So Long, Rusty Canz?

Remember when we thought it was possible, though maybe not ideal and hardly a slam dunk, to have waiver pick-up Russ Canzler platoon with Adam Lind as the Jays’ DH this season?

Yeah… about that:

Because I’m still pretty close to full-on in lazy holiday mode, let’s just have a looksie at what I wrote about him two weeks ago:

Canzler is a 26-year-old positionless right-handed hitter who is has hit particularly well in his last three minor league stops, and has posted crazy numbers against left-handed pitching, albeit in a tiny (31 PA) big league sample.

It’s hard to put anything resembling weight on that, especially since his minor league numbers don’t show the pronounced platoon split that his big league numbers do. The splits on his Minor League Central player page show him in 2011 as having a .920 OPS against left-handed pitching and a .935 against right-handers while winning the International League MVP award at Durham.

The data on that site for 2012 seems to be incomplete (it shows him as having 530 PA in the minors in 2012, while FanGraphs has 539, and there’s an even bigger discrepancy on his big league numbers), but it has him with a .788 OPS against right-handers and an .813 OPS against lefties while at Columbus– though he hit for more power against right-handers (.226 ISO compared to .190).

So… do we pencil him in as Adam Lind’s platoon partner just yet? I don’t think so. But there’s some potential there, for sure. Maybe not as much as the .457 wOBA in those 31 plate big league appearances against lefties suggests, but some.

Y’know, or not.

So… there’s that.

Or is it? Wilner adds:

The Jays have an open 40-man spot, so maybe they’ll try to grab him again when the Clevelands inevitably try to sneak him through to add their two free agent signings. It call the whole thing intriguing, but… y’know… Russ fucking Canzler.

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  1. Any idea why the Jays were trying to trim the 40-man roster in the first place?

    • I assume just to stash him in the minors as depth, and because they thought it was possible to get him through. He’s more valuable if they can get him into AAA and off the 40-man, and maybe they though Cleveland wouldn’t try to get him back given the way their 40-man is setup, with room still needed for Myers and Swisher.

      Totally guessing, though.

  2. Canzler could have been an intriguing option as the 4th man on the bench as he can play all 4 corners and can hit lefties, judging by his minor league numbers.

    If he ends up with the Tribe after all, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jays making a run at someone like Scott Hairston.

    • He’s cheap so yes; but I guess this means that one of Lyon/Oliver/Frasor are being resigned soon?

      • Oliver is already signed.

        • Jays get all that cash back if he retires right?

          • If he retires he would forfeit the money from his 2013 contract. And could not sign with another team.

          • I doubt they bring back Frasor. They might look for another relief option. But I’m not sure Frasor is an upgrade over what they currently have.

            And I don’t think Canzler being put through waivers necessarily means another move is coming. Just, like Stoeten said, he’s more valuable off the 40-man.

    • Well, he can stand on the field and look not entirely out of place at all four corners. Not sure he can “play” them so much. But I honestly am only basing that one something I think I’m pretty sure I read somewhere two weeks ago.

      • As a bench option, I mean to say that he can play all 4 corners, not to suggest that he should.

  3. There goes the Lind/Canzler platoon name, “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot”

  4. Who’s going to Tall Boys tomorrow? You in, Stoeten?

  5. I dont miss Fraser one bit

  6. then why claim him in the first place?

  7. If the Jays do somehow get him back off waivers, a new term will be invented.

    Anyone who gets claimed and then reclaimed back off waivers by the original team that let him go will have been “canzlered”.

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