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Minor Moves: In a press release the Jays have announced that they’ve re-claimed reliever Chad Beck on waivers from Pittsburgh, while Buster Olney tweets that ol’ Rusty Canz has been passed around again, claimed by the Yankees after the Clevelands tried to pass him through waivers a second time this winter.

Buster Olney goes whole hog today at (Insider Olney), finally unveiling his rankings of the top teams, overall, in the game. The Jays place seventh, which… OK, that seems a little light. Especially since they’re below Oakland and San Francisco, and that the scouts he talks to all put question marks on the top six at least as much as they do the Jays. “I have questions about the league transition for R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle (at this stage in his career) and Josh Johnson,” says an NL evaluator, “but it’s a deep team, and much improved.”

At FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the guys getting passed around the waiver wire this winter, like sorta ex-Jays Eli Whiteside and Scott Cousins, while Matt Klaassen looks at a right-handed hitter some Jays fans would be OK with stomaching as a platoon guy with Adam Lind: Delmon Young. Uh… yeah, I don’t care about the decent splits, the awful hacking and anti-Semitic incident are enough to have me pass, thanks.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Paul Swydan argues that “the players that will be coming in are a combination of less heralded and less proven [than Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke]. But that doesn’t mean they won’t collectively play at the same level.” Uh… yeah, I guess we’ll see about that…

Parkes dips into the Darren Oliver stuff in his Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday post, while Drew has all sorts of goodness on that topic too, over at Getting Blanked.

I missed this, but Jays Journal spotted somewhere that the Jays had picked up pitcher Mike Benacka of the independent American Association’s Laredo Lemurs. So… there’s that.

Three guys who write for Golfers West covered baseball long enough in a past life that they get to be held up as why Hall Of Fame voting– and the ludicrous PED moral grandstanding and insistence that their flawed observations trump statistical evidence that goes with it– is all fucked up in here.

Jim Bowden spoke to Jose Bautista on his radio show this afternoon, and tweeted some good news: the Jays slugger “told us his wrist is doing great & he is swinging at full strength w/o pain…said ready to go.”

That wasn’t the best Bautista-related tweet, though, as lastly we get this sweet burn:

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  1. That Bautista tweet to Wilner doesn’t really come across as ‘good natured ribbing’.

    • I mean, I’m sure it is, but – damn, seriously!

    • I think its a dig at Winnipeg. Who in the fuck wants to be in Winnipeg in January?

      • Everything is relative. I’m from Toronto and the winters there are just as uncomfortable with the slush and cold wet wind.

        • Toronto’s not “just as uncomfortable”. Have you ever experienced a day with a windchill of -58? Most miserable walk to my car in my life. You just don’t get those kind of prairie chills out east.

          • But it’s a dry cold.

          • Well I live in Winnipeg and I know from experience that a day of slogging through slush with cold wet feet is equally as unpleasant. The wet wind off Lake Ontario goes right through anything you wear. Toronto gets more snow, period, and it’s not the nice dry stuff that Winnipeg gets. (and lets not talk about thier freezing rain!) The only nice thing about the Toronto winter is it’s shorter by a month.

    • No, it looks like a #dickmove

  2. That Wilner burn is glorious.

  3. I’m getting a sense that it’s fashionable for evaluators to just hate on the Jays

  4. ahh content…….swet, sweet content..

  5. When I saw Joey Bats’ tweet, I thought it was in response to Wilner’s tweet about the Jays claiming Chad Beck.

  6. Im also happy that we seem to slipping i the polls a bit now. Whether were ranked 1st or 30th on paper doesnt mean a thing, and I would be very nervous if we were WS favs. Jinx much?

    • What polls? Vegas odds are a totally different thing, based more on betting interest than any real analysis.

      I find rankings like this to be a joke. It’s 100% opinion.

    • Well which is it? Are ranking useless or can they cause jinxes?

  7. Can’t we get a “Welcome Beck Kotter?”

  8. i’m just suprised bats knows who wilner is

  9. God I hate twitter. I work in IT yet I can never figure out how the damn thing works. Jose’s history doesn’t show that tweet. Does that mean he sent it privately and Wilner made it public? How do you make a site that only has 200 char posts (or whatever it is) so fucking convoluted to follow?

  10. Just sign young with the not Oliver money around

  11. Honestly, who cares what Buster Olney thinks.

    I’m much more interested in something like what his ESPN colleague Dan Symborski did by running ZIPS projections and declaring the Jays the best team in the division on paper.

    Many of these analysts have what I consider to be ridiculous principals when making up power rankings.

    For example, some will have San Fran as #1 simply because they are the defending World Series champions. I’m sorry, but in and of itself that is ridiculous.

    Some have the Yankees as Kings of the ALE until they prove otherwise. Again, ridiculous. They may end up winning the division, but it will have nothing to do with the notion that they “know how to win”.

    Some don’t like putting the Jays up top until they “prove it on the field”. More stupidity. Every team has to prove it on the field, not just the best team on paper in the division.

    Being the best on paper is all that can be done in the offseason and I am quite satisfied that the Jays are as good as anyone in the AL on paper.

  12. is it possible that everyone is ranking the Jays so low because pundits got fooled by previous huge off seasons like Boston and Miami and Anaheim and don’t want to look like idiots again?

  13. Is Oliver the best use of $4 or $5 million in 2013?

    While I’m all for Oliver using his leverage, perhaps AA should just ignore him and go shopping elsewhere.

    Maybe the money could be spent to upgrade DH instead. How about Scott Hairston to platoon with Lind?

    While I’d love Oliver back, no need to be married to him. There are many ways to add another win to the team for a few million dollars.

    • Probably going to happen actually AA will strike instead on other options

    • Never any need to be married to anyone, especially a bullpen arm. However, that being said, Oliver fills an immediate and important need for the Jays. Im sure youd agree that if you want championship calibre success, its vital to have at the very least one well above average lefty and one well above average righty, outside of your closer, who can come out of the pen and deliver results consistently.

      Who are the other left handed late inning pen options at the moment? Internally, they clearly can’t bank on Cecil, Happ or Loup. Lets be realistic on that. Outside options are scarce (I haven’t looked at the free agent list, but I don’t think there’s anyone nearly as good as Oliver). And even free agency is a big gamble, especially for Toronto. Yeah the team is better than its been in a long while, on paper, but we don’t necessarily know that that translates into more free agents (the few who are left) wanting to come to the foreign land of higher taxes. If you’re Toronto, you have to have the “bird in hand” mentality. And you also have to think short term for 2013, and minimize every potential weakness. Given the short supply and high demand, I think the extra million or so that he wants will definitely go a long way, much longer than the alternative of the internal candidates and spending the money on more offence, something they currently have an abundance of. My advice to AA would be to diversify your risk, and get that much needed pen specialist while you have the window of opportunity to do so.

      Pretty sure he knows this and he will do exactly that. This is a very special circumstance that warrants it.

      • What essential need exactly does Oliver fill? He’s left handed? Who cares. He doesn’t “shut down” lefties. They hit him as well as righties do.

        The pen is fine without him. He is luxury at this point.

        • Hs very effective against both. And quite often in baseball you need to exploit the matchup. If the opponent has someone who does poorly vs LHP coming to the plate in a crucial situation, who would you send out there?

          Overall, Oliver was the Jays best reliever last season. They’d be foolish not to give him the money, considering the alternatives.

  14. Meeting Bautista=hentgen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the others listed.

  15. Mike Wilner is a phelcher.

    • The term is FELCHER. And you are correct. Wilner felches on a nightly basis. Usually the team does a circle jerk into a rookie and forces Wilner to felch it all out. ALL of it.

    • I looked up Felcher. Am I a better person for it?

      I’m forever changed.

  16. Still not looking forward to seeing you, you annoying smarmy bitch.

  17. Here’s an idea, lets make this an Olney-free zone for a while.

    • I don’t think Olney is that ridiculous in putting the Jays at number 7.

      I may disagree, but I certainly understand the notion that the past champion has to stay number one until the season starts.

      Take that out and all you have to explain is whether Olney’s hot for Oakland. Writers often have teams they irrationally love, maybe Oakland is his this season.

      What teams are better than the Jays right now? I wouldn’t say any team is better outright, but I would say there’s a number of teams right with the Jays that would be arguable, in 50/50 range–Rangers, Tigers, Reds, Rays, maaaaybe the Dodgers and Angels too. Putting the Jays at the exact bottom of that heap, at 7th, is probably pushing it (since I wouldn’t buy the maybes), but you can see the argument.

      • Other than Oakland his list makes sense however though he is right in that this team hasn’t proved jack like the ’12 marlins ’11 Red Sox etc…

  18. young has a career .824 ops vs lefties. perfect platoon. get for an easy mil and you’re set.

    at the very least I’d love to see with wilner and young:

    wilner: do you really hate jews

    young: just one

    wilner: oh which one would that be?

    young: take a wild guess

    wilner: I have no idea. Why is the whole team laughing?

  19. re: Darren Oliver

    It is kind of pathetic that a guy who has made some $45 Million in a for the most part average MLB career, who has never won the world series and has an chance with a true contender, is holding out in probably his last year over about a million dollars. That isn’t including bonuses, endorsements, investments, etc. The guy is set for life unless he is massively reckless. It is just tacky in a world where a billion+ people make less than $1 a day.

    • Really? OLIVER is being tacky? Carrying your argument to its final conclusion would mean that all athletes are tacky for asking for any amount of money over per capita income. Is it really less tacky that vernon is going to make over 20 million this year? Shouldnt he refuse to take it since so many make less than a dollar a day?

      Oliver is basically looking for a raise..if he gets it…he loses nothing..if the jays call his bluff, he’ll likely have a “change of hear” and play anyway.

      the 1.5 million will not be the difference between him playing and not playing.

      • I wouldn’t say tacky…i’d say greedy as all fucking hell.

        • It’s tacky because he’s already enormously wealthy and he signed a contract. in Well’s case, it’s not as if the Angels are demanding that they write up a new contract on what they think he’s worth or what they think he deserves. it is a two way road. there’s lots of pro athletes that get paid less than they should, and I think it’s pretty corny for Oliver to hold out to add another million onto the rest of his millions.

          also he talks about how important his family is to him, yet he is willing to leave them for a 25% raise on the contract he signed? not to mention the whole notion that it is a privilege to play MLB and maybe he has a competitive bone in his body that wants a world series ring? come on Oliver!

          • Rogers, who is paying him, is a whole shitload more wealthy. It’s not tacky of them to not pay someone what he’s worth?

            Oh, but they’re running a business here, right? Yeah, well so is Oliver, and he only gets so many chances to maximize what he earns.

            If one is being greedy, so is the other, and it amazes me that people will come down so hard on the much less wealthy entity here for doing the exact same thing they’d applaud Rogers for doing in this situation.

            • Yeah, yeah, but I still have issues with rhe whole you signed THE FUCKING DEAL LAST YEAR thing. He can hate himself all he wants, but a gun wasn’t pointed at his head.

            • @stoeten

              People dont get paid what their worth, they get paid what they signed for.

              How you can compare Rogers to Oliver in this situation is insane to me. When has Rogers pulled the chute on a signed deal halfway thru?

              Like ya said at the end of the day AA doesnt have to bow down to Oliver and I dont see him doing so.

              Acknowledging what Oliver is entitled to is fine but calling Rogers greedy as well when a guy wont honour his own deal is wrong to me.

          • Stoeten – You really should just take this argument to it’s conclusion. Fans get mad at Oliver because it raises the payroll which prevents further moves and therefore hurts the team. Fans applaud rogers because when they do it, it’s the opposite and the team is helped. Fans are selfish, what else is new?

  20. “I don’t want to really get into the trade talk; things can happen,” Anthopoulos said. “As far as restructuring his contract, I would never say never, but his contract is his contract. That’s what we signed him to.

    “I don’t see us doing that.”

  21. Oliver is a two faced bitch. I love how he says he wants to retire and spend time with his family but then wait if you pay me more I’ll come back. What happened to your family dude? This is a team gunning for the playoffs and this guy doesn’t even want to be here. He’s only in it for money. That’s not a guy I want on my team. see ya

    • Say I live in Oakville and have been cleaning toilets at a school in downtown Toronto for $30,000 a year. I’m well past the age where 99% of my colleagues have already retired. I have enough in the bank for retirement and in fact have been pondering retirement for quite some time now. Hell, my boss even thinks that there’s a good chance I’m retiring. I fucking hate taking the GO Train every day and losing 2+ hours of life in commute time and losing 2+ hours of family time a day. I tell my boss that I’ll only put off retirement for another year if you bump my salary up to $45,000 for going through this commuting bullshit and putting my family on the backburner of my priority list again. Or, if you transfer me to the Peel region school board, I’ll happily clean toilets at an Oakville school around the corner from my house for $30,000. Failing that, I’ll just retire and enjoy my family.

      • but you’re not enormously wealthy. not to mention Oliver is extremely lucky to be able to retire at age 41, something 99% of people can’t do.

      • except you forget that you can be easily replaced. oliver is replaceable, especially at 4mil so he has no leverage.

        if you have the last bottle of water in a desert, then yes you can command any price you want.

  22. Let’s find out what we have with Loup and Cecil. If they are not up to it, we can trade for a left handed specialist during the season. There will be quaility available in July.
    I like Oliver but it makes no sense to me to renegotiate a contract that is only a year old. He may decide to come back rather than leave 3 million on the table. Do not trade him unless there is a useful player coming back. I have no problem with Oliver asking to renegotiate, but the Jays should still refuse.

    • Sets up bad rapport if u so do tgat

    • God, I had forgotten about Loup. Speaking of forgotten pitchers, how the hell is DUSTIN MCGOWAN doing? Also how about the lesser knowns, the Jeffresses, Dysons and Crawfords, who the fuck are these guys and how might they contribute..?

      Oliver had a ridiculous season, but he is old as shit, and, like Alaskan said, is basically a luxury at this point. I do believe money could be better spent elsewhere..

  23. AA was surprised that Oliver’s agent went public with his demands. He is unlikely to renegotiate his contract.

  24. AA doesnt strike me as the kind guy/gm to give into this Oliver situation.

    I feel like Loup, Cecil and will do the job. People are acting like Aroldis Chapman is departing give me a break. Oliver is 42 and was showing signs of slowing down as the season unwinded.

    Although he did an admirable job last year lets turn the page and Im thinking thats exactly what AA does.

  25. I;m with you chanse.Let’s move on.

    You know, i got to thinking of another angle with this Oliver thing. His buyout if AA had refused theoption was either 1 or 1.5m I believe. What if Oliver was hoping AA would refuse it, he gets the 1.5.m and the trys to cut a deal witn Texas for say 3m? ( sort of like Soriano)
    Now, all his stupid numbers fit the parameters his cs of an agent has been blabbing about.
    So this whole scenario is to try to get that 1.5 as AA outfoxed them.
    Tough shit , Darren Oliver. You will not be going to Texas, now either pay for the contracted 3m or retire. Glad to hear AA won’t budge, there are other options, as you say

    • After the year he had, I dont think theres anyway anybody in the universe thought Alex would even think about not picking up the option.

      Oliver could easily get $5-$6 million/year if he were a free agent right now, maybe more.

      • as would R. A. Dickey over the last 2 years or so. his only concern was getting a fair extension, he didn’t have any problems with playing out his contract which is probably some of the best bang for your buck in all of baseball.

  26. Would Oliver + Gose for Olt even be reasonable?

    • Stop

    • the jays don’t do that deal.
      Oliver will NOT be traded to Texas, and the fact that OLT is talked about in every dea Texas is involved in should raise some flags, i think. In any event, Gose at this point , has tremendous upside, and they have another year “to pump” his value. He is more of an end of July or next Nov type of tradepiece, if indeed we trade him. Besides, he is a credible b/up for Rasmus as well, in the event he poops the bed again

    • And I quote: “Olt’s value is tied up in his ability to play 3rd base.”

  27. To my eye, the Oliver situation seems like a situation where an inexperienced agent in Jeff Frye is getting his client in shit by being loose with his lips (or at least not articulating his client’s position eloquently) in the media. Look at his client list. Oliver is his only client in a position to get paid at all in the near future. Until I hear something directly from Oliver’s mouth, I’m not ready to go all OMG HE’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

    • Frye’s been an agent for 10 years. This isn’t inexperience; this is greed. There’s no need to be an apologist for Oliver or Frye.

      • Sheer service time isn’t experience. Being in and dealing with these situations is experience. Look at his client list. Frye is a small-time agent who hasn’t been thrust in this type of position before as the primary representative for a player.

        • I’m sorry, but 10 years is more than enough time to learn the ropes, especially given th fact that he has gone through negotiations from a player’s standpoint. This isn’t neurology.

          His inability to control the message has little to do with inexper

  28. Its not greed, its simple supply and demand, and the two parties are absolutely a very strong mutual fit if the same price as last season is paid.

    We pretty much know what Cecil and Happ will likely bring to the table, which is most likely a whole bunch of crap and mediocrity, and at the same time there’s no time to wait and see what we get from Loup. If Louper doesn’t pitch well (and without Oliver, the pressure goes up a few ticks on the young lad, don’t you think?), it could come at the expense of losing ball games. Not a risk AA should take in a season where the margin for error is as thin as it can ever be.

    So like it or not, AA has to do this deal. The upcoming season is too important and Oliver is too good to let emotions get in the way. They can’t just throw him aside because he now wants to be paid the same as he was last season in order to delay his retirement, which is still very fair relative to the market.

    Also, look at the Dickey situation. The Jays paid a hefty price to bring him in. They went so far as to paying a premium for something they felt they absolutely needed if they were going for it. Sure, Oliver does not play nearly as many innings and won’t be as valuable as the team ace, but as a late inning rock out of the pen, his value is still very high. Consider the extra money a similar kind of premium to the Dickey trade. Simple microeconomics. And it’s not like he’s asking for an exorbitant amount of money either, just what he got last season. I think its still a bargain, and AA will do it.

    • AA looks bad giving into one demand when there are plenty of players on the team that don’t get paid as much as they should. Oliver signed the damn contract, and it still is a fuck load of money, more than the vast majority of people see in their lives.

      • “Its not greed, its simple supply and demand”

        it is totally greed. supply and demand applies to the free agent market, once you’re under contract then it should be like anyone else in the world who has a contract.

        • Supply and demand applies to more than just free agency, it applies to any situation where one party wants something and another party is willing to sell it. Should he honour the contract? Sure. But is his demand unreasonable? No. They should put emotion aside and work something out.

      • Yeah sure, in a perfect world, he’d honour the contract he signed and show up on time to spring training. But he’s an exception, and this season is an exception. He fills and immediate void, and the Jays are going after the trophy. Walking away from Oliver on principal is too risky considering the circumstances.

    • Dude making a trade is not comparable to paying above and beyond an already agreed/signed contract.

      And no AA will not do this. Watch n see I guess

      • Its the same principal. They need Oliver to fill a much needed role. Oliver knows this, so his price goes up, otherwise he remains retired. Jays are forced to pay a premium to acquire the player. Alternatives are sub par players.

    • Oliver signed a contract, apparently in bad faith. If this is not about greed than what is it about? Regardless of what you call it: “supply and demand”, microeconomics or any other bullshit term, Oliver is trying to weasel his way out of his contract.

      He’s a great pitcher, but it would appear that he’s reading from the same book as Soriano. It’s going to end up costing him what is likely his last season as a pitcher.

      • I dont see it that way. Both parties (AA and Oliver) knew he’d be ready to retire soon and (as i understand) because of that he only wanted a 1 year contract. It was AA who convinced him to give the Jays the team option for the 2nd year. I dont think AA’s at all surprised or feeling betrayed.

      • +1 Well Said. Oliver asked for extra money for the first year , so he took it.

        It’s a two year deal & the only option is retirement or trade.

        If he had kept quiet, maybe AA could trade him. His agent is incompetent for mouthing off to AA

    • IMO, AA relies on his word and character, and, he expects the same from another party in a deal,a rather admiral trait, I think.
      No, he will not do this deal, if for no other reason than it violates his principles, not to mention the fact that now that this has gone public, I think that Oliver via his agent has poisoned some of the comraderie that he may have had with other teammates, some of whom will now view him as being selfish and not team oriented.
      No, we have seen the last of Oliver in a Toronto uniform and he will not be traded either in my opinion
      Book it.

      • What a way to end a career. We can assume winning a world series doesn’t seem to be a priority for him, it is at best third on his list after home life and money.

        • Uh… isn’t that pretty much exactly where it should be?

          • After home life obviously , but not after money. At least not for most athletes who have made 43mill in a career and have never won the big one. In fact most athletes would gladly give up a small shot in the wallet after a long career for a chance at a ring.

          • Financial security ties into the home life bit, and the fact that you think he’s earned enough to stop haggling at this point doesn’t mean he ought to look at it that way. Some people don’t really care about the ring, and so what if they don’t?

            • Stoeten its obvious what order his priorities lay in. And sure hes entitled to that. Yet if you put other athletes in this exact circumstance factoring age, no ring, and career earnings Oliver would be of the minority. Hence the skewed order. IMO

        • Not quite, jimmynmu.

          He’s asking to be traded to the Rangers, not the Astros.
          He wants his cake and eat it too.
          I’m all for bursting that bubble, “cause two out of three ain’t bad.”

      • +1. Very true.

        AA won’t let himself get outmanuevered by Oliver’s agent.

  29. one thing alex doesn’t do is set precedents. He doesn’t do no trade clauses, no incentives, no opt outs, and NO reneg’s. You overplayed your hand olly.

  30. I don’t get why so many people are defending Oliver. It is a dick move. Sure he can do this, but it probably won’t work for him, and it makes him look terrible. I just don’t have much tolerance for this stuff given how disgustingly rich MLB players already are. Cry me a fucking river if you think you’re underpaid at $3 Million a year, to a contract you signed yourself. If he doesn’t want to be on the team on the contract he signed then he can fuck off. If Oliver is going to continue holding out, I hope the Jays win the world series and Oliver watches it sitting on his couch at home.

    • +1

    • Much higher chances he’ll be on his couch watching Brett Cecil and JA Happ serve up hanging breaking ball home runs on a silver platter in the 6th – 8th innings of close ball games to all star calibre powerful lefties with a big “told ya you shoulda paid my ass” grin on his face.

      • Saw a tweet from Mike McCormack (I think) comparing Oliver and Cecil vs lefties last year. I went back to the past three years and Cecil’s actually been very effective against lefties.

        OPS against lefties
        2012: Cecil, .603; Oliver, .644
        2011: Cecil, .522; Oliver, .587
        2010: Ceil, .597; Oliver, .529

        I think Cecil could actually be quite good as a LOOGY. Of course, it’d be great to get Oliver back, he’s got that veteran, black magic mojo. But some combination of Loup, Happ and Cecil should be passable enough I think. The only difference is that you have no problem with leaving Oliver in against righties, whereas that’s not really the case with Cecil and Loup especially.

        • At 42 yeas of age, Oliver has ice water in his veins. Nothing phases him. He’s been around the block several times, worn many different jerseys and he’s clearly at a point where he does not give a shit if he wins the trophy or not, or whether he wears a Jays jersey or not. To him, baseball is work, its time away from the family. So if his services are still being asked for, he’s going to call the shots, considering he’s still very, very good. That attitude might not bode well for fans who expect every player to have dreams and aspirations to win the World Series, and will do so at any cost. But that’s not always reality. In fact, it seldom is. And when it comes time to take the mound, that attitude is actually very beneficial. He won’t feel pressure either way. He’ll go out like a robot and just do his job, like he’s done for so many fucking years already. The rest of the young inexperienced pen guys need that added intangible as well. Fuck, every single fucking bullpen in MLB would be better with Darren Oliver. And if my team gets first dibs at the guy for $4M and change, ummm, where the fuck do I sign up?

      • Can’t AA find another good reliever for 3 million? How much would Lyon cost?

    • “I just don’t have much tolerance for this stuff given how disgustingly rich MLB players already are.”

      Yes, but their bosses– in this case Rogers– are much, much richer. So your sympathies are with them? They’re making all kinds of money off the team, and if Oliver thinks his fair share of that is more than what he’s set to be paid, why the fuck is there anything wrong with him trying to get more? They don’t have to say yes, and then it’s up to him to decide whether he plays for what they’re offering, or if he quits and gets nothing.

      This is kinda how the whole damn world works. The fact that his salary is so high already is no reason to insist that Rogers should get to keep whatever money they might have otherwise shelled out in order to retain his obviously very valuable services.

      It doesn’t make him look good, I agree, but the other stuff? You’re way on the wrong side of this one.

      • @Stoeten

        Yer right they dont have to say yes. AND they wont.
        All thats gonna come of this is Frye looks like a notch and Oliver has smudged his image to jays fans.

        Im surprised Fryes comments were the first AA had heard of this shit. How is this not first talked of behind closed doors?. That way if AA said no Oliver could just retire and everyone would think he retired for all the reasons that are “morally kosher” and people wouldnt be blasting him on his way out the door.

      • @Stoeten. I don’t think it’s a matter of Rogers being cheap.

        Oliver has a valid contract & it’s up to him to fulfill the terms of it.

        He can retire or take the 3 million.

        Can AA go to Lind and ask him to take a 3 million pay cut because he is not playing up to the calibre of a 7 million dollar player?

        No, & it would be unprofessional for A to publicky demand that Adam Lind take less money in 2013 because he under contract.

  31. There is no honour in baseball – everything is based on shady dealings and immoral behaviour. Just do whatever it takes to win, AA.

  32. @Hassey

    Im still stuck on the not caring about a championship or wearing a Jays jersey quote.

    Who wants a guy that dont care about the jersey he wears or the title the teams chasing.

    We really need to move on to a new post lol

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