Buster Olney continues to provoke the ire of extra-sensitive Jays fans, ranking the club’s lineup as eighth-best in baseball in his latest at (Insider Olney), behind the Brewers, Red Sox and Napoli- and Hamilton-less Rangers, among others. Where’s bias cat when you need him?

Jon Heyman tweets that Jason Frasor’s deal with the Rangers is for one year and $1.5-million. I couldn’t have complained if the Jays retained him at a price like that, though if that helps set the market for a guy like Brandon Lyon, giddy up.

In the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin lauds the Jays’ decision to hire Tim Raines as an outfield and baserunning coach for a number of reasons, including Raines’ similar… er… profile to two of the Jays’ most highly regarded prospects, DJ Davis and Anthony Alford– the troubled latter of whom has transferred to Ole Miss with the hope of playing football next year, but, y’know, probably shouldn’t have bothered. Baseball, Anthony!

Sticking with coaches, one of the many things that slipped through the cracks here over the holidays was this: MLBTR passed along a Ken Davidoff tweet indicating that Don Wakamatsu has joined the pro scouting staff of the Yankees. Seems to be a well-respected guy, and I’m sure he’ll be back in the Majors before long.

Not had enough year-in-review-type stuff yet? Well Parkes has got you covered, with Getting Blanked’s best of the best for 2012, beginning with an always-delightful bit on “‘roids taint.”

Elsewhere, Scott Lewis has the trailer for MLB ’13: The Show over at Getting Blanked, and rumour has it there’s some Joey Bats action in there. What am I going to do, watch it? SLewis also has a piece up on the returns of Javy Vazquez and Brandon Webb, while Drew has some non-Jays-related gold, telling us of Sergio Romo’s bust today at the Las Vegas airport.

Huh? Baseball Think Factory links to a Deadspin post on the Hall of Fame exit poll counter at Baseball Think Factory? Sure. OK. Long story short: based on the totals of those who have self-published their ballots, it looks like nobody’s slated to get into the Hall this year. But how much do you want to bet that there’s a shit-tonne of guys who haven’t covered the game for years, and don’t know what the internet is, yet still have a vote, and will be putting it in for the likes of Jack Morris, Craig Biggio and no-one else.

Don’t forget that the Bluebird Banter guys will be screening Knuckleball at Tall Boys on Bloor St. this evening. Details here.

Lastly, the two Jays-related tidbits from today’s Keith Law chat at

@GimpedPimp403 (Canada)
Is Sean Nolin a legit prospect? If so, what’s his ceiling? Seemed to handle the late season jump to AA just fine, SSS obviously though.
A prospect, yes. An elite one, no.

Colman (Toronto)
Not saying either belongs, but doesn’t Stieb have a better HOF case than Morris?
Clearly yes.

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  1. Wicked links duders!

  2. Any chance jays get Harriston?

  3. I kid you not, I always read these snacks on the shitter. It’s perfect! Length changes depending how many links I click and its a little bit of jays scoop to help me get through the rest of my day.

    its gotten sorta pavlov-y in that when I see one get posted I immediately have to shit.

    Nice work stoeten!

  4. A question answered by Klaw and having it revisited by Stoeten all in one day? I have to sit down, I’m getting dizzy…

    Seriously though, I was slightly disappointed that Nolin wasn’t regarded more highly. But I guess what they say is true about overvaluing your teams prospects.

    • I think one or two guys will have Nolin on their top 100 lists.

      It’s not like there is any evidence that Law is any better or worse than Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus etc.

      No need to feel all that differently based on one man’s opinion.

  5. Is Brandon Lyon really any better than Jason Frasor?

    Sure, he did very well in a few innings for Toronto in 2012. But it was the first time in his career he struck out more than 20% of the batters he faced (which Frasor does every year).

    Lyon has also spent most of his career pitching in weak divisions, whereas Frasor has pitched almost exclusively in the ALE.

    I mean, I’d be fine at $1.5 million for either. But I don’t see a reason to expect one to be much better than the other in 2013 and Frasor supposedly wanted to come back.

    • Totally. Lyon is watchable, at least.

      • He’s equal to frasor

        • I think Stoeten means that Lyon pitches more quickly than Frasor, which he (and everyone else) does.

          • You guys have the wrong perspective. Jason Frasor takes almost exactly 30 seconds per pitch. I usually watch Jays games about an hour after their air, on pvr, so that I can fast-forward through the commercials. My remote also has a “+30 seconds” button, which means that I don’t have to wait between pitches when the Vulture is pitching.

            He will be missed.

      • Would anyone actually endorse paying Lyon more money to do the same job because he is more “watchable”?

        It seems like a reach to me.

        But I’d be glad if AA could get Lyon for a couple of million as well if Oliver retires. I just can’t see any reason why he’d be better than Frasor.

        • I wouldn’t mind Lyon on a 1-year deal. He pitches in the same situations, and walks less than Frasor. He’s also posted solid FIP’s in his last 2 healthy seasons.

  6. Those baseball games look so complicated. I tried playing one once and it had like 3 different ways to do a pick-off. Holy shit.

    Give me Baseball Stars for original Nintendo.

  7. I don’t have Insider, but judging by the comments on Olney’s list, he really shat the bed on it. Doesn’t include the Dodgers or Braves, but includes the Red Sox and Rockies? Dafuq?

  8. Shiy talkers are all gone now right? Villanueva , old man Vizquel and Frasor.

  9. Olney likes to stir shit up every now and again. He’s very aware of Blue Jays fan’s use of Twitter and the blogosphere.

    • He’s worth it. Add a $4.5 million club option with a 1.5 million buyout. Jays keep control, Oliver gets his money.

    • I guess no one can blame him. What I don’t understand is if the Jays have already come this far in regards to payroll, what’s an extra $3-4M to keep that elite lefty in the pen?

      • Considering they said they couldn’t have done the Dickey deal without the Mets taking Buck’s salary, I assume everything.

        • Not to mention the principle of the thing. The guy agreed to the contract. He shouldn’t be able to get more money just because he feels underpaid. Would he have agreed to forego the buyout if he was awful last year? Of course not.

          • If he were awful last year, I think he would have just retired. The dude wants to be with his family. Is there something wrong with that?

          • If he wanted to be with his family he would just retire (and I don’t think anyone would blame him). Clearly he doesn’t want to be with his family, he wants more money.

      • I think we can totally blame him. If the article is accurate, he asked for a front-loaded contract, accepting a below-market deal for 2013 (which he wasn’t really planning to fulfill anyway) to secure an above-market salary for 2012. He gets through the sweet part of the deal and now wants to renegotiate. Fuck that. Trade him to the Rangers if they’ll give up anything of value, otherwise let him retire.

      • it’s only an extra million then, he already had his option picked up

        • If they agree to this it sets a HORRIBLE precedent. What’s to stop Bautista from bitching about his contract or Encarnacion if he produces again? You (Oliver) signed a deal. Suck it up.

    • Payroll parameters rears its ugly head again.

      Personally, I would tell Oliver to go fuck himself. He signed a front-ended two year deal and now he wants more?

      I doubt AA does anything. Either report to camp, or pack your shit and stay the fuck home. A trade could be engineered but really, one year of Oliver will not bring back a huge haul.

      • Frasor?

        • @Tom.

          Interesting idea. Trade Oliver to the Rangers to get back Frasor.

          At 1.5 million that’s not a bad deal.

          Of Course, you know he will give up a grand slam or 2 to the yankees in July.

        • If we wanted Frasor at $1.5M we could have had him. It`s like AA says, almost by definition when you first acquire a free agent he is untradeable at his current salary (exceptions being if a guy took a hometown discount, or is being traded to a team he refused to consider when an FA–neither of which should apply to Frasor).

          Why would we now give up an underpriced asset to get someone who we chose not to sign for his current salary?

          Additionally, my bet is that Frasor doesn’t make it through more than a month or two before going down with arm problems again, this time for good. He’s had 2 TJs already and “forearm tightness” is usually the precursor to exactly that. He’s not going to have a third. The Jays would know his medical situation better than anyone, so if they chose to stay away at $1.5M that’s a pretty good sign they aren’t very confident in his future prospects either.

      • @ ballsdeep

        AGREED. I cant believe that money hungry tweet.

  10. Side note did anyone see espn replay of the 2005 little league world series last night? Jurickson Profar was a man amongst boys


  11. Im kinda torn on this oliver thing. I mean on one hand, the guy signed the contract and needs to honour it. On the other, oliver would be a very serviceable pitcher in the bullpen for the jays to have this year. I mean, cant they just give him a $1M or 2M more to make him happy? Damn, that stupid money they spent on mcgowan could really be handy right about now.

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