Unless it comes by way of Gavin Floyd’s cousin, I’m not generally one to pass along completely baseless innuendo, but I suppose I could make an exception, seeing as there have been some odd rumblings lately about Jack Morris potentially taking over Alan Ashby’s vacant spot in the Jays’ radio booth– or at least being a candidate.

This shouldn’t entirely surprise us, for a couple of reasons, mostly stemming from the fact that back on Friday Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun wrote about the resignation of Alan Ashby, and in doing so threw Morris’s hat in the ring, writing that the future almost-Hall of Famer and Dirk Hayhurst are two names that come to mind regarding the vacancy.

If there’s more to it than a flat-out hunch, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a reporter has hedged some actual info by using “don’t be surprised if…” or something similar. (*COUGH* anonymous NL scout *COUGH*)

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the various, flimsy rumblings about aren’t entirely traceable back to Elliott’s piece, even if Sportsnet’s Jamie Campbell rather confidently proclaimed that his belief is that Morris is, indeed, in the running:

The reason Campbell was asked about all this, was because he was the supposed source of an even stronger suggestion that Morris would be heading to Toronto… one that I simply can’t believe in the slightest, honestly as the person who heard it may have come into it.

Uh… yeah. Not exactly airtight information, especially given Campbell’s later clarification. There were, however, the following tidbits from @yyzsportsmedia yesterday as well:

Now, I must admit that I do tend to believe YYZ’s got some connections somewhere, but I can’t say that this is enough for me to feel certain these guys are out of the picture either. Especially since anybody could have guessed most of this.

Wilner’s already a great fit for what he does, and he doesn’t fit the former player role that seems to be the default option in the booth to contrast with the non-playing lead play-by-play man, while Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail reported last month that Zaun told him “he enjoys his gig working before and during games with Jamie Campbell. He’s not looking at a full-time announcer job any time soon.”

So… who the hell knows?

On the other hand, Morris does appear to have an important supporter:

So, maybe it could possibly be a thing? Maybe?

Fuck, I have no idea. We’ll just have to wait and see– there’s certainly nothing close to concrete enough to believe it at this point. But I can’t lie… as much as I think it’s unfair to be so wary of a guy potentially joining the broadcast before he even gets a chance, and as much as I acknowledge that, after a lifetime in the game, Morris must certainly have some assets he’d bring to the booth, based simply on the logical twists required to get anywhere near believing his spurious Hall of Fame case, which one presumes (y’know, if one is too lazy to actually look it up) he believes in, I can’t not figure that a hiring like that would almost have to be a step backwards in terms of intelligent discourse during the broadcast.

Do. Not. Want.

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  1. Photo caption: “Paint me like one of your French girls.”

    Okay, maybe I stole that from Brandon McCarthy’s Twitter avatar, but still.

  2. Jack Morris will announce to the score.

  3. Damien Cox is on the Jays panel for this Dickey press conference.

  4. Didn’t Morris do some broadcasting for the Twins? Be nice to hear what Twins fans would have to say about him before assuming he sucks at radio. I mean, it’s not like Ashby or Howarth or even the late great HOFer Tom Cheek didn’t hold certain beliefs about the game that we might find kind of ridiculous.

  5. I liked Hayhurst and Blair during the winter meetings, so my vote goes to Dirk.

  6. Jays adding 2 Hall of Famers in Raines and Morris? Seriously, how crazy in terms of the hype machine would it be if both somehow got inducted and both were associated with the team this year.

  7. I feel like Jack Morris as a person gets unfairly painted into a corner based on the longstanding online circus of Morris Hall Of Fame Indignation Hoopla.

    I have no idea whether Jack Morris is a good broadcaster, or what his baseball opinions are, or what he’d bring to the booth. I’ve never listened to him talk for any length of time to be honest. But just reading his name, I think “MORRIS!!!” and it conjures up all the wars between stodgy old newspaper hacks and forward-thinking stat blogs like a ‘Nam flashback.

    Even if he supports his own Hall of Fame case it doesn’t instantly means he’s some knuckle-dragging dinosaur like the worst of the reporters we’ve seen supporting him.

    • Totally.

      Still… Do. Not. Want.

      • So, you’ve never heard him broadcast and simply make a bunch of assumptions about him based on what others have said.

        How is this different than Joe Morgan and Moneyball?

  8. Stoeten, I’ve been against Morris for the Hall of Fame as well, but Heyman’s article listed a couple of facts I didn’t know. Including that “in 14 consecutive seasons, he pitched eight innings or more in 52 percent of his starts.” That is, as you like to say, …something… isn’t it?

    • Heyman’s article was THE WORST.

      No, that’s not really something.

      • I literally thought ‘that’s something’ when I read that part.

      • Why is that not something? Keeping in mind that I do not give a flying fuck about Morris’ candidacy specifically, or the Hall of Saints which happens to include Ty Cobb more generally.

        Jack Morris was basically a very rich man’s James Shields, i.e. a workhorse who put in a large number of average starts and innings over a tremendous number of years. As Parkes is fond of saying, being able to pitch at an average level over an above average amount of time makes a pitcher above average – or something like that.

        Either way, I was impressed perusing Morris’ bbref page. Obviously he’s not fucking Tom Seaver, but do you think you’ve become so inured by the braying idiots deifying him in old media that you’ve swung a little too far the other way?

        And what does any of this have to do with his ability as a broadcaster, besides the fact that you don’t want to have a Jack Morris debate Every. Single. Game.?

    • Heyman’s piece didn’t even make sense.

  9. How bout finding a new tv crew tabler sucks


  11. I can’t wait to hear just how big of a pussy today’s players are all year. “Back in my day, I pitched 500 innings a season, and started every other day.”

  12. Time to study old Jack’s taint – who’s up for the job!

  13. I like Dirk Hayhurst and all, but isn’t he still a little green to be doing radio broadcasting? The guy’s 2 years removed from being ON this team. He played alongside a bunch of these guys.

    His colourful anecdotes won’t just be “I talked to Casey Janssen and he seems like a nice guy”, they’ll be “Here comes Casey Janssen, we fought over the same bullpen job and now I’m in a booth talking about him”

  14. Morris? What a joke! Stieb deserves just as much as Morris! The magical 10-inning outing strikes again! :p

    Seriously though, Adam West. Get me the Batman to do Blue Jays radio.

  15. I would like to see Wilner get his chance. Like him or not he’s earned it.

    • Agreed. He’s capable of doing play by play, which Morris isn’t. I don’t think Hayhurst could do it either. Ashby was a rarity as an ex-player who was actually good at play by play.

      Wilner’s earned his chance, and I’d much prefer him to anybody mentioned.

    • you lost me at Wilner..

  16. I’m trying to find some information about Jack Morris as a commentator. He’s apparently quite experienced in the role, having started with the Tigers in 2003 before moving on to the Twins.

    I can’t seem to find anyone’s opinion on his skill as a commentator though.

    Here’s the first link I’ve been able to find.

  17. Morris is among the worst radio commentators I’ve had the displeasure of listening to

    • Now that’s a much better reason to oppose this than Stoeten’s weird PTSD from interminable Jack Morris HOF debates.

      Hayhurst might not be so bad. He’ll have to stop spending every telecast selling his book though.

      • +1. Stoetens arguments are irrelevant to whether Morris should be a broadcaster. Silly even.

        • @Travis.

          I don’t know anything about Morris as a broadcaster, but after listening to Hayhurst this past summer with Cosentino, I could live with that. It could take a few years for him to get his own style, but he could grow into the job.

          Wilner belongs in his current role & I can’t see him wanting to go on the road for half the year.

  18. It wont be Hayhurst because he doesn’t do play-by-play, and Jerry likes to alternate innings, does he not?

  19. I’ve got a Jack Morris jersey in my closet from my Tiger-fan days, but I hope he doesn’t get the job. He’s boring. And not working on the cure for cancer, if you know what I mean. Hayhurst was fantastic when he filled the role for a weekend in 2012. Dirk is smart, funny, and very knowledgable. I reject the thinking that Wilner should get the job since he’s paid his dues. Colour guy should be a former player or former coach. Wilner can replace Jerry when the time comes.

  20. As long as it’s not that jackass Wilner count me as happy.

    • Sounds like somebody got a slap down by Wilner during Jays talk once or twice…

  21. The idea that Wilner would replace Jerry Howarth, one of the most highly regarded broadcasters in the game, is a joke.

    • So says the reputable Oakville sex joke guy. We will see. Sounds like sour grapes from having Wilner cut you off on the air or something. Wilner is a pro and could very well replace Jerry when the time comes. How do you think these broadcasters earn their stripes? By doing what Wilner does.

  22. Anything is better than Wilner. He’ll be too busy telling everyone how they’re wrong and trying to block them from listening to the game (as opposed to Twitter) than actually saying intelligent thoughts.

  23. Well, i remember listening to Early Wynn back in the day….first two or three years . . Not sure Morris could be worse….but Early had character …. Hayhurst w ould be the worst…..you think Wilner blocks on Twitter & is thin skinned…Hayhurst 10 times worse . . . That boys got some growing up to do

  24. How do you put the radio on mute?

    Can we campaign for Jose Canseco?

    • Maybe Canseco can be the Mayor and Rob Ford can do the play by play on the radio.

  25. I enjoy Wilner now and again on Jays talk…but I like being able to choose if I want to listen to his strong opinions or not on a given day. I’d prefer someone a little less confrontational on the Jays broadcast.

  26. I think Jerry prefers continuing the pattern of switching off innings with a partner like he has been with Ashby. Therefore a replacement with at least a few years experience calling games (not just colour like Morris) will be sought. I think it will be someone we we don’t know about yet.

  27. I don’t really care who ends up on the radio..I just want someone to hit Tabler in the throat with a wrench.

  28. Does nobody else remember Wilner talking early in the year about doing a lot more (20something) games than he ended up doing? I do and Hayhurst finished out the year with all the Ashby slots when he went to TV. I always watch with the radio.

  29. Anyone but Wilner

  30. How about Rance Mulliniks, muthafuckas? He’s smart as a whip!

  31. FAN590 and Rogers should position themselves as progressive, and put pro-Sabrmetrics guys in there.

    Whatever you have to pay to get Jonah Keri in there, do it. Find other guys like him, start them on the radio then move them to the TV side…

  32. Wilner really grates. Small doses only, please God. He knows his shit well enough. But the presentation drips with condescension. It’s not something he’ll likely ever be able to fix. Hope he stays where his is.

  33. If it’s Hayhurst I may never listen to a radio broadcast again. He is just so goofy and uncool. Ever read his crappy blog or crappier tweets?

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