Good ol’ Rusty Canz

Well here’s a tidy piece of business: according to a team release, the Jays have outrighted Mickey Storey to Buffalo in order to claim 1B/DH/OF Russ Canzler from the Clevelands.

Yes, it’s a decidedly minor move, but it works– for me, at least– in a couple of ways.

First: Storey is a rather interesting arm, as I discovered when writing about him back on Wednesday, and while I don’t know if he’s necessarily intriguing enough to keep him on the 40-man, he had a nice season for the Astros in 2012, and the fact that they Jays have managed to be the club to sneak him through waivers– after the Astros tried twice and the Yankees once– and into the minors is a good thing. Definitely a nice piece of bullpen depth there.

Second, Canzler is a 26-year-old positionless right-handed hitter who is has hit particularly well in his last three minor league stops, and has posted crazy numbers against left-handed pitching, albeit in a tiny (31 PA) big league sample.

It’s hard to put anything resembling weight on that, especially since his minor league numbers don’t show the pronounced platoon split that his big league numbers do. The splits on his Minor League Central player page show him in 2011 as having a .920 OPS against left-handed pitching and a .935 against right-handers while winning the International League MVP award at Durham.

The data on that site for 2012 seems to be incomplete (it shows him as having 530 PA in the minors in 2012, while FanGraphs has 539, and there’s an even bigger discrepancy on his big league numbers), but it has him with a .788 OPS against right-handers and an .813 OPS against lefties while at Columbus– though he hit for more power against right-handers (.226 ISO compared to .190).

So… do we pencil him in as Adam Lind’s platoon partner just yet? I don’t think so. But there’s some potential there, for sure. Maybe not as much as the .457 wOBA in those 31 plate big league appearances against lefties suggests, but some.

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  1. So basically they traded McDade to Cleveland for Canzler. Not bad.

  2. hmm pretty good, even better if they can keep storey

  3. Worth a tickle I guess – no harm, no foul

    Kind of like trying out Luis Valbuena last year

  4. I think we are fine with Rajai or Bonefacio/Izturis spelling Lind vs. lefties

  5. Any idea if he can actually play 3B? Usually when they say 3B/Elsewhere they are pretty useless at third. If he can hold the fort when Lawrie runs into something now and then, that would be pretty useful.

    • Looking at it, I think that`s a typo in the press release, and I`ve reflected the post to indicate as much. He’s a 1B/DH type.

  6. How come some user names show up in blue? Just wondering.

  7. What’s Randy Ruiz doing?

  8. I just heard of Storey when you wrote about him, but looking into him I saw people were questioning why the Astros of all teams gave up on this guy. He seems to be good and def worth taking a flyer on.
    Having said that, I’m totally confused. So the Jays were able to sneak him through on waivers?
    Stoeten, or anyone… how does this work? Why did other teams try to send him down only to see him get snatched while the Blue Jays were able to keep him? Is it simply b/c other teams don’t have a spot on their 40 for him they’re willing to sacrifice someone else for?
    I highly doubt you can just “sneak” someone through. I’m sure every team has someone checking the wires. How many days before a player clears?

    • Luck, perhaps? i dunno.

    • Just happened that the other times he was placed on waivers some other teams thought he was a better option than a player currently on their 40 man.

      As rosters change during the off-season, teams fill holes and that sane player may not be. As useful to them.

      Every bubble player will either stick or pass through waivers eventually. Happy Storey passed through for the Jays.

  9. Jays already have Rajai Davis signed and on the 25-man with a career .349 OBP against lefties, and whatever is lost in power is made up in speed.

  10. Hey, is there a website where we can see who has options left. I know Cecil has no options and will most likely be in our pen because of it and his good lefty splits and I think I remember hearing Rogers has no options either. Do Lincoln or Delabar have options left?

  11. The more I look at his minor league numbers vs the league he was in at the time the better they look. The Southern League (2010) and International League (2011) aren’t exactly pitchers leagues, yet he was putting up stats that were similar to what guys in the PCL were putting up. He could really work out to be a nice little pickup as the Jays 25th man.

    • I was reading a Clevaland blog about 2 weeks ago and while they weren’t projecting this guy to be Ted Williams or anything, the consesus of the contributors seemed to me to feel like he was worth a look , but that the Tribe were souring on him for some reason. It was right about then that they went and signed Mark “strike-out” reynolds. So, I guess he could be worth a look seing as how we are looking at Lind again anyway

  12. Surprised Cleveland couldnt find a spot for this guys bat

  13. Better than thome

  14. here’s a lovely bit from fangraphs:

    “Of the 109 pitchers who have thrown 250 or more innings since the start of the 2011 season, Liriano’s ERA- ranks 104th. In terms of preventing runs, he’s been better than only Chris Volstad, J.A. Happ, Derek Lowe, Josh Tomlin, and Brian Duensing. ”

    I feel better that Happ is the #6.

    • It’s an interesting article that’s for sure and the quote you highlighted echos what I’ve been saying about Happ all winter. That said, I’ll bee curious to see if Happ finally lives up to his FIP estimation this year.

    • It will take me sometime to get over my suspicions on some of the methodology used in the sabermetrics. For example that K’s don’t have as big an impact as do Hr’s or walks. This is true sometimes but not others. A closer that K’s the side in the late stages of a game, a guy who hits a solo HR but his team is down by 2 in the 9th. I know these things are averaged out, but I still can’t beleive.
      Pitchers do have some control on where the ball is hit as well. For example, Dead pull hitters are pitched outside routinely to induce opposite field fly balls. Pitchers can in many cases acuratly predict where the hitter will hit, hence infield shifts etc…

  15. Just said on sportsnet connected that jays sleeper on soriano.Cant be true is it?

  16. hey stoetsey

    Darren Oliver broke his twitter silence last night and commented briefly about the prospects of returninh next year

    he’s @southpawDO28

    make a thread about it, returning your cap tip in advance

    thanks stoetsey

  17. Jays sign Dave Bush.

    Yes, THAT Dave Bush.

  18. Ive heard some really good things about Canzler. Ive heard he can hit the ball a shit ton, a friend thats an indians fan (yes they exist) told me about this move before I logged on here today he was pissed that they got rid of him

  19. Is it time for baseball how can I fast-forward life just 3 months??? I am very happy and excited for the Blue Jays and Canada and fans all over the world. This was our chance and time to push and take over the AL east not only for now but also the future. I think AA is a genius and has done amazing work for us since he has been our GM thank-you! He has made Toronto an attractive place to come play and put together a lot of proven players for at least the next 3 seasons. But this is nothing without depth just like in life its never always smooth but always better with more options, I am not saying that the Blue Jays are going to have a perfect season but this is a team that will be competitive every game no matter who is in the starting lineup. Reason why I’m so ready to see this team play we all like the starting lineup today but how many teams can say they have the likes of J.A. Happ, Kyle Drabek and Brett Cecil as starting pitchers for backup plans if injuries occur or the likes of Rajai Davis, Maicer Izturis, David Cooper, Anthony Gose and Josh Thole as position players. Last but not least just remember one thing AA has made very good moves with the minor league teams as well and also has a lot more time too much time for him to do some more magic, JAYS 4 LIFE going to make opponent teams start feeling Blue

  20. grew up outside of Canzler’s hometown (Hazelton, PA) and the guy could mash back then…interestingly enough, the same home/HS for Joe Maddon of TB

    sure it’s HS, but as others here posted, his trip A and other minor league stats show at least something that may be tied to potential in the bigs

  21. Imo…canzler has a nice compact looking swing. No harm with this move!

  22. Anybody who’s mentioned as being a possible platoon partner for fucking Lind becomes one I’m cheering for come spring. Is it too far fetched to slot Rajai/Bonifacio in LF, Melky in RF, Jose and Edwin 1B/DH against LHP? Melky has the arm to play RF and if Jose can play 3B he can play 1B. I just hate the thought of Lind getting ab’s against LHP and I haven’t heard much about Gibbon’s thoughts on this subject

    • The “Lind will get a chance against LHP” stuff from AA scared me a few weeks ago, but now – after all they’ve put into this team, there’s just no believable chance that they follow through with that.

  23. If yoy will, imagine this year Lind repeats his 100+ RBI season? Could happen. No one truely expected him to do it before, and with obvious low expectations (mix in at leat some fan hate pressure), perhaps the chemistry is right for him to strike again? Fans are fickle. We all shut it when a guy starts hitting. Think Colby … he just couldn’t keep up with his own momentum.

    • No one imagined a 100 RBI season bc he’s not very good!!! Fan hate pressure….??? What the fuck is that??? You do know there isn’t a stat for that right???
      Chemistry has nothing to do hitting a baseball. Rasmus couldn’t keep up w his own mo??? There’s another beauty. I haven’t heard that one before.
      Did you go to Roger’s Sportsnet School of Baseball Analogies? You did didn’t you!? I can smell your kind a mile away

  24. [...] again, something both the Astros and Yankees had previously tried to do without success (via Drunk Jays Fans). Obviously Storey has garnered some interest this offseason and could be someone we see in a Jays [...]

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