Maybe he’s just making a hilarious joke, but here’s what Jose Reyes– aka lamelaza_7– said in response to the comments on the photo above, one of the latest additions to his feed…

Are the Jays set to roll out all of their acquisitions in Dickey-like pointlessly-long-after-the-fact pressers? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Shit, and by then the Brian Burke news might– might–¬†even finally be off the local front pages.

Um… also… Jose Reyes might be, like, so the best. I know, I know, no mule in this one, but still…

Comments (18)

  1. Is Yunel Escobar going to be translator?

  2. Going with joke on this one. Unless it’s a panel with all the Marlins guys and Melky. Just not feeling it.

  3. I can’t fuckin’ read this twitter/instagram crap

  4. Seems like every bodies forgetting about boneface

  5. I agree. Reyes the best. His La Melaza name apparently translates to “sugar” or “syrup” or “molasses”. Just like the rest of his instagram account. I fucking don’t get it – but I love it.

  6. No one was elected to the hall of fame. I need a post. And I don’t want to go to Getting Blanked. I don’t know why though.

  7. Yup more focus on cheek

  8. Could be joking but I Remeber Josh Johnson in some interview saying he’s coming to Toronto, could just be a house/ apartment scouting trip.

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