to publicly say he’s counting on him, but Sergio Santos was on Jim Bowden’s radio show this afternoon, and according to the host, Santos was confident about the upcoming season.

That doesn’t mean throwing off a mound, of course, but this is some seriously fantastic news… if you want to bother believing it. Though, normally this is the point where I’d be all, well, what the hell else is Santos going to say? but really he could have hedged a little. Ninety-nine per cent, perhaps?

I don’t know if that makes me feel any more confident, but it’s better to hear than the converse. And if he does come to camp ready to go straight back to being the guy the White Sox traded us, look out. Santos, Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey are going to be such fan favourites, I don’t think a lot of people even know. Holy awesome, what a year is coming.

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  1. Hey, with all the trade hooplah and anxiety about Black Magic I plum forgot about this guy.

    • Whether it’s Jannsen or Santos I’m praying Oliver comes back. It can’t be stated enough how much better he makes either of these guys if he can come in late and get a top lefty out.

  2. Santos will be the key. If he is ready to go the other slots will fill up nicely.
    It might be magic if Oliver is onboard as well. To bad we have to wait so long to see them
    play. How many days until pitchers and catchers report ?

    • To me, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other. Although it speaks volumes that Casey did as well as he did without a net (and crap arms all around him) last summer. These guys should be an amzing 1, 2 combination and if my one nagging doubt about Santos being a little more hittable because it’s his 1st year back after the surgery comes true, I’m ok with it because Janssen is there and he’s a fucking rock.

  3. His breaking ball is fuckin nasty.

    Also, check out the stretch on the first clip.

    • I watched about 25 seconds of it, then clicked mute. My god is Hawk annoying.

    • I love the 84-86 slider and the 95-96 fastball…this could be magic!

      • Yeah, that’s a nice deceptive split in MPH between thettwo pitches. I do believe he throws a sinker or fork too. Extra tough when both the slider and fork initially look like a Fastball.

    • I saw him warm up in the pen 4 feet away in the South Side 2 years ago. Hard to believe he was a short stop with his body size, big guy.

      • Yeah, shortstop to the mound, you don’t see that too often. Pitchers these days tend to be really large. Gotta think an ex-shortstop would be a pretty good fielding pitcher — something the Jays now have several of.

    • In the game against Baltimore whoever the ChiSox catcher was, was having a hell of a time catching the ball. Tag up k’s all three.
      Santos is nasty…

  4. Would I be right to assume he will be setting up for Jannsen or will spring training determine that?

    • It’s a good question, I asked it to several baseball writers last fall and all seemed to agree it was Jannsens to lose. It would almost seem unfair to me to outright designate one of them the closer role but either way, it’s a pretty nice problem to have.

      • Seems pretty unfair to NOT designate Janssen the closer after the year he had, doesn’t it? Injuries notwithstanding, Santos hasn’t done dick all in Toronto to deserve the job yet. Janssen and E5 were pretty much the only watchable Blue Jays in 2012.

  5. How much of a weakness IS the bullpen, really? The Jays may not have much in the way of sure things, but it seems like they’ve aquired quite a few pieces that have some real potential upside.

    • Not to mention that, because Santos basically missed all of 2012, and if we get the real Santos by April 2 it really is if AA did the trade this winter of swapping Molina ( who has regressed) for Santos. So on top of the Mathis Trade et al. we would also have this to discuss and IMO it’s pretty fukin awesome. Sergio can heave it 97-98 with a wicked slider ( was too wicked last year and caused him some WPs before he was DL’d). Imagine him coming into the 8th or so after Dickey fucks up the oppostion on 72 mph knuckles for a couple of hours!
      Do you think, given the market for pitchers this year and everyone looking for quality arms that we would be able to get this guy controllable as he is for 4 years, for Nestor Fuckin Molina??
      C’mon some of you guys/gals-last year some of you were all into the prospect porn and saying AA was nuts to let such potential in Molina go

      “Out here in the fields….

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it… pretty cliche comment from Santos.

    If true, and he’s ready opening day, my guess is that the closing job is Jannsen’s to lose, and Santos gets the set up role out of the gate… if he stays healthy, and performs, its tremendous insurance for the closer seat. I like Casey, but closing for the WS favourites is much different than closing for a team that has a losing record and is fading in the standings.

    Fingers are crossed.

  7. 100%? I like those odds.

  8. How fucking dominant would the front of the the bullpen be with Janssen, Santos & Oliver.

    Not to mention the back of the bullpen including Happ and 3 of Lincoln, Delabar, Rogers, Cecil & Loup.

  9. After living in Toronto for 20 years I’ve finally moved out of the city and NOW the fucking Jays are a goddamned playoff team. O well, it’s probably for the best; is just fine and I don’t know if I could handle a popular baseball team where I can’t drink beers in the front row of an empty 500 section. Actually I probably could.

    But who cares about any of that. Playoffs!

  10. That stuff is nasty, but I must confess that my elbow and shoulder hurt just watching him throw that slider.

    • agreed…it seems to be less pronounced on the vid. than I remember watching his games early on. I remember thinking that his arm was going to land somewhere between the mound and the plate.

  11. Is the draft lock protected for 2013?

  12. Jesus Christ can you guys stop sulking and bitching about every little -oh wait. Let me uh.. Lemme give this a read. …Ahh.. Welp um.. Nevermind.. retracted!
    2013 baby!!!! Can I just get a jersey with EVERY player on it?

  13. I listened to the Santos interview, he said he’d like to close and would like to compete with Janssen in Spring training for the job. He said if he looses no problem but he’d like the chance to compete for it.

  14. Zaun’s twitter appears to now be protected.

  15. I get that we want to not get ahead of ourselves, but it sure sounds good that he has been throwing for 4 months instead of “I should throw again soon”.

    Getting Santos back + the fact that Romero can’t possibly be worse, should equal a good number more wins before any other changes.

    Then you look at the other changes and… yeah.

  16. At the risk of my words coming back and biting me in the ass – I’m ASSUMING that next season’s crop of starters “should” have more quality starts than the M*A*S*H unit that resembled our starters last season. So, our guys go seven strong…and any combination of Janssen and a healthy Santos do the 8th and 9th. That leaves 5 other guys to do the occasional long relief and assorted LOOGY duties.
    Oh, those words will definitely bite me in the ass.

  17. Don’t think many people realize how good Santos was during his breakout season. He had one of the highest strike out ratios in the AL and his ERA was under 2 for 3/4 of the season. Ozzie used the shit out of him and his numbers went up in the last 3 weeks or so. Best thing about him was whenever he blew a save he would nail down the next one. Sometimes the next night against the same team. If this guy is healthy, wow.

  18. If Santos AND McGowan come to camp healthy that will make for an interesting bull pen.

  19. I like the idea of Santos as the closer and Jansen as the set up guy. There will also be a marked increase in the number of Wins by our starting pitchers over last year and our WS berth.

  20. He gone

  21. Alright Sanchez…

  22. You spelled Santos name wrong…

    It’s S-I-R-O-T-K-A

  23. Jansson long reliever, Santos closing and Oliver I don’t see comming back.. They need only to touch up their pen but if they don’t I’d be perfectly content going not the season with what we got. Most of our starters will go deep into games anyway..I can’t see Jansson closing simply because he can fill the role as long reliever or set up guy, Santos is a closer! 1 or 2 inning guy. You decide to make Jansson your closer and u might as well trade Santos. My opinion anyway

    • Into*

    • I don’t see Jansson as a full time closer. He was great last season for the Jays, however, he doesn’t seem like an intimidating presence on the mound. Look at some of the closers around the league who have a couple of years in their position. They have a healthy fastball or a wipeout pitch. I really like Jansson but as a 7-8th inning set up man. (assuming Santos has all the stuff promised to us)

  24. The Jays should pursue Hanrahan from the Pirates as insurance in case Jansen and Santos flop.

  25. I could see EITHER of Santos or Janssen being very effective and closing this year but it’s a good bet one of them won’t be reliable this year through injury or performance issues considering both are coming off arm/shoulder surgery.

    I think even if Oliver comes back you still need one more late inning arm. Scouring the market for whats available right now I’d say K-Rod on a one year deal, or one + option deal would be a good bet for a decent year. Then you’re probably still praying for Oliver to come back to line up a bullpen of

    Closer: Janssen / Santos
    Set-up: Rodriguez, Oliver
    6th/7th/8th option: Delabar, Lincoln
    Additional Lefty: Cecil/Loup/Crawford
    Long-Man: Happ/Rogers/Storey

    Depth is key. Also I don’t like our lefty options if Oliver retires, unless they use Delabar for what he is, a lefty killer.

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