The R.A. Dickey press conference has come and gone. I’m still buzzing from the high induced by the Dickster’s personality and I’m sure those actually in attendance will also┬ábe too smitten to put their thoughts on the matter into proper words.

Things went pretty much as expected and the only thing that happened that wasn’t totally predicted was Dickey’s struggle to put on, unbutton, and re-button a Blue Jays jersey for the first time. I’m sure this isn’t a bad omen, you guys.

The moment captured in the hilariously popular medium of animated image follows the jump.

Hahahahahaha my knee is sore from all the slapping I’m doing due to laughter.

A rousing handshake to anyone who finds a screencap of Drew off the top of the broadcast.

{gifs courtesy Scott Johnson, who is awesome}

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  1. This is a slow offseason

  2. Who is classier between Dickey and Doc? I am having a hard time making that decision.

    • I love Doc, but he’s pretty prickly. What i’veseen of Dickey, so far, is pretty awesome.

      • Doc was a pitching machine sent from the future. He had no time for your silly baseball questions. Also: he ruled more than Dickey ever will.

      • Agree, Doc wasn’t as tackative. Both very pro at their craft and their public relations though.

        I have a 52″ tv. I might need bigger so I can really see that knuckleball flying around!

      • +1. He could be a future Jays broadcaster.:))

        Dickey sounds like a fascinating baseball player who is very articulate.

        I would love to see Dickey talking to Colby Rasmus or Adam Lind., who are not as eloquent in interviews.

        Dickey already wrote a book? I may have to buy that.

        I just bought Dirk’s Hayhurst new book.

        Everyday I countdown the days till opening day….

        • @oakville69, i bought hayhurst’s new book recently too. i wish i could have my money back

        • Hell, he could probably replace Ashby on his non-pitching days. That way, both he and Hayhurst (who would work on RAD’s days in the rotation and stretch days) could train as Ashby’s replacement in 2013. :)

    • Doc is a cunt who bailed on us and made it as difficult as possible get anything of value.

    • Doc was awesome….buy in no way was he ‘classy’

      • I thought Docs departure was more than classy. Im from out west but didnt he thank the fans with an entire page in one of your papers or mags??

        • Oliver’s empty wallet has abandonment issues and is trolling for attention.
          Doc didn’t bail.
          And he didn’t make it impossible to get anything.

          • @RADAR

            How did he not bail by saying he ain’t resigning? How did he not make that trade difficult by limiting teams?

            He was a great pitcher for the Jays but he’s still a cunt just like you.

          • @ Olivers Empty Wallet

            Halladay re-signed twice foregoing FA.When it was clear the Jays were unlikely to contend, he informed JPR he wanted to experience the postseason.
            Halladay did the Jays a favour by not getting traded to anybody in the ALE.
            He did his time,tried to help the Jays become a playoff team, never spoke a bad word about the franchise,his wife did charitible work in Toronto and even thanked the fans.
            You really need to get educated if you’re gonna troll.
            BTW. At least a cunt is useful,unike an ignorant asshole like yourself.At the end of the day,once your used, you’re still just an asshole

        • Yes he did. Doc didn’t want to leave. However JP couldn’t get enough good players around Doc & Rogers cut the budget after JP ‘s acquisitions of BJ Ryan,Overbay,Glaus,AJ Burnett & resigning Vernon Wells & Rios blew up & the team fell apart.

        • that’s true… He showed class in how he dealt with the media and the team by being professional. I guess that’s classy. I still wouldn’t call him a ‘classy’ guy, but he went about his business with class.

      • are you shitting me bro? Doc not classy? you must be high…gimme some o’ dat ish.

        • Doc signed two below market extensions to give Toronto a chance to build on him.

          The second extension, which he signed two years prior to free agency, was based on the premise that JP could build a winner after Rogers ever so slightly opened the pursestrings.

          And he gave the organization a chance to trade him for prospects to rebuild the organization. And the below market extension he agreed to with Philly quite likely made them more willing to part with 3 top prospects.

          How anyone can construe what Doc did for the organization in a negative light is fucking ridiculous.

        • I get what you are saying…but ask his teammates what they think! Based on everything I’ve read and heard, he was not pleasant to be around and at times was even a dickhead. That said, he is still one of my favourite all time athletes because of his professional approach and no b.s work attitude.

          • IIRC, the young pitchers at the time basically accused Doc of overprofessionalism.

            Which is ridiculous. How is having a tremendous work ethic and focus, which may very well have been what seperated him from other aces, a bad thing?

    • they’re equally classy.

  3. Dickey strikes me as the most well spoken athlete this city has seen in a long time. And his enthusiasm for team is fucking incredible.

  4. Obviously.

  5. Everyone needs to download “Knuckleball” Its basically a movie about Wakefield/Dickey and how they came to throw the pitch….

  6. Smart young man if Dickey can give the Jays three good years money is worth it

  7. Just watched the interview/unveiling on TSN and holy shit, I had to watch the entire thing wearing sunglasses because of that photographer fucker blinding me with his bald spot.

    Aside from that, and a couple awkward questions, it was some terrific dialogue.

  8. Can’t wait until the Reyes press conference

  9. Whoa. Hope this isn’t a foreshadow of the season to come.

  10. Those GIF’s are fantastic. Well done!

    Watching AA kind of bumble fuck around while Dickey struggled was kind of awkward.

    Dickey just seems like such a real, genuine, good person. I am proud to have a man like that lead our staff.

  11. The Greek punked him with a stitched together jersey.

  12. It was tough to watch. Lesson to be learned here boys. If you can’t put the jersey on your dickey you can’t play ball. Heyo

  13. AA”s gained atleast 50 lbs since he’s been GM.

    you would think he wouldn’t even have time to eat

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  15. After hearing Dickey speak, I’d love for him to take Ashby’s spot 4 days a week and let Wilner or Hayhurst fill in whenever Dickey’s pitching. At least they wouldn’t be announcing to the score.

  16. DICKEY THE (can’t get) DRESSED!

    • They say that Einstein couldn’t tie his own shoes, but luckily for him that was before the days of GIFs.

  17. Just watched a video of the presser on, and the first word is ‘obviously.’ Called it.

  18. I dress myself!

  19. This is the reason men wear a dickey. So that you can get your jacket (or jersey) on with ease.

    • Like most other projections, you have to take the numbers with a grain of salt. But I have to say, the projections for the starting rotation are fucking sexy.

      • But I have to say, the projections for the starting rotation are fucking sexy.

        You think so? It seems fairly reserved. Dickey’s had a sub-3 ERA for 3 years now and it’s projected to jump almost to 4? Morrow seems a little high, as does Romero.

        It’s only projections that never come true, but it’s still worthy of debate.

    • Not sure why Kelly Johnson and Guerrero are on the list, but you can’t complain too much about the projections for the batters. The SP projections seem pretty harsh though.

  20. In leiu of the Burke firing AA is a boss

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