Because, with apologies to Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest, I don’t happen to follow Anthony Andro of Fox Sports Southwest on Twitter, it was the staggeringly invaluable MLBTR that shot this one my way this hour:

First off, poor Eli Whiteside, getting passed around this winter like some hackneyed joke at a hackneyed joke convention.

But, of course, also: Bon voyage to the Sausage King, whose departure I’m sure will be met with glee by a number of Jays fans, among whom I don’t quite count myself. Though… it’s kinda undeniable that Frasor hasn’t been nearly as effective over the last two years as he was in 2009 and 2010, when he was posting ERAs and FIPs and xWHATNOTS substantially below four.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s been OK, but that’s kind of the thing: when he’s not producing, he sure as fuck can be unbearable to watch. We can even quantify this, as per FanGraphs, of 426 pitchers with 30 or more innings in 2012, Frasor had the eighth-slowest pace (average time between pitches) among them.

By these same parameters, he was the 22nd slowest in 2011, 34th in 2010, and sixth in 2009. He’s never been a quick worker, and I tend to believe that this has magnified some of his flaws, making him tough to watch in pointless, low-leverage, lets-get-this-game-over-with situations, and even worse as he painstakingly wrings every ounce of dread out of his higher leverage affairs.

Entirely anecdotally, I’ve always suspected that this is a major part of why he was somewhat underappreciated, even for a halfway decent middle reliever. The meltdowns always seemed to sting more with him, and my sense was that a lot of folks felt his better performances came in situations that were less crucial.

All of this, I suppose, is just a long way of saying that he’s a decent enough reliever with some good seasons on his resume– who, in fact, seems to have maybe been BABIP’d and HR/FB%’d to death a little bit over the last three years– but one that I sure as shit-ugar am not going to miss watching pitch. And I say that believing fully that the Jays still probably need to add another piece not entirely unlike him to their ‘pen.

But those are out there, and ultimately, I can’t not wish Frasor well, and look forward to the first time the Jays get to sink their teeth into him as a member of the Rangers.

I think I can even get past the fact that back in November he had the scones to tell Gregor Chisholm of that “maybe my two most enjoyable months in the big leagues were with the White Sox. It was just a great team, a great group of guys and going somewhere else and seeing what another big league clubhouse is like — it kind of opened my eyes.”

The comment makes more sense when you think back to the disasterfuck that was the last few months of John Farrell’s stewardship, and remember that Chicago is Frasor’s hometown, and, y’know, get past the idea that the Jays ought to have some kind of monopoly on good times and good people.

Though… OK, maybe it is a little bit odd, given that those were his only two months playing elsewhere, over the span of nine big league seasons, but that sort of was his point, wasn’t it? I think it reflects a lot worse on the Jays than it does him, though I may just be unable to get worked up about it since I exhausted most of my ability to get worked up this afternoon by driving myself batty trying to track the quote down.

Anywho… yeah. Frasor. It was times.

Oh, and at Getting Blanked, Drew pretty much hits the nail on the head on this. And in a much more succinct and timely manner, to boot! Yet with the same keen eye for a decent-looking picture from the Getty archive that you’ve come to expect from over here.

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  1. Later douche….

  2. Great news… good riddance.

  3. LOL on the exhaustion due to tracking the quote down. If it makes you feel any better, I forwarded the quote on to a friend due to its (relative) significance.

  4. Mostly I’ll miss Laura Frasor.

  5. all hail the sausage king

  6. I also heard Jason Frasor was a white supremacist who strangled newborn puppies and once read a 10-year old-girl’s diary aloud.

    SRSLY, the hate-on for this guy is so silly.

  7. If/when Oliver retires, Frasor was probably the most realistic option for the Jays to sign a reliever to a cheap one year deal.

    I’m not sure why anyone would have a problem with him for $1.5 mllion in 2013.

    • uh, because he sucks. he’s damn slow – its painful to watch and he sucks the fun out of pretty much any game.

      he’s only useful in very low leverage situations. He can eat innings, but you’d better have a 4 point lead for this clown.

      and in the opposite situation he was fury inducing. a close game one way or the other and he was sure to give it up, and draw it out to boot!

      he is the most unenjoyable pitcher i’ve ever had the displeasure of watching.


      • You know what you’re saying is incorrect.

        He doesn’t only pitch well with a “4 point lead”.

        Not sure you got the right sport buddy.

      • He wasn’t that bad . was he? He pitches well if he is fully rested.

      • I was reading the stats, and everything you said is incorrect.
        He’s almost equally effective in Low, Medium and High leverage situations…

        I’m not gonna back them up because you were obviously too lazy to do it, so I’ll take the same route here.

        Frasor was a very effective reliever during his tenure with the Jays – too bad he won’t be there to experience this rejuvenated team/fan base.

    • Not sure why anyone would have a problem with a guy who had a 1.47 WHIP in 2012 and 1.75 WHIP in 2011 coming back?

      He was a debacle in the making every time he came into the game. Carried the torch brilliantly from prior relievers such as Jim Acker, Frank Wills, Josh Towers and Coco Cordero.

      This is great news. Good riddance.

      • Why do you keep using WHIP?

        Unless you’re in a fantasy baseball league, it’s completely meaningless.

        Based on his track record, he has a good chance of giving 50-60 innings with an ERA or FIP under 4.

        And fwiw, he is experienced pitching in the ALE.

        That’s solid for 1 year and $1.5 million.

        • Meaningless? Do you know what WHIP stands for? We’re not talking about creamy dessert toppings my friend.

          • yes, whip is important

            but as a reliever, a few shaky appearances and your whip can’t recover

            they only pitch 60 innings or so, some things don’t even out over a year

          • @ dc – even if we do give him the benefit of the doubt and take a huge leap of faith and assume that with more innings his stats will “even out”… have you seen him pitch? Absolutely horrendous. Only Jesse Chavez and Coco were worse options, and that should tell you everything.

          • Let me illustrate

            His WHIP: bad
            Strikeout:ratio: league average for RP
            H/9: league average for RP

            Its bad because it totally ignores the fact that he was striking out almost 11 batters per 9 innings. He was a fine middle reliever

          • Strikeout:walk ratio*

    • you’re rght about Frasor making sense if Okiver indeed retires……which is why I think this points to Olivercoming back.

      AA is obviously talking privately to Oliver, and the fact that he cant be bothered to match what is essentially peanuts means he is optimistic that Oliver willl pitch in 2013.

      Thats how I read it, at least.

  8. “…wouldn’t it be nice to have Jason Frasor come back and be a part of this Blue Jays squad after having spent so many years wandering in the wilderness with the club?” – M. Wilner 12/24/12 4:30pm

    Yeah Mike, it would be great to keep losing ball games on his behalf. Glad your baseless, no baseball knowledge douchbag brain generated wish didn’t come true.

  9. He spoke highly of playing for the Jays and I think he deserves a little more respect.

  10. It occurred to me that I missed a lot of his innings since those were the ones I’d unconsiously start flicking through other channels or start doing other things.

  11. But I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs. Frasor has left the building.

  12. Wilner always has a tiny boner for shit Jays

  13. Fraser was one of the few MLB players to make his home in the Toronto area. He married a Canadian girl and was known to say, “Even my dog is Canadian.” All of which counts for diddlysquat with most of the stat infatuated posters on here. However, with Beeston, it counts for a lot. The guess here is that when Frasor’s playing days are over, if he wants it, Beeston and AA will find him a role in the organization. Such would be fitting for the Blue Jays all time appearances leader.

  14. This should have taken longer to post.

    Seriously though, best of luck to him. Married a hot Toronto girl, solid citizen, and very efficient reliever, even if it takes him an hour to throw an inning.

  15. I will miss the Sausage King. Sure, he was deliberate, but I enjoyed having Frasor on the Jays. He may not have been the best pitcher, but he never seemed to be the worst and innings with him were rarely a Kevin Greggian adventure.

  16. Forgive me for not knowing, but why “Sausage King”?

    • yes why?

    • I think it was a year or so ago, Stoeten got his first locker room access/interview and while interviewing Frasor in a towel, said towel feel to the floor and well…thus the Sausage King name was born.

      • I had the same question as Allan G, but now I’m sorry I even thought of asking the question. Ughhh…

      • It actually comes from the fact that he is from Chicago and if you have seen Ferris Beuller’s Day Off he impersonates a “Sausage King” to get into a fancy restaurant. Some media were trying to think of a nickname for him but couldn’t think of anything since he is pretty bland so Sausage King of Chicago it was!

  17. he’s the poster boy for where stats based analysis can only go so far.

    when he did well and improved his stats it was in situations where no one needed him to accomplish anything but eat innings.

    when he fell flat was almost every single time the team needed him to keep them in a game or give them an opportunity to come back.

    i would bet that the jays looked at the stat overlay of his appearances over results and made the correct choice: this guy doesn’t come through. see ya.

    • For 1.5 million, it’s not a steep price to pay.

      And every team needs a guy that just goes out there and chews through innings. You can’t use your studs every time.

    • @Tocher

      You realize you can use stats to back up your “stats only go so far” laziness, right?

      Frasor is a perfectly good middle reliever for $1.5 million.

      But you don’t like him so you need to find an illogical reason to back up your feelings.

      • what comparison do you want to see?

        the stats i’m likely referring to are average leverage index (aLI), the Win Probability added by a Pitcher (WPA) and the Base Out Runs Saved (RE24)…because that is the sort of situation i’m talking about.

        Frasor is

        aLI 0.99 – so he appeared in situations with higher leverage compared to average relievers.

        WPA 0.314 – so he has positive record to win probability

        and RE24 0.18 – so he was just barely positive to prevent a run.

        here’s a comparison:

        Aaron Loup 0.92 / 0.320 / 5.46. So the same as frasor in some ways and then crazy different in the RE24

        Lincoln 0.88 / 1.28 / 6.19. So slightly less intense situations but performed much much better otherwise.

        and if you want to go up and compare to a great reliever?

        Darren Oliver 1.26 / 1.535 / 13.76. just WOW.

        to me this all backs up that Frasor just ain’t all that. The more pedestrian stats give people like Stoeten and Drew reason to believe he was better than he actually was. I watched games and remembered that usually he just wasn’t.

        Give me someone you feel is an average reliever and let’s see how Frasor stacks up. Its better if its someone I might know because the narrative on this is going to be important. If you try to give me someone everyone clearly knows STINKS then the comparison is useless.

        • I’m not sure why you’re bringing up the tiny sample sizes of Aaron Loup & Brad Lincoln.

          A full season of a reliever in itself is a fairly small sample size.

          Based on recent history, Frasor stands a good chance of providing 50 – 60 innings with an ERA/FIP under 4.

          He’s a perfectly good known commodity regardless of whether or not you like him.

          • from the beginning of this discussion i clearly indicated that I was talking about Jason Frasor’s performance for the last couple of years.

            at this stage for the Jays, taking a guy back for what he may or may not have done 3+ years ago may not be the best bet to take.

            in the same way that given a better option (for instance his contract had expired) the jays might also not be expected to take a chance on Adam Lind on the basis that in 2009 he performed well.

            there is nothing crazy about what I’m suggesting here.

            Jason Frasor, for the last 2 years (ie the time I’ve been paying attention to him) is infuriatingly average and was an unwelcome sight out of the bullpen for the his inability to bring anything but lukewarm performance to the field….at best.

            i don’t care what he was paid. no doubt you could put together a team of middling players at very good value.

            and that team would get destroyed.

        • “Jason Frasor, for the last 2 years (ie the time I’ve been paying attention to him)”

          But it doesn’t matter what he has done “since you have been paying attention to him”.

          Your subjective opinion is meaningless.

          He’s a good middle reliever.

          Nothing to get overly upset about losing.

          But he certainly has done nothing to deserve such scorn, either.

          • my subjective opinion is no more meaningless than yours, ie “He’s a good middle reliver’. = the same statement.

            the scorn part comes from:

            a) providing this mediocre performance at a snail’s pace, thus sucking enjoyment out of a game

            b) making comments in the media which insinuated that his contributions played a significant role when the club did well and then chalked up poor performance to ‘bad luck’ when he stunk it up.

        • I’m not using subjective arguments.

          I don’t care about his personality or how he handled himself in the media.

          The numbers are there to illustrate he’s a fine middle reliever.

          But thanks for admitting that your scorn has little to do with his on-field value.

    • And how exactly do you know when he performed well vs. when he was crap?

      • see above.

        you can go to the GAME LOG stats.

        you’ll see that as a reliever he made 50 appearances.

        I counted wrong, but close – 36 situations where he came out having not put the team down. (remember to be aware that there would be opportunities for the batters to make up a temporary loss) and then 13 situations where he left after putting the team behind.

        on the face of it that seems good maybe? hey..he’s more likely to leave you in as good a situation.

        but he’s a reliever and that means that the margin for error may not be that big compared to his colleagues. so what we are trying to determine is whether a %72 positive result is ‘good’ ‘average’ or actually kind of ‘sucky’ compared to other relievers….

  18. On that FanGraphs chart, two of the three pitchers with the quickest pace between pitches (out of 426 pitchers with min. 30 IP in 2012)? None other than Mark Buerhle (no surprise) and R.A. Dickey (I hadn’t realized he worked so quick).

    And sandwiched in between them at #425? Zach Stewart.

  19. I know I’m in the minority when I say I’ll miss Jason Frasor.

    Kudos, Frasor, on a job… done.

    • You probably also miss Brian Tallet

      • yeah, nice inoffensive white guys who maybe had a year or 2 of decency and then otherwise stunk the bed or at best were unremarkable. Their 1-2 years of usefulness somehow give them a free pass with the masses that is wholly overblown compared to the actual pool of talent out there. Throw good ol’ frasor in with the Adam Linds, Brian Tallets, John MacDonalds.

        Bonus points for Frasor having a few completely meaningless sidenotes to bolster the Canadian Canuckion to satisfy all those good ol’ boys and girls out there in the crowd.

        • I don’t remember Tallet having one inning of usefulness, let alone on year.

          And I share your overall sentiments, but disagree with Adam Lind being included in that bunch. He was fucking great in 09′. Not sure if its the bad back or the lack of a man in the white shirt that fucked him up since then, but unlike many, I still have faith in the guy. Nothing sentimental, just purely based on his performance in 09′, and the fact that he was a .296 hitter after his minor league stint last season.

        • Chone + Tocher

      • I miss Tallet. Those mutton chops were old school pizazz. A marketing opportunity in waiting. Fire Ace and make Tallet the Bernie Brewer of Toronto.

  20. So the master plan to get Eli Whiteside is coming together nicely.

  21. doesnt deserve all the hate.

    he was a good reliever then a decent reliever.. we shouldn’t have strong emotions, hate or love, about middle relievers anyways.

  22. Frasor always provided me with a welcomed break around the 6th inning. I always knew when he came into the game I had time to sh*t/shower/shave, make my afternoon snack and walk the dog beforing getting back to the TV and realizing that I’d only missed a half inning.

  23. The idea that a reliever doesn’t have to be good and just needs to be able to chuck the ball over the plate is a joke. When games are on the line in the late innings (kinda tends to happen often in baseball), its the teams with quality pens that get the job done. “Innings eater” is a poor excuse for someone who is not that good.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Frasor.

    • exactly.

      if these guys applied the same level of excuses to batters they’d be saying that Adam Lind did what you needed

      ‘he gave you at-bats’….

      the idea that middle relievers can somehow be cool to be not so great at their job is kind of rubbish. and probably has something to do with AA deciding to jettison the crap and get some better arms in there.

      what team wouldn’t want to be able to turn to janssen/oliver/perez/villan types rather than the frasors of this world? there’s no room on this team for crap like frasor.

      • Well said Torcher…. nice comparison to a hitter giving a team “at bats”. Wish I thought of it myself.

        The way I see it, as a fan you have two options – take the “nice guy” approach, and cheer alongside the Jays broadcast team for losers like Coco Cordero, Jesse Litsch and Jason Frasor, and watch your team never play October baseball, or you can actually care about winning and battling for the playoffs (there’s a novel concept), and not give a shit how nice a guy might be or what position he plays when his numbers/performances are shit, or at best, when all the moons and stars align, mediocre. I think its a pretty simple choice.

        • This is exactly why I never got excited over Deck Mcguire. All I ever seem to hear about him was he was a bulky innings eater.


    • I’ve never heard the term “innings eater” applied to Jason Frasor before browsing the DJF comments section today. You understand that this is usually reserved for guys like Jason Vargas who give you 200 mediocre innings right? It makes even less sense when you consider the fact that Frasor was a guy who needed to be rested more than most in order to remain effective

      I guarantee that you’ll find at least one RP shittier than Frasor in whatever you consider the top bullpens of 2012. This isn’t to excuse his mediocrity, but to illustrate to you that, while it might be nice to have a guy who can throw it in the high 90s with a wipeout slider in the 7th inning when you’re leading by 5, there’s not enough of these guys around for you to do that. He’s a middle reliever, and if he used in a situation he shouldn’t have been pitching in, that’s on the fucknut manager. They serve a purpose, and as I said, every time has at least one

      The amount of hate Frasor gets is baffling for to me.

  24. He’ll be back. Just you watch…

  25. He seemed to be very good every second outing, and absolutely awful if he was sent out two days in a row, if my recollection of me screaming at Farrell whenever he put him in a game two days in a row.

    I thought he viewed being a BlueJay positively; he married a girl from Toronto didn’t he?

    • When rested, Frasor was okay. I don’t have the stats in front of me, and I don’t have the fucking time to look, but I concur with your assertion that Frasor would often be worthless when used on consecutive days. Not that Farrell would notice such things, as he would trot Frasor out like cannon fodder at times.

      Good luck to him in Texas. It will be interesting to see how Ron Washington uses Frasor. At least fans will have time to grab a beer when he is on the mound.

      While he was a cool dude and married a girl from Oakville, I hope we light him up in Arlington.

  26. No part of me misses Frasor

    Just reminds me of Wells, Overbay and all the other “nice” guys that “wore the colours” and got their asses kicked.

    I dont share the same quality distain as some people on here for him but glad he aint coming back.

    Turn the page

    • To me Wells is in a different category entirely. He was a legitimately great player for a stretch in the mid-2000s, and then nearly again in 2010. He was a decent guy who took the shit thrown at him with humour that, say, Ricky Romero wouldn’t/doesn’t.

      • yeah…and you know why? cuz Romero has a brain and knows that there’s nothing funny about paying a guy millions to shit the bed….

        wells: seems like a nice guy, liked that he tried to be involved with his community. all great things.

        as a baseball player? infuriating. glad we got rid of him. 1-2 great years does not make up for millions and millions spent on mediocrity. Not his fault for taking a paycheque…but you have accept the scorn if you don’t perform when you decide to accept that kind of money. and there’s nothing funny about it.

  27. This guy was a decent middle reliever for quite a few years. If you can’t name 10-plus more frustrating relievers the Jays have had, you haven’t been following them for very long.

    • citing a team’s poor ability to obtain/develop/retain decent talent does not excuse poor talent.

      the team is not in a vacuum. you have to do better than your competitors. comparing frasor to even worse relievers on a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 1993 has not application. the only valid comparison is whether something better than him is available or can be obtained from the general pool. an assessment I hope AA did and resulted in this decision.

      the ‘proper’ catch is to bring back Oliver or find a way to get Villaneuva to agree to be a swing man. or anyone else out there better than Jason Frasor.

      he stinks.

      • CV signed with the Cubs.

        Regardless of how many times you say “Frasor stinks”, it’s simply not true.

        • look above. i gave you the stats that I could come up with. if you’ve got a counter argument I’ve given you the basis to make another case.

          only, of course i was exaggerating when I said he was as bad as Coco or Francisco. Those would not be acceptable comparisons as everyone (finally) knows they stink.

          you’d have to find someone that folks generally consider a ‘decent’ reliever. then show me that Frasor’s stats match up.

          • Frasor cant be a guy you are comfortable giving the ball to in the 2013 playoffs.

            Period dot fucking com.

          • I don’t know, how about the fact that you think the Jays should bring Villanueva back, when he’s basically been as effective (or worse) over the last two years?

            Frasor 2011: 3.60 ERA 4.09 FIP
            Frasor 2012: 4.12 ERA 4.20 FIP

            Villanueva 2011: 4.04 ERA 4.10 FIP
            Villanueva 2012: 4.16 ERA 4.71 FIP

            So, we don’t want Jason Frasor for 45 “bad” innings, but we want Carlos Villanueva for 100+ “bad” innings?

            Makes sense

            • What were CV’s stats as a reliever? And CV can pitch multiple innings. There’s some value in that.

              Who would Frasor replace in the current bullpen?

            • Areback

              comparing Villaneuvas stats to Frasors is not fair IMO.
              Like we said a lot times Frasor is in a situation where the games out of reach. He could go 5 outtings in a row facing the bottom of the line up.

              Due to Carlos starts albeit not many in the years you grasped for comparison its not fair to compare them like they were in similar roles. Personally I thought Carlos was really comin around.

              I would def take Carlos V over Jason F in 2013 if that were even possible.

              Why were arguing over sumthing thats not is beyond me. Thanks Tocher lol

          • i don’t have time right now to look, but i’d want to see CV’s reliever only stats. The problem with the comparison is that he was overused as a starter and starting stinking it up at the tail end, both years.

            but thank you for bringing this up because I actually sincerely think this points out that the narrative is important. maybe you don’t feel this way, but I know that what I saw from CV as a reliever, and even for a good number of starts was an excellent pitcher who could get it done. The narrative is important because we all know he was pressed into duty which it then appeared he was unable to keep up with. the crazy tail end decline 2 years running makes a very strong case. the overall year stats don’t tell this part unfortunately and in fact CV was a much better pitcher if used correctly.

            in the same way, Frasor’s apparent ‘decency’ masks an inability to get the job done in situations where ideally you’d most like to use an experienced pitcher – high leverage situations. his overall year stats (at least the ones you are quoting) might look pretty middle and decent. But the narrative tells us that every gawd damn game we needed him to make the difference he just didn’t. I saw that happen waaaaaaaay too much and if you start to dig deeper I think different stats back up what I know via the narrative – that he’s just not that good. give him enough appearances and he’ll put up an average number…but that’s not so much based on his ability but rather that he appears in a variety of situations where he kind of flows along to the leverage and the talent he’s facing. the guy just can never rise above when presented with a challenge. and that’s not the kind of reliever this team needs.

          • First of all, his reliever only stats are irrelevant based on the comment you made. You said that you’d rather they focus on bringing CV back as a swingman and that it was a better idea… why would you exclude starts after saying that? The fact that he’s gassed after 7 or 8 starts factors in to his ability to be a swingman as well… he was needed more than that the last two seasons, was he not? While the rotation is exponentionally stronger this season, there are still injury risks in Johnson and Morrow and unforseen injuries in general.

            You not knowing CV reached an agreement with the Cubs didn’t devalue your argument, but resorting to arguments based on narratives sure as fuck does. The narrative also tells you that Jason Frasor was very effective when given the proper rest, and shouldn’t be used frequently over a short period of time. So by that same token, his numbers look worse than they should because he wasn’t used effectively either. He suffered a forearm injury this season too! Same as Villanueva last year! I guess if Villanueva was overused and his injury was evidence that means the same is true for Frasor! It all makes sense now!!!

            Please. Spare me the narrative story-time bullshit. Jason Frasor is not a reliever meant for high leverage situations. Congrats on making that earth shattering discovery. Not every single member of the ‘pen is going to be used in high leverage situations. Atlanta has one of the better bullpens in baseball, and they still have to carry shitbags like Chad Durbin and Livan Hernandez. I love how the concept of “scarcity” is so foreign to you. You still need guys to pitch those innings that aren’t high leverage without taking a shit on the mound, which was is what Frasor was. Replaceable? Definitely. But if you’re hoping for a reliever of far greater quality than Jason Frasor for those innings, I wouldn’t hold your breath

      • I’m sure the fact that you think Villaneuva is still available speaks volumes about your knowledge of the “general pool”

        • true. but you know….some people do this thing called….Christmas….

          i see now that this happened…i’m not exactly sweating having missed that. if you think that’s a valid reason to dismiss debate….well…that’s a chuckle.

          • You can go to Frasor’s fangraphs or baseball reference page to look up what he has done.

            The guy has a sub 4 ERA/FIP/xFIP in his career against a healthy dose of ALE competition.

            Last season the Ks and BBs went up, but there’s no reason to think he won’t be useful again in 2013.

            • @jays 2010

              Im not going off of any stat sheet. Im simply going off the COUNTLESS times I watched Frasor as a Jay. His outings that were of worth came in low leverage situations. When the team needed that out or that strikeout or that escape from a jam he was NEVER one to come thru in the clutch.
              Yes I just said CLUTCH.

          • now you’re just being willfully obtuse given that I’ve clearly pointed out that I’m not talking about the guy’s career record. we are talking about a guy whose contract expired and whom people are boo-hooing about the team opting to let him walk. His career stats are only so meaningful compared to recent performance on a team that aims high this year and that has other options.

            you’re also quoting stats that i’ve clearly indicated why I don’t think they apply to the situation i’ve said i’ve observed, namely when you need to *count* on him. how he performs in lower leverage situations is not terribly important to me. How he performs in high leverage situations is of particular interest to a club with high aspirations and with a possible need for players with the ability to calm themselves and perform in high leverage situations. My observation, and I argue one that is thus far backed by the numbers, is that Jason Frasor just is not that guy and that in these observed situations he just wasn’t very good and therefore I am not disappointed to see him go and think that folks that are are silly and are basing this sentiment on things with no application to the discussion (ie long tenure, white inoffensive guy, Canuck Connexxxion via wife, etc).

          • Yes, so Frasor doesn’t have the clutchiness you desire.

            Now I get it.

  28. Lyon > frasor for 2013

  29. It may be a small sample size (15.2 innings) but Frasor has never pitched well in Arlington. He owns a career 9.19 ERA in Texas with a WHIP of 1.915, and batters hitting .328 against him in that hitter-friendly park.

    I’ll miss those long-ass innings he pitched. He gave you enough time at the game to take a piss, grab a beer and get back to your seats before the inning was over.

    • no surprise since every time he was there he was in a high leverage situation since Texas is consistently a good team.

      Jason Frasor…at least the Jason Frasor of the last couple of years, just cannot get it done most times when the going is tough.

      he operates on a very thin margin and his stats show that. if things don’t go just so then he crumbles.

  30. He shit talked at the end of the season. It was inevitable that he wasn’t coming back.

  31. I liked the guy and actually never even noticed him taking a long time to pitch.

  32. So who is going to replace Frasor and Oliver?

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