The nice thing for us to do around here, probably, would be to leave unsigned 2011 Jays first-rounder, Tyler Beede, alone to focus on his studies, pitching for Vanderbilt, and getting set to re-enter the draft in 2014.

And you know what? I think we can do exactly that.

Hip hop artiste Young Beedah, however? I’d say raggin’ on that guy is entirely in-bounds, as long as he keeps on rappin’– as the kids say– about what a great decision it is to turn down millions of dollars to go to school *WINK*.

It’s somewhat catchy, at least, if that’s your thing…

Crotch grab in the direction of @tercet86.

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  1. Why am I listening to this?

  2. Featuring former Blue Jays C John Buck? AWESOME!

  3. Sounded like a mumbled reference to McGowan in there. Painful.

    Though you gotta respect anyone who’ll put their art out for public consumption, no matter how bad it might be.

  4. Between DJF and the Rob Ford appeal hearing today, I’m not sure what I’ve found more entertaining.

  5. It’s actually a pretty decent song.

    But make no mistake, Young Beedah should get fucked sideways three times

  6. Cool story bro. If your arms blows out at least you can join the rap game. YOU FUCKING SUCK.

  7. So can the Jays draft this turd in the 3rd round and try and sign him for $5,000, or will he go in the 1st again? Cause I would love to see the Jays fuck him over for another year…

  8. That’s 2 posts in a row containing horrible music. God I hate rap. Like even GOOD rap is only good for a song or two. The problem is every rap song is about the same thing: that the guy rapping is better than [whatever] because [whatever].

    You know if I turned down 3M to make meth and destroy people’s lives, yeah I’d be proud.

    He turned down 3M to play baseball and still wants to… play baseball. Uh ok there. Brilliant.

    • That’s only true for most of today’s shitty rap music.

    • eyeroll.

    • Ahh yes, generalizations about an entire genre of music are always good and correct… I totally agree with your completely informed opinion, because logic dictates that if you “hate” something you will continue to partake in/educate yourself in the aforementioned activity. I mean it would be silly to think otherwise.

      If you’re going to be completely and utterly biased, please don’t try to pretend that’s not what it actually is. If you hate hip-hop, because you hate hip-hop, that’s fine. Just don’t add the fallacious generalization backed by zero data to attempt to provide your comment with some validity.

      FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a fan of hip-hop as I am many other genres of music (ie. alt, indie, post-hardcore, etc) and although there are many hip-hop artists that provide spurious credence to your comment (see Soulja Boy; actually rather don’t, save your time) this phenomena is applicable to all genres of music (bad music is bad).

      • +1 Adopt!

      • I think you put far too much effort into this reply.

        • Billions and Billions !!
          Who the hell can be that pompous about someone hating rap music?
          Spurious? Fallacious? Puh-lease !

      • a) I am fully aware that I am generalizing. That was a comment on, not a musical thesis.

        b) I actually respect all people that make any kind of music.

        c) I still think an overly large amount of rap is boring, childish, egotistical gibberish. To each his own.

      • AAS is right about the generalization thing…but in this case, sons is pretty close, and I agree. Watch MTV and tell me that his generalization is not accurate at least 80 percent of the time…and if I am correct, then it is really not a stereotyped generalization anymore.

    • Wow, thanks for the thoughts grandpa…and just to be technically correct here, what you listened to wasn’t rap – OH DISS

      • Yeah I’m so old and uncool because I don’t drive a civic worth less than the car stereo sitting in it playing songs with lines like:

        “.38 revolve like the sun round the Earth.” – Jay-Z

        • wow, I was just messin with you, but now I seriously think you are that retarded. Are you seriously saying that listening to rap is suggestive of driving a beaten down civic? Really? Not sure what you do for a living, but guessing it doesn’t involve sharp objects, a college degree, or any semblance of intelligence.

  9. The only reason I can think of as to why you’d turn down that kind of money as a draft pick is you don’t have the marks to get into college yourself and you need the athletic scholarship. Personally, if I had the marks and the baseball talents I’d take the $3 million (or higher, depending on draft position), and put a bit of it aside for college.

    Of course, judging solely on Young Beedah’s rapping skillz (and lyrics), I doubt he had the marks to get into Vanderbilt without a scholarship in the first place.

    • My conclusion was similar. This guy is too dumb to understand that he’s too dumb to benefit from university.

      In hip hop speak:

      2 bad the jayz wasted a draft pick on Beedah.

    • wasn’t there another side to this? Didn’t the Jays see some red flags on his medicals and have some disagreement about his worth?

  10. Sons, i couldn’t agree more.

  11. This is actually making my heart bleed with emotion. I feel like crying. If this was released this year, it would have made my Top 40 songs of 2012.

  12. Still raps better than lil wayne

  13. Love Vandy to win the National Championship this year though. Even with arrogant Young Yaz on the team.

  14. He should have taken the money and bought himself some Proactiv.

  15. I’m going to use this post as a forum to post my thoughts on the Darren Oliver thing because 358 replies is kind of discouraging.

    This whole ‘why side with Rogers?’ campaign you have going is pretty annoying.

    This site and Getting Blanked spend a lot of time preaching the rarionale that the overall value of a contract is not necessarily proportional on a year by year basis. The same is true for the Oliver contract in that part of the agrement to pay him 4.5 last year was to get the 3 option this year. Him pulling this bullshit, while not being extortion, is extremely unethical.

    I don’t care who is a billionaire and who is a millionaire. Darren Oliver is an unethical man who will not be given a dime more than 3 million dollars to play for the Jays nor will he be traded anywhere.

    End of story.

    • I’m sure everyone’s differing opinions have been laid to rest by you saying “end of story”!

      • They should be. It’s not really a matter of opinion.

        • Except… yours is wrong.

          You don’t have to like it. You might be right that he ends up not being traded or given more money. But that’s not because you know a goddamned thing.

      • @sully lets see if you can wrap your simpleton mode of thinking around this, Oliver is doing exactly what every GM in the league does all the time, using his leverage to gain better value. Is it not just as unethical when team’s decline player’s arbitration and release them to become FA’s when they still might be interested in having that player but not at the current price? Was it unethical for the O’s to release Mark Reynolds and pursue him (unsuccessfully) as an FA. No ofcourse it wasn’t, so if it’s not unethical for billion dollar corporation’s to maximize their leverage why should it be unethical for players to do the same? Your pissed off because the Jays just lost out on a great bullpen piece, we all are, but stop and think for a second, is this any different than what normal people do every day when they demand a raise from their boss because they feel undervalued. The scale of pay is irrelevant it’s the principal.

        • I believe the simpleton mode of thinking would be better defined by you comparing an arb release to Oliver’s move.

          Also – In a season where we’ve acquired Dickey, Melky, Reyes, Buehrle, and Bonifacio the last thing I’m going to do is stress out about losing Darren Oliver.

          He’s a great lefty reliever but c’mon. Don’t be silly.

    • + 1

    • Anthopoulos said that they knew it was a strong possibility he wouldn’t play in 2013 and signed him anyway, so… no.

      • Did AA say they knew it would be a strong possibility that Oliver would turn around and tell them he’d not retire if they paid him more than 3 million?


        That’s vastly different than just retiring which is what AA’s comment meant they thought he would do.


        • AA has already pretty much said that they won’t be caving to Oliver’s request for more money… so why are we fighting about this?

          • Well I’m not arguing about what the Jays will do or whether or not Oliver is unethical. Reality is reality.

            What I’m arguing is Stoeten’s condescending remarks that we should all side with Oliver because we’re not billionaires.

            Oliver is a ridiculous person for this behaviour and no one should be siding with him. It’s insane.

          • Meh. I think you’re going a bit far. Oliver can do whatever he wants, so long as he also accepts the consequences… namely that AA will tell him to go take a long walk off a short pier rather than handing him a bigger paycheque.

          • I don’t think it would be insane for me to say to my employer. I’m thinking of leaving but if you want to make it worth my while not to I’ll listen.

            I just have to be prepared for the possibility of my employer saying “thanks but no thanks and happy trails”

          • Okay agreed. Stoeten annoyed me to the point of being unreasonable there. I don’t think saying it is unethical is going too far as it’s basically the definition of unethical, but he’s probably not a ridiculous person and siding with him isn’t insane.

            I just don’t understand a side of this where Oliver is in the right. If you signed a contract with Rogers Communications to pay $60 per month in year 1 for your internet and $20 per month in the second year, you would LOSE YOUR MIND if they told you in the second year that you had the choice of paying them more than $60 per month or switching providers.

            You would literally lose your mind. I know I would anyways.

            • Yes, anyone would be upset if Rogers did that, but the analogy doesn’t hold. Try this:

              What if you signed a contract with Rogers to pay $60 per month in year one for your internet, and $20 per month in the second year. Then, just as year two is about to begin, they tell you that they’ve decided that they are no longer going to be an internet service provider. However, if you’d pay them $80 for internet access, they’d reconsider. You’re totally free to say no and to try to get a better deal with one of the other providers– and if you do that they really will cease operations as an ISP. Up to you.

              Not quite as infuriating, right?

          • Sully, you don’t think hard negotiating like this doesn’t take place all the time, only just usually not so public?

            It does. And the fact that Oliver may not have indicated that he’d offer to not retire in exchange for more money means absolutely nothing. For one, you have no idea it wasn’t clear or if he thought it at all until after the season. For two, the fact that he’s (supposedly) willing to actually retire means that it’s not at all different than just retiring.

            He’s not forcing anybody’s hand here, he’s effectively saying “I’m retired. If you want me to not retire, here’s what I need.” It’s really simple. And no matter how much you want there to be, there’s really not anything wrong with it. The Jays don’t have to cave in on a damn thing he’s asking for, so… so what? He’s retired then. Their loss.

            • But he’s NOT retired. And I don’t think there is any reason to consider him retired until he actually is. Until then he’s a contracted rights-restricted employee of the Toronto Blue Jays who’s refusing his contractual obligations.

          • It is still very much as infuriating because part of my agreement to pay $60 per month in the first year is based on getting the $20 rate in the second year. A contract is only as good as the entire term. You guys preach this concept ALL THE TIME when evaluating player contracts. You’re now ignoring that principle because it suits your argument.

            Yes I understand hard negotiation like this exists. I also know that it pretty much never works because as a business you can’t bend to tactics such as these. Also – I don’t think it’s logically sound to excuse something because it’s been done before.

    • I just don’t understand why the whole thing has been so public. If, behind closed doors, Oliver and his agent had talked to the Jays and said “Hey I’m leaning towards retirement, but if you make it worth my while I might reconsider” then this is a total non-issue. End of story.

      • It probably was behind closed doors but Frye decided to use the media and for AAs hand.

        I doubt it works, but who knows.

        Frye comes off like a jackass to many, but nothing wrong with Oliver giving the Blue Jays multiple ways of turning him into an asset instead of allowing him to retire and lose all value.

        • jeez….never saw that one coming..the smudge that is jays2010 weights in.

          • Geez, didn’t see that coming.

            BlueBallz offering his opinion that…

            Oh, wait, you consider Johnny Damon to be Jose Bautista’s equal.

            Moving on.

  16. hahaha the funniest part is he monetized this video. he will get a buck every 1000 hits on youtube or so

  17. What a idiot ! Another great decision in life by beede! Turn down millions to play for Vanderbilt ?! Then decide to be a white rapper! Even if he does get drafted again his will get a tenth of what he could have signed for last year.

  18. Wow that was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  19. The beat is actually pretty nice and his flow is at least passable. Nevertheless, the idea of a college baseball player rapping irks me.

    On the other hand, can you imagine him rapping and Reyes coming in with a sick reggaeton hook? Ill, son.

  20. Maybe his agent should have explained that a million is *thousands* of Gs, not hundreds of Gs. Might have skipped school, then.

  21. Dear God let something happen in the world of baseball soon.

  22. He’s pretty fuckin’ ugly.

  23. According to a New York writer, Scott Boras asked the Yankees if they would reconsider giving Rafael Soriano a one year contract. The Yanks refused. So we can get him on a one year deal.

    • Soriano should have taken the qualifying offer maybe?

      My guess is that Boras will convince that crazy Illitch to sign Soriano. Or maybe the Nationals. Those two teams would be my best guess as to where Soriano ends up.

      Toronto might also be on Boras’ cold call list but very doubtful that the Jays would be willing to pony up the money for Soriano.

  24. That 4.52 college ERA is going to be impressive for your job at Walmart dope…

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  26. [...] sentence that was point 1….just that, he had a poor freshman year.  And 3) He’s also a rapper??!  That is [...]

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