I can think of several reasons why this graphic is no longer appropriate. But no matter, here are today’s links!

Via MLBTR, Matt Eddy of Baseball America tweets that Dave Bush– yes, that Dave Bush– has returned from Korea to sign a minor league deal with the Jays.

And more minor moves! The Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail, reports that the Jays have purchased the contract of Can-Am League lefty reliever Tony Davis. Formerly of the Twins organization (home of quality pitching), Davis posted a 2.57 ERA and 3.56 FIP in 28 innings, with 24 strikeouts and 12 walks, as a 23-year-old at Double-A in 2011. He blew up real good in five innings at High-A in 2012, though.

Ari Berkowitz of Beyond The Boxscore delivers part one of three of his analysis of Alex Anthopoulos and his tenure with the Jays.

Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star writes an excellent, lengthy piece on the knuckleball.

At BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm talks to JP Arencibia, who seems finally entrenched as the Jays’ catcher… for now.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs brings us the year in fastest home runs– including Colby Rasmus, Edwin Encarnacion, and little something about the Blue Jays’ announcers.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jack Moore looks at whether Carlos Villanueva, now of the Cubs, can start effectively, while Dave Cameron looks at the Pirates’ Francisco Liriano signing and the end of an ERA.

Jim Bowden tweets that he thinks the Jays are possibly a sleeper on Rafael Soriano, and I agree, if there were no draft pick compensation involved, it totally makes sense. Having to give up their second rounder, though? Not so sure.

Yardbarker tells us that new Jays catcher Josh Thole is teaching sign language to his deaf dog. So… there’s that.

Coolopolis looks at how the plans to have a Montreal street named after Gary Carter have hit a snag.

At Getting Blanked, Drew wonders if Mike Napoli’s deal is done yet, and notes that Rich Harden has been signed by the Twins.

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Comments (304)

  1. LOL at Dave Bush. Of all people…

  2. http://eng.sksports.net/SK_Eng/SKwyvern … itcher.asp

    Found Bush under the section of “Pitcher–>Fastball unstoppable, unpredictable breaking ball! To ascend dragons of the mound!” Each section of the roster has its own catchy phrase.

  3. Colby hit that HR off Herrera right over my head that night in KC. It was his 2nd in as many innings. Fun game.

  4. Who knows what the hell hitting coaches do and how much impact they can have on changing a hitter’s approach.

    But here’s hoping Mottola can help JPA get back to his passable walk percentages in AAA in 2010 and as a rookie in 2011.

    If he could control the strike zone a little better, maybe he can have a longer career as a starting catcher.

    Otherwise I expect Josh Thole to eat into his starts by the all star break.

    • does no one else remember that epic at bat vs the perfect game in the ninth? the man knows how to work an at bat. I’m one of the rare few who believe he will get a lot better, I guess.

      • for every at bat like that one there are a dozen 3-4 pitch strikeouts

      • Makes sense to me. It seemed to me that he had a lot of confidence in that at bat because he knew what Verlander was throwing to get him out. As time passes, he’ll know more and more of those pitchers. If he takes more walks he’ll get better pitches and he’s smart enough to figure that out. Moreover, he’ll have better batters (hopefully) around him this year.

      • We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

        • And gentlemen in England now a-bed
          Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
          And hold their Dickeys and Johnsons cheap whiles any speaks
          That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

          • @SP
            “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

          • Old friends are the best friends, Carl. (at least according to Polonius.) You’re no spring chicken, buddy.

            Merry Christmas.

            (And never forget, brevity is the soul of wit. (Another Poloniusian bon mot. Cheers.)

          • Toi aussi mon ami!

  5. a colby rasmus homerun may be one of the most beautiful things in baseball. and one of the most tragic.

    • John Bucks homeruns in the rogers center were pretty fantastic as well. But Colby for being not a big guy can sure hit the ball a fucking shit ton when he gets ahold of one. I wish he was like that all the time.

  6. That graphic certainly sums up the Jays 2012 season. It was a bad disaster movie. So glad we’ve now got a bunch of new actors and writers.

  7. We swapped Buck with Thole primarily so the Dickey trade could be salary-neutral for 2012.

    In other words, we’re not in on Rafael Soriano.

    • WE WE WE… its THEY, you arent on the team or in the front office sorry.

      Anyways, wouldnt Soriano cost the signing team a pick? Plus personally I would prefer Wilson.

      • Technically you’re right but I disagre with u on this one Buck.
        I love it when fans say “we” and not they..
        Players and front office actually want us to say ‘we”.
        They want fans to have a vested interest and show support. They want us to feel a part of the team.
        I hope WE win the world series.
        Go Jays Go.

        • So then by right as a FAN, when talking about say, your favourite band, you can also say WE?

          “man we played a great show last night” or “our bass player sucks we need a new one”

          Yah that doesnt sound nuts at all.

          • its not a fukin English class-who gives a rat’s ass>?
            It’s the “royal we” as we have internalized it so let US carry on for fuksakes

    • Or they wanted to make the trade salary neutral so they could afford to make another move if they wanted to. You can’t assume anything.

      • Indeed. I can’t see the Jays spending that much cash on a reliever anyway when they could have spent similar money earlier on a starter like McCarthy or Haren and kept those draft picks. Boras’ clients aren’t known for taking big discounts even for one year.

        I still wouldn’t rule out someone like Lyon as a possibility but I imagine what Oliver does will have some say in the decision as well because of the cash.

        • Isn’t it funny how both of us were pining for Haren early in the offseason and were disappointed when the Jays didn’t acquire him from LAA.

          And AA makes upgrades that are ten times better.

          It’s amazing how much he has improved the major league team in a matter of weeks.

          • The things I wanted were relatively miniscule too. I was hoping for a trade for an innings eater and a FA signing maybe Sanchez or Jackson. Haren definitely not after the Cubs deal fell through.

  8. I was painfully watching PTS today, sado masochist here, and something John Shannon said didn’t sit well…he was recounting the fever that the Jay’s stewed up last December in the Darvis bidding fiasco, also another sado masochist dream.

    Anyways he said something to the effect that 18-26yr olds in Toronto were a large part of creating that frenzy. Which I think is a big steaming load of shit, not that I disagree the majority of fans reside in Ont. (65-70%??) but the FUCK…we represent across the country.

    I see a lot post from the west coast, prairies and out east. I’d be interested in what the split is around here. Represent South Saskatchewan here!

  9. London ON here.

  10. Jeebus Rasmus has a gorgeous swing in that GIF..I’m not giving up hope. I fought the good fight for Edwin, and I’m a huge believer in Colby..really hope I’m right again. He could be so incredible.

  11. It is funny how 2012 was good early and late and sucked in the middle.

  12. It could be possible that Sorinao can’t find work and because of that draft pick, that the Yankees feel bad and do a sign and trade. Again not likely but Rafeal did do a good job for the Yankees that they might consider it if by The end of January he’s still not sign. I don’t think the jays would be the team that gets him in a sign and trade but it’s possible Boras agreed to essential a sign n trade with Atlanta because of the draft pick and singed him and then traded him to the Rays for Jesse Chavez( Remeber him?)

    • I’m wrong Soriano accepted Arbitration, my bad the new rules made it better for teams because they never got a real feel for their market when the arb deadline approached.

  13. Nice pic of Ivor Wynn Stadium being demolished

  14. I don’t think the Bowden rumour is legit. He’s been going on and on about how the Jays are the perfect fit for Soriano on MLB radio ever since the Mathis trade..I think he’s playing the mouthpiece for Boras.

    • is it even a rumour or is he just putting two and two together now that Rogers seems to have unlocked the vault?

  15. The civic Politicians of Motreal should be ashamed of themselves for botching the renaming of a street to honour the memory of Gary Carter. Grow up Montreal – get it done!

    • Just get someone to send them a brown envelope with some cash in it.

    • It was the neighbourhood that was protesting, but the Mayor gave them the middle finger and it will be re-named. I love that they chose the road that leads into the tennis centre that was Jarry Park, where Carter made his debut. Very fitting choice.

  16. For those interested, some kind souls have done god’s work and posted Knuckleball! on Icefilms:


  17. So the jays shouldn’t pick up soriano despite not losing 1st round draft pick?

    • I have a difficult time believing any of the Soriano tripe, He turned down 13.3m from the Yanks ( after getting a 1.5m buyout) and has said he is looking for a 4year deal @15m per season. For a RELIEVER! who may pitch 50 fukin innings!
      The way I see it, only 2 teams would even briefly contemplate that kind of coin and one is the NYY, the other is the LAD. However NYY has Rivera returning and LAD already gave a ludicrous contract to reliever League to be the closer at 7.5m/year.

      No. it sounds like the noose is tightening on Soriano and Boras and it looks like they have made a huge error in judgement as there is no market for him at these prices. No way in salvation AA would pay anywhere near that. A best case would be maybe 1 year at 8m or 3/24, both scenarios Boras would refuse I imagine.
      Could the Jays do it? Outside chance I guess if they move maybe LInd ( 5m+2moption buyout) and Janssen ( 3.9m). The total for those 2 is 10.9m, but overall on further review I think it is all revisionist Bullshit by Bowden
      “out here in the fields”….

      • Or he goes to Detroit with bat shot crazy win now owner illitch

        • yep, you have a point-fucker Ilitch is crazy enuf to do it-will just raise pizza price at L’lil Caesars

        • Why is he crazy? Before this offseason, I wished the Jays had an owner like him. Spends money on the team like a drunked saiilor. What a dick!

          • *drunken*

          • I get the idea, don’t worry. You’re right, don’t get me wrong-I’m thrilled we are spending coin; just implying I guess that illitch will do it if HE wants whereas at Rogers it’s got to be approved by 6 different people bla bla

  18. If the Jays actually have $10 million to spend on a reliever, wouldn’t it be better to use the money to upgrade DH or another spot on the roster.

    I can’t see AA blowing a wad on a reliever for multiple years.

    Then again, it was quite shocking 6 years ago when JP Ricciardi gave $47 million to BJ Ryan as he didn’t seem like the type to do that.

  19. Is anyone else glad that this year’s Jays team doesnt and wont include David Pauley, Jesse Chavez, Robert Coello, Coco, Frank Francisco, John Rauch and any of the horrible names I missed? I had a flashback to when Ken Kenny Ken Ken called the Jays bullpen the super pen before last year and I got a big old boner about it, then through the year it was like someone was just POUNDING me in the nuts.

    The only thing Jesse Chavez should be starting this year is the ice cream truck he should be driving.

    That all being said, I know it seems like very little to be concerned about but is anyone else just not at all sold on the Jays bullpen right now? I dont mean to be a stick in the mud but Loup is young and I can remember when Carlson was a guy that no one could solve and then…. people solved him right out of the ballpark. Santos, sorry dude but when the Jays got a reliever coming off a sick year, signed long term and cheap for a single prospect, I knew something was up and I dont care who says what about how good he feels, I can guarantee he will not pitch much this season, call it a hunch, but he wont. Then you have Delabar who yes was pretty awesome but who also has an arm held together by metal so who knows. Then there’s the whole irritating Oliver bullshit. Happ being unproven and inconsistent, brett cecil being fucking brett cecil, Jeffress and his puff puff pass in addition to his inability to hit the side of a barn with anything he throws, Rogers being unproven. Janssen is the only guy down there that has proven he can be healthy and effective.

    So… after all that, obviously Im not the only one thinking about this and with the work put into that amazing fucking starting staff and the stellar looking line up can AA and the Jays really afford another year where the team, coaches, fans and staff have zero faith in the bullpen like the last how many years?

    Soriano is too pricey, Wilson is too much of a headcase and distraction but what about taking a flyer on Hanrahan or perhaps another proven bullpen guy from elsewhere.

    • @Buck.

      The bullpen is an area of weakness of the Jays relative to he rest of the team.

      However, maybe they retain Lyon? I think Oliver will come back.

      I know he has family issues but 3 million a year helps & it will give him a chance to be on a playoff contender.

      I can’t see AA paying 12 million for a reliever.

    • I resoundly disagree about your bullpen analyisis.

      Santos was a near unanimous choice for best off season move by a MLB team last year. He’s young, he’ll be fine. Janson was great last year. Lincoln, Rogers and Delebare give you some hard throwing stuff. Theres no reason to thing Cecil wont be a great lefty specialist. Happ should be a way way above average mop up inning eating long relief guy. Thats 2 closers, 3 flame throwers, a lefty specialist and a long relief guy. I could easily see this being the best bullpen in baseball. Then again it could totally suck. The thing is. pitching is unpredicatable. Last year, everyone thought the Jays had an amazing pen, and they did, but injuries and the fact that their starters never went past the 4th inning kind of ruined it. If the starting rotation lives up to its potential, this bullpen will be lights out.

      • @Jimmy

        For starters not to be a dick here but when in a debate about something you should probably know how to spell the names of the people you are debating about. Just saying, it looks bad.

        Santos APPEARED to be the best acquisition but again I bring up the fact of him being young, cheap, long term, effective and coming off a stud year as proof that the white sox fully knowing that there was something very wrong with his arm and thus the trade for just one prospect. I am also noting that AA knew this upon getting Santos as well.

        Did you even read anything I wrote at all? My point is that there is absolutely no one in the pen but Janssen and Oliver that have proven they can be consistently effective and healthy.

        I am no expert but I have a very very strong feeling that Santos will not be in the Jays bullpen much if at all this season and if he is you will see a huge drop in his velocity. Just a hunch that I get. But even with him at full strength, he’s got one good year under his belt, thus once again only leaves the Jays with two, possibly one guy down there that gives me any faith in the pen.

        Look I am not trying to be a downer but with the past how many years of absolutely horrendous bullpens I am skeptical at this point but we as Jays fans have a good reason to be such.

        • Sorry dude, didnt realize you had a hunch AND and feeling. I feel really stupid now.

          • You do realize that the surgery he had was extreme right? You know that there were experts suggesting that his shoulder was in Dustin McGowan territory right? So pardon me if I am not exactly counting on him to be on the field for opening day when its near Jan and he hasnt even picked up a ball yet.

            But you go ahead.

          • @Buck

            Santos has been throwing for 4 months. (See: DJF–”Santos-100% I’ll Be Ready Opening Day” -Dec. 20th)

            Things aren’t so very dire. Don’t worry, be happy.

          • @BMHS
            but he is feeling good, doesn’t that count for anything?

            I think AA knows that tweaking is a need in the BP. Both Janssen and Santos coming off varying degrees of surgery. I also gotta think that he has given Oliver a date to make up his fucking mind. Happ is a quality long guy and our 6th starter. Loup and Delabar were very nice additions down the stretch. But both pitched better than their each of their previous spots (minors&Seattle).

            I think the bullpen will be a work in progress as the season starts out. If pieces are not working they will be swapped for someone else. IMHO there will be rope for some players but not near as long as it was last year and this goes for the position players as well. Lind & Rasmus won’t make it to May 1rst if they have the same starts as last year and the same goes for Romero although maybe a slightly longer rope

    • You forgot Kevin Gregg.
      1. I liked Carlson and always thought that that sweeping curveball of his left him which spelled his demise.
      2. As for Delabar, it should be very interesting because both Farrell and Walton are gone and they’re the guys that fixed him when he came over.
      3. Jeffress is an experiment pure and simple. I suspect the approach they’ll take will be to get him to knock a few mph off his 100 mph FB and work on which off speed pitch he can throw for strikes.
      4. I think Rogers will be a world beater. Someone in Cleveland saw something in his delivery and when he got there his K/bb ratio went through the roof.
      5. I’m not as pessimistic on Santos but I DO think we wont see him at 100% until next year.
      All in all the BP should be somewhere between good to above average. One element the Jays ahvent had for a very long time is so many starters who can pitch 200 innings in a year so there will be a lot more rested arms. The question about the BP may be moot.

      • Oops! Didnt Carlson go for TJ surgery too?

      • @Sagan : even worse analysis. Why would someone knock speed off their 100 mph fastball? That is straight up dumb. Why would Santos need another year, and how would you possibly know what percent he was opperating at. Finally, how can an ameture keyboard enthusiast make a prediction like “bp should be good to above average” theres an 88% chance youd be right about anything in the world you assess in that way! Again, pitchers are unpredictable. If the starters are good, the pen will be good. The less innings a bullpen pitches, the better it is. End of story. Some guys will lose their jobs. Others will perform above expectations. You know, the same thing that happens in every bullpen, for every team., every year/

        • @jimmy

          You are quite the cock aren’t you? Other than your last 2.25 sentences you are a fucking turd.

          Like wow, the whole fucking concept of forum like this is for others to express their personal opinion. You get that right?!?! And you are entitled to be a supreme extra large sphincter coil but don’t be such a fuck about it.

          And at least open another fucking tab on your internet machine to look up the spelling of the players. I despise grammar police but for the love of all things DJF spell the players names correct.

          • Ummm, sorry for being right? Dude, you need to relax. And perhaps look up the words “ironic” and “hypocrite”. I’d also advise you that its good practise to not type anything you wouldnt say in real life. I mean this in two ways. One: just say the word “sphincter coil” out loud. Sounds pretty goddamn stupid doesnt it? Who talks like that? Two: If you ever spoke like that to anyone over the age of 12, you’d get your ass kicked. Fucking relax.

        • @ Jimmy
          “… theres an 88% chance youd be right about anything in the world you assess in that way! ”

          Hey thanks dude!

          • Hey Carl, wanna recommend some investments for the new year?

            (Don’t say ‘plastics.’ I’ve seen the movie.)

          • @SP
            If you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling price, you would have $54.00.

            drink heavily and recycle!

          • Thanks!

            I’m going to throw caution to the wind, up the ante and triple my profit this year.
            (And that’s before I cash in my embarrassment of wine bottles.)

            Blue chip advice as usual.

            PS–I think Jimmy has taken a shine to you. He seems to be looking for a friend.

  20. According to Rotoworld, the White Sox are looking for a left handed hitter and they are dangling Gavin Floyd. Can you say Adam LInd? I wonder if Anthopolous will trade him.

    • 7 million contract and he passed through waivers at 5, Lind is next to worthless

    • Can you say why? Why do the Jays need Floyd they already have one of the best rotations in baseball. Every pitcher in the Jays rotation when pitching properly is better than Floyd, Romero included.

      Right now Lind’s value is in the toilet.

      • Because you never have enough decent starting pitching. If you could get Floyd for something as shitty as Lind, you do it and figure out where he fits later.

        Having 7 major league starters is not a problem. Its a solution.

        Do people not even remember a few months ago?

        Odds are one if not more of our starters breaks down for an extended period of time, and the only thing between that event and Chad Jenkins or McGuire being in the rotation is depth like happ and flloyd

        • First of all, Lind has way more value to the Jays than any other team. Even if we got a better DH, he would still be an amazing off the bench bat to face lefties. I personally hope he keeps his job and has a great year, but screw me for being a fan, right? Anyways, trading him has no value and with Happ, Jenkins, Hutchisen, Drabek, (yeah, yeah, after the allstar break w/both, I know) and a few other minor league dudes, i don’t think we really need to trade for any pitchers when all the Jays really need is some replacement level dudes in case of injury.

        • If the Sox traded Floyd to the Jays for Lind, I would think his arm was about to fall off just like Santos’ arm was about to when the jays got him for a single prospect. A Floyd for Lind trade wont happen, the Jays would have to kick in a prospect for what would be a redundant starter.

          Yes I know you can never have enough starters but they would have 6 bonafide starters which would force one of them very unhappily into a bullpen role which would then cause unrest in the clubhouse. I dont think there is any chance AA would do that. Plus, who in the rotation would move to the pen? Youll probably say Romero right,,, wrong, the chances of that are otherworldly impossible. The demotion from ace to 4-5 guy will already be enough to piss him off.

    • I think hitter is the operative word there. Lind has negative value, he’s more of a flail-er.

  21. If Black Magic chooses to retire, anyone think Scott Downs is even a remotely realistic option? The Angels already had a great season out of Sean Burnett, plus they got Brandon Sisk in the Santana deal who has the looks of a decent lefty-reliever. Perhaps they’ll look to save a bit of cash on a maybe redundant reliever and we can have our GB machine back for one last go. Hell of a lot better option than Cecil, obviously.

  22. LOL, the Jays could have Sandy Koufax, Walter Johnson, Cy Young, Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan in the rotation and some schmuck is gonna say that the Jays should try and get Gavin Floyd! See these are the crazy things one thinks up just because of Adam fucking Lind

    • we can all be dreamsres when it comes to geating rid of adam lind,

      • Such a stupid thing to say, Why would you want to get rid of Lind? He could turn his career right around. If I am not mistaken, he is approaching the magical age when disregarded blue jays turn their careers into MVP seasons. (See, Bautista, Jose and Encarnation, Edwin) . Also, like I previously mentioned, even if you somehow replace him in the DH role (where he played when he had his best season btw) he would still be a monster pinch hitter. So fuck off with this get rid of Lind shit.

        • I agree with you. I really dont get all the hate for Lind and JPA at all. Ok we get it, their advanced metrics stats arent good but see the thing is, advanced metrics stats are stupid.

          Sorry all but when the two “Weakest” and “worst” hitters on the team right now have 30-40 homerun power I really dont think theres a reason to piss and moan about anything do you?

          I know this sounds crazy but why not for just one minute remember the way Lind used to hit before that pull field fucktard Murphy got ahold of him. Look what happened to Aaron Hill when he got away from Murphy’s shitty mcshit shit teachings. Why not say hrmmm new hitting coach with a contact to all fields mentality, hrmmm a last chance situation and hrmm being the weakest link he will see more pitches to hit….. and think fuck it Adam Lind MIGHT just have a good year?

          I was a Jay hater last season, I was beaten, sick and tired and finished with it but now there’s reason to cheer. Like it or not, Lind is on the team and he will be in the starting line up so either support him and hope for the best or fuck off.

          • Fuck…I must be drunker than I thought as i agree with both jimmy and BMHS in the same post.

            Lind has stunk shit up over the last few years with the odd game or two and last year last couple of months. I think we have not seen the best of JPA yet, only the odd flash. Both have huge upside. I think if either or both start the year as turds, AA is on the phone to the Twins.

            I am fucking stoked about this year. If everything goes right we run away with the division and have a long playoff run. I think worst case scenario is getting a wildcard spot and having an exciting one game or nothing night.

  23. Lol so I’m at this party and I check my phone to see that Dave bush signed. And I’m all like, “guys remember Dave bush, he’s a jay again! Lol!”

    And nobody gets it. Because as far behind of you guys I am, I’m still a.blue jays nerd, and lpeople.don’t get that.

    Also there’s a really hot 20 year old here I’m gonna Gregg zaun the Fuck out of. So ill hafta get back to that


  24. I read a rumour on ESPN that Soriano may take a 1 year deal similar to what Ryan Madson did last year so he could hit an unsaturated reliever market. You’ve seen Boras do it with Stephen Drew this year and he did it with Adrian Beltre in 2010. Beltre restored his market value and then got 96 million from Texas. I don’t think it’s rediculous to believe there may be something to this rumour, I think he’d be worth 10 million and a second rounder. IF….. the Jays made the playoffs it would be well worth it to have a shutdown guy who’s played in the playoffs before. You can’t substitute for experience, but you can buy it.

    • we could do worse than soriano on a one year deal. But he’s gonna want a lot of money, close to 10 mil i’m sure, and i dont think we have that money.

    • Soriano isn’t trying to rebuild value though. He’s coming off a great year.

      Like Edwin Jackson and every other non-top tier free agent he should fire Boras.

      Boras always overplays his free agents to get them the biggest deal possible. Worked for Fielder last year and other top guys. Second tier guys like Jackaon, Soriano (and Maybe Bourn) don’t get their ask price and end up settling for 1 year deals.

      • Yes I realize he doesn’t need to rebuild value which is why I said in my first sentence he’d probably rather hit an unsaturated reliever market next year. The value remark was directed at Beltre.
        Either way, it can’t hurt the Jays chances.
        The only real argument I can see for Rafael not signing a 1 year is that he’s 36 and probably is really holding out for the term-retirement deal

  25. Also, wataching sportensat righnt onow.

    Jordan binnington is at too ugly to be a statrting goalie. don’t let him

  26. “Blowed up real good”…I smile whenever I hear that line. I loved that show.

  27. Joe Capozzi rationalizes his Hall of Fame ballot with some rather odd reasoning.

    Short version: “I won’t vote for guys who got busted for performance enhancers, or for guys I think used them but there’s no evidence, or for guys who possibly put up HofF-worthy numbers if I don’t think they were really good back in the 90s, because I’m honouring integrity and sportsmanship and all that.”

  28. Listened to Prime Time Sports last night. Bobcat had Perkins and Bob Elliott on the baseball side talking about the Jays. A few nuggets from Elliott:

    - Thinks that the Jays made a mistake in holding onto Farrell in 2012, when they knew that he wanted to go to Boston;
    - Says that Omar Vizquel was onto something about the lack of clubhouse leadership;
    - Had a conversation with two coaches. One of them told him that he had 100 reasons to be wanting to come back. Then the coach said, I can give you the first 18 reasons, and that is the 18 games we are playing against the Boston Red Sox. Elliott then said, pretty clear that there is some dislike from the staff;
    -Perkins then said that the fans will be booing Farrell for 15 years.

    A few nice baseball nuggets from the 6 o’clock portion of the show. Just close your ears whenever Damien Cox is speaking and you should all do fine.

    Now, DJF army, let’s make sure Farrell is always welcomed in Toronto now shall we?

    • It was also kind of cool watching the HOF thing. Perk brought in his ballot, read the criteria and then filled out the ballot right then and there. He voted for Bagwell, Bonds, Clemons, Trammel, Raines and Morris for sure. Think he had three more and I’m not sure, but I think they were Biggio, Walker and Piazza. Some will not like the Morris vote and others will not like the votes for the juicers; but, on the whole, pretty decent set of selections imho.

      • I liked Perk’s explanation: “Once I vote for somebody I’m not going to stop voting for them.” That’s a very fair way of doing it.

        And honestly, I don’t mind Morris going in the Hall eventually. But if he gets in then Dave Stieb should be in as well.

      • I think Dave Perkins is the best Toronto Sports writer. His closest competition would be Elliot himself. I still would vote for Dave Stieb every year, but I can’t complain with his ballot. Anyone who would vote for the Rocket can go fuck themselves./

        • Damn, I wish there was an edit function. Just to be clear, I meant to say anyone who WOULDNT vote for the Rocket should go fuck themselves. Clemons is the best THE BEST pitcher of all time, and I hate these sanctimonious fucks who say he shouldnt get in. Again, much love to the Rocket.

    • Minus the obligatory lockout segment that was a very fun couple of hours.

    • I had to turn away several times when Cox started to go under the table to gobble Mccowan’s cock.

      While I’d love to be there for a few Boston games, likely not to happen. For those of us that watch it on the telly, see what I did there Happless and Bembenek, I would love it if Sportsnet improved the ‘sound of the game’.

      Instead of listening to Buck and Tabby’s heavy mouth breathing, I want to hear some fucking crowd and on-field noise. I watched a couple of games with the Yankee feed in the Skydome and I could hear the heckling and how loud the crowd was all the time. And while in tv bitching mode, for the fucking love that is all baseball how about a fucking pitch count a couple of times an inning. Anybody got a good mail link to sportsnet where they may take some of these comments?

      • @Blue Ballz

        Completely agree; Cox is becoming more and more fuckin annoying.

        And agreed on the sights n sounds persay of baseball. I wish HBO would do a 24/7 version of the Blue Jays. Love to hear Gibby calling Hillenbrand a gutless fuck and demanding him to drop n givem 20.

        Calling Lilly a pussy and greco roman wrestling him Randy Couture style.

        Would be gold.

    • @ballsdeep

      Thanks for the update. It makes sense now why AA & Farrell were sending different messages around Escobar at the press conference.

      I wonder if Farell had said he wanted to stay with the Jays in 2013, would AA keep him?

      • I don’t think there was a chance AA kept him for 2013. If he wanted out at the end of 2011 and after the debacle of the 2012 bosuxs, I don’t think Farrell even had to ask it was a given he wanted out.

        My guess is the Greek was so fucking pissed at Farrell and the undermining of the massholes that the Beeast told him to sit this one out and he would interact with the massholes.

        • My guess is that Beeston was more pissed. And thus it motivated him to tell AA that now is the time to take the next step.

  29. Not a jays point but,does the dbacks signing of ross mean upton may be dealt?

    • Not a Jays point, but certainly a relevant signing as it means Ross won’t be signed by the Yanks, the Orioles, the Rays or the Red Sox. Ross was a fit on all of our division rivals.

      I think Kubel may be the most likely player to be moved by the Diamondbacks. He would be a good fit for a team like the Mariners, who are desperate for offense.

      Upton could still be moved to the Rangers but it seems that Jon Daniels is still holding out to make a deal that doesn’t involve Andrus or Mike Olt. Profar won’t ever be moved at this point. Like Felix or like Stanton, it doesn’t make any sense to move a guy like Profar at this point. He is going to be a stud at SS or 2B.

      Arizona signed Eric Chavez to a $3M deal for some reason. It would have made more sense to structure a deal centered around Mike Olt and some of the young arms in the Texas system, in exchange for Upton.

      I still don’t get the Bauer trade. Arizona’s GM and management has a funny way of running things apparently.

      • I thought for sure the Yanks were gonna retain Chavez

      • Lind for kubel

      • Great analysis BD, Ross is one more weapon off the table for our rivals.

        Agreed on Kevin Towers, that nipple is trading away all the young talent. Heath Bell pickup in itself blows my mind, 35 years old, trending down, 9 million dollars, gave up 9.9 hits per 9 innings and a whip of 1.56. They got Pennington in that trade too, for an underrated Chris Young and then go out and flip Bauer for Gregorious another SS with no bat. Towers is fuckin awful. If we need a small piece at the deadline I hope AA has Towers on speed dial.

        And I did use the term “WE”, I saw someone giving a poster shit on here the other day for saying “we”. Fuck whoever that was, if you are a passionate fan, if you cheer and bleed blue and white, if you scan DJF daily for any little excerpt about your/our team, then it is WE.

        • We agree wholeheartedly. (That’s me using the royal ‘we.’)

        • Thats me right here…

          Sorry I just dont think saying WE or OUR makes any sense. If you are saying that because you are a fan that you have the right to say WE or OUR in that context then sure go ahead but also please begin using it for your favourite bands as well and see how nuts you will look while doing so.

          Saying something like “we should offer Soriano a deal” implicates that the person speaking has a decision in the matter which… the person doesnt.

          Just saying it sounds retarded but whatever makes you happy man.

          • “Retardation” is the act or result of delaying. If that’s not what you meant to convey, then please grow up and find another word not so offensive and disparaging.

            We baseball fans employ the word ‘we’ not only to show support for a particular team, but also to make clear that we are most definitely not ‘them.’ (Massholes, Evil Empire worshipers, what have you.) I have many bands I support, but only ONE baseball team.

            I’ve been proudly using the term ‘we’ wrt The Jays since 1977, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

            This is DJF, an enthrocentric Blue Jays Blog. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable over at “Getting Blanked.”

            Finally, the obligatory
            Suck it, Farrell.

      • Ross seemed to have the perfect swing for Fenway. Fly balls that would be outs anywhere else, except maybe in Houston where the Crawford boxes beckon, turned into home runs in Fenway. He hit 22 and 24 in ’08 and ’09 in Florida to go with the 22 last year, but other than that, 11-14 has been the norm. He’s now 31. Doubt he’ll hit 20 again.

      • Kubel to M’s was my first instinct too

        I think Upton will always be in play, but I dont think they will get the package they are looking for him in terms of infielders

        I’d say they should try their damnedest to flip Kubel after his big power year, hope a team like the Mariners desperate for hitting or maybe even the Rangers (now that Ross is out) thinks they should fill the Hamilton void.

        • Dbacks working to trade an OF now

          Kubel to the Rangers?

          Still have my doubts Upton gets moved at this point

          • Not sure I’d like to see Kubel as either a Ray or a Yankee. He’s signed for this year and next for $7.5m with a $1m buyout for 2014. That’s not beyond the scope of the Rays. Also, Kubel and the right field porch in Yankee stadium might get along just fine.

          • @SP laughing out fucking loud at the ‘better off at Getting Blanked’ comment. Fuck is that a bunch of 6-7 posters with a shitty attitude. I posted there once and was berated by 2 of them for using the improper form of you, you are, you’re etc… I can’t wait until the internet evolve to the point where I can reach thru my screen and punch someone.

  30. For those that are interested: For six days beginning Christmas Day Sportsnet will re-broadcast each game of the 1992 World Series.


    • Thanks, Tom.

      • Love that guy. ^

        I don’t know how to make the up arrow, but that’s meant for SP.

        Probably best exemplifies the moniker DJF.

        Wickit smaht, must be from Harrvard, those fawken Harvard kids.
        Often Drunk.
        Usually writes insightful shit that get’s you reaching for a dictionary.

        • Is this what you young guys call a bromance?

          Or is that OBJ trolling under a different moniker?

          • ok BJ

            That notch made me furious.

            It was as though he had a bet to see how fast he could get banned. I honestly wonder if he believed the shit he posted

          • @chanse
            I don’t know how he made 4 days with his comments. I can only guess that Stoeten had better things to do or has a soft spot (lol@soft spot) for trolls.

            No way he believed his shit, he did seem kinda knowledgeable re: quoting CV bust up with AA. Just a troll capitalizing on the moment.

      • We’re going to love that!!

  31. Cool, thanks for the heads up.
    I’ll DVR all those beauties.

  32. Holy shit, Boston loves to give up the farm for closers.
    They traded Jed Lowrie and Kyle Wieland for Melancon who imploded. 6.20 ERA

    They traded Allstar Josh Reddick and prospects Head and Alcantara for Andrew Bailey.
    Baileys shoulder exploded and so did his ERA 7.04, SSS.

    And now they are rumoured to have agreed on a deal for Hanrahan. I like Hanrahan but the players rumoured going the other way are substantial. Felix Doubront, Iglesias …….

    • yea my exact sentiments as well

      out christmas shopping and i check MLBTR and see that . . . wtf is Boston thinking, 3rd times the charm?

      I really like Hanrahan as well, but come on, it’s become abundantly clear that trading/paying big for closers almost never works

      also confused as to what Boston’s endgame is – they signed a couple decent guys in the beginning of their decline in their careers for smallish (by Boston’s terms) contracts after getting their “dream manager” and shed a shit ton of bad contracts, but then turn around and make some suspect signings (Gomes to play OF?) and now a bizarre trade as if they intend on winning the division

      they’d be better off hoarding some of those prospects and flipping them next year for a major mlb position player or pitcher when maybe they’d have a chance to compete for playoffs – they are still good this year, but some of these moves dont fit the mould of a proper re-build, more like a bandaid rebuild – Red Sox have enough coin they really only need a year to properly rebuild but they really aren’t making things easy for themselves

  33. Getting to the point where I’d rather see someone write “first” than “suck it Farrell”. Seriously, let it go. It doesnt make you look good. Grow up. The guy wanted to work in his hometown, so quit acting like you wouldnt want the exact same thing if it was possible. Also, he’s a manager, so who cares. He wasnt even a good one. Stop acting like your feelings are so hurt. Let it go it makes you look like a bunch of babies.

    • I was going to post “Suck it Jimmy” but I wanted to maintain a certain degree of maturity so I didn’t.

    • First.

      Suck it Farrell.
      I haven’t written either on here but I tell ya, felt kinda good. I get what you are saying but I don’t think you are going to stop the ‘suck it Farrell’ movement. There is a shit-storm a brewin.

      I get his whole connection to bean town, even though I wouldn’t call it his home town. I think the hate, or at least mine, goes toward the fact that after he signed his contract he wanted out after the first year because there was an opening in Boston(I just puked a little saying that). So you can’t tell me there wasn’t a piece of him wanting out all year long and whose to say by the end of the year he didn’t have a ‘who gives a fuck’ attitude as he knew he was likely getting the fuck out of the Blue Jay job.

      So for those who have tickets near the Massholes dugot all 18 games this year, I want to hear some “SUCK IT FARRELL” coming from my tv. Please.

    • Fuck that. Suck it Farrell will never get old.

  34. FYI Cleveland Indians here Opening Day Tuesday April 2 @ 7:07 pm. Pom Poms for everyone. Dickey vs. ?

  35. Boston is next of Sched at Rogers. 50,000 fans shouting “Suck it Farrell”

  36. Don’t forget the “clap, clap…clap-clap-clap” part.

  37. I fall for this shit all the time,so I need an opinion.

    Is jimmy trolling or does anybody think he’s serious?

    • I kind of get where jimmy is coming from. The Farrell vs Toronto dynamic will surely add some fire to the Sox rivalry, which I think is great. Modern Major League sports outside the lines are generally so dispassionate, cliche ridden and boring (I’m guessing it’s because pretty much everyone at the Major league level is insanely rich and coached in PR).

      That said, over-saturation of pretty much anything can get annoying. Especially when as jimmy said, nobody’s feelings should be hurt. The dude was forgettable as manager for two forgettable seasons. Save it for when we play the Sox.

    • I post here all the time. Why would the guy who is advocating for maturity and less annoying catch phrases be the troll? Is this opposite world?

  38. Probably belongs to the “we should grow up and quit booing Vince Carter and Daniel Alfredsson” crowd.

  39. Ya Im surprised anynody for that matter would be lobbying for “Leave lil poor ole Farrell alone”.


    Glad hes gone though so its kind of a paradox or oxymoron. Whatever ya call that irony.

    Oh almost forgot “SUCK IT FARRELL”

  40. Tickets right near the dugout for the opening week Friday game.

    Close enough for you to SUCK IT!, Farrell.

  41. Just a guess, but is Boston trying to get to 85 win territory for 2013 so they can try to get back into 90-95 win territory by 2014?

    Because it is very difficult to gain 20 – 25 wins in one offseason. Perhaps they are trying to do it over two offseasons?

    It’s not a horrible strategy. In that market, it makes no sense to go through a lengthy rebuild.

    • IMHO, the massholes are very geared towards 2014-15 and most moves are one year stop gaps. They have a couple good prospects coming up in the next year or two so I don’t think we will seem them moved for ‘try now’ mode. If traded more likely next year if at all for win now players…IMHO

  42. lol @ the Mariners…

    Off season plan: trade on of the best pitchers on the team that plays in a gaping hole of a pitchers park for a fat injury prone guy that hits a lot of fly balls.


  43. How should the ‘Suck it Farrell’ chant go? Like the little engine that could, starts slow and ends really fast?

  44. cody ross is now making 1 mil less than edwin.

  45. Are the Red Sox dumb position prospects for a miles aged armed closer?

    • The Red Sox have never given a fuck about their prospects. The pressure from the fans doesnt allow for a rebuild situation. Ben Cherington is also a complete dildo.

      • @Buck
        You mean other than the nucleus of a couple of World Series teams: Lester. Bucholz, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Varitek, Youk….and that crowd?
        Truth is, Red Sox put a lot more impactful home grown talent in the majors than most.

        • Shall I list the massive list of prospects that theyve traded away over the years?

          They just have a monster and very good scouting department mixed with a great string of coaching through the development system.

          • Hell Buck, you make that sound like a crime.

            They ‘just’….Talk about damning with faint praise!

          • No damning, my point was that they have been able to afford throwing away prospects because they seem to have an endless supply.

            If anything my point was that the Jays have bettered their farm system, scouting and levels of development by a massive margin. So perhaps Jays fans can relax a little bit when it comes to having given away some prospects for Dickey because these arent the days when Travis Snider was literally the ONLY prospect in the system.

            AA hasnt only ninja’d some great trades he has completely rebuilt a farm system from damn near scratch. Remember just a few years ago when the Jays system was a barren waste land?

  46. The Hanrahan trade is not insignificant. Red Sox sending Jerry fucking Sands and some double A minor leaguer for a guy who has a pretty decent track record. However, one wonders if the Pirates were seeing something in his reduced velo and higher walk rates in 2012. Reasons for concern? Is Hanrahan gonna be a Bailey 2.0?

    From a depth stand point, the Massholes will say that they have a killer bullpen, but one wonders about Bailey and Melancon, and who the fuck knows what Bard will become.

    It might not matter much if they plan on rolling with that rotation. Arguably, the worst starting 5 in the division with plenty of question marks. I can just see that fat assed Farrell making a trail in the grass between the mound and the dugout.

    • For starters the massholes also believe that they will win the world series because they believe John Farrell is going to save the franchise. Apparently none of them saw his horrendous managing skills in the same division last year.

      Bailey has an injury history that went back to highschool ball. He had a season comparable to Santos last season with big expectations that turned into bad numbers and a season lost to the DL.Personally I also dont believe either of them will return to their former form either but that is up for debate.

      Saying that the Red Sox have a bad rotation is naive and irresponsible. Lester and Buchholz might have not pitched up to snuff last year but thinking they wont bounce back and become the world beaters they were in the past is pushing it. Then you have Dempster who for some reason everyone thinks will get eaten up in the East, why? Because of a tiny sample size in texas? Ridiculous. Lackey is done but could be a reasonable 5th man and Felix Doubront has a lot of potential. Im not trying to defend the massholes but I wouldnt be underestimating them. And their rotation is still better than Baltimore’s which is…. well… Baltimore’s.

      The Boston pen does look pretty awesome though. But when it’s managed by Farrell lol it may not look so good anymore,

  47. Flex pack arrived today!!!!!

  48. Love the comment about the stupid useless commentators of the Jays.

  49. Ugh. I hate Hanrahan.

  50. LOL mariners Raul iBanez Is the saviour

    • Yeah seriously Bay, Ibanez and Morales are 3 fucked up moves IMO…that being said their offence will improve with the fences moving in and Ackley, Seager, Franklin, Montero and Saunders all maturing…

      • Didnt they also sign Bonderman? lol

        • yeah, let’s all make fun of them for having significant trouble luring high priced, big named free agents to their city to play. Not like we have had that problem recently or anything, right?

  51. The two most important things about a baseball team that will get you wins and a World Series ring are:

    Number 1: A Manager
    Number 2: A Closer

    That’s why our big priorities this offseason were a manager and a closer.

    We also wanted to improve our total RBI’s, starting pitchers Wins and have somebody hit for a high average. Also we hope to have a lot of team members make the all star game and maybe even one day make it to the Hall of Fame.

  52. I prefer “What’s your dream job?” to the other Farrell chant.

  53. My vote is still for sarcastic applause. It’ll throw him off.

    • Funny, I’m hoping he throws up in his cap.

      Different strokes…

    • Sarcastic applause may be misconstrued as a sign of support.
      I don’t want any ambiguity, by the fans, when Farrell returns.
      It needs to be direct and loud.
      I want to see a reaction by Farrell so there’s no doubt what the Jays fans think.
      Fuck taking the high road and moving on

      I don’t sound bitter,do I ?

      • Farrell needs to hear it loud and clear. No mixture of applause. Just boos and chants. And it should never, ever,. go away.

        • why? He was a mediocre manager on a bad team for 2 years, why make it bigger than it is. I don’t understand why so many posters here are acting like the jilted lover when it comes to Farrell.
          I say boo him the first time he comes back and then let it be, who gives a fuck about John Farrell? We got RA Dickey!

          • If memory serves, Dave, we got Mike Aviles for a fortnight. Hardly a game-changer.

            On a related topic–just because DJF has The Bearded Wonder, cries of ‘Fuck Parkes’ have never abated (and rightly so.) Some things just never get old.

      • I just don’t get why you care. Earlier today a song on my cd player was skipping and I had to get up to skip the song. This was more annoying to me than the John Farrel situation. I couldnt care less and I don’t get why anyone cares at all. Were you that dissapointed that a manager with no personality left our team? Are you so insecure that you can’t handle that a guy doesnt want to coach the Jays when the Redsox offer him a job? I mean, imagine you were the GM of the insignificant Mighty Ducks and someone offered you the best job in hockey: GM of the Maple Leafs. And you took it. Can’t see one iota of difference between what Burke did and what Farrel did. Get over it. Youre better than that.

        • exactly.

        • @ jimmy
          I care because beyond the sabermetrics, the fantasy GM, the logical side of baseball,I am and always will be an emotional, illogical fan of the Blue Jays and baseball in general.It may be a character flaw (one of many) but it’s where I come from.
          Farrell’s departure, while I welcomed it, is unlike anybody who leaves a team because of more money,a chance at a penant,being closer to your family.etc. Farrell used the Jays to make mistakes,get experience and he failed to honor his commitments to his contract and openly rallied for a trade.
          Farrell used the team I cheer for and misled the fan base.
          As a fanatic, I’m offended. I’m allowed to be.I don’t like the way MY team was treated.
          In the grand scheme of life, it’s not a huge deal,but as a fan of the Jays it is.
          Emotionally, I say,Fuck you Farrell. Logically, I say, meh, good ridance.

        • @Jimmy–

          Your serenity boggles the mind. You must surely be one with the universe.

          Given the literally months of non-stop analysis on Farrell’s treachery (here, there & everywhere) it also boggles my mind how you can still say that you “don’t get why anyone cares at all.” It’s a’thing’ Jimmy.

          As for your hockey analogy, I don’t really know or care about Burke and have absolutely hated the Leafs my entire life, but will guess that you might find similar feelings if you polled Ducks fans.

          • I agree that you guys have a right to irrational responses and I actually argue on your side of thing for many things, including my love of guys like Lind and Arrencibia, as well as my right to absolutley butcher the spelling of players names. That being said, I sill think its dumb to care about a manager and I don’t even find what Ferral did to be immoral or wrong or anything. People use less prestigious jobs as a spring board to better jobs all the time in every walk of life. And come on, you’re delusional if you think that managing the Jays is anything close to as cool as managing the Red Sox. Finally, I think, we should be the better men, the better team, fanbase etc and just forgive the guy. Let it go. Its Christmas and we’re Canadian.

          • Well said Spud, Farrell represents the epitomy of the mentality that has kept the Jays suppressed. The ugly American, the guy who comes and takes our money, loyalties, our hopes and aspirations for our team, and deceives us. His true ambitions were never to take the Jays to the promised land, but rather his amibitions were self serving: to gain experience and insights as a manager and then return to the enemy for self gain. Treat this traitorous wretch with the disdain he deserves. Donnot give this impudent piece of snot a moments peace until he falls on his sword. SUCK IT FARRELL

          • Sheer poetry, ‘dawg!

            Have a good Festivus.

          • Merry Christmas Spud and to all of you DJF’s who celebrate. All I want for Christmas is a #1 veteran catcher!

          • Here’s hoping that you find Henry Blanco under your tree ‘dawg. He’s the #1 veteran catcher, at least according to seniority. Cheers.

          • Well I was hoping for Carlos Ruiz, only cause he’s like under 45. In the spirit of the season I should also wish John Farrell a Merry Christmas as well – I mean even Bob Cratchet toasted Ebenizer Scrooge right

          • @birddawg—

            Bob Cratchet, jimmy & your good self are bigger men than I apparently. Although as you both note it is the Christmas season, and in spite of the fact that we are Canadians of course, kinder and gentler beings altogether, I still can’t find it in my heart to wish ‘The Ferret’ good cheer and joy on this day.
            It’s a bridge too far.


            Suck it, Farrell.

        • You were listening to a what? Did you lose your 8 track player?

  54. If I wasn’t a mature grownup – I’d buy a bunch of Red Sox ball caps, shit in them, and then fling them onto the field. But i am, so I won’t.
    But you know deep down inside, you wanna.

    • Fastball that’s a great idea, if we give you a few beers then you won’t be a mature grown up anymore. Now your dream can become a reality

  55. Swisher to the Indians means the AL East just got a little weaker around the Jays. I approve of this.

  56. 56 to 70 million for Swisher, depending on a vesting year.
    Why couldn’t I be good at crushing fastballs instead of buffets?

  57. Guys, Nick Swisher is super likable. I hate that he’s likable. He just is. At least his likability is in a useless place like cleveland now where I dont have to hate him for being likable, I can just easily ignore him.

    • I agree with you, I couldnt even hate Swisher in a Yankee uniform which is saying a lot.

  58. Also, RA Dickey calling himself a Canuckleballer is hilarious 10/10

  59. Merry Christmas to all my fellow DJFers, Jays fans, Stoeten and the rest of the contributors.
    Cheers to a championship in 2013!

  60. wonder if the jays would go for justin smoak as platoon partner for lind

  61. I am calling Lind to hit 35 Hrs and drive in 120 with a .300 avg.

    • honestly that would not suprise me considering it’s the final year of his contract….

    • Most of us have been calling for him to do that since 2009.

      It falls on deaf ears, however.

      That being said, let me say ‘from your lips to God’s ear’ my friend. Maybe divine intervention will work.

      PS to BSS–

      ~~~~~You mean like how well it worked out for KJ (two years running?)~~~~~~

      • yeah but that fucker will probably have a decent year in a season where his contract is up at the end. stupid shit like that always happens

    • He’d better jimmy or he’s out of baseball.

      • There will always be a place for a left handed bat with power as long as he’s healthy. Might be his last chance as a starter for a while though and definatley his last chance with the bjs. I know he’s been bad for a starting 1b/Dh but considering how hits lefties, he’ll ha ve a job till he’s 40.

  62. Merry Christmas fellow members of the drunken monkey army. A special merry Christmas to Anthopoulos for giving me the greatest present ever: a competitive team in Toronto.

    • +1.

      It will be an exciting season next year. The rebroadcast of the 1992 series will fun.

      • Anyone know if I can stream it. In a fit of pique, I cut all Rogers services last summer. While they have finally ponied up for the Jays, I stubbornly refuse to go crawling back.

        • You got to know when to hold ‘em
          Know when to fold ‘em

          • I knew it was time to walk away when I started getting $200+ monthly bills. I signed up for MLB TV through Apple TV, so I’m well covered when the season begins.

  63. I want to be Bubbles dammit!!

    Colby still looking scrubby in the off-season.

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