Here’s some light Festivus Night reading for those of you foaming at the mouth to learn more about all-around cool guy and new Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey. The author of “Wherever I Wind Up”, fresh off signing a 3-book deal with Dial and a 2-year extension with the Blue Jays, has written a heartwarming letter of thanks to his former city in the New York Daily News.

It’s mostly (obviously) focused around his experiences in New York and his gratefulness at the opportunity, but he does mention the Blue Jays and the trade.

I am not going to lie to you, though. The trade was hard for me at first. This is where my heart was, where I wanted to be, where I lived out a story of redemption and felt that every one of you shared it with me in some form or fashion. I loved pitching for you. I loved your passion, the way you embraced me from the start, and the way you seemed to appreciate the effort I was putting forth. Every time I’d walk off the mound after an outing, I’d look in your faces, the people behind the dugout, and felt as if all your energy and support was pouring right into me — even when I was lousy. It gives me chill bumps thinking about it even now…

…As I move beyond the sadness over leaving here, I know I have a tremendous amount to look forward to. The Blue Jays may need name tags on the first day of spring training, but once we get acquainted, well, this team could be something. I appreciate the welcome I’ve already gotten from them, and what they’re trying to build. We’ll see how it all unfolds.

(Read it all here)

That should fill you with at least a couple warm-and-fuzzies that should be more than enough to ease your mind going into the Airing of Grievances and get you through the Feats of Strength.

He seems like a fun guy to cheer for, doesn’t he?

If this warm and fuzzy stuff isn’t your style here’s the knuckleball gif again for no real reason.

{yada yada Deadspin}

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  1. Knuckleball gif and Seinfeld references. Zubes gets it.

    • Wishing everyone peace on earth goodwill towards men, happy holidays and SUCK IT FARRELL.

    • Haha u see the catcher close his eyes and just stab at it ! That’s nasty man ! If he’s flinching imagine how the batter feels.

  2. The real reason for posting that gif again is bc it’s fucking incredible!!!
    Saw on Fangraphs that over 60% believe the Mets got the best of the deal. First off, I find most readers of Fangraphs have a Hardin for prospects. Second of all I doubt anybody factors in everything Dicky is gonna bring to this organization.
    Class act…..

  3. Class Act. I’m glad we have him

  4. For anyone who hasn’t watched the Documentary Knuckleball! I suggest you do.

    • ^^THIS^^ x 1000

    • You bet.

      Be prepared to even like Tim Wakefield.

      • Tim Wakefield is like Nick Swisher, two guys likable enough to even be liked in the enemy colours. But yes, this doc makes people respect him a lot more.

      • You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.

        Abraham Lincoln, supposed vampire hunter

        • Did you see that movie? It was a shit ton better than I thought it would be. Good gore.

          Anyways… yah,,,, knuckleballs and stuff

        • Spud, Abe was a vampire its true – they made a biographical movie about it just a few months back. Actually it was a documentary I think. That question that reporter asked “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” well I thought that was over the line

    • Tall Boys is showing it next week, can’t remember the exact day

  5. Wow @ the gif… look at the look on Thole’s face and the hitters face.

    • At least the hitter tracks it into the glove, which is more than you can say for Thole.

      Filthy shit from a very classy human being–can’t wait for Spring!

      • After that gif and the knuckleball doc, fuck if I dont feel sorry for anyone that has to catch a knuckleballer. Just once this year I want to see JPA try it lol for even an inning.

    • It’s Nickeas.

      • Johnny Canuck?

        Zen back-stopping w/eyes closed? A jedi trick?

        The tools of ignorance indeed.

      • Thats great, shows me there was a slight purpose to his being part of the trade lol

  6. Interesting thing about that .gif is it really looks like the ball accelerates in the direction opposite to the side that little black star is on.

    • It kind of suggests that the movement of the knuckleball is predictable based on the orientation of the stitches, and the “shaky” movement is caused by the changes in orientation caused by the rotation in the plane normal to the movement of the ball. I’m sure many people know and understand that, but it’s still really cool to see it, especially since we have that little black star as a reference.

      • You mean the MLB logo on the ball?

        • Shuffle off to Buffalo, Wolf.

          You’re not ready for prime time in TDot. DanM was on an unworldly post-structuralist meta-level not easily discernible to mere mortals.

  7. It’s a Festivus miracle!!!

    • Yo Carl–we haven’t Indian leg-wrestled yet.

      The miracle will you be exiting that Feat Of Strength unscathed.

      • SP is wonderin’ why I haven’t keeled a few here….well *I will fucking tell you varmits…’s cuz I haven’t got the go ahead of the RADAR yee fucks…theez dayz are a plenty but yerz are not….forward ho real DJFers!

        • Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest–
          …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
          Drink and the devil had done for the rest–
          …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

      • I’m going to re-read the Festivus Rulebook. Seems to me there was something about substitution in there.

  8. Does Jeff approve of this message?

  9. How refreshing, what a class move and truly someone that connects . We can all learn from this man.Should be a fun few years.

  10. Dickey is going to be a blast this year in the t dot

  11. ’92 world series games airing on sportsnet this week.

  12. Hi Jimmy

    Suck it Farrell

  13. What a jerk.

  14. Every time I see that jiff I laugh. Mainly because right before he catches it, Josh Thole shuts his eyes and looks terrified. Awesome. 14 weeks until opening day.

  15. Oh and I just wanted to say you fucking negative fucks are fun too!

  16. It is interesting that Thole was brought in. I wonder how much confidence GM AA has in Erin C. Bia behind the dish- short and long term.

  17. So which will be more popular, Dickey bobbleheads or “The Knuckle Abides” shirts?

  18. After reading the messages from Mets fans wishing Dickey well, it reminded me of Mookie Wilson’s trade to Toronto. The Mets fans have always been classy, in fact, American baseball fans have always struck me as decent people ready to applaud any valiant effort or achievement from any player of any team. IYou can certainly tell Dickey loved his time in New York – I hope he likes it in Toronto just as much. Welcome RA we’ve been waiting

  19. It’s much easier to wish goodbye someone traded than someone who bolts out the door for the most money or to be closer to home.

  20. Has anyone won consecutive cy young award in both divisions?Come On Dickster!!!

  21. Bye the bye…I is a WARlock as me little friends should know…but a WARnut roastes his balls enough to know that the wind sails a bit different every day. Good luck my little talkers.

    • Tom is going to be so embarrassed that he barfed into his boots……..again.

      Someone should help him set a course for home.
      Anyone know dead reckoning? I’m afraid there’s going to be a fair amount of drift.

      Oh dear, that can’t be good.

      Well, that’s sorted then I’m afraid. What’s done is done. Can’t be helped. Maybe next time? Good Lord in heaven, what on earth did this man ingest over the course of the evening? Sweet Jesus, make it stop!

  22. Anyways (it is not a word) I won 7 grand this night via BC lotteries who wants me to give the change to what charity…about 400 bucks…go

    • Whatever you do, don’t drink it tonight!!!

      Hearty congratulations–earmark it for your trip to Toronto; buy the monkey army beaucoup de beers.

      Consider it noblesse oblige.

      • Oh fuck my friend I am too old too drink it at this point (48) but as a former hockey fan and a certain concern for what Theo Fleury stands for I am going to give it to his charity.

        • 500 that is…the rest is my Jays funding to T.O and Jays/Seattle

          • After you give your wife what you want, extend yourself (yes!) and give her something she wants as well.

            Remember “Switchboard Susan” by Nick Lowe?

            “When I’m with you girl I get an extension
            And I don’t mean Alexander Graham Bell’s invention.”

          • GTF outta here White Rock lubber yer comin’ with me and my wifeys sister to Seattle is that Nick Lowe? I could land Google but it takes the time and the fun and……out a it

  23. Oh ,,,read more ahoy!

  24. @Tom W.

    Serious question (at an inopportune time of course)

    Are you an affectionado of Patrick O’Brian’s work?
    The ‘Aubrey/Maturin novels?
    21 books centred on the Napoleonic Wars?
    Russell Crowe’s “Master And Commander?”

    If not, you should be.
    So there.

    • Absolutely and then some. I am a huge history “buff” and God thanks yee for refraining from a “there’s that” . As a piss tank of the Irish sense I lean towards a certain time in this worlds challenges of course…perhaps because I am one but cheers to a good story.

    • Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe” series is beyond compare. And the TV episodes from Britain are great.

  25. Man, that’s touching, I’d feel worse if this wasn’t the best 1-5 in Jays history and if R.A. wasn’t going to cackle, Messier-style, with the championship by November of this time in 2013.

    I Have A Rotation, Ho Ho Ho

  26. I think I stumbled into an Off Topic thread…..

    • Nope you are good….so tell me, do you like to sail, drink rum and talk about baseball?

    • Try TSN

      They occasionally try to do vaguely baseball-y kinda stuff.
      Mention heart & hustle every now and again.
      Don’t scrimp on the hockey metaphors. They’re gold, my friend.

      Please return to DJF after the pirate marathon has run it’s course. It shouldn’t be long. Apologies for any inconvenience it has caused you and yours.


      Attempt to make sense of Ice Cream Jonsey. Be forewarned–many have tried, but few have passed muster. Good luck!

      • Well,let’s not get carried away here. I do have a sail boat, I drink rum, I steal metaphors and the occasional baseball fact so the course is only in it’s infancy aside from me linking my very clever name in blue with a site featuring whores and thievery. Oh and Go Jays!

        • I was talkin’ to Lamp, ya knob.

          You’ve lost your fine line–more rum is needed (I fear.)

          I’m working on a bottle of Extra Old Mount Gay Rum from Barbados, being comfortable with my sexuality and all. (Since 1703, by God) Pretty good.

  27. Half-hearted apologies to Archi for waylaying his moment in the sun.

    You do good work sir. Not as pirate-based as some of us would hope for, but yeoman’s work nonetheless.

    Merry Christmas to you and your crazy family.
    Please provide updates as circumstances warrant.

    • It was mailed in with a link and a reused gif, I am sure he is good spuds.

      • God bless this great country of ours, where you can mail in most anything rather than doing an honest day’s work.

        Your constant posts are causing me to pay short shrift to my man Nick Lowe (“The Old Magic” 2011) Good stuff.

        • Let me end with giving my respects to Lee Dorman, IR was never main stream but it is a sign that rock and roll does die. In A Gadda Da Vida yet baseball is life.

          • Hell, I’d like to wish him peace, but the fucker hasn’t given me a peaceful day since 1968 when you-know-what was untimely ripped from Iron Butterfly’s womb and inflicted upon me and mine.

            RIP Lee Dorman

  28. Well shit.

    You went and scared Lamp away, and just when I was going to press him into serving below decks, as it were. (Don’t read too much into that, matey.) Call it the poop deck instead. (Fuck, that doesn’t sound right either.) OK, send him up to the crowsnest instead.

    • I don’t imagine any of this reads well the next day either….I’ll keep this gem for another day!

  29. Judging by the readers’ comments to Dickey’s goodbye-and-adieu letter…seems like he engendered a lot of good-will and positive feels amongst the fans. Sounds like he’s a class act…and Toronto should make him one of our own in no time.
    Now…can we get him to talk like a bilge-sucking buccaneer?

  30. positive FEEL:INGS….not feels. That just sounds kinda pervy.

  31. That gif is going to take a long time before it gets old.

  32. I honestly hope those idiots (NHL people) cancel the entire season. That way those shithead media outlets will stop talking about labour dispute and pay more attention to the jays in the new year. It sickens me to turn on radio or TV and have to put up with that shit every day.

    • If only that were true. I fear we’ll hear NHL headlines long after the NHL ceases to exist from some of these outlets.

  33. Hahaha “Canuckleball Pitcher”
    First time I’d heard that one, I like it!

  34. If I was going to put money down on which baseball player would come to Toronto, fall in love with everything about the city and the country, and decide to move his family here permanently, I’d very likely bet it all on R.A.

    I’m not saying he will do it, but I get the feeling that if there’s ever going to be one Blue Jay that does it it’s going to be this dude.

  35. Can’t wait to see the Canuckleheads, Melk Men, and any other new gimmicky fan groups at the Dome. Jose’s hosers?


    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but quite interesting. I think it was sort of what most people were thinking: AA told Arencibia not to worry about being traded…in this particular instance. No guarantee he’d never be traded, just a reassurance that the speculation was mostly false.

  37. Didnt John Farrell *spits on ground in disgust* do a farewell to Toronto fans? I thought i recall a touiching farewell involving him giving us the finger with a smug smirk? Might have just imagined it though.

    • Farewells are saved for players/managers who actually accomplished something while wearing the uniform.

    • The only thing this post is missing is a ……. Suck IT Farrell!!!
      Sorry but that is never going to get old.

    • Actually he did.

      ‘The opportunity that they provided in the two years that were spent there, it was an invaluable experience,” he said. “Things might not have always worked out the way we intended, but there were a lot of firsts that I was able to experience there and I’ll forever be indebted to the Toronto Blue Jays.’

      Yeah. His first failed hit-and-run, his first bad use of the bullpen, his first lost clubhouse. I hope these will all have been the firsts of many in his new wonderful dreamy job.

      In any case, Mr Integrity is on his bike and we’ve got a manager who at least understands the basic principles of bullpen management and can ride herd on the rookies as well. So all good.

  38. Atleast AA managed to turn Farrell into something potentially useful (Rogers), time will tell.

    • On the first day of xmas AA gave to me, a trade chip named Mike Aviles.
      On the second day of xmas AA gave to me, Esmil Rogers and….
      On the third day of xmas AA gave to me, big Josh Johnson,……
      On the fourth day of xmas AA gave to me, pit bull lover Buehrle,…
      On the fifth day of xmas AA gave to me, Boniiiiiifacioooooooooooo,,…
      On the sixth day of xmas AA gave to me, Reyes-a-stealin,….
      On the seventh day of xmas AA gave to me, John Buck see you later,….
      On the eighth day of xmas, AA gave to me, Melky-a-millking,….
      On the ninth day of xmas, AA gave to me, Dickey-knuckle-dancing,…
      On the tenth day of xmas, AA gave to me, John Gibbons flashbacks,…
      On the eleventh day of xmas, AA gave to me, Josh Thole backing,…
      On the twelfth day of xmas, AA gave to me, vegas odds-a-rising,…

      Sorry, slow day at work.

  39. that gif is completely mesmerising

  40. Merry Christmas to you Archi! Thanks for the gift of that Jose Bautista doppelganger you tube clip. My search is over. Someone should really add that to his wikipedia page.!

  41. I could look at that gif all day…

    Have a great holiday, guys.

  42. Did anyone catch Jason Parks on the Fan last night? Anyone wanna recap? Can’t find it on the fan’s site.

  43. Was gonna save this for tomorrow but now is just as well.

    To all the moderators,contributors,commenters,posters,lurkers,creepers,readers,trolls,lovers,haters,people I’ve agreed with,people I’ve disagreed with,debated with,argued with,learned from. who educated me,people who’ve made me laugh and everyone else who I may have forgotten to mention.

    All the best of the holidays and Merry Christmas.
    May the year ahead be the best for everyone and for those they care about.


    P.S. Go Jays.


    I am very much looking forward to another year of all this nonsense!! But this year as we all know will bring more cheering and less couch punching!

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a … SUCK IT FARRELL

  45. What a class act. Who says there are not athletes worthy of being roll models? I love this guy!

  46. So here is what I propose for activities when we have a Drunk Jays Fans bamboozle at Opera Bob’s or wherever it ends up.

    -Name tags for all legit avatars/posters, taken upon entry.

    -The Brett Lawrie 40 ounce, beer drinking competition. Winner gets a pack of duct tape.

    -Open mike swear off competition. Whoever runs with the most funny, profanity laced DJFs rant wins a Mike Sirotka signed jersey.

    -The Bret Lawrie helmut slam competition. Best recreation wins a free washoff tatoo.

    And much much more………

    • Last year I would have had that profanity rant in the bag which Im sure some folks around here might agree with lol but something tells me that this summer I wont be quite as mad. However I am planning a Toronto trip for a series so Ill need to know where this hangout is.

  47. Please remember to keep telling everyone you know to buy Jays tickets. The team has gone out and did its part. Fans need to get the word out. If we want to see payroll support, we need to do our part to keep it like that.

    • I suspect that this won’t be an issue. Over the last few yrs I became one of the fans who decided not to invest in a day at the Over-Priced Centre. Now I still feel spending the day down there is over priced but I’m now more inclined to splurge given the fact that AA has done what he’s done.
      Attendance was up last yr and I bet it jumps more so this yr

  48. Watched Knuckleball!
    So sick
    Thanks who ever recommended it
    P.s go fuck yourself Farrell

  49. General Q: What other Blue Jays blogs/message boards are worth reading?

    • Stay off the blogs, JP, and instead work on your throwing, receiving, game-calling and hitting. (Oh ya, and wind sprints–you might be dashing in search of the ball more often this year, what with the Canuckler.)

  50. Long time reader…..just wanted to say, “Merry Christmas!” to all my fellow Jays fans.

    …….and “SUCK IT FARRELL!”

    Ha. It is pretty fun to say, isnt’ it?

    • I can’t wait to yell it in person.

      • I have no caustic comments tonight or inflamatory remarks.
        I sincerely wish all contributors a very merry Christmas>
        special hello to those who encourage some rock and roll trivia , spuds, KGBS, Radar,Formerly the smasher to name a few.
        Can’t wait to meet up with some of you irascible pricks one day

        • Right back at ya,fukstick.
          Merry Christmas.

        • The exodus is here fukstik
          The happy ones are near
          Let’s get together
          Before we get much older.

          How do like them apples?

          Get the fuk out of the fields and leave the livestock alone because I’m about to propose a Christmas toast and clink glasses.

          May you never forget
          What is worth remembering
          Or remember
          What is best forgotten.

          another good one…

          Holly and ivy hanging up
          And something wet in every cup.

          Merry Christmas fukstik.

          • Baba Oreilly herself w/b proud of you, Cheers to the left coast and my one time hometown of Burnaby-well White Rock is somewhat close

    • “SUCK IT FARREL” is taking off around here the last week hahaha

      Fuckin A

      I think it might be here to stay. THANKS @JIMMY

  51. Merry Christmas this December
    To a lot of folks I don’t remember.

    May you live as long as you wish
    And have all you wish as long as you live.
    This is my Christmas wish for you.

  52. Happy birthday to the bearded one.

    • Granted Stoeten has a Christ complex, but are you telling me he was born on Christmas Day GSMC? How weird beard is that?

  53. Merry Christmas folks.

    Heard cool quote on tv


    Maybe a little corny for this blog but none the less words of fuckin wisdom


  54. Merry Christmas to all of you DJF degenerates.
    If you are reading this shortly after I have posted, good on you!

    And as a side not, it is as cold as tits’ here! -33 and my power steering is no long power steering. Shit, I even had a rabbit try and hari kari him/herself on the way home tonight. I would call it a ditch I almost hit but more like white fluffy stuff that is even with the road and no ditch. But I made it home to watch the replay of the ’92 WS tomorrow. Stoeten Bless.

    • Great moniker-I know how you feel and the wife just doesn’t get it-you know the fact that I don’t get ti.
      Meery Christamas to you Blue Ballz and remember what the white rabbit said Feed your head”. Ok it ws the doormouse but close enough.
      At -20, don’t pee into the wind. Have a good one Bud

  55. Merry Christmas Drunk Jays Fuck faces. That’s all you’re getting outta Kellys illegitimate kid on Christmas eve.

    Stoeten, I hope the old lady gets you a Gillette razor blade in your stocking along with other what have you seen from your favorite manager, Cito Gaston. Can’t wait to argue with you all about good problems in the New Year.

  56. Christmas has arrived.

  57. “Christmas is about getting drunk and high with your friends and family”

    Here’s hoping the smoke is good and the libations are plentiful for those who enjoy them. Peace, joy and safety to all the rest.

    Happy holidaze

  58. Merry Christmas.

    Can someone please direct me to the Hungover Jays Fans page?

  59. For those of us in the UK – what the fuck is taking you guys so long?? It’s been Xmas for HOURS over here…most of us are half arse-faced already, and you guys are just rolling out of the fart-sack (however, judging by most of the commentary here, a great majority of you are still wearing last night’s clothing)

    • Merry Christmas and I rolled outta the sack 10 minutes ago , I’ll have you know and I’m on here already. Unreal.
      Merry Xmas to you and all my relatives that I have in the Manchester area.
      Remember, if you’re in Ballsdeep, you’re not in deep shit

    • Not only wearing last night’s clothing but still shitfaced from the evening’s festivities,hence GSMC’s request for Hungover Jays Fans web page.
      I think he was searching for the post on “the hair of the dog” and other such cures.
      Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions though.DJF has a large fanbase in Korea and it’s already Dec.26th there,or is it Dec.24th?27th?
      It’s already at different time and date there.

      • One of the best things about Christmas is you can start drinking pretty much as soon as you get out of bed, and nobody says anything. It’s champagne mimosas for me. Turkey will be in the oven soon, and the Jays will be on at 15:00 hrs. Today is a great day.

      • Started with Baileys coffees and then moved on to beer. I just spent the last 2 hours putting together a Lego Star Wars X Wing fighter for my son. Five bags of minuscule Lego pieces! Leave it to the Scandinavians to torture stupid North Americans with Ikea and Lego.

        On another note, the Flex pack was a hit with the family. I even scooped another set of home opener tickets. God bless Santa!

  60. Did anybody get Blue Jays or baseball related gifts?
    I want details.

    • I got a Farrell Voo Doo Doll. Using it as a pin cushion wihile we speak

      • Every little bit helps.
        Glad to see you’re doing your part to aid in the cause.
        Although, as the season progresses,Farrell may have realized the unique experience of fucking himself.

        • Indeed, The Farrell Saga is not over. It would be almost worth it to get the NESN feed for 2013 to watch him grimace next summer.

    • All sorts RADAR. I bought jays gift certificates for my sons.
      Jays license plate for a son.
      I got a sexy jays tshirt and winter cap. Bought my husband a visor & tshirt.

      And it’s 3pm and game 1 of the ws is on! I was in my graduating year from the nursing program when this was going down. Great memories.

    • @RADAR


  61. I have a Miguel Batista autographed baseball from 2004…does that count?

  62. Merry fuckin Christmas you filthy animals.

  63. Merry Christmas bitches. Thank you Alex for the many presents you delivered early this year, and the gift that will continue delivering Dickey for years to come. Thank you Stoeten for continuing to be informative, eloquent and belligerent in more or less appropriate parts. Thank you Jeffrey Loria for being an incomprehensibly large asshole, but in a way that benefits the Blue Jays this year. Thank you Tom Cheek for being awesome year after year and congratulations on finally getting recognized for it. Merry Christmas to Jose Reyes for the funny pictures of you pointing at things, and all the things you will point at in the future. Merry Christmas to all remaining 2012 Blue Jays for the fuck-load of new talent you get to play with. Merry Christmas to all, try not to pick any fights and only throw up at the end of the night when it won’t be embarrassing. And, y’know, have fun, even if you’re celebrating something else, or not celebrating at all.

  64. Merry Christmas Yo!

  65. I’m in a pretty funny twitter debate with jackass Mike Wilner and some other fans right now in regards to how many “aces” the Jays rotation has.

    It started this morning when i read his most recent column (which I read for sheer entertainment purposes only, cause as we all know he’s a fucking idiot) in which he said, “The Blue Jays do have several things going for them, though, not the least of which is their starting rotation of five aces that should be able to get into the seventh inning every night, if not deeper. That should keep the relievers well rested and ready to go.” So I tweeted to him that the jays have 1, maybe 2, max 3 aces. MB is an average innings eater and RR had a terrible season in 2012.”

    He has no defence. It’s awesome. I encourage you to join in too, all in the holiday spirit of festivus. @wilnerness590.

    • I have problems with Wilner at times, but not because of his opinions. Sure, he posts on Christmas Day and will stir things up on someone else’s religious holiday, but he is nowhere to be found during the Jays stretch runs in September as he recognizes his own religious holiday. Other broadcasters don’t leave you like that, but Mike does. So if you want to be a broadcaster, then put the fans first and be there – every time, or do something else that better accommodates your personal needs.

      • I’d rather he’d just disappear completely. If you’re going to be a broadcaster, do it with integrity. Don’t cherry pick stats, don’t be a homer, and don’t be rude and belligerent to people.

        I had to call him out on his column today where he says the Jays rotation has 5 aces. Even the team mascot wouldn’t go that far.

        • That’s where I disagree…I love it when my hometown teams announcers are truly ‘homerish’. They should be, and so should we!

      • @ Birdawg

        Couldnt agree more. And I feel like hes that guy who wants to come off a certain way but is trying too hard . Ya know when hes being an asshole to people its like hes trying to hard to be that guy.

        Hit the fuckin road Jack

      • I agree with most of this, but I’m sorry, what does Wilner’s religion have to do with anything here?

        • Reiterating my point seems unproductive, the original post explains the answer to your question if you are really interested. It is not meant to be disrespectful or inflammatory, but an editorial on an annoyance I have with the man.

        • religion doesn’t really have anything to do with anything

          but i would love to see wilner convert to a religion that requires him to move to nunavut and forbids from using any communications technology whatsoever

  66. Merry Christmas.

    A quick toast to the best part of baseball, you guys, the fans.

    Raise your glasses, mine has a little Grand Marnier in it (it’s early) but any libation will do.

    Cheers to KGBS, Spud, Radar, Karen, GSMC, Fukstik, BB, tom and the rest of you motley bunch that I may have forgotten.

    “Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda-water the day after.” –Lord Byron

  67. What? No Game Threat for Game 1?

  68. Merry Christmas Parkes, hope you got the strippers pole you always wanted to dance on.

    Merry Christmas Fuck offf Guy, Radar, Smasher, Small Poe-Tats, Fukstik, Ron Hasseys Elephantman Face, Ballsdeep Inside, Joe Carter, Ed Sprague, Mike Timlin, Paul Molitor, Devon White, Dave Winfield, Candy Maldonado, Chicken Alfredo, and last but not least………. Eddie Zosky.

    • If I forgot to mention anyone, I’ll buy you a 122 dollar Aramark beer this summer.

      By the way, Smasher drinks Budwieser Lime. That’s about as manly as Rupaul slinging back Goldschlagers at a fashionista function.

  69. Merry Christmas to all, and to all… suck it Farrell!

  70. Although there may never be another Robbie Alomar I cant help but think while watching this 92 series that Jose Reyes is our new Robbie Alomar

  71. Merry Christmas a of you. Everyone makes it a fun little fucked up community here. Even the shitty posters, and Parkes!

    • On behalf of all the shitty posters let me say thanks.

      I can’t (and won’t) speak for Parkes.

  72. For those who doubted the McCown/grass in the dome story… Sportsnet has a video of his comments with the headline ‘Grass coming to a Rogers Centre near you’.

    I’m guessing Rogers wouldn’t have that on their website if it was bullshit?

  73. I still haven’t heard a thank you from Travis for his Christmas present. Maybe I shouldn’t have signed the card “Your favorite 69″

    • You should have made the card out to Bubbles.

    • LOL! Good one fake oakville69. Merry Xmas to you too!

      I can’t wait for Travis’s cookbook to come out. i will miss the Sportsnet specials from last spring where Travis was the House Mother to all the other players during Spring Training. He made sure that Lawrie & JPA got wholesome nutritious meals.

  74. Merry Christmas fuckers. C’mon Spring Training!

  75. Just go in, how did the Jays do in their game tonight?

    • A Big ‘L’… I mean, it just goes to show you the game isn’t played on a spreadsheet, it’s played between the lines.

  76. Crap, that means we have to win 4 out of the next 6 agaist Atlanta to get our first series win…that’s almost impossible

  77. I wonder who the jays will be playing in the world series in 2013…

  78. @RADAR re.Jays swag for Christmas

    My sister got me a sick Jays hoody from the Jays shop, and my old lady got me a couple of t-shirts. Hooked up for the season. Also got the cutest pink jays sleeper for my new baby girl, just the fucking best.

    You mentioned you got what you wanted, but didnt say what it was? Do tell…

    • That’s cool Stond.
      Call me a softy but babies in Blue Jays gear make me smile.

      What i got?
      That the belief Beeston and AA had a plan towards an endgame and it wasn’t a mirage.That when the time was right, Rogers would have the guts to make the moves and spend the money.That the scouts and management that were hired would find the deals before the other teams did.That AA didn’t panic and hamstring the organization with contracts that will be unruly in 5 years.That a combination of sabermetrics and old school scouting IS a viable way to build a ballclub.That when something doesn’t work ( Farrell), the Jays weren’t afraid to say “we made a mistake” and make the changes neccessary.That fans in other cities might look at MY team and be a tad envious.That the Yanks and Bosox might not be so cocky when they visit Toronto in 2013 and beyond.
      No games have been played,some players will under perform,some will over perform but at least the Jays have a decent chance to make the playoffs. What happens after that, is anybody’s guess.
      Vindication, that my blind faith, in the path the Jays were taking, would produce hope.
      Hope for a shot at the postseason.
      My 2013 baseball season became a lot more fun.

  79. Can’t wait to see Respected Author pitch…the man’s a class act.

    • And in a dome! I want to see if the dome helps him maybe even improve on his CY year.

      He downplayed the significance of not having to deal with wind, but we’ll see how it affects him over the course of a year.

  80. A little late to the party, cause well, you know, there was a massive Christmas thing going on and jesus, rum with eggnog makes for a good starter.

    Anyhow, Happy Holidays to everyone.

    Santa was very good to the Blue Jays. I am now paying my Rogers bill on time and with a fucking smile.

    Hope everyone has a great end of the 2012 season and a Happy New Year.

    Suck it Farrell.

    Go Jays.

    • I believe that there was a fourth Wise Man bearing rum and eggnog who has for whatever reason been forgotten by history.

      I picture him dressed up in Rastafarian regalia.

      He might have brought an herb as well.

  81. From SI’s, tongue in cheek, look at the year ahead in 2013.

    July 16: Major League Baseball holds its All-Star Game. Southern California defeats the rest of North America.

    Sept. 29: On the final day of baseball’s regular season, the Angels beat the Rangers in 12 innings to clinch the AL West. Critics agree that the difference between the clubs was either a single hit or $500 million.

    Oct. 31: The Toronto Blue Jays defeat the Washington Nationals to win the World Series. Since the Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos, this is a karmic victory for Canada, if you think about it. Nobody thinks about it.


    • @Radar.

      I think that a Blue Jays vs Nationals World Series is a distinct possibility.

      As a former Expos fan it would recreate the dreams I had from 1992-1994 of an all Canadian World Series.

      The Expos were very competitive in 1992 & 1993 when the Jays made the playoffs.

      The Expos should have been in the playoffs in 1994, so there was a chance that the MLB would have had 3 successive years of Canadian World Series Championships.

  82. @RADAR

    Thanks for the link. RAD is hilarious. I listened to the interview he had on PTS before the holidays. Very well spoken athlete. Looking forward to seeing him pitch in 2013.

  83. Ed Sprague Jr. pinch hit vs. Reardon around 6 p.m. eastern? Suck it Braves

  84. WTF…still no game threat?!?!

    Those fucking yanks flying the flag upside down! I read on here not long back that as anal as the USMC is, there no way that was a mistake.

    Maybe a game threat with that as the .gif?? Come on Stoeten, I can’t do all of your work?

    I still haven’t seen a comment from you about my DJF swag idea….dammit…my ideas count too you know. Enjoy the game everyone!

    • I’m on pins & needles, but with a quiet confidence.

      • Not a good start. I’m losing a bit of confidence in this team. Might not be their year.

        • Jesus, where’s JP when you really need him?

          Yank this Borders character!
          We need an all-star at every position.

        • We need to score a run or 4 already to…I’m getting sick of hearing the announcers put their proverbial load all over the Bravs.

          But I am sure glad that MLB came out apologizing for the upside down flag .

          • @Blue.


            Why was there no Canadian TV broadcast of the World Series with the Canadian broadcast crew?

            The upside down Canadian flag is an embarrassement.

      • I swore at Tv theset over a couple of balls and strikes calls. What am I thinking!

        I guess you take the boy out of the ballpark but you can’t take the ball out of the boy.

    • Marines are all about attention to detail. I still can’t believe it was accidental.

    • Spoiler alert. Its a fucking nail bite’er…bottom of fifth and down by one.

  85. I am John fucking Smoltz–hear me roar.

    • A little early for the piracy no? Good thing your around others who don’t judge!

      Where is your fellow Seamen Jolly ‘TomW’ Rogers?!?!

      • Tom W. appreciates your spelling of ‘Seamen.’ He’s currently firmly under WIFE’S thumb since the recent debacle that you so graciously aren’t in judgement of.
        Me, I’m hunkered down licking my wounds, dreaming of ill-gotten gains.

  86. I wish more guys would wear the Dave Winfield no ear flap style batting helmet. Much more stylish and aerodynamic.



  88. Woo Hoo!! Tie game!!

  89. I’m not the most PC guy but jeez I hate that “tommahawk chant”.

    • Unlike Charlie Tuna, you don’t have to taste good, RADAR, just have good taste.
      And you do.

    • @Radaa. Agreed. Do they still do that in Atlanta?

      Alomar was clearly safe at home.

      If I was watching this game live at the time I would have been very upset.

      Looking at baseball reference, Atlanta has been a very good team from 1991-2012, with only two seasons below 500. Very impressive.

      Cito complaining about the left wrist wrap on Smolzt’s wrist.

  90. I love these Old-Timers’ games, and the guys are looking pretty good for a bunch of geezers and old farts.

  91. I’m off to a Boxing day party, you guys will have to tell me how this one ends.
    I’ll check in later and probably drunk so I pre-apologize for any misspelled insults.
    Also, if KGBS shows up could someone slap him across his cake hole for me?

  92. Anyone care to wager?

  93. Classic image of Jane Fonda praying for the Braves.

  94. Love Groobah’s answer-back tomahawk chop. Wicked.

  95. Loved the chop by Gruber.

  96. I have no TV, is Otis Nixon still the handsome rouge?

    • Let’s put it this way; his is the kind of face that you don’t want to manipulate the rabbit ears in an attempt to get a clear picture of.

      Incidentally, a nice ‘fail’ wrt rogue. I’ll award a single point, just like the CFL. Oskee wee wee. Eat ‘em raw.

      • +1

      • Spud, it’ll be shouted out at the U of G for the first time ever…the Guelph Tiger Cats …

        • My alma mater, ‘dawg.

          I was one of the few there who were definitely NOT interested in animal husbandry. Just sayin’. (I did meet my first wife there however, but that’s another story. Actually, I met my second one there as well. Go figure.)

          • Mine as well, forgive me for an off topic retort but the Gryphons win over Queens was the most unbelievable comeback I’ve ever witnessed live. I believe the Vanier Cup will be played in Guelph in 2013

  97. I wonder how the Smasher is making out at his party. After a 3 day orgy of food and drink, I am in a food and drink stupor.

    Happy Boxing Day y’all.

    Suck it Farrell!

    • Trying to approximate heroism for the sake of your son is tiring GSMC, very tiring, but ultimately supremely satisfying. Two hours of lego is epic. (It might seem like a goal, but it’s really just a long journey on a gravel road. You don’t find out if you arrived for years and years.)

      As a fan who can’t be there, let me applaud your desire to see the home opener twice. You sir are a true fan, quite possibly a fanatic. I wish you twice the enjoyment.


      • Thanks spuds! It’s going to be a fun year! Best memories of last year are of my kid asking if we won whenever the Jays got a hit. He cared less about the outcome and more about the hot dog and ice cream bar. I hope he remembers what it feels like to see a World Series game. AA did the work and I ponied up for the flex pack – 10 games of memories and first crack at playoff tickets. Life is good. Can’t wait for DJF game threats and good times with you, Radar, Tom W, Karen and the rest of the crew.

  98. There has to be another BJ trade in the next 2 weeks. What the hell will sustain us here if AA dosn’t do something. I know rumour mongering, AA has been spotted in Seattle having trade talks with the Mariners

    • Montero for the head of HR.

      • @Groobah!

        The old man played magnificently this afternoon. Kudos!

        Tell me the truth, brother–can you picture The Smasher in a onesee?
        Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. My lips are sealed.

        And the motif–the Care Bears? Captain Kangaroo? The Monkees? Do you know anyone with the Photoshop chops to make this a thing?

        • Smasher has a closet full of clothes that could make Mr Furley puke.

          Try photo shopping his ass in a pair of Jordache pocket less 1983 jeans and a water colour shirt.

  99. Probably a stupid idea, but what about Michael Bourn?

    If the Jays sign him to a one-year Edwin Jackson style contract, the Jays would lose their second-round pick. They would obviously qualify him next fall, and when he walks, the Jays would almost certainly get a higher pick back, perhaps much higher, because the Jays have the lowest first-rounder that can be kept. In other words, the range of potential picks the Jays could get back ranges from 11 to 40, barring any sandwich picks; and the Jays would give up a 41.

    Given this, how much more value does a, say, 26th overall pick, have over a 40th overall pick? Don’t forget that a higher pick means higher slot money.

    Obviously the reason to sign Michael Bourn is so you can have Michael Bourn playing on your team next season, but the potential draft value could partially mitigate the price of his contract, if not totally mitigate the cost of his contract.

    • What the fuck is up with this ‘newer’ / ‘older’ comment thing that is fucking with my world. Please get that the fuck fixed.

      @Canard Well no idea is real stupid but I don’t see how Bourn fits in….just with Bonifacio and Rajai being our 4th and 5th outfielders with Gose a few months into the season being available. Unless there is a plan to trade a current outfielder ala Rasmus or Izturis (EB to 2nd) for bullpen help.

      Plus Bourn has to be looking for maybe not Upton $$’s but likely close which cheap ass Roger’s won’t go for. This is not too even mention that giving up a early 2nd rnd pick would be really stupid. But just IMHO.

      • Do we no like the paginated comments?

        • Blueballz has trouble accepting change.
          He still sits at the kid’s table at Christmas dinner, and the word is he tried to make an angel in the snow, but she objected.

          The 2013 Jays are going to blow his mind, but in a good way.

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