Mailing in a Post season continues around here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some quality content right here– as in: holy balls! An animated GIF of an R.A. Dickey knuckler that I could totally get lost in for hours!

Get set to lapse into a GIF coma after the jump…

Crotch grab in the direction of @DuckDuckNoose for sending it my way. And, of course, it turns out that this originated from the great @James_in_to.


So… there’s that.

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  1. “La balle papillon,” indeed.

  2. RIP JP’s defensive numbers

  3. wow…sorry that’s all I got. I thought it was a rise up and then a dip at the end but in the last couple of frames it does some crazy shit.

  4. does it go: in, out, down, in, up?


  5. Wow. I count 4 changes in direction in what – half a second?

  6. Not a fan of gifs.
    But that is fucking awesome.

  7. He doesn’t throw a knuckle ball…..he throws a wiffle ball!

  8. That? Is extraordinary.

  9. Flinchy!

  10. That’s Nickeas back there, apparently (thanks B-R).

    I love Nickeas’s face as he catches this, just watch his eyes. Fuck it’s going to be fun watching this guy pitch.

  11. Nice catch with your eyes closed

    • Yes, Thole? (I assume thats Thole) closes his eyes and backs away as its coming, awesome.

      • Even more reason to just stick JPA back there. Why lose the power bat for a catcher who has no power and CLOSES HIS FUCKING EYES WHEN HE CATCHES?

        • cuz its not Thole its some other catcher

          • Thole has almost twice as many passed balls as JPA. I can see why if he was catching Dickey 30 times a year. I’d still prefer that JPA get a chance to show if he can handle it, obviously you don’t need to be looking to catch Dickey.

      • Mike nickeas was the catcher….I was at the game Dickey was amazing

  12. Cant get enough of watching tholes eyes close just before he catches it lol

  13. I did up this anigif, I cut the frames down to 10fps to keep the file size lower but I think I’ll reup the 30fps one despite it being 10.5MB. It’s not a whole lot different but 3x the frames adds a bit more beauty to this artwork.

  14. That was the TB game – was a 1-hitter with 1 unearned run and 12 K’s that could have been a perfect game but for some brutal play at 3rd base by David Wright.

  15. nice

  16. Holy Christ. What are physics?

  17. made my own painstakingly complex diagram of the knuckleball’s trajectory

  18. So many things that I’ve read lately have been saying that the ‘corkscrew’ or multiple changes of directions of a knuckleball don’t really exist. They say that it’s more the unpredictable movement rather than the unique movment that makes it effecting.

    This gif. Um… holy balls. That’s aweome.

  19. You know you’ve got some nasty shit when you buckle the CATCHERS knees.

  20. Disgusting, good for Thole for catching that thing lol

  21. Love the closed eyes. That is incredible.. it looks like RBI Baseball – only crazier.

  22. No the best part is the catcher closed his eyes just before he caught it…

  23. Can’t wait to see him pitch against the Evil Empire. F#ck them and the Massholes with a dog’s dick.

  24. Beauty! Even Thole has to move at the last minute.

  25. Unsurprisingly, the Mets’ three main catchers last year ranked 89th, 100th and 101st out of 116 eligible catchers in defensive metrics.

    I’ve always thought the pitching staff (either for being wild, inexperienced, or just unpredictable like Dickey) is just as much at fault in a catcher’s defensive numbers, given the weight of passed balls and throw-outs on the numbers.

  26. That catchers glove looks GINORMOUS

  27. That is utterly and undeniably FILTHY.

  28. farrell would fuck up dickey somehow if he was still here

  29. Evidence of Dickey’s starting to work on a knuckleball circa 2006 (MLB 2K7 screengrabs):

  30. It seriously looks like something out of SuperBaseball2000…a pitch that breaks 3 times at the speed of Jamie Moyers fastball is amazballs…

  31. Soon as we acquired him I watched him pitch on the archive. His knuckler has a sharp break to it, looks like a hard unpredictable downward breaking slider. Very unique.

  32. Glad this guy now has credibility winning the Cy Young.
    Otherwise, how the fuck does an umpire call this pitch when the ball crosses the plate as a ball, strike, ball and strike in one pitch.

    Also, JPA has to take a seat every time this guy pitches. Don’t need him having restless nights and nightmares.
    Good on him for wanting to meet up and practice. But no.

  33. Who is missing TRD now?

  34. Weird, I hadn’t even noticed that the catcher closes his eyes at the last second – that must be the trick!

  35. They moved the infield around a lot this year as per each batter’s hitting charts… Maybe they should move one of the infielders behind the catcher when Dickey pitches! LOL

    • I’ve often wondered if hitter spray charts will one day pinpoint a guy that fouls balls straight back enough to warrant putting a guy behind the catcher to snare them.

      • There is a baseball rule that prohibits more than one player from being in Foul territory when the pitch is thrown. Gene Mauch ran into that rule when he wanted tpo put a player at the backstop on intentional walks when Joe Sparma ( mr wild pitch himself) was out there-outherwise it would have been believable when dickey pitches

  36. Lol. The batters like “The fuck?”

  37. The Red Sox are trying to sign Napoli for 9MM more than Dickey for 3 years.

  38. I’m curious if the bigger glove used to catch The Dickey Flutterbye takes a shitload of practice to get the ball out and away or if there isn’t really much difference?

    • Ya, it definitely does, but no matter what, it’s never as quick as getting it out of a normal mitt. But with the number of passed balls you’re cutting down on, it’s for sure worth it.

  39. Whoever was catching that insane knuckler was even scared of it toward the end.

  40. You can see the MLB logo on the ball the entire time. That’s insane.

  41. gonna be some fun at the Dickey-dome this summer.

  42. Holy snapping aresholes that is a monstrous catcher`s`s mitt! I haven`t seen a ball move that much since the Kentucky Derby!

    • They’ve had monster-size catcher mitts for knuckleballers for a long time. I remember reading once that the Niekro brothers actually had a collection of them that they loaned out.

  43. Batter : don’t swing! Swing! No! Now! Hold up! Oh shit!
    Catcher : Tthat’s right..nice and easy…Wait! Oh, shit.

  44. As good as that pitch looks from behind the pitcher, it looks a lot more wicked from the batters perspective. Makes you feel for the catcher too!

  45. Jays just claimed Russ Canzler off waivers from Indians. Right handed bat hit 22HR in AAA last year and had a .269/.299/.398 line in 97 at bats with the Indians. Can play 1B or LF. Could this be Mr. LInd’s platoon partner?

    • Would rather Juan Rivera(I know but good vs lefties) or Aubrey Huff on a minor league deal see what his health and bats like in spring training. Ryan Rayburn, Delmon Young, Jeff Baker these guys smash lefties and they’re still out there.

  46. Anyone have the link to Stoeten’s TSN radio blurb yet?

  47. Did the Jays release someone or did I miss something, because they just claimed someone according to MLBTR and I thought they were at the 40 man.

    • Storey who’s beeen claimed like 5 times off waivers this winter, made it through waivers and to AAA Buffalo to clear room on the 40. Another AA Ninja move on a much smaller scale of course.

  48. Or nickeas

  49. That ball was doing a hula dance. and did you see the catchers eyes… hehehe JPA, I so wish we could watch JP trying to learn how to catch that.

  50. Way to late to the party to read all of those comments so this has probably already been said…but the catchers face is priceless. He closes his eyes and just hopes for the best to catch it.

  51. Look at the catchers face (Tholes?) right as he’s catching the ball. His expression is hilarious.

    • He catches it with his eyes closed and weaves his body to the left.

      • Fuck, the commenter right above me practically said the same thing. I was too busy looking at the Annie’s boobs GIF to read all the comments.

        my bad guys!

  52. Anyone else get a giant hard on watching that?

  53. That’s the best gif that I have ever seen.

    And as Bob Uecker once said, “the best way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling, then pick it up”

  54. Look at the spin – the ball only makes one and a half rotations on its entire flight. Absolutely filthy.

  55. Wow…ill movement

  56. I could watch this all day. Or all summer.

  57. I could literally watch this all day. Pure beauty.

    Oh I can not wait for 2013.

  58. This kinda disproves the notion that his power knuckler has less movement on it than his regular one.

  59. Greg Zaun has been hard at work. When he’s not over-valuing his appeal to the opposite sex he’s busy rehearsing what he thinks is an intelligent way to describe the catcher’s thought process when trying to catch that butterfly of death.

  60. I love showing this to all the bandwagoners at christmas parties

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