I didn’t put the day in the title of this post, because who the hell knows what day it is? And I didn’t use the new logo, because I figured it would be useful to show the thing we’re talking about in the first item in today’s afternoon links…

Paul Lucas of UniWatch at ESPN.com reveals the mostly not-racist new batting practice caps that all 30 MLB clubs will be running out in 2013, saying this about the Jays’ one, seen above: “OK, we get it that they’re MLB’s only Canadian team. Would prefer to see the jay’s head logo instead.” Uh… seriously.

Sticking with ESPN.com, Jim Bowden goes through the five best moves of the off-season yet to be made (Insider only), which are pretty fanciful (Giancarlo and Nolasco for Profar, Olt and Martin Perez?) but includes the Jays going after Rafael Soriano– something Bowden has mentioned more than once this winter. Yeah, not sure they’re going to be willing to take the bonus pool hit that comes with losing even their second-rounder.

Melissa Couto of the Toronto Sun looks at the Jays’ updated top prospects list, per Baseball Prospectus, which has Aaron Sanchez on top, followed by Sean Nolin, DJ Davis and Roberto Osuna.

John Lott of the National Post looks at the off-seasons of the Jays, Angels, Yankees and baseball’s changing landscape.

Minor Leaguer of Bluebird Banter takes a look at the peerless Mark Buehrle, while Marc Normandin reviews the team’s new rotation.

Among other things, in his latest mail bag at BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm writes that he figures Darren Oliver is leaning towards retirement.

Gregor also talks to JP Arencibia about the holidays and the Jays’ off-season.

Jonah Birenbaum wonders at Baseball Prospectus whether Jose Bautista is damaged goods.

The National Post is running a Hall of Fame ballot poll for their readers, which I encourage you to go and fill out, but– please– only if you understand how profoundly unfair and unintelligent it is to both go making assumptions about players based on nothing resembling tangible evidence, and to try to put all the sins of the Steroid Era onto a handful of players, absolving all the users who somehow avoided suspicion, and the entire rest of the industry that did absolutely nothing about it.

Lastly, as you’ve probably heard by now, former Jay (among several other clubs, most notably the Reds), and long-time Jays farmhand Ryan Freel committed suicide over the holidays. Awful news. John Lott of the Post has an excellent read on the sad story.

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  1. Why does losing the second round pick means so much if you can upgrade the bullpen immensely now?

    • $14M ? I’d rather they put that money towards something that has a bigger impact than 60 innings.

      • You can’t look at it that way, one of those innings could be an 8th inning tie during game 162 with the season on the line. You want Steve Delebar pitching that inning? Nothing against Steve Delabar, I like the guy and think theres upside there but I’d rather a guy who’s pitched high leverage situations in the postseason.

        • Or you could spend that money on a guy who has a bigger impact over the course of the previous 161 games so you don’t go into game 162 with the season on the line

          • You could use that argument to negate the value in signing any free agent. Where would you plug this hypothetical (bigger impact) player into this loaded lineup? I see the only opportunity to upgrade this lineup is in our bullpen.

          • Soriano was worth 1.2 fWAR last season. Ignoring for a second the fact that he’s 33, relievers are highly volatile and injury prone, lets assume its a perfect world and he repeats that performance and is a 1 win improvement over who he replaces. That’s the best case scenario. As for where else could you upgrade? I’m pretty sure Adam Lind still has a spot in this lineup. I’d throw that money at Lance Berkman way before I would at Soriano. Considering Lind is basically a replacement level 1B/DH, Berkman wouldn’t exactly have to light the world on fire to provide the same upgrade Soriano would (Carlos Pena was a 1fWAR player last season), with the difference being more upside with a Berkman over Lind upgrade

          • I don’t think you can use this argument against signing any free agent. Relief pitchers clearly provide less value to teams then other players. Soriano has accumulated a TOTAL of 3 WAR over the past three seasons? You are strictly paying for saves — a severely flawed stat.

          • @Red, I agree Relievers aren’t worth the money they get, I’m only making this argument because it’s fun to “whatif” the Jays actually landed this guy.

            As for the volatility of relievers, Soriano has been very consistent, career of 1.04 WHIP. That’s fuckin crazy.

            2.78 career ERA an 9.6 K’s per 9 for his career.

            This is a hell of a pitcher.

            And again, only arguing because it’s not my money and suddenly Rogers is shitting golden eggs all over the place.

            You have to agree it would be pretty sweet to have Gibby walk out to the mound with a Playoff game on the line and have a playoff experienced guy like Soriano come running in.

    • it’s also the loss of bonus pool money used for signing draft picks, that needs to be factored in

    • If it’s a one year deal and he turns down a qualifying offer again next year, it could actually result in an improved draft pick.

      Doubt the Jays fork out the money for him but I don’t know if the draft pick is the thing…

    • I’m with you JaysBall, If Soriano will take 1 year 10 million dollar deal then a second rounder is a small price to pay to get him. If we make the playoffs then it would be nice to know you can turn the ball over to a pitcher that’s been there before. You can’t substitute for playoff experience but thanks to free agency you can pay for it.

      I haven’t looked it up but I don’t think there’s a single man in the pen who’s thrown a postseason inning. (barring an Oliver return)

      And as GBL posted, the second rounder could end up becoming a first rounder next year. Seems like a no brainer. (if the money is there to spend)

      • Since Happ is in the pen, outside of Oliver he’d be the only one with some postseason innings

      • He declined his $13M option, and the qualifying offer of the same amount. Why would he now accept a 1-year, $10M deal?

      • Soriano opted out of the final year of his contract with the Yankees — passing up $14M guaranteed. Why would he sign for significantly less with the Blue Jays?

        • Anyone take economics? There’s no demand. Boras gambled and now no one wants to give up a draft pick and a multi year deal for a 36 year old pitcher.

          This is the only reason that Soriano has become linked to the Jays. Rumours that he may take a 1 year.

          Even if it’s just giving him the deal he opted out of – 1 year 13 million, I think it would be a good deal. (for us)

          • Sorry, that’s 33 years.

          • I sincerely hope AA finds a better way to spend $13M than Soriano. Do people think he’s a top 5 relief pitcher? Top 30? Is it just the fact that he’s a free agent?

          • @ Formerly U Smasher
            Agreed, Boras gambled and likely lost. If the things work out, hopefully, the 2nd rounder is a LATE second rounder and would be worth the gamble if the $$$’s are available.

  2. Don’t forget to mention that SN OS airing the 92 worldseries…Yay!

  3. The “Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm” huh. And they said advanced metrics would never gain the acceptance of the overall baseball community.

    By the way, don’t like the new hat as well as the old one.
    A’s, Reds and Mets did a nice job with their hats though.

    Aaron Laffey is now a Met. Best wishes to him.

  4. Those fucking hats…barf.

    • Better than those fucking NASCAR hats, no?

      • jays fans are awesome….
        cant complain about the lack of leadoff hitter…. left fielder… rotation…… ummmmmm
        fuck do i ever hate these hats!!!!

        • Because people are only allowed to complain about one thing?

        • The fuck?

          • Speaking of the roid era…….

            I’m not trying to rock the boat or piss on the legacy of the fantastic Robbie Alomar, but I personally believe, without any real evidence to back it up, that he took roids.

            Why, I can’t remember the exact year, mighta been 1993, but he came back the next season totally transformed. So did a lot of other players.

            I don’t really care, everyone was on em, just some potential HOFers got caught.

          • @KGBS
            Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?
            Rocking boats, pissing on legacies or more aptly, into the wind?

            Don’t shit on Robbie.

            Catch de taste.

    • Those hats look like you could buy them from a Tourist shop at the airport, or in the dollar store section! YUCK!

      • They are fucking ‘batting practice’ hats…what the fuck is the uproar?!?!
        Practice man….it’s only fucking Practice MAN as so put by AI.

  5. That article on Bautista has got me kinda worried.

    • The Bautista article uses over a thousand words to say “I got nothin’”

      • With the offseason acquisitions having Bautista at a reduced production rate isn’t as devastating as It would’ve been though

      • Bautista was fine until he got injured. He needs to stop participating in the Home Run Derby. It fucked him up both years.

    • dont’ get your panties in a bunch Josh. It is a slow fucking news week. Not to say there shouldn’t be some sort of worry there especially given the way that JB violently swings the bat. In MHO I give him a 60% chance of coming back with no problems.

      I remember watching in the last week clips of his breakout season and if I recall correctly he has two hands on the bat in the follow through and didn’t seem to have the violent swing as 2012….just saying.

      • Who the hell is going to be the 7th starter not chad fucking jenkins

        • JA Happ of course…then Jenkins. And if shit gets real hairy they trade for another Happ or hope that one of McGuire, McGowan, Nolin or Smoral is ready to make the jump at the time. But I still don’t think that AA is finished with some AAA depth…ala Chavez et. al. from last year.

          • sorry forgot to change my name from Morna Murray to BlueBallz…lol…time to slow down on the devil’s juice. Fuck could I go for a pizza right now…too bad in the middle of nowhere.

      • I love how you put it at 60 % because based on your “feelings” any number you pull out of your completely 100% uninformed ass is going to have an equal significance.

        Jose Bautista is not going to have any problems. I put it at like a 4% chance that he does.

        See how that works? Who the fuck knows? Lets hope he’s fine.

  6. The hardest part of the HoF ballot is limiting it to 10 guys. I went bonds- Clemens- piazza -Raines- biggio- bagwell- walker- trammel-big Mac and Kenny lofton.

    • I went with schilling and Edgar over walker and lofton, but about the same and could argue either way, I’m sure.

      • I will admit I probably wrote off Schilling too easily, and Edgar because he was a DH, either could be ahead of Lofton (who I picked based 80% on defense), but I think Walker gets unduly hit for Coors when his adjusted stats and road stats plus defense and base running still show an elite player. But yeah, there are at least 12 guys who could easily be in without diminishing the Hall (for whatever that’s worth).

      • @Stoeten
        you gonna take this imposter?!?! wtf

      • Just to make a point I would fill out Clemons and Bonds and leave the rest of the ballot blank, if I really had one.

  7. No sign and trades so guys like Bourn and Sorinao are going to sign for less then they thought. Boras is going to look bad opting out of 14 million from the Yankees.

    • with any luck, Sorinao signs with the twins or Indian team and the Jay’s can trade for him at the deadline.

  8. Please for the love of god, no more Jason Frasor.

  9. This would look great displayed on a hat tree made of syrupy penises.

  10. Santos is the obvious key to the jays pen in 2013

  11. I was thinking about the Bautista injury earlier today in the shower before even knowing about this article. I was thinking about the offence in general:
    Reyes – likely the same production as 2012
    Cabrera – probably hit closer to .285… Under the microscope now after getting caught, and its not a contract year for him.
    Bautista – wrist injury worrisome… Could be a 30 hr guy now… Not bad but not superstar status
    EE – should keep production around 2012 level (was solid second half 2011 too, so he’s been producing for a while)… I expect him to be their best hitter again this season
    Lind – could surprise some people and hit with a respectable avg…. Maybe not as much power… He hit .296 after recall last season…. So maybe a .280 avg, 20 hr season… Back to being respectable
    Lawrie – overhyped when we got him because of Canadian background and fiery personality? Perhaps .275 with 25 hrs is realistic if healthy, which will be a challenge
    Rasmus – only consistent thing is his inconsistency… Could be .260 with 25 hrs, with most production in a two month stretch
    Arencibia – cant see him changing much… .230 with 25 hrs… Not bad for some bonus runs but his defence will be questioned again at some point which might mean more Thole than we expect
    Bonifacio – will have the green light all the time…. Should hit .260 and steal 50 bags if healthy and plays regularly, but won’t add much more…

    Overall its an improvement over 2012, tons of power (whats new?) and more speed, but not by a huge stretch like some are making it out to be. hope im wrong, but my big concerns are A) Bautista’s health (his wrist was hurt on a swing, which he will always be thinking about in the back of his head) and B) Melky’s attitude towards winning and not just playing for a big pay day. Secondary concerns are Linds back and Reyes’ knees.

    • I figure there’s enough runs within the ups-and-downs you alluded to there to produce enough offense for a chance to win.

      I’m wondering how the pitchers hold up. I didn’t follow 2012 that closely, but I think each of Johnson and Romero missed time.

      My main thought is how pumped I am to turn on the set for Dickey starts. I can’t wait to see how he does in a dome. We could very well be in for a treat of a season for him.

      • Agreed, I’m not worried about the offense. If I have a concern it’s just overall health. If the slingers can keep their ulnar collateral ligaments and Jose/Lawrie/Reyes can stay in the lineup then we should stay in contention.

        • Agreed @ U. Smasher
          Those three will be key if they can stay healthy. As back-ups in either position will be a drastic downgrade. That and the rotation, if we loose more than one starter not named JJ, RAD, BM it will be a fight for the division and WC.

      • Agrees…. Even with the ups and downs, they’ve added some respectable depth with Reyes and Cabrera. Fuck, if Bautista can return to 40 hr form, and Cabrera can hit closer to .300, it could be a heck of a season.

        As for the rotation, here’s my take:

        Dickey – 2012 was his career year… He also did it in a pitcher friendly division and league. He’s still a legit ace, considering how his pitch is so unique and he dominated so many games. Regardless of division, he had some very impressive streaks and deserved the Cy Young. I’d say he wins 18 games, 3.45 era, with a few more blips on the radar against AL opponents.
        Morrow – if healthy (and I don’t see why not), we could be in for a treat. I say going by stuff alone, he’s the best of the staff, and is due for a big breakout season (which could have been 2012 if not for the freak oblique injury). should be in Cy Young conversations by end of year. 20 wins, 3.25 era.
        Johnson – troublesome start to 2012, due to dip in velocity and some loss in command. Added a curve to his repertoire to make up for it and ended 2012 with a respectable second half. Overall, not the ace he once was but he’s adapted nicely. 15 wins, 4.03 era.
        Buehrle – Mr. Innings eater, consistently .500 throughout his career. Should give up more runs now in AL, but should get more run support. 13 wins, 4.35 era.
        Romero – Mr. Over thinker. Puts a ton of pressure on himself, which is great in low pressure low expectation situations, but horrible in high pressure situations. Too many people expecting him to simply bounce back, and also, everyone expects the Jays to dominate this year. I think that will translate into another season of Ricky being hard on Ricky, regardless of where his turn in the rotation happens to be. In the bullpen by the end of the second month, and will be a big disappointment. 2012 was just so awful I can’t automatically assume he can turn it back on like a light switch. 2 wins, 5.35 era.

        Hope I’m wrong about Romero, because Happ doesn’t give me much confidence either. His breaking ball is too far up in the zone on fat too many occasions, and his command isn’t all there. The fifth spot in the rotation could be something AA is looking to patch up during the year with veteran help.

        Overall a huge improvement over 2012, but not enough for them to run away with the division. I expect they’ll compete with the Yankees all season for top spot.

    • Expecting a good season from EE but I don’t expect him to repeat the 42 bombs. Something like 30-35 would be more realistic. Contract year for Lind and he has to know it is make or break time. He may surprise. JPA enters his 3rd full season in the league. One extra hit and one extra walk every two weeks would make a heck of a difference in his numbers. Nothing to say that can’t happen. If we get great Rasmus for two months, we won’t get bad Rasmus for four. In that scenario, we’ll see more of Bono is CF. Agreed that the big concern is Bautista. We’ll see in spring training.

      • is it a contract year for Lind. I am too lazy/drunk to look it up but I thought he has one more $5mill option year on top of this one?!?!

        • He has a $7m club option with a $2m buyout. If he sucks the club does not pick up the option and he won’t have much leverage on the FA market.

    • Those predictions are so stupid

  12. I don’t give a fuck about the draft pick or the pool money. We are going for it this year. If you are watching the 1992 World Series, the key to the team was Ward and Henke. We need a strong bullpen. We have a great Starting Rotation and lineup but it won’t mean shit if we have a shitty bullpen. Please sign Rafael Soriano

    • Assuming a Soriano signing, what would the pen look like? Maybe:
      Soriano – 9th inning
      Janssen – 8th inning
      Santos(?) – 7th inning
      Delabar/Lincoln – 6th inning
      Cecil (L) – LOOGY
      Happ (L) – swing man
      I think what’s needed more is a better lefty should Oliver retire (even with Delabar’s great splits against lefties).


      • As subtle as it is I’m picking up your sarcasm.

        I’m happy with this lineup if the season started tomorrow, I’m only commenting on a possible signing of FA Soriano because former GM Jim Bowden has been saying the Jays were interested for weeks. If they don’t sign him I’m not heartbroken but a backend/shutdown guy with playoff experience Like Soriano does make a lot of sense for this team.

        • I’d say Soriano makes one fuck of a lot ‘O sense for this team!

        • If the Jays can find some loophole to not give up the pick for Soriano I’m all for it. Otherwise, fuck him and Boras. Jays are winning the World Series anyway, regardless if Soriano makes the Jays go 162-0 instead of 161-1.

      • It’s not a 1 year throw everything in and hope it works. They have a 3 year window. I would hope that AA continues to separate himself from the shortsightedness that has doomed the other 2 major franchises in this city.
        You can make improvements without being silly about it.

        • The other two franchises are not good comparisons. Neither are close to accomplishing anything, whereas the Jays are now. The Leafs seem to operate on a short term cycle of just try to be good enough to make the playoffs (which they still fail at). They make enough dough to not care for anything more. The Raptors are stuck in a player run league, and star players don’t want to bring their talents to Ontario, so theyre just desperate to generate any kind of interest.

          You have no choice but to be short sighted if you’re AA. The moves have been made, and the core is in their prime. He’ll take on 2014 when he gets there, but chances are it will be a similar team to 2013 regardless of what he does for 2013.

        • I share your opinion that we need to see what we have before we go around solving problems that may not be there.

          AA has built a pretty solid team. I trust him to know whether it’s time to relax and assess what we now have.

    • Sure we are going for it this year but I think the Greek Salad man views it as good 2-3 year window and maybe more. But considering that most on this team have ZERO playoff experience, I would be in favour of seeing Soraino in the 7-9 spot.

  13. Actually, the Bluebird Banter piece on Mark Buehrle is not by Minor Leaguer. It’s written by Woodman663 who’s come out of a self-imposed European exile since the excitement started.

    • ya….great. Thanks for the update. I’m sure it really fucking matters.**disclaimer…i’m in a whisky induced coma.

      Fucking BB posters/lurkers. Most are 13 year old posters with the only input of how much homework they are missing out on jerking off to the Bjays. Ok…I’m cut off now.

  14. If these hats get used for nothing more than batting practice, I won’t any sleep.

    On another note, I am a little disappointed that no one at DJF decided to do a game threat for the world series reruns. We could’ve shared the nostalgia

  15. %chance that Berkman is a jay?

  16. Stoeten….Mail Bag? There’s a couple good ones that I know you’re itching to respond to.

    • lol@mailbag
      Shit, dudes is just coming out of turkey/wine cooler induced coma. I’m guessin he is missing this one…but with lack of Bjay newss we might see one.

  17. Re Soriano:
    I mentioned last week and as Formerly the Smasher says as well, Soriano might do a 1 year deal for 10m ( assuming AA is amenable and has the cash). As someone else mentioned earlier, Detroit might factor into this as Illitch is crazy enough to maybe give him his 14m. ( for 60 innings or so!)
    I mentioned that IMO only the Yanks and LAD could pay the kind of coin he wants and with Rivera coming back to the NYY and League getting 22.5m from LAD, neither is likely.
    Someone mentioned Detroit and I guess maybe.
    Anyway, Soriano turned down an unbelievable 14.6m guaranteed from NYY in the form of the qualifying offer of 13.3m and the buyout he got of 1.3m. Boras has gambled on the bigger fool theory but their isn’t one, so maybe he does 1 year in TO and tries again next year. I still don’t think AA will do it, even if Rafeal would as I think the money can be better spent elsewhere.
    Boras has pulled the same gamble with Mike Bourn in demanding 5/75m after rejecting Atlanta’s qualifiers and looks like he has blown that one too as he is running out of teams to hussle and even Texas doesn’t seem sold on the guy.

    • Boras has shown more than willingness to take a step back and insert a client into a build value/await the market situation.

    • Shit….I wouldn’t think that even a 2 year deal with a third AA option would be out of the question. I know the Dick man was ‘the final piece’ but you gotta think that one last solidish BP piece is appealing to the Greek goose.

  18. “Hey, Anne Murray – how you doing?”

    -Kelly Gruber, just now

  19. paul lucas= typical american asshole

  20. Stoeten you furry bastard, Merry Christmas.

    That out of the way, can you tell me how many of our boys are planning on playing in the World Baseball Classic in March? I’m hoping none. Can’t find any links to planned/confirmed players on the WBC site.

    • Read B.L was going to play . Joey Bats wanted to play but fuck that!

      • If I’m Anthopolous, I’m begging Bautista not to go.
        And strongly encouraging Lind to take up a hobby similar to this….


      • Pretty sure we can’t keep Bautista out. I mean Selig was giving Steinbrenner Sr. hell over his desire to keep Jeter out.

        If Bautista is so fragile that playing in the WBC is going to destroy him for the season, we were gonna lose him anyways.

        The real injuries we have to worry about are the innings count injuries that pitchers get, and the random injuries from freak accidents. We have no pitchers, and someone just coming off the DL isn’t any more susceptible to the latter than some other average Joe. (Lawrie, on the other hand…)

        • I hadn’t seen the thing on Selig and Cashman. And agreed on the fragile part but I would call the lose of JB a real injury…if we loose JB I think we can decrease our playoff chance by 25%+.

        • Wrong! Teams can tell any of their players to stay the fuck away from WBC play. The All Star game, not so much.

  21. Under the title “Ten Breakout International Prospects To Watch” at Baseball America:

    3. Alberto Tirado, rhp, Blue Jays

    Before he left Toronto to join the White Sox as a special assistant to the general manager, Marco Paddy left the Blue Jays with a promising group of arms, most notably Osuna. The Blue Jays in 2011 also paid $300,000 to sign Tirado, who gets his fastball up to 96 mph, keeps the ball down in the strike zone and has an advanced changeup for a 17-year-old. He was one of the top pitching prospects last season in the GCL, where he had a 2.68 ERA in 37 innings.

    • we’re on the way to replacing Synergaard already!
      While the Jays, atthe moment have dropped down to around no 15 from no3 or so at places like BP, it is primarily because so many of the top 30 have been moved and replaced by some a little further down the pipeline like Osuna and tiraddo but these guys, may, very well, have a ton more upside than Nicolino or Noah S.
      Should a few of these guys accelerate their development abd be dovetailed by the haul we got in 2012 ( Stroman, Smoral, De Jong etc) then we’ll move back into the top 5 very quickly.Plus we pick no 10 and no 52 in this june’s dratf so within 3 years we s/h other Noah S’s coming

      • forgive the spelling, man, it’s this fuckin Merlot

      • well i don’t know about that top 5 but there is a fuck load of prospects to do that ummmmm….prospect thing to. I can’t honestly say that I paid much if any attention to prospecting in past year other than last but I think there is optimism or at least until this years trade deadline.

        I would have to guess that if the team is leading the division or right in the thick of things come July, AA will not hesitate to add another piece or two. It will most defiantly be an over pay for whatever piece they go after but since he already has his ass half way in the Greek oven he won’t hesitate to go full in…not that there was any doubt.

  22. Interesting, the Orioles brought in Brady Anderson last off season to be the strength and conditioning coach. MLB should have those PED testers sniffing around constantly. It would explain a lot about what happened last year- I’m not saying they were cheating but… It’s Brady!

    • I don’t think MLB gives a rats ass about PEDs, other than from a PR standpoint. It’s one big country club atmosphere. Look how McGwire is still in the game as a hitting coach. The last thing they’re going to do is waste time and money investigating every potential suspicious team or player. They’d go bankrupt if they tried that. It would be a marketing nightmare. Same goes for the other pro sports leagues. Its all business.

  23. Just a few thoughts on the replay of the ’92 series games.
    -Holy fucking seams in that carpet! you hear the talk of this year or past games on the new carpet but at the start of tonight’s game you can see the seams everywhere.
    -mullets will never go out of style.
    -American broadcast crews lick donkey bag.
    -Me and Jane Fonda go way back to her days of sexy tv commercials in the 80′s. Don’t judge!

    Not being a fan back then and just comparing names/careers of that team and even the ’93 team, I have to think that we have a pretty good chance of winning the division this year. But as far as planning a parade on Albert St…I have my doubts.

    I think we have to be top 5 of off-season favorites….but so much shit can happen between April 2nd and Sept. 29th. If we can catch some breaks and injuries to a min. we have a legitimate shot. How long has it been since we could legitimately say that….the fuck!

    For me, anything short of division title will be a disappointment but would be slightly satisfied with a one game shot into the playoffs.

    I am fucking stoked (if anyone still uses that word anymore) for this season. I didn’t miss watching one fucking game for the first 100 on tv this year and a few years like that in the past 5 years. Only been following the team since early 2ks but I did call the Joe Carter moon shot in game 6 of the ’93 WS.

    The hype to start last year was stupid high and not that it is higher this year yet but I am cautiously optimistic. I think we are going to be treated to one of the better seasons that we have seen since the late 80′s early 90′s.

    Enjoy the ride boyz and girls…or at least Karen and that other chik who was trolling me the other day and the rest of Stoeten’s female demographic.

  24. 1992 World Series Trivia:

    What Blue Jay got a tattoo of the team logo after they won the WS, and where on his body did he get it?

  25. I love trivia, was it Ed Sprage getting a Maple leaf on his ass?

  26. Colonel Mustard in the library?

  27. Hint – he played 3 games with the Jays, 34 in total in the majors.

  28. Initials are MM

  29. y’all crazy

  30. We need another CLUE.

  31. Hey, where’s Tom W? He’d know the answer.

  32. Stoeten probably knows

  33. Hint #2: He was the bullpen catcher in ’92

  34. Wow. It is hilarious that MLB decided that now was a good time to bring back the screaming indian logo of the braves. It’s one thing to have “braves” as your name (connotes strength, determination, fearlessness) but then to have the logo be a dude doing that ridiculous blood curtling scream?

  35. I’ve just decided after every post I am going to type “out here on my island that also has fields”, what do you think?

    “out here on my island that also has fields”

  36. It certainly seems as if Atlanta is pushing itself into parody territory, their Brave logo now looks like a perfect photoshop candidate for Munch’s Scream. Refuse and Resist 2013 Atlanta, fight that fight for old Dixie too.

    • Have you met the Alaskan Ghost Rider?

      He attempted this same ploy not a quarter an hour ago. It didn’t end well.

  37. Have you noticed how everyone disappears when you start to talk like a pirate?

    I suspect that they’re frightened of being pressed into your scurvy band of brothers.

    • Hence the need for a trusty bird on my shoulder and a wench in every port and ballpark. With the #1 wenches approval, of course.

      • Is said trusty bird shoulder-trained?

        I can see where a little dandruff problem would all of a sudden seem to be (forgive me) small potatoes.

  38. Wakamatsu to the Yankees, pro scouting.

    Which renews my question about filling out the coaching staff, at least to the levels they had last year.

    Is there to be a replacement for Luis Rivera’s role as “coach in the stands”? Is that a good role for Sal Fasano, where he can also tutor JPA and Thole (who are still lightly experienced catchers)?

    Is there a replacement for Kevin Cash’s advance pro scouting role?

  39. Hopefully the replacement for Kevin Cash’s advance pro scouting role, is Adam Lind:) lol

  40. I just want to vehemntly state for the record… that Melissa Couto is SMOKING HOT!
    That is all.

  41. Stoeten got owned in this thread so he deleted the other guys posts, which tore Stoeten’s arguments to tatters. Sore loser Stoeten.

  42. Baaahhhuurrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn

  43. I’d guess OKBJ but worded a little bit better. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a jilted BB poster or someone that the bearded one has banned in the past. Either that or IceCreamJonsy. Reveal yourself! Fuck am I enjoying the whiskey.

  44. Time for a new and more sadistic forum with bad rooms and punishments for a fucktard.

  45. ignoring that you’re just some dipshit troll…

    care to comment on the ‘integrity, sportsmanship & character’ of some of the more, er, notorious members of the hallowed hall? or about the rampant use of stimulants in the 50s/60s. could you enlighten us as to how using PEDs (in the 90s)was actually ‘cheating,’ seeing as there were no rules against it?

    loogit, i think we all get that you’re all enraged because THERE IS NO HONOUR ANYMORE DURRRRR. all you’re really doing is regurgitating the same tired arguments made by members of the BBWAA who are overcompensating for their collective ignorance of what was happening ‘back then’ by being super anal about it now. in other words, fak off.

  46. These guys you’re referring to are, of course, much worse than the ones who IGNORED (to their own great benefit) all the guys sticking needles up their ass, lied about their knowledge of it every opportunity they had, and threw anyone they could under the bus (most notably the players themselves) to save their cheating asses, yes?

    All I was asking was that we not be stupid about this. Unfortunately you failed the test.

    Once again, acting like the Steroid Era was the product of rogue cheating slimeballs and not completely systemic is awfully convenient, and awfully reductive. The executives, coaches and trainers who knew and say nothing, and the reporters who crusade, often with nothing resembling tangible evidence, against guys they happily reported the exploits of are about as morally virtuous in this mess as the guys you insist are cheaters and the only ones who deserve punishment– guys who were playing by the rules baseball allowed them to play by. They all deserve the “tainted” ones in their hall– it’s not right to let them skate, so it should be acknowledged that all kinds of people at all levels of the game and all over the industry let this happen, and that it was part of the game at the time.

  47. It’s gotta be the post game 3 enthusiasm.

  48. Tom W….good see you’re back from purgatory. I guess I lost the over/under on your piracy return.

  49. Easy there, Cap’n Pugwash–

    Being a fucktard or a fukstik is punishment enough in and of itself. Let them wallow in their own filth and squalor.

    Ignoring their drivel, thereby cutting off their oxygen, is poetic justice at it’s best. Don’r feed the troll.

  50. So by Andrew Stoeten ‘logic’, electing cheaters into the Hall of Fame will ‘punish’ those who ignored the cheating? No integrity. No logic. The only people punished will be those who are deserving and yet see their names up with scum like Bonds, Clemens, Sosa etc. In fact Stoeten still can’t bring himself to see his PED heroes called cheaters.

  51. Now that’s an interesting take on the debate, Stoeten.
    Sort of a “reap what you sow” argument.
    Good point.
    I’m going to mull it over for a while before I agree or disagree.
    Definitely hypocritical of everyone to take the moral high ground if they knowing turned a blind eye.
    Aside from the steriods, was the ball also juiced,as been speculated?

  52. @ fake Stoeten

    They’ve already admitted to taking PED’s and in Sosa’s case, a corked bat.
    Still mulling.

  53. Comment as Oakville69 please. No hiding behind fake names– or mine– because you’re too scared to put your shitty opinion to your own name.

    And PED heroes? I can’t ‘think of a single player who I particularly liked who is wrapped up in this– partly, specifically, because of it. Not a fan of any of these guys. It’s about fairness and getting morons to understand that calling certain people “scum” while completely absolving everyone else who allowed it all to happen is far too simplistic a view to take seriously.

  54. So now Stoeten cliaims that he wants druggies into the Hall out of ‘fairness’. Funny, the players who didn’t cheat don’t see it that way. They don’t want cheaters and liars to be further rewarded.

    Back in 2003, sixteen members of the White Sox wanted to refuse to take drug tests so that they would be counted as failing, and thus boost the percentage of failures necessary to make testing mandatory. The union, in particular Gene Orza who was later found out to be tipping off the cheaters as to when their PED test was coming, came to ensure they took the test The sixteen White Sox were sick of the cheating and wanted mandatory testing to stop the very cheaters and liars that Stoeten claims should be honoured, honoured in the name of ‘fairness’.

    The players who didn’t cheat don’t want these guys honoured. Stoeten can’t think up a single convincing argument to honour them – all he can do is parrot the position he’s heard others take without being able to develop an argument. And then, as is unfortunately usual for Stoeten, he calls others who disagree names. Name-calling and poor arguments are all Stoeten has to offer.

    Stick to bullying the 14 year olds Stoeten. When you try to concoct an argument or argue with the grownups you get owned.

  55. @ fake Stoeten 10:01

    As a traditionalist,I agree with you that allowing the cheaters into the HOF,disrespects the accomplishments of those who are in the HOF AND those who played clean and are not in the HOF.While there are no doubt many who were frustrated by the inequities, as with your example, there were many who turned a blind eye to the use of PED’s.After the strike,some applauded the HR races, the records set, as a vehicle to increase the interest in the game.
    Many people in baseball profitted from the renewed interest and refused to expose the cheats. Now some of those same people have, hypocritically,opined that the cheats should be excluded.
    But is the HOF just a representation of the best players or of the history of baseball?
    Do you exclude the spitballers, corked bats,the guys who took greenies,players who played when the juiced ball was in vogue?
    Do you exclude the players of the PED era?
    Stoeten does make a point but he should differ to the players who are already in the HOF who ,from what I’ve read, are opposed to the PED players entering the Hall.
    And their opinion is good enough for me.

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