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The Toronto Star gets us set to follow Brendan Kennedy’s live tweets as the club introduces RA Dickey today at 4 PM at the Rogers Centre, while the Jays announce that you’ll be able to watch on the club’s official web site. I’d explain why I don’t get how this is at all a thing, but Archi has already done that quite brilliantly, hasn’t he?

Elsewhere in the Star, Richard Griffin looks at the coaching clinic put on by the Jays over the weekend at Rogers Centre, and suggests that it’s evidence of the Jays “finally” (?) trying to build their audience from the ground up.

Alex Ballingall of the Star also takes a look at what was going on at the clinic. Blanked coverage!

Mop Up Duty takes a look at how Jays players (and ex-Jays player, and potential future Jays players) are doing in the various winter leagues in the Carribean, Latin America and South America.

At Getting Blanked, Drew applauds Jon Heyman for his self awareness regarding taint. Uh…

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Drew shares a bit of mail that was awesomely sent to the Score attn: people in baseball.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs takes a look at the top 15 Orioles prospects, and the top end of the group still looks pretty impressive, even with Manny Machado having graduated.

Tom Ley of Deadspin outs Tony La Russa’s wife as a huge metalhead… which almost makes me want to revise my opinion on The Genius.

Lastly, today’s Hall of Fame stuff, where we have Rob Neyer of SB Nation pivoting from Ken Rosenthal’s suggestion that it would be wrong to think the Hall is in trouble if no one gets elected, and Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) theorizing that likely-ish eventual Hall of Famers Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza hold the key to the whole deal. He suggests that “if Bagwell and/or Piazza are elected, then the morality police among the writers will be confronted with the reality of baseball’s history, once and for all. Players they suspect of using performance-enhancing drugs will be in the Hall of Fame (and, I suspect, the Hall of Fame would still be standing), and the voting stance against players like Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa and Palmeiro will seem increasingly ridiculous and apocryphal.”

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  1. What’s up with Oliver?

  2. I truly, honestly, am more interested in seeing Jays go on the level of excellence than the HOF. The HOF is pretty much meaningless to me.

  3. Jose Canseco has a website for his campaign. I know this whole thing is a joke but I still find it awesome.

  4. So which one of those four is TLR’s wife? I can’t tell.

  5. Anyone have any info on Jeffress? It does seem strange to only make 2 appearances after traveling to Venezuela.

  6. ‘apocraphyl’?

  7. Such Plus!!

  8. I didn’t vote for Cal Ripken either because he once drove 65 in a 55 MPH zone

  9. Sooooooo, about this Barbaro Canizares…………..

  10. yo nats signed adam laroche anyone see the jays picking up mike morse (if he’s cheap)?

  11. JOSE’S PAGE…

    “Convert to Eskimo:
    Jose can convert to Eskimo and join a tribe. Eskimo are called 1st nation and are the original Canadians. Most live in Edmonton, but that particular factoid won’t be a dealbreaker.”


  12. I’ve spent more time than any human should trying to find a RH platoon partner for Lind. Considering the budget room and the available talent, Rajai Davis is actually a pretty damn good option (114 wRC+ vs LHP last year, 108 for his career). I question the value of using the 25th roster spot on another position-limited RH bat, though someone on a minor league deal makes sense. Matt Diaz would have been perfect.

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