Here’s where I’d provide a write-up for the video I’ve posted below, only I only got through it to the part where I saw that Adam Lind has a beard, and I had the sound off.

But I’m sure it’s fantastic. Watch!


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  1. Maybe he thinks by having a beard, he’ll be as good as Bautista.

    • Sounds reasonable.

    • Bautista’s beard is neatly trimmed and shaped around the edges. It’s a display of cool, calm aggression, like a Hollywood bad-boy.

      Lind has the untamed throat-follicles of a mountain-man, spending the off-season in a cool, damp shack in the woods outside Muncie, Indiana, surviving off of canned beans and the racoons that fall into his traps

      • Yet somehow he still looks so boyish.

      • There are no mountains around Muncie, Indiana. There aren’t even any hills. Indiana is one of the flattest places I’ve ever been, maybe even flatter than Florida. Lind does look a little like a member of the Clampett family, I grant you … but he’s probably just too depressed and lazy to shave. He’s a double-wide couch potato, no a cabin-dweller.

    • Lind looks like Jesse Litsch minus a little cheddar in the beard and a few extra pounds. He’s not that far off, though.

  2. A coworker walked past while I was watching this and noted that Lind has the pastiche of a bloated hobo who stole some Jays gear. If you squint your eyes you can see it.

  3. Adam “Jesse” Lindstch

  4. Am I the only one who finds it really strange that Loup is going on this tour considering there’s a very good chance he doesn’t break the ball club in spring training?

    • Who cares if he’s a fringe guy? He’s still part of the team. Hey, if I was a big leaguer, and they told me “We’re flying you to a city to sit beside Jose Bautista, represent the team, and meet kids who look up to you while we take care of you in the best hotel and restaurants in the city”, I’d totally do it

      • Oh, I totally get it from his standpoint. Of course he’d want to do it. I just wonder whether the Jays could’ve found someone who may actually make the team go out and see the fans. Seems like better marketing to show off a player who the fans will actually be watching.

        It’s a nothing issue, I just thought it was a curious decision.

      • “We take care of you in the best hotel and restaurants in the city”

        That’s why they don’t tell them it’s Saskatoon until they get there.

    • Darren Oliver wasn’t available. Well, he was, but he was bitching about cab fare or some other thing.

  5. Adam Lind looks good holding a boom mic.

  6. What is that horrible music?

  7. Schweeeeeeeeeet fuckin barbe there Adam Lind. Now, he looks like a Designated Hitter.

    I’m calling a 280. 35HR and 110 Rbi year. Tell your friends you heard it from the Bastard Son.

  8. Can his back handle all that beard hair.

  9. I can’t put into words my feelings for Jaime Campbell. All I know is that he makes me squeamish.

  10. Kinda sad that he’s more successful at growing a beard than hitting a baseball, considering he’s paid to do the latter.

  11. Guess Lind got tired of people asking him for Dustin Parked autograph

    • If he keeps on growing the beard, he’ll be ready to get asked for Stoeten’s autograph instead.

  12. Lind looks like he just dragged his ass off the couch! I can’t wait for the day he gets kicked down the road !

  13. It’s kind of strange how Adam Lind started out looking like Parkes and is slowly transforming into Stoeten.

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